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There are 2 types of confidence. Here's the one that Jeff Bezos has—and why people judge you on it the most

There are 2 types of confidence. Here's the one that Jeff Bezos has—and why people judge you on it the most. (via @CNBCMakeIt)

6/17/2021 5:02:00 AM

There are 2 types of confidence. Here's the one that Jeff Bezos has—and why people judge you on it the most. (via CNBCMakeIt)

According to psychologists, there are two types of confidence: Epistemic and social. Brain researcher and author Julia Galef breaks down both, and explains why some of the most successful and likable people, like Jeff Bezos , have more social confidence.

Benjamin Franklin is another example. He was brimming with social confidence — famously charming, witty and ebullient. Yet he paired his abundance of social confidence with an intentional lack of epistemic confidence. It was a practice he had started when he was young,

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according to several of his biographies.After noticing that people were more likely to reject his arguments when he used firm language like "certainly" and "undoubtedly," Franklin trained himself to avoid these expressions, prefacing his statements instead with caveats like "I think..." or "If I'm not mistaken..."

Over time, Franklin became one of the most influential people in American history.People judge you based on your social confidenceFranklin and Bezos' experiences suggest that, when it comes to the impression you make on people, being more self-assured is better than expressing certainty — and research agrees.

In a2012 study, university students worked together in small groups while researchers videotaped their interactions. The researchers then showed the video to a separate group of people and asked them to rate how confident and capable each of the students seemed.

The ratings given to each student were predominantly based on how much social confidence they displayed. So the more a student participated in conversation and had a relaxed demeanor, the more competent they appeared to the viewer. By comparison, the students' epistemic confidence (e.g., how sure they said they were about their estimate on something) hardly mattered.

Another studyinvestigated the same question using actors trained to display combinations of the two types of confidence. The results were similar. Whether or not participants judged an actor to be confident and likable depended largely on social cues, such as making eye contact, speaking evenly and using decisive hand gestures.

How to be more socially confidentSome people bemoan the fact that "superficial" things like posture and voice make such a difference in how we judge each other.But projecting competence doesn't require self-deception. You can boost your social confidence by practicing to speak up in groups, hiring a speech coach, dressing better, improving your posture — all without compromising your vision and values.

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Lastly, seek to inspire without overpromising. There are a lot of ways to get people psyched about an idea or opinion without having to lie to them or be overconfident about the chances of success.You can paint a vivid picture of the world you want to create. You can speak from the heart about why you personally care about an issue. You can share real stories of people who have benefitted from your product. All of these techniques make a difference in how people see you, and none of them require you to make unrealistic claims.

On YouTube, there's anearly video interview with Bezos from 1997. As he enthuses about his vision for the future of internet commerce, it's easy to see why investors found his excitement contagious:"I mean, it's just incredible," he says in the video. "This is day one. This is the very beginning. This is the Kitty Hawk stage of electronic commerce. We're moving forward in so many different areas, and lots of different compares are as well, in the late 20th century! It's a great time to be alive, you know? [...] I think a millennia from now, people are doing to look back and say, 'Wow, the late 20th century was really a great time to be alive on this planet!'"

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MacKenzie Scott donates $2.7B, cites fortune 'enabled by systems in need of change'MacKenzie Scott, billionaire philanthropist and ex-wife of Jeff Bezos , donates $2.7 billion to charity, citing fortune ‘enabled by systems in need of change’ Lady if got 50 G you wanna donate that alone would help too reach my American dream are half that I'm not greedy For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him GeorgeLinf32 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️ Kind. So giving. Thank you