This undemocratic moment must be met head on: Schmidt

Steve Schmidt weighs in on the Capitol riots and how Republicans are handling the aftermath. 'This undemocratic moment must be met head on.'

1/16/2021 12:32:00 PM

Steve Schmidt weighs in on the Capitol riots and how Republicans are handling the aftermath. 'This undemocratic moment must be met head on.'

Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, weighs in on the riots on the U.S. Capitol and the handling of the aftermath by some GOP leaders, saying that the undemocratic actions by insurrectionists must be put down.

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Any Administration that Straight Out Lies and Deceives the American people for any reason is wrong and needs to be held accountable to The Country First by any necessary means! Antivirus or Otherwise! Absolutely Deplorable Deception and Fraud to All of Us There HAS to be accountability, I'm tired of them acting like what they're doing is ok cuz it's NOT I'm tired of them acting like this is the normal process, it's NOT. They have to be made an example of to put out there this is what NOT to do. If there isn't what's the point!

“Scorched earth”, part 2 Exactly. Isn't he the guy that just admitted to sending inappropriate texts? I don't think I'll be meeting anything head on with this one. Once again, I woke up with filled anxiety, anger & sadness from being sexually assaulted & repeatedly victimized for 3 years straight. All I want is justice so i can heal & move on with my life! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME FBI/FBIPHOENIX/THEJUSTICEDEPT INVESTIGATION?

🤯🔥 the Earth is a SAD place for home right now. People have been CORRUPT since the first SIN! of Satan, Eve and Adam. Satan uses people MIND like a PUPPET on a STRING. They don't even know it They fight in WAR, ANGER, BLAMING, against their NEIGHBORS WHOM GOD SAID TO LOVE ❤️🙏 🔥 what in the WORLD 🌐🌏 is wrong with people acting so WICKEDLY CRAZY and CORRUPTED being used like they are a PUPPET on A string by CORRUPT MEN, OR WOMEN. THAT GOD CREATED EARTH BELONGS TO THEM ONLY! GENESIS 1:26 GOD WANT EVERY 1 TO HAVE IN SUBJECTION CREATIONS ON GOD EARTH

25000 Guardsmen I wonder how many are Trump supporters the Dems. have invited them into the CAPITAL to protect them. In honor of Prez Trump & GOP mob-appeasers in Congress, may I suggest renaming the once great Republican Party “the Shithole Party” I think a new majority is coalescing: progressive & unabashedly patriotic. Like JFK w/ generous dollops of Bobby, Martin and McCain.

LeaBlackMiami This will never go away as long as you have hate tv and radio blasting propaganda 24/7. Trump didn't create this all by himself. They were all primed for him to step in and be their conduit. Get rid of Cruz, Hawley & all others who were complicit! NoMoreRepublicansPlease .SteveSchmidtSES and I didn't used to see eye-to-eye. His early tenor at MSNBC was contentious for me, especially comments made during the '16 election cycle. Liberal media has made its mark on him. His best commentary ever came this week. ProjectLincoln work is far from over!

We need more focus on getting Americans to become engaged and to hold their politicians accountable. We've got to stop relying on media pundits to tell us what we believe and what's best for us. Do your own research & make sure it's more voluminous that a Tweet. I agree. DEFUND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Hit them where it hurts the most.

frenchie_oliver Humanity received ultimate warning at the The United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 History has taught that poverty and inequality are a breeding ground for populism, nationalism, racism, fascism and revolution All the best from The Netherlands Our response must indicate what we want for future generations. We need to set standards and mete out justice, simultaneously, by our actions.

Did he weigh in on John Weaver yet? I like that cat 🐈‍⬛ he’s a straight shooter tells it like it is