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The wealthy may avoid $163 billion in taxes every year. Here’s how they do it

The wealthy may avoid $163 billion in taxes every year. Here’s how they do it.

9/25/2021 2:57:00 AM

The wealthy may avoid $163 billion in taxes every year. Here’s how they do it.

The wealthiest Americans may be avoiding $163 billion in income taxes every year, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Here’s how they do it.

Wealth transfer taxes"For the ultra-wealthy, it's not all about income tax," said Lisa Featherngill, CFP and national director of wealth planning at Comerica Wealth Management in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. "The wealth transfer tax is just as important."

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When someone passes wealth to heirs or gives assets during life, they may be subject to up to 40% federal estate or gift taxes for property worth more than $11.7 million for individuals and $23.4 million for married couples, thanks to former President

Donald Trump's 2017 tax overhaul.While these thresholds will decrease to about $6 million and $12 million after 2025, House Democrats want todrop the exemption to $5 millionto help fund their spending plan.For the ultra-wealthy, it's not all about income tax. The wealth transfer tax is just as important.

Lisa FeatherngillDirector of wealth planning at Comerica Wealth ManagementIn the meantime, wealthy families are making gifts to reduce their taxable estates ahead of the 2026 deadline, Featherngill said.They also use estate planning strategies, such as so-called dynasty trusts, which allow families to pass wealth from generation to generation without the risk of incurring estate taxes at each death.

House Democrats have proposedto help fund their budget plan.Those who are philanthropicmay also make charitable gifts, allowing donors to claim a federal write-off if they itemize tax deductions. Read more: CNBC »

Elon musk doesn’t get paid a salary, he owns stock & hasn’t sold yet. When he pays tax he pays 53%. Will be billions. Stop posting fake news. Through loopholes that democrats and republicans don’t care about because it serves them too. RBReich took over CNBC. thanks And it sent it without me saying a word

We still need another $830 Billion to fill the annual hole. This tax the rich is the laziest argument going. Preys on stupidity. Politicians spend too much. Period! So they use the existing tax laws to legally avoid paying certain taxes and that is wrong why? Wouldn't this be like criticizing someone for using a coupon to purchase something?

'As long as you're adhering to the law, everything's fair game,' said certified financial planner Sharif Muhammad, founder and CEO of Unlimited Financial Services in Somerset, New Jersey.” Therefore they’re doing nothing wrong. Bezos and Musk dust make the laws. Tesla D model will be launch on 8th October which can only buy by paying in Doge🔥🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

CNBC Doing your civic duty to USA telling people how to avoid Tex 😂

Biden may owe up to $500k in back taxesPresident Biden may have improperly avoided paying Medicare taxes before he took office What of Trump was a No go zone for your ilks... Wait til you see what Trump's owes Man of his words

Following the law I’m guessing. Tax avoidance by planning within existing laws is simply prudent. Tax evasion is the crime. Don’t blame the wealthy for complying with the law - change the law if you want change. Just a few billion off? They are enabled by stupid people that keep voting Republican. That’s how they do it.

Does not matter But they worried about our cash app transactions Thanks for the info. I love not paying taxes cause I know I can spend my money better than the government can. Ein gesundes Wirtschafts-System brächte den Ausgleich zustande. Midsle class has to pay their 'Fair Share' the Mega wealthy and elite.. Not so much

According to a study by the ProPublica site, the twenty-five richest Americans paid only $ 13.6 billion to their country's tax authorities between 2014 and 2018: less than 1%. it's ridiculous

CFO of major Russian gas firm Novatek hit with tax fraud charges in U.S.Mark Anthony Gyetvay is accused of illegally hiding $93 million offshore to avoid paying taxes in the U.S. where prosecutors say he lives.

you'd think w all their intellect, money & power, they would focus more on the environment & planet issues. Especially since Amazon, contributes 2 pollution w. their packaging,consumerism, capitalism & shipping ( air pollution), landfill, plastic waste. Diamond 💎 hands everyone!! $BTC $ATOM $AR $SOL $MATIC. PAMP IT !! M98

We have lost 31M jobs because of NAFTA and Chinese trade. We’ve lost our industry. We have engaged in a mealiness war for the last twenty years in Afghanistan / Iraq at a cost of at least 300M a day and spend 900B on military diplomacy. But taxing the rich is the problem. Why bother to tax those wealthy people if the rent for ordinary Americans will not substantially reduced.

Glad to hear Biden say everyone will pay their fair share in taxes. So everyone will play 35% like I do or everyone will pay $150K like I do. That’s fair, isn’t it? This whole idea that half of the country doesn’t pay taxes, yet they can vote, has to stop 🛑! Who will be the first trillionaire? And name the year. TheFirstTrillionaire

Good to read all the comments here. More and more people start to see all the bullshit of mainstream media and their hidden dirty agenda’s. WAGM! Those who critics the rich probably made-up their mind to remain poor ...than rather learn their tactics too do same Why do the poor hate the rich so much is equal if only you learn how to operate in it..

Crony capitalism They Want Everthing Even Our Lives By Corona Theater...

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Hard to believe but, sounds like trump was right.. Fake news... They own shares, not real money on the bank account. They don't avoid anything. It's just stocks are not taxed. It is unreliased gains. And the wealthy just own their companies stocks that have a lot of value. When corrupt media like CNBC are gonna be fined for their BS?

And they are proud of it, sick society just 1.2mth of qe. not big deal However people adore them even though they are stealing from them. People are shallow. Not a fan of either one of them. Even the 💀🚬💨💨💨 better business bureau . .. ☝️ knows who iam . .. ama. .. on 💀🚬💨💨💨 go ask them . .. 👖z Lol lol nice old suit . .. y'all gittn a new one now 💀🚬💨💨 lol lol italian shoes . . Arm Mony lol lol 💀🚬💨💨💨 ya know y'all can't go to ARLO s discovery n sedrowholy washington right . . . Slap a lean on yay

Enjoy High APR Farming on $BYIELD bYieldFinance 🤩 - Paladin Audited - Low Risk review by RugDocIO - KYC by RugDocIO - low slipage trading on PancakeSwap passiveincome YieldFarming BSC Same things that Joe Biden uses. At least for the income that is known. I doubt “The Big Guy’s” funds get taxed. Hypocrite.

Supply chain snarls could cost automakers $210 billion this year, forecast findsGlobal automakers could lose $210 billion in revenue this year because of supply chain disruptions, nearly double a forecast earlier this year, consulting firm Alixpartners said Thursday. Not tesla, who will be making their own chips.

Lol lol lol lol 💀🚬💨lol💨💨💨 BidensAmerica How bout they pay taxes and minimum wage So CNBC has joined the group!? Of crappy,phony and NON-professional journalists. Strange for a news/ propaganda organization about Financial markets . They pay politicians to write tax laws and attorneys to exploit those tax laws.

Not too long .... I am coming. By writing the tax code thanks Lol you can put Joe Biden in that pic

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This is as easy as 2 + 2. All you need to do is be rich (wealthy) Why does your company crime so much ? The wealthy pay all the taxes anyway. Question is what is wealthy ? Maybe AGI over 1 million for higher tax rate and go incrementally up ? do a segment on how the 99% can do it - The Tax Codes we’re not written for corporations or businesses, they were writing to collect from W-2 and 1099 earners.

And here I am, happy to receive $163 dollars (of my own money). There has to be something wrong here. We need to close these kind of loop holes. It isn’t fair for them to pay less than their fair share. One day . .. a lawyer is going to present them selves lol . .. and a copy write infrindegment lawyer too y'all 💀🚬💨 know . .. avoiding arlo is kinda not very nice . .. pain n suffering now . .. 🇺🇲💀🚬💨💨

politicians allow this so don't blame the rich...

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Yes promote this then slip in a bill to screw middle class IRA as the real intention Who created these loopholes? Fair play to them they worked hard for it - unlike me I took the easy option and became a plumber There’s a rumor going around Elon and Bezos are getting married to form the ultimate power couple then going to Mars for the wedding and to avoid earthly taxes on there 8 trillion dollars

Simple schemes. Sophisticated execution.