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The World Relies on One Chip Maker in Taiwan, Leaving Everyone Vulnerable

A chip maker in Taiwan powers billions of products, from Audis to iPhones. Its dominance leaves the global economy at risk.

6/19/2021 7:15:00 AM

A chip maker in Taiwan powers billions of products, from Audis to iPhones. Its dominance leaves the global economy at risk.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. makes almost all of the world’s most sophisticated chips, and many of the simpler ones, too. Its dominance poses risks to the global economy, amid geopolitical tensions and a major chip shortage.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. ’s chips are everywhere, though most consumers don’t know it.The company makes almost all of the world’s most sophisticated chips, and many of the simpler ones, too. They’re in billions of products with built-in electronics, including iPhones, personal computers and cars—all without any obvious sign they came from TSMC, which does the manufacturing for better-known companies that design them, like Apple Inc. and Qualcomm Inc.

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TSMC has emerged over the past several years as the world’s most important semiconductor company, with enormous influence over the global economy. With a market cap of around $550 billion, it ranks as the world’s 11th most valuable company.Its dominance leaves the world in a vulnerable position, however. As more technologies require chips of mind-boggling complexity, more are coming from this one company, on an island that’s a

focal point of tensionsbetween the U.S. and China, which claims Taiwan as its own.Analysts say it will be difficult for other manufacturers to catch up in an industry that requires hefty capital investments. And TSMC can’t make enough chips to satisfy everyone—a fact that has become even clearer amid headtopics.com

, adding to the chaos of supply bottlenecks, higher prices for consumers and furloughed workers, especially in the auto industry. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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A guy in Taiwan understood better what others took for granted In the age of smart technologies entirely dependent on semiconductors, that's a dangerous monopoly! Junta terrorists abducted a father and a daughter at their house in Ta Kaung st, South Okkalapa for no known reason on June 22 night. TogetherWithPDF June23Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

Especially if China wants Taiwan returned. businesses dont want to invest in costly machines Arizona would be too dry n arid to host chip manuf Get this company out of Tiwan! President Biden wants to address it in the infrastructure plan. Too bad it won’t get any votes from Republican senators. When China decides to finally invade Taiwan, thr whole world will feel it. Chips, SSDs, Hard Disks, everything is made there.

Its been known. Thanks TheStalwart for the journalism you’ve done on this the past 6-8 months? The tiny thing can change the world How about...pay them a fair amount of money for their services, Capitalists...that is the way it works, right; supply & Demand?

Low probability of China trying to seize Taiwan in near term -top U.S. generalThe top U.S. general said on Thursday there was a low probability that China would try to take over Taiwan militarily in the near-term as Beijing has some way to go to develop the capabilities needed. The General is right. wow Taiwan is at the balancing point counterpoised between China and the U.S.

A useful article for everyone! Someone PLEASE tell me why we aren't making chips here! Yeah this is dangerous. Japan ended up attacking the U.S. because they were so dependent on our oil. Could we have the same problem with China? This has been true for along, long time. Calm down. The tiny thing can change the world

At least Trump got them to agree to build a US plant but it is not expected to be done until 2024. It's going to be a huge task to address this problem and with Taiwan being so vulnerable it really needs to be addressed. Hundreds of people from four villages (HtanTawGyi, YeKyiPin, MyaSein, MyaYeik) staged a rally to protest against terrorist regime, marking the 76th birthday of the detained leader Daw AungSanSuu Kyi. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar June19Coup 76FlowerStrike

In 1976, RCA transfer their entire semicon tech to Taiwan. Great article 华尔街日报现在也变成撒刁媒体了

Taiwan allows Foxconn's Gou, TSMC to negotiate for vaccinesTaiwan will allow Terry Gou, the billionaire founder of Taiwan's Foxconn (2317.TW), and TSMC (2330.TW) to negotiate on the government's behalf for COVID-19 vaccines, a spokesman said on Friday, but warned he couldn't guarantee success.

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In absence of a ‘National Industrial Policy’ American Tech CEOs handed the control of 🇺🇸’s future & prosperity to 🇨🇳,🇹🇼 &🇰🇷for short term boost in profits & their ‘Golden Parachutes’ over the last 40 years. Results is Total Dependence on Single supplier of semiconductor &….. 1976, RCA transfer their semicon tech to Taiwan.

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Would it still be vulnerable if the company was based in the US Taiwan made itself indispensable by design. Like the Mid East with it's oil resources. Any country that attacks and threatens resources will be met with force from all other countries. Any attack on Taiwan will have the same response, which protects it from China.

Semiconductors have pretty much become equivalent to oil in its importance and geopolitical implications.

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It's not strange that it's like that, it's strange that no one preoccupied about it till now! The pandemic brought a lot of hard lessons to learn, one of the biggest is that the most strategic productions today are relocated in low cost countries and we depend on them. most chips don't have to be cutting edge, they just have to work.

I am not a evil genius bent on total world domination. But if I was, I would built a backdoor into every chip. Any tech dominating giant is always big threat to supply chain and global economy, unless it locates at US or allies' lands under fully control, as per the mindset of the reporter. What the US fears it's not TSMC's dominance but its quite likely getting closer to mainland in the foreseeable future.

So it's a national security threat poised to become a national security disaster if/when China lays forceful claim to Taiwan? That’s dangerous and irresponsible from the western world. Give them vaccines. Damn you. Hi guys, I would recommend a great Solar Lights seller on Amazon which I bought from and used for years, really got great fun and charming lighting atmosphere around house. Here is the beautiful solar flame lights outdoor, I like so much -

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