This 12-year-old is a sophomore aerospace engineering major in college

This 12-year-old is a sophomore aerospace engineering major in college. - @TODAYshow

9/26/2020 12:00:00 PM

This 12-year-old is a sophomore aerospace engineering major in college. - TODAYshow

A 12-year-old from Georgia is already a college sophomore who plans on finishing his degree by 14 before moving to a four-year college.

from before he could even speak, learning sign language, reading the U.S. Constitution as a 2-year-old, qualifying for the high IQ society MENSA a year later, and learning to speak Spanish, French and Mandarin, according to his parents."As we started to interact with other parents, and had other children, then we started to realize how exceptional this experience was, because we had no other frame of reference," his father, Kobi, told WXIA.

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The couple also have two other children, Aaron and Hannah, who are also gifted. Joining MENSA at age five, his family said they were told he was the youngest African-American boy to ever be accepted to the program."I think people have a negative perspective when it comes to African-American boys," Claire said."There are many other Calebs out there. From being a teacher, I really believe that. But they don’t have the opportunity or the resources."

Due to his age, Caleb’s dad has to chaperon him on campus, but he isn't helping him with his studies. Read more: NBC News »

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TODAYshow Bless him! 💙 TODAYshow NBC NEWS. THIS YOUNG SMART YOUNG MAN IS THE SON I NEVER HAD!(SMILE) . EVERYONE. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL SMART CHILD. SINCERELY SHELLIE GARY. EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY. PLEASE PRAY. (SMILE)!! FilmTVDiversity TODAYshow He got the world on his shoulders TODAYshow This is why we need to kick Donald Trump out of office, and reform our criminal justice system and troubled police agencies. Kids like this are our future and will make our country great again...there could be more kids like this if we want it.

TODAYshow Do prodigies fade away by middle age, or do their talents continue on? I read a few years ago that few scientists or mathematicians make major contributions in middle age and beyond. ? TODAYshow But systematic racism or something.. TODAYshow Awesome! Hopefully he doesn’t get wrapped up in democraps politics and get ruined.

TODAYshow You think Donald Trump hated Barack Obama, wait 'til he hears about this kid TODAYshow Awsome Em_I_Am TODAYshow That's Awesome TODAYshow I pray to God they don't snuff out his young life as that has happened to many Black boys🙏😔💔😭 TODAYshow Confirmation that Black people are inferior to no one,the developmental suppression towards Black people is a concerted effort by white man all over the world, here in SA,Verwoerd offered an inferior education for a Black child, for us to work as an unskilled labour

TODAYshow Awesome TODAYshow Shine brightly!!! TODAYshow Way to go kiddo! TODAYshow Shoot when I was twelve, I’d just learned how tie my own shoelaces. TODAYshow Imagine all the other gifted black children that would never get the chance like this one has due to government enforced poverty and a deep hate towards black people from racist whites or whites who don't want blacks to succeed

TODAYshow That's awesome. TODAYshow I love this story so much. Both my husband and youngest son are Aerospace Engineers. TODAYshow ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 TODAYshow Impressive! TODAYshow Love this!! TODAYshow I love his smile!! So adorable bright young man! TODAYshow Me at 12: TODAYshow Cute smarty pants! TODAYshow Lebron James KingJames lakers

Americanist4u TODAYshow thx for making me feel worse than i already do. Americanist4u TODAYshow 🤣 TODAYshow Beautiful. 💙🙏🏼 Happy to see more engineers out there too. STEM TODAYshow You Go Young Man....You Are Making Us Proud To See You Doing You. Angel2daMax TODAYshow So already smarter and more accomplished than the entire GOP, voters included.

TODAYshow Wow! Makes me wonder if we didn’t push our kids hard enough. Just high school classes for our 12 year old and college classes for our high schooler. TODAYshow Perhaps the future inventor of the Hyperdrive Motivator? TODAYshow You go girl 🥰 TODAYshow God is wonderful 👏 🙏 🙌 I bow for His love and mercy on us.What a genius indeed!

TODAYshow Implicit racism NBC - this wouldn't be a story if the kid was Chinese TODAYshow Way to go little man. TODAYshow Welldone boy 👏👏👏👏 TODAYshow Go Caleb! TODAYshow Maybe Boeing $BA should hire him. TODAYshow What a dunk on Antifa & BLM activists! TODAYshow What an amazing young lad. There’s hope for humans

TODAYshow He will probably land on Mars before he gets to second base. TODAYshow Well done! TODAYshow Impossible TODAYshow He’s either the next astronaut or our future POTUS. TODAYshow Parabéns!!🇧🇷 TODAYshow TODAYshow And its fantastic to see a smart child on their way to success in America. TODAYshow Wow!!! Congratulations!!!!!

TODAYshow Bless his sweet little heart. He looks so intelligent.. TODAYshow 🙏🙏🙏 TODAYshow I love it!!! CaribeDevine TODAYshow 👍👊 TODAYshow Karinainspace TODAYshow He has to be light years smarter than any Trump supporter, member of the Trump administration & Republican party. The average IQ of a trumpster doesn't hold a candle to this 12-year-old's intelligence.

edengodbee TODAYshow A GREAT MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WAIST!! TODAYshow Excellent. I hope she also gets lots of time to just be a 12-year-old kid playing with other kids. She has only one childhood but lots of time to keep accelerating in her studies.❤️🌻 TODAYshow Wow ! TODAYshow What an unkind thing to do to a child.

TODAYshow Tamir Rice was also 12 years old TODAYshow TODAYshow Oh~ That great 👍👍😁 TODAYshow You never can tell where on the planet the few exceptional intelligence can fall. AI will help also find them in the future so their talent and time is not wasted by the lottery ticket of birth. TODAYshow Come on man! Trying to feel good about my accomplishments and then I read this stuff! 12 years old my talent was the ability to beat Super Mario 3. However go on with your bad self!

TODAYshow The next Ben Carson. TODAYshow to infinity strike and /strike before fifteen! 3 TODAYshow Dang. What’s it like Caleb? 🏆🥇 TODAYshow Einstein Prodigy! TODAYshow Next up: '12-year-olds are smart enought to make their own sexual decisions. Cuties is the future' TODAYshow TODAYshow Wow!!!! Absolutely fantastic and incredible!

TODAYshow Awesome! Fix the world that we all buggered up young, dear soul! TODAYshow Wow, look how racist America is! TODAYshow We could use more heroes like this one certainly, but simple people, doing simple things are needed as well. TODAYshow Wow, a genius 😳

Pac-12 football season to kick off in NovemberThe Pac-12 set a Nov. 6 start date Thursday for a seven-game football season, following the Big Ten in overturning an August decision to postpone until spring because of concerns about playing through the pandemic. They look like complete clowns.

Pac-12 reverses course on fall football, now plans to resume gridiron action in 2020The West Coast alliance of college athletics now says it's safe to play after calling off games just six weeks ago due to coronavirus. The science has changed? WOW? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$/ Stupid. Only will aid and abet the virus, and put many more people unnecessarily at risk. So stupid.

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A nightmare comes true for 12 Hong Kongers arrested at sea, now in Chinese detentionWhat sparked Hong Kong's mass protests last year — fear of extradition to mainland China — has become a dark reality for 12 Hong Kong families. It just shows how bad the tyranny is Coward Trump allowed this to happen. Any other American President would have told China you are not taking over Hong Kong. Just another Trump failure