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These Women Comedians' Responses to the Pandemic Offer Some Much Needed Laughter

These women have found the perfect ways to make us laugh during these trying times.

5/23/2020 7:50:00 PM

These women have found the perfect ways to make us laugh during these trying times.

Laughter really is the best medicine, and these women have found the perfect ways to make us laugh during these trying times.

1. Rita BrentWhen Donald Trump publicly stated that we should all go ahead and swallow some disinfectant to combat the coronavirus, you almost had to laugh. Well, and then seriously worry for the fate of our country and humanity at large. YouTube comedian Rita Brents took the opportunity to make a sketch about the situation that will have you cracking up all over again. The President really did try “Jim Jones us” all, huh?

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2. The Juice MediaKnown for their “Honest Government Ads,” the Juice Media created a hilarious parody of a word from the government early on in the pandemic. Although the situation has become significantly more dire than when the video was initially released, one might say this video aged incredibly well. In fact, it seems that the level of “Dumb-fuckery” exhibited by some folks around the globe has only heightened.

3. Lilly SinghIt was no surprise that YouTube sketch artist and talk-show host Lilly Singh was going to come up with some pretty great comedy in the era of Covid-19. Like this video she made back at the very beginning of this whole mess which still perfectly describes the different kinds of people during a pandemic.

Or this spoof of Love Island, Love Is Blind and every other cheesy reality show we’ve all be guilt watching during quarantine.Or this sketch which even aired at Only World Together At Home it was so accurate. The moral of the story is, basically every pandemic-related video Singh has created is sure to give you some much needed laughter.

4. Julie NolkeThis sketch by comedian Julie Nolke made headlines a few weeks back. While it will definitely crack you up, be warned: it will make you woefully nostalgic for that sweet, blissful ignorance we all had back in January. Oh to be unaware that a global pandemic was headed our way.

5. Jessica HolmesEver wonder how Celine Dion is coping with the pandemic? Well do we have good news for you, because Canadian comedian Jessica Holmes may have just cracked the case with her impression of the singer.Not to mention, she has some pretty great tips on how to make a great Quarantini and utilize those 10000 roles of toilet paper you hoarded.

6. Literally Every Woman on Saturday Night LiveThe women of Saturday Night Live did not come to play. Their SNL at home content has been top notch, so it was only fair to dedicate the final spot on this list to their comedic genius. A favorite here at BUST was Aidy Bryant’s childhood journal sketch, which is literally all of us approaching delirium during quarantine.

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Or how about Chloe Fineman’s spoof of Master Class commercials? This video will surely be used to describe what the era of Coronavirus was like to the youths. I mean, that Timothee Chalamet impression? Incredible.And who could forget Cecily Strong’s impression of the great Gretchen Whitmer?

Oh, and last but not least, Kate McKinnon giving us a glimpse into what Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s home workout routine must be like. Seems legit to me.Image via Lilly Singh on YouTubeMORE FROM BUSTAidy Bryant's SNL Sketch Is Literally All Of Us Approaching Delirium During Quarantine 

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