There Is Still Nothing Like New Adele

There is still nothing like new Adele — @CraigSJ reviews 'Easy On Me':

10/17/2021 11:37:00 AM

There is still nothing like new Adele — CraigSJ reviews 'Easy On Me':

Even if “Easy On Me” resembles, on its surface, something old and familiar.

Thing is, “Easy On Me” isn’t for me or you. It isn’t necessarily directed solely at Simon Konecki, the 21-era boyfriend Adele wed in 2018 and recently divorced, either. It’s an account of the dissolution of a marriage for the benefit of the child it directly affected. It’s an impassioned defense of a difficult choice, and a request for grace and understanding. This is not a call to smooth things over with an ex, like “Hello.” Really, “Easy On Me” is an artifact for Adele’s 9-year-old son, an attempt to explain why his parents must live across the street from each other now, a delicate handling of a painful situation. Adele being Adele, she phrases this message in a way that makes it accessible to all of us, even if the specifics of this story are unique to her.

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This realization quieted my reservations about the song, and on repeat plays, the effortless excellence of the vocals jumped out. Presumably, this is a first take. Adele isn’t the kind of singer who records a zillion passes at a song, then splices a flawless finished product out of them. You’re hearing the original demo, as is reiterated in her recent Vogue cover story. The unfussed runs, the gentle gliding in and out of that golden falsetto, the patient poise of the verses, and the catharsis of the choruses are a lot like observing a fearless pilot in aerobatics, or a death-defying skate part. There’s an athleticism to it.

This is impressive even if, on the surface, this single doesn’t much endeavor to push the singer very far beyond the vibe and instrumentation of past hits like “When We Were Young” and “Hometown Glory,” even if you could hazard a guess as to what it might sound like and what personnel might be in the room — producer Greg Kurstin from 25 is back, and the video is directed by Xavier Dolan, who also directed the clip for “Hello” — before the first eeeee washed over you. (It’s early yet; maybe 30 is a new beginning.) It’s funny: Adele told Vogue she sort of hoped the new single wouldn’t be quite the tidal wave that “Hello” was, that “Easy on Me” wouldn’t elevate her to a new level of fame and recognition, as her last lead single did six Octobers ago. I suspect this will be the only endeavor she fails at in 2021.

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CraigSJ At first, I would have liked to hear only the song. It’s so beautiful and the vocals are pure excellence. But the video is terrible. Extremely over. Especially the intro, dramatized, before the first chords. A big mess. But with the song, I repeat, it was love at first sight. CraigSJ Was Rolling in the Deep a fluke?

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