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The Weekly | In Yoga, Blurry Lines Easily Crossed

This is a story about touch and consent.


This is a story about touch and consent.

The hands-on teaching practices of some of yoga’s most celebrated gurus — and accusations of inappropriate touch that may have gone too far — raise questions about consent.

On the latest episode of “The Weekly,” we explore why some of us are willing to go along with things in a yoga studio that we might question outside of one. And why many of these methods have gone unexamined for so long.

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TheWeekly People teaching yoga should be careful these days trust has flown out the window and some people in various fields spoil the others so use precaution i try not to even shake hands unless the other may it be a female or male offers to shake hands TheWeekly What’s ok and what should get someone’s entire life destroyed is difficult to determine.

TheWeekly We lack yoga. TheWeekly Part of being an excellent professional teacher is teaching: seeing, adjusting and using words- there is no place for the 'triggered', hyper sensitive meta culture that has permeated almost every facet of living today. We are going to touch you and that is part of it.

TheWeekly Oh wow! Don’t do yoga, then. TheWeekly Oh my God! Don't do yoga then. Problem solved. What is going to happen to massage?

U.S. weekly jobless claims fall more than expectedThe number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits fell more ... Winning The problem is you need two or even three jobs to survive! Wages are too low and minimum wage is NOT a survival wage! Let me correct the caption: “Trump economy continues to soar, despite Dem wishes for gloom and joblessness to spike.” There, that reads better.

Weekly Health Quiz: Sleep, Memory and GriefTest your knowledge of this week’s health news.

Dollar heads for weekly gain on trade talk hope but doubts remainThe dollar held its gains versus the yen and Swiss franc on Friday as investors ...

‎Watch With Us! - Us Weekly TV News and Interviews on Apple PodcastsOn this week's WatchWithUs podcast, MishaCollins tells us all about his new cookbook & shares how his kids went from throwing food at him to picking out artichokes in the grocery store. And yes, Supernatural. iTunes: Non iTunes: mishacollins Ooh yay! mishacollins Woo hooooooooo! SPNFamily

Nudge, Don’t Nag: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Do WellNobody wants to do uninteresting things, but for kids with ADHD, motivation is almost impossible when interest isn't there. Use these creative ideas to motivate your child to get started on whatever task they're dreading -- & stick with it until the end. I sometimes think Additude forgets that adhd is a lifelong condition. ACNLatitudes 'Nudge, don't nag...' works really really well in our home!!!❤

Trump finds a line that even AG Bill Barr isn't willing to crossTrump wanted Attorney General Bill Barr to tell the world the president did nothing criminally wrong in the Ukraine scandal. That did not go well. MaddowBlog Wow! AG Barr isnt as stupid as he seems to be. Im guessing with all the evidence mounting on trump he realizes jail isnt a good word for his resume for idioticly acting on trumps behalf MaddowBlog You do realize the only way to fix this is to start executing people who commit financial crimes MaddowBlog Respectfully, how is this not crossing the line? tRump got exactly what he asked for (per NYT)

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