This is the best time of day to exercise for fast results

This is the best time of day to exercise for fast results


This is the best time of day to exercise for fast results

Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi tested to find out whether the times people trained at affected muscle growth

That’s all well and good but, after a summer of doing nothing, there's a good chance you don't want to wait months on end to see some results. Gratifyingly, if you’re aiming for fast muscle gains, like a

Researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi asked young athletes to train with weights at different times of day and recorded the results. While all participants showed similar improvements in strength, the group that trained at 6pm gained more muscle mass than those who worked out at 10am. Plus, the evening group remained slightly leaner than the early-risers at the end of the experiment.

Cortisol peaks when you wake, suppressing testosterone which is key for gains. Reboot with 10 minutes of the Headspace app.

Nearly half of us are vitamin-D deficient. A cardio commute can top up your levels and increase testosterone by 25%.

Not only will pasta stock your muscles with energy, carbs can help boost testosterone during resistance training.

The impact of good sleep on your gym progress cannot be undervalued. Magnesium supplementss before bed can help you drop off easily.

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