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This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class

This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class


This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class

Most Americans would probably have a hard time wrapping their heads around a $350,000 salary. The thing is, that kind of income, while relatively huge, is barely enough, according to Financial Samurai blogger Sam Dogen, for a family to lead a comfortable life in coastal counties — where almost half of the nation’s population calls home.

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Awww poor people scraping by on 350k, I feel so so bad for them, and the fact they are budgeted to wear Old navy and not Gucci is just is horrendous ☹️🙄 outoftouch Bruh sell the house This budget is total bullshit lol IRS caps 401k contribution at $19,000 for those under 50 and $26,000 for those over. Leaves another $9,000 after tax for savings.

Best corporate account troll tweet I've seen in awhile How much is the house? it’s either $1.4m (30yr) or $800k (15yr), either way, I don’t feel bad, bc he’s living outside his means... find a cheaper place and all probs will be solved. money RealEstate investment I don’t believe misc expenses and vacations are that low

Scrapping by and comparing it to middle class. Gtfo. I see $38k for 401k and 12k for 529. Try telling a median income earner that scraping only counts after putting 14% towards a saving when most can’t even save 1%. What the fuck is this budget Unbelievable. I almost can't believe these expenses. Did you assholes just use a term SURVIVE for people making 350k a year. What the hell is wrong with you?

Electric Truck Unicorn Rivian, Backed By Amazon And Ford, Lands $350 Million Investment From CoxCox Automotive is investing in the rechargeable truck startup and may partner with it on service, logistics and other business operation How does one justify an idea to Forbes? CoxEnterprises feel free to reach out to us. We’ll also change the landscape of how people live their lives across the country, your investment would only be about half a percent of the number quoted above. And we’re in Atlanta :)

Grow marijuana in one of the rooms in the 1.8 Million dollar home. Is this the same one that is posted every 3 months? Get a new family’s budget. Most Christians would tithe 10% so your budget expense is way under reported. Secondly, cell phone expense, Again, way under reported. False This person living outside their means. You give me that my wife can stop working and my kids would have no college debt.

where do I sign up to get this problem? Really?! This so jacked up Madness. Let’s not donate to charity and your defs not getting 4kids Idiots They dont have to live in a $1.8 million house , that seems excessive. Some of those monthly expenses are my annual expenses.

Electric truck maker Rivian lands $350 million investment from Cox AutomotiveRivian on Tuesday announced automotive services company Cox Automotive will make an equity investment of $350 million in the Plymouth, Mich.-based company.

Bull! Try $15.00 an hour and paying $1,350.00 rent (cheapest place in Miami, trust me on that one), cell phone, electricity, and I still can not afford health, vision or dental insurance. No car (stolen & LONG story). I have no 401K... so they cannot complain! Whiners! Huh. Half the 401k. Problemsolved.

Hard to feel sympathetic when you 'scrape' by on less. Maybe cut one of those $3k+ twice yearly vacations and cut back on that insane entertainment budget. Boom there's $5k+. I'll give them this though 🎻 They also have a ton of equity in the house. The mortgage payment and p&i split would mean they are around year 15 of a 30 year loan of 850k (assuming they got a rate 4%). Which would leave them w about 1.3mln equity and 500k debt on house.

Don’t have kids and keep the expenses to a minimum. Invest at least 40% of your salary to have good savings. So basically don’t have kids and buy cash-flowing investment properties instead of a stupid house. Maybe we should start a gofundme campaign for them? This looks like living outside of your means

Imagine if they didn't let their ego's run their costs. schmucks And NO student loan debt Pffft.

Tesla rival Rivian is raking in a new $350 million investment after big cash infusions from Amazon and FordThe electric-vehicle startup Rivian will receive a $350 million investment from the automotive services company Cox Automotive. Can't wait until they announce final pricing and we start seeing these on the road!

Yeeesh! I feel sorry for people on $348,544! Them being flat out broke and all, going by these figures! Where are they getting a Toyota Highlander for only $380 a month? Way to make me feel good about my 35k. Lol what a crock 1. Health care premiums are pre tax. 2. This couple should itemize if their house is grandfathered in the Tax Cuts and Jobs act. Property tax + interest+charity. 3.Childcare and school is killing them.

WTF, i don’t even make half of that and I’m thriving Ridiculous Nah bro. And why you shouldn’t have kids 😂😂😂 $4,000 a week for daycare and preschool? That's b. s. Then don't live in such an expensive house! Or move to a cheaper city! Sheesh this column is annoying.

ECB projections to show future growth barely above 1%: sourcesThe European Central Bank will cut some of its growth forecasts at its meeting o... Thats way too bleak! No wonder Germany is into fiscal stimuli!!!

2 million dollar home? Lies Inflation is a bitch ain’t it Regardless of income, living beyond your means will make you poor. Just because someone overspends and can't budget properly doesn't make them not 'middle class'...

'Two decades with no progress for the middle class': New census data shows household income is the same as in 1999The figures suggested rising inequality has continued to undermine progress during the longest expansion on record. Disagree 800% UP for China 🇨🇳 You can bet this WON'T be circulating much.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj tells Congress to fix the student debt crisisComedian Hasan Minhaj called on Congress to address the student loan debt crisis Tuesday, calling it a 'paywall to the middle class.' I like this guy I’m going back to school for my gym degree if we are wiping out student loans love this guy

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