This is your brain, in glorious color

A map of a fragment of a human brain reveals for the first time its astonishing intricacy, while providing new evidence of both the brain's physical structure

6/15/2021 8:20:00 PM

A map of a fragment of a human brain reveals for the first time its astonishing intricacy, while providing new evidence of both the brain's physical structure and one of the ways it's thought to function.

A map of a fragment of a human brain reveals for the first time its astonishing intricacy, while providing new evidence of both the brain's physical structure

— one of the few organizations with enough computational capacity to help, he said.The new views of the thinking part of the human brain have already provided fresh insights. One is that certain axons can connect to individual neurons more than a dozen times, while most connect only once. Lichtman speculates that these multiple connections could indicate memories or skills that have been"strengthened" by repeated use, such as learning to apply brakes at a red light, for example.

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"If you are driving a car and you see a red light, you're not thinking that you have to lift up your foot, take it off the gas pedal, and put it on the brake," he said."You're just doing it automatically."The map has also revealed numerous"mirror neurons" within the brain, where two brain cells near each other point in opposite directions; and curious coiled bundles of axons. Neither structure has been seen before, but it's not yet known what they do, Shapson-Coe said.

He foresees that the new map could be used to reveal differences in the brains of people suffering mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, which are thought to be caused by variations in the brain's structure.The new map comes as scientists grapple to learn how the human brain creates consciousness, in addition to its automatic functions such as controlling breathing and blood pressure.

"What is an idea? How does creativity work? We don't fully understand how learning works and the mechanisms of recall of memories are even more mysterious," said Seth Grant, a professor of molecular neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom.

Grant, who was not involved in the project, explained that the structure of the sample was probably representative of the brain's entire neocortex."It will be a useful reference resource for future studies that examine the differences between individual brains," he said in an email.

But it would not be enough just to know the"wiring diagram" of the brain revealed by its structure — scientists also had to understand the molecular composition of its myriad connections, which were now known to be of many different types, he said.

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