Face Masks, Shop

Face Masks, Shop

These Fancy Face Masks Will Keep You Safe & Stylish At Your Next Formal Event

Safety is chic.

7/12/2020 11:59:00 PM

These fancy face masks will keep you safe & stylish at your next formal event.

Safety is chic.

Although we might be able to do a few more things now—like go shopping and attend some formal events—we still have to make sure we’re doing them all safely. That means that wherever you go, you should be wearing a dang mask, people! Even if you’re headed to a nice event where the dress code is formal, there are plenty of fancy face masks for you to don along with your sparkly earrings and killer eye makeup. Sure, a face mask isn’t my favorite accessory either, but it’s one thing we can all easily do to help keep the world a little bit safer right now. And trust me—There are cute ways to style a mask even with your fanciest ensemble.

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There are plenty of things that can help to turn an ordinary mask into a fancy one. For instance, a luxe fabric—like silk—can make a simple mask look formal photo-ready. Or, adding some bling can make a classic black mask look all kinds of chic. Even something as simple as the style of a mask can make it a million times fancier than others. It’s all in the details, but one thing’s for sure: You’re still going to look amazing even with half your face covered. (Nose and mouth, please!)

I never guessed I’d be over here searching for fancy masks to wear with gowns and bougie looks, but here we are. Luckily, there are plenty from which to choose. To help you on your own fancy mask journey, I rounded up several different styles you can shop now. Whether you have a wedding to attend this year or a charity banquet to which you want to look formal AF, you’re sure to find the perfect fancy face mask below. Safety is chic, babes.

1. Lele Sadoughi Cloud Face Masks Lele Sadoughi.Lele Sadoughi Face Masks 3 Pack $40 buy it This pack of three masks from Lele Sadoughi has got you covered—literally and figuratively. The little pearl adorned mask is my personal favorite.2. Soft Beauty Store Face Mask Soft Beauty Store.

Soft Beauty Store Face Mask $15.24 buy it Dress up any ensemble with a classic gold sequin mask. You could ever wear a minimalist look and let this face mask be your statement accessory!3. Akris Cotton Face Mask Akris.Akris Face Mask $100 buy it For a simple but elegant face mask, you can’t go wrong with this style from Akris. It comes in multiple colors, so you can match your mask to your outfit.

4. The Fold Silk Face Masks The Fold.The Fold Face Masks 2 Pack $40 buy it Whether you go for the patterned mask or solid one, you’re going to want to wear these silk face masks even when you’re chilling at home.5. Uzzie Studio Face Mask Uzzie Studio.

Uzzie Studio Face Masks $6.95 buy it These pretty pink and gold face masks are perfect for ensembles that don’t require extra bling or sparkles—just a little protection. Plus, you can totally wear them with jeans a blouse when you’re not at a formal event.

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6. Guddini Store Face Masks Guddini Store.Guddini Store Face Masks 2 Pack $26 buy it OK, this lacy face mask is gorgeous. Wear this beauty to a wedding—whether you’re the bride or a guest.7. CCbodily Face Mask CCbodily.CCbodily Face Mask $17.59 buy it Deck yourself out in some serious bling with this bold face mask. This pick isn’t for the faint of heart—but looks amazing with an LBD.

8. Acadiana Face Masks Acadiana Face Masks.Acadiana Face Masks $50 buy it If you’re looking for a neutral option that will have you stand out in a crowd, go for this incredibly detailed face mask. The color goes with just about anything, but the details are so gorgeous.

9. Quaran Tina Co. Face Masks QuaranTina Co.Quaran Tina Co. Face Masks $10 buy it When in doubt, reach for a mask in gold or black. These hues go with pretty much any fancy ensemble, and are sure to serve you well through the night. Read more: STYLECASTER »

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