This 23-Year-Old Makeup Artist Transforms Herself Into Celebrity Lookalikes, And It'll Have You Seeing Double

'You look more like Khloé than Khloé.'

8/4/2021 5:20:00 AM

'You look more like Khloé than Khloé.'

'You look more like Khloé than Khloé.'

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This company is making AI robots to help farmers - CNN Video

UK start-up Small Robot Company is bringing autonomous farming to life with robots that can identify and precisely kill weeds in cropland.

tell me more We all really supposed to believe she isn’t OJs kid?

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share The Clean Beauty Brands They Swear ByAs people become more conscious of what they they put in and on their bodies, companies are getting better at creating clean products that don’t sacrifice quality and aesthetic. The makeup in…

Amazon Denied a Worker Pregnancy Accommodations. Then She Miscarried.'It is impossible to know whether working at Amazon caused Hernandez to miscarry, but persistent occupational stress and night shifts increase risk for miscarriage, according to medical literature.'

Simone Biles Will Compete in Balance Beam Final at Tokyo OlympicsThe 24-year-old gymnast will make a high-stakes return to competition a week after she pulled herself out of competition because she didn’t feel mentally able to compete safely. Wow what a miracle recovery for a mental health issue 🙄 So propaganda is out, sport is in. TREAT YOURSELF TO A MAJOR FOODGASM WITH THIS SENSUAL CHOCOLATE DESSERT! Click the LINK BELOW for full recipe YouTuber SmallYouTuber YouTube foodgasm foodie

Chika And Calvin Klein Make Pride Partying A Year-Round CelebrationThe 24-year-old rapper talks with NYLON about why Pride should be celebrated past June, and how the music industry can better support artists' mental health.

Editorial: A Sort of Fairytale — NORDIC STYLE MAGNEW EDITORIAL: A Sort of Fairytale 🧚‍♂️ Photographer: Linda Andersson Stylist and Fashion Designer: Rita Roslin Makeup Artist: Josephine Golan Hair Stylist: Annie Ankervik Models: Hiyab and Tilde fashioneditorial beautyeditorial haireditorial

A slice of history: You can now buy a piece of Princess Diana’s wedding cakeIt's estimated that a single slice of the 40-year-old cake will sell for $277 to $416. 'Do you know what happens to a butter-based frosting after six decades in a poorly ventilated English basement?' Better hope Elaine doesn't eat it before you can have it.