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This 34-year-old paid off $81,000 in student debt, but not before it took a toll on her mental health

‘We need to make sure college students have access to financial education.’


Roughly a quarter of millennials say their student loans keep them up at night, research shows

‘We need to make sure college students have access to financial education.’

“I was panicking,” Lockert said. “I had done everything millennials were told to do. I had gotten a master’s degree and gone to a prestigious school.”

“I didn’t make a bad decision per se. I went to a good school. But at that point, I felt so aimless,” she said.

Individuals in the study who reported what the researchers defined as “good financial behaviors,” including “tracking monthly expenses, spending within a budget, responsible borrowing, saving, and investing,” were less likely to experience depression after college.

But those who “manage their money well” can often do so because they have less debt, Katherine Keyes, an associate professor of epidemiology at Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health, told MarketWatch.

Mental-health troubles can make life more expensive To manage the depression and anxiety surrounding her student debt, Lockert began going to therapy in Portland.

‘I made my last payment in December 2015’ While struggling to pay off her debt and working temp jobs seven days a week, Lockert started a blog titled Dear Debt in 2013 to document her journey. “I didn’t find anyone talking about mental health or emotions related to debt, and I felt alone,” she said.

Her first year freelancing full-time, she brought in $60,000 and was beginning to pay off her debt.

“I finally had time to see friends again. I wasn’t working seven days a week anymore. I went to Italy with my mom, and I moved to LA,” she said. “It was so exciting.”

“Though mental health itself is getting more attention, the intersection of debt and mental health is still not discussed widely,” she said. “I get many people Googling GOOGL, +1.80% GOOG, +1.77% ‘I want to kill myself because of debt’ and finding my blog.”

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This trauma caused by debt will be a positive thing. These youngsters will never fly headlong into debt in the future. They might even learn to live without it and (gulp) save. Awake in parents basement? It’s an age thing. They will need viagra soon...

34% of economists in survey expect a US recession in 2021WASHINGTON (AP) — A number of U.S. business economists appear sufficiently concerned about the risks of some of President Donald Trump's economic policies that they expect a recession in the U.S.... Bummer. Trump will probably get re-elected if it’s not sooner and will destroy the economy with his insanity. Can you imagine if this shit show took office in 2008? We are already in recession. 2021 🤔 How is this a headline?

Around 34 percent of surveyed economists expect US recession in 2021The financial markets signalled the possibility of a US recession last week, adding to concerns over ongoing trade tensions and word from Britain and Germany that their economies are shrinking.

How to Pay Off Debt and Take Control of Your MoneyHi! I'm Rena! Pronounced /`ree-nuh/. I'm a 49-year-old wife, mom, and grandmother & I love to help women just like you create an online business by connecting the technology needed to make that business successful saving you time & money!

Economists not convinced student debt forgiveness would be a positive for the economy, survey findsAn estimated 45 million people in the United States collectively hold about $1.6 trillion in student loans. What about the fairness of someone making the choice of trade school or someone working during college to keep debt down? That’s not the only reason to do it It might just be positive for those burdened by the debt, ya think?

Four Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health When Running a Business49% of entrepreneurs reported having at least one mental health condition.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Reportedly “Hurting” But Not Ready to Give Up On ReconciliationIt’s not over until it’s over.

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