Bob Good, Covid-19, Mask Mandates

Bob Good, Covid-19

'They Can't Stop Everyone': GOP Congressman Dangerously Encourages Kids to Defy Statewide School Mask Mandate

'They can’t stop everyone': GOP Congressman Encourages Kids to Defy Statewide School Mask Mandate

10/17/2021 3:29:00 AM

'They can’t stop everyone': GOP Congressman Encourages Kids to Defy Statewide School Mask Mandate

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) spread anti-vaxx lies and other Covid-19 information while speaking to a high school government class

of Covid-19.)Good’s timing in encouraging students to unmask is not great, as Rappahannock County schools have been experiencing a recent spike in Covid cases. Twelve students and two staffers had the virus, and another 56 students and staff members were under quarantine. Good’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from

Rolling Stoneregarding his remarks.Rappahannock County High School Principal Carlos Seward attended the event and felt that Good “reflected his own values,” the paper wrote.“Being able to expose students to different worldviews is important on both sides,” he told the

Rappahannock News. “We don’t endorse one way or the other.”The county superintendent, Dr. Shannon Grimsley, said in a statement to the Newsthat Good’s address “was within the context of a small group of government students. Students were able to ask questions and see how one elected official viewed some of the current issues.” Good was invited to speak by the class’ teacher, Tim Stockdale.

“The students, under the carefully propitious and contemplative tutelage of Mr. Stockdale, were then able to unpack the ideas and insights of the Congressman against the backdrop of current laws, processes, and complexities that exist among the different levels of government,” Grimsley said.

In addition to Covid misinformation, Good spewed anti-abortion “life begins at conception” views, saying he would like to end abortion everywhere, and warned the students about non-faith-based colleges and universities that he said are “dominated by the left” and “try and change what you believe.” He also railed against Critical Race Theory, which the paper reported is not taught in Rappahannock Schools. Regardless, Good said he wants video cameras in classrooms so parents can monitor what is being taught.

Good is so staunch in his refusal to follow evidence-based public health guidance that he forced a last-minute venue change. The talk was originally scheduled to take place in the school’s auditorium, but Good refused to wear a mask, so it was relocated to the football stadium instead.

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trump turned over a rock and they all slithered out. Kids don’t need masks The party of small government forcing women to have babies and no one sees the fucking hypocrisy in what they claim against their actual actions. The kids seemed aware that the town loon was in their midst. Nothing like encouraging mob violence

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