World, Archbishop Wilton Gregory Poised To Become First African American Cardinal In Catholic History - Cn

World, Archbishop Wilton Gregory Poised To Become First African American Cardinal In Catholic History - Cn

This archbishop is about to become the first African American cardinal in Catholic history

This archbishop is about to become the first African American cardinal in Catholic history

11/27/2020 9:30:00 PM

This archbishop is about to become the first African American cardinal in Catholic history

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC, will make history Saturday afternoon at an installation ceremony in Rome.

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That pathetic that its taken this long. Usually, this headline would've made me very proud, but fuck the Catholic church and shame on them for all the atrocities they've committed against POC, gays and children throughout the their shady history And he's a true Christian not like majority of false prophets in the catholic church. He's one of the few who has come out and spoke against the false pos prophet Pontifex

LOL LOL now the gays are putting old black men in drag. PATHETIC! BeaReno A step in the right direction for quite a racist business. That fish hat should frighten you! Was he born in Africa and then became a United States citizen? 😆 glory be to God 🙏 So, what does that say about the Catholic Church? Politic everywhere. Show. Too much...

Who is that David Dinkins ? 2000yo religion, just now accepting black people? gumboqueen3030 This headline says all I need to know about the white man power structure of yet another grossly-wealthy stronghold of: The Catholic Church Pontifex White men: Opportunists CAPITALIZING on the woes of the weak with assistance from the man-written scripture of a tyrannical god

So? Not to be a jerk, or anything, but so what? The catholic church is evil. They've actively covered up the molestation and rape of countless victims. Sorry, but the catholic church needs to fade into irrelevance. Will he also be the first to not cover up cases of pedophilia? CatholicPedos wow. I had no idea. It took hundreds of years to find ONE qualified African-American?

is he a satanist too? Spoiler alert - the Catholic Church is still racist. Oh, and they also like to diddle kids. AmyConeyBarrett, why don’t you send one of your 8,000 kids to these guys? AmyCovidBarrett That's amazing if we're so much against racism why is this still news? He'll never be Pope No he is not! He isn’t a Christian , isn’t a Catholic and isn’t validly ordained nor consecrated

The church excludes... it doesn’t include He’s a heretic We're here & we're not following each other, na wetin we come gain nah?😳🤷‍♂ We still dey below 1k followers, oya make we grow 2geda!!!💪🤝 Follow me & watch d speed of light I'll use 2 follow back.. Pls alert once done incase of delayed fb!✌👍 Also on Instagram valscostuff

Pretty crazy there's never been one in all of catholicism history We dont recognize him His race does not matter. Is he called by God? Trumper’s and GOP heads must be exploding right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Will he become the first black Pope? Opps,the Romans won't allow. dumb ~ dumber poppies !!!! Seems like pity to me

He high as fuck! Well now the evangelicals are about to convince us the devil is good. Cause no way they are letting this happen lol Here to watch a bunch of non Catholics conflate “African American” with black Look at all these idiots reply ... Good for him. Is he going to help stop the rampant pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church? Or turn a blind eye like the Pope and the rest do?

He is the first black American cardinal. Not the first black man to be a cardinal. James Augustine Healy in 1854 was the first African-American Bishop(out of 5,000 bishops today only 200 on avg will ever get to be a Cardinal) this isn’t a race thing, this is an amazing accomplishment for ANY RACE!Very big deal!Congratulations Your Eminence! WashArchbishop

Goddamn that church racist af About time! Wonderful but it shouldn’t take this long to ordain a black archbishop and also I congratulate archbishop jesus has no color neither should an archbishop AprilDRyan Once again. Just like the vote, black men before women. AprilDRyan That’s a pretty poor record AprilDRyan 20 years late

AprilDRyan Amen Jesus Christ and Dio Is White no black ok. Fake China Network News CNN 🇨🇳 😂 US Civil disobedience should start because American votes were cancelled out by Chinese mail in ballots without voter signature confirmation. Demented Joe is not more popular than first black President Obama to get 10 million more votes

I wonder if he likes little boys too Why did I see him in the last hour pretending to be a woman Fort Worth.. Yeah, call me when we have the first *female* cardinal in the Catholic churchc. Until then, I am not going to congratulate an organization for being slighty less racist when it's still 100% misogynist.

Because it’s all about someone’s race that makes the story at CNN. Maybe you should give him his due and tout his experience and accomplishments. But that would mean you would have to do some actual work. INSANE!!!!! why has it taken this long So I love you Poppa 27/11/2020 | VIGÍLIA DE AVIVAMENTO | SÉRIE O ARREBATAMENTO DA IGREJA MegaWordVigil

Let’s see the first black pope! If I know something is that“I will never give up”Son👶🏽This is all for you & what is yours,I fight every day for all of this ends and we can have a normal,peaceful and loving life,I just need a bit of you now..whatever you do is everything 4US✊🏾❤️justice4noahisaacandamandagarcia

Not so strange being Jesus very well could've been a man of color 🛐 Clarification news network. We will expect clarification on this news soonest Well that only took 1400 years Omg only just?🤯 Yeah; next a black pope. Everything calculated these religious perverts Venham ouvir a voz do SENHOR nosso DEUS Não deixe para amanhã Amanhã pode ser muito tarde. MegaWordVigil

27/11/2020 | VIGÍLIA DE AVIVAMENTO | SÉRIE O ARREBATAMENTO DA IGREJA MegaWordVigil get ready for him to pass the collection plate around a lot... Wow! What took the Catholic church so long? They authorized slavery and the evidence suggests the said church systematically upholds it... If he becomes the Pope the end is near. Nostradamus.

I can't wait until we no longer have to read about 'Yay, the first ____!!!' So what? WOW Look at fools calling racism because one just now became something. Stop the card. Tired that play card bs is a black dont make it somewhere it's the white people fault foh . Cry baby shit gotta blame someone . Stop the shit nobody cares about that card anymore.

We are all one, there is nothing like discrimination in God. That is the power of unity If he's the first one in history wouldn't that mean the Catholic religion was never for Black people? 🤔