This Dad Invented A Candy Chute To Make Halloween Safe Amid COVID-19

This Dad Invented A Candy Chute To Make Halloween Safe Amid COVID-19

9/16/2020 11:20:00 PM

This Dad Invented A Candy Chute To Make Halloween Safe Amid COVID-19

Photos of the chute have now gone viral as people figure out how to have a contactless Halloween.

As a horror buff, Halloween is a year-round sort of thing for Andrew Beattie.The Cincinnati dad is used to going all out for October 31, dipping into his horror movie memorabilia collection for decorations. Although things are going to be a little different this year, he's come up with a solution.

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To keep things safe this Halloween, Beattie has invented a candy chute for contactless trick-or-treating and people are loving it.Andrew Beattie"I’d rather be safe than sorry," he told BuzzFeed News."We thought this would be a great way."

Beattie made the actual chute last week from an old Amazon delivery tube that was lying around the house. With the help of his 6-year-old daughter and some paint, it only took 20 minute to whip up the delivery system and attach it to their front stairs.

The idea is that Beattie just has to drop treats from the top into a candy bucket being held below. It actually solves two problems, he said. Sometimes kids or parents have mobility issues, so this means no one has to navigate the steps.Meanwhile, his invention has gone viral.

Facebook: andrew.beattie2"Saturday morning came along and my parents live back in West Virginia and I wanted to show them, so I put it on Facebook and didn’t think much of it," he said."Then I had a friend said, you know your post has been shared a couple of hundred times."

It now actually has more than 75,000 shares from people in love with the idea.Andrew BeattieThe finishing touches, like the lights, were thanks to suggestions left on the Facebook post.Andrew BeattieBeattie said he knows Halloween will be a little different this year, but after six months of COVID-19 measures, we need some joy.

"Halloween really is a time when kids plan on covering their faces and staying away from strangers and going out walking," he said."It just makes sense if we can incorporate that in."Andrew Beattie Read more: BuzzFeed »

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