Charts Show How Black Americans' Economic Progress Has Stalled - Cnnpolitics

Charts Show How Black Americans' Economic Progress Has Stalled - Cnnpolitics

These charts show how economic progress has stalled for Black Americans since the Civil Rights era

The typical Black American family is virtually no closer to equal income and wealth with its White peers than it was 50 years ago, when Civil Rights-era reforms were enacted to expand opportunity and limit outright racial discrimination.

7/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

The typical Black American family is virtually no closer to equal income and wealth with its White peers than it was 50 years ago, when Civil Rights-era reforms were enacted to expand opportunity and limit outright racial discrimination.

The typical Black American family is virtually no closer to equal footing with its White peers in terms of income and wealth than it was 50 years ago, when Civil Rights-era reforms were enacted to expand opportunity and limit outright racial discrimination.

Like the protests in the 1960s, the recent waves of rallies following Black Americans' deaths at the hands of police have renewed attention to the long-standing racial divide in the US."Over the last half century, I would say that for many indicators, things have stagnated," said Ellora Derenoncourt, assistant professor of economics and public policy at University of California, Berkeley."The wealth gap, the income gap, the earnings gap." The typical Black household has less than one-tenth the wealth of the typical White family -- almost the exact same ratio as existed in the 1960s, according to an analysis by Moritz Kuhn, an economics professor at the University of Bonn in Germany.Lower home ownership rates among Black Americans, as well as smaller incomes and inheritances, account for much of the difference.Read MoreThe wealth chasm narrowed somewhat in the intervening years, until the financial crisis just over a decade ago. More Blacks became homeowners, but factors such as continued residential segregation meant that the value of their housing -- and their net worth -- did not grow as much as it did for White homeowners, said Edward Wolff, an economics professor at New York University. Also, Black families tended to have higher levels of mortgage debt.The mortgage crisis that triggered that economic collapse reversed those gains. Home ownership rates among Blacks plummeted from nearly 50% in 2004 to the low 40%-range in recent years -- a level not seen since the 1960s, according to the Urban Institute. Congress enacted the Fair Housing Act in 1968 with the goal of prohibiting racial discrimination."They were slammed a lot harder than White families by the house price collapse," Wolff said of Black homeowners."Lower incomes plus a credit crunch meant that they were left out of the housing market even after 2010." The median income of Black households grew from the late 1960s into the 1970s in the wake of several federal reforms, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited discrimination in employment and created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This helped shrink the difference between the median incomes of Black and White families during that time, experts said.Also, a broadening of federal minimum wage coverage to agriculture, restaurants, nursing homes and other services -- where nearly a third of Black workers were employed -- helped narrow the earnings gap between Black and White Americans during that period, said Derenoncourt, who researched the impact of the 1966 Fair Labor Standards Act. After that, the divide widened again as Black Americans lost ground.Researchers point to a variety of factors to explain the reversal, including a weakening in federal efforts to combat structural racism and a decline in unionization, as well as an increase in the number of families headed by single Black mothers and in the incarceration rates of Black men. And while Black Americans have acquired more education, they are still underrepresented in higher-skilled, better-paying jobs.Related

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Wealth is earned, not given. Get educated or learn a desirable skill and work towards wealth. No one alive was a slave or slave owner. Get over it. Hmm... I guess we should probably listen to ppl like Dr. Thomas Sowell, who have been warning us about Dem policies for 50 years... Its time for a change folks...

I guess it pays to not be typical. Work harder than anyone else if you don’t want to be typical. yashar In spite of spending $5 trillion. SMH The white supremacists are gonna be butt hurt on this one! Crazy and biased chart. What the colour has to do with success? 50 years ago it would be correct to make this statement. Today it's BS

You realize Asian-Americans out earn whites? And Ghana & Nigerian immigrants on average also out earn whites and seek higher levels of education. It’s not racial; the problem is with the family FakeNewsCNN hbdchick Now do Indian Americans, japanese Americans, Armenian Americans, Lebanese Americans, and Jewish Americans....all who have much higher wealth than Whites in the US.. Also point out that US blacks are the wealthiest blacks on Earth. Maybe, were just not all exactly the same huh?

What is this, the National Review well science tells us a 2 parent household is tied directly to economic well being of kids so i guess this isnt suprising? Vote Republican for a change... Conspicuously missing are the reasons or theories WHY. Why is that CNN? Charts and stats are nice, what's the root cause(s)? Too timid, too difficult, too much 'journalistic integrity required to address the WHY?

Guaranteed that number be a lot different if white/ police / fuck up system .didn’t arrest every African American they see getting that money up!. Guaranteed black wealth be way more powerful then white wealth if black people had fair chance in life . Guess all those massive government spending programs failed. Let's cancel them. Also your chart is missing 2017, 2018 & 2019.

the media's constant shilling for open borders destroyed the job market for black Americans yashar Probably should work harder and save their money. yashar Yep yet the black Americans keep voting democrap. They were doing the best ever under trump until the virus. But yea 50 year politician joe Biden is gonna save the day.

yashar Where are the Asians on that chart? Oh yeah, if their high median income were on there it would show that America isn’t systemically racist. yashar Please update this with the breakdown of the data points. Also, can you include whether or not their local leaders are republicans or democrats? Seems to me that the areas with the most poverty and reduced income are Democrat run.

Another failed government program Show me inner city vs suburb and who is running the inner cities. Failed Democrat leadership and policies. Btw, what is a “typical black American family” CNN? Sounds kinda racist. That’s a lie. There were opportunities in 1920’s and after 8 years of a Black President BarackObama only enriched his pockets with millions did Nothing for a “typical Black American family” except make them poorer: welfare, food stamp ghetto plantations.

Go do some real news coverage. That's because Democrats prefer them to be on Welfare The rhetoric here is that everyone should earn the same amount. It's pure fantasy, since there will always be more important and difficult jobs, and there will always be less important and easier jobs. Surgeons should be compensated for their work more than burger flippers.

Where is the Asian graph...Fakenews race baiters People who benefit from welfare or other things like equal opportunities etc are not living in true poverty. You have a roof over your head, food, water, and electricity. That is the government providing for your needs. How many times you gunna tweet this? Also why does it stop in 2016 when trump took over?

So govt has failed them. Not trump ur saying Work for it. Earn it. It's the American Dream. 🇺🇸 1 of 2 Just stop. Enough already Now do Democrat trade deals, NAFTA, etc. But they choose to they make no progress to better themselves Racist BLM killed a black 8 year old girl Are the statistics taking into account the number parents/incomes per household. I do not know the stats, but I thought I read that a lot of black families are single parent households. If true, that would have to be taken into consideration.

It’s socialism. No 'Capitalism' since 1913 when a central bank (Fed) controlled monetary policy & sets (manipulate) interest rates, not free market. Hence wealth gap & poverty. Get government out! Thats personal choices though, not a conspiracy. But wait! Your historical 'charts' appear to stop in 2016. Remember who was president in 2016 after 8 years? How about a 2020 updated chart before the virus? Furnish current news that is relevant & not fake opinion.

Biden’s crime bill is responsible for 2 generations of non-violent black men being incarcerated and labeled a felon. He’s responsible, yet and MSM let him off the hook.....why? Because the white cronies who are in charge of the MSM care more about unseating realDonaldTrump Who many of them are completing high school and college?

Wait a sec ... it sounds like CNN is actually telling something truthful? Well, partially. Not only has it not improved since the 60s, its gotten worse all due to .. wait for it ... Democrats ! 垃圾CNN 死白左 maybe it says something about dna? What a second, Candace Owens told me that Trump was the best President for the black community ever! 🙄

What’s the one thing all these statistics have in common?... Joe Biden. Is it because welfare is a trap? Or Biden’s crime bill that wrecked the black community? Black president for 8 years What about Chinese and Indians? They face racism too yup and it has nothing to do with racism. Has everything due to welfare incentivizing black single parent households. 1960's 65% of black households had both parents. Today, less than 25% do

Then stop voting Democrat if you think you're oppressed Does the typical black family have high school diploma or a college degree? Are they working as hard for it as whites or expect it to be handed to them. workforit earnit Who remembers back in 2007/2008 when Obama was supposed to help the black community? 🤦

Please include Asian families and show the chart for the percentage of children born out of wedlock to single mothers. This will explain economic progress for all 3 groups The typical Black household has less than one-tenth the wealth of the typical White family — almost the exact same ratio as existed in the 1960s, according to an analysis by Moritz Kuhn, an economics professor at the University of Bonn in Germany.

Where are you getting your income info? most of America lives paycheck to paycheck, we are all financially worth how hard we work, college or not, race aside, unless you know someone or are born into it. I don’t know anyone, so I work hard to keep a roof over my family’s head. CNN COVID COVID COVID!!!!! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!!!! IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH!!! FEAR FEAR FEAR!!!!! HATE HATE HATE!!!! DIVIDE DIVIDE DIVIDE !!! RACE BAIT RACE BAIT RACE BAIT!!!! WE KNOW YOUR MO!!!! FAKE NEWS ALWAYS!!

So the Democratic Party hasn’t help change anything for them. Hmmmmm. Interesting. Democrats ladies and gentlemen...50 years of 90% loyalty from African Americans and this is the result. KEEP VOTING THE SAME YOULL KEEP GETTING THE SAME Nothing will change until liberals step up and admit the horrific failures are their deadly programs.

The opportunities are there. They choose not to take advantage of them and then complain they are being kept down. I’m sick of listening to it. Why stop at 2016? Please post a current one!!!!! I’m a white man, and there are a lot better off black people out there then me. Don’t go there Thanks to Democrats!

50 years of being on the democrat plantation. Their own fault for voting for Dems to keep them down for last 50 years Better focus and ready for the incoming 'Maxwell' bombshell REVELATIONS. Hollywood celebrity and High ranked DEMOCRATS will be arrested. I can't wait. CNN anchors to For fucks sake CNN.... you hire people we used to put into lockers in highschool.... and it’s definitely showing.

Long term GOP priorities like low income taxation, defunding education, and high levels of pollution effect black Americans disproportionately. Policing is proven to target and fine blacks more and justice system asdigns more severe punishment. Americans is biased. First you can’t teach a rock to grown hair. No more then you can teach them to grow brains

It because most young blacks don't believe in work. The democrats is to blame for it. Just ask Obama and Biden and Hilary they are the masters of welfare. If Democrat run cities would provide better education, maybe they would have better opportunities. White folks leave inner city’s because of lack of education in schools. No one is stopping Blacks from making choices for a better life. FakeNews Leftwing Liberals

Fake fake fake FNN FAKENEWSNETWORK WERENOTGULLIBLE How many drug dealing gang members do you hire CNN? What was the single mother rate back then in the black community? What is it now? Hint factor of 3. What incentives are there for a black woman to have child out of wedlock? Which party is rabidly behind those incentive programs? It’s almost like they haven’t helped at all huh?

What happened during this time while blacks were universally voting for democratics? The democratic policies didn’t benefit them at all? Maybe it’s not the economics...maybe it’s the culture being promoted and sought after...besides, that chart suggests there aren’t families of both races on opposite sides, plenty of people just plain struggling in today’s world...and many not making excuses for it

Propaganda at its best! Maybe if the Democratic Party stopped trying to get them dependent on financial aid? Maybe if you quit promoting them as victims. Black men and women are smart. Maybe if joe Biden didn’t write all that racist legislation that put black men in prison? Idk🤷🏼‍♂️ DeHart8888 true.. the GAP is actually widening and will eventually become a veritable 'grand canyon'.. folks can't get it through their heads... CAPITALISM IS it or not..those are the cold hard facts..

Jeff! I don't know if you do this for effect... but even you don't buy the sh*t you publish... I wonder why it stops at 2016?🤔. And yet so many of them still vote for the Democrats who've left them behind. Betterw05759703 Now add on the cost of higher education loans. All that education is not free. BS

And? This is Whitey’s fault I take it, never mind the cities hardest hit by this... pretty much ALL Democratically run, & total war zones. I feel sorry for the young children... We all know where the blame lies, and more & more, they are realizing too. You don’t help shit CNN🖕🏽 Has to be Trumps fault - right CNN? Obama in power for 8 years... Did you call him out on it?

Bullshit story! I read or scanned through it and not one place did I see where they grab the income comparison from? Who exactly are the 'white peers' used for comparison? If their degree majors are the same & GOAt's reasonably close, they can be considered peers. Otherwise you are comparing apples & oranges.

Black fathers should probably stop abandoning there children then makeamericafreefromracisminequality For 50 years Democrats have done nothing to advance black lives The country can’t help the rate of high school drop outs in the Black community? You’re less likely to be successful if you drop out. Why is that everyone else’s fault other then the parents raising them? Nothing to do with race and everything to do with Culture.

They need to take their knees of our neck. Economically! 🤟🏾🤎 Support A black biz (SABB) Sad to see that the country that raises the banners of freedom and equal rights is nothing but a facad used to reach political gains and attack and criticise others in the process while deep inside it doesn’t believe a word of all this.

No closer Literally much further away than 50 years ago! CanNot run a country like this. There will be No racial justice if there's no economic justice. Sadly I don't see that happening for the majority of Americans short of active government intervention. There are now seven black billionaires versus zero in 1968.

Track the breakup of the black family to see why. And it’s what blm espouses. Democrats responsible for it The black Americans have themselves to blame for that too Loopholes. Where did the jobs go? The auto industry? Mom & pop stores? Jobs that benefitted not just the country, but the people? Those dry up & the people are stuck in corroding cities, those that could afford to already left. Streets flooded w/ drugs supplied by the Govt. Biden

The one thing they weren't told is that they still HAD TO WORK FOR IT. That's why there's stagnation. Which just shows that past administrations have done nothing to solve this as well. Until black “culture “ changes, nothing will change and that must come from within. Democrats and liberals have incentive for status quo so nothing will change.

It's time to admit that LBJs so-called 'Great Society' is an abject failure. It’s look like Obama’s it more less ? Every person has the same choices same opportunity. Let's talk about family structure let's talk about boys and the need for men to be mentors, boys needs fathers to lead them to show them. Let's get back to the family

No shot! Republicans have been saying this for 50 years! Get rid of Newsome, Pelosi, Coumo, Kate Brown,Phil Murphy, JB Pritzker , Ralph Northam and this for starters. Trump gives jobs, not b jobs Peeboo5 What a coincidence. Joe Biden arrived on the scene just about 50 years ago...🤔 If education can be associated with quality of life, perhaps the fact that 30% of the 'Non-Hispanic White' adult population has achieved a 4 year college degree vs 16.5% of Black adults... Sorry if that statistics sound 'racist'...

Way to be that loan when you didn't need to he Fuck all your supporters... Dm. Me. Your address and end. Up on Missing Democrats did a bang up job. Democrats are running all those communities for decades. Even if this chart were correct, which it isn’t, it is showing blacks are in same spot as 1968. Ya that’s not true at all. Way more opportunities for blacks and everyone, but if you don’t grab the opportunity when it’s there then yes you will go nowhere, no matter what color u r

ezrateach Yes, the median income of Blacks since 2002 is still 42k and for whites its now 70k... You are idiots for thinking it is simply because of race. My black peers at work earn as much or more than I do. They are well educated and professional. If anyone wants to advance in their career, stop watching netflix and cnn and start educating your selves to be better.

LBJs 'Great Society' and Democrats have betrayed the black people. Reparations are in order! Maybe if they stopped electing democrats to run their cities. Fake charts. I don’t know why Cuomo hasn’t given his job up for a black man yet. I know - and Obama did nothing for us So, fake news is saying that Presidents Clinton & Obama, along with VP Biden, had 16 years & failed to improve the economics for black famalies. Just making sure you include them. Or, is the fake news trying to just blame President Trump. Will wait for an answer from fake news.

break out Jews and let's see that graph again. also, most black people live in Democrat-run cities Is income awarded in USA or do individuals invest in their education, training, experience and skills to advance in income? Yeah but stick with the Marxist Dem party who has done nothing for the black community

Amazon_Queenn ALL PART OF THE SATANIC elite AGENDA- N THATz HOW OHAS MAINTAIN EVERYTHING THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM US THROUGH KORUPTION N SUMMARY EXECUTIONz- amerikkka land of the thief home of the SLAVES fucc thiz demonic fascist korupt society n all itz allies u.s.a UNDER SATANz AUTHORITY FakeNewsCNN Now do Indian and Asian 🇺🇸

50 years ago 75% of kids were born into two parent homes. Now 75% are born to single mothers. That doesn’t make for much economic opportunity This is disgusting and disgraceful. TimesUp Ain’t you tired and embarrassed of spreading FAKE NEWS. And why is that? Your 'facts' are from 2016... that would be on OBAMA. This post is just another attempt to divide America.

Snakes cannot fly Cnn Anti trump All you high earning journalist and executives at CNN need to turn over your WhitePrivilege homes, transportations and careers and give them to non privileged Black Americans! Why? Read Senator Moynihan’s report from 1965, all the points are even more valid today! Black culture is diseased!

WalkAwayFromDemocrats has to be shut down for the sins of THEIR founder! (CNN was created by a man that STOLE land from blacks!) TED SUES SLAVE KIN OVER LAND via nypost Talk to me about fatherhood? Bring back Affirmative Action Show us the chart for children born of wedlock. 🤷‍♂️ This is a distortion This is exactly why you should vote for realDonaldTrump Dems have been promising blacks things for 50 years and done nothing And that includes a black president and his incompetent vice president Joe Biden

StephanieKelton Bc the whites made the blacks poor along with native americans and other immigrant minorities. There're vast majority of whites who identify with that blue line, but they dont ever get mentioned, bc white income average gets pulled way up by billionaires. This is CLASS erasure. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS!

Everyone has the same opportunity to make more money through education or training. No one race is being purposely left out. This is just more distasteful reporting from CNN. And why does the chart stop at 2016 did it go up and you can’t show it cause it would prove that things have improved under President Trump show all the facts

Have high school graduation rates improved? any theory what else happened then that stalled that economic progress? Stop voting democrat!!! That’s what happens when you vote the same horrible policies for 50 years and expect different results. But blame the man who has only been in politics for 4 years you just admitted no uptick for 50 years not just 4 years

As per above chart it shows the best worce discrimination again black and nothing else, here where's the democracy pls stop laughing at people its call getting a job White people work much harder and take a pass on welfare benefits which keep black folks stuck in poverty. Blacks take the easy route, the welfare check and section 8 housing. White's don't. Therefore white are more prosperous. It's as simple as that.

whay kind of jobs they are doing? and why they keep doing the low salary job? Looks like the trend in downward. Besides to the Fake News CNN. Prior to Covid us Hispanics and Blacks were enjoying HAVING A JOB, something the prior administration over 8 yrs did NOTHING. Latinos for Trump, be surprised how many of us are pro Trump=JOBS

Thank liberal policies that have decimated the black family, disincentivized work, and created a permanent victim class. All for the sake of votes. The gap is even bigger now. Did CNN reported this during the Obama/Biden administration? Does CNN has a report for equal income and wealth for hard working Hispanics too?

Trump changed that You try to prove invalid points with tweets,the government in action with the caucasians of this country allowed the blackslave turned BlackAmerican to be the bottomcaste of this country! They all thought then the way the caucasians of today do. Anybody wonder where they got this information?

what do I have to do to get parity with Labron, I have seen his political views on The Chinese so he cannot be very smart Really. That’s all you can think about to report on? Get a real job. Maybe they should stop voting for democrats. Guess who was POTUS before 2016! CNN The Most Trusted Name in FakeNews

The strategy for CNN's and the Democrats is to keep crying racism. The more hate, division, discourse and unrest they create, the better their chances of regaining control. I blame the Democrats and their policies for locking them into generational poverty. What is a typical Black American family? I think that needs to be defined first before such fake news can be suggested.

Use Republicans love black, brown and white....come ride Trump train w us and make some money!!!! cnn That’s because Democrats told them they would take care of them in exchange for their votes with the civil rights reforms. LBJ - closet not so so closet - racist made sure to buy their votes as he understood that without them the black population would grow in wealth&not vote D

Have you noticed how the moon and sun are white? Privilege knows no bounds. Sometimes it’s not about what you know but who you know....!!!! The Democrats been holding black people back since slavery!!....ride the Trump train and get yourselves free!!! If you want economic progress think about getting a job. In America you are free to be poor if you so choose.

I love black people... especially my black beautiful women....but you gotta get on the Trump train!!! 👍🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸 cnn Single motherhood between 2014 to 2018 in the black community - 75 percent Single motherhood between 2014 to 2018 in the white community - 37 percent Huh.....weird “Researchers point to a variety of factors to explain the reversal, ... a weakening in federal efforts to combat structural racism and a decline in unionization, ... an increase in the number of families headed by single Black mothers and in the incarceration rates of Black men.”

Has anyone taken time to understand what's causing the stagnation or are people working from answer to the question as usual? Huh, looks like the Great Society programs and complete Dem leadership in all of our population centers hasn’t worked. It’s almost as though they were never intended to truly solve these problems.

Black peoples have smaller brains ? The mental health of some journos need immediate medical checkup. Gigs Maybe they should have valued education more. Less partying and spending money on rims, more studying and saving. Work smarter not harder And? All the richest company CEOs are white men. You love the wealthy so much you make yourself a hypocrite.

Aw Hahaha FakeNews But they sure surpass everyone in this category ADOS Reparations Prior to Trump... Kennedy/LBJ(D)8, Nixon/Ford (R)8 Carter(D)4, Regan(R)8, Bush Sr. (R)4, Clinton (D)8, Bush Jr. (R)8, Obama(D)8. D=28 yrs/R=28 yrs. TREND FLAT. Asians per-capita, wealthiest of all 'groups' . Why? Stop with black v white or, does anything else not sell?

TheBlackChannel tariqnasheed TheBlackChannel shaunking Just goes to show that throwing money at a problem is not the answer Yikes, 20 trillion dollars later? The war on poverty has failed. Time to give it up. So voting for and following the Democratic Party for 50 years has done knowing to better the lives of black Americans? Wow is this journalism? realDonaldTrump RealJamesWoods RealCandaceO

Wait wasn’t there a black president for 8 years?🤔 It’s a lack of education (and I don’t mean school) Why does the graph end at 2016 after 8 years of Obama by the way? It shows nothing of the time Trump has been in office. How do you count inter-race families? Began to happen more in 1967, grew to 15+% by 2010 and still growing. Also, you do know Asian men earn more than white men, blacks are third and Hispanics follow? You are trying to promote no change in 60 years and that is a flat out lie.

Nixon 5, Ford 3, Reagan 8, Bush, 4, W Bush 8, Trump 4... do the math. 32 years of Republican trickle down racism, classism, and voter suppression. It’s a BS of measuring 300m with 600 Billionaires against 40m people in the lower 50% of wealth and income where 158m American Citizens reside. Guess what two guys making $10 a hour, one worth $171k and one worth $1,700, is not believable

funny! what is your evidence? Fifty years of over-indulging the trickle-down fallacy & failing to ensure economic fairness have entrenched inequity in our economy. The gov't. often promotes corporate interests, even while restricting worker's rights. 😕Our country has lost its way. 🗽💔🇺🇸 ChooseSOLUTIONS

. There are 158m Americans in the lowest 50% of Income and wealth where most of ADOS resides. It’s hard to see any transfer of wealth that didn’t go to both that wouldn’t cause major problems. Politicians know, they poke around the edges for votes that’s all you’ll ever see Waiiiiiitt up. Before this pole. Moral, and ethics need to valued which also bring money then talk about equal income. It could be the first you know...

We should be promoting more education and stop glorifying the dropout life why, is it education? Mindset? Billions have been spent on the black community, what is it Experts You think that’s do to some ppl having better paying jobs then others? And yet large cities continue to elect the very Democrats. Will not change so long as liberal policies at play.

Thats because the gvt check invaded the black.home kicking out the black head of the family. The black family has been deteriorating at an alarming rate due to fed. socialism thx 2 LBJ. Could it be a result of the Democrat never delivering in their promises? I'd be curious to see the same chart since 2016.

The average IQ for Blacks in America is 85 while the White American IQ is 100. The only way to ensure equal financial success for these two groups is to discriminate against Whites and artificially uplift Blacks. Correlation between single parent households ans poverty? Is this a factor at all? 73% single-parent households among black Americans is the exact reason why, but your 'journalists' lack the intelligence to do simple research.

Thanks LBJ. You need to reevaluate your comments and graph. their are MANY very poor white people and hispanic people. Check the school records and see how many white and hispanic children get free or reduced lunches! You should really speak with the leaders of the states; because that is who draws or loses opportunity from business.

Almost as if there are a whole host of factors influencing socio-economic outcomes that have nothing to do with racism or government programs. Asians are crushing it. With all the advantages given to them whose fault is it really Why don’t you track it since Trump has been in office. It doesn’t fit your narrative but he’s made major improvements for the black community.

That's because the Democrats like to keep black people living in the ghetto and use them for votes when the time comes. They don't want them to be middle class Americans and gell with the rest of us. CNN and MSNBC help them by making black and white hate each other. They are hate Waw and yet obama was President for 8 years and did nothing.

This is a cultural issue. The opportunities are there but are they taking advantage of them? Meaning is the cultural emphasis on education and better jobs or something else? Democrats What have all the Democrats been doing all this time? Nothing. Thank you democrats!...exploiting and using the black communities for years!

For the sake of research - What about other minority populations in America? Trump signed the First Step Act into law in December 2018, marking the first legislative victory in years for advocates seeking to reform the criminal justice system. The bill passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress.

Maybe they should all just go back to Africa. I'll be glad for my tax dollars to go towards reparations in the form of a 1 way flight and stripping of their citizenship. Why do black fathers leave so frequently? So many brothers and sisters with different last names. It’s been proven time and again. A family that stays together will prosper. End of story.

And you are full of... Well.. you know. Hmmm could it be because Blacks keep voting for democrats? Democratic cities are also the poorest and most violent. Time to connect the dots. So the real question is why? When people are constantly crying about race or what they did not get, they cannot be successful.

Now 75% of black kids don’t have a father or are born to single mothers; in most cases out of wedlock. In 1970 the number was 25%. The welfare state is the root as mothers are incentivized to marry the government and allow men to abandon their financial and moral responsibilities Now do crime stats by race.

This chart is BEFORE realDonaldTrump became president. VOTE REPUBLICAN IDIOTS! You'll notice a difference! As usual, no context & misrepresentation in “analysis”. Include gains in employment & wage growth during last 4 yrs, plus the fact that gov mandated & MEDIA SUPPORTED shutdown occurred that arrested everyone’s growth. Progress was there & will continue. Targeted mitigation only!

Unfettered capitalism does that. Economic polarization and lack of human decency are ensured without significant intervention. We are in 2020... at least bring up data that keep to date not even up to 2019... stop at 2016... a joke. Global Capitalism + radical Liberalism + NeoCon wars ....isn’t working out well for most people.

expect us to believe fake CNN give people real data ? What a joke ! Stop serving Democrats, be like a real media ! I know a lot of black millionaires Fake news..making up lies..turn off CNN to save your mental heath.. is obsessed with dividing Americans based on race. But the most obvious evil is in the fact that they only focus on dividing black people against white people. Does it get any more diabolical?

Unlabelled axis 👏 Yeah! And that's with our having an African American President for 8 years with Biden as his VP! This will give US the help WE need right Now! ReparationsNow Courtesy of the Demoncrats & the Tavistok Institute! Income is all in your own choice. There are THOUSANDS of “black Americans” who make more money than I do by far. You can be and do what ever you choose in this country. Stop acting like racism plays a part of ANYONE not being successful in this day and in this country! PATHETIC!!

So since segregation ended the gap has grown , hmm why is that you wonder ? Look at the born out of wedlock rate That’s weird. Why stop at 2016? Fake news How much has welfare gone up? Maybe because they have terrible spending habits? Thanks to Democrat social welfare programs whose aim is to keep them down and dependent on the government handouts. It’s been terrible for the Black community, but great for Democrats.

Frickin ANIMALS!! Armed Black Marxists swarm innocent family's car -- Then shoot and kill their 8 year-old daughter.... Blame the democrats. YOU did this no one else. It’s almost like blacks people voting predom Democratic since 1968 has showed that it’s stalled our progress Reparations Showing a correlation without identifying the causation is pretty fucking worthless.

Now do 2016 to 2019 What are the labels on these charts? Lol. That's bexuaee the typical black family lacks a male that would earn the lions share of the wealth. Why don't you speak on per capita not the family unit.... That's a nice slight of hand you do. Here is the why... CURVE IS FLAT NOW.. Tell that to Trump on insists he is the economic prophets for African Americans.

Keep voting democrat Them monkeys should stay down Equal housing opportunities... hard to build wealth without home ownership. Make America Great for a ALL! 🎷 This is what govt “safety nets” get you.

'See In Black' Photography Print Sale Showcases Black ArtistsThe charity sale runs now through July 3 with proceeds benefiting organizations working toward racial justice.

Black, disabled and searching for justice'I'm horrified by the amount of sheer luck needed to stay alive': Black and disabled Americans call for awareness of their unique risks in police interactions. Yeah, yeah, boo hoo for you. Yes. THEY ARE BEING LIED TO BY MSM BackTheBlue

6 Black Therapists on the Best Ways to Practice Self-Care Right NowBetween the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide protests against systemic racism, it can be easy to forget to take a moment for yourself. This is so hilarious 😂

‘Black Lives Matter’ movement stirs Ghanaian artist in COVID-19 limboA tear slipped down the cheek of Ghanaian-German artist Zohra Opoku as she recalled how the global Black Lives Matter had kindled her pain and anger while she was stranded away from home due to coronavirus lockdowns. Too bad geniuses at latimes and msnbc didn’t recognize this when you were celebrating the slobbering unmasked mobs looting and howling in our streets. This pandemic took a turn for the worst because of riots you and your Democrat bosses endorsed ALL LIVES MATTER!

Colorado police officers fired after photos mocking death of Black man surfaceThree Colorado police officers were fired and a fourth resigned after they shared photographs they took of themselves re-enacting a chokehold officers used to subdue a Black man who later died, authorities said on Friday. As they should! This was so disrespectful and tone-deaf! I better go and enjoy Summer2020 instead They should be arrested and charged And people think it's just a couple bad apples. The whole goddamn tree is bad and it's been bad a long time

Kristen Noel Crawley Launches Beauty School to Help Next Class of Black EntrepreneursStudents will also learn from the founders of The Lip Bar, Briogeo, and Golde.