This is what brings out Trump's inner child - CNN Video

'I love cranes. I love trucks of all types,' President Trump says. CNN's Jeanne Moos takes a closer look.


'I love cranes. I love trucks of all types,' President Trump says. CNN's Jeanne Moos takes a closer look.

President Trump gets googly-eyed over trucks. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on Trump the trucker and Trump the crane operator.

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ManBaby! FuckingBozo He thought really hard about finding common ground with these people. This was the best he had. .TomJChicago trumpfarewelltour I love CNN. That have filled the gap when mad magazine closed I agree with Trump. We all would love to see him do it to all Fake News. Even that we know he already have 😂

I love trucks and cranes too. What would NYC be without them? Again, with the type So does a 4 yr. old. 😆 Unbelievable!!! Every flipping time he opens his mouth ....

After popular demand, bathtub racing returns - CNN VideoLadies and gentlemen, start your bathtubs! For the first time in 20 years, bathtub racing has returned to the Fillmore Days Festival in Moravia, New York Trump supporters don’t qualify because of their bad hygiene.

Trump: “I love cwanes” and “I love twucks” Is this news?....well... I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny. That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face, You get sprung. .......Slow night CNN?.... Dementia is starting I love Turtles I love my President!!!! Not sorry.

'I love cranes. I love trucks of all types,' President orange man says. CNN's Jeanne Moos takes a closer look. Idiot Trump driver... Look at the audience, all white people. No tapping needed. He is a child.

Old TVs left on porches in bizarre prank - CNN VideoA television-masked prankster, called 'TV Man' by one local resident, left more than 50 old TV sets on porches in a Virginia neighborhood. 'He wants to be known as the TV Santa Claus, I don't know,' another resident said. damn.... shit really got weak since the russia hoax dried up Hahahahaha Why would anyone go to all this effort?

Raped a 13 year old girl in 1994 at Jeffrey Epsteins house. He cares only for himself I hope you guys get to the bottom of this bigotry DarkTiz1 I ❤️ Trump FakeNewsFredo fakenewscnn CNNisFakeNews CNNMiente WHEN YOU MAKE THE MISTAKE OF CLICKING CNN NEWS.... Right, so does a 3 year old.

CNN backs Chris Cuomo after caught-on-video run-inCNN says it completely supports anchor Chris Cuomo after he was seen on video threatening to push a man down some stairs during a confrontation after the man apparently called him “Fredo,” in a seeming reference to the “Godfather” movies. This is CNN Cuomo is an unhinged talking head . Someone calls him a name and he goes ballistic. Meanwhile , Rand Paul got beaten to a pulp and doesn’t receive a quarter of empathy . So predictable. He’s says he’s a pro. In this incident he wasn’t. Just proves the guy’s human.


All kids love them See this is the petty crap that fuels his base ... are you trying to get him re-elected? ComedyCentral, bring back THE PRESIDENT SHOW! It is so smart, funny and prescient! cc: TonyAtamanuik He sounds like a toddler. Only toddlers are smarter Jeanne Moos has always done these cutesie stories, but it's time for CNN to stop giving this moron free press. Jeanne, focus your talents elsewhere.

CNN anchor confronts Border Protection chief with reports of undocumented migrants working for Trump businesses'It seems like you guys are turning a blind eye to this crime being committed by the president's own companies,' Jake Tapper told Mark Morgan, acting commissioner for Customs and Border Protection This message: Heck yeah CNN get them employees deported ....🤔 Finally. You don’t work in real estate without using cheap labor. Undocumented migrants are as cheap as they come because they have absolutely no rights, and their employers remind them of this every chance they get

Walter Anderson prefers Barbie Dolls. Dildos for Lemon. Love Jeanne. I think it may be time for her to retire. Carrying water as one of Jeff Zuckers paid goon squad at is not a good fit for her. She’s too nice. He loved coal and farmers too remember, don’t be fooled by the con artist. 🤣😂 What says Clown news network What’s say Fredo Cuomo

The rantings of a dementia patient!

Goldman Sachs CEO doesn't expect a recession soon - CNN VideoIn an exclusive interview with CNN Business, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon tells Christine Romans the US economy is fine, but he's paying close attention to trade and monetary policy. ChristineRomans It’s not a good economy for the middle class. -Wages are down since tax cats. -1/2 of workers make $30k a year or less. -76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. -Middle class is surviving off of debt. -We’re in a giant bubble right now and it’s not good. ChristineRomans FredoCuomo RoidRage ChristineRomans What does he know😪

And pizza lmao. Journalism!

Try dried mealworms at this insect-only restaurant - CNN VideoThe Insect Experience, a pop-up restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, is serving up a variety of insect-based dishes. Can't wait... Yikes!!

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