This is the greatest 50-day rally in the history of the S&P 500

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The S&P 500 has returned 37.7% over the last 50 trading days, making it the benchmark index's largest 50-day rally in history, according to LPL Financial.

Looking at the other largest 50-day rallies, the firm found that stocks were higher 100% of the time six and 12 months later. The average 6-month return was 10.2%, while the average 1-year return was 17.3%.Brendan McDermid | ReutersLooking at the other largest 50-day rallies, the firm found that stocks were higher 100% of the time six and 12 months later. The average 6-month return was 10.2%, while the average 1-year return was 17.3%.

All 50 states have now begun the reopening process, and strategists are optimistic that with additional precautionary measures in place, a second wave of cases could be avoided.

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Animation of returns by sector year-to-date.

I think that the SP500 will continue to progress. It is currently reaching a very high level of support. This is a personal opinion.


I'm buying $Bitcoin What goes up, most certainly will come down.

Thank you president Trump realDonaldTrump

There are always monumental highs just before every stock market crashing meltdown.... This time will be no different.... Protect your wealth bitcoin

Not for long




Decoupled from reality

rksmythe THE OPTICS OF THIS is beyond infuriating

Lol! Only in America , riots , looting, 40m unemployed, millions can’t pay mortgages or car payments! At least the government can make the stocks go up! Strong economy we have! Lol I invest in crypto! F stocks!

40 million people unemployed but let’s celebrate because the stock market is going back up.

Good for the S&P. How will it do in a dictatorship? Really is all about the money. Freedom and democracy only for the poor and naive?

Meanwhile people are in poverty

And it's completely fabricated.

MarketChartist Disconnected from reality.

Rallying on printed money. while over 40 million Americans have no job and America has the most debt in its history. It’s going to come crashing down. There is another way. Bitcoin

Why isn’t anyone up in arms about this blatant and brazen looting? Oh wait, they are. That’s why the people have responded in anger in parallel with a civil rights act.

cointradernik That’s the top

Another reason why you’ve got to stay in stocks as opposed to selling and trying to time getting back in.

I'm just over the hill with excitement that rich people are getting richer! That makes all this pandemic, massive unemployment, and protests in every state so easily forgotten. Now. Good for the rich - can the rest of us get back to reality?

And that matters how for the American people?

We have so many problems


Stock buy backs? Money laundering? Theres no one buying pizza. MOBRULE

Lol only a lure pretty soon 📉📉📉📉

Get ready for the swing back. It might be brutal. How much cash does W Buffett stacked away? Good luck to us all.

More elite stimulus.

Come on...the Feds are feeding the market. The US is headed for an economic downfall.

The market seems disconnect from the economy.

Not as great, but a rally this week too is the PSEi. Port finally turned green after a red May. 😂

And it makes absolute no sense

😁 keep going! Why stop now?!

F* u we don’t care that you continue to make $ while we are worried about our next paycheck

Me, getting ready to join the movement to end the shameless looting of America by the billionaire ruling class. infinite...and beyond

EmrataPhanPaige Think of the shareholders?

Bearish Divergence. If you can't see it. I can't help you.

Who cares

Our market is strong, too strong.

With worthless dollars and 40 million Americans unemployed....with GDP to drop like a rock. All of Moon boys need to stop smoking crack!

Most of this money has gone to market and it went up .

What is actually going on here?

Now do - Without federalreserve

*dead cat bounce*

When do we sell?

That's the smile I made when I was 14yo and just scammed an adult out of their $$ over the internet.

And its Trumps fault blame him!!! Hes blamed for everything else...oh wait this is something that doesnt fit the narritive..

The air has to be getting pretty thin up at these levels. What do I know, nothing makes sense anymore.

All smiles with 100K+ dead

It’s because the fed is buying all these investments. Creating wealth digitally.

Yeah because the government gave all our money to the rich corporations and screwed over the small businesses


Road to become a second Weimar Republic

the fall will be even worse than in March, but now the banks will remain on the sidelines. It will be an abysmal fall, since it will come to light, everything that has been hidden ..... the truth.

Built by printing helicopter money until it’s imminent demise or until people realize the riots have nothing to do with race and everything to do with the poor vs rich.

Were all these deaths worth 5000 Dow points?

gladstein Zimbabwe 2.0 bitcoin BTC

gladstein Wall St is an unsustainable fake casino fueled by counterfeit currency. Bitcoin BTC

Screenshoted, thanks. That should be the deadcat bounce top signal.

Fed fed fed fed

Manipulator are happy , bears are food ,Fed help this , FED Buy all

FED stole money from hard working people ,than transfer to 1% rich people.

Ponzi up!


'They thought the market the economy.'


It's trump using tax payers money thru the federal reserve who give it to banks and corporatios whoare buying back their stock again. Trillions of dollars it is just printing and you know it !

Roaring 20’s are back

You mean 5 stocks that make up the S&P


This is the greatest Fed and Treasury intervention in history of S&P.

That’s Wisconsin staying Red then

Thanks for the advice. Time to get out!!!

It's called the DEAD CAT BOUNCE.


Thanks for the sell signal 👍

seckhardt If you want real change don’t show up to work. Call a general strike ! Minority lockdown don’t buy anything either! One day of that will have more effect than burning a whole city to ashes! GeneralStrike2020 Peacefulprotest NationalStrike OUR LOCKDOWN OUR TERMS

seckhardt First they come for the rights,people, and freedoms you don’t care about and then they’ll come for you! I hope you can defend yourself against the most powerful army in the world that you helped fund and watched and will watch kill your own fellow citizens. GeneralStrikeNow

It's almost immoral on the backs of 100,000+ dead people and untold economic suffering.

Will it become the best 51 day rally or not? *drum roll* Stay tuned


What happened to the Tea Party? Oh yeah they all turned into Trump crack sniffers and abandoned all their principles

Ane the worst economy in 70 years. It is all fake and fraudulent to the bone. PS! Your Country is in rampage! Stop the crooked manipulation

We need a very heavy tax on capital gains

And fake

Printer goes BRRRRRRRRRR

Is this what Michael Burry meant by symptoms of an 'Index Bubble' Market v. Economy?

Meanwhile in the real world...

FED fed.

Black and kurds lives matter BarışÇakan GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloyd is a black in the US BarisCakan is a Kurd in turkey! They were both murdered by fascists! Baris was stabbed to death by a group of turkish fascists, for listening to Kurdish music!

The biggest sheep are on Wall St right now.

matt_barrie almost like the wellbeing of the economy and the wellbeing of people don't go hand in hand or something

If there ever was a tweet to bookmark, this is it

but but but, what about that March spx low retest ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

When you detect a top

40M unemployed, Riots/Looting, Federal Reserve feeds the market with their capital injection so the billionaires make more and the $USD is devalued, and you brag that S&P 500 is the highest... What a joke you are . No more free market, and no more economic fundamentals!

Markets in Turmoil!!!

Bought and paid for by counterfeit currency which has stolen our spending power for generations to come.

Buy OTM 2021 $SPY puts w/ your unemployment &/or CARES Act checks. (Not financial advice😉)

Fueled by pure greed.

Wow since it worked so well we should burn the rest of the country down !

That makes sense the economy is doing GREAT!

who gives a rats ass

Capitalism forces workers to compete in a wage race to the bottom. Employee ownership and profit sharing plans are the only way to close the wealth gap. At some point it will be too late the surfs will take with force revolt and rich will lose everything.

Of course, it was the fast crash too!

What gives? For decades I’ve heard that, “you can’t trade on hope” and “the market hates uncertainty.” Now, all I hear is the market is up on hope, and that severe uncertainty pervades the economy.

of course but the headline left out two words responsible for the rally. FED INDUCED This is the greatest FED induced 50-day rally in the history of the S&P 500. With endless stockpiles of FED injected cash the market likely will continue on current trajectory.

Nice Job! The check's in the mail - DJT

This reminded me to but some more stocks this morning. 🌞 Cha ching

Blame Trump

History biggest criminals organizations: FEDERAL RESERVE + TREASURY. Exacerbating wealth inequality at all costs.

The most hated probably as well.

Meanwhile the world take a 5 month slap across the face

Greatest 50-day fraud in history.

enjoy while it lasts .. another 6 months?

of course but the headline left out two words responsible for the rally. FED INDUCED This is the greatest FED induce 50-day rally in the history of the S&P 500. With endless stockpiles of FED injected cash the market likely will continue on current trajectory.

And if fundamentals and geopolitical risk suddenly matter again, it will be an insane 50-day crash.

Nasdaq feeling cute right now

The scary thing is, it's not going as high as you would expect it to be. That goes for all three markets.

The picture seems to convey that the rich are destroying the world and laughing about it. EatTheRich TaxTheRich PatrioticMills



The elites are shocked that millions have reached a tipping point.

Just the beginning, will see 4100 by the end of summer. And may be 5000 by the end of the year. But this is the last rally for this decade. Or two.

What a joke this market is. In reality, retail stores being looted, meanwhile retail stock prices going up. I hope the federalreserve gets looted soon. That would be fair for Main Street.

This is worst 50 day period in the modern era!

Don’t they ever hire any new guys on NY stock exchange? I always see same guys on these stock pics. One guy they always show says he doesn’t even invest in market.

All this proves is CNBC analysts are garbage. The stock market has zero to do with the actual economy and everything to do with central banks dumping free money into big companies.

Congratulations! 🎉

Stock valuation is based on what you will pay today for tomorrow’s price. it also mean that most of financial institutions with cheap money is betting on V shape rebound, their short positions are locked so what will they loose. Up Up and Away 😄

Keep pumping. We will see a huge problem by this fake rally.

Main Street down wall street up for cover !!

I'm still waiting for the pull back to all time lows, that all the experts talked about


Tell that to the next several generstions you fucking robbed blindly..

Now you know where most of Trump’s stimulus money went - Wall St & pockets of billionaires.

I'm old enough to have seen all this before.

Trump 2020 ! The Dem party couldt do any thing when they were in Office for 8 years

AKA: The Federal Reserves 'greatest' balance sheet expansion in history

Market is rigged.

That self-satisfied smile will disappear when reality returns to the trading floor and the roof caves in.

End of COVID19

Glad the federal reserve used tax money for all to prop up the stock market for some

I bought on the way down and have been selling on the way up. Yes, that leaves money on the table. But I don't trust this market any farther than I can pee into a hurricane.

Way overvalued, highest P/E ratio in history, the highest unemployment in history, highest debt, a perfect definition of a bubble

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