Powerball: There Was One Winning Ticket İn $730 Million Powerball Lottery - Cnn

Powerball: There Was One Winning Ticket İn $730 Million Powerball Lottery - Cnn

There was one winning ticket in $730 million Powerball lottery

There is a winner to the historic Powerball lottery this morning, worth $731.1 million.

1/21/2021 12:47:00 PM

A single ticket sold in Maryland matched all six numbers of the $731.1 million Powerball lottery, the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history

There is a winner to the historic Powerball lottery this morning, worth $731.1 million.

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starrr_patrickk Always up there 🙄 It's me that won this Powerball. I just want to lay low for few months. Then it's on.... DoublejackO will start their online lottery soon. lottery casino online jackpot It always gets me when someone wins a gazillion dollars and claims “It won’t change my life!” - well...GIVE IT BACK! Or GIVE IT TO ME!!

Newsmax is awesome naol Me, calling up everyone I know in that STATE: Tax free in Australia . Love the fact only one person won I hear the winning ticket was included in the note that Trump wrote to Biden with the words- 'This should almost cover all the money I embezzled from the people...' If they need my address let me know!! I’m happy to take some $$$$ ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍

😭😭😭 Cha-ching Cha-ching Man, ya jes Know, that will Destroy a Lifestyle ... With a couple smart investments that much money could support the family (and many others) for generations. Hopefully they can beat the statistic that 70% of lottery winners go broke in a few years. Arrest Matiangi and Natembea for the death of public servants in Tiaty ..there is no way iebc officer silale and the teacher are cattle rustlers. Gideon Moi should not cover for them because of BBI ..

DontHateBeHated was it you J? Hope they deserved it! *calling family in Maryland* Always in the east coast for these big winners. I smell mafia Congrats! Hate it here What that amount of money would do for the world right now, wow. I really hope they do some good with it after they have time to enjoy it. 👍

RobertaBumgarn1 ...... Maryland. I should have driven to Maryland This you? phil825 Surely, ppl are going to question the timing of lottery officials decision to release Powerball winning numbers on InaugurationDay with a single winner from DMV region Powerball PolcinoSergio _kateamiller This you? Here’s what you don’t cover. I’ll share for you.

Perhaps DJT picked up a ticket yesterday before his plane departed Edwards? Where in Maryland? I think we should start pushing for large jackpots to be divided up among many more numbers...No one needs that much money, but the number of people who could use $1 million dollars would really help our economy and the masses of people buying a ticket who are on the edge of loss

It's always somewhere on the east coast. I almost won the shit fuck Checking with my sister to see if she's the winner !!!! If Biden has the ticket will he show up for work today? Looks like someone did a little time-traveling! And just like that! All the luck in the world has returned to America. The Powerball Lottery is a heinous scam. Too many dollars are poured into it by desperate individuals in states that have only one or two wins in their history...Odds are strong for zero winners in those states... Lotteries give zero back and take food away from families...End it

if only there was a way, 731 ppl could win a million ? 🤔 There was a guy in my local Royal Farms in Maryland digging through the trash for thrown away lottery tickets, wonder if this is why? It wasn't me.😭😭😭 Any bets on the person ending up being someone who doesn't need it? Not mine but congrats! Hi I am an upcoming artist and all it takes is one click to support 🖤thank you so much hope you ENJOY 🔥☝🏾

Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will make 50 animated intro outro videos Hi I am an upcoming artist and all it takes is one click to support 🖤thank you so much hope you ENJOY 🔥☝🏾 I don't know who needs to hear this but I'm finally ready for someone to unseal some indictments. I feel like that would go a long way towards unifying the country!

Good for them. Hope you do a follow up in 5 years on how they are doing. I just hope they have the sense to hire an attorney and a couple if accountants before they claim this! my first thought was if I won this I would spend the next few years travelling around the world doing nice things for people that would make their lives better. Because im ordinary and I dont need that many millions (though I would keep a few for myself.)

Was it a Mr Donald J tRump? Have always wanted to see where lottery sales by state go to states and for what. Did you win JacobsVegasLife? I’ve heard that winners of big lotto payouts like this Powerball game with one ticket hitting all the numbers often become sad, depressed, lonely people who lose all their friends, but I am willing to try! WhyCouldntThisBeME?! CantWinIfYouDontPlay IShouldHavePlayed TooLate

JP Congratulations to the Lucky Winner God Bless 🙏 Fuck🤬🤬 there goes my retirement planning. I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Ak04216) as your invitation code. Congrats. Enjoy

Unbelievable!💸💵💰 That's a colossal amount of money. How much is the taxes on it.? 🙏🏼 couurtneyyyy Millions for one, change for the rest. One Ticket, and you say 'Hi!' to Jeff Besos. Oh imagine that. Another east coast lottery winner. 😂😂 Should cap it to 50 million. Anything over that due to roll overs go to charity.

The winner should give me the .1 after the 731, it will do me good o It could be me. But I didn’t buy a ticket. And I don’t live in Maryland so.. 🧐 You didn’t buy a ticket by any chance PhelanVicky If you did stick me down for a Ferrari 😉 vui vẻ thẳng thắng thoải mái ^^! Rudy Giuliani 🤔😂😂 SHIT!!!! Now we know why MELANIATRUMP was so happy today

Peace should start with the resolution of Kashmir issue as per UN approved resolutions, 900000 Indian troops has locked down 10 million Kashmiris in Indian Held Kashmir, world must take responsibility to resolve it Congrats Where is NIA_India Why no notices been given to Uppolice bareillypolice for threatening Farmers in UP(India) about destroying their houses if they protest against new farm bills! What a democracy? Until when UN hrw be quiet on it? NoRepealNoGharWapsi

Instead of this shit, why don't you do a story about how the money the government spends on one fucking tank could feed a hundred people for a year? No that's not newsworthy. But a fucking lottery ticket is. I’M Wishing all the Lottery Winning People very Much Good Lucky 🍀 lucky bastard!! Honestly I don't see why this is news. The lottery is just a tax for idiots, and everyone except for that winner and the other rich has to struggle and work endless hours while the government spends mountains of money on shit nobody cares about.

OHHHHHHHH MYY FUKKKK!!! That’s 20 minutes from MY DAMN HOUSE!!!!! Am I right that you have to pay taxes on that in the US? JustineDuthie Can you imagine the feeling of waking up as the holder of that ticket? Where does it sell? I have been to the states numerous time, never saw any stalls selling this. boy if they don’t donate 15/16ths of that to organizations that need it😤🙄

Bình thường,nc chia sẻ mọi điều trong cs Didn’t Trump land there? Let’s hope he didn’t buy a ticket!! Fuck them for taking my money. Also, congratulations. 😂