This 2-Year-Old Made a Hangout Spot Inside an Empty Cabinet, and Snacks Were Involved!

OMG, how clever! 🙌

11/25/2020 7:39:00 PM

OMG, how clever! 🙌

Two-year-old Noah Walker made himself a pretty cozy setup inside an empty basement cabinet, and yes, he brought his iPad and snacks! See the full video.

, and frankly, we wish we were small enough to do this ourselves!"Ok you know what? Enough is enough 🥴😂 an iPad, crackers and coloring book?" she wrote."Oh and don't forget the blankets for comfort 😭.... Cabinet in the basement though? Y'all come get this baby. I'm tired."

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Related:Naturally, his facial expression upon being discovered is absolutely everything. We commend Noah on his imaginative digs and can't get enough of his deadpan response to the interruption. What a cutie! Read more: POPSUGAR Family »

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