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1/15/2022 3:30:00 AM

'The Weirdest Non-Fungible Crypto News Stories of 2021' by @Mrbateman3131 #cryptocurrency #cryptonews

'The Weirdest Non-Fungible Crypto News Stories of 2021' by Mrbateman3131 cryptocurrency cryptonews

Let's kick off 2022 by taking a quick peak over our collective shoulders at the weird and wonderful crypto/blockchain stories from last year, shall we?

b)A long, long time ago (around about June) I started a silly little show called 'Nevermind the Shitcoins'. In just 18 episodes (not including bonuses and trailers), we've covered some of the craziest crypto and blockchain stories from around the magical internet money world, in a game we call 'Non-Fungible News'.

Ever feel like you're no better a trader than a hamster on a wheel? Well, you're probably right. Mr Goxx found celebrity status this summer as his owner decided to hand over his private keys to the little furball. And what do you know? Mr Goxx was pretty good, even managing to make money on Tron somehow. Sadly, he passed away in November this year, maybe a side effect of the mid-November BTC price drop?

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