This Guy Has Gone Viral For Showing Off His 'Basic White Sister's' House, Because I Think We All Know Someone With A House Like This

'Hello sweet cheeks.'

9/17/2021 2:35:00 PM

“Hello sweet cheeks.”

'Hello sweet cheeks.'

Brooke Anderson Photography / Getty ImagesFor those who don't know,"Live, laugh, love" culture is basically a super-popular home decorating trend involving covering your home with positive affirmations printed on slabs of wood or tin metal sheets.

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Fall décor gets personal: `Your house becomes your story'As fall nesting season returns, home décor retailers are presenting collections that reflect the idea that home is where our hearts and heads are. Our long housebound stretch may have made us restless for the outside world, but it has helped us appreciate our homes more. bitcoin 36.000 usd

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Democrats Face New Hurdle After Republicans Gerrymander All Left-Leaning Voters Into Single House DistrictWASHINGTON—Scrambling to respond to the sudden shift in electoral realities, Democrats reportedly faced new hurdles Wednesday after Republicans gerrymandered all left-leaning voters into a single House district stretching across the country. “Democrats were already looking at significant headwinds going into the… I love it but it’s too sad 😔 jonjones Don't help them, damnit! missed ann arbor though

Centrist Democrats scramble House drug pricing effortThree centrist House Dems threw their party's health care agenda into disarray today by blocking a plan that would have authorized direct government negotiation of drug prices and help pay for a $3.5 trillion social spending bill This is not a centrist position on drug pricing They aren’t centrist Dems, they’re Dems with deep financial ties to drug companies, but that would disrupt your precious narrative Why do Dems hate people and even bother to pretend to serve any one other than their corporate overlords?