94-Year-Old Michigan Woman Traveled More Than 300 Miles Each Way Just So She Could Vote - Cnnpoliti

94-Year-Old Michigan Woman Traveled More Than 300 Miles Each Way Just So She Could Vote - Cnnpoliti

This 94-year-old traveled more than 300 miles each way just so she could vote

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10/24/2020 7:00:00 AM

When 94-year-old Mildred Madison didn't receive her absentee ballot, she insisted that she had to vote early and in-person instead. To make that happen, she needed her son to drive her more than 600 miles round trip.

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Mildred Madison insisted that she had to vote early and in person instead, but to make that happen, her son had to drive her more than 600 miles round trip.Madison, who lives in Detroit, has been staying with her son, Julian, in Zion, Illinois, since September 2019, when she wasn't feeling well. She decided to stay put when the pandemic happened, and requested a ballot be sent to Illinois, she said."I said I had better go back to Detroit and make sure that I vote," Madison told CNN Monday."I'm glad I did because I haven't seen a ballot yet."More on Voting

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So was it 600 miles or 300 miles? God bless Americans like this woman, people who are truly proud to be an American. Voter suppression Folks, Alabama is not even 300 miles wide. If this is indeed a true story (not CNN fake news), this is her own fault. 300 miles is like going from Huntsville to Montgomery. This is like driving through 10 counties to go vote. She should update her voter registration (if true).

This is fucking nuts. Whoever she voted for will win Wow that is really something Tons of admiration for Mildred Madison and her good son. But Tons of dunking on the garbage system that caused this BS. This is a direct result of Republican efforts to tamper with VotingRights and find insidious ways to enable VoterSuppression.

This is a terrible story If the mail looses your ballot, you can request a new one. Did she request an absentee ballot.....? If you’re a Trump supporter and/or Republican, is this your America? Are you proud or have you had enough? This is how great america is these days. Thank you so much! 47yrs of corruption. WHAT DID YOU DO FOR US JOE? He won nothing. Weak old man who has spent his entire life JOE NEVER WORKED A REAL JOB.

Congratulations and thank you for voting Thank you both 😍 That's amazing determination, but she should not have had to make that trip. So where there's a will...there is a way. 🤔 dystopianhellscape repackagedasfeelgood This is a horror story. She drove up hill... both ways too! I suspect she had to because of ignorance on how to vote by mail.

A proud American who loves her country and a son who loves his mother enough to do this with her! Everyone should be exercising their right to vote. Democracy isn't easy...you need make it work your vote is your voice in changes You want to see. Don't vote...don't get heard! Obviously this could have been avoided.

This is a travesty. Google 'Tony Bobulinski' Unbelievably sad that there is this much voter repression. No Twitter fact check? Mail in ballots are safe and reliable. This news is disinformation campaign Do you know why? Because most Americans have awakened and do not want to be deceived by the leftist media and the Democratic Party represented by CNN!

Whos fault is that? Obama biden in 8 years could have done something about that? Pathetic cnn Voter suppression in another Democratic State. They should never ever be able to do this again to the American voters An American hero👏 💖 This is so amazing. In a supposed “first world” country this should never happen.

❤ Hats off to her! If she could do it, so can you, VOTE!! So she broke residency laws. That is highly commendable and a dog gone shame she had to make that trip. Those who suppress voters should be ashamed. This year looks like movie reels out of the 1950's and 1960's. I’m from a third world country, I mean one of the poorest country on earth but I get to vote in my country election in America! Voting shouldn’t be longer than walking in & out of Dunkin’ Donuts. But hey, it’s a design, they want it like that.

A story on this 10 days from the election but not one story about the corrupt Biden scandal? Laptop is confirmed real by FBI. Do your own research When will Nigerians go this length to exercise their franchises. hope this helps هذا المسلسل في جميع انتخابات العالم هههههههه...أين عربة المعاق ...وعصي المبتور..وسرير المشلول المكسح هههههه الذين ضحو بأمراضهم من أجل الانتخاب .. الذي لم يقام إلا بتضحياتهم المستحيلة ههههه. دنيا فانية

NoExcuses is that real? 😮 visit my profile 3 ❤️😍 Unbelievable Respect. Mildred is a hero and true patriot... Makes me wonder...... who she eager to choose🤔 Not all heroes wear capes Once again our country failed her and many more I bet. bless her. What a great republican. Only republicans would do that. Passion

Come on by and just relax! :) Dump Trump!!! BIDEN/HARRIS2020!!! MegaLiveVigil 마태복음(마) 13장 1. 그 날에 예수께서 집에서 나가사 바닷가에 앉으시매 1. That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. wtf is this shit GreatDismal This is NOT a feel-good story That's the spirit. Everyone should learn from her to vote in person. 👍👍👍👍

That must have been one hell of a sled dog trip For hours, I’ve been warning that we only have minutes left Bless her and our shame that she had to do it that way. Trust the postal service, people. Fucking ridiculous Why should a woman her age have to do this, especially one so politically active? Can you spell racism? I knew you could.

Instead of tackling issues you want to post sentimental posts that effect people emotions then the actual problems and win people over by feelings instead of true fact. Congrats on her voting but you can’t post factual stories that matter but instead tackle the fear of people! She voted for Trump. In many senior centers, Ballots of senior citizens are filled by some Devil-minded. The great country is facing the greatest challenge since 1860. CNN lost all the dignity of a media last 28 years. Why does CNN shy away from The BIG GUY BIDEN and Hunter ?

I MUST GET MY TONGUE IN THIS I call bullshit The Question is who did get the ballot, someone did. Smfh.. stop lying damn This woman is a hero. Bless her heart. When Nigerian Leaders failed to listen to the youths in state of unemployment, hunger, bad roads, no lights anywhere, no water, etc. Then Youths unveil their anger. Friends, see what is happening in Nigeria

Now that's the American Spirit! Something that's been lacking the last 4yrs. ProjectLincoln Acosta chrislhayes Bless you Mildred💕 Golly! I hope she voted for Biden! That's a good son We don’t believe you anymore! Real patriot Is that Joe Biden in a wig? Would be very cnn if so Her vote won’t matter.......waste of time

I hope at 94 I have that much energy to still vote! Proof everybody can drive, walk, or ride to a voting station. Sounds like someone that didnt plan life at all. Did she vote for realDonaldTrump Yo that's not a feel good story that's a failure of democracy This election is going to be a landslide and no one even likes Biden. That just goes to show you how much America hates Nazis.

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Man found with van carrying guns and explosives planned Joe Biden assassination, court records sayAlexander Hillel Treisman traveled to within four miles of the former Vice President Biden's home in Delaware in May, around the same time he had bought an AR-15 rifle. Let this simpleton see the cell. Dog that is not barking: howmany of these went unreported in the media for Obama, Bush, or any other polarizing governor figure? Can’t wait for Trump to say he was a good guy ! Ridiculous!!