Media, This Week's Time Magazine Cover Spotlights Coronavirus Front Line Workers - Cnn

Media, This Week's Time Magazine Cover Spotlights Coronavirus Front Line Workers - Cnn

This week's Time magazine cover spotlights coronavirus front line workers

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4/10/2020 4:20:00 PM

Essential workers charged with keeping America afloat during the coronavirus pandemic risk their lives daily. Now, health care workers, grocery store employees and everyday people we depend on are telling their own stories on the cover of Time magazine.

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The true essential workers! However lying liberal fscist media are “NON-ESSENTIAL” workers! 是啊!應該宣傳和鼓勵他們,他們就是“平民英雄”。在中國,也一樣宣傳和鼓勵他們,也稱呼他們“平民英雄”,但在歐美媒體眼中他們是被迫或邪惡的,不知道為啥一涉及到中國優秀的一面,就一邊倒地妖魔化中國人和事了!看來基督教衍生文化體系的局限性是挺大的,這個需要糾正過來。 Time magazine is still around? I hope all these masks there getting from China is any good, like pet food with antifreeze in it, baby toys with lead in the paint. We need to test the materials in these masks ASAP coming from China. Why does America keep using excuses and reasons to keep trusting China.

LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!! Let’s try to remember delivery people like UPS and FedEx. Hey can you guys stop lying to push your agenda? Its really annoying having to determine if a news organization is lying to you to manipulate you or not Few watch CNN and even fewer read Time.

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