This BTS Song Is the Most Shazamed K-Pop Song of 2020 (So Far)

This #BTS song is the most shazamed K-Pop song of 2020 (so far)

7/16/2020 1:00:00 PM

This BTS song is the most shazamed K-Pop song of 2020 (so far)

BTS 's Hot 100 No. 4 hit "ON" hit a new milestone: It's the most searched K-pop song on Shazam of 2020 so far.

Peter Ash LeeFrom left: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin and J-Hope of BTS photographed Jan. 19 at Korea House in Seoul. Styling by Lee Ha Jung. V, Suga and J-Hope wear Saint Laurent tops and jackets. Jin wears a COS top and Saint Laurent jacket and shoes. Jungkook wears a COS top, Saint Laurent jacket and Prada shoes. RM wears a Saint Laurent jacket and shoes. Jimin wears a Saint Laurent top, jacket and shoes. 

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's Hot 100 No. 4 hit"ON" hit a new milestone: It's the most searched K-pop song on Shazam of 2020 so far, according to the company's mid-year insights shared today (July 14).The song identification app highlighted"Blinding Lights" by

The Weekndas the most Shazamed song globally and in 16 countries while crowning the R&B crooner as 2020's most Shazamed artist worldwide. Read more: billboard »

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Reese Witherspoon Does TikTok Dance To Son's SongDeacon Phillippe was super excitecd to release his first single, &34;Long Run,&34; until mom Reese Witherspoon decided to promote it with her very own TikTok dance. omg

What Is Your Song of the Summer 2020? (Week 7)Jack Harlow keeps popping up Billboard&39;s Songs of the Summer tally (dated July 18) as &34;Whats Poppin&34; leaps into the top 10. Intentions by JustinBieber feat quavo BTS 💜 Don’t Let It Break Your Heart by Louis_Tomlinson

The Power of the ARMY: BTS' Entire FILA Collection Sold Out In Only 24 HoursYesterday, the Bangton Boys launched their FILA 'Voyager Collection' exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Today, that collection is almost completely sold out. __gaciria Broke ARMYs right now: 👁👄👁 Why y’all pretend to be broke? even BTS KNOWS THE TRUTH Kings. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Lmao,, when I saw the name of the account I was confused why would seventeen(the kpop one) tweet about bts' entire urban blah blah,, but LSBCJSKNDJSKKDJEJFJLMMAAOOOOOOOO I WAS WRONG HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

With 'Your Eyes Tell,' BTS Shares a Story of Hope for the Future“You have taught me that/Someday, sadness will turn us around.” Jungkookisever2 SampaTasha BTS_twt Id even know this acc was Exit 😤😤 BTSChartDaily SampaTasha BTS_twt 💜 beauty BTS_twt SampaTasha BTS_twt Its party time 💜 YourEyesTellNow MOTS7_TheJourney_OutNow MOTS7_THEJOURNEY_BTS 7_THEJOURNEY_TODAY BTS_twt

Do You Believe in the Radical Possibility of BTS?You’ve probably heard by now about the K-pop stan uprising; how a coalition of fandoms for the superstar South Korean boyband BTS mobilized to spam the Dallas police department’s snitching platform with pictures and videos of their idols and crashed it in a matter of hours. How these digital vigilantes then turned their efforts to the whitelivesmatter hashtag on Twitter, treating white supremacists to endless fancams of our beautiful boys body-rolling and crotch-thrusting their hearts out. And if you didn’t catch on then, there was no avoiding this new political reality by the time the BTS ARMY conspired with TikTok teen allies to bring down President Trump’s Tulsa rally. Politicians, from a jubilant Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to an aggrieved K.W. Miller, are hailing a new era in BTS -fueled leftist activism.

The mobilising power of the BTS ARMY BTS , the South Korean supergroup, is known for churning out hits and energising a growing global fan base. Queue the fan cams Who are these girls? heresmahhi