World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

World, Coronavirus Update: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine And World News

This US grocery chain will still require masks despite some states lifting mask mandates

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

3/3/2021 8:00:00 PM

The Kroger grocery chain says people will still be required to wear masks in its stores across the US, despite the reversal of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi. Follow live updates on the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

2 hr 8 min agoTexas doctor says the nearly 350 straight days he's worked "go down the drain" after mask announcementFrom CNN's Adrienne VogtChief of Staff Doctor Joseph Varon looks across the Covid-19 ward at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas on December 4, 2020. Mark Felix/AFP/Getty Images

Today marks the 349th straight day of work forDr. Joseph Varon, chief medical officer at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas.But Varon “saw all those 348 days yesterday go down the drain” after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced thelifting of mask mandates

and opening businesses 100% capacity.Varon said he is very concerned and has met with staff at his hospital to go through different strategies and getting more personal protective equipment.“If we open the state on the 10th, I'm telling you, before the end of March, we're going to have problems. And we had a precedent for that. Remember last year when we opened the state at the end of April. My worst months were June and July last year. So unfortunately, this is starting to look like deja vu,” Varon said on CNN’s “New Day.”

Varon said Abbott’s decision makes no sense and that many Texans may stop wearing their masks.As of Monday,6.57% of Texans have been fully vaccinated, according to Johns Hopkins University.“Despite being a huge state, we have less than 7% of vaccination. I don't know why he didn't wait until we have more percentage of the population vaccinated before he came with this move,” Varon said.

Clay Jenkins, Dallas County judge, calls this “a political move on the part of the governor to take the attention off the power grid collapse” afterdevastating winter storms.“I wish he was more imaginative and had a better way to change the conversation than doing something dumb like this,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins added that stores can still refuse service to people who don't wear a mask, and “I think most stores will.” Read more: CNN »

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Enemy of state [ ]∆¶ Movie..Click Didn't realize Mississippi did the same thing, somehow I'm way less surprised about this Good for Kroger’s. I’m going Krogering. Great! We don’t want to contradict Covid-19 in the grocery store just because some num-nuts said it was ok to go maskless while shopping for food.

The governor did not say to wear a mask, he left that up to individuals and to each business. Why can’t you guys be honest. I will still continue to protect myself through delivery or curbside pickup. They can say this all they want but I don’t think they can or will enforce it. It’s a good sentiment but I don’t trust anyone but me to keep me safe.

Albertsons, Randells and Tom Thumb don’t cate about their employees enough to make the public wear masks into their stores. Better get security to enforce it. Everywhere I go,in stores that mandate mask wearing,there is no enforcement.The employees and managers are too afraid to kick these scumbags out of their stores for not wearing masks. I see this every single time I have to shop for basics.

GloriaCampos Good luck with those skeptic jerks. I pity those workers. I'll shop Kroeger! Thank you kroger Don’t shop at Kroger. Walmart ? Target ? TomThumb_Stores ? Mask do nothing! 'Political Science'😂 giancola_mari No Shirt, No Shoes, No Mask, No Service or Entry. Private business/Private Property...

As I will continue wearing mine everywhere I go in this Texass habitat.... joncoopertweets Kroger, you are my main store NOW! Thank you! joncoopertweets Wish we had Kroger joncoopertweets Afamily in Shire Endaselassie in Northern Tigray have just told us that Eritrean troops have returned to the city, terrorising the people - There are Reports of an 8 year old girl sent to the shop by her mother, who was caught by Eritrean troops, raped, and then murdered

joncoopertweets None of them are doing it here in Georgia, so I doubt highly they'll enforce it in Texas. joncoopertweets Hmm, Randall's is part of that chain and they said they hope their customers wear masks but they won't make them. HEB followed suit to Randall's. So disappointed as I was hoping they would stick together. There won't a safe, affordable place to buy food in TX after next week.

joncoopertweets The poor employees are going to have a hard time in those states w/ the anti-maskers. I hope they're getting help/support/money from corporate for the extra problems they'll have. Good. In this I agree wirh kroger. Grocery stores stay that, but when you go in there’s tons of people not masked bc they won’t turn away a customer. What they don’t realize is those of us who care won’t get on the same isle with someone not masked even if we can’t buy everything we intended to buy.

They don't enforce the mask mandate. They make announcements in the store that everyone is required to wear a mask. kroger get great deals on the app and in store. Get your groceries online too. Meh. Their stores, their call. Why is this news other than for cnn to keep stirring the shit? Interesting considering the lack of enforcement to this policy they show in states that do have mask mandates.

Support small businesses This will likely lead to a civil war Good. Standing behind their employees! So did Texas chain HEB 👍 Thank you Kroger grocery chain requiring shoppers to wear masks for the sake of protection from COVID19. They don't enforce it in Ga. Krogers here are full of non maskers and no one says a word to them

It should be left up to businesses and not Government. That is Kroger’s choice. You know you screwed up when even the greedy corporations aren't following your actions. 👍👍🙏🙏😷 Boycott Kroger - maybe they will require you to wear diapers next - shop somewhere else. The Bolsheviks will not give up - keep fighting Texas

Are they giving their employees extra pay for working in dangerous conditions? Smartest decision ever. You want to keep people coming in your store make then wear a mask I'll shop at HEB thanks. Boycotting kroger 🖕🏼 How woke and Virtuos kroger The grocery store chain that DOESN'T require Masks will see a large Surge of customers.... cnn Covid covid

Kroger doesn't enforce this anyway, even in states that have mask mandates. Way to go Kroger stores! I as a customer applaud any stores who keep the mask mandate for shoppers. Thank you for using common sense! Boycott kroger And Kroger will get my grocery money My advice to everyone everywhere please wear a mask it's going to help along with the Vaccinations to keep us all alive , which is the President's main focus now with the virus out the way lives will get back to normal that's what we want isn't it raise your hand if you agree 🙋.

Okay, sensible people. Kroger is safe. Great news. This is why I shop at Kroger.👏🏽 Thank you Kroger for valuing others’ lives. How humane. It is so rare these days clearly the people saying that haven't been to a kroger in georgia The final arguments of Donald trump about is impeachment was terrible Wouldn’t this set a Precident that rules in stores are more powerful then laws of a state?

Be safe with masks Not sorry without. WearAMask I don’t envy the poor Kroger’s employees in those two states that have to try to get the wingnuts to wear masks Good for Kroger to do the right things. Yeah well they better watch their profit margins as patrons will not shop in a store where they have mask up. So there

cnn Please tell me you don't condone this, this is disgusting Yeah well TJ Maxx says the same thing and guess what? People are still walking around maskless. Do you really think they’re going to turn money away? Nope Not going to Kroger lol. It's crazy that store owners care more about John Q Public more than the elected officials do !!

No Kroger in our neighborhood. That sucks! Today a jerk walked through my Kroger without a mask and they did nothing. CNN should have to wear masks on tv Get ready for the onslaught of new Karen videos. If they enforce it. kroger is closing stores in Washington state because they don't want to pay their employees the new minimum wage there. So I'm not impressed with this news.

Thank you kroger !! It's good that they are doing this, but I feel for their employees who are going to have to deal with anti-masker outbursts who will now feel justified in doing so. My body my choice. No mask for me! You know it's sad when the corporate world is more concerned about your Health & Welfare then your own goddamn politicians running your States you would think the people would be sick and tired voting in legislators and politicians who don't represent them and don't work for them

BigRandyNLU Let the gunfights begin—over masks. You mean to say that businesses can elect to implement a mask policy, similar to when businesses implement no smoking rules, WITHOUT a state mask mandate? What a concept! As it should be ....a choice The Governor is going to have blood on his hands, he’s sending the wolves to the slaughter, totally deluded to reopen given Texas cases went up 20 % last week and the rest of the country is declining, negligence at the highest order and complicit in spreading C19, criminal action

We don’t even have a mask mandate or a Kroger in Oklahoma. Here each city decides their mask mandate. Thank you Kroger Population is more important than few employees.. Ok, and? kroger 👏🏼👏❤️👏🏼👏👏🏼👏 I choose to WearAMask Kroger doesn't enforce this anyway, even in states that have mask mandates. I am recently in your country, looking for new friends

That was the point of lifting the mandate. Government doesn’t control your store and you can open as you make decisions for your businesses lit🔥 America is so stupid Texans go to HEB It’s a private business so they can Good luck enforcing it because that will be the hard part Kroger is owned by Buffett. He's one of the many Billionaires who agree they need to be taxed.

👍👍👍👍👍 y'all antimaskers are really letting the furries best you. those guys wear masks all day without complaint LOL They do have the right to make rules for shopping at there establishment. It's your right to either comply or go somewhere else. What I don't get is why there not outraged over the government allowing thousands of possibly infected walk across our border

scopedbylarry Thank you kroger for showing common sense and protecting people. But not all Kroger locations enforce this. I know of 2 right now that don't. Your Valley Ranch in New Caney and Kingwood locations absolutely do not enforce this..... gazellee20 AnemicVirgin HEB AliAdair22 Good!✅✅✅✅✅ Too bad heb isn't doing the same.

It would be great if Kroger would enforce their mask requirement. I am still amazed at the people who completely ignore it. Well good for them Now if only kroger would actually enforce it and throw people out for violating their policy. Oh wait, even the employees break it too 🤦‍♂️ Someone has common sense

Here's an idea (and I'm from Texas)... to all fellow Texans who wear masks, please keep wearing masks... only take them off in crowded businesses of people not wearing masks so you can cough violently... see how fast others start wearing masks... problem solved. Abbott has unleashed all the Karens against Texas establishments. Be ready to video the confrontations coming your way.

Good!! Thank you kroger !!!!! Thank you. Wish we had Kroger’s here. God’s speed. Thanks for taking of your employees & your customers. I’m in San Antonio Texas. They require it, but they don't enforce it. 🤷‍♀️ 'Follow live updates on the pandemic' used to be something that would sound tongue in cheek Hey Meijer this is why I go to Kroger now.

Do we have to wear pants also Do we have to wear pants also? 😛 Plenty of other stores to choose from. They own it. Their rules. Still confused on the whole mask thing, if it was so super important, we would all be required to wear an n95 or something equal, not just a piece of cloth.. I miss kroger here in Corpus Christi.

They never enforced it, even employees. Source: Me, disgruntled ex Kroger associate. LMFAO...DEMOCRATS WANT COMMUNISM? HELL NO! 15 DAYS TO SLOW THE FREAKING SPREAD? WakeUpAmerica! JoeBiden didn't win ANY election and Patriots CLEARLY CANCEL ALL THE CancelCulture BULLSHIT PROPOGANDA CHYNA IS SPREADING! WAKE THE F*$K UP! 75 MILLION PATRIOTS STAND BY TRUMP

kroger Thank you! you hear that HEB. now you have both Target and Kroger making sense. you're a big chain, respect your employees and customers. we really wanna live. Thank you kroger They don’t enforce it in Yuma BoycottKroger! We have the power to Cancel them! Too bad they can’t pay their employees more.

As a employee, I am glad that the mask policy remains in effect UFN (translation: until further notice). And if anyone objects, that's just too damn bad! Mississippi and Texas gubnas seem to have personal goals of bringing down the country to their levels....what happened to be best? Thrown out like...nevermind.

Thank you Kroger That may be the official policy. I can tell you based on empirical evidence that they do not enforce it. Well done kroger. This would have been a game changer for me and I don’t even go in having picked up my orders for a year now. Thank you, kroger. kroger isn't enforcing it in KY. I can confirm. They let customers come and go with no masks as they please and won't do anything when they break the 6ft rule.

I'll continue to shop there then. Good for them as we shop at king soopers in Colorado. Glad to put on a mask for my own safety and others too. Politicians who cater to folks to get elected do not care. Personal responsibility reliance is a good thing to teach. But falsehoods like mask denying are garbage

Innrdreams Reckless endangerment of citizens lives should be punishable in the International Criminal Court and is anti constitutional and therefore a crime against humanity GenXAquarius Thank goodness my local is a Kroger Here come the Karens and the Kens kroger KrogerNews They don't enforce the mask rules anyway. Krogers upper management doesn't give a crap if you live or die. I shop the Marysville Ohio store and rarely are half the shoppers masked. When I complained I was told there is nothing they can do. Krogers cares not...

I’ll pass on Kroger but hey, it’s their store. They can require masks if they want. Which means kroger will put minimum wage-earning security guards in the line of fire for people who refuse to wear masks. GabyDore Congrats to Abbott and Reeves for managing to be to the right of a store that makes American flags out of Bud Light cases every fourth of July.

Stop with your lies! That's the only way many Kroger shoppers will continue to shop at that store. That's a wise move based on science; not politics. Thank you Kroger. Then no one should shop there or watch cnn mrs_hippiequeen Thank goodness you’ll be safe. Good kroger! Didn't Kroger try to find a way to have an all self-serve store when the idea of a $15/ hr minimum wage was floated? Or was it when people wanted to unionize?

Good! just put a notice on the inside door headed out, if you didn't wear a mask please dont come back. Thank you kroger This is awesome. Good Good 👍🏼 Retail workers are about to face HELL charlesn898 They’re going to have to hire security for the anti-mask crowd. kroger come back to So. Texas 🎣 good job kroger

But kroger didn't enforce their rules before now, they don't get points for empty statements... Will they actually enforce their own mandate? Not happening in Wisconsin kroger stores I wish Kroger was in South Florida to give Publix a run for their money. Stores that care more about the health and welfare of their customers than the state government whose job it actually is to care. Thank you retail chains for enforcing public policies that the elected officials are too weak to put out there.

“despite” is doing a whole lot of work in this tweet This is a lie. Indiana requires masks at their Kroger locations. They even have giant signs telling you, 'You must wear a mask.' Yet, at least 3 out of every 10 people don't wear them and nothing is done about it. So... Whole Foods kicks people out, why doesn't Kroger?

RACZPATT Yay Kroger! BoycottTexas Good!!!! It’s why I shop there. Thank you. Bravo kroger 👏👏👏👏 Thank you Kroger!! Ya fcking whooo Texas and Mississippi!!! Why dont you dumb bastrds repeal drinking and driving also!!! Bubba and Sissy go out and play! Thank you kroger No shirt, no shoes, no masks, no service

Sangat bagus bila tetap disiplin protokol.kesehatan karna pandemi masih.ada harus tetap waspada agar tak menimbulkan masalah pandemi baru biarlah prihatin.dalam kebiasaan prutokol Good for kroger. I’d feel more shopping there than HEB. Sadly, Kroger doesn't enforce this in Roanoke, Va. Most people wear masks, but there's always an ass or two walking around bare-faced.

Love an intelligent corporation- pay their folks good -union and care for their health! Wow And thus, Kroger will continue to have our business blackrepublican Good. mom4boca Darn - I wish I had a Kroger nearby! Thank you KROGER'S Good for kroger. This is where we shop. I am very happy about this decision.

Good! Kroger is showing responsibility and using science, and common sense, for making strong decisions. Good for Kroger! The only place to shop in Texas! Dear God, please don’t let one of them approach me about mine, I’m too old for jail. HEB this should be your stance but you caved to Abbott.. Time to shop elsewhere!

👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏 Their poor employees who will have to deal with all the jackasses. 😢 Nice to know some people have sense employees who get covid at work should be able to sue company who don't enforce mask. sue the Governor too if that was possible resisteIIe Hope HEB does the same! Just in case you were admiring them for the mask mandate.

I don't wear one in there now. lol Don´t forget Missouri. “bUt YoUrE tAkIn AwAy mY cOnStItUtiOnAl RiGhT” windsurf13 HURRAH! I generally shop kroger and I will refuse to shop at HEB here in Houston until my wife and I are both fully vaccinated. HarrisCoJudge wang_leslie That’s great, but the problem is people don’t wear them in the store and when you tell the managers, they say although they tell people it’s a rule, they can’t enforce it. So, people do what they want regardless, and put all our lives in jeopardy!

Thank you, kroger Yes!!!! I am going Krogering! Good 👏🏽 Good. ✅🙌🏻💕 Thank you kroger This is assuming they actually start enforcing people to wear masks. I’ve never understood why companies are so afraid to stand up for public safety. Post a manager at the door the door to enforce and then call the police and have them removed for trespassing. Easy.

glangendorf01 Good, but good luck enforcing it. Already many do not wear masks in Kroger. That's lovely, Kroger. Now how about paying your employees a living wage & giving them consistent schedules? Every retail store in Mississippi and Texas needs to place a large sign by the front door: 'We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service', so when the inevitable yahoos with iPhone cameras, trying to go viral, scream at the employees about having to wear a mask or being cancelled.

I’ll die with freedom before I live under tyrannical rule. Cubans escaped from Cuba just to have Americans tell them to wear a mask? Yea I don’t think so. Y’all can go to hell. No one is forcing me to do anything. Cubans where are you? We need you to fight these Castro like bastards. Way to go Kroger! ri_designs I now love Kroger even more ❤️.

Kroger needs a clear policy (consumer facing) that deals with the inevitable attack of the Karens! The problem with this, in Texas where masks were mandatory, they still weren’t enforced 👏 Feel sorry for the Kroger employees in those states getting stuck w/ that ... Really, it’s how it should be... letting the communities make decisions for their own environment that helps them to live better! That’s what Democracy is about

Thank you for caring kroger Good for you that’s the right thing to do. That’s fine here in Mississippi I buy from locally owned stores Good Time for corporations to stand for their workers and customers. bullshit I always see a bunch of nazi punks sneezing on people at my kroger fuck that place Wierd, personal and professional opinions work just fine

Good for Kroger Thank God!!! Do you hear that Publix? I wonder if conservatives will respect the rights of this company/person to exercise the freedom to run their business as they see fit. Thank goodness they took this stance in an effort of public health. They won’t pay hazard pay though Boycott kroger. wednesdaythought

Good!😷 Switching from HEB to kroger then Ok, other grocery stores will take our money. Bye. LKhizi Good So screw them, nobody cares about Kroger anymore! Florida is just as bad. Marshall’s, Winn Dixie, and Big Lots all have signs but people walk around without masks. We all wait in one line too so you’re screwed if you try to shop and someone without a mask gets I. Line near you. Amazon is my friend these days.

HEB Can you please also do this please See HEB? Some stores make policy by following the science to save lives!! WearAMaskSaveLives Good. LindaBernfeld Grocery store employees will be abused & assaulted because of the mandate being lifted. Required or not, I will be wearing them for some time!!!! they better hire security. people will insist on their constitutional right to infect other people in their stories

Sensible logical desuso on the correct one . Good job. We in Texas need to keep using masks Walmart does not ask customers to wear masks if they are not wearing one in Florida OK It´s about freedom. And people is free to go somewhere else too. All this is going to do is insight violence. Governor says I don’t have to so f you and let me in.

Good for Kroger. Good. But lotsa luck with that That's leadership. If you don't like it take your dollars elsewhere. I will continue to shop at your stores because you are trying to be responsible. Then they need to be shut down. Shut those MF down for violating people’s individual rights GregAbbott_TX Good

We must protect the smart from the stupid. Let the stupids get Covid. Darwin. Sign should be posted . No mask No service , Do not enter! I hope they hire extra, armed security. I have a feeling these non-maskers are gonna get violent. I’m Mike Weirsky, the winner of the Megamillion Jackpot of $273 million in NJ. I’m helping those who needs, givers never lack, send me a dm ❤

Yet, I've never worn one in the local Kroger for a year. Most others don't, either. And, frankly, if they try to enforce it, I'll spend my money somewhere else. Good for you, Kroger. Tell TX to pound sand. Good for them. The authority has been returned to the individual corporation. Glad to see they have some common sense on this issue. Still piss3d about thier policy on not paying workers 'danger pay' during this life threatening pandemic though.

Good for them. 👍👍 Bravo 👏 Kroger Way to go Kroger, showing some good sense. As Biden allows 108 illegal immigrants , after testing positive for COVID, to be set free in the US at the border! 👍 to Krogers It should be up to the businesses tp decide that... if people dont like it... tough...🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Good GOOD FOR KMART !!👍👍👍👍👍 Idiots These states should not be allowed to go against the federal mandate of required masks. If it is not federal, then let's make it. You wanna kill us all?!?!? L❤️VE YOU KROGER! You have a responsible BOSS BE PROUD Thats interesting sinces its stores in southern Georg let anyone in. I went home for Christmas from a start with heavy laws and was very surprised to see half of Georgia not following any rules.

Just hoping Kroger will hire people to specifically enforce their policy instead of leaving it up to the teenage bagger now being put in a bad spot with a coach or teacher who pushes the issue of no mask. Good for them! It’s unfortunate that people lack enough knowledge to know that masks work. Oh, too bad your right to do what you want is infringed upon. followthescience, MaskUp MasksSaveLives

But it isn't enforced by kroger in months, unfortunately. It’s a public health issue not a political issue It's called common sense and Texans will need to use theirs. Good!!! But they don't want to pay hazardous pay. I totally agree with that! If you lift restrictions too soon, it's just going to make covid numbers surge again. If only Texas and Missiscould could just wait a little longer for people to be vaccinated to lift mask mandates, we wouldn't have to worry. In the long run, they are only prolonging the issue.

Kroger cares for their employees by requiring masks nationally. Everyone should support them. I hope more businesses follow suit and individuals need to take care. Good for them akkcrystal36 The problem though is it won’t be enforced by any business. I’ve seen people in my local Kroger (and other businesses) who aren’t wearing a mask and the store management does nothing about it.

I never worn a mask in Kroger!!! Not going to start now. GTFO!!! Good for Kroger. At least some people are taking this virus seriously and not going with the flow of 100% opening. As a conservative libertarian, this is totally acceptable for businesses to do this. If a bowling alley requires you to wear bowling shoes to bowl, a Kroger can require you to wear a mask. Their business is private property and as a visitor, you must follow their rules.

That is pretty funny because my state has a mask mandate, so called. I put the mask on, walk in the store and take it off or pull it down. No one cares! Seriously, no one cares if you wear a mask or not., If they care they wear one themselves and are good. Thank you, Kroger! That'll show Gov. Reeves, don't mess with Kroger!

Kroger been cancelled baby! Is Fredo going to call on his bro to resign and be investigated? I invested R5000 with Wilhelmdenni by using my LUNO app and I make R25000 with just few steps Wilhelmdenni an account manager who can help you trade better Yeah good luck with that. All the no mandate clowns are coming.

A case of good corporate governance against limited government. Kroger always a visionary And that is why I will continue to shop there The big scandal is a Moroccan minister, Wahhabi Akhwangi Akhwangi of the Injustice and Failure Development Party, who imports urine and excrement + He decides to destroy nature by importing harmful waste Click

Do you know why we can fly a helicopter on Mars but can’t have safe drinking water in Texas and Mississippi? Because scientists are in charge of NASA and republicans are in charge of Texas and Mississippi.