This 69-year-old physics professor's extra demonstrations for his class have won our hearts

'My job is to get kids excited about science and to give them confidence.'


'The world is a wondrous place and it’s all understandable with mathematics and physics.'

'My job is to get kids excited about science and to give them confidence.'

One of Wright's students, Erica Church, a sophomore at Tidewater Community College, posted the video on Twitter Wednesday. It now has more than eight million views and counting.

Church said she took the Elements of Physics class with her best friend Kierra Brothers after reading good reviews of Wright's class. The friends took videos of Wright's experiments throughout the semester because they couldn't believe all he was doing to make sure they learned about physics.

Wright said the students in his physics classes are typically taking the class as a prerequisite -- meaning they are not physics majors -- so he wants to make sure they understand and can apply physics concepts.

Professor David Wright performs an experiment in a physics class at Tidewater Community College in Virginia.

Wright, named Tidewater Community College's professor of the year in 2017, was described by a college spokesperson as getting"more passionate and energetic with the years."

"The best education does not have to come from a four-year university and I think it’s really important for people to see that," said Church."I want him Dr. Wright to get the attention he deserves because he is an amazing professor."

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LInfluenster if you need logo eport..just klick this link on This is awesome, as physics actually lies as a foundation of creation of life itself. carmelsupt This is Mr. Hildenbrand in 25 years I had a high school physics teacher just like this. Loved going to his class. Great attitude, always positive toward us, explained/demonstrated in ways we could 'see' and understand. He took the time to help us learn. Thank you, Mr. McCracken!!!

Sebastian0031 Where the hell was he when I was taking physics. What a borefest. Give that gentleman, Professor of the Year Award. Thank you Teachers for all that you do! Beautiful story - Teachers inspiring kids - We owe a big thank you to all teachers! HE IS PRACTICAL DOING IT MAKES A BETTER MEMORY We need more humans like him!

Hmmm amazingly interesting practical exercise which serves as a motivation for the students and those who want to take physics as a professional subject. Keep up the spirit and pace professor and may the good Lord continue to guide, bless and protect you.

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GREAT, GREAT. SINCERELY MS. GARY lovely professor👏 You can teach them and what you get out is sarcasm The lecture presentation together w the experiments should best be probably documented & be shown on YouTube to benefit more students around the world. Thank you Professor! Teachers like this change the world.

I don’t understand why the age of the person matters. It’s not as if he’s antediluvian. Clear cut case of ageism. That’s marvelous! SlavaVK I do appreciate those physics professors practices because they help students for definitely mastering their courses. Physics are a branch, a discipline which require more attention in order to avoid damageable failures. Practice makes perfect.


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