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There's 1 Interview Question People Hate, And They Can't Stop Tweeting About It

No one enjoys explaining a gap on their resume.

9/17/2021 12:45:00 PM

No one enjoys explaining a gap on their resume.

No one enjoys explaining a gap on their resume.

Careers expertshave told HuffPostthat it’s best not to be evasive or get drawn into a long conversation about the hows and whys of your employment gap. The goal is to briefly mention it when asked, then pivot to all your industry-relevant skills and the experiences you gained during the time between jobs ― because you always want to take an opportunity to stand out as a candidate.

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AdvertisementBut if you want the unfiltered version of what to say, head to Twitter, where people are poking fun at this common interview question. Here are some of the funniest tweets about what people really want to say when a hiring manager asks this question:

Interviewer: Can you explain the gap in your CV?Me: I spent 6 hours formatting it in Google Docs and you've opened it in Word.— Clarissa Maycock (@ClarissaDM)interviewer: can you explain these gaps in your resume?me: umm I believe those are from the space bar

— Bulbasaur is the best starter (@patsatweetin)June 18, 2021Can you explain the gaps in your resume?Yes that was when I worked really weird jobs that I don’t want you to know about— Ely Kreimendahl (@ElyKreimendahl)“can you explain this gap in your resume” yes that was when I worked at Gap

— Sandy Honig (@sandyhonig)Interviewer: Can you explain the gap in your résumé?Me: It’s like Old Navy but more expensive.— Danny Stark (@dstark86)interviewer: can you explain this gap in your resume?me: absolutely. see, that’s the point in my life where I didn’t have a job

— Janel Comeau (@VeryBadLlama)“can you explain this gap in your resume” is such a weird question like what do you care. why are you so obsessed with me— ☀️ Ordained Sun Priestess ☀️ (@Gender_Thief)oh the gap on my resume? i can totally explain. i was hanging out

— Liv :P (@as_a_vegetarian)Interviewer: Can you explain the gap here on your resume from March 2020 until the present?Me: Yes, that's when I joined Twitter.— Andi (@smiles_and_nods)"can you explain this gap in your employment history?"Oh sure that's when I ran my own successful business that's not recognized as valid by society

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— That Pesky Aubrie (@AubriePesky)“Can you explain this gap in your resume” yeah man TV got like really good for a few years— jon drake (@DrakeGatsby)“can you explain this gap in your employment history?”i would prefer not to."please do, all it says is 'fellowship time'"

ugh fine, so my first cousin once removed, bilbo...— sitting at the french laundry (@varsha_venkat_)‘can you explain this gap in your resume’ sure! that represents the time i was Not working. seems kind of obvious tbh— rax ‘preorder TACKY 💋’ king (@RaxKingIsDead)

"Can you explain this gap in your employment history?" no— Sophie (@jil_slander)“can you explain this gap in your employment history?”oh sure that’s the only time i’ve been happy in my entire life Read more: HuffPost Parents »

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