Africa, Northern White Rhinos: Scientists Create Two Embryos To Help Save The Animal - Cnn

Africa, Northern White Rhinos: Scientists Create Two Embryos To Help Save The Animal - Cnn

There are 2 northern white rhinos left worldwide. Scientists created embryos to save the animal from extinction

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Scientists have successfully created two embryos from the northern white rhino -- a crucial turning point in the race to save the majestic animal from extinction.

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We are destroying our planet and poisoning ourselves in the process all for an economic system which is based on Feudalism (Capitalism) and Science has to come bail us out of the disaster every time. Time for a new economic model: DirectDemocracy GiftEconomy Hi trophy hunters, i mean cowards please keep away from those two embryos when they come in to the world.

embrhinos I think it's cause it's called a 'white' rhino. 🤣 WhiteIsRight So wait a minute, an embryo is now life? Wow, who knew. Save the Rhinos now! Stop illegal poaching on all wildlife preserves! Help nature recover from our stupidity! Do not place animals in peril share our Earth please! Hey libs, there's even white privilege with rhinos. The black rhinos were hunted into extinction, but we are saving the white ones.

We'll be sure to fix what you have broken. Unless you know how to randomize genes without making a turducken. also the big tuskers mammoths are in the verge of extinction. There are less than twenty left in the wild and only in here Kenya. White Privilege strikes again how about giving some of those gray rhinos in the Black Rhinos some attention to

Scientists succeed in creating northern white rhino embryosCREMONA, Italy (AP) — An international consortium of scientists and conservationists announced Wednesday that they have succeeded in creating two embryos of the near-extinct northern white rhino,... They're going to escape and kill us all! If they do escape, they'll probably be taken alive. This is fine and murdering babies is cool

Why do these scientists think they can save them with that tiny amount of genetic diversity? Apparently these idiots never learned about actual genetics. FANTASTIC! Look what humans have done. Yet... nuclear weapons that scientists created will undoubtedly kill all human and animal life one day there won't be any rhino left to thank a scientist..... if a white rhino could do so.

Carl Azuz? Is that you? Truly Kenyan Trump will ban it. It’s gods work. This tweet won’t age well. KwamladzaE That’s great news!!! Progress?

NPR Choice pageSay no more

There would be no need for this, if the African leaders & their co-conspirators from foreign nations are not collaborating in the destruction of African Wild life. Is the American eagle, the Chinese panda, the Russian bear & English flora & fauna threatened? That’s racist Y’all see nothing wrong with this?! Smfh altering nature for what?

Preserving Nature and History.. F.cuk 😎 😮😯 Scientists didn't create anything. Science can't create anymore than artists create. What they do is take things created by God and arrange them to hopefully produce some kind of meaningful end. But they don't create. Life comes from life as created by God. Always been that way!

Poachers should be thrown into a lion's den

Seventh mass extinction? Severe and deadly event 260 million years ago discovered by scientistsScientists believe that the Earth is currently going through its sixth mass extinction event. Cockroaches and fossil fuel executives will survive. You guys do realize that science has proven that about every 2.5 million years the Earth is blistered by asteroids right? Last happening around 2.5 million years ago ironically. Global Warming means what exactly?

Those people just want them to survive because they look beatiful. Most creatures human extinct doesnt get any attention Milky_wn essa é a sua matéria It's a victory for science, but an embarrassment to all of humanity that it's come to this. Poachers should be immediately executed or tied down to let rinos stomp on them!

My cash app is $IAmWadeBrown someone bless me I want Chinese food🤧❤️❤️ This is how you play God. science 28073926 vs God zero 🙏🙏🙏 Too bad a free and patriot msm in America has become extinct it's now controlled by a foreign country ( lsreal) and it's proxy organizations and billionaire duel citizens if facts or considered antisemitic then i will gladly except that moniker AMERICA FIRST OVER ALL

What does northern white rhino taste like? If we answer that, the poor guys would be thriving.....(as long as they are delicious)

Climate Denialist to Depart White House National Security CouncilWilliam Happer, a climate denialist and the White House architect of a stalled plan to attack the established science of climate change, is leaving the Trump administration on Friday, according to 3 people familiar with his plans FakeNews it’s called WEATHER Good. Judging by the picture, he's going to go spend more time with his Flowbee

science wins again. Thank you! How about holding poachers accountable? Hunting for trophies should be banned worldwide. How about arresting people like Trump’s sons and the owner of Jimmy John’s? jurassic pork The Chinese are mostly responsible for this. Why don’t they just take a pill like to the of us instead of killing rhinos for their horns.

😍🙏🏽 funny how they are embryos and life when they're rhinos rather than just a 'clump of cells' like humans. 🙄 Bravo😍👏👏 Thanks for sharing the wonderful news. Don’t let any of the Trumps find out. They will be ready to hunt for them the moment they are born.

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Poverty caused the near extinction and will continue to be a factor.. Really hope this is a success, So sad it has come to this and it’s all our fault! Science ❤️ Hassaneini why would ya save it ? Great step forward by the Animal scientist. Not only Rhino but also for other animals .it should be done. Don't say it so loud.. muhfuckas will come here and try to shoot them

great job Now HOW can WE THE PPL as LOGICAL thinking folk EVEN to begin to SHAKE our HEADS Alyssa_Milano telling tedcruz SenTedCruz she OWNS 2 guns for safety but YET SHE IS ADAMANT that school teachers don’t need to carry / it’s OK for her to PROTECT but doesn’t THINK ANY1 else should The human race has a lot to answer for, wiping out beautiful innocent animals for greed or pleasure. There needs to be stiffer punishments

Why Trump and Bolton Split - WSJ PodcastsJohn Bolton, President Trump's national security adviser, left the White House on Tuesday. WSJ's Michael Bender explains why Bolton and the president parted ways. MichaelCBender Insecurity?

Ok let me WRAP around the following & HOPE even the DNC ppl will see the HYPOCRISY LADEN IN the utmost DECEPTION - after years of Alyssa_Milano yapping abt GUNS & the NEED to RID the “minions” of theirs / come to FIND out she OWNS 2 😱😱 what - for SAFTEY she said nytimes I’m more impressed by the work any conservationist does than I could ever be by any motel developer ever born.

The true last unicorns. petersbeagle PatrickRothfuss. So heartbreaking that these horrible humans would kill such magnificent animals for their own self gratification . I'll never be able to understand why 😢 thank you all who work so tirelessly to save them , my heart is with you ❤ This, I love Neanderthals still insist that this is morally wrong, while ignoring humans are the cause of rhino extinction.

Don't show this to Donnie JR. I'm sure he wants one on his wall. Don’t tell Trump jr. He’’ll shoot it.

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