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Muffin|Bake|Tools|Shopping|Ba Recommends

This Pan Changed My Muffin-Baking Life

I love ya like OXO


I love ya like OXO

Seriously, the pan makes a difference.

And when you buy a heavy-duty nonstick pan, make sure it’s light colored. A dark pan encourages too much browning around the sides and bottoms. A lighter pan, like the OXO one, means more even baking. The other nice thing about this one? The ends extend well beyond the cups to make it easy to grasp with oven mitts—so no thumbprints in the sides of your fluffy, perfectly baked muffins.

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How to Butter-Baste Steaks, Chops, and FishPan-seared steaks, chops, chicken, and fish fillets are delicious and quick-cooking. Here, we show you how to step up their flavor and texture by basting them with butter.

How Interesting That This Tomato Galette Could Serve 8...or 1Personal pan galette or cocktail party appetizer—YOU DECIDE. Here’s mine, moments before I stuffed it in my face. I live for tomato season...

The Latest: Officer in chokehold death case is 'gratified'A lawyer says New York Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo (pan-tuh-LAY&39;-oh) is "gratified" that the Justice Department carefully reviewed his case rather than what he calls the "lies and inaccuracies" surrounding it. The government announced Tuesday that it had decided not to bring And he was right to do so. Because he is a Racist just like his president Go to hell Billy Boy.

Speedy Romeo's Grilled Pizza with Marinated Tomatoes & Ricotta Recipe on Food52This recipe might look long, but none of the steps are complicated, and you can streamline if you like (skip the herb oil, and buy really good quality ricotta). The most important part is getting ripe, in-season tomatoes, and tasting this summery combination for yourself, which will turn your idea of what pizza can be on its head. Also note: you can adapt for a grill pan or even broil the dough. Recipe adapted from Speedy Romeo Chef/Owner Justin Bazdarich.

Plum Semifreddo RecipeWhen folding the plum purée into the semifreddo base, don't overdo it. The mixture will continue to blend when you transfer it to the pan. There should be large ribbons of purée visible; that's how this dessert gets its marbled look. Whoever comes up with these, please don’t ever, ever stop. Victoria 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillet. Large Frying Pan with Helper Handle, Seasoned with 100% Non-GMO Flaxseed Oil, Kosher Certified, Non Toxic: GatewayThe winner of our cast-iron skillet test, pre-seasoned category, is on sale for Prime Day: I can’t live without my iron pans , not only do the benefit you but they stay hot well and food comes out a so so good... This is a great cast iron skillet. Especially for oven use.

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