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This Is Better Than Butter—Whether You’re Cooking Steaks or Roasting Vegetables

Ghee is pure butterfat and culinary gold. Its nutty flavor and high smoke point make it super versatile as well as delicious.

9/25/2021 6:30:00 AM

Ghee is pure butterfat and culinary gold. Its nutty flavor and high smoke point make it super versatile as well as delicious.

Ghee is pure butterfat and culinary gold. Its nutty flavor and high smoke point make it super versatile as well as delicious.

Photo:F. Martin Ramin/ The Wall Street JournalBySept. 21, 2021 3:26 pm ETIT’S HARD TOpinpoint just when ghee was invented, but the why is pretty clear. Ghee is butter that has been heated and clarified—that is, had its milk solids and water removed to produce pure butterfat. This gives it a long shelf life, a virtue in its native India where hot temperatures can quickly turn butter rancid.

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Ghee has remained popular, even revered—and for good reason. During the clarification process, when the butter is cooked, the milk solids begin to caramelize, giving ghee a nutty flavor. This makes it ideal to fry an egg in, stir into rice or drizzle over roasted vegetables. And when the butter is strained to remove the solids, it obtains a tremendously high smoke point, around 485 degrees—more than 100 degrees higher than that of ordinary butter—which sets the stage for a steakhouse worthy rib-eye.

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So , you should read and discover whole of ayurvedic texts and then publish.Ayurveda says much more than this. India does this since are way too late guys!!!! Bus kar oye hum ghee ke hi bane hai A2 milk. 😀. Ghee, Ghrit, Sanskrit word, being used in Vedic Yajnya (Offering to God) since time immemorial. Integral part Hindu life.

Lol! Plagiarism was erstwhile limited to ancient Indian knowledge is now being introduced a new of its kind to Ancient Indian food too . Wow We knew this from 100s of year. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ghee has been in use since time immemorial here in produced from milk of ewes or cows.After purification it stays fresh for months.Mostly used in the morning breakfast when it is drizzled over our Lahoh(flat bread).Also used as meatballs preservative.

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I thought west is so advanced but now i realized its far behind. We Indians know this for thousand years. wsjthetheif who stole thousands of years of Indian culinary gem and says it’s good with steak, how insensitive and rude!!!! We know it since a very long time!! More than 5000 years! Indians be like...

You guys are just 1500 yrs late in discovering this fact😉 After thousands of years. Sorry you are late in your finding by only 500 bc years That's news to you?! 🙄 Everybody knows that, duh!! सही पकड़े है भईया जी। लगे हाथ ये भी बता दो की इसको बनाते कैसे। तो में आज शाम ही रोटी पर घी लगा कर खाना चालू कर दूंगा।

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Koi patent lo re ghee ka nahi toh kal ghee bhi jesus ne banaya hoga We have known from time immemorial. India for a reason. Duhh..🙄🙄🙄🙄 What next? Saatvik (No Onion/Garlic) food is good for the body? Give us a break... Stop preaching to the choir, As they say, in your nick of woods. WSJ praising something Indian? somebody's losing their marbles. deviating from propaganda

Is it a healthy option? U woke up but only maybe 1000 years late Lol. So, that's your discovery.🤣

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Hahaha you guys are waking up now 🤣🤣 Good to be acknowledged. What was being used for thousands of years in India. Marketing stunts create false narratives about synthetic oils for own benefit n gullible consumers fall in trap. Now Indians will start eating ghee as WSJ has said it is good 😂 Just few thousand years behind us😂

Oh is it? 🤡 Good morning, if u had only woken up few thousands of years before. And before your scientists claimed that fat is bad in 1970s We knew it from ages. We don't eat refined oil, only ghee. This gonna get a huge 'FUCK YOU' from some of the old civilizations. Steak cooked with tallow is even better than butter or ghee.

I hate it. Bengali cooking culture means I've had to tolerate it all my life but I truly believe it ruins food (and I'm lactose/dairy adverse since I was 26).

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That's the reason Indian use this Ghee from thousands of years as food integral and in Havan too 🙏 Please refrain from taking credit of it's invention & patent Yep! Just a few thousand centuries late to the party. Just glad you're not saying the west 'discovered' it! Just a few thousand years late 😀 What a joke west introducing ghee to indian

😂😂. You realised it a few thousand years late Hmare yha ghr ghr me bnta hi ghee Please discover something new. We have been using ghee from the begining of Sanatan Hindu civilisation. Our Vedas clearly describe the qualities of ghee. It's used in every Indian household. How 'western supremacists' keep on discovering things which are discovered, created, known and in use in India (that is Bharat Barsha) from ancient times!!! Amusing!

We know this thing from centuries

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And you came to know this Today? Lol 🙂 Why do you reintroduce the same that was followed for more than 2000 years India. All western ass holes are copy cats or slave other nations to live in luxury. Joke of the millennium ; west introducing Ghee to Indians... From thousands of years we Indians have been not just eating it daily with our food items but also massaging our hair to make it strong and dense

Indians already know this. Kucch naya lao. 🥱 Happy Realisation Day. You people are late , our mother / grandmother & there grand grand mothers put teaspoon ghee in every dal chupchap so that won't pull our nose up & down to eat it .🤣 . Is Gadhanand dhume ghost writer of this piece? 😅😅 Hey PetaIndia did you read this? Go and enlighten yourself.

What? The great westerners have been dissing Indians for eating ghee for so many years. Bloody hypocrites. West is trying to rediscover things that's been already known to us.. Don't waste your time in rediscovering but follow scientific sanatani way of life to stay healthier..

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SickularPoetry Westerners want to adopt Desi lifestyle & vice versa. irony This is just a beginning. Today it's Ghee, tommorrow it is going to be desi jaggery, cowdung and so on and so forth. You guys are still in discovery mode! This is so damn embarrassingly slow. When you were busy pleasing Pharma Lobby we were already nurturing these facts through our elders. Still a long way to go for you.

Ohhh plz ghee is India invented and using till date since thousands of years... we use ghee in almost all indian foods... Knowledge and use of Ghee in India is older than history. Yes it was invented in India thousands of years ago, so don't claim when it was invented is unknown. So what's new about this? Please also have courage to acknowledge where this is coming from.

🙄 Now in India people will say wow 🤩, let’s use Ghee as now validated by the Amerikan Too late

YouTube channels of ex Muslims may give you true informations rather than your Hinduphobic presstitutes abdullah_0mar 😂😂😂😂😂 Glad that you know now Ok Stop eating the cows. Then you will have ghee. Stupid west finding ghee is good now after proven scriptures from Hinduism already documented it since 10k years ago?

did you realize this is why in Hinduism we revere the cows and care for them? Damn, what fools😂😂 they are rediscovering the wheel.👍 We're using it since our existence and that's the reason we call Cow Mother . Hahah.. better late than never. So.. guys come back to Sanatana culture. Yoga, Pranayama and now Ghee ! The western world figures it out painfully one “invention” at a time from a contiguous civilisation that has so much to offer but was decimated, partially converted by the barbarian’s sword and demonised by the “civilised”West.

Tell us something indians dont know.. 🤣🤣🤣 Only Ghee made from milk of Bos Indicus is good not from Jerseys or Holsteins cow like animals are a strict no-no

Our indian ayurveda have told that ages aGo 😂😂 Now that the respectable newspaper says it - let’s thank them for accepting a thousand year knowledge we Hindus knew! There is so much out there you guys won’t accept because it’s a Hindu thing! Want to know more I am available! Welcome back to ancient india

You know, if you guys learnt to respect your father and forefathers, then you would realize that ghee was invented in India about 3 thousands years ago and that itself is some achievement. But I know it doesn't suit the agenda of those who fund your and hold your secret videos.. Bunty tera sabun slow hai kya ?

Erm...butterfat is still milk fat...ghee is clarified butter from which all traces of milk have been removed Jag gaye? You are a few millennia late in realising things. Listen to India more often. Ada moodevi LOL 'thanks' for your 'great discovery'. Welcome to Bharat though. Just 5000 years late LOL...

You are 5000 years behind, Atleast.. PetaIndia look into this You definitely need a psychiatrist!! Don't know whether to laugh or cry at this, we Indians knew this hundreds of years back and ghee is a household item which literally is available everywhere everytime or is this just another shameless attempt of cultural appropriation 🤔

Lol you Americans are so outdated You are about 3000 yrs late. Next time when you decide to discover something new about food, first look into Ayurveda. It will save lot of your time and energy. You guys are always thousands and hundred years late U r just 5000 years late..... Congratulations! Probably it’s a great Discovery in America. In Bharat we have households cooking their food in ghee from time immemorial.

You guys are just few thousand years late to discover things. 100 years later you will 'Discover' that ghee has medicinal properties too ..

Bhai James Black, ur article is good but you need to learn real journalism and study little more. What kind backward you are . Omg wow what a discovery fools we are eating ghee since the time you Europeans were eating food from the ground. U r only some thousand years behind India. मियाँ आप लाखो करोड़ो साल पीछे हो हिंदुस्तान से😂

Tell me something new. You wokes are behind by many millions of years! Welcome to 10000 years club

You know you are many millennium late. 😂😂 Ghee is one of sacred esculent in Indian kitchen. We use it in doing Puja. And also it is an integral part of 'satvik bhojan' in indian home. They have to do research now to know this.😂 Here in India, we have known the properties of desi cow ghee for many centuries. It is clearly described in detail in Ayurveda.

अच्छा लगा आपने बता दिया, हमको पता नहीं चलता। Now USA is going to patent our GHEE under some fancy special name. 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Hope the Indian food item is not again stolen like Yoga and basmati rice and presented as their own. LangaMahesh But it's quite harmful for body . India is Having among highest incidents of heart , high cholesterol issues among middle , upper middle classs due to these tryglycerides , tastes apart .

Hindus in India are using Ghee for Millennia...just like Yoga... Im not seeking validation from the west but Feels good anyways to get acknowledgement.. We don't claim CopyRights or IP to all these..but America not agreeing to waive IP for vaccine production.. Now.. after vilifying ghee for ages! And US companies keep selling us Indians butter and cheese !!!!

Thnx for this information, We indians don't know what ghee is🙂🙂

be like 😂 Y do u write/comment on topics on which ur knowledge is abjectly abysmal & utterly pungent!WSJ shld do more research b4 it starts writing on “alien” topics!FYKI Ghee-made fm Cow milk-has proved its undeniable value last 5000yrs or may b more!At least study b4 tweeting dhakkan! Chachaa, when ur Soya Board was busy popularizing soya and Malaysian palm board was doing the same for palm, we were busy eating ghee...... U guys should just come to India, bow down and cut copy paste all our traditions..... Life will be good

Not good at all. It’s heart attack food. Used to be good when cows were happy and free to roam around and it grass and herbs. noida_authority SOLD Land to BUILDERS. Builders Constructed PROPERTY on This Leased Land and SOLD It. Now NoidaAuthority is Claiming These Properties Are ILLEGAL and DEMOLISING Them. CeoNoida INSTEAD OF PUNISHING BUILDERS IS PUNISHING POOR BUYERS.

How many people have been converted in Punjab .. as per christian pastor it is 20%... NoConversion AmitShahOffice narendramodi capt_amarinder HTPunjab SGPCAmritsar On the way to becoming a western country invent USA chor log, don't patent ghee. It's our Hindu word of Bharat ,called India by British. Ghee on steak! That's a sin. You can't kill a cow to gorge meat and have its milk,ghee too. Cannibalism of another level. Beef causes carbon emissions.

Colonialists doing colonial things! Said Hindu shastras ,puranas some 100000 of yrs ago,in the most ancient scientific books called vedas. Now you know why Sri Krishna ate butter,ghee of Indian desi cows milk only. It has medicinal values. Most harmful is jersey cow. USA farms torture cattle for milk,meat. Sin

Cultural Appropriation bruh.. stop it! Bas ab yeh bhi chori karenge And no Patenting it. Bugger 📴 we know how good it is My heartiest congratulations! You finally discovered what we knew for millennia Saalo aj hosh aya hai tum gora supplement sucking clowns ko? So what will uncle sam do now? Taking indian hindus invention and lable them as christians or white invention?

Le indians I m here just to see the Indians troll TeamPopcorn PetaIndia Peta see your country accepting truth that we know already. So I request from narendramodi AmitShah Sir to send back these two organization back to their country because fake propaganda only comes in Hindus festival and believes

Nutty flavour in ghee?

India eating since ages you are far behind Why is west 100 years behind? She is writing for her American audience, even Indian newspapers have articles about foreign food!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You're late. Ghee ❤ And that's how colonialism continues getting perpetuated way after colonization has ended. This is fact. Anything is better than Butter.

पूरी दुनिया में धोखा ही धोखा 😳 आमलेट में आम नहीं होता, घासलेट में घास नहीं होती, 😳 गुलाबजामुन में गुलाब नहीं होता और किसान आंदोलन में किसान नहीं होते। 🙄🙄 This is not new for us.

Sorry WSJ, but you're a few thousand years too late to realize/discover this. But better late than never. Ghee is indigenous to India. Stop plagiarizing. Oh good. You're just few millennia late to the realisation. 👍 Indians have known it for thousands of years Itni research karne ke bad ab pata chala hai inhe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Je baat..... RujutaDiwekar Zindabad! Better late than never😞✌️ ghee Dear It'll take atleast 200 years & will cost millions of dollars to the Western world to discover whatever has been described in Ayurveda thousands of years ago. Eg. In this picture, I hv written only 2-3% ghee qualities described in Ayurveda, & u don't even know these...

americans have no sense of good food in general- well about time you joined the cool club, welcome…

घी खाओ… wait till they discover “desi ghee” ✋🏽 Yes. Clarified butter. Welcome Americans, only you are a few millennium late than us Indians 🇮🇳 At least you kept word 'Ghee'. Not changed it like Breathing exercise, turmeric latte Mohansinha PetaIndia What's the price I love ghee. thanks