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This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class

This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class


This budget shows how a $350,000 salary barely qualifies as middle class

Most Americans would probably have a hard time wrapping their heads around a $350,000 salary. The thing is, that kind of income, while relatively huge, is barely enough, according to Financial Samurai blogger Sam Dogen, for a family to lead a comfortable life in coastal counties — where almost half of the nation’s population calls home.

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So everyone should pay for their chosen lifestyle? They live very comfortably in the most expensive cities so no they don't need a tax break. No one needs clothes every month esp that amount of them. Struggling my ass if your paying 2, 000 a month for a 4 year old to go to preschool! My ass is struggling and I sure the hell don't make 350,000

They don't live like most Americans. Health care is much higher, while food bill is way to high for family of 4 per day or month. They pay too much for preschool, most school districts have preschool for free. How is the property insurance on their $1.8 mill home almost the same as my $80k home? And their healthcare is ridiculously cheap. I won't get into their obvious lack of struggling lifestyle.

I'm getting ready get a million hates but I think people are missing the point. I don't think the article is about 'poor CEOs' but rather just how stupid-unaffordable it is to live in a place like SanFrancisco I think I am so out touch with them I don't even know what an Umbrella policy is Is that a thing ppl need?

This is what your finances look like when you have ZERO discipline and no budget. I absolutely believe this could be the case for someone making this much money. But it’s their own fault. The only thing struggling here is financial intelligence. Y’all are out of touch. First of alllll, you can save $24k by sending your preschooler to a FREE public or charter school. This is absurd. They aren’t struggling. They are trying to keep up appearances.

This is what a real struggling family looks like, and I am grateful that we are actually doing better than most. thestruggle familybudget lowincomebudget strugglingfamily diaryofarealmom Not to mention I had a baby and one box of diapers from costco for $35 lasts a month. So no way that you are spending that, this is exaggerated. 4/4

Lmao, my fiance and I are family of 4 living in Phoenix off take home $28k a year. We got cut off our food stamps because we make 'too' much. $300 to charity...if you are struggling in your own home then cut this. Also who the hell goes clothes shopping every month.. 1/3

Electric Truck Unicorn Rivian, Backed By Amazon And Ford, Lands $350 Million Investment From CoxCox Automotive is investing in the rechargeable truck startup and may partner with it on service, logistics and other business operation How does one justify an idea to Forbes? CoxEnterprises feel free to reach out to us. We’ll also change the landscape of how people live their lives across the country, your investment would only be about half a percent of the number quoted above. And we’re in Atlanta :)

I could never afford Old Navy unless it was the 60% clearance rack and then maybe 1 thing. Also $500 a month on entertainment seriously? Plus food for 4 is not $2k a month. I have family of 4 and we spend about $300 a month now after being cut off. 2/3 Also, there is no way your car payment is $380 a month for a highlander. I pay $250 a month for 2011 Kia Sorento… IS this click bait? Because this is a laugh. 3/3

Sounds about right They save the max in their 401k because they are “struggling” to be able to retire because their income exceeds the limit to fund a tax free Roth IRA. The injustice of it all. They are maxing out 401k, taking three vacations, and saving 500/kid/month for college. This is not struggling.

It's not struggling, it's called 'poor planning'. Also... pretty sure that, if you could afford to buy a $1.8 MILLION house, you're far from 'struggling.' 1.8 million... As though they 'couldn't get anything decent' in a big-city area for way cheaper (esp. under 1 million) Also.. $250 PER MONTH on gas So... either they're driving WAY more than need be, or... they got a REALLY fuel-inefficient vehicle. Christ... Even gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs, probably, don't require that much gas per month on an average consumer's driving

Damn, there is so much I would cut there. Just stupid people being greedy.

Electric truck maker Rivian lands $350 million investment from Cox AutomotiveRivian on Tuesday announced automotive services company Cox Automotive will make an equity investment of $350 million in the Plymouth, Mich.-based company.

Holy crap, did Alex Cortez really have the balls to say this nonsense or did someone make it up. It is just too stupid to be real. What I gained from this is: don't have kids A problem I'd love to have, hell I barely make 25,000 a year is this an early April fool's tweet? 1% (that's ONE PERCENT) to charity.

This shouldn't be a surprise. How do you think Corps pay little in taxes and stick us little guys with the bill for all their externalities? accountingfiction This budget is indefensible. Because you're trying to equate the REAL struggle people like myself are having at $40K/year, getting second jobs to buy GROCERIES, not fucking vacations & $4.8K worth of clothes a year. Not remotely the same. Get over yourselves, elitist pricks.

Also like to point out she work less then 6 months a year to get that money, the rest of the time she supposed to be in her district, But AOC live in a rent-free condo get food vouchers most of her travel is paid by someone else wth is she spending her money on? My father always said... 'It's not the high cost of living, it's the cost of high living'.

Tesla rival Rivian is raking in a new $350 million investment after big cash infusions from Amazon and FordThe electric-vehicle startup Rivian will receive a $350 million investment from the automotive services company Cox Automotive. Can't wait until they announce final pricing and we start seeing these on the road!

Uckin stupid...where is the struggle so called!? Everything is taken care of! I can manage $350,000 would someone like to put it in my bank account? I take checks also!!! If you have that much money contribute to your 401K, have staycations planned into your budget, spend $70 a day on food for a baby, pre-schooler and 2 adults, and live in a 1.8 million dollar home..... you are NOT struggling.

My children support me as I'm in my 3rd year waiting for a hearing with SS. I had a stroke as as being diagnosed with lupus and other health issues after. Our budget looks like 2 months salary of this person. Our family is 4. My 2 sons, my grandbaby and me. 401k? Yeah, sure. don’t have kids... Weird how it’s broken down. For many it’s Rent, Car Payment, Insurance, Utilites, Cell Phone, Internet, Cable/Satellite, Apple Music, Groceries, Gas, Target, Medical Bills, My credit card, Her credit card, Our line of credit, and the 12-month same as cash credit card from XYZ.

$50,000 in savings, $7,800 on vacation expenses, $6,000 on entertainment . . . AND STRUGGLING. 29k on childcare and then 24k on preschool and THEN an additional 5k for baby stuff. Yeah don't know where all that money is going. $500 on monthly entertainment? I can hardly afford seeing a movie for 2 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that isn't surviving 😂😂

No wonder Alabama is broke...Our 4 year old preschool at school is 40.00 a month.And if they dont have it they don't have to pay it.

ECB projections to show future growth barely above 1%: sourcesThe European Central Bank will cut some of its growth forecasts at its meeting o... Thats way too bleak! No wonder Germany is into fiscal stimuli!!!

Easy to say for all you salty poor people...but the reality is that it's all relative...life isn't easy just because your income is higher than minimum wage I have a family of 6 and I would be a millionaire within 4 years if I made 350,000 a year. This family is not struggling. WTF u 🐍 swamp 🐀 This is the kind of 'struggle' I need in my life 😭😭😭

I spend maybe 400 a year on clothes and they are dropping 5 grand a year? Or... How to fail at making your point. There is so much wrong in here is hard to know where to start. Who spends $400 A MONTH on clothes? or $2500 a month in babysitting. And what kind of house are you living in with a $3500 a month mortgage? Or how bait did you get screwed by the bank on your home loan?

I'd like to be able to put $38,000 on savings every year, but that will be a struggle Feel really bad about these poor people who can barely survive on 350,000, whatever. The heading says it all. Living in an expensive metropolitan area. Millennials need to live within their means. Your 'lifestyle' doesn't pay for itself

'Two decades with no progress for the middle class': New census data shows household income is the same as in 1999The figures suggested rising inequality has continued to undermine progress during the longest expansion on record. Disagree 800% UP for China 🇨🇳 You can bet this WON'T be circulating much.

On 350k I live off 80% less than that. Wtf you mean STILL struggling 😂 they just overspending on trash they dont need. Why you even live in expensive cities like SF. Go to Modesto or Bakersfield if you hate heat then go to Monterey county. 😂 So is this the new definition of 'struggling' . Being able to afford everything that you need and want. Plus you're talking about living in these liberal garbage cities run by basically socialist who do nothing but take your money, hence the high property taxes.

If you are making $350,000 in San Francisco, or anywhere else, and you are 'struggling', I have a fix for your issue. It's called a shovel. It will solve everything when swung upside your empty skull at 72mph!!! $70 a day for food? Are they eating out every other night? Most of these numbers require gross overestimations. Even in SF I strongly doubt most people who make $350K/year can't rake in at least 50K/year after expenses. Better yet, move out of SF if you wanna save money.

You wouldn't know struggling if you lost all your stuff and was made homeless. You obviously havent seen actual struggling. I'm sorry but every incidental is already on this list. She has $121 to goof off with - buy pot/whatever. It's seems that $70/day for food for 4 is pretty fancy eating. They must not be home cooking. 2 destination vacays, 1 stay home, AND weekend getaways

$115,000 in taxes. Not including sales tax, gas tax, etc etc tax. And 3 week long vacations? 2 of them destination?! I don't think that's struggling $70 per day for food for 2 adults a two year old and a four year old. What are you eating? Who the hell spends 70 bucks a day on food. Dude, I hate to break it to you, but this is not struggling. Date nights, several savings plans, getaways, all basic needs and incidentals well covered without juggling expenses, and still having literally any money left over is living comfortably.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj tells Congress to fix the student debt crisisComedian Hasan Minhaj called on Congress to address the student loan debt crisis Tuesday, calling it a 'paywall to the middle class.' I like this guy I’m going back to school for my gym degree if we are wiping out student loans love this guy

Is the struggle finding something to spend an extra $121 on? Who spends $400 a month at OLD NAVY? Not buying that one How many vacations? What the fuck is that. Struggling? Iam not sure you understand the word Correct the title to how a family of 4 flushes money down the drain every month. Struggling with logic, sure. Hold, spending 500 per month on entertainment, 2 vacations, Weekly date night, 70 dollars a night for dinner, 1.8 million dollar home. So so struggling. F'ing clueless.

Bottom Line, they have over 100K left at the end of the year. This is good. No struggle here. AOC strikes again...she cannot do math. What the fuck, my definition of struggle is completely different than yours. I pay $10 daily in food and that is high. Say 35/day for 4 (-1100/mo). Go to thrift stores and cut clothes (-250). Get a cheaper used car for 20Kish (-100). No vacations (-650), cut ent't 70% (-350). Get rid of charity if you're really struggling (-300). There, saved you 33K.

Wait how is it struggling if your able to allocate money to vacation time and charity and still have some left over.. Lol Bro public 4 year universities cost less per year than that kindergarten & 2nd grade foh We lived in LA. 200K wasnt 'rich' there. We didn't spend 15K on vacations & entertainment or a $2M life insurance. Bcuz we were 'rich' we kept working more to pay taxes (thus taxed even more) so we could have spending $. We figured working more wasn't answer. We worked less.

Yard maintenance could save them some money if they did it themselves maybe? Just a thought... Whoever's finance sheet this is is literally living on a different world than most of america. Fuck, the 401k contribution alone is more than a lot of people make. $3900/mo mortgage? That's a gigantic house in my area. $2000/mo preschool? $70/day for meals? Dude, Spend less.

Sure wish I could afford to take 3 weeks of vacation a year. Since they didn't deduct the $7800 vacation expense (employer paid vacations are the standard right?) I'm assuming that is the Cost after the 3 weeks vacation pay has been spent.... This family has little time for their kids, spends every 2nd weekend away from home, starts work at 6am and is home by 8? The taxes we pay allow others to be a lowlife loser that depends on us when they retire. It is a struggle having ambition as those that don't hold us back.

Tell them to go to public school (it's free), get cricket wireless or something similar for cheaper wireless, limit vacation to 2 a year, and either don't buy as much clothes or buy second hand. Looks like there alot of fat in that budget, college funds only need 2k each and send them to a in state public school, cut vacation to two weeks. Use public education vs private. Stop shopping at whole food and eating out.

Yeah.... Your net monthly is just under my net annually. But I make too much to qualify for Snap benefits or Medicaid.

Smfh. Where did they get their home insurance from? ~$1,600/yr for a $1.8mm home sign me up. Why is a child's preschool as much as my college tuition This has got to be the most luxurious, financially stable “poor” family on the planet!! 11% 401K contributions, private schools, 529 account, WEEKLY date nights, 3 weeks of vacation, life insurance, GREAT healthcare, and monthly charitable donations. This poor, poor family!!!

This is bullshit.. in PR we live with 50K a year a we are considered HiGh middle class... 350K FU This is a joke. Completely out of touch. Define struggle and than evaluate if it matches your analysis. Spending beyond your means... the American Way... GTFO! Does that say $24,000 on 1 4yr.old child who spends all day in a glorified daycare coloring with crayons? Is this a joke? How out of touch with reality do you have to be to even complain that you can't make ends meet on $350,000 yr? That's insanity.

Just the sheer arrogance to put this out with a straight face. Over $2000 a month for FOOD Are you eating bowls of gold? The American Dream Maybe cut the 3 weeks vacation. I've had 1 3 DAY vacation in the last 4 years Remove the $4K tax credit, that's bye-bye w this income. The $24K stnd deduction is what Cheeto Head Dump screwed US Citizens with while the rich get richer. It needs to be reversed & prop tax/other deductions reinstated. The main issue here is what Congress shoved through. Pft!

Try living on 28k a year and out of that paying 300 a month for awful health insurance. Poor folks. Maybe reside elsewhere and more simply. I will bet ole AO CORTEZ IS ENJOYING HER NEW SALARY PLUS PERKS! FROM BAR TENDER TO KNOW IT ALL, MAKES ME WONDER HOW SHE ALL OF A SUDDEN BECAME AN EXPERT ON EVERYTHING!

Out of touch and clearly out of their minds For one cut date night out and vacations cut your 40lk in half and your shopping and eating out and you would have 1000s extra Are you FN crazy , I see so much waist in this idiots budget ....

What a struggle living in a 1.6-1.8 million home! I'm at a loss...is this for a single salary person ? Because that f***ing good in my opinion 🤔. Since that excludes any other contributors in the family of four. But if the husband and wife are the only contributors, then they need finance help. And charity... that's a choice😑.

Paying down mortgage 24k yearly and saving 38k into tax free 401k so their wealth is increasing 62k yearly, while they live quite well. Was this article meant as a joke? This has to be a joke This family only has 1 car? How is the mortgage only $3,900 on a $1.8M house? Shouldn't it be like double this? AOC it is a little hypocritical of you to shame anyone, especially when you make $174,000 per year.

Bruh 9 people in my house and the groceries are 300 at most( including dog food for 4 doggies This is struggling?!? I grew up 'struggling' and this is a slap in the face. Shit, let majority of the world show you what struggling is... Smh. 🖕🖕🖕🖕 with 'struggling' 🙄

I thought this was a sarcastic joke until i read the article and realized you really think ppl will feel bad for Qualified Investors? This is why Bernie will win and there will be a left wing revolution in this country.... StrugglingThis is a joke. They don't know what struggling really is.smh Dogen can eat dog shit with his non-existent struggle.

I know first hand there are plenty of houses for under 6000$ a month they could move into if money is tight. You would be failing my accounting course miserably. My thoughts and prayers go out to this struggling family 😐 Baby items 350$ a months? Except diapers everything is one time purchase....where do they use 350$ worth diapers?

This is a goddamn joke. These people are living their lives and making my life look like an apocalypse movie. This is hilariously embarrassing. You should be embarrassed to have posted it. Struggling? Surviving? Give me a break. These people have no idea what the real world is like. When was the last time I took a vacation? Oh yeah, never.

This budget IS relevant for the mentioned cities... if you live in the most expensive parts of them. I live in NYC and you can easily find nice places in Brooklyn & Queens, Jersey, Long Island or Westchester, and pay WAY less for almost everything here, especially schooling

That's a lovely income. That's near 6x average household income ffs. AOC got it right, the maths is skewed. Oh, and there's no short term (cc etc) debt listed apart for the car - the average US figure is $38k per adult. This is just insulting to be honest. There are tons of people ACTUALLY struggling. Take this down

Looks like BS headline to me. You trippin They are grossly underinsured for their life insurance. How can they afford to continue that lifestyle should one of them pass? ...and can’t retire at 60?! Join the club!🙄 You really have no clue what “struggling” is.🙄 This makes me want to cry... How can they be struggling when the amount they put into their 401k annually is so close to the amount I make annually? I'll trade places with you any day and teach you to be more responsible with your finances...

They are not struggling. They are living within their means and saving money through retirement plans and paying down their mortgage. What they are is successful and smart with their money. So be it! Don't resent them - try and imitate them.

think you need to learn this definition 😆😆😆 I question how this is struggling. There are families of 5+ people that would benefit tremendously from this much money. All I see is a huge tax bill... Should be lower $70 a fucking DAY on food?! But young people get shit on for buying a $3 cup of coffee every day?

Your status of middle class is not defined by the pocket change you have left over at the end of the month. I would like to see what the financial advisors budget looks like. $350,000 = struggling? Damn! Compared to the above-mentioned family, I must be beyond struggling at the most severe level because I can't buy clothes every month. Even many of my 20-something years old clothes still fit nicely on me! I'm poor to the bones... 🤣🤣🤣

“Weekly date night” Weekly date night? I don't see anything going into a regular savings account for an emergency fund. 401K & College Fund is great, but that's of no use in an emergency. All it would take to throw them into crisis would be for one of them to suddenly become unemployed.

It should be noted that there is no actual family chronicled here. The source is a blogger named Sam Dogen who constructed a supposed ledger as “an example budget of a dual-income household with two kids.” Eat the rich. I still have shirts from a decade ago, and feel guilty buying even 1 new shirt. I understand kids grow, but surely not 5k worth a year?!?

The person who wrote this must have a crack or meth problem. Or was this supposed to be poorly executed satire? What do they mean by cash flow left for misc? What else is left to pay for? This is laughable! Where is the struggle? This person almost contributes what I make in a year to their 401k. GTFO here with that 'I don't even have a Range Rover' bullshit.

A DATE NIGHT EVERY WEEK My wife and I get our anniversary, and that's IF my dad can find time to watch our one child.

Lots of crunchy people on this thread. Everyone here thinks they'd spend there money better making the same amount. When studies clearly show too many Americans can't afford a 1000 dollar emergency. LMFAO! Let's see them survive off what I make $12,000 annually! 30k/yr on 'occasional babysitting'... Sounds about right.

Try living on 880 a MONTH numbnut and THEN you can talk to me about 'struggling'! And what 'struggle' are we speaking of? Putting away the average person's YEARLY income into savings, basically buying and throwing away a wardrobe of clothes monthly, $70 per day for food?! I barely spend that in a week for my family! I call BULLSHIT.

Toyota highlight ....(instead of a Range Rover.....) 😂 what the ffffff This is the personal care s$$$ they are buying 😂 Can't they move to the burbs and save a shitload of money? This budget is absurd. Clearly this person is made up and the numbers are invented. Poor you though, only 3 weeks of vacation. Boo fucking hoo.

Clearly living beyond their means. I made $63k as a single mom and didn't have these outlandish expenses. Quit spreading these lies Struggling with the concept of not spending money unnecessarily? And I thought I was bad with $800/month for food. They MUST be getting organic and pasteurization everything. The Old Navy expenses has to be a joke, tho.

My wife earns as much per year as you pay for pre-school. I'm jumping on the band wagon and am seriously asking, how is this family struggling? I dream of this struggle. (Old Navy not Gucci) Can I be your occasional babysitter? I could use an extra 2 grand per month .... assuming that includes refrigerator privileges.

You spend more money on preschool for a four year old than I make in a year, and I actually make more than minimum wage and have a decent full-time job where I live. This is a gross misrepresentation of what it means to struggle in America. This is not struggling, this is spending your money on luxuries and STILL saving money at the end of the year. When your annual budget for four can only just barely cover food (not 400 dollars a month, more like 100 dollars a month) and your bills, then you are struggling. Smh.

First of you don’t “need” a 1.8 million dollar home. You could suffice with a townhome. This is some step ford wife, twisted way of thinking here. I can tell you for sure that if I have 350k a year you are not struggling. This is not reality. Both my wife and I barely make 70k. For the trailer trash that don’t know real estate markets stfu get a clue and learn before give stupid opinion. A 1 bedroom condo in DC area is between 300-475,000. You are not rich if you have a 1.8 million dollar house and lucky to have 2000 square feet. Get a clue folks

Forgot pet care pet insurance etc The entirety of the Entertainment, Vacations, Baby Materials, Clothes, Charity, Childcare, and Preschool budget by my math is 13,800. Slashing that by 25% will save 3,450/month easily. You really don't need 400/month on clothes, or 7800/year for vacations. These people have a house they can’t afford. That’s why they spend all their income. Why is housing so expensive? Because we take out loans to pay for it. Simple supply and demand. Prices are where they’re at because buy it at that prices .

It's all about choices 🤣 - if you choose to spend these ridiculous amounts on certain things - that's what your figures will look like. For goodness sake, please don't moan about it though. If you're able to put $50,000 a year into savings and have over a million in home equity, you are not struggling. Period. Breaking down the rest of the nonsense here ($70 a day for food) is not even necessary. They're putting almost as much into savings as the median income.

So... this is one of those Onion posts right? Where something is so obviously ridiculous yet is passed off as legit news? How in God's holy land you spend 100 a month for personal care? You use the entire bottle of shampoo every night? His monthly’ contribution adds up to more than his salary.... Tell me I’m wrong

They're 'struggling'? Im struggling to understand how they spend $70 a day on food Your food expenses alone are someone's entire monthly earnings. Putting more into your 401k each year than most people BRING HOME is not a struggle. Sign me up for 350k, and I'll show you how it's done.

Struggle my ass. I could live on 50 grand for 2 to 3 years thanks to a little planning and careful spending. Not talking about slumming it either. Could even do it without working. Those numbers are hard to believe. Stop going on nightly dates This is a frigging joke...,lmao Maybe cut out those $5 lattes.

This is a really insensitive post. There are people out here dying because they can't afford insulin, suffering because theyre fixing to be foreclosed on, and you talking about someone whose every possible need is met AND MORE be struggling. Struggling with what exactly?!? Smh if i spent $400 at old navy every month i would not have room to walk in my house because it would be so filled with clothing

me: i just read a post about this dude struggling financially. guess how much he makes. gf: uhhh $50k? me: more gf: FUCK this guy So I don't live in an expensive city, but What? MarketWatch can I have a job? Y'all must pay pretty well to run this with a straight face. My wife and I (combined!!!) make a third of that and I would not say we are struggling, even though things could be easier. 350k for a few years would set us for life. SMDH

I want to join in on “the struggle”. Sign me up!

Imagine being this well off and thinking you’re struggling That's a $627,000 house. Damn Holy smokes this wins tone deaf story of the year award. The hearts of an entire nation ache for this struggling family earning $350K per year! The problem with this is that you are calling it ' struggling'. I guess that is relative.

$4800 at Old Navy would buy you one full outfit (shirt, jeans, underwear, socks, and shoes) per person, per month!That's excluding sales, or buying socks in packs or anything. $70/day average for food sounds like you’re going on a date night every day They could cut their 401k contribution in 1/2, still have $16k/yr go in, and have that $1300/mth cash flow. Some 'struggling' there.

29k a month and your crying poverty? Are you kidding me? I wonder what their god thinks of their 1% to charity each year. Thoughts and prayers 🙏

If you don’t see that what makes this family rich is the $50K they invest every year, and instead you focus on the food or entertainment budget, that says something. $70 a day for food & $100 a month for clothes? Yea... so rough. Plus still have over 3k a year to donate to charity. This is gonna make me giggle all afternoon

Assume they are 37, first year of this budget, if this couple socks away $50K a year at 7% returns they can retire at 62 with $10 MILLION. Haha MarketWatch you're just idiots I would love to live on $350,000 a year I've got to say though this is the first time AOC made any sense I still don't like you and what you believe in as a socialist you should be tried for treason have a good day

ONLY $1,456 for one year after netting $223K? Yeah, maybe w/ a heavy drug habit.😂 If anything that can be equated with 'struggling', its their spending skills. Are you kidding me? Maxed out 401k, college savings, two destination vacations annually, a $1.8 million house, and apparently new clothes every month. What more do these people need, besides a clue? entitledmuch clueless

It just looks like bad money management to me the consensus of your tweet is these people are not struggling because they lack money, its because they spend too much. Please change your header.

the struggle looks like a choice from here The United States and all of its people could have free healthcare get a decent education if we would get rid of the freeloading congress people living off of the taxpayers dime. Their perks and subsidies. A mortgage higher than a lot of people earn all year. I’m pretty sure the Cleavers didn’t live in a McMansion.

reading the comments for the jokes & realized; This shit isn’t funny at fucking all! Kids go hungry daily & you are on your 2nd vacation. And it’s not going to your aunts house & sleeping on a air mattress in your cousins room. It’s a real take a plane to exotic resort. GTFOH I WISH I could 'struggle' like this.

Do you know what I could do with $18K a month? I mean, come on. First of all, downgrade your house. No one needs a $1.8 million mcmansion. You also don't need to buy new clothes every damned month. $24K on preschool? Yeah, no. $70 a day on food? Stop shopping at New Seasons. $30K a year on childcare? Where are you sending your kids? A finishing school? This isn't struggling. This is privilege through and through.

Seriously? My family survived off of what you contribute to your 401K. Don't talk to me about struggling until you have less than $20 a week to feed 3 people or $150 a month keep a family of 5 fed. 3 yearly vacations? $400 a month on Old Navy? $500 for entertainment? Necessities. 我建议评论喷子们还是多看看逼乎,了解一下网民的真实生活水平,不要因为自己太low档次太低,就不承认别人普遍过得比你好!

I want to see this as a movie. A couple struggling to get by plan a daring heist on one of their weekend getaways. The twist is that instead of plucky underdogs they're entitled twats with no sense of perspective.

Fixed it for ya. Why do need a million dollar home. What are you guys smoking. This is a joke, right? You're full of shit. Maybe if you wouldn't spend $6k on mortgage and 3.5k on childcare, you would have a better looking budget. But I guess investing more a month in retirement than the rest of the country earns makes you the same.

GEICO teach these fools how to save money Struggling? For what? They just spending $ and indiscriminately at that. Everything they could possibly need & MORE is taken care of. Struggling to hoard $, I guess? Poor widdle darlings. Try raising family of 4 on $30,000 annually (some do much less) then tell me about struggle

The point is that these people didnt spend wisely. They spent it because they had it. Plenty of room to cut back move into a smaller less expensive home. Drive a cheaper car. Only take one escape vacation. I think I spend about 20 a week on food. I shop at the damn Dollar General. Last time I got a new clothing item, it was an 'on sale' t-shirt for 2 bucks. Jayzus, who thought this was an accurate picture of a 'struggle'?

Oh My God, this is absolutely absurd, ridiculous, who would post such a stupid item such as this.

Everything is over inflated my gosh $500 a month for entertainment 2000 + 4 food they're probably all overweight give me that kind of salary and there's a lot of things I can cut down on according to your chart Satire , right ? Struggling because of people like you in politics wont stay out of our pockets wake up and smell the unemployment line lol

First off, we’re way more broke than that! Ohh, oh no, a Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover. 🥺 I have a 1978 Van I'd happily trade for a Highlander. Husband works in the MH field pulling down 10 hr days and the gross mnthly income you have here is the typical annual pay for someone in the field. 🤮🤮

Almost double my take-home income on *just childcare and preschool*. S T R U G G L I N G. Get hecked. F you so much. this is like the one thing we all can turn against on and agree how bs it is even if your 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' conservative you can look at this and go -what a daft arshole

If you can take 2 vacations a year, you ain't struggling. If they paid me 50K a year to manage their finances I could easily save them 100K just by cutting out useless bullshit.

Yeah, that’s my idea of a shoe string budget. 🙄 I love the fact that this chart does little more than show how wildly out of touch you are with America. This is nothing more than a chart to try to get the poor- & middle-class to boo-hoo for the wealthy. Utterly repugnant, and glad it's on display. My family’s lived off of what they used for childcare. They’re not struggling. This is stupid. They’re doing completely fine.

Also why are you taking the standard deduction? With that mortgage and taxes and charity you will most likely be able to itemize. How do you have a 3,900 monthly payment on a 1.8m dollar home That’s not possible Pure fiction. Tsouloukidze the laowai are at it again. did y'all do like any work at all on this? or put the numbers into excel to see if they check out? or like... check out what an average loan would cost (Try putting that home value into a loan calculator and see what you gotta do to get down to their monthly payment)

Dude this is the most out-of-touch budget I've ever seen. I live in LA, one of the most expensive housing markets in the country, and $2m will buy you a nice 4 bed colonial. In MI, where I'm from, $2m will buy you a 5,000+ sqft mansion. Wtf this person has obviously never had to eat ramen for weeks on end cause it's all you can afford. Struggling? Try again.

Biggest question I have is how does that mortgage work? 2k a month and 1.9k for interest? Computes not. And caviar for breakfast anyone? with 3-4 trips to starbucks a day? Oh my god, the horror. 😱 No Range Rover or Gucci! 😱 Only TWO vacations that were not camping! 😱 And that FML moment when puréed peasant wasn’t on the menu for the baby! 😱ThatsJustBadParenting

Spending 3% of your income on Healthcare is a nice luxury. That would be like a family making 40,000 a year spending $100 a month on Healthcare. When the reality is that a family of four making 40k a year would spend between 20 and 25% of their income on premiums and deductibles. The good news is that they put more in their 401k than I bring home in a month as a teacher. Bad news is that their grocer is ripping them off on groceries. I'll also never know the burden of needing to buy an entire new Old Navy Outfit for every day of the week.

At least they are giving their 1 percent to charity. I don't care what others do with their own money, why are you obsessed Now that's gross income. Icky. Eat the rich. dril already made this joke. There are areas here that could be slashed immediately. If you can’t exist on $350k a year and have more than $200 at the end of every month you SERIOUSLY need to adjust your spending.

I feel like there is a massive troll job going on that turned twitter into 90% troll accounts. It’s full of nonsense like “ if you’re not attracted to the same sex you are a bigot” and my new personal favorite “making 350k a year means you can barley afford to live”

Literally no one feels bad for your $2MM mortgage on a 4 person house If you're struggling after 350,000 you need to lay off the blow and hookers. Out of touch.... Lol $29,400 annually for OCCASIONAL childcare? Fran Drescher would live with you 24/7 for $29,400. If I were as young as you no doubt are, I'd damned well find a way to trim off much fat from your budget and toss it into a Roth. You're not gonna have this income forever, and kids get more expensive not cheaper as they grow. 40 comes fast, 60 faster.

Lesson I’m taking from this: just another reason to stay in the Midwest. Is this a joke? It’s a bit insulting tfor these people to think that they are struggling! Their yearly 401k a year alone is my my whole salary! Most of us can’t even afford to have a 401k! So what's your hair rained solution this time!? Welfare for the 1%!! Just give it Squad leader and go read a book, and no not a romance novel!!

who tf spending $2500 a month on childcare? $350 a month for diapers and toys $500 on Netflix and parties? yall spending $400 on clothes every month literally shut the hell up and just stop being so damn frivolous

They have sufficient to have high quality basics and a lot of luxeries. When was it that weekend get always and 2 holidays a year, giving to charity and saving for your kids college and still having money left over became “struggling”? Utterly tone deaf. $3,900 mortgage payment covers $800,000 principal. If home is worth $1.8M them you have $1,000,000 in home equity. The struggle is fake news.

Dam I'm poor. But I'm good for the environment. And I suck for the economy. My best advice to that is. Your too stupid and it's too late to save you. Have you tried cutting on your avocado on toast? A lot of those items could be reduced or eliminated if they wanted to. If those things are more important than saving for your future, you do you.

Oh my... not sure what your point is. So you think take the hardworking money away and? Not sure where your going with this. Y'all make in a month net what I make in a year gross.. shut y'all damn mouth about 'struggling' I can hardly afford my car and I live with my parents. Spoiled kids

Can I struggle like this please? WTF is this trash? Way to misrepresent your own article and rile people up over nonsense. That’s actually reasonable for the area they live in. More money earned means more money has to be spent Every time I see something like this, I think of this cracked article: Or, as Hamilton Nolan at Gawker put it, ''Sure, it's an objectively large sum of money,' they say. 'But it is far smaller after I spend it.''

Clickbait Very first line is a $38,000 401k contribution...struggling? 🤦‍♂️ Wow these people are dumb $400 a month on clothes? You know you can wear the clothes more than once, right ? You guys throwing them out ? I just want to adjust this for a 105k a year income and show you how much of that shit I have to do without

I wish I was playing this game of Survivor! Who wrote this crap?!

$14K Worth of Vacations and weekend getaways are not expenses 😂 I feel like this is some click bait that is just here to try and upset people. Private School and those Expenses are not middle class! Struggling to do what? The 3k monthly 401k contribution alone is more than most make, before taxes. Woe is not in these numbers.

this is the most tone deaf post I’ve seen in a long time. Lol which market demographic are y’all actually watching vs. those you should be? Pathetic. Hmmm. Let's take a closer look: * Saving $50k per year (401k + 529) = 14.2% (very good!) * $53k per year on child care / pre-school is a lifestyle coice * $500 per month on 'entertainment' sounds pretty fun * A $1.8M home ANYWHERE is pretty damn nice * Move to the heartland?

You’re not struggling if you’re paying 24K for pre-school. They spend more on childcare and preschool than I make in a year...

this shows many sad things to me. 1. My family pays the same amount for health insurance. 2. My families net income is 1/7th theirs. 3. your daycare cost 10k more then a minimum wage worker earns in a year. 4.Why list student loans if you don't have any? 400 a month for clothes? Do you buy a new wardrobe every month?

STFU this isn't 'struggling'. A struggling person does NOT put away $38,000 a year towards their 401k. What kind of stretch is this most struggling people don't even make that much a year! Are you trying to tell me I shouldn’t have kids? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

That's not struggling. That's gets everything you want and living the American dream. Please tell me this is satire. I calculated $8688 they could EASILY cut out of their MONTHLY budget (that's $104,256 yearly) with only a few moderate and minor lifestyle changes. Simply nonsense.

I'll let those nice Ugandan children know that we struggle with only three weeks vacations and family data plans... This disgusts me. This is not 'struggling.' Struggling is when you feed/clothe/house/educate a family of 4 on 35K a year. Struggling to manage they damn finance get them on the phone with me I used to live on £400 A MONTH

Good thing you didn't list Austin on that chart This makes me so mad not all the numbers but the ( ) besides them.... like having a Toyota instead of a Landrover should win them some extra points.... Like look I'm not even driving a Luxury SUV.... I cant. Ease let this man make what I do for one year, plz

I think I see the problem. Your family of four is living a ridiculously extravagant lifestyle! No wonder they are struggling! Next will be the call for free Range Rovers for all. How does one not survive without a Range Rover? Lol at 401k contributions being more than sooooo many folks make in a year I haven't had a vacation in 15 years. Much less 3 a year. I dont spend 400 a year on clothes much less monthly. I sweat spending money on any kind of entertainment a couple times a year much less 500 a month. Yeah they're really suffering.

This woman is actually in Congress yet can't master basic math skills. The scary part is people listen to this Idiot. The most unnecessary entry has to be “student loan (husband paid off $50k at 30” - $0. Like we didn’t hate you enough already. I like how they noted they drove a Highlander instead of a Range Rover. They are really sacrificing.

I wouldn’t say struggling. Well let's see, the complaint about not being able to invest for retirement...hmm the 401k max contribution comes to mind. This is completely farcical, choices not circumstances are this families problem! Some people don't know when they're well off. They have never been hard up in their lives.

This is silly $If you are spending $70 a day on food with toddlers, 3 weeks of vacation, employer sponsored health insurance, and donating $300 to charity a month the only thing you struggle with is mental health. I see a lot of s*** on this list that ain't happening How is it that no one over there looked at this and said 'We really shouldn't post this'?

Hahahaha no get out of here

“Struggling”? I don’t think that word means what you think it means. Give me $350k and let's see how I do. This is utter nonsense. Vancouver and Toronto aren't even US CITIES. This fucker spends more on vacation every month than we do on rent. Rich people are seriously disconnected from the reality of the average American.

If these people think they are 'struggling' then they have ZERO idea about the real world. First, they have a $6000 per mo rent payment... what IDIOT would pay that much? Lear how to Budget2020 Don't live beyond your means MORONS I’m interested in how their monthly mortgage P+I payment is only $3900 on a 1.8M home. At 20% down & 4.125% it would be nearly 7k. At 1% they still pay $4600. Did they put $1M down? Cause that’s what it would take at 4.125 on a 30 year to have that payment.

If they want to learn how to budget, find someone who works for minimum wage who can school them. Also if you’re paying $6k for a house NO WAY those utilities are ONLY $425 a month LOL! I looked at the expenses. I’d hardly call that “struggling.” And I earn a good living. Imagine being so out of touch that you'd think Tweeting this was a good idea 😂

1.8 mil house? Those poor people! And they are saving 50k a year in 402k and 529 plan. If they’re so strapped for cash maybe they should stop donating $3600 a year to charities.

🤷‍♂️.... $70 a DAY for groceries? That's $490 a week... I was able to feed a family of 4 for $490 A MONTH in the Chicago area. Maybe if you go to Albertson's instead of Whole Foods, you can cut that expense a bit andmaybeusecouponstoo weird how they count things like vacations and entertainment as part of their necessary expenditures, but if a poor person even thinks the word 'vacation' theyre accused of not being financially responsible.

Is this an Onion article? Seriously, MarketWatch? Have they tried eating less avocados? AOC Try being a single mother living on a teacher's salary with those expenses and consecutive college expenses since 2004 for 4 kids. How is this struggling? And I live in the Bay Area This is not struggling. This is bad budgeting.

The dishonesty of this post is politician-level. U runnin?

Why are they living in a 1.8 million dollar home? Maybe sell. Move. Save yourself some mortgage/property taxes. After also have anout 15000 just in entertainmemt and vacations This is called living above your means not struggling. Why does it seem like someone’s saying that “families making 350k are struggling”? That seems really, really deaf.

Struggling? Anything this family would need cash flow for (weekly date night, entertainment, money to spend while on vacation THREE TIMES A YEAR) is accounted for IN THE EXPENSES! And they save $50,000 a year. More than that if her employer matches her contributions to the 401k I mean....think about how their monthly income is still twice the annual income of someone who gets paid min wage.

And they didn't even go to Disneyland....the struggle is real. The only thing these two are struggling to do is acknowledge that their backsides aren't hats! Pretty clear to me. Every time a financial website needs traffic, they post this budget, I swear. triff12 You say struggles I say goals

Who spends $400 Old Navy? Karen. Karen spends $400 at Old Navy and is on a first name basis with the manager. 🤦🏼‍♀️ fakenews looks like they need a better financial advisor. Lol These people have a list of “wants,” not “needs.” Figure it out. I've been wearing the same old navy shirt for 10 years now. Please, will this family adopt me?

Terrible article. Pandering to the false rhetoric about how much money you should make in America So they didn't reuse any of the old stuff like the crib and stroller that they used for the 4 yr old? Also 2k a month in food for 4? Does the baby have filet mignon smoothies? I find it annoying student loans are in here at zero. Why even include it if hubby paid it off at age 30? It’s like they’re implying they made better financial decisions and that’s why the debt is paid

Good to see its sinking in. Under the Sanders administration there won’t be student loans, high healthcare expense (they’ll be much lower & rolled into taxes). We’ll stop the wasteful expensive wars & billionaires will be taxed out of existence

You wanna hear a struggle? Their monthly 401k contribution is more than I bring home IN A MONTH of FULL TIME, SALARIED WORK. Closed. Done. Suck on that. If you read the article, you'll see where they say quite explicitly this family will need to give up a lot of leisure in order to retire by 60. On top of that, this could very likely be 2 people working 40 hours a week. Seems like they deserve to spend it how they want

Their monthly income is more than I make annually as a PhD student... And if you comment how going to grad school is a choice kiss my ass and flush all your meds since you wouldn't have them without my field. But like don't flush them because that's bad for the environment. $2k month preschool?! Where? What? NOT. STRUGGLING😂🙄

This looks wrong. Don’t think the standard deduction should factor in here. Isn’t that the amount of money exempted from tax? Please explain how you're 'struggling'. This couple is going to get murdered after a film and their kids will have to get jobs as Batman and Robin.....😂 They kinda are doing that to themselves, like you can spend way less than that and I can confirm with my parents

Maybe use the $300/month charity money for your own family if you’re “still struggling”

Not The Onion!!? Dang! We should all have this struggle Wealth inequality, simplified. Simple solution .. move. Holy GOD your housing is nearly $5,000 a month!? My wife and I spent five years making under $50,000 a year while we took turns staying home with our toddlers and we managed. Interesting to see that my husband and I almost give more to charity than a couple “struggling” with a $350,000 annual income. This is why we need government assistance. Non-profits can’t do everything! Also, LOL at $4800/yr Old Navy. They must have a fleece in every color!

Who only goes on 3 vacations a year? Peasants. I feel like some of the finer details are being hidden from us. Something also tells me they don’t know the art of shopping cheap. $350k a year... that sounds like a dream come true. They have a 1.8 million dollar home, spend a household income in private school and food a year.... What kind of sick person would post something so out of touch with reality. Send your brats to public school. Maybe settle for a 500k house if you wanna spend so much money.

How do you define 'struggling' in this context? 'oh, no, it looks like we can only go to Cancun this year, instead of Europe.' Oh the humanity. The struggle is real for this family of four... thoughts and prayers

Lots of these are luxuries? Savings, pension, insurance, weekend getaways?! And 400 a month on clothes? Buy a washing machine! Ummm your 401k contribution per month is more than I make a month....as a grad student I don’t even have any type of retirement anyway so yay! 'Able to pay for anything they want including multiple vacations every year' is *not* 'struggling.' This is utter bullshit, and nobody sane believes this is a 'struggling' family.

was this supposed to make me feel bad for someone who makes more then $300k more than me? Because if it was, you failed miserably. Who needs to replace their entire wardrobe monthly? Vans cost less then Highlanders...and maybe cut back on the charities if you 'struggling' 😒 $350,000... and STILL complaining

Uh....no. That's living outside their means Why aren’t they taking a taxable allowance per kid? Or better yet, itemize deductions and reduce AGI by $36k instead of $24k and put $3k more per year in your pocket. They're living VERY comfortably, in excess actually, and still have a $1k surplus at the end of the year. Cry me a river. I'll never be able to afford a mortgage of $3.8k a month, nor would I want to.

3 vacations per year, savings and weekly date nights are NOT struggling. 🤦🏻‍♀️

$350,000 income living a $750,000 lifestyle. Typical. Live within your means. This is hilarious. Who wrote this 🗑? xD MerriamWebster could you educate on the definition of the word 'struggle' and it's added verb tense 'struggling' , please? I wish we could 'struggle' like that. 🙄 I have ramen to eat. I had to ask a friend for toilet paper. Today, a friend bought my son his first OWN bed today. He's 10. I have one pair of pants, and two shirts. My underwear has holes, so do my socks. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT STRUGGLING IS!!!! Here's my son with his new bed.

That they even have the nerve to use the word 'survives' in the header... No, no they aren't. Has anyone removed the obvious discretionary indulgences and come up with the actual 'remaining'? I want it for when I cry about the one vacation I've ever taken and regret every single day. Sure those aren't DAILY eat-outs? Also sporting events and weekend getaways, multiple travel vacations, $480 yearly on clothes would be a lot let alone 10x that (don't pretend Old Navy isn't middle-class Gucci), charity is nice but don't pretend it's a necessity, or preschool.

Yeah this bad budgeting. It is the equivalent of saying that I can only afford a base model Mercedes. You got me at the first line: over 2 grand for child care PER MONTH.... I know people that do everything with that kind of money per month. Djeez 🤣😁🤣😁🤣 So, you spend too much on extras, and of course, people bid the price of homes sky high because they mistakenly believe they are an investment. And $70 a day on food? Seriously, healthy food isnt that damn expensive. Awful budgeting

I’m not seeing a struggle. Looks well thought out. I don’t know what you are trying to prove here. Except to make me hate these people with the heat of a super nova. I sure as hell will not feel sorry for them. Why they doing the standard deduction? With that much interest on their mortgage and their charitable contributions, I'm sure they could save enough to beat their struggles and get that Range Rover...

She has a plan for this OK, this is hilarious! But the best part about it is how glaringly it proves that no one can have a decent life on $15.00 an hour. And yet you Capitalists expect us to make it on $7.50. You know we're coming for our money, right? Bernie2020 $350k and you're struggling? You have no idea what struggling looks like. I'm currently unemployed, single parent, in suburban Minneapolis. Let me know if you're hiring a technical writer; I'll work for less than $350k/yr.

Struggling to understand how to make a budget. This is bananas. Calling it struggling is such an insult to the millions of people who actually struggle (or genuinely worry about a struggle in the future ahead due to their reality). Overborrowed on the house; you don't get points for choosing to drive a Highlander when you took out a loan for it.

$70/day for four people Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaaaa Oh how I wish I could afford to feed my family that much food! Also try shopping at Goodwill, not Old Navy thanks oh no, you HAVE to go on vacations and subscribe to netflix and donate to charity, you're struggling sooooo hard. buy less starbucks snowflake

'im poor with my 8k a month property expenses' lmao Yo why is your source for this lying? They dont owe those taxes, they make enough on deductions to itemize This is a joke right? Hahahahaha struggling. Okay. Come at me when you have to choose between expenses, dont have any extra for dates or savings and vacations? Okay...you're struggling because you've overspent. Chill out, swiper. Stop swiping that AmEx

Wow. Rich people really don’t understand that they’re going to be eaten, do they? My family of 4 has a much lower income, is putting two kids through college loan free, we have 2 cars and a house and we are definitely NOT struggling. Where do these people live?!?

Get the fuck outta here. I save coins and pick them up off the ground so I can turn the jar in semi-monthly. This family is “struggling” because they overspend and then complain about it. Lol, who is babysitting your kids for 2500 a month? The Pope? Lol, yes...struggling... Thank you Marketwatch, for ensuring the revolution is that tiny bit closer.

Wow this is some imaginary math. Who spends more monthly on child care/occasional baby sitting than they do on food? Are they hiring a live in governess? This is struggling folks. Day 3 and I am still hoping for someone to reveal that it was a fucking joke. 'struggling'? Ha! This just makes me sick tbh. Imagine thinking this is struggling

If you only make $350K combined in an area where median homes are $1.6M, you should NOT be buying a $1.8M home or spend almost $20K/yr on travel/entertainment/clothes.

(Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover.) This is The Onion, or The Babylon Bee. Right? I wish I was struggling like this. Um... I don’t feel sorry for anyone spending $13,800 on Netflix and vacay... My wife and I sleep in our car or a tent on vacay... $13,000?!?! And no TV. And we can survive on $100 of groceries for a week if we need to... what is this tone deaf chart? 😆😆😆😂

Not to mention the math isn’t quite adding up between the annual and monthly a good example of how people like this think. suffice to say this is not struggling. they are so far removed from reality its ridiculous. I guess they will have to try harder next year😐 Seriously what moron is spending $2,000 a MONTH for PRESCHOOL

This just isnt how this works Loving that final punch at the end where 'husband paid off $50k at 30'. Yeah, we all could, too, if we made $350k a year instead of the ACTUAL AVERAGE OF $57,782! Some really heartless replies in this thread. I hope the tables are turned one day, and those who are mocking this family have to try to make ends meet on $4304.61 a week take home pay.

My parents raised four kids, on half as much in Vancouver, dont include non essential expenses as legitimate

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! This is a joke, right? I feel like this belongs in the Onion. This has to be satire. Wait? You ate spending $400 A MONTH for clothing? I spend that much in a year... Everyone is missing the point. They put their necessary 'charitable donations' under non-taxable income. That is bullshit and they know it and that would literally double their 'struggling discretionary funds'

Honestly, what other miscellaneous expenses can there possibly be? Money is included for weekend getaways, 2 vacations, a HUGE mortgage, and somehow buying a new wardrobe every month at Old Navy. This is the most Bougie ass shit I've ever seen 'Help. After funding a cushy retirement, paying for a $1.8 mill home and stocking the game preserve with T Rexs we can barely even afford to winter in the South of France. WTAFingF? MantheBarricades LetThemEatCake

Maybe they should start buying Gucci so their clothes don't break down in the wash and they wouldn't have to spend so much every month Imagine what they could do with the $92k that the government stole from them... How are they spending $2000/mth on food? Are they buying live cattle? How is a preschooler spending $70/day on food?

Cry me a river. Oh no! Looks like he won’t be able to get that yacht for his mistress Buffy. If you can’t live on that income even with children, you don’t have an income problem, you have a spending problem. I can't even fathom this list and it's ridiculousness financialsamura Wow... 😂 3 week vacation $7800 oh the humanity!

Their childcare budget is more than I’ve ever been paid in a year in 25+ years of work. mulchtherichdonteatthem who the fuck pays $250 a month for gas living in the city 1) You don't need a 1.8 million dollar house. 2) You can use the $600 a month vacation money for something else. 3) Don't complain if you want to live above your means.

You call that struggling? They don't have to choose between paying rent or a utility bill and even have enough after misc expenses to save a whole grand each month! That’s because they’re idiots 🤷‍♀️ This reminds me of the McDonald's budget that had you working two full time jobs, and like 40 dollar a month health insurance to make the numbers work .

The suffering lol Did someone actually think anyone was going to feel bad bad for these people? Poor people had to drive a Toyota SUV instead of a Land Rover? Because you need those in a ' large metropolitan Area' Sounds like the struggle is real.... 🙄 Yeah. To have to spend $400.- a month on clothing would be a real struggle for me. The amount of time wasted in department stores....I’d be despondent. Have they never heard of second hand clothing? Also, whatever happened to camping?

$3900 mortgage payment isn’t a $1.6-1.8MM home, which is what the property taxes reflect. It’s more like $600-$700K home at most. Try only making a tenth of that and still have all of those expenses. Either you’re completely out of touch with how actual people live or you don’t understand what the word “struggling” means.

Spending 2K on food every month? I'm budgeted for $20/week... That means when I want a $20 pizza I have to sacrifice my clothing budget, or not go to the doctor. Pretty sure the maximum you can contribute to a 401K is 18k a month Calling this struggling is absurd theater! Marketwatch, I visit your site most weekdays. I’m a fan. But, presenting this as struggling is damn near unforgivable.

You lost me at: student loans $0. Husband paid 50k at 30 🖕🖕🖕

Maybe mix in a trip to AldiUSA instead of eating out all the time? Some of these items are what we call luxury items. There is no need for Netflix. Why would you spend that much money on clothes every year? Learn how to bargain shop, for that matter, try living below your means and save some money. 🙄

How much is the original mortgage if the principal is 2000 and the intrest is 1900 ? Anyone else hear the Sarah McLachlan music playing? For just seventy dollars a day, the price of a steak and a martini at Morton’s, you can feed a poor struggling family of four... getouttahere *guillotine sharpening intensifies*

And the military and Veterans don't make a TENTH of that!! It's insulting to hear that they actually believe that they're struggling. Umm, they’re saving 50k/yr with their 401k and college savings. That’s FAR from struggling. Many hardworking people don’t bring home 50k/yr total. 1. Downsize the house 2. Cut the food budget by 50-75% 3. Cut your power bill by living in a smaller home 4. Sell the Highlander, buy a Camry, and save gas 5. Get a prepaid cell phone plan and save 60% 6. Wear the same clothes instead of buying new (clothes can be washed, duh.)

Also? If you're spending $400/month on clothes AT OLD NAVY, you must be refreshing the whole fam's wardrobe every month since $100 bucks gets you like 5+ pieces when you factor in the sales and coupons. I don’t think this is real. Why is their homeowners insurance only slightly higher than mine. I do not live in a million dollar McMansion.

I have an honest question. Imagine if one of you guys are earning 350k/pa, do u guys also up your life style? We compare our life and get into more commitments and end up working till we die. Working is not bad unless you are enjoying it. Where is their GoFundMe? I thought my fiancee and I were struggling. These poor people. I have no idea how they survive......

So what's your point? No offense, but please do f*ck off with your 'struggle' Do you see how much they spend on food! Middle class? Fuck off.

I thought this was a joke... Whoever writes this shit needs to stop. Oh FFS man! His entertainment budget each month could pay most of my rent!!! There is no cure for stupidity, no matter how rich you are. There is an ABUNDANCE of waste here. $70 a day on food? 8k for vacations? 6k on 'entertainment'? $3600 to charity when you have income issues? 5k on clothes? 24k for preschool for a year? 30k for childcare?!

This includes vacations, high cost personal care items, date nights.... this is not a struggle. And your tweet is insulting to those of us struggling to actually put food on the table Uh you can’t afford a $1.8MM house on $350K/year. There’s your problem. I have a solution for these people's 'struggle'. No one wants to hear it, but it'll work.

Absolutely insane. These prices brought to you by the house in Up. Perhaps this family can pull in extra income teaching Walmart employees how to cut costs by eating from dumpsters and stealing toilet paper and ketchup packets from truck stops.

maybe you need a lesson on self control, don't indulge your every desire and you would be more comfortable. “Struggling”? “I don’t think it means what you think it means!” I'm tired of reading 'these people aren't struggling their bad with money.' This is all a fake budget to make people think 'It's in excel it must be true. I guarantee most of the expenses exaggerated. Also I don't feel bad for these people. You would die in the real world.

Thoughts and prayers Or move out the city lol. Y’all are scrubs for this “They’re rich and can afford to pay 4K in new clothes every year, but they’re struggling” Can we talk about the 100k they pay in taxes Why do you keep publishing this same list? This is the Cali couple where they're living off the interest of their investments and are both stay at home parents but still pay my entire yearly pretax income on childcare and have all their food delivered by restaurants.

$1800 more a year for clothing than gas? Bullshit. Even with 4 kids, there is no way they are growing enough to justify $4800 EVERY year for clothing. Especially at Old Navy.

S/o to whoever this budget is for. I know you’re full of shit, but am now motivated to save every month for a future vacation. Their old navy budget and vacation budget for one year would change my life. Sounds like they struggling with rational behavior. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And who spends 400 bucks a month on clothing?

$70 a DAY on food? The kid goes to a private preschool, but wears old navy? Bullshit Is this supposed to be a facetious tweet? Here’s how I know this is bullshit. The family with a $1.8M house and $45,000 preschool has no other activities for that unfortunate child. If you have 7,800 dollars to spend on vacations annually don't complain...seriously.

Is this really being passed off as a challenge?

Fundamentally more than 35% of their net monthly take home is going into the house and associated maintenance... Needs work. This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Is this some sort of a bad joke? (Lovingly strokes guillotine) Soon, my sweet, soon... If you're only making $350k/yr.... maybe you skip the house that costs 5 1/2 years salary. Maybe it's just me, but my house would never be more than $150k of my annual income.

Some of y’all can’t do math thinking a 1.8 home costs $3900/month. That’s a $700K home in ATL. The bare minimum 4/2 to get into a good school district. Maybe they shouldn’t take the 2 family vacations away a year? Sell the car and buy a used car. Cable and internet service is not listed. Why so much clothes$400 EVERY MONTH of new clothes?! This is not a poor family.

Struggling? Sorry, no. That's called a budget, you're not supposed to have money left over. I see three weeks of vacation, weekly date nights, plenty of entertainment, food, clothes, family plan phones... Learn the definition of 'struggling' Maybe start with something less than a 1.8 million dollar home Which is ridiculous

This fits absolutely no definition of struggling.

A lot of people can't afford to live in those places. Live in a place more affordable. Duh! That's...not struggling. That's living comfortably. Eat. The. Rich. They are counting voluntary contributions to their 401k plans and other voluntary plans as expenses. That is BS. Ummm.... Three vacations, a milion dollar house on an income of 350$ THOUSAND... THESE are the 'struggling' middle class...

Struggling Family: Food $2129 Data $150 Mortgage $3,900 Private Preschool $2,000 Utility $425 someone who is good at the economy help me budget this. my family is dying Me 'struggling' family: Put your 4 year old in public preschool. 'Struggling' family: no Oh, wow, I see so many places to cut down. Like, I dunno, a million dollar home, a Land Rover, and THREE FUCKING VACATIONS A YEAR.

Food for 4 (one toddler) $70/DAY? Don’t toddlers eat tiny shreds of food? That's not struggling. At all. That's a family of 4 wasting money left and right. As a stay at home mom, actively practising home economics, these numbers are garbage! Of course they are struggling, they spend their money on junk! Time to tighten those purse strings.

I think instead of using the term “struggling”, what you meant was “choices”. I’ll take that ‘struggle’ any day!! Maxing out both a 401k and 529, having ample life insurance, and going on three vacations per year is nowhere close to 'struggling'. It's called 'having everything and still wanting more'.

That monthly income is my annual income. And I think I live comfortably and eat well (though I don't have life and I'm capable of biking most places because of where I live and don't need a car, which certainly gives me an advantage over other earners of the same amount). rofl 3 weeks vacation time w/2 'destination' vacations/year? 4450/MONTH for babysitting & preschool for a 2y/o?... being at the lower end of wealthy or upper middle class trying to live above your means does not mean you are 'barely middle class'. This report is trash

This is a fucking joke right? You can't be serious. The headline on the article is correct. It qualifies for upper class, not middle class (or lower class as implied). Please get out of your bubble. They get 2 destination vacations a year and budget $500 a month on entertainment. Why are they buying a 1.8 million dollar home?

How does one spend 400 bucks on clothes every fucking month? This isn’t reality to most of America. Ok, and I’m sorry, if you making 350K a year and you struggling, than that’s on you. My family of 5, and we are no where near this yearly live good. Could be better of course, but 350K a year we’d be balling.

BarbarianCap Just looking at the graphic as Heaven forbid I actually click, it says gross income $250,000, not $350,000. Bullshit.... Guillotines. $70 a day for food for 4? Start cooking at home and give the kids bag lunches. Good lord. Where the hell are your priorities? Andrew Yang will give them $1k so they’re cool now.

It's not really 'struggling' if all their expenses are paid for (including leisure/entertainment) and they STILL have cash left over...also who pays 24k per year on preschool? If they were struggling that much, all these cities should have other good schools [Cries in poor] Seriously you are making people hate you. Stop w the stupid articles.

Just Incase you didn’t know, Boston is a relevant city! 😂

This is a terrible propaganda piece, in that I can't stop laughing at it. In the immortal words of my late grandmother, horse shit. Well yeah, they only make $350k. Do they even work?!? Tag yourself I’m Old Navy not Gucci Wait.... A 150$ monthly mobile plan...... That's too much Maybe this family should invest in a fucking dictionary, they clearly don’t know the meaning of the word “struggling” 🤬🤬🤬

This is fucking foolish I make less and save more. Not struggling. Looks like they have all of their money designated for something. According to Dave Ramsey, that's good. They have a clothing budget, they include eating out and dates and vacations and have something for unexpected expenses. That's good.

$1.8 million dollar home. Give me a break.

This WHOLE TWEET is SUPER tone deaf. this is not the average person. You guys are extremely out of touch. Took me 30 seconds to knock off $6K per month, $72K a yr in expenses. Give me 15 minutes. I will find more leakage. But, instead of just cutting back, how about using that extra $72K to start a side business. Or a partnership using OPM, too. The income possibilities are endless.

I fail to see what they are struggling at I would love to be making $350k a year. Who makes these numbers up? Are they willing to give me $350k a year? If this is struggling, I wanna struggle right now! So according to the article, they would be forced to 'go to public school, limit vacations, and eat at home'...so basically be your average american?

The problem is they aren’t on any corporate boards at $50k per month. There is no way this isn't satire. Looks like even people living comfortably would benefit from Medicare for All.

Guess they cant afford to wear sweaters in the mansion. Or learn to cook. Or shop at less expensive stores. Do your own gardening buy a cool electric lawn mower. Send kids to public schools. Cut out sell your cancel country club. Vacay by flying cheaper house.lets trade places Lmao don't have kids, problem solved.

$400 a month at old Navy. What are you doing buying a whole wardrobe and then throwing it away every month? the 401k contributions ALONE are higher than the average wage in the US, gtfo At one point, I was making about 34k/yr between 2 jobs. I had a stratospheric credit rating, a house payment, a car, and a comfortable lifestyle. All my bills were paid and I used credit cards just to generate cash back bonuses.

Try your hand at 25,000 and then we can talk about struggling. Jack ass. Not one of your relevant cities is in Texas...why not? What a load of rubbish! That isn't struggling. Get back to me when you have no vacations, entertainment consists of Red Box 2x/month, food budget is $25/day and WTFH is 'date night'?

This is wack..... like I wish I was struggling like this!

$75/per day for food. What the fuck are they buying? Lobster rolls? That’s the most insulting thing I’ve ever seen. People are literally scraping coins together to pay rent and you post garbage like this? These people are struggling to use their brain and that’s it. Living well above your means. If i made that I’d be set.

This is why I make 15k$. Fuck all that noise. the taxes aren't far off from average in NJ for a decent sized, modern home, just outside of NJ. Coworker gutted their 60s ranch up in North Jersey. Taxes went from 15k to 32k. Well, perhaps you don't get a $1.8M home, with $5700/month in payments, for starters. Perhaps you do not take those multiple destination vacations and save a few K. Nobody spends that in clothes. Cut that by $3500. Cut the entertainment, and stay at home, more. NotAStruggle

What sort of &ssholes are making $350,000 per year and taking the standard deduction? I’m sorry if you’re making $30k or more a month you ain’t struggling you just don’t know how spend/save money *Applies for a loan to open a preschool business*

$3500 a month? Try being a single parent of 2 making $2000 a month, then whine about still struggling. It's called date night maybe sometime, thrift store, public school, buying in bulk and pre-making your meals. If we can do it, so can you 👍 😁 $1.5-2M home is the problem. Howza about living within your means, how about a 600k home, cut ur mortgage in half and give u a ton of money to save up.

Toronto and Vancouver are in Canada, remember? No umbrella policy No health insurance (Remember universal care) A mortgage in Toronto or Vancouver IS NOT $3,900 a month. Child products are not taxed in Canada This is bullshit. don';t have 4 kids? I dunno, seems like an easy one Ok, now do the adjunct version, where you make $10,000 a year.

I haven't bought new shoes in 5+ years and someone else paid for them. I get new clothes 2x/year, like a shirt or pair of jeans, and a 5-pack of underwear. I own one bra. I save pocket change and take an overnight trip every other year or so. 350k/year would change my LIFE. This is a ridiculous tweet.

This tweet annoyed me so much I spent half an hour to reformat it to show it as something meaningful. If I had my financial calculator I would've shown the mortgage amount and the property value. These hypothetical folks are being unreasonable. Please move them to the projects and strip the family of four income down to about 34k then add in a drug addicted parent and maybe sprinkle in some health issues.... then revisit this post.

The monthly gross income is more than I made last year at my full time job. 🤔 perhaps when we eat the rich we can start here and put these poor, stuggling mansion-dwelling folk out of their misery. I just cannot imagine their strife, what with a $70 per day food budget and thousands in savings. Wish I could struggle like that 😁

NOOOOO NOT A TOYOTA HIGHLANDER!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!!! Get UNICEF on the phone and help this poor family who can only afford to send their child to a $24,000/preschool. 3900 a month for a home? That isn’t struggling 🙄🙄 I can think of quite a few families who would happily deal with this “struggle“. I see a LOT of things they could cut down on and/or remove. Struggling, my butt.

Bahahahh this is laughable! I love the things this family gets to enjoy that actual Americans cannot even dream of.

Hey I’m retarded I like this tweet OMG where's their GoFundMe? I can't even begin to take this seriously. Over $60,000 is spent on stuff the average person can't even begin to afford any more (401k, college savings, vacations, supplemental insurances) and *THEN* there's a line item that brags about the college debt that was paid off.

They are doing this story on purpose to get angry clicks. Please don't encourage this garbage. Struggling? Is that a joke? ...struggling? Mate if you're struggling with a 350k annual income, that's entirely your fault. Imagine splurging more than necessary on everything you could think of and STILL thinking you're struggling.

“$350,000 a year and dumb as a rock when it comes to budgeting” should be the headline. You call that 'struggling'? Try having a near-death experince stealing what could have been a success story. 3 weeks of vacation haha

$70 a day to eat? We use that in a week. Who comes up with this shit?! This sounds like a well budgeted pretty good life to me! 3 grand a month just in 401K contributions is more than most people earn a month! Talk about entitled assholes! This is such classist bullshit. No one that takes 3 traveling vacations, spends 22,000 on preschool and socks thousands away in their 401K is struggling.

'Clothes for four (Old Navy not Gucci)' christ who will cry for these poor ppl's sacrifices :'( This is ridiculous. First, this is their *profit* and not their remaining money. Second, their 401k contributions are too high. Half that $38k makes them guaranteed millionaires. Third, their expenses in nearly all categories are far too high. They need to live at their means.

Wish I could struggle like them. Spend less on candles Breaks my heart that they have to settle for the Highlander instead of the Range Rover. If you need 30k a month to live maybe the system is broken and so is your budget for “necessities”

It's not struggling when you can afford a $6,000 house payment, daycare and preschool, put money aside for college and afford 3 weeks of vacation a year. What struggle?! $24,000 per year on preschool?! 🤯 Oh, poor babies, had to settle w/ a Toyota instead of a Range Rover & only get 13K/year to spend on entertainment & vacations. Truly, my heart bleeds for your plight.🤮 Come talk to me when you're feeding, clothing, & paying for Rx's for a family of 3 on $50/week. Entitled fucks.

I'm all for donating to charity but if my take home at the end of all these 'expenses' is 121 dollars, I'm not sure donating 300/mo on charity is a smart idea. It's weird to call it struggling when the budget purposefully maxes out everything that aren't necessities. Boo hoo, we live in a 2 million dollar house on 350,000 per year. Raise taxes on these people now please.

What preschool are they sending their 4 year old to? Fucking Harvard? $2000 a month FOH 😂 i don’t see how this is struggling. they’re putting a good chunk of money into saving and are able to spend a huge amount on non-necessities with money left over My favorite part is 'Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover'.

Hahaha “Toyota Highlander instead of Range Rover...” I think we overspend on food and it’s still half as much as these clowns. $400 a month on clothes! You can re-wear pants, you know! Lol. That doesn't look like they're struggling. 29,400 on a babysitter? That's outrageous. Also, 70 dollars a day for food? Quit eating out.

Blame the Democratic politicians who enact countless regulations that keep increasing costs of living. Example, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco. We should be building more housing not less. Build high, build dense, and build around public transit. Those people need to budget better. Here’s an easy one…don’t have kids!!! In 30 years they’re gonna be living in a hellish earth and will hate you anyway…spend the money in beer and hookers!!! myplan andlovingit!!! 😝

also... do they not know charitable donations are a tax write off? there’s an extra $3,600 a year they have to do whatever with since all their expenses and savings are covered. Only saving $50k. I’d literally kms This is the craziest thing I've ever seen. They literally spend more on just childcare than the most I've ever earned in a month. Netflix is less than $15. 2 year old kids maybe use $350 of diapers in a year. Could they not slum it in a million dollar house.

Maxing out your 401k, 529 and paying $2,500 on life insurance annually? I think you need to redefine “struggle” here. Struggling is not having only $120 in cash left over at the end of the month, unless you skip date night one week. This is so out of touch it’s sickening!! Y’all spend $500 per month on entertainment and weekend getaways? & 650$ per month on 3 weeks of vacation. You’re not struggling. All your needs are met PLUS extra at the end I have to choose between eating and paying my car payment some pay checks. That’s struggling stfu

market just tryna trigger people, huh?

30k for your 2 year old? What the fuck kind of care do they need? Minimum wage works out to like 20k Who’s dropping $5K at Old Navy? 24k for pre-school. GTFO What kind of bullshit publication is this? This is why no one takes you seriously. Xzo Now do $25K. If you're making $350K in America and you're struggling, I would say it's your own f&ing fault.

Wow! You were able to pay all your bills, had money for vacations and plenty of entertainment, had enough to spend $400 a month on new clothes (for some reason), and still had $121 left over. Must be nice. Ummm if you are taking 3 weeks of vacation, spending $400/month on clothes and managing to fund childcare and weekly date nights l guess what: YOU ARE NOT 'STRUGGLING' you are AFFORDING LIFE. Sit the F down!

survives ? Do it again with the median income for all neighborhoods a city proper no suburbs....

$1.8 million dollar home? $24,000 pre-school? Sorry but this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. They’re paying for necessities, then spending all the left over money on nice things, and you’re saying “look how little they have left over!” The left over money is FOR nice things, genius. “Cash flow to lay for miscellaneous” 😂😂😂 they fucking budgeted in miscellaneous.

WOW... most of the cities referenced at the bottom of the chart are DEMOCRAT RUN CITIES.... Amazing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-! Cell phone bill is cheap. verizon charges me for 4 phones $400+. And $24k for taxes? How about move? Who the eff spends $2000 a month on a phone plan? Are they golden phones that shoot rainbows?

Huh, fascinating. I made 35k a year as a single parent with two kids. Somehow we survived. This person spends that alone on a fancy dancy school for their kid plus saving for college. But go off I guess

Those poor poor souls living comfortably in a 1.8 MILLION DOLLAR HOUSE. Bro if you pay 2k a month on preschool that's your own fault Aka living the dream with a balanced budget! The struggle is always want more instead of appreciating the many blessings clearly shown here. They are well above middle class

Love it Any 'Miscellaneous' spending is already budgeted. They spend too much on food, they have vacations, go out far too often, and otherwise do things that most people simply cannot do. They ain't struggling. Who spends 400 a month on clothes at old navy? 'Don't people know how hard it is to save enough money that my kids can go to a private university of their choosing without having to borrow money? Why don't people pity me?'

Yes you do have a math problem. Thirteen thousand on vacations and entertainment. A million dollar house. Employer paid health insurance. It’s called living within your paycheck and poor people do it for half that every year.

So that's like 5x what I make, I have 3 kids (all old enough to own phones) sure I live in the burbs and drive a 10yo Honda but uh, how are you struggling? Seems like you could make better choices and be fucking loaded. I just want to hear DailyZeitgeist go to town on this. Be smart enough to not live there.

Who looks at this and says “these people have it rough?” Nobody does. At least no actual human does. Maxing out their 401(k) means they're saving a sh!t-ton of money. And if they have two kids 4 and 2, that means they're at peak childcare costs, which will be dropping significantly in a year or two. This is just silly.

Now do mine. earning S1200 a month, with $1000 in bills not counting clothes replaced from work damage. If she keeps this up she’ll always be poor. Is this from The Onion? The Babylon Bee? This has to be satire somehow. Weekend getaways?!? Awww you poor thing. After paying for three weeks of vacation, weekend getaways, cars, $2000 a month preschool, a GIANT MORTGAGE, $2500 for your nannies and babysitters, $4000 a month for 401k and college, you don’t have much leftover 😭🖕🏻

I’m currently about to lose everything. I have a gofundme for $5000 that would literally save my life for a couple of months so that I can find a job and feed and house myself and my daughter. This article pisses me off

Do they each get new mobile phones and clothes monthly? Fucking ludicrous, these people don’t deserve money. i dare you to try and spend $4800 a year at Old Navy. are they throwing away the clothes instead of washing them. Oh, I'm sure those $8k vacations help ease the pain. $1,456/year left for miscellaneous spending is already not struggling, but this budget already accounts for savings and luxury spending (including charity), the latter of which should largely be categorized as ‘miscellaneous’. What else would they need the money for?

Market Watch just decided to publically show themselves to be idiots And so did whoever made this budget 3 vacations, 400 on clothes, 70 a day on food.... this list is horseshit $500 A MONTH FOR 'ENTERTAINMENT' This is some hunger games Panem level bullshit right here If they're really 'struggling': - Food: Buy groceries. ON SALE. Don't just eat out. $1000/month - Don't take 3 vacations? Or use credit card points to pay for 1 (you spend enough) - $400 on clothes? Learn what thrift stores are. There, just saved you $19000 a year. I'll take 5%.

Did y'all fire the author of this? What a clown The person who created this clearly struggles with math and accounting or made this in bad faith: the $24,000 standard deduction is taken off for tax purposes but is not reflected in how it's spent at all!

All this is showing is that is taxed are way to high Anyone else miss the fact that they live in a 1.8 million dollar house? LOL? Whoever this person is, they can trade incomes with me. Though I'm doing fine on it, mine would be an actual struggle for a family of four. I'd enjoy some of their luxuries they're failing to appreciate.

You need to remove the word 'survives' from this table. It's a gross misuse of the word. Live within your means material things won’t make you happy!!! 'Three weeks of vacation per year, two destination, one staycation.' Good god. I haven't been able to afford a vacation in two years, and the only vacations I've ever been able to afford were staycations.

Lol this is delusional LOL that's called idiotic budgeting I also cant fathom where their kid goes to school at cost 2k a month? For preschool? I love how they’re trying to make out like this family is being thrifty because they went with less expensive clothing and car options, but they want to make sure you get it. I could be shopping at Gucci but I’m responsible!

Crazy that they can get by on only $70 a day on food. That’s only $500 a week! The struggle is real What about their super high credit score and many credit cards with low interest rates allowing them to spend EVEN MORE! Even if you lived in NYC, which would be a choice, this is a bit high. Cut the vehicle, get bikes, dump the private schools dump the house, move further from NYC or whatever. With that income, I would retire within 10 years, and live like a king.

Theres a lot of fat to trim off the bone in that budget for unexpected costs. Not eating so you can pay the bills. That's struggling. To call that budget 'struggling' is farcical and verging on trolling imo. This isn’t struggling... $38K a year into savings, $400 a month in clothes, $500 a month in entertainment, $70 a day in food per person... this is some serious first world, upper middle class bullshit.

Entertainment and vacation is NOT struggling. 💀 Struggling? GTFO 2,450 for babysitting How awful are your kids to need a WEEKLY date night and this much time away from home? I’ll Maybe if they didn't buy a $1.8MM house, they couldn't afford, they wouldn't have such a high mortgage and property taxes. They could do what the other 99% of Americans who don't make that much do. It's could making a budget and sticking to that budget.

If you’ve ever been poor, you won’t budget like this. This is irresponsible! Huh. 99% of the population can do it. I'd welcome the opportunity to try. Almost 1000 on entertainment and clothes each month Most striking to me was $24k for preschool. Get bent Wow. How out of touch with 95% of the country. Oh go fuck yourself

Median Houshold Incomes: Seattle $93,500 Boston $66,758 Toronto $83,020 San Francisco $96,265 NYC $57,782 Los Angeles $55,909 Vancouver $72,662 Washington D.C. $82,372 Miami $44,937 Denver $65,224 $2450 a month for 2 year old childcare? I am a government contracted daycare provider. Navy families primarily. A 2 year old's monthly fee (that the government finds acceptable) is $758. There are many expectations and monthly unannounced visits to make sure I'm meeting them. 🤦🏻‍♀️

That’s not struggling it’s stupidity. Seriously this is a joke right? Or are you really this out of touch? Hahaha so you pay for EVERYTHING you want... and have a grand left over at the end of the year. You'll retire with $1m + in the 401k and a house worth three times that. The 'Toyota Highlander and not range rover' part did make me cry, you poor people 😂

Troll post Eat the rich. Cook at home. It doesn’t cost $70 a day. Give up some entertainment. Who spends $500 a month on concerts? Also under-insured for both life insurance and home owners insurance. This isn't struggling. This makes me so mad. So so so so mad. This family takes 3 vacations! THAT'S NOT A STRUGGLE, FFS!

They're putting $12K/yr towards college, saving for retirement, they can afford childcare and health care, spend $400 a month on clothes, nearly $8K vacation and have $1450 left in their budget for 'miscellaneous.' That's not struggling. Stop calling this struggling. This is spending more then you bring in. Get real.

a 1.8 million dollar home, ffs why don’t you do the math for someone making 24 a year so we can get an idea of how fucked these statistics really are. Please tell us that 350k is struggling? financial propaganda shame *living beyond your means. Fixed it. My heart bleeds toilet water. the more i read this the more angry i get , 'oh no we can only afford to go on holiday 3 weeks a year' like what the fuck my family have been in debt for the past year after saving for 5+ years to go on holiday for 3 weeks at once

Struggling my ass. Its called living beyond your means. Give me 350k id be killing it and saving 300k per year. You people are nuts. miss me with this bullshit You are living beyond your means dude.

Going to sleep hungry and waking up starving is struggle. Not being able to afford basic healthcare costs is a struggle. Struggle is deciding if you wanna eat or make rent. Struggle is a lot of things, living on 350k a year is not one of them. 'OLD NAVY NOT GUCCI' 30000 a month I’m lucky if I break 2/3k a month! I live in one of this cities!

Lol whatever, this person is living beyond their means. Get rid of weekly date night and childcare won't cost so much, so there's two you can reduce right there. Maybe if they didn't own a 1.8 million dollar home they'd be fine. “Struggling”? WTF?!?!? this isn’t “struggling” it’s just budgeting. literally all budgeting is is allocating your money. this family has everything they need AND some. is really scrapping for activity by throwing that word “struggling” in smh...

Paying for all necessities and being able to afford substantial luxuries isn't struggling. Struggling is trying to survive on minimum wage or less, working multiple jobs just to make rent. A lot of people face struggles, don't diminish that by this BS how the fuck do you spend $17.50 per person per day on food, i feel guilty spending £25 a week

Because they cant manage money

Give me $350,000 per year and I'll retire in 10 years, what a joke. '...if the goal is to amass wealth and hit the FIRE goal (financial independence, retire early),the couple needs to consider moving to a more affordable area, go to public school, limit vacations, eat at home more often and track it all so they get to understand their situation.'

OK, “middle class family,” you need a different preschool, cut the vacations and entertainment in half, stop spending so much on clothes, and dump the charities if you’re hurting so much. There, now you’re fine. Who tha fuck makes $350,000 a year I believe the national average is about $44,000. Oh, this isn’t sarcasm?

If you get 3 weeks of vacation, 2 of which are destination, PLUS weekend getaways-- you're making out just fine. Also, $500 a month in sporting events and social functions?! I feel like I'm splurging with my Netflix, Hulu, AND Spotify subscriptions. Give me a fucking break. DragonAndTheFox did you see this ri-goddamn-diculous post? $350k and 'struggling.' Sure. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Absolutely none of this is applicable to Vancouver or Toronto. None. Of. It. No one putting 40k a year into a 401k is struggling. Lol run your household on less than $25k per year, then come talk to me about the struggle.

Money must be your God. Possessions your idols. When you die, these numbers will mean NOTHING. They spend more on food in a week than I do in a month... $2,000 per month for pre-school? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no. Thoughts and prayers This is freaking hilarious! The rest of us should start a go fund me do these poor folks.

Why are Vancouver and Toronto on this list? With universal healthcare, that $10,200+ is money in the bank 💰 LOL Haha what

This is not struggling. This is whining about not keeping up with your millionaire friends “Struggling” lol struggling /ˈstrəɡliNG/ adjective: striving to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance. These people seem lucky enough: to max out their 401k, not seem to have to skimp on food, go on 3 vacations, have life insurance, spend a shitload at Old Navy(?!). Why don’t you take someone making less than $100K in that same metro area and do a rundown. TryAgain

Buy less candles what is the average salary of an employee at that means anyone under $350,000 is struggling and you openly admit and know about it They have well funded retirement accounts, multiple vacations a year, they are entertained and well-clothed, they have weekly date nights and functional cars. What, exactly, are these people struggling with?

This is stupidity. If you make over a quarter mil a year you should be able to be an example how to live within your means and teach your kids about sacrifice, character and life-skills. I know families living on $50k who do all this better. A family of 4 'survives' on $350k $25k for PRE-SCHOOL? $400/mo on clothes? Over $2k/mo on food? $1150/mo between vaca. & entertainment? Talk about the need to tighten in these areas if $350k is 'survival' living! 🙄🙄🙄

Lmao people this is way off. Try and do all the categories with the money at the bottom because that’s a regular paycheck . Not what you have left over .

Is this a parody? I can’t even tell anymore. I make less than 10% of this and am barely struggling like that. They need to learn how to budget Entertainment: $500 per month GET THE FUCK OUT WITH THAT SHIT Three vacations, 24k for preschool, and 3.6k for charity In what world is that normal If they could somehow spend less than $2,000 a month on food, they’d have more left over to add to their paltry $1,150/mo leisure budget. TheStruggleIsReal

Is Marketwatch trolling, or just out of touch? Don’t live in an expensive metropolitan area They need to find themselves a little bit of DaveRamsey I wanna rob this family so fucking bad Clothes, food, vacations...... cut back on it all. There’s where your “extra” money goes.

There’s a miscalculation on your taxes. They are in the 24% bracket, but it is stepped - they have slightly more take home pay. Hi - is that 'struggling' supposed to be ironic? I hope so, because this family lives a pretty extravagant life. There's a lot of places they could cut back. Is this what your program is becoming - something irrelevant to the lives of average people?

Yes. “Struggling” They eat, have a (pretty nice) house, have (insured) cars, save in a 401K, have no student loan debt, buy clothes and go on vacations - I wish I could 'struggle' like that! That’s tragic. Excuse me, I have to rush off and cry. Okay, I’m back. Is this the economic uncomfortability that drives treasonous voting?

I’d LOVE to struggle with 350,000 per year. Some of those 'expenses' are luxury items that would greatly improve cash flow if eliminated or reduced. That's not struggling, that's bad budget maintenance. 'After I spend all my money, I don't have any left!' THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL BUDGET FOR AN ACTUAL FAMILY BUT A STRAWMAN ARGUMENT BY SOME WEASEL WHO SAYS HE'S A 'FINANCIAL SAMURAI.' Fuck you, , for this misleading clickbait tweet. If there's anyone out there using a budget like this & complaining they're the assholes.

Looks like someone needs to cut back on the lattes and avocado toast. budget

For everyone living it up like this, there are a bunch of poor people being exploited to support it They're not, in any way, 'struggling'. Utilities WAY TOO LOW. 500 on entertainment, 350 on baby items, 300 on charity, 650 on vacation(WTF), 3000 on 401K and over 2100 on food? Really? No sympathy. They pay more on vacation than for their baby. They pay more on streaming than for their baby.

Who gives $300 a month to charity when your budget only leaves $121 unaccounted for in a month... and you started with $18k. Tax the rich. Why is their mortgage so low? On a multi million dollar home? How to get by in Market Watch fantasyland. maybe, just maybe, that $2M house is a bit of an overreach - just because the bank says it works...well, i'm sure it works FOR THEM!

Lmao my fam of 7 makes 10% of this...don't make me laugh ... 'Struggling' You're right, they should not have to pay for healthcare and public transportation should be more readily available let's gooooooo I wish I could “struggle” like this Oh, a “Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover”- STRUGGLING!!!!

...3 weeks of vacay, $70 a day for food, $12,000 a year to a college fund for 2 toddlers, paid off $50k in college debt, and a $1.8-6 million house? if this is struggling can i struggle too? I never realized the child tax credit and the standard tax deduction were actually income. Don’t let AOC and other democrats know that. They’ll tax it.

Ohhhhh, you don't understand what struggling means. If you can’t survive on that income than you’re basically just ignorant Thoughts and Prayers

Um you're clearly living beyond your means if you struggle on $350,000. You know real people making less than $100k are struggling. But why talk about reality Struggling with how to save and spend money?!!? You don’t need to spend FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS on clothes A MONTH i only just got new jeans after two years

Just picking one item here, buy a tent and save an extra 5-6k per year by making them all staycations. Better for the kids gets them out in the country learning about what’s important. Okay so 1/4th of that is 87500 dollar/year. I have to live from 1308.88 dollar per month what is this 'struggle' bull ya'll are talking about? 70 dollar/day on food? I pay 30 dollar/2 weeks! And weekend and vacation getaways and a big car? I'm sorry but they're not struggling.

Child care and Pre school costs 50Gs a year. BS (Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover) (Old Navy not Gucci) Yeah, we get it, they're *super* frugal. 🙄 Is this is a case study, it's hilarious I, um, what? Over $3000 per month in voluntary 401k contribution. I'm weeping for these poor people. 😑 Shocking: Family of 4 doesn't save money, how about they include their saving or inheritance in this. It's not like they end up the year with 1000 dollar in their accounts

Have you tried pulling up by your boot straps Lord this shot right here is hilarious Thats why you dont live in the city... Now I dont habe 4 kids but I could libe off of $600-$800 a month happily where I am (and I am doing that). Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices. I know raising 4 kids is hard but you do NOT need all of the items on this list.

3 weeks of vacation? $500 a MONTH on entertainment? Plus $ 3,000 a MONTH to the 401k? Yeah Get bent. This is a dumb ill conceived tweet. They make more in a month than I do in a year. They are not struggling, they are spoiling themselves. Bottom line people who are struggling don't take 3 weeks of vacation or spend $500 a month on entertainment.... This persons mismanagement of their wealth does not constitute a struggle. It only only highlights their irresponsibility.

This is the dumbest thing I have seen since McDonalds tried to show their employees how to live on their paycheck. The breakdown involved a second job lol. Hmm maybe that's what this family needs? That or maybe just cut back on the avocado toast... Living in a 1.6 mil home is 'totally struggling' Sad that all those expenses are completely necessary in order for them to stay alive.😪

Oh true

They're fucking complaining about driving a Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover $3,600 on candles Avocados must cost like, a LOT where these people live. College savings plans are great, but if you have funds for that, you’re not struggling. And groceries...that’s a WholeFoods budget, not an WinCoFoods budget. Calling this lifestyle a struggle is pretty insensitive to people that actually are struggling.

Just here for the ratio over this ridiculous bullshit. I net a million bucks a month, but my mortgage is $999,000 per month, so I, too, struggle. The horror of a Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover is almost too much to bear. My God, what these poor people are enduring is heartbreaking. $70 a day for food! maybe they should learn to cook.

“Struggling” This is satire, right?

I spent two hours yesterday trying to get a 12% discount on toiletries for our local shelter. Fuck off with your 'struggle'. If you can afford all that, you're not struggling. 'Struggling' is bad phrasing here. This budget is just showing that what used to be a standard 'middle class' experience in the US 60 years ago can now only be afforded by very high income earners. A very concerning effect of rising income and wealth inequality in the US!

Where’s the line item for avocado toast? Or did they already cut that because they’re struggling? Sad If you can afford a 1.8 MILLION dollar home, I genuinely do not want to hear it or give a fuck about your problems. Lol their 401k contribution alone is 50 “Not Gucci” Im trying to understand what “husband paid off 50k by 30” is even supposed to mean LOL

$3,900 mortgage? If they’re ACTUALLY struggling, I can show them how to bring their food budget down to $10/day for the fam.

Some of us are supporting 2 disabled people in Glasgow for 12k a year. This just shows how out of touch Washington is with the true middle class. It takes me almost 6 years to make that. They know nothing about struggling. Maybe they should buy less lattes? Hey Dogen we can help rein in this budget. SEE ANY COMMENT BELOW! ANY OF THEM!

They still have extra after grossly overspending tho like I’m sorry. What? This is a PSA for jacking up the federal rate by 10-15%. ...Struggling with what exactly? How do you even spend 70 bucks per day on food? How? Is this a joke? What kind of bullshit are you peddling when this budget looks like they won’t be starving any time soon. Maxing our ones 401K, $400 a month for clothes, a college fund are pipe dreams for many of us. Perhaps these Jones’s need a lesson in budgeting

Im not going to get into how massive a joke this 'budget' is (seriously who the F is spending 400$ EVERY month on clothes?) Ill just swiss cheese it with basic logic. A family of 4 means 2 incomes. If you're making 350k/yr between 2 people and 'struggling' you dont deserve money

$400/month on clothes? At Old Navy? Are they buying the whole store Who needs $70 a DAY on food. The struggling Aristocracy. Um I live in the LA metro area, work in SFV...and I dont need or have 400K to live. I have a house and 2 car payments and none of them equal that. That's I live in the hills numbers 🙄...and u dont HAVE to buy a million dollar home here either geesh

By what fucking definition is this “struggling”? This is why rich people don’t survive revolutions. Seriously THIS is not 'struggling'. THIS is piss poor money management 🙄🙄 Must be a goverment accountant. No Range Rover or Gucci. I can't even imagine going without those. Let's start a GoFundMe for this poor family. 🙄

Struggle is real. Seems like a joke. I had a ballpark 'dream' income slightly less than the 350k figure up there. I achieved that and learned it the hard way that in a consumption based society NOTHING is ever enough including expectations.

Maybe move the family out of an expensive metropolitan area and get a cheaper house in the burbs, upgrade the just a Toyota to something more fuel efficient and stop eating gold covered everything. Also consider taking one of them weekend getaways to a thrift store to buy clothes $1150 a month on Netflix and vacations... 🤦🏼‍♂️

Wtf $25,000 on food a year. Actually most of those expenses can be deducted off the taxes at the top, which would significantly increase the bottom line They make 30k a damn month. A lot of people don't make that in a year. Maybe i should be applying for HUD?🤔 . AOC RepAOC This allocates $13,800 for three weeks of vacation and a year’s worth of “entertainment.” That’s more than someone working full-time for the federal minimum wage, allowed no vacation time, would earn in a year.

So are you saying i should be applying for food stamps?🤔 Love a beautiful ratio.

Now do a single mom of 2 living off a gross income of 30,000!!! Meanwhile, I’m trying to keep my food budget at $100/month so I can actually put some money in savings Yeah, right.... $6,700/month mortgage on $1.8M home. What’s the majic used here? Seriously, what is your point with this article, AT THIS TIME. You're irrelevant to 99% of America.

Drop entertainment. Problem solved All the bills appear to be paid. How is this 'struggling'? This is satire, yes? I cooked each day for many years. That was the cheapest. But, two adult lunches at minimum $15.per. Many times double that. Packedlunches for kids or gave about $6-7. for two or three kids. We ate all the leftovers. But NYC and surrounding areas are expensive. Don’t judge.

This family would always find a reason to “struggle “ 🙄🙄🙄🙄. 350k 1 million. Same stupid post I’m sure 🙄🙄🤷🏽‍♂️

So they can afford $3000 per month on a 401k ? Most people on SS get less than $15,000 a year. Tell them to sell their fossil fuel guzzling giant house and live in a smaller one. Your numbers are ridiculous this is not struggling this is living large Wtf . This is struggling ? They have a 401k , insurance and a great house

I love that they felt it necessary to include the ZERO DOLLARS monthly allotment for student loan debt ('paid off at 30'). If any line item here is more of a blatant taunt towards the budgets of actually struggling American families, I don't know what it is. Also that house payment you get all the interest back on your taxes and you OWN IT. YOU R MAKING MONEY BY LIVING IN YOUR OWN HOME ITS BUILDING ASSETS. BUILDING EQUITY CHILDCARE OCCASIONALLY 2450 monthly wtf. Preschool is not 2000 unless you r putting kid in an elite school

3 vacations in 1 year?...... Choose not to have children! Total bullshit. Numbers are way too high. Plus they are saving 50 grand. 70 bucks for food in one day!? No no way. AOC is outta her mind and so is marketwatch for this post. Ludicrous

$400/month on clothes, aww poor baby Yeah they only manage to afford *checks notes* basic necessities, luxury items, vacations, and more in charitable donations than (probably) most people make in a month... Do they have a KickStarter? I'd rather see you do this calculation with a family of 4 that makes $82,000 / year.....about what this rich family paid in taxes.....then we might see something that is closer to a struggle

Bro 2k per month budgeted just for food is nowhere near struggling LOL Where is the struggle? I grew up in posh Sonoma wine country with a single mom who worked her ass off to keep a roof over our head. We were surrounded by wealth but sometimes had the power turned off and drove a car with one working door Half of the expenses here are luxury not necessity. $350,000 🙄

i need this person to understand that i (barely) make ends meet with 7k a year. fuck right off. Those wardrobes gotta be UGLY

Aw man...the struggle is real. TheMinimalists Should hire me as a financial advisor, but then again, these folks aren't anything close to minimalists, and hey, they're already contributing $38k/year to investing. That sounds awesome if done right. That... that is not struggling. If they're making 350K a year and struggling, they're spending irresponsibly. (also struggling people don't spend $7k on vacations a year).

Where is the dril post? marketwatch is this a fucking joke? imagine being an adult and thinking this was helpful. Now do 20,000 Should we set up a go fund me? 'Still Struggling' yet donating $3600 to charity, is an oxymoron and poor understanding of managing household finances. Further proof our traditional educational systems, are failing

Lol Struggling with $350,000.00 while thousands of Americans are supposed to have a prosperous life with $15,000.00 Off with their heads. The genius at MarketWatch who thought this was an income example worth wide publication should be moved to the storage closet in the basement. That’s not even close to true. You’re out of touch. Maybe you need to get out more often.

350k isn't guillotine money, but this calling this a struggle should get you pilloried for an afternoon at the very least. Meanwhile all the rest of us are out here eating soylent green and having staycations at our jobs. So excuuuuuuuuuuiuiuuse me if I don't have any sympathy. Are you out of your mind?

This bullshit is piled high and deep. Imagine spending that much money per month for food and entertainment, plus having a house/car/insurance, investing, and then complaining you don’t have money at the end to do... what, exactly?

If childcare is too much for someone who has that much money how do you think someone making only 29k a year does it? Put preschool child in a free damn school. Fuck date nights. Date night like we do 2 for 25$ Applebees duh. Plus dollar watered down drinks. Over 50,000 just on childcare?! Somebody needs to fire the Oxford trained live-in nanny. 30k a yr on food? Sounds like no more michelin star restaurants for every meal. A FUCKING 1.8 MILLION DOLLAR HOME?!? AND YOU EXPECT US TO FEEL BAD FOR THESE PEOPLE?! Fuck these idiots

They have a normal middle class mortgage in property taxes alone, based on the ludicrously expensive home and 350/month on diapers? ROFL! I have 2 in diapers and it was 120/month. This is just comically out of touch. Struggling with basic math by the looks of it Three fucking weeks of vacation? What exactly are they struggling with besides pulling their heads out of their asses? I’d be grateful for ONE-TENTH of that income. It would still be at least 10k more than I’m making now.

People who are struggling don't go on dates and vacations. I didn't consider my husband and I struggling when we couldn't afford ANY dates after having twins. Going out as a family for the rare ice cream felt luxurious. Struggling is people who don't know when their next meal is. Have you been inside a oldnavy For 400 a month you can empty the store.

1.8M dollar home on 350k/yr is FAR beyond their means. These people aren't struggling, they are bad with money.

Hahahahahahahhahahahaha You only take 3 vacations and spend $400 a month on clothes? Struggle is real That's how much the whole neighborhood makes, not just one family of four... Honestly, anyone who has reason to take out an umbrella policy isn't remotely struggling. Struggling🤣 This is poor budgeting in a nutshell. My family of four makes way less than this and we get by. Who tf spends $70 a day on food?

I'll trade places with them if they think that's struggling...... That’s some expensive education. All this outrageous spending and then the smugness of (Old Navy not Gucci), (Toyota instead of Range Rover) and (Husband paid off 50k at 30). You're not struggling, or thrifty. The Old Navy thing just means you have poor taste.

Lmfao you dead put VACATION on there?!

This is insane. What planet do you live on? Who does this apply to? Do you know what real life is? Three vacations a year... Maybe they can save some money by raising their own kids. What am I saying? Other people should pay for that. Also, 2/3 of Mortgage (or $32k) is Equity. While it is a cash flow, it accumulation of wealth, not an expense.

Meanwhile some of us have FT jobs in our field and still end up having literally $20/day left to make it to the next paycheck after rent, student loans, credit cards, etc. I can’t imagine having all that and feeling “poor”. And I’m lucky to be doing this well. Holy shit...this is NOT struggling... 😐😑

Make $350,000 a year but somehow suck at money. Dumbest thing I've ever seen If you make 350,000 and you’re still struggling you’ve got to be the dumbest person in the world. You have options! The article states '“Unfortunately, despite making $350,000 a year, this couple will be unable to retire before 60 because they aren’t building an after-tax investment portfolio to generate passive income,” Dogen wrote.'...... So horrible can't retire before 60. My heart breaks.

A $3,900/month mortgage? Yeah, let me weep for you. I make less than a third what you do and it took me years to afford to get a 2 bedroom apartment for me and my boys, and the rent goes up every lease (soon to be $1,700/month).

This family is apparently too poor to buy books or pay for newspaper or magazine subscriptions. That is struggling. You can cut 50% everything you have here is choice, plus you don’t invest all that’s is choice Jesus. $3500 in donations on $350000 a year. And I bet they nudged that up a bit to make them look good. So for those of you counting, almost certainly donating less than 1% of their income. People making 35k a year AVERAGE more than 1%.

If you can't responsibly spend 350K/yr on four people maybe you need a financial advisor. Imagine how detached from reality you'd need to be to tweet this. 'Entertainment (Netflix, etc.): $500/month' Netflix has absolutely nothing to do with that $500 monthly cost. 😒 If you're struggling how are you giving away 300 a month... I grew up in a metropolitan area in a family of 7 this isn't struggling

On the other end of the spectrum - 30% workers of workers in Dubai earn $270 a month. Survives? He made $700K a year as a Director at Credit Suisse and retired with $3M. The struggle is real. $3900 mortgage and $1880 in property taxes a month? Dumbass bought a McMansion and now they complain about not having extra money at the end of the month

Who in the actual F is paying $2,000 a month for preschool? At first glance, I see at least six items where immediate cutbacks could be made. This hgtv episode of House Hunters International sucks This is so asinine. First thing on the list: '401k Contribution: 38k Annually' That is NOT even remotely struggling. Even if your total leftover cash per year was $0, you could find 10 families of 4, combine their net worth, and your family of 4 would still have more net worth than them combined.

Every day otw to $350k job: 'stupid Highlander' *kicks tire* Please you have the wealth to put a shit load of money away for you retirement and kids post secondary education you spens 60k alone on baby sitting that like 3 times what a single mome makes at a min wage job. Most people cant even afford 80% of what you can afford.

20k spread over vacation/entertainment and clothes. That is money well spent. Sounds like an amazing life... I'd love to spend that kind of money on myself :'( Lol So riddle me this. How does a person who have a minimum wage or even lesser than $350,000 job lives in this area?

Who spends $700 each month on charity and fucking Old Navy 24K a year on preschool! GTFOH This is insulting. I’d be happy to switch incomes with this family. If you’re “surviving” on $350k you’re doing it wrong. If this is struggling can I please struggle too? Or at least can my mom struggle? She’s tired of thriving per year off what this guy struggles to make per month

Poor guy can't even afford a Range Rover. Had to settle for $33k Toyota instead. Like a pauper. But they settled for the Toyota Highlander INSTEAD OF THE RANGE 😢😂 What the fuck is this Struggling? How the hell is this a struggle? Most people would kill for this life. This budget shows ZERO financial problems and in fact betrays a lot of luxury and excess.

$2000 a month on food? ExCUUUUUUSE me? Imagine being so privileged you can spend two grand on food a month. I can't even wrap my head around that. Who feels sorry for people like this? How is that even possible? “Woe to the downpressors. They’ll eat the bread of sorrow.” - B. Marley THEY GET TO TRAVEL ON VACATION AND HAVE WEEKLY DATE NIGHTS! THEY FUCKING GOT TO HAVE KIDS AND A HOME. Shut the entire hell up with your 'struggling'. You SOBs wouldn't know struggling if it came over and kicked you in the butt. And it should.

I can’t imagine how hard it is to donate a whopping 1% of your income and still have money left over for things you don’t need since everything else they do need was on this list... The student loan line is just bragging. 300 a month on charity. These are some real nice folks What is the literal fuck is this?!?!

This is fake. Some version of it makes the rounds every few months. It’s cl Someone smart: please explain to me how you have a $3900 mortgage payment on a 1.8m home. Either they put a million dollar down payment or they bought it at 800k? stop reposting this for clicks every three months, its obscene They'll have an extra $25k next year when Archibald goes to public kindergarten. Oh yeah, there will be money for that Rover! Of course, no way he schools with the poors next year.

$350,000/year?! Now figure it for an E-5, married with 3 kids I’ll toss in the following: $2600/mo for housing allowance for San Diego Mom works a PT Job 1 car middle child has lot of medical bills due to a mold allergy .....TAKE THE CHALLENGE, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO.

Only 3 weeks of vacation a year? The horror! I’m not sure you know the meaning of the words you use... Who is running this account? I would like to meet those people who are STILL struggling. niazilla please take a look at this nonsense, I'm sure you could use a good laugh Okay I just noticed they have both the vacations budget and 'getaways' under the $500 entertainment budget

I will gleefully volunteer for this struggle. It comes with vacation AND retirement savings. It’s like Christmas. Well, after looking at your graphic and many of the comments in this thread, you guys have proven once and for all one thing: You can't spell MarketWatch without tw-- Oh, you know where I'm going with this!

How unfortunate for them *tEaR* Is this a balance sheet & income statement merged?

There's a difference between 'struggling' and blowing all your fucking money. This is the latter. I'm sorry, but who needs 3 vacations/year? 'Old navy, not Gucci' oh poor you. Seriously, the red stuff is necessity, the rest can be reduced. They've got plenty if they rein themselves in a bit. 3 weeks vacation Destination Weekly date night Weekend getaways HOW CAN THIS BE BORNE

LOL! Struggling with math, apparently This is not struggling. Shame on you. You and I have very different definitions of the word struggling that is fkn luxury right there like wtf 'struggling' i don't fkn think so $70 a day for food for 4? Give me a break. Who the hell is grocery shopping for you?

Lol Toyota Highlander not Range Rover $4800 at a fucking Old Navy That’s not struggling; are you insane? Is this a joke? This HAS to be a joke right? Wut. JAnthony818 get a load of this lmfao. Como están sufriendo por vivir con 29k al mes?!? Están muy pendejos!!! 🤡🤡 Proof that rich people are not smarter than us commoners.

That 401K contribution is nearly my annual gross income. :p THIS is not struggling one tiny bit. Struggling means you cannot save money, you cannot spend money on going out to eat or any type of entertainment or self care or clothes, etc. AND you most definitely can’t go on TWO fucking destination vacations if you’re “struggling”.

70/day for food? lolwhat? Having shopped for groceries in Seattle, they aren't that much more than what I pay for groceries in a moderate sized town/city an hour/ninety minutes away. Paying off 50k in loans by 30 is also the epitome of not struggling.

No struggle there at all, Champagne Problems, besides the Toyota is a better vehicle than a Rover Looks like even so, they have $10K/month left over. Struggling how to spend it? “Old navy, not Gucci” it’s my new moto Bullshit they are. This has fucking savings, vacations, and entertainment in the goddamn budget. They are doing great

This is not ‘struggling’ - this pays into a 401k, insurance, home ownership, and childcare. They are living most peoples’ fantasies. Why not do the breakdown of the 50% of families that make less than $75,000/year? $70 dollars A DAY ON FOOD!!!!! WTF! thAts my two week budget 🙁 400 a month for clothes and they're only buying old navy?! Bish gimme your wallet and I'll style your family in Gucci on 400 a mo shit

This looks like a pretty damn comfortable life with cash to spare. I'm 50, I don't think my entire combined wardrobe equals $400. How the hell are you spending that in one month? These assholes have a bigger tax deduction than the salaries of people actually struggling. This gets worse the more you look at it. Everyone involved in publishing this shit is undeniably a bad person.

Still saving $50K/year in 401k & 529 plans. $1.6M home, 2 weeks of travel vacation, $6K on entertainment. Not questioning the spending, just the description of 'struggling'. Struggling. Uh huh. Right... 3 weeks of vacation per year? In America? What's the purpose of these other than click bait and class resentment?

400 dollars a month on clothes is the most insane figure I’ve ever seen Yeah, well, try it on 17k per year..... This better end up being the most ratioed tweet of all time. Struggling!? GTFOH Just put your kind Prada boots to me. Pull me apart like rare, artisan brioche. Put me out of my 20k/year misery...

Donations of 1% of gross income. Lame.

I wan’t to struggle like that. budget This is absolute rubbish. Boston is listed twice. People saying shit like this is exactly why so many are turning toward socialism. So, keep it up, I guess. 1.8 million dollar home lol. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL AMIRITE Not one of these again...two destination vacations is now struggling?

Sure, because everything in this budget is nothing but essential. God forbid these families having to cut on 'Old Navy not Gucci' 3 weeks of vacation, 2 destinations one staycation? lmao i’ve never left the country and you think it’s your right to vacation for a week out the country TWICE lmaoo what le fuq

If you sign on the dotted line for a mortgage payment that'll cost you $6000/month, I don't really know what to tell you. How messed up is this country when THIS is news?

Who buys children name brand clothes? Who can afford date nights, life insurance or even charity mounthly. You wonder why we say eat the rich Seriously?! Cut back on 401k, trim down vaca (3 wks!), chill on the “entertainment” (wth they doing for $500) eat leftovers ($70/day!) take it easy on the clothes ($400/month) and your fine. These “typical” people appear to be stupid assholes.

I would have your struggles for you. Who the feck writes this ? Fucking joke. Because going on two vacations and having date nights is fucking struggling. Come on. This is ridiculous. Show us some real numbers, like how a family who makes less than 60k a year makes it work. Their kid's preschool costs over 2x as much as in-state tuition at the University of Texas at Austin and 4x tuition at the University of Florida.

😂😂😂 college savings, $7000 worth of vacation and multiple insurances.. things most struggling people definitely have 😂😂😂😂 ååh .. this is hilarious. what kind of family of four spends $4.8k a year on clothes from old fuckin navy What a struggle those three vacations and ample retirement contributions must be.

Is this a parody account? This family is needs to start making coffee at home smh $2k/month for preschool. 😂 The only thing they’re struggling with is stupidity. 😳😳😳😳 Should move to texas :) Lol almost $14000 in entertainment and vacations is hard. The struggle is real. accounting for mortgage as an expense but not reporting your asset net—classic

$70 a DAY on food?! Holy shit, I can't imagine having that much to spend.. This is not what struggle street looks like. Lololol So Many Fake Figures in this chart. wow not even driving a range rover how do u do it

Are you supposed to be mocking this person and telling them how bad their choices are and it’s entirely their fault? Or is that just what gets done to poor people sounds like they're living the dream Imagine being able to afford $70 worth of food every single day 😵 You seem to be a bit out of touch. 🤨

those poor upper class white people 😢 I love how they included the student loan line-item as a humble-brag in the midst of the rest of that budget fuckery. And I’d bet a lot of money that he had help paying off that loan. This is hilarious. I’d love to meet these people and redo their budget and explain to them what struggling really is. It’s one thing to not have a lot of cash over at the end of the month, it’s another thing to struggle. They are not one in the same.

Kill the rich Holy shit this is stupid. How do you sleep at night after hitting the tweet button Struggling my left testicle

These rich folks are NOT struggling. I live in one of the listed cities on a fraction of that. Three vacations/year and a $500/month entertainment budget is pure LUXURY. Define STRUGGLE. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆🤣 Oh boy... $70 a day for FOOD? Reporting this as hate speech Listen guys, they already bought a 60k SUV instead of a 120k one, what other sacrifices can they make

401k (maxed) college fund preschool life insurance 3 week vacation healthcare $0 in student loans A balanced budget with thousands into savings =/= struggling Same as every other one of these. Don't know how to buy clothes, don't know how to buy food, taking multiple vacations, putting away more than some people make in a year in your bank account isn't a loss of money, asininely high priced preschool, charity isn't a real expense

This is a joke right? Their inability to spend/budget in a RATIONAL fashion is not newsworthy. The least struggling.

Is it physically possible to spend $400/month at old navy? Just like bulk flip flop purchases? chill w this Child care, presch, food & vacays; $100k yrly. Ridiculous! Fire d aue pair & hire a 🇯🇲live-in nanny, she’ll cook & keep the kids in check. Pay her $24k yrly off the books & she’ll throw in light cleaning and manage your whole life. Just saved u $18G. Welcome!

This article is a stretch, but man the people chiming in and saying this THEORETICAL couple should do the responsible thing and be gentrifiers to save money are 😬 These poor people had to give up a Range Rover for a Toyota. And Gucci for Old Navy. Have some sympathy. This isn't even close to 'struggling'

This is just more fuel to make even more money. Bump up that savings rate and chratitable contributions! Switch lives with me. See whos really struggling. I, bravely, offer to trade incomes and expenses with these poor souls.

How are they struggling sorry? Meanwhile, we have our Seniors scrapping by as they try to live with so little from their Social Security. Which many thought would be all they needed later in life. It's why I'm supporting Andrew Yang. He's the only one I can see helping. Yang2020CaliRally What's the struggle?

Why the fuck would you have a payment on a TOYOTA HIGHLANDER if you make 350k. Like it would be significantly more reasonable if it was the range rover because you don't want to deal with the repairs down the road but REALLY? A TOYOTA? That has resale value?!? I don’t even make $29,000 a year ... You’re not struggling you just have lots of expenses because you have everything you need and way more. You won’t be won’t be able to retire till your 60? Oh no I feel so bad

What the hell did I just read? 24k for preschool? Wtf? Its PRESCHOOL. Raise the minimum wage Now do it for $35k a year and let’s see what life is really like.

Maybe they should stop buying avocado toast and iPhones I'm gonna bring a chainsaw But what else do you need? You have $500 a month for stuff like Netflix and weekend getaway, you have a clothing budget and savings and food and charity and 3 weeks of vacation. Bitch you fine you're not struggling The only thing these people are STRUGGLING with is BUDGETING. Cc DaveRamsey

This isn’t struggling this is enjoying life lmao spending 13k a year on 3 weeks vacations and weekend getaways? Spending 25k on just food? Over 53k for someone to watch their kids? Going spending 80k a year on a 1.8mill dream home? The struggle is real guys 3 vacations 😂😂😂😂 you ain’t struggling if you travel two weeks a year on vacation

Please keep this tweet up as evidence of how completely and totally in a bubble metro folks are. Smh . It's like living in hunger games and the dumbshits in the capital have no clue .. Nope 70$ per day on food? WTF?

This budget has SO MUCH WASTE. If you are blowing over $1,000 for entertainment and vacation plans, you are not struggling even a little. Someone doesnt do the math properly Jesus Christ cry me a river. mo money mo problems Is this a satire post? You poor dears So you’re going into Old Navy and what, “I’ll have four of everything”? This is not struggling. Let me introduce you to people who struggle.

$70 a day on food... A DAY?! Awwwww. They are free to move to rural, less expensive areas if their lifestyle is too tough. This is not struggling The person who came up with this budget may make more than $350,000 a year

Do you have any idea how I could finesse $350,000 a year...this is a crying shame!!!! Tragic...TRAGIC!! Jesus 24K for preschool. Clearly they’re not teaching these kids math. Based on this, they are driving 60 miles a day in the city, despite living and presumably working in the same city. Freakin 400 a month at old navy (not gucci)?! Do you wear clothes once?

Struggling? 🧐 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What a load of crap! Such 'struggle' This struggle looks so nice Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahah you poor things We will eat you if I spent $24K on preschool I'd be struggling too wtf is this

“Struggling”. Me thinks you don’t understand what that word means. Its a difference between struggling to pay your bills making $15hr compared to struggling to pay your bills making 350k a yr. You shouldn't be struggling making 350k per year! If you're struggling, it's because you're trying to keep up with the Joneses! Do you NEED a $1.8m home?

Wow only TWO destination vacations a year and $500 a month in entertainment? How awful 😭😭😭 Ok but in about four years a lot of these expenses will go away due to your babies going to school and no longer needing diapers etc How terrible only three vacations a year ew “Husband paid off $50k at 30” L O L

I don't think you know what 'struggling' means but ok 'survives' for comparison my old man has 4 kids on.. literally half that total income lmaoooooooooo

scalade_ moon_baby__ That is not struggling! If you think it is you should see how other Americans are faring. I feel like that last line is just a fuckin twist of the knife IMAGINE BEING FORCED TO HAVE A TOYOTA AND NOT A RANGE ROVER? You’re in my thoughts and prayers 😭😭😭 fascinating Y’all paying $6k a month for whatever fucking mansion but you can’t afford a nicer car?!? 😂😂

What do these urban elites think will happen to their “budget” at this income bracket if Bernie or Warren take office with their agenda? 🤣 Seems like they have more disposable income than I will ever have because have of this is unnecessary. 'survives' Thank god they didn’t get the Range Rover, what a noble sacrifice

You realize every time we see this shit we start looking up how to build guillotines, right? struggling 'Three weeks of vacation a year (two destinations, one staycation)' Marketwatch: WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THIS POOR SOUL CLEARLY STRUGGLING TO GET BY?! Car insurance is only $200 a month? I wish, mine is more than $500 a month.

This post is pretty tone deaf. I can eat for a week for 50, wtf are you on 🤡 This person has everything anybody could want, and more.

Have they tried not eating so much avocado toast and not buying the newest iPhone? Who tf is eating at $70/day Are they buying a new Highlander (and setting fire to the old one) every year? Why is preschool $24,000 a year? And how are they spending $4,800 on clothes a year, at OLD NAVY. Lol 'Struggling' with an $1150/month entertainment budget? $400/EVERY MONTH for clothes? A $1.8 million house?

Oh my they are struggling. I only notice 1 car payment. They obviously cannot afford another car. It would cut into their *checks budget* vacation and entertainment 🙃 Imagine making 350 grand a year and still having trash fits Struggling to live like kings.

in what universe is this 'struggling' Cool now do the same family on $30,000 a year I make a fraction of that and put away A LOT more. Maybe you aren't experts at money after all. Lol zero student debt $70/day for food? That's ridiculous. Also, these folks need to turn out their lights when they leave the room and take shorter showers.

the absolute clownery If you can't support a family of four on 350k you don't deserve that money 'Struggling' $500/wk for groceries What in the Whole Foods is this !?

$70 a day for food? Do these people not know how to cook? 2k a month means you're eating out everyday. Y’all never learned to budget and finances You don’t need a vacation You don’t constantly need to buy new clothes You can cut waaay back on entertainment Needs versus Wants. Cut way back on things you don’t need. Look what you can sell and give up.

You can't count 50k in savings a year as an expense and then claim you are struggling! Please point out the struggle part let me swap a year's worth of wages with them and see who's struggling then Is Is this a joke? Satire? Gotta be right? This cant be serious Drop the weekly date night, the yearly vacation, and the entertainment and you got more than a grand for miscellaneous. Hardly struggling, struggling is a $400 or less monthly on food, and no money for vacation or entertainment. By the way I'm basing the food cost on family of 8.

Ok no your fucking SAVINGS can’t be included in a “barely surviving” budget. $12,000 yearly in a 529 alone? That’s not a budgetary item, that’s an investment. And three weeks of vacation per year. My god. All demoncRATicly run area's .................................... Shocking

This tweet is an act of class warfare These poor people… They only have enough money to live in $1 million home, save $40,000 a year toward retirement, take a date night every week, spend $70 a day on food, drive a $40k SUV and take three vacations a year. Show me the “struggling” part of this. $2,000 a month for preschool? $6,000 for non-vacation entertainment? Delete this.

For a name like marketwatch you sure are clueless about how to manage your money. I hope no one gets sick or needs to see a doctor...co-pays will use up the “free cash” & more who the fuck is spending $400 on clothing a month? Property tax of only 1.24% Wish mine was that low. Entire chart is crap BTW. Zero student loans, because 'husband' paid off $50,000 in debt by age 30. Ell Oh Ell.

This family has more to give away to charity in a single year than I have ever had in my bank account What the hell This isn't struggling by any metric a sane person would use. Maybe stop spending $8,000 a year on vacations? Also wtf kind of preschool costs $24,000 a year Maybe they should move. Man I sure feel bad for people whose mortgage is higher than my entire income.

This is sarcasm, right?

These people are struggling The only struggle here is fitting 20 bags of clothes from Old Navy into the Highlander! You know you are out of touch when you can afford to take 3 vacations a year, live in a 1.8 million dollar home, send your preschooler to private school AND STILL claim the struggle. Also....$70 a day on food? With 2 kids 5?! Gtfoh.

They're spending $1150 a month on entertainment and vacations. $287.5 a week on luxuries. That's not struggling. Struggling is having to decide between food and paying the bills, not skipping a few nights out. Is this real? Don't go on vacation work urself to death eat one meal a day sometimes eat sleep for dinner

food is 70 per day how the actual fuck... i guess that date night is at the town's fanciest place $4800 annually at Old Navy? You know this is bullshit. Not following how they struggle here. Sounds like they are bad at spending money. Lots of things there they can do without or manage better.

Sounds like they spend a lot of money on eidma The thing that’s insane about articles like this is that include money that goes into savings, disposable income spent entertaining yourself, and mortgages all as expenses. Like, what else is there to spend money on besides your basic needs, your future and stuff you do for fun?

Struggling because you spend 24k on fucking pre-school... I lived on 1/8th of that money in very high-cost area of california as a single mother - with no govt benefits. If I made 350k, I would consider myself extremely wealthy Dear marketwatch, please hire an editor who will make your titles not shit Really struggling with that million dollar house.

Why are they spending $400/month in clothing? They get a weekly date night and 3 vacations? This isn’t struggling. These people spend more money than is necessary and still have something left at the end of every paycheck, and yet they're struggling. Lol. Some of us spend only what we absolutely can and have to stretch next to nothing to the next check. But no, this family isn't ok.

Deciding to be housepoor. And private-school poor. Ok we're done here! I think you meant to say “budgeting” not “struggling”

We should absolutely seize every penny from everyone who writes articles like this. $350k and balling This hypothetical family should just do all the shit they tell regular people to do. Make sacrifices, save, pay off loans, etc. These people think shopping at old navy is slummin it, and 2 destination vacations + 1 staycation EVERY YEAR is frugal. $500/month for 'entertainment'

eat the rich How does one even make this much!? Like what y'all do? How much is that hourly? A hell of a lot. I barely make 20k, my partner barely 35k, my mom barely 20k. Just, how even!? GrahamStephan $300/month in Charity $400/month in clothing $500/month in entertainment $2,000/month in food 3 weeks vacation yearly Uh....where's the struggle ?

'Survives' Come on now. Holy shit. That's not struggling chief. Making nearly 10 times as much as half the working individuals in the country is not struggling. Putting $38k per year in a 401k plus $12k per year into a college savings plan is unfathomable for 90% of the country.

Yeah babies don't cost that fuckin much a month sorry Have you considered not spending 24,000 dollars on preschool? If you're spending $24k a year for a 4yo's preschool i think i found the problem. oh my god you went to old navy instead of gucci? you must be living on the streets life is so difficult for you

Struggling, or overspending? As in I would 'struggle' to spend 14 grand a year on entertainment and travel, as I would spending $70 PER DAY on food. I assume they load up their grocery cart daily and just dump it directly into the garbage? 'I can't afford to live when i invest 38k a year in my 401k to ensure i can always live this way'

The biggest scandal on here is the 1.24% property tax on a $1.8million home. Thanks to post-Prop 13 regimes like this, the wealthy get wealthier on increasing property values without paying a proportionate amount back to the community that gave them that. This has to be Satire at this point. There is no way this can be looked at and submitted without feeling like a complete moron

We are hitting peak levels of entitled white suburbanites here folks

I have to know, what planet is that struggling ? This article is going to cement slangwise as the biggest out-of-touch douchebag on twitter for September 30, 2019 This is actually called a zero-sum budget and they’re doing incredibly well. You have a disastrous perspective on finance if this lifestyle is “struggling” 🤦🏽‍♂️

“Struggling” “Struggling”? Looks like they afford all their expenses plus the extras they do (vacations, dinner dates, entertainment, gardener). This is isn’t struggling, this is living very comfortably. I’ll gladly take that money Clothes $400/month? Vacation $650/month? When did you all become TheOnion? Making $30,000/month is not struggling.

I know a family of 4 in L.A. who makes half that income AND has a Range Rover....cuz they only take ONE vacation a year! ($24K/yr. on preschool is dumb!!)

Food: $25,000 Clothes: $4000 House: $1.8 million HELP my family and I can only afford three vacations a year, somebody who is good at math help me figure this out!!! “Struggling” F off rage-bait imagine making minimum wage, yeesh Struggling? How? All expenses paid, plus they have three weeks of vacation? This is the opposite of struggling. And they make stupid life insurance policy decisions.

how is this struggling? plenty going to retirement, amenities, no student loan debt, and still in the black? is this a joke? It would be nice to have 1k bucks left over yearly and be seen as 'struggling' What complete BS and a waste of everyone’s time this article is. These people aren’t struggling at all. They’re saving for retirement, they own a million $ home, they take 3 vacations each year, they still have an extra $1500 in excess cash flow each month...

$350,000... and STILL struggling... due to stupidity. Most people wish they had 120 dollars of spending money a month Oh man maybe trim some fat I'd like to know how their family cell phone plan is only $150?! Fam who you using cuz I'm about to switch! What else do they want to pay for? This covers everything - housing, healthcare, food, clothing, leisure, transportation, savings, retirement. That's it. Those are the things people spend money on. What more did these fuckers want?

Your spending to much. I've lived on 30,000 grand a year for many years with a wife and a son. It can be done. Move to a cheaper area. Wait what? This is a struggle? You want to trade lives for a week and see what struggle really is? This isn't a struggle ffs. I'm breaking out my tiny violins for these yahoos.

If you are struggling why are you going on vacation spending 7800 a year and also spending 400 a month on clothes? WTF! Talk about living within your means!

Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover. Old navy instead of Gucci? 3 vacations only? 1 date night per week only? My heart goes out to this family of 4. It breaks my heart that injustice like this exists in this world. Truly, there is no god. You know you’re out of touch when you consider not having a Range Rover means you’re “struggling”.

'the numbers have been vetted by thousands of Financial Samurai readers' To bad you didn't vet this article with 1 human being that had some grounding in the actual world. Ok, you CANNOT BUY A $1.6M home for $2000 in principal and $1900 in interest. Do the math. Is it like a 100 year loan? I just did an online calculator. 30 yr loan on $1.6M at 3.75% is over $6600 per month.

This looks thrown together by a medicated undergrad student. That’s not struggling at all. That’s bad budgeting terrible priorities lol $400 a month on clothes? Do you crawl thru barb wire everyday? Do you all have gigantism? Did they actually buy an old navy franchise or something? Plucky little family, scraping by on three vacations a year, multiple weekend getaways and monthly social functions, in their pathetic $1.8 million shack. Give me a break

They pay a $3,900 mortgage for a $1.8 million house? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?! “Struggling” According to AOC , their 410K contribution is at the poverty line. This is the worst tweet I've ever seen The hell you eating that cost $70 a day? How do you insure a 1.8 million home for $1500/yr? 'Toyota Highlander instead of Range Rover...' Oh boo hoo you are so impoverished... Maybe buy a used car for $5k instead of $50k... This is just making me irate.

Please explain how this is struggling. 'Struggling' If this is struggling I was killed off years ago.

y'all are bad at this lolol Second biggest expnese is a tax and almost 8,000 for a vacation, but sure, 'struggling.' Even have a 1,000 surplus after vacation and fun. Seems like a good argument for getting rid of property taxes and not spending spending 650 a month for 2 weeks of fun if you ask me. $500 a month on entertainment?! Yeah, not struggling. Try living on less than $500 a month for food. Struggling my ass. WELL OFF! THIS IS A WELL OFF BUDGET. 'STRUGGLING' MY ASS.

These takes are beyond ignorant. Very few of us can comprehend what making that much money is like, and we certainly don’t see struggles if people can spend a teacher’s salary on preschool. highlander instead of a range rover 3 vacations Who the fuck thought this tweet would be a good idea? Lmaoooooo. Imagine thinking this is struggling

if this is what 'struggling' looks like to you than you should be actively planning an uprising given how poor most people are compared to this. How do you even view real poor people? Compared to this shit most people are practically the People of The Abyss. eat the rich🏴🚩 How does this b.s. get clearance? $350k and struggling. Are you guys from this planet?

Please, please please, can I take on that 'struggle'? Man. I wish I was struggling this much.

Enjoy your ratio. You're just trolling us now, right? So... stop taxing the rich? 'STRUGGLING': entertainment 6k, charity 3k, 4k for Old navy clothes? Oh and the three weeks of vacation at 7k.... Lmao. DaveRamsey please explain to people how wrong this is? People have WAY too much house and are spending too much money on DUMB junk.

Pffffft 'Time to insult the poors again.' Wtf is this crap- 350000 a year you have to WORK at failing up Do this same thing but for a billionaire. Making almost $30,000 a month? I'm sorry, I'm fresh out of fucks to give.

This is a joke and insult.. Struggling? Seems they too could benefit from Medicare for all and tuition free college. Bernie 2020 $6,000 on entertainment includes weekend getaways - after already spending $7,800 on three weeks of vacations... that's not struggling. If they feel like they're struggling, they're just living above their means. Because those TWO frivolous items equal some people's yearly wage.

$6k on entertainment? WHAT. A. STRUGGLE. 🙄 I’m really struggling here to agree with this post... why are they taking the standard deduction Now do one on a family of four making between 100k to 20k annually, if you really want to see financial struggles. Those people don't have to live in a 1.6 million dollar home.

1.8 million house on 350k income? That. Is. So. Stupid.

Excuse, but what are they struggling with? Keeping their boots on the necks of the proletariat? wow, so it's possible to struggle at any income level when you yield to a system that forces increasingly expensive & unnecessary standards on your lifestyle? I'm stunned. They are contributing 38,000 a year into their 401k. Also, their 4 year old goes to the most expensive preschool I've heard of. Better know calculus by winter break.

They don’t have to live in a $1.8 million home If they're taking two destination vacations each year and giving $300/month to charity, I've got news for you: they're not struggling. is this a fuckin joke When their 401K contribution is more than I make in a year, I find it hard to feel sorry for them. Also, get a Ford Focus hatchback instead of a Highlander. 30 MPG and I can fit my three dogs and family of 4 in it.


Your privilege is showing This is not struggling. This is upper middle class and well off. Bait dot gif This effing thing again? How many times must we redo this story? Three weeks of vacation, no student loan debt, 401k, college funds, $1 million + home... They're not struggling. And savings aren't an expense. They're savings.

They have to wear Old Navy and not Gucci. Oh the humanity! 😱 Hahaha 350k and struggling. What a slap in the face to 80% of americans. These people are spending nearly $14,000/year on entertainment... That's their disposable income... They're not struggling i guess everyone has to make sacrifices like ... *checks notes* getting a Highlander instead a of Range Rover, lol

They spend $70/day on food! Have a weekly date night and have three weeks of vacation. 4800 on clothes! Jesus the rich are so bad with money they need to be taxed more

lol this is not struggling lol 1.8 million dollar home buy fewer candles Awww. A Highlander instead of a Range Rover... The struggle is real. A three week vacation is not a necessary expense LMFAO (Old Navy not Gucci) and (Toyota Highlander instead of Range Rover) “Toyota Highlander instead of a Range Rover” the sacrifice!!!

go on fewer vacations Literally no sympathy.

old navy not gucci. gtfo HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK OFF!!!!!! Having money left over after you have paid for everything you need and then some is not struggling. It's prospering. What the fuck is this crap dont mind me, just spending over a third of what people at the poverty line make on vacations but oh woe is me all my smarmy peers at the country club sneer at the fact that i show up in a highlander. brb gotta do a bump off my kid's new stroller before i throw it away next month

Hahaha cry me a river. Their priorities are wack Their 401k contributions are two-thirds the average U.S. household income. They are not struggling. lol acting like putting money into savings is an expense Might be the $2m home imo 1.8 million dollar home. Cry me a river. I would like to point out that 57,801,652 or (54% of all those 16+ who work) earn less than these people spend on Childcare and Preschool in a year ...

Why are rich people so bad with money? This is dumb as shit, but you guys know that There was a time where I had such little money in my account that my bank charged me, causing me to go into negative money, and when I tried to use my card to buy groceries they charged me an overdraft fee. There was that time where I made too much money for medicaid but too little money to afford healthcare because the only plans my job was offering were $300/month. I was making $1200/month, or roughly $200/month after rent, bills, and transportation.

There was that time where I ate nothing but rice and beans for dinner because I couldn't afford much else. Thankfully the restaurant I worked at let us eat once a day. So that meant I could eat twice a day. They are both maxing out their 401k contributions. This is not struggling I remember the time I washed my clothes in a bucket because I couldn't afford to use the laundromat.

I still remember the months I had to choose between eating dinner or getting a metrocard for work. I chose the metrocard. If you're spending $70 per day on food, taking 2 destination vacations per year, saving for retirement and college, $500 a month on 'entertainment' and $100 a month per child on clothing, you're not 'struggling' at all. Not even a little

now I get why my parents are concerned about a $40k/year college even though they make around this much. this isn't a brag I'm just having a realization that our economy sucks for even upper middle class families. realDonaldTrump is fucking wrong when he acts like it's all gucci

Lol The people in this example live in a $1.8 million home. $1.8 million home? Turn them into soylent. It’s amazing! Now imagine if you only make $80.oo per day before tax. Wait. They covered everything including entertainment, babysitting, weekend getaways, three weeks vacation, multiple savings plans, and charitable giving. And still have some cash leftover. What’s the prob?

5k a month for child care is nuts, but otherwise that doesn't seem like a struggle, retirement savings are being made, yearly vacations, weekly date night, luxury SUV, million dollar house. Someone prints a variation of this ridiculous budget every three months or so. I guess it was your turn this time.

So you mean that after they comfortably pay for everything any human being could ever want or need, they only have a thousand dollars per year to spend on random bullshit? How sad. Cool sociopathy Delete your account

Paid Off Student Loans At 30 10 grand on healthcare.... America So, this person puts away more than the median income for individual Americans in their retirement, they have a budget for 3 weeks vacation and a separate line that includes weekend getaways, and they live in a 1.8 million dollar home. And they still end up net + Cry me a river.

Because they drive a Highlander? This handwringing from a country that introduced school lunch debt to the world. oh no when i give every dollar a job including my three annual vacations and retirement savings the number comes out to still an extra hundo a month, what do i do Have they tried making coffee instead of buying Starbucks everyday

Next year when the 4 year old is in public school they’re gonna be raking it in. Free pre-K! Bernie Sanders! i think we are overlooking an important point: old navy as a substitute for gucci

Instead of a range rover 😂😂 $50,000 saved between 401k and 529. $1.8 million home and associated expenses. 3 week vacation? Some cutbacks can be made here Joking right? Majority of Americans not even make 1/4 of this. Lesson: don’t have kids Unfortunately, I can relate to this.... It's crazy!... My recommendation, relocate to a no state income tax state for starters.

$2k a month for preschool? Is it Harvard? Nice 401k contribution. Need to dig out the ol dril candle tweet akki_kap check this out

I feel bad for these poor people. $12k PER YEAR for their kids college. Maybe have their kids look into SCHOLARSHIPS. Think of twhat that will be worth in 13 years when the kid is ready for college. So much of this is also saying the house wont APPRECIATE (so when it is paid off they can sell and move etc

Remove the “charity” and an extra 3600 is freed up. - $3800 in charitable contributions - 1 % of their income - $7800 on vacations That’s a a struggle - $48k in 401k? That’s what many people make in a year Being wealthy is not a financial struggle. This is the definition of house poor. Don't be that guy!

This is so out of touch, about only 1% can relate to that “struggle”, give me a break. Boo hoo ... I was looking for the Onion byline 3 weeks of vacation a year is not struggling where’s the struggle when they can afford literally everything? Well why buy a 1.8 million dollar house on an income of $350,000 annual salary? Could’ve bought a regular home for 300k-500k, both property taxes & mortgage would’ve been reduced tremendously 🤷🏻‍♂️

Struggling for what? They have everything they need. Oh, sorry you can’t drive a Range Rover.... They suck at budgeting Budgeting and still struggling, kids’ll do it to ya You not struggling, if you think that’s struggling, you have no sense of the reality most people live. Struggling! LOL. Tell your wife to get a job!

Well why car insurance so high? I would cut a few things from this list 15000k on vacation and staycation right!!!! Non-sensical prices in this model. No concept of context in which a family may be in. Those who are struggling will cut out needless expenses such as entertainment, insurance and eating out. Food bill is astronomical. This makes no sense.

This could easily be fixed. Curb your spending on frivilous wants Not bad at all. They are saving $4200 per month - 401k and 529. Also, once kids grow up they may save $4500 per month. So a regular family they may have $9500 savings per Month.

Cry me a river!🙄 You own a home worth $1.8M and subject yourself to nearly $6k per month housing cost and still decide to send your child to private preschool? Surely your expensive town has a more than adequate public school system... No Health insurance, life insurance, putting away money for retirement, private schooling/care for the children, putting money away for the kids' education, building equity in a house, 3 week vacation. What a struggle! Imagine all the things that they're missing out on!!

And all this time i thought there was only one large metropolitan city called Boston ...... If you’re paying $3k/year for gas ($30k in a decade), you should have basic financial sense to buy / lease an EV. 70$/day for food=lazy idiot that wants to live check to check $400/month at Old Navy?!?! Definitely do not $400/month on clothes unless you're wearing suits everyday and get a lot of dry cleaning. And even then, questionable.

This doesn’t include internet access which is over $100 per month Boston, twice.

'1.8 million dollar home' Nope Lots of room to cut and what's the problem here? $6000 on social functions? Maxing retirement? 12k to college savings? 25k preschool? OMG the struggle is real. How is is this budget struggling? They are saving nearly $40k for retirement, nearly $8k for vacations and nearly $5k on clothing. That ain’t struggling. That is a dream for most Americans.

You can struggle at any income level if you are stupid enough rwittstock Ya okay slightly entitled 🙄 Awww poor people scraping by on 350k, I feel so so bad for them, and the fact they are budgeted to wear Old navy and not Gucci is just is horrendous ☹️🙄 outoftouch Bruh sell the house This budget is total bullshit lol

IRS caps 401k contribution at $19,000 for those under 50 and $26,000 for those over. Leaves another $9,000 after tax for savings. Best corporate account troll tweet I've seen in awhile How much is the house? it’s either $1.4m (30yr) or $800k (15yr), either way, I don’t feel bad, bc he’s living outside his means... find a cheaper place and all probs will be solved. money RealEstate investment

I don’t believe misc expenses and vacations are that low Scrapping by and comparing it to middle class. Gtfo. I see $38k for 401k and 12k for 529. Try telling a median income earner that scraping only counts after putting 14% towards a saving when most can’t even save 1%. What the fuck is this budget Unbelievable. I almost can't believe these expenses.

Did you assholes just use a term SURVIVE for people making 350k a year. What the hell is wrong with you? Grow marijuana in one of the rooms in the 1.8 Million dollar home. Is this the same one that is posted every 3 months? Get a new family’s budget.

Most Christians would tithe 10% so your budget expense is way under reported. Secondly, cell phone expense, Again, way under reported. False This person living outside their means. You give me that my wife can stop working and my kids would have no college debt. where do I sign up to get this problem? Really?! This so jacked up

Madness. Let’s not donate to charity and your defs not getting 4kids Idiots They dont have to live in a $1.8 million house , that seems excessive. Some of those monthly expenses are my annual expenses. Bull! Try $15.00 an hour and paying $1,350.00 rent (cheapest place in Miami, trust me on that one), cell phone, electricity, and I still can not afford health, vision or dental insurance. No car (stolen & LONG story). I have no 401K... so they cannot complain! Whiners!

Huh. Half the 401k. Problemsolved.

Hard to feel sympathetic when you 'scrape' by on less. Maybe cut one of those $3k+ twice yearly vacations and cut back on that insane entertainment budget. Boom there's $5k+. I'll give them this though 🎻 They also have a ton of equity in the house. The mortgage payment and p&i split would mean they are around year 15 of a 30 year loan of 850k (assuming they got a rate 4%). Which would leave them w about 1.3mln equity and 500k debt on house.

Don’t have kids and keep the expenses to a minimum. Invest at least 40% of your salary to have good savings. So basically don’t have kids and buy cash-flowing investment properties instead of a stupid house. Maybe we should start a gofundme campaign for them? This looks like living outside of your means

Imagine if they didn't let their ego's run their costs. schmucks And NO student loan debt Pffft. Yeeesh! I feel sorry for people on $348,544! Them being flat out broke and all, going by these figures! Where are they getting a Toyota Highlander for only $380 a month?

Way to make me feel good about my 35k. Lol what a crock 1. Health care premiums are pre tax. 2. This couple should itemize if their house is grandfathered in the Tax Cuts and Jobs act. Property tax + interest+charity. 3.Childcare and school is killing them. WTF, i don’t even make half of that and I’m thriving

Ridiculous Nah bro. And why you shouldn’t have kids 😂😂😂 $4,000 a week for daycare and preschool? That's b. s. Then don't live in such an expensive house! Or move to a cheaper city! Sheesh this column is annoying. 2 million dollar home? Lies

Inflation is a bitch ain’t it Regardless of income, living beyond your means will make you poor. Just because someone overspends and can't budget properly doesn't make them not 'middle class'...

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