This bestselling blazer makes it easy to look dressed up while keeping comfortable

I can wear it with practically anything to dress up my look.

9/21/2021 4:42:00 PM

This bestselling blazer feels way more expensive than it actually is

I can wear it with practically anything to dress up my look.

Where I live, the period between late August and mid-September means that the mornings feel appallingly chilly, but by noon, the temperature is soaring. Layering is a must during this time of year, and this blazer is perfect for it. It can be worn over a light shirt at the beginning of the day to help keep you warm, taken off during a warm alfresco lunch and then throw on again for dinner when the temperature drops again.

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If you're worried about blazer fatigue this fall, you shouldn't be. Since it comes in 18 different colors (including neutrals, bold colors and colors that land somewhere in-between, like thisstyle), you can grab it in the styles that fit your wardrobe best to maximize multiple outfit combinations throughout the season. I know that's what I'll be doing!


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