'This Is Not Humanity's First Plague,' Pope Francis Says Of Coronavirus

The pope says the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing hypocrisy and misplaced priorities in the modern world, as he calls on people to remember their shared humanity.

4/9/2020 7:08:00 PM

Pope Francis said the coronavirus crisis is exposing what he calls 'functional hypocrisy' at the highest levels of government — and has shown that many decisions are made solely on economic terms.

The pope says the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing hypocrisy and misplaced priorities in the modern world, as he calls on people to remember their shared humanity.

Pope Francis hailed"the saints who live next door" during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying doctors and others who are still working are heroes. The pope is seen here celebrating Palm Sunday Mass behind closed doors in St. Peter's Basilica due to the coronavirus.

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Alberto Pizzoli/APtoggle captionAlberto Pizzoli/APPope Francis hailed"the saints who live next door" during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying doctors and others who are still working are heroes. The pope is seen here celebrating Palm Sunday Mass behind closed doors in St. Peter's Basilica due to the coronavirus.

Alberto Pizzoli/APPope Francis says the COVID-19 pandemic represents a chance for creativity and positive change, urging people to reconnect with the real world and reject"throwaway culture."The pontiff's comments came by way of an interview with

Commonweal magazinepublished Wednesday. Francis also said the coronavirus crisis has revealed that many decisions are made solely on economic terms; he also says the ongoing outbreak is exposing what he calls"functional hypocrisy" at the highest levels of government.

"This is not humanity's first plague; the others have become mere anecdotes," the pope said, as he called on people to remember their shared roots and traditions.In the interview, Francis discussed aspects of the coronavirus ranging from the pope describing his life under isolation orders to praising"the saints who live next door" — the people who keep working during a global health emergency.

"They are heroes: doctors, volunteers, religious sisters, priests, shop workers — all performing their duty so that society can continue functioning," the pope said.As for himself, the pope said,"I'm living this as a time of great uncertainty. It's a time for inventing, for creativity."

Francis noted that he is now livestreaming his morning Mass and other events, and that he and others in the Vatican are teleworking from their own rooms and offices. He urged others to embrace new ways of living as they adjust to quarantine and lockdown orders.

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"It's not easy to be confined to your house," the pope said."What comes to my mind is a verse from theAeneidin the midst of defeat: the counsel is not to give up, but save yourself for better times, for in those times remembering what has happened will help us. Take care of yourselves for a future that will come."

In that future, Francis added, people should hold on to the memory of what is now transpiring — the increasing restrictions on daily life and some 1.5 million people known to be infected — and use that memory to examine their priorities.The pope again quoted Virgil's

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Sounds like Pope Francis has called Trump out for his shameless handling of the virus in blue states, where they’re a large population of blacks and Latinos. bokoo143 Our beloved Pope Francis has a down to earth view of the world that clearly speaks through the virtuous teachings and example of Jesus Christ. The Evangelical babbling hookie pookie witchcraft garbage ministers could learn something from this noble servant of Jesus.

No Kidding, it's been going on for centuries Holy Hypocrisy! Please say 10 Our Father's and 10 Hail Mary's. I’m a catholic and the pope needs stay quite until he stops protecting pedophiles for economic and political reasons. You & Catholic Church AREN'T hypocritical? Protectng those most vulnurable. Turn over to police the criminal bastard pedophile priests.STOP harboring them. Decades & decades overdue. Do the holy thing.I thought you rep. God on earth . shameful😩.

Clean your own house, Pontifex! We all know it could use it. coronavirus SaveTheChildren SBJLizMullen I must be missing the point because the US has destroyed its economy over this virus. non-profit group that tracks allegations of abuse within the Catholic Church said Saturday that the church has paid out nearly $4 billion in lawsuits over allegations of clerical sexual abuse leading back to the 1980s. Fuck right off

Catholics = rapists (I needed a light-hearted break. Now, I’m picturing him in that giant hat, scrolling on a phone, reading your feed.) 😑 - They know they’re the most powerful thing on earth, though, so they act like The Godfather movies. Ooof ... Governments should start taxing the churches. Translate that from, “Italian Catholic,” - words he highlights are: “hunger” and “manufacture weapon.” They throw, “what if people knew,” threats. He’s saying DT put a weapon in China’s food. (It’s creepy that YOUR own Nov 2019 article matches the CDC link. Pope reads you I guess

...and he is exactly right. Crooks HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM WHAT ORGANIZATION DISPLAYS THE MOST FUNCTIONAL HYPOCRISY ABOUT WIDESPREAD COVERED UP CHILD MOLESTATION 'economic terms' mentions the devil b*tch Pope at the Vatican. The most hypocritical man on earth and organization of terror. They killed all Cathares civilization of peace in the 13th century so they control the whole world with their lies. WAKE UP, PEOPLE. Claim your Power Back

Umm....duh. C'mon...did he really not know this? He's the Pope. There is no god ! And there you have it, top Christian speaking on this Sunday. King of the paedophiles Even the POPE sees it ! Lies, Globalist. Anti Trump, I new he was an idiot. Political. And trying to promote one world government. With all their money they want the rest of the world to bow a knee. Hypocrite.. Not buying the Pope fake news. Open boarders and so on.

realDonaldTrump cnn We can count on DTrump, along with his family, to be the first people out mingling with the masses. We want them out in the crowd shaking every hand to show us it is perfectly safe to open up the country. Worshiping money pays off. I new he was an idiot. Political. And trying to promote one world government. With all their money they want the rest of the world to bow a knee. Hypocrite.. Not buying the Pope fake news. Open boarders and so on. Lies, Globalist. Anti Trump

I new he was an idiot. Political. And trying to promote one world government. With all their money they want the rest of the world to bow a knee. Hypocrite.. Not buying the Pope fake news. Open boarders and so on. Lies, Globalist. Anti Trump Burn the vatican Where’s the big man upstairs now Pope Francis, your nothing your a fool goodnight.

If anyone knows hypocrisy... We saw that economic part play out quite a bit in all those settlements for their creepyoldmen!!! Grazie Pontifex 🙏🏻 From the comments it’s fairly obvious that anti catholic bigotry is still alive and well. No other religious group or organization does more to help more people. Not perfect but no religious group is.

It’s actually a fairly reasonable assessment. To damn bad if the Truth hurts. Nobody likes political correctness caecilia1003 Wow, I would of thought the Catholic Church owned 'functional hypocrisy'. janearraf True VirginiaLoughn1 Well I’ve not been told anything I have worked out for myself. He knows about functional hypocrisy more than anyone, heck, that's how he runs his home Vatican & all churches in hiding & allowing all the pedophile priests to do what they do to kids.

janearraf How about the “functional hypocrisy” of a church that is wealthy beyond bounds, but chooses to hoard it rather than to return it to the societies from which it was stolen?That will not spend its wealth to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and care for the sick. willaymerich Where did he get his degree on Public Health again?

He must have realDonaldTrump on top of his list of functional hypocrites among governmental leaders. You're right. One of the plagues has been pedophilia priests. acfick72 The Catholic Church 😎? A while functional hypocrisy itself? Guess it’s pot and cattle scenario 🤷🏽‍♀️ Mmmmmh... AFarray Wow , the kettle and pot are arguing about being yeah, the kettle and pot we always knew they were .

I’m Catholic AND studied Economics. My husband is at a NY hospital right now working. The coming level of poverty if we don’t address the economic impact of COVID-19 will be devastating. Catholic hospitals & charities on the front lines understand this, why doesn’t the Pope? Did his Holiness get this information from Alexa?

Preach. Go Pope Francis. Speak Truth! Give hope! Fire up faith. You live love. FrMalloy Oh ok duh 'But we're realizing that all our thinking, like it or not, has been shaped around the economy. In the world of finance it has seemed normal to sacrifice [people], to practice a politics of the throwaway culture, from the beginning to the end of life.'

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone😜 Or if your the vatican: get your pedophile priest out of jail. He's absolutely correct I'm no Catholic or even religious. He is right. Says the guy who controls half a trillion $$$ That’s pretty rich coming from the Pope. It'd be nice to get a Pope who is actually catholic, and not some whackjob, Leftist activist.

I agree, the pope should lead by example and pay for the hotel rooms for all those homeless in Las Vegas he cares so deeply about. What about the African Catholics dying of AIDS that he does nothing about? Or systematic rape of little children in the church? Says the organization that doesn’t pay taxes and enslaves its followers.

The man who 'victim-shamed' the human race about covid earlier the week has moved on to calling international leaders & governments hypocrites while hoping people forget he runs a government & international organization fighting prosecution of priest-pedophiles around the globe. He said whilst wearing gold robes in a literal palace.

Look at that clown The author of dominionism. And thank you for the insight, Captain Obvious. Meanwhile the Vatican is sitting on Billions of dollars. 🤷‍♂️ The economy is shut down in most of the world. Yes, it was done late, but it was done. Sort of like when the Catholic Church covered up for pedo Priests instead of doing the right thing.

You could substitute 'the Church' for 'government' and come to the same conclusion. nistula Oh shut up TheUnicorn999 cc realDonaldTrump TheUnicorn999 Be grateful you are inconvenienced temporarily and not infected with COVID-19 literally fighting for your life! Says the guy in the stupid hat whose organization has been hiding pedophiles for centuries.

fidelioscabinet Don’t forget ignoring all the pervy clerics...as usual 🙌👏 Glad we got that clarification. Now what say you about child molestation and an organization that enables priests to continue molesting as they are moved from one parish to another to protect the church’s image? 'I am worried by the hypocrisy of certain religious personalities who speak of facing up to the crisis…but in the meantime allow children to be raped,' Pope Francis didn't say. 'It's a time for integrity. Either we are coherent with our beliefs or we lose everything'

Is this a joke? The largest child rape organization in the history of mankind? Catholic’s are the scum of the earth Mark_Sheppard Oh snap! It's not a plague. Irresponsible to even suggest it. Love this pope. He has a great handle on things.. He’s not wrong, but I’m wondering if the head of the Catholic Church is really the best person to deliver this particular message?

Yo, Holiness! What does this have to do with the Church? A political activist posing as a Pope is a new one. “It's a time for integrity.” Dismantle the farce of religion then. You tell 'em popey Is this guy serious at all? He could get tenure at Berkeley, though, Amen!! INCLUDING the CatholicChurch Your Grace! CastFirstStone!

Oh, you mean like member of the GOP who consider older people expendable but are against abortion? Yes' like Archaic Religion crossing the line on Politics of the state' Many paths to god' that do not. it is (likely) the first one that resulted from gain of function 'research'. Thanks CCP! Doctor_David Until he starts pointing fingers and being specific, he’s no more useful than the nut jobs pushing conspiracy in social media.

Look who's talking 😄 The false prophet speaks. You know what other entity is hypocritical? Starts with 'ch' and ends with 'ch' Come to America n splash jolt water on Trump on national tv. So we can all watch him melt. ...And if anyone knows about, 'functional hypocrisy' it's the The Vatican. 🤔 XanderTaylor3 Pope Francis is pointing directly at Trump, Kushner & Trump's admin & GOP Congress. How has America sunk so low? Trump is deliberately killing elderly, poor & middle class. The people that have built & fought for America. Trump & rich fvks have never served or actually worked.

The Pope has one lung. Fact! So we approach the Holy Triduum. The holiest week of the liturgical calendar. And this is the best message the fraudulent Pope can share with the faithful? FoxNews cnnbrk ABC NBCNews IngrahamAngle Maybe we could tax the Catholic Church and use the money in efforts to fight the plague and to help fix the aforementioned systems. No? Just thoughts and prayers?

I am not of this faith but I agree with this observation 💯 % Here! Here! brontyman History shows us how plagues affected people before let’s learn from it iamshametral the pope says corona exposes 'functional hypocrisy' is he talking about organized religion? lawl, GOP bout to cancel the pope No shit Sherlock

99% could’ve told you that facts I am not a catholic and yet I find this Pope the most Christian man I have ever seen in leadership. ❤️ With all due respect... You don't say?! You mean like when Cardinal Dolan moved $57M to hide it from being available to priest’s rape victims? So now NPR supports the moral authority of religion? Ok

The decisions being made are anti-economic. The Pope is an accessory to sex trafficking (yes it counts for predators as well). He can go F right off. Whoa, do I actually agree with the Pope? One point of respect for Catholicism. Only 293 more to break even. Duh Who never thought I would agree with the head of the Catholic Church!

PLEASE!!! DO NOT PROMOTE trump’s CAMPAIGN RALLIES, DISGUISED AS COVID-19 BRIEFINGS, BY PLAYING THEM LIVE!!! THIS IS IRRESPONSIBLE! He’s a LIAR, gives out MISINFORMATION and is campaigning during it!!! YOU KNOW THIS!!! See God had nothing to do with it ... Thanks Pontifex Yes...history has shown that politics can easily diminish the value of human life..

I’m not sure the pope has any standing when speaking of decisions based on economic terms considering how much money the Vatican is sitting on. That’s rich coming from the Catholic Church. They make many decisions based purely on economic factors. Imagine if they self reported all the molestation cases, imagine what it would do to their financial contributions. Seems like a economic decision 🤔

BlackSherrybl I’d quibble with the Pope. Dysfunctional hypocrisy more aptly describes the Trump administration. Lol as he stands before a literal golden chair. Fuck him (The satire writes itself.) It's also exposing the functional hypocrisy of the papacy when he talks about the virus being retribution for climate change and totally ignores abortion that kills babies for convenience by the millions worldwide. Matthew 7:5

but pope francis and his abusive church leading the way on functional hipocrisy Pope Francis is a one man plague protecting pedophiles and spreading socialism. His Holiness isn't wrong, but, needs to do some house of his own. He needs to shut it. If anything it is exposing the fact that the Catholic Church, which is worth millions and millions of dollars, is merely existent to enrich old men and has never truly cared about the people it preaches righteousness to. Either donate money or shut up.

In 1517, Pope Leo X offered indulgences for those who gave alms to rebuild St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The aggressive marketing practices of Johann Tetzel in promoting this cause provoked Martin Luther to write his Ninety-five Theses Just saying.

Pope says coronavirus pandemic could be nature's response to climate crisisPope Francis has said the coronavirus pandemic is one of 'nature's responses' to humans ignoring the current ecological crisis. And he is RIGHT, in my opinion! Het milieu is properder dan ooit! Toch in het Westen. Ghouls. All of you.

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