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These are America's 10 most expensive states to live in

These are America's 10 most expensive states to live in

8/1/2021 9:23:00 AM

These are America's 10 most expensive states to live in

Prices are rising for goods and services as the U.S. confronts its most serious inflation in decades. These most expensive states to live in had a head start.

Key PointsReal estate, energy and food prices are experiencing an inflation spike and driving the cost of living higher across the U.S.Labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and exploding demand as the pandemic wanes are all causing serious price increases for goods and services.

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Consumers and companies in the most expensive states are facing an even higher cost burden.Gas prices are displayed at a Chevron station on June 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.Mario Tama | Getty ImagesPrices are rising for a wide array of goods and services as the U.S. confronts a level of inflation not seen in decades. Labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, and exploding demand as the pandemic wanes are all adding to pricing pressures. The situation is making it even harder to get by in America's most expensive states, causing worries for consumers and companies alike.

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Yeah... I might deal with high cost to live in HI. Should be on top 3 without reading the article 🤣 yes. I don't even have to look. of course it is. sunshine isn't free. Manhattan home prices aren’t indicative of New York as a whole and San Francisco prices aren’t typical of California. The person who put this together is either an idiot or has an agenda.

9 out 10 are blue states. coincidence Almost all run by Democrats. Any Correlation andrewrsorkin Dear CA, Oregon COL isn’t much better. Please consider Alabama as a relocation target. You’ll like it there. They have warm beaches. Electric Vehicals are starting to catch on, What would you expect from Oil/gas companies?

Not yet

Travel Alert: These 14 States Are ‘At A Tipping Point’ For Covid-19, Per Brown University Risk-Assessment MapThe number of states with a very high level of risk has doubled in the last week. horrible All but 1 has a Republican Governor. Coincidentally You might want to recount and say 14 states. Just a suggestion.

I think Florida should be on this list. Let’s move everyone to Rhode Island 🤣💸💸 Oh my goodness. Oil prices are fluctuating. How ever shall we survive it? Maybe as we have so many times before? Waiting on OPEC... California is much higher than this study shows in reality You can also make the list of most expensive hotels too. If you stay at Motel 6 (aka Mississippi), it’ll be much cheaper than Four Seasons.

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