There’s a ‘Christmas Story’ Advent Calendar & It Includes Ralphie’s Glasses—Get It Before Dec. 1

It's the perfect way to relive a holiday classic.

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11/29/2021 9:30:00 PM

It's the perfect way to relive a holiday classic.

It's the perfect way to relive a holiday classic.

As if this holiday classic couldn’t get any better, now there’s even a Christmas Story advent calendar! The calendar contains 24 days of A Christmas Story-themed figurines and collectibles, all inspired by iconic moments from the much-loved ’80s film.

Like some of our other favorite holiday advent calendars for Friends, Marvel, Star Wars, Home Alone and more, the Christmas Story advent calendar is interactive and reusable for the years to come. The calendar, which is suggested for ages four and up, contains adorable figurines modeled after items from A Christmas Story—including Ralphie’s pink bunny suit and his father’s prized leg lamp (perfect for the Old Man in your own life!) Finally, this A Christmas Story advent calendar also includes a pop-up diorama of Ralphie’s family home in Hohman, Indiana, which fans can use as a place to display everything from Bumpus dogs to Ralphie’s glasses.

Jakks Holiday: A Christmas Story Advent Calendar is available on Amazon. But you might want to order sooner rather than later. Like other fan-favorite advent calendars, the Christmas Story advent calendar is likely to sell out well before its official release, so we recommend that you order this A Christmas Story holiday item now.

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A Christmas Story Advent Calendar Courtesy of Jakks Holiday.Jakks Holiday's 'A Christmas Story'… $39.99 Buy Now While you’re at it, get ready to stream A Christmas Story and its sequels: 1994’s A Summer Story and 2012’s A Christmas Story 2, both directed by the original film’s director, Brian Levant. Fans of A Christmas Story might also be interested in finding out some other great holiday films to watch—if that sounds like you, make sure to check out our guide here, which features other nostalgic holiday films like The Santa Clause, Home Alone and many more.

Jakks Holiday: A Christmas Story Advent Calendar is available on Amazon.

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