Blackwomensequalpayday, R29unbothered

Blackwomensequalpayday, R29unbothered

This Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, I Want To Be Paid What I’m Owed

It's 2021 and Black women *still* make just 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes 🤨 #BlackWomensEqualPayDay #R29Unbothered

8/3/2021 6:30:00 PM

It's 2021 and Black women *still* make just 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes 🤨 BlackWomensEqualPayDay R29Unbothered

On Black Women's Equal Pay Day, Black women shouldn’t need to have to prove that we deserve what we’ve worked for. Equal pay should be as simple as Rihanna’s lyrics: “pay me what you owe me.”

AdvertisementI recall my parents encouraging me to go straight from undergrad to grad school (which I did), because those with advanced degrees likely make more. As true as that may be, here’s another heart wrenching stat: the higher education obtained, the larger the gap. A Black woman, like me, with an advanced degree is set to face a 35 percent wage gap, compared to a Black woman with less than a high school diploma who’s set to face a 27 percent gap. As a recent grad who has only had internships, I don’t have much guidance on what’s a good starting salary and what’s not. Searching for my first job amid a pandemic has been far from easy, and the million-dollar question on my applications asks about salary. I’m not entirely sure what to ask for because I don’t want to appear greedy, but I also don’t want to lowball myself. 

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Upon graduating from Syracuse with my master’s, I planned to move to NYC and begin my journalism career. I found out I was a finalist for numerous jobs and fellowships in January, and by the time interviews were conducted, COVID-19 came with a vengeance. Jobs were no longer hiring or put on “an indefinite hold.” Now, as the job industry comes off its freeze, I wonder: “

Who am I to ask for a potentially outlandish salary when company XYZ has been losing over the last five-ish months?”and“If I can’t be paid for my talents, then should they really hire me?”I’m blindly stepping into the industry with those burdens in addition to being a Black woman who likely won’t get paid what she’s worth — or anything near her counterparts. And if I needed to ask for better pay,  how would I begin to properly address that with my superiors without appearing to be the “angry Black woman?” It feels almost impossible.

AdvertisementAttempting to have such a conversation reminds me of an episode of one of my favorite shows. On Read more: Refinery29 »

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It takes Black women 19 months to equal a white man's annual earningsBusiness Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know. Gtfo outt here with this BS man Such bullshit. Stop creating division where none exists I’m sure a white woman wrote this. Let’s compare them to white women and how white women earn more than black men🙃

Square Keeps Its Equal Sides With Afterpay DealHeard on the Street: The market already has voted approvingly of Square's deal to acquire Afterpay. Now Square has to make sure it can stay in shape and deliver the big results the market is expecting. good luck 人类新纳粹主义已来临,控制形为进尔摧毁自由意志,强制结种疫苗,法学疑罪从无被摧毁,人人有病了世界有病了。活在恐惧中,人类。把疫苗当上帝信仰,人类堕入魔道。众生有病,计划生育杀七月成人婴几亿,众孽因果,人类无人能逃,唯行善积德可减众孽因果之罪 For as much as Square paid for afterpay, maybe they'll be on afterpay plan themselves? 🤔

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Black women lose nearly $1M over a lifetime due to gender wage gap, data showsBlack women are typically paid only 63 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men, which means they have to work seven months into 2021, Aug. 3, to earn what white, non-Hispanic men made in 2020 alone. Not actually true Dear GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. , I've one more idea. CHAMELEONS ? You only created these chameleons. Could you please provide the same feature to human being also BLACK, WHITE & BROWN Color change based on the situation for American, African & Asian. GOD...R U getting my point ?

Black women make nearly $1 million less than white men during their careersBlack women are paid an average 63 cents for each dollar paid to non-Hispanic white men. In effect, they must work 579 days to make what white men earn in 365. acorns They have lower average IQ.