This 9-Year-Old Was Denied School Lunch On His Birthday. Now The District İs Making Changes - Cnn

This 9-Year-Old Was Denied School Lunch On His Birthday. Now The District İs Making Changes - Cnn

This 9-year-old was denied lunch on his birthday at school. Now the district is making changes

A boy from Ohio had the 'worst birthday ever' after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account.


A boy from Ohio had the 'worst birthday ever' after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account. His grandmother says it all happened on his ninth birthday, in front of other students in the lunch line, because of a $9 debt.

A boy from Ohio had the 'worst birthday ever' after his school lunch was taken away because of an unpaid balance on his account.

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Liberal indoctrinating centers And? If you dont pay your bills.... Lunch meals are so important kids take it for granted. We need to make them aware of the joy of sitting down and using this time to eat and realize it’s richness My school refuses to let me send healthy snacks to school for my child but uses extortion to force us to buy unhealthy snacks from concessions.

I wld have been fired because I wld have given the kid food no matter what. Having said that, parents it is ur responsibility to know what ur kid is going to eat for lunch. If $9 is so, little then why not pay it? U need to stay on top of that. Bet the cellphone bill was paid. What joke Maybe they should pay the bill. Nothing is for free in this country you pay your way. No free bees

AMERICA, the free world country! There are no free lunches. Also, his parents are shitty. ofc it’s some lil white kid. glad the district is making changes, but why can’t all school districts do that? My gosh this school acts just like cnn no heart!!

Ohio school district updates policy after child denied lunch due to debt\n\nAn Ohio woman said her grandson’s lunch was 'taken away' because of an outstanding cafeteria balance of $9. Once again, I read the comments and am worse off for it. The lack of compassion among administrators charged with looking out for the well-being of children is disgusting. I would be UNLEASHED if that was my kid...

How can you deny food to a kid? Even if the parents didnt pay! Oh Lord, we're really lost! Mid day meal/ lunch should be free for every student n every school...all students...every kids deserves it... Pretty interesting how many folks in the comments justify doing something fucked up to a kid to learn him because his parents didn’t uphold some perceived part of the social contract. You all sure like to create fucked up humans.

All school lunches should be at no extra charge in American public schools. They gave him a slice of cheese and some bread instead of some yummy cheesy bread sticks. He owed 9 bucks, tough luck son! Good grief, feed the kids ! If they can’t pay, set up a go fund me account for disadvantage kids . Some kind of fund raiser.

You learn inhuman treatment straight from the school. Actually that is an outright lie CNN. He was given an alternate lunch. Why do you constantly lie to make the story somehow even worse? It takes every single bit of credibility away. Why can't you just do your job and report the truth? The whole truth. And nothing but the truth?

Ok 1)He did receive a lunch 2)What does it being his birthday have to do with anything? Is it impossible for CNN to make an honest headline?

9-year-old student's hot lunch is taken away over a $9.75 unpaid balance, grandmother saysThe Ohio boy was given a cheese sandwich to eat instead. The incident happened on his birthday, his grandmother said. monsters This is so terrible. Karma is a bit** What kind of a person takes food from a kid?

This is Ali. If he s lucky he can eat a meal once every two days Trump and Radical Republicans gave TRILLIONS of dollars in tax cuts to millionaires, billionaires, and Corporations run by millionaires and billionaires. Something's wrong with our country when Poor and Working Class Americans are denied benefits!!!!!!

That’s just stupid and sad. What’s this world coming to? i am disgusted. wtf. If State of Mississippi can provide free lunches to students any State in the US can. Wow nice of him no child left behind This little guy makes me smile. Public education sucks at everything. Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

Ohio school takes lunch away from boy on his 9th birthday over account balance'We have spoken with our cafeteria staff already about how to handle things, maybe differently,' the school principal said. Simply cruel! What school is this? Ayn Rand Elementary? You'd think one of the teachers would've paid for the child. It was only 9 bucks.. pulte can we get this kid some lunch money... for like the whole year?

it's hell being poor in this world.....poor little dude. All This BS is UNCALLED For. If YOU Favor 'FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION' as 'Horace Mann', The Father of 'Free Public Education' Proposed in MA in 1837, The goddamn LUNCH SHOULD COME WITH IT. Who and For What Reason Would ANYBODY Oppose That? Absolutely zero reasons for this to ever happen.

What are the consequences of ignoring overdue bills? Hey BS artists, Remember when the lying left (you) swore up and down 'no one is going to take your guns' We don't want to take your guns. realDonaldTrump is lying to, America when he says the Democrats want to 'take your guns?' Now, do us all a favor and STFU! BastaBaby

Thank you CNN!! The issue has been resolved and the school officials made sure of it. And will never happen again. Racism! AashishKhetan Besharamo de lo,,gaaliya de lo,,or hamare yogi sarkar ka kya,jis me bacho ko namak roti diya jata hai.bjp Cong are both same...🤨👊,, A child should never be denied a meal, birthday or no birthday!

Did Mrs Grundy move from high school to elementary school?

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Not his fault parents don't pay. Not like it was $100 bucks. Geesh! I can manage to help on this $9. Really? The war on the poor is truly trickle down economics..shameful! Billionaires pay zero taxes but a kid in America can’t eat because he owes $10..which, )if they are anything like my kids school) could be WRONG. Who denies a child in a PUBLIC SCHOOL a MEAL?

I dont care what debt he incurs or any other child. You feed them the same as you would your child. Shame on the district for this. I'll gladly pay any child's lunch, and I know plenty of others whom would do the same. Shameful This happens way too much. Have a debt, no real lunch for you. Instead you get a shit 'meal'. Whoever's in charge of these things, in every school, needs to be fired and seek help. Their unnaturally obsessed with money.

that's right. blame the kids. I can guarantee you those lunches have little value in the first place so how could they possibly make it cheaper. who has the heart to give a less nutritious meal to a child because he is short on money This crazy bullshit is ridiculous. It should be in the school budget that allids eat lunch. Bill the parents if needed, but don't deny the kid lunch. Geez, people. Why aren't teachers on top of this? Stand up for the damn kid. Demand lunch for him.

Despicable. The dude owed $9. I wouldn’t give him lunch either. That’s like 5 lunches the kid hasn’t paid for. Dude needs to pay up.

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Why is this national news? This literally happens every day in several states... How can I (we) contribute? I would love to donate to a fund that covers his lunches thru high school AND throws him the most amazing birthday party imaginable! Maybe at DisneyStudios Disney Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

I am sad to be an American. We used to care for each other but now we take joy in depriving children as if it was their fault. Fuck the rich, greedy shits that run this cuntry. I wish them all the bad that they deserve. This tugs at my heart strings but I’m so done with government school man. Privatize school or else every kid needs to eat for free.

What kind of school is this? “Green Primary School in Uniontown, Ohio” Green Local Schools you are a disgrace. $9. Let me say it again. $9. Disgraceful. That should never have happened. Who cares? That’s what happens when you vote republican. Can we please stop doing this to children?

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This is the kind of shit that makes me wanna scream and throw things at people. That boy got “niggarized”. You’re now black, kid. Welcome to the brotherhood These stories are ridiculous. Fund the darn lunches from general funding. Or how about we do the entire process that way. No payment, the child isn't allowed to go into a particular class. No payment, no access to bathrooms. We are not bright people.

EllenFans This stuff has to stop Way to go america Stay classy everyone. Thank you Democrats. You feed and shelter the illegal aliens, but American children you ignore. Great work! 🖕🖕🖕👹👹👹 What have we become? Horrible, cruel How do you penalize a hungry child for his parent's debt? I don't get that at all. America is fukked up.

And they want to to give free college? You'd have to fire me. There is no way I could take food away from a child. Or I would have just paid the $9 myself. What is wrong with people? A damn shame Read the entire article before judging. Tough break but a debts a debt Wtf These stories are an embarrassment to our country. Seriously how much money wpuld it cost to provide lunch to every student in America? Trump is always bragging about how rich he is so why don't him and his rich buddies toss in on this?

I’m glad they made it right ♥️ Poor boy 😢 Go to U of M. They’ll feed ya No money for lunch, lots of money by selling weapons of destruction to stupid countries. Where is that money going? Into the gullets of the Corporate Rich.

Perfect case for free birth control paid by the taxes. Why have kids when you don't care about them and then blame the school? Wow! this are news? what an untroubled nation you are. 👏 there are lot of children dying with bombs in the world but dont mind have a nice day. No one is accountable for ANYTHING anymore. It’s always some one else’s fault. I didn’t pay my lunch bill but it’s YOUR FAULT my kid didn’t eat... foh

dont blame anyone except mom for not paying her 9$ debt, articles like this are made to make others look bad, instead of going to the source of the problem, others parents pay their own tabs this isn't news... This is trolling. Pls don't spread suchlike news, Indian private schools are fast to copy these trends from the west.

Trillions on war and USA cannot feed a child.. Brilliant.....absolute idiots Harryslaststand Disgusting way for an education system to treat a child. There are shortfalls in contributions in the UK too, but in Wales, UK teachers/schools would ensure that no child would go without. Even if it means it comes from the pockets of the school staff.

Shocked but simple minds...

This breaks my heart; no child should go hungry Fire the lunch lady to pity... it’s 9th birthday. I would of given him the lunch plus extra . Happy Birthday little man..sorry for this bull shit. Ya gotta pay the bills!!! Shame on all involved. Making this boy feel embarrassed when he has no control over the situation. Hope they make it right and apologize to him in front of the students and show him kindness and respect. It would be a great teachable moment especially given it’s a school!

Poor child! I’ll pay the $9! What is his parents ?!?! Scared for life Crazy a American child has a ' School Lunch debt' DeplorableOhio He will live. He was given food. If his grandma didn’t know he had debt, it’s because he had already been allowed to charge his account. At some point they have to have a cut off.

Lil man, I know your birthday started off bad, but I hope you had an amazing day regardless!! I think you’re awesome and you didn’t do a thing wrong!! Everyone join me in wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

were there elections today? ROTFL What school doesn’t give kids a free lunch on there birthday! That’s just sad 😔 I am sick of hearing these school lunch stories. Just make lunch a provided benefit of our school system. Starting those life lessons early Thanks Trump At least his birthday isn't valentines day like mine. I can't go anywhere without seeing awkward couples and lame dudes all doing the exact same shit. People are straight up robots on my birthday. It is the zombie apocalypse...

This is SOOO Wrong!!! If we can feed criminals in prison then why can’t we feed the children in school? Maybe take a meal away from them and give it to our future! And this headline is false. Unfortunately this happens across the country. In our area we have a group of people that each of us go to the neighborhood elementary school and anonymously pay off one childs lunch debt. I encourage others to do the same until this issue is solved in our public schools.

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