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This Tinted Serum Is the Reason My Skin-Care Routine Is Much Shorter

It takes care of your sun protection, too.

5/23/2020 10:04:00 PM

It takes care of your sun protection, too.

It's made my life so much easier in these trying times.

. This week, senior beauty editor Dianna Mazzone talks about the makeup/skin-care product that's helped her cut down her routine.It feels like everyone who has the privilege of spending extra time at home is using it to double-down on skincare. I've watched friends document their new ten-step routines and followed along as fellow editors demonstrate their

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spa-level at-home facials. But for reasons I've yet to unpack, I seem to be doing the opposite — applying one or two products is all I can muster.I'm not going to force myself to do the most (we've got to be extra kind to ourselves these days), but I

ammaking sure that the formulas I reach for are the workhorses of my beauty cabinet. Cue the, which does the job of not one, not two, butthreedifferent products — and does them all well, might I add.I'll start with the obvious: The formula, available in 18 shades, has a tint that makes it an excellent substitute for a light-coverage foundation. I apply a single layer on my forehead and jawline, then double up around my nostrils and cheeks, where I'm prone to redness. It doesn't mask discoloration as a full-coverage foundation would, but it does tone it down without changing the texture of my skin. The luminous finish is my jam — it almost looks like highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones.

I'd use this product for the glow alone, so the fact that it's loaded with the actives I usually use in serum-form (like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide) is a bonus. These hydrators pay off both short- and long-term — the formula is extremely comfortable to wear, and even after I cleanse this stuff away, my skin feels

sosoft. Product sub-in number two, check. Read more: Allure »

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