This day in history, January 16: White House announces the start of Operation Desert Storm

On Jan. 16, 1991, the White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. Allied forces prevailed on Feb. 28, 1991.

1/16/2022 9:31:00 PM

On Jan. 16, 1991, the White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait. Allied forces prevailed on Feb. 28, 1991.

Almanacs are full of lists of global and national historic events. But “This Day in History” feature invites you to not just peruse a list, but to take a trip back in time to see how a significant event originally was reported in the Chicago Tribune.

Today’s Highlight in History:In 27 B.C., Caesar Augustus was declared the first Emperor of the Roman Empire by the Senate.In 1919, pianist and statesman Ignacy Jan Paderewski (pah-dehr-EHF’-skee) became the first premier of the newly created Republic of Poland.

In 1987, Hu Yaobang resigned as head of China’s Communist Party, declaring he’d made mistakes in dealing with student turmoil and intellectual challenges to the system.In 2003, the space shuttle Columbia blasted off for what turned out to be its last flight; on board was Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon (ee-LAHN’ rah-MOHN’). (The mission ended in tragedy on Feb. 1, when the shuttle broke up during its return descent, killing all seven crew members.)

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We have not won an actual worthwhile war since 1943.

White House Says Russia Is Planning ‘False Flag’ Operation as Pretext for Invading UkraineRussia has deployed operatives to undertake a “false flag” operation in eastern Ukraine that would fabricate a pretext for invading the country, the White House said, warning it saw signs an invasion could come in a matter of weeks. You wake up the red bear, other Russian allies will join soon. Stop this, it will lead to a global disaster. If the US wants enemies, search and fight the UFO... ILL DO ANYTHING TO SEE THAT DONALD GETS THROWN UNDER THE BUS LIVE ON TV!!!! LETS DO IT!!!!!! Same White House using hundreds of U.S. military advisors in Ukraine to train Nazis to fight Russians ...?

Nurses hold vigil at White House, demanding safer COVID working conditionsHealth care workers held a vigil across from the White House Thursday night, lighting 481 candles, saying each represented the life of a nurse lost to COVID. 🚨 This was the worst crime ever!!! KUMBAYA ?!? 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 POTUS SenatorSinema Sen_JoeManchin VotingRightsAct USHistory Nurses, doctors, other healthcare workers, & hospital staff should've been guaranteed safer working conditions by Congress w/strings attached to covid funds. Same w/schools & businesses. Biden's covid task force seems to have disappeared. Our healthcare workers deserve better. Hospitals are overflowing, yet all these health care workers could take off time to do this vigil. Time and place for everything. If you want to win charades you must not slip up.

Former Obama White House Adviser Pleads Guilty in $218,000 School ScamThe founder of a national charter school network who once served as a White House adviser under President Barack Obama pleaded guilty Friday to a charge alleging he stole over $200,000 from the network.

Ex-Obama White House Adviser Pleads Guilty In $218,000 School ScamSeth Andrew, a founder of Democracy Prep, admitted to moving money from the charter schools network to other bank accounts without authorization. We have two parties in this fine nation of ours, the red griftopoly, and the blue griftopoly. The blue griftopoly latches onto privatized social spending schemes, and the right latches onto the extractive industries. Simple as . . . Any acts of treason as this need to be tryed in court and the law needs to be followed and if guilty the punishment for treason needs to be done. Plead guilty to a crime he committed… how very unRepublican of him

Second gentleman Emhoff acts as public link to White House | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — As America’s first second gentleman, Doug Emhoff has attended a U.S. naturalization ceremony in New York, dished up spaghetti and chocolate milk to kids at a YMCA near New Orleans and reminisced with second graders in Detroit about an early job at McDonald's. He embraced making millions of dollars. Let’s not get our headlines mixed up. This stinks of Cheney/Enron behavior

White House: Russia prepping pretext for Ukraine invasion | AP NewsWASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. intelligence officials have determined a Russian effort is underway to create a pretext for its troops to further invade Ukraine, and Moscow has already prepositioned operatives to conduct “a false-flag operation” in eastern Ukraine, according to the White House. Q! Words alone can't express how thankful I’m. I thank God my friend recommended you to me. TarellaCampbel investing with you has been a good opportunity for me and my family I just received my profit within seven days of investments. 🍿