These Families Of Missing Black People Are Frustrated With The Lack Of Response To Their Cases - Cn

These Families Of Missing Black People Are Frustrated With The Lack Of Response To Their Cases - Cn

These families of missing Black people are frustrated with the lack of response to their cases

As cases like Gabby Petito's get national spotlight, Black and brown families with missing loved ones say their cases struggle to grab attention

9/26/2021 4:01:00 AM

As cases like Gabby Petito's get national spotlight, Black and brown families with missing loved ones say their cases struggle to grab attention

The parents of Jelani Day, Daniel Robinson and Keeshae Jacobs say their cases have not received the same attention as high-profile cases like Gabby Petito

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JalisaStwart You know what's funny, is y'all are one of the worst offenders of this. Literally you wrote a story about how messed up this situation is, all without any mention on how you will do better in the future. Get your shit together. It is with a sad heart I say this but it is very true minorities cases are not that important to the police 👮‍♀️ and especially to the media

Then why don't you report on them CNN? aren't you the news? Or does that fit in with your race baiting? You wanted to bitch about Trump all the time instead, so you can only blame yourselves. I've noticed this as well. If its a thin, beautiful, young blonde lady then it gets a lot of attention. Cover away.

What a shame you don’t have a platform and a voice to bring attention to the missing people who haven’t had a voice. Oh wait… Start covering black-on-black crime, but then, there will be no space to cover anything else. I have wondered why this missing person is getting so much National publicity..Our community has had a special needs lady missing for over a year!

About time you started telling us about them. Victims of Dems and liberal media

How other missing person cases could gain traction after Gabby PetitoThe national spotlight on Gabby Petito's disappearance has given families of other missing persons hope that they too can amplify their stories and find loves ones. Is just Twitter can be smarter. If you're white maybe Blame it on the system

YOUR...NETWORK...IS...ALSO... COMPLICIT!! Wenatchee CNN say 'the press isn't fair'? Priceless! How can CNN be so insensitive and ignore decency to attempt another racist split! Are you guys that tied to China? I understand that this is a big social issue. Except isn’t CNN part of the problem no giving any air time to these families?

Your network only covers black victims if they were killed by white cops. It's the people choosing what gets attention, through all your clicks you make the stories rise That’s between your network and them….we don’t have anything to do with any cases you don’t cover. Gee CNN, you guys have only been reporting multiple times a day on the Petito case, and now you are turning the tables once again. CNN is great at hypocrisy. Maybe you should stop making the Petito case your top headline story!

Mmiwg2S Once again USA needs to introduce laws for news agencies & social media that will hold them accountable for spreading lies that can set the nation on fire! Why didn't CNN give those others attention & lead the way? But they rather try to divide us & its evident!NYC BREAKING

Second Woman Claims She Picked Up Brian Laundrie Hitchhiking After Gabby Petito DisappearanceAnd a second time, he allegedly made a very abrupt exit from the vehicle (via toofab) TooFab The Police F**KED UP from the beginning! He should have been held as a Person of Interest! This is a case of 'White Privilege on Steroids' on so many levels! I grieve with the parents of the girl for their loss. However, the Keystone Kops needs 'BOOT-IN-ASS'😡 TooFab Why are so many women picking up hitchhikers tho 🤔

CNN Black ppl r killed daily by black ppl &media wont report it Black on asian hate crimes occuring & media wont cover it. Jussie Smollett & others claim hate crimes & media wont report when proven as lies. Medias terrified 2talk bout POC missing ppl becuz likely a POC perpetrator CNN. you have time to run these stories. Certainly not reporting on Biden or Harris.

Well CNN, who’s fault is that? These families too who lost a love due to liberal policies and illegal aliens right craigmelvin MSNBC BretBaier FrankLuntz HowardKurtz marthamaccallum chucktodd There is an entire organazation that the Dem party has been funding for years that could address this very problem… its called Black Lives Matter. They have the funding and motivation… unless….. they really dont matter to BLM.

It's white supremacy, man...didn't you pay attention in your 'critical race theory' classes It is sad and true Who’s going to dictate equal time and coverage for every missing person? If they cover one they’ve got to cover them all or be accused of being racists? That’d turn into 24/7 coverage of missing people. We wouldn’t even have time for every missing person in this country!

Federal Arrest Warrant Issued for Brian Laundrie in Gabby Petito Death CaseBrian Laundrie is now a wanted man by the feds ... an arrest warrant has been issued -- but NOT for Gabby Petito's death. I agree with Geraldo on this one Sorry not sorry About time You are a little late ...

blacklivesmatter There’s many white missing too that don’t get national attention. Thousands across the country missing cannot get national attention, it’s a local news thing.This story stood out because of how 2 young ppl go across country & one returns without talking. Read me lips, this is you [the media] fault. If you reported on them people might care. Stop acting like society is to blame when it it YOU.

You are 100% guilty CNN….stop making a story out of something you and every msm has ignore. So do it yourself If it's black and brown is it also white and beige the race card is getting out of hand reason she's getting attention she's a YouTube personality and her boyfriend is a suspect, so it's not just a missing person they found dead, it's a boyfriend who's a suspect so yes it's going to get more attention than simply someone missing. She's also YouTube personality

Don’t feel bad white people are frustrated every time police kill a white person and the media never gives it attention. Next headline “McDonalds blames customers for eating hamburgers instead of hot dogs” You should blame

Did True Crime Influencers Really Help Solve the Death of Gabby Petito?“There’s probably always going to be misinformation that I’m sharing”: A Q&A with a true crime influencer capitalizing on Gabby Petito’s death. DOJ and the Courts punish Whistleblowers. Whistleblower Amended complaint raised to 1.25 million dollars. DOJ employees and EMAGES Inc. conspired violating the Whistleblower Act of 2013, amended 2016.

Then those families need to blame the press, not the local and state agencies. Here we go again with CNN perpetrating racial hatred in the news for the 1000th time this year🤦🏾‍♂️ Did CNN cover any of their stores prior to the opportunity to exploit them? CNN should be blaming themselves & other newsmedia outlets. Over 500k people go missing each year and every once in a while Newsmedia decides to cover a story if it is considered “newsworthy” i guess a black person missing isn’t newsworthy. Smh

76% vs 13% .,, maybe, just a guess. We did not have a choice, this case came to us!! Nothing else was on the news and I live in freaking Africa!!! Really is an obsession with white women, is it because they seem helpless They’re always whining and feeling sorry for themselves! Isnt that on you cnn still doing it’s best to fuel that racial war

Gabby Petito visitation to be made available to publicA memorial visitation for 22-year-old Gabby Petito that is scheduled for Sunday will be open to the public. A spokesperson for the Moloney Funeral Home in Holbrook, New York, told Newsweek that the service will take place on Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m. ET. Super spreader event.

Such a simple solution . You have tens of shows covering the same damned thing. Maybe you need a show that covers crime say missing persons. Of all colours. Won’t that be lovely? 🙄 Aren't you a news outlet YOU CHOOSE TO ONLY SHOW STORIES OF WHITE WOMEN MISSING! soledadobrien told you this before! POC and especially NATIVE AMERICAN women who are missing ARE NEVER given air time on your network!

Your a news station. Cover these stories too. But your to busy race baiting….. again CNN why will you not show black or brown missing people. Are you not part of the prob5 So go look for them.. 99 plus percent of missing people don’t get national coverage, it had been several years since the last one I remember before poor Gabby (not saying that most of the cases that do get covered aren’t white young & pretty however)

Ms. IngrahamAngle if you liked this story - how many Black and brown missing families have you featured on your show FoxNews ? WSJ MSNBC nypost newsmax AP nytimes latimes MiamiHerald TexasTribune ABC NBCNews CBSNews chicagotribune Show me all the articles and stories that CNN has done on black and brown missing kids

And then 5 minutes later CNN posted another story about that missing white women because it garnered more interest The contrast in coverage of indigenous, black and brown women who have gone missing shines a glaring light on the inequities in this country. We shouldn’t have to “search” for news on anyone who goes missing no matter their race/ethnicity.

All-out search for Gabby Petito reveals glaring disparity for Wyoming’s Indigenous peopleAll-out search, media attention for Gabby Petito reveals glaring disparity for Wyoming's Indigenous people. 710 Indigenous people were reported missing in Wyoming in the past decade. Being a Native American an actual Native American not one of the people who say they had a ancestor that was an Indian. this bothers me because people forget that native Americans were here 1st we are an important people but yet we get pushed to the side so sad no a days Is this the definition of self reflection? In 2018 over 612,000 people went missing, do you want to highlight all of them?

gotta find a political angle on everything, I guess. Gee, if only there were an organization who could bring these cases to the publics attention. Maybe they could possibly report on it and the people who did so could be called reporters....nah, that'll never work. Great job CNN👍 What’s interesting to me is this information has been available for a long time and people have been saying so, but every time a white person goes missing we go through this. This country does NOT give a shit unless you are white. That is the truth!

Leave it up to cnn to complain when they could have done something all along. They’ve chosen to be the problem all these years and not the solution David Robinson has been in Arizona for the last three months searching for his 24-year-old son, Daniel Robinson, who went missing after leaving a work site in the desert in his Jeep Renegade on June 23.

You people are the ones doing it! CNN! Someone died, let’s find a was to get racial shit involved Why make it a them and us? We are all one. Feel free to shine a light on them. But really shine a light. Not just for click bait effect. Domestic violence affects Black people, white people and brown people. The headline for this story is racist!

Just curious but are their kids social media stars? I would say that’s the reason lol the media are racist all this while shouting racism up & down. cnn be like i have been racist not reporting missing poc, but i'll write an article about people calln out racism as i report about missing white. IDIOTS! just report them missing cases. all of em, black or white

That's a great idea ... donlemon! Run some of their stories too instead of all that woke political bullshit. But these stories don't pay as much as political, divisive stories that yall promoting... *Y'all as in you the news outlets not just CNN. If only CNN was able to report on these missing women. Anyways back to weeping over Trump's taxes.

you should be given them attention enhance forth at least it won't be like you're only concern about lying about Donald J. Trump again. I don’t know if it’s going to make a difference, but it seems like Gabby’s death has brought attention to the lack of coverage of these other cases. I have been seeing stories now of other missing people. Need to keep pressure on the media to do better.

Of course you’re trying to put a racist spin on this. Stop with the whining! There’s plenty of white people that go missing who don’t get the media attention either. NatashaChenCNN if we're not advanced enough to put racism behind us by now, we should start becoming decent. we all have one common background which is being human. the sooner racism ends, the better. we gotta start to listen to each other and to get to know each other. with unity, comes...

This article shows a truly unbelievable lack of self-awareness given that it is written by CNN know, the same people who gatekeep which news stories are covered. Rather than complain about how there are imbalances in coverage, they could just fix it. CNN literally has the power to change this? Why won’t it?

Hum.... Why hasn't CNN reported anything. And sometimes,the blame EVEN gets directed to the victim. 😏😒 We never think abouted that Gabby Patito was only White woman missing And found dead .We were concerned about all over the World 🌎 Women's travelers safety .People should get over this racist minds .Gabby was traveling with her long time friend & dead. It's broke heart.

Then why don’t u cover them cnn! so why don't they make it on cnn? Probably no different than white people not hearing of white people killed by cops? No publicity on those stories Special Report: Unfortunately, no further information is available as they are still assessing what color skin the victim has! They need to bring more attention to the political ramifications before turning this into a full blown propaganda event! news at 11.....

Perhaps, instead of reporting on this, you could report on a missing black person... This sad that they( Administration) just don't care about their kid's 😡😡😡 btw we need as much attention and action for all missing persons as was done for Gabby Patito. So many go missing. All the missing and murdered indigenous women.

Oh, my Lord... does it again! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This is crap! Reverse racism at its finest. No one is saying other cases aren’t important, but this girl was murdered and the possible killer is her fiancé….that’s not an important story because they are white? Get 'Missing Persons' related misinformation on CNN. Because they are the media outlet shinning the light on the Petito case. But being leftists they now want to play the race card.

Then DO something about it MSNBC ALL Should Matter! Sorry. Just not as interesting. Doesn’t have to do with your skin tone. cnn hey I don’t know if you guys know this but you guys get to choose what stories go to press This is all on the media and includes . What about the weekly Chicago shootings and your failure to report those.

And black and brown children of families are getting gang shot dead every day in Chicago but no one covers it. Shameful CNN! Gabby's got national attn because the couple were tracking their moves over social media. Ppl were practically watching in real time. How can you compare. If you don't like the news then build your own news studio and report the news you want to report

Cause black people don’t get enough attention And Native Americans... Now let’s be honest, only rich folks get national attention when their families go missing. Since every year there are over 7 dozen people reported missing by their families/friends with no news media attention. Authorities are over burden with dealing with criminals crying foul.

I agree, that’s very true I’m confused, the Jelani Day case was solved pretty quickly. He went missing 8/24, car found 8/26 & his body was recovered 9/4 (60 miles from his Univ) It was across several jurisdictions, involved 10 agencies & little to no evidence. It appears a lot was done to find him🤷🏼‍♀️

L3HARRIS_DONOT_Leave_AfghanFSRs_Behind Rip all ppl that die 2) Her death breaks the Internet just like her life did; journos want a piece of it but instead of turning her tragedy into a divisive racial tale, why not reporting on the discrepancy between real life, social media appearance, happiness to raise awareness among youngsters.

KTVU SUSPENDED FRANK SUMERVILLE!!! Bring FRANK back!!!! Then make it news cnn

Ok What about missing “white man keys syndrome”? Or missing “white women purse syndrome”? Then report it . You are the news Well then start highlighting all missing cases ffs. It's horrifying that so many people are missing in this country 😱 If only it wasn't so common in the black community. So sad 😞 Don’t Forget Kelly Why are African Americans suddenly going missing we don’t do strangers? So what in world going on prayer for family

So why doesn’t Don Lemon ever cover these cases, Joy Reid ever cover these cases? They have huge platforms. Oh yeah, I forgot, black lines are only important to CNN and MSNBC and the left wing media, only of killed by white people or police. Every case should get the same coverag Why do people still watch this horrible network? Wow!!!

still don't care.

So why CNN never give the mainstream media attention when happened? 🤔 Aren't you a new outlet? Why aren't you covering it? You guys still talk about Jan 6th like it was just yesterday. Give black and brown families some air time. Quit asking the question and answer it. That’s right make it about race COULD BE That the MONEY SCAMMING BLM Rip Off Artists Just Don't GIVE a SHYT ! YOU Have been HAD !

details in the link below do your thing then! Making up more race issues again? Of it is true the Biden is a racist like Trump was. Same energy. cnnlies Hypocrisy If only CNN had a platform where they could profile the cases of missing black and brown people🤔 It’s like when a white guy gets shot by a cop. I mean wall to wall coverage, right?

So why are you media cover them? You can’t play the system or working class people. This is solely on YOUR shoulders. While I somewhat agree about the missing white women syndrome, might be insensitive to say these things when that girl's family is grieving. I hope they don't read any of these posts trivializing the death of their daughter.

BC you choose to report it that way. LeftistRacists So a news outlet is complaining about what is being covered in the media? If only you were a global news corporation that could cover these things. This is so awkward........ CNN, If you view this as being a problem (and I'm not saying it's not), you're part of the problem because you're also not bringing these cases to attention. Seems a little hypocritical...

What the hell are we going to do about it? I’m not going to try and find these people. I’m sure the people who need to know about these missing persons already know. And nobody would know George Floyd’s name if he were white. That’s the reality of our media. that’s cnn for you