The Worst Bread You Should Never Eat, Dietitian Says — Eat This Not That

Carbs can be good for you—just not this kind of bread. 🍞

1/29/2022 6:00:00 AM

Carbs can be good for you—just not this kind of bread. 🍞

One of the biggest aisles at the grocery store is the bread aisle, so we talked to a dietitian to find out which ones to avoid.

or if a person is only choosing bread to consume, and ignoring all other types of grains out there," says Ehsani."For example, if a person is only choosing bread to eat at each and every meal, but not eating a variety of the other types of grains out there, they could be missing out on the unique nutrients found in quinoa, brown rice, farro, buckwheat, oats or any other type of whole grain or ancient grain out there. Each of these grains has a slightly different nutritional breakdown, some high in protein, others high in fiber or other vitamins or minerals. So it's best to vary your choice of grain, when following a healthy eating pattern."

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