These Republicans torpedoed vaccine edicts — then slipped in the polls

Republican governors crusading against vaccine mandates are facing significantly lower approval ratings on their handling of the coronavirus pandemic than their counterparts. But they’re not worried

10/17/2021 4:01:00 PM

Republican governors crusading against vaccine mandates are facing significantly lower approval ratings on their handling of the coronavirus pandemic than their counterparts. But they’re not worried

New research shows governors in states without vaccine mandates — or where they’ve outright prohibited such a requirement — have “significantly lower” approval ratings for their handling of the coronavirus.

By10/17/2021 07:00 AM EDTLink CopiedRepublican governors crusading against vaccine mandates are facing significantly lower approval ratings on their handling of the coronavirus pandemic than their counterparts. But they’re not worried.From Florida to Texas to South Dakota, GOP governors have been on the front lines of the war against vaccine mandates, barring immunization requirements in their states and threatening to fight President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate in court. Just last week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott flat-out banned vaccine requirements, and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis followed up by

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vowing to suethe Biden administration.But new research shows governors in states without vaccine mandates — or where they’ve outright prohibited such a requirement — have “significantly lower” approval ratings for their handling of Covid-19. While many of these governors remain popular, some have seen dips in their overall approval ratings in recent months as their states faced the latest wave of coronavirus.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at a news conference on Aug. 3. | AP Photo/Wilfredo LeeIn states with vaccine mandates, 52 percent of people approve or strongly approve of their governors’ handling of the pandemic, according to the latest survey from the

Covid States Project, which has been tracking gubernatorial approval ratings for the past year and a half. That coronavirus approval rating drops to 42 percent for governors in states with no vaccine requirements. And it takes yet another hit — dropping to just 36 percent — in states where governors have barred vaccine mandates.

The findings could be temporary, and influenced by summer outbreaks that are now subsiding, but the study’s authors believe the public’s support for vaccine requirements is real, as is its distaste for those opposing the measures.“Our findings really suggest that individuals in our survey were rewarding these governors who took proactive steps to combat the pandemic and they were punishing governors who prohibited public health policies that would combat the pandemic like vaccine mandates,” said Alauna C. Safarpour, a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy and one of the project’s researchers.

Those ratings should be low enough to make any politician nervous. Safarpour warned, based on the research, that governors eschewing vaccine mandates “should really assess what’s in their political best interests when it comes to the pandemic.”But aides to DeSantis and Abbott defended their actions as doing what’s right by their constituents and combating the confusion stemming from Biden’s yet-to-be-outlined vaccine requirements for federal workers and businesses with more than 100 employees.

“Leadership is about doing the right thing, which is not always the most popular thing, especially in the short term,” DeSantis aide Christina Pushaw said.Gov. Greg Abbott speaks during a news conference on Sept. 21 in Del Rio, Texas. | Julio Cortez/AP Photo

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Then there’s the political calculus. Several Republican governors, including Abbott in Texas, are facing primary challenges from their right. Some, like DeSantis in Florida and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, have eyes on 2024. Both of those factors are sending GOP governors scrambling to shore up support among the party’s base.

“That audience is front and center in all of these decisions,” Republican consultant Brendan Steinhauser said. Read more: POLITICO »


BS!!!!!!! Let’s get rid of the traitors that want to hurt Americans!! No cure for stupid There's always racism to fall back on No, they don't have to worry because the system is in place to make sure they win coupled with an electorate that is more interested in low taxes than the welfare of citizens, functioning infrastructure, or economic opportunities.

'But they’re not worried' bcs they hope the revival of the Trump mummy ( BOOOO!! ) will help them with black magic 2022. I feel sort of sick to my stomach when I see these idiots trying to win power in the next election. Pride goeth before the fall. Yeah, some states are so red, the only way a republican could lose is by killing a baby live on camera. And only then if the baby is white. 😬

In New Hampshire, vaccine fights and misinformation roil GOPRepublicans in New Hampshire are struggling to contain a party wing that's promoting conspiracy views about the COVID-19 vaccine and pushing back against federal vaccine mandates. Who did this? Come on just due it and shut up.

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Mandates are for sheep and communists. Not Americans. Are Independent and Democratic citizens allowed to vote? They’re not worried because they’re fu¢king with citizens’ ability or vote. The biggest gift voters could do to honor citizens of this country who succumbed to COVID19 is to vote all GOP out of political office, including local races. Those are the races that most impact their lives. Vote early. Vote in every race.

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Nearly quarter of Republicans still think Trump 'likely' to be reinstated in 2021: PollEven though the U.S. Constitution doesn't provide a mechanism for the 'reinstatement' of a president, 22 percent of Republican voters still think Trump's likely to be reinstated before the year ends. They just prove more and more how delusional they are…. Didn't realize there are that many STUPID people that call themselves republican.

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All republican governors who are Anti-Mask and Anti-Vaccine are committing homicide. And political suicide. Because gerrymandering. Yes, why worry. When they’ve finished dismantling the system of democracy approval ratings won’t matter. Even when majoritues in tgeir states want mandates they dint worry gereymandering makes them invincible

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Cool 🙂 Keep killing your voters 🙂👍🎉 Is it because their plan is to simply prevent people who will vote for their opponents from voting. Florida loves it’s Governor They are not worried because they're leading a cultish movement that will support them no matter what. They r claiming how smart they r but they can't comprehend the data regarding vaccine mandate that showed the benefits of getting the shot. Stopping listening to ppl that don't give a damn about u or me.

They’re not worried? Can’t wait to see Abbott wheel himself out of the governor’s mansion…

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Prof Sarah Gilbert, Covid vaccine creator: Now let’s take on 12 more diseasesProf Dame Sarah Gilbert says medical science has transformed ambitions for new vaccines. You can always admire her for a Nobel Prize next year. Didn't create a 'vaccine' and, with the exception of SputnikV, the experimental jabs so far created have very major safety and efficacy questions. How about we learn to crawl before we try to fly, never mind run or even walk? 'Progress' must be real, ethical, and sustainable.