World, Animals Make Social Distancing Look Like İt's Second Nature - Cnn

World, Animals Make Social Distancing Look Like İt's Second Nature - Cnn

Think social distancing is hard? For these animals, it's second nature

These animals have learned to social distance when one of their own is sick.

8/2/2020 7:00:00 AM

Exposed to a sick American bullfrog tadpole, a healthy tadpole will do its best to stay away. Garden ants and even lobsters also know to stay away when one of their own is sick. These animals are better at social distancing than we are.

These animals have learned to social distance when one of their own is sick.

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They also don’t have any advanced cognitive ability and rely solely on instinct, kind of like They also have no empathy or need to work!!! Selfish sucks They also expel or kill those among them with mutations or other norm deviating characteristics. That's because they are not exposed to the political bs peddled by certain accounts on social media.

Of course! Humans are so selfish and smug! We don't realize it's not about only us it's about staying healthy by doing the right thing and staying home! Animals.dont care about conspiracies. Only stupid humans! Why don’t you report on Maxwell’s papers? Oooh, I see. Your ever-decreasing ratings makes sense now!! 😬🤣🤡

You know what cnn and TheDemocrats are ESPECIALLY good at? Taking Fauci’s word hydroxichloroquin doesn’t work without evidence showing such WHEN THE ACTUAL CASES SHOW OTHERWISE And hiding the cure! Thank God for realDonaldTrump 2020 Stupid analogy. Where’s the Bill Clinton story? おたまじゃくし❤️ It don’t matter if you use a mask. I’ve been doing science for years. Again it’s call bacteria 🤨

I guess we need to stop the protesting and rioting then. Staying away from someone who’s sick is not NEW what the fuck are you reporting this for ?

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