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This Is the Most Common Song Title Ever for a Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 Hit

The most common song titles ever for Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits.

7/30/2021 12:12:00 AM

We sifted through the nearly 5,000 top 10 smashes in the Hot100's archives for the answer.

The most common song titles ever for Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits.

Mariah CareyWe sifted through the nearly 5,000 top 10 smashes in the Hot 100's archives for the answer.Want to have a hit whose popularity is never-ending? Then you might want to release a song called"Stay." Or, also fittingly,"Forever."

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It tends to work, as multiple songs by those titles have hit the Billboard Hot 100's top 10.But over the Hot 100's history, which dates to the chart's Aug. 4, 1958, inception, what is themostfrequently-appearing title for a top 10 hit?

Artists MentionedMiley CyrusWe sifted through the nearly 5,000 top 10 smashes in the Hot 100's archives for the answer, as, below, we list every example of titles that have hit the tier via at least four versions. (For the purposes of this research, only exact titles were deemed eligible, so, among others, Rihanna's"Stay" was treated as separate from Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories'"Stay [I Missed You].")

Notably, brevity is key to the song titles below, as five of the seven consist of one word and the other two comprise two. Plus, per the two most popular top 10 titles, companionship is a key lyrical theme.(Meanwhile, The Kid LAROI and Madonna each appear twice below.)

Here are the most common song titles among Hot 100 top 10s all-time. (Versions of the same composition are noted with an asterisk for each title.)Six versionsJohnny Tillotson, No. 7 peak, 1961Nilsson, No. 1 (four weeks), 1972*Motley Crue, No. 8, 1990Mariah Carey, No. 3, 1994* (listed with B-side"Never Forget You")

David Guetta feat. Usher, No. 4, 2011The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus, No. 8, 2021Five versionsMaurice Williams & The Zodiacs, No. 1 (one week), 1960Shakespear's Sister, No. 4, 1992Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko, No. 3, 2013Zedd & Alessia Cara, No. 7, 2017

The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber, No. 3 (to-date), 2021 Read more: billboard »

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