The yield curve just inverted – Jim Cramer and three other experts weigh in

The yield curve just inverted – Jim Cramer and three other experts weigh in


The yield curve just inverted – Jim Cramer and three other experts weigh in

The bond market just did something it hasn't done since 2007. Four experts break down what comes next.

"Our economy is uniquely not as sensitive because these are not exporters that need to have a dollar weaker. Remember our dollar is just getting stronger – an extraordinary rally in the dollar. I don't want to see it but I struggle to reach a conclusion that this is all bad given the fact that Germany has had these rates for some time and their market is not doing that badly even though they have an export economy. Their DAX in real terms is up even though they're exporting the Mercedez-Benz, the Volkswagen and BMW right to China. And those sales are very weak as we see the numbers from China so it's not the end of the world."

Andy Brenner, director at National Alliance Securities, says weakening global economies signaled the inversion.

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Jim Cramer “an expert” 🤣😂 That was fast.

Jim Cramer is not worried about the yield curve, says Warren Buffett is buying bank stocksCNBC's Jim Cramer says the strength of the consumer sector and Warren Buffett's confidence in back stocks are key reasons not to overreact to the yield curve inversion. Jim is an idiot. Pay no attention. The yield curve is nothing and this scare campaigns happened last year for fews days but the this time the funds who caught short yesterday when Trump delayed 10% tariffs decision they found another reason to push the market down and they close the short with profit. jimcramer I'm a lot more concerned about 10yr real yields at 0.0% than the 2s/10s curve doing what the 2s/5s curve has been doing for the last 9 months. yieldcurve

The 'fear gauge' shows the market could be headed for 'choppy waters,' Jim Cramer says'The averages haven't really digested these latest gains, and like we saw last week, big moves higher can result in some serious stock market reflux,' he says. You don’t say. Probably will get worse next year during election season.

Trump just blinked, giving China a possible edge in trade war, Jim Chanos and others saySome influential voices on Wall Street are saying that Trump blinked in the latest exchange with China. Blinks on China and Mexico still ain't paying for the wall. StableGenius You've been wrong about Trump's presidency since 2017, but by-golly you struck gold with this one.... Fake news

U.S. Treasury bond curve inverts for first time since 2007 in recession warningThe U.S. Treasury bond yield curve inverted on Wednesday for the first time sinc... Great, our dear leaders tariffs on China should bail us out realDonaldTrump It's the Great Trump Inversion of 2019😱, just before he wins re-election in 2020😬 That was close👌 Trump’s boss Putin will be so happy with him.

Inverted yield curve rattles investors wary of dying stock bull marketA closely watched section of the U.S. yield curve inverted on Wednesday for the ... Get ready for the coming Trumpcession. Mr. Bean? A 6x business failure is causing these yield curves.

U.S. yield curve inverts for first time in 12 years, flags recessionThe U.S. Treasury yield curve inverted on Wednesday for the first time since Jun... Yes,..and if Trump farts the market reacts,. winning MAGA Trump is destroying the economy!

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