This dad's press conference about day with his kids is comedy gold

This stay-at-home dad's press conference about day with his kids is comedy gold

5/6/2021 9:03:00 PM

This stay-at-home dad's press conference about day with his kids is comedy gold

“I honestly just felt like we got behind early after the milk spill and the marker on the wall.'

The questions keep coming and Berger is not in the mood.“Before you went to the store, you called a time-out,” the reporter notes. “Was there an attitude change after that?”“Yeah, it felt like we were losing our heads there for a minute,” Berger deadpans.

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What about that snack that he served 30 minutes before dinner?“Lost track of time, just wasn’t thinking,” Berger explains, as he pulls a Lego out of his hair. “And so three bites of dinner, that’s on me.”The hilarious video, which was posted on Tuesday evening, has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

“No one else can win the internet in 2021 cuz it’s booked with this genius,” wrote one person.Added another: “This is frighteningly accurate and so well done.”Berger, who is the dad of a 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, hosts the Dumb Dad podcast with fellow comedian Kevin Laferriere. The longtime friends started sharing TikTok videos when the ongoing

pandemic began to unfold last year.“We post about stuff that we’ve experienced,” Berger toldTODAY Parents Read more: »

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Dad Delivers a Hilarious Sports-Style Press Conference Following a Typical Day With KidsAt one point, he straight-up pulls a Lego out of his hair with a straight face.

Medina Spirit, winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby, fails drug testNEW: The horse that won the 2021 Kentucky Derby, Medina Spirit, has failed a drug test, the horse's Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert says. GOP leadership and the other guy still content the horse wins the race, see the pictures at the finish, and maybe the horse just ate some nasturtiums in the winner’s circle bouquet... yea that’s the line we’ll use. So... the 'horse' failed? Isn't this sort of Gaslighting? The 'horse' was not responsible. This is bad journalism, bad writing, and intellectually dishonest. The trainer cheated and got caught cheating. He should go to jail. I don't watch but after reading the surprisingly uninformative article, I have to ask, why are we just finding this out now? Why wouldn't they test before the race. Seems like maybe that's the best time for the tests.

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