The way we talk about climate change and economics is all wrong

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12/4/2021 5:14:00 PM

Green energy is rapidly nearing a turning point. To combat climate change , our leaders need to point to a cleaner, cheaper tomorrow (by paulconstant)

Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

. While green energy keeps getting cheaper, fossil fuels and their attendant costs have remained basically flat for nearly a century and a half. If solar, wind, and hydrogen power continue to stay on their current development path for another decade or two, and if battery storage capacity continues to improve as well, green energy will overtake fossil fuels to become the world's dominant power source. 

"We're going to see energy cheaper than it's ever been" in the history of the world, Farmer predicts. "We still have a long way to go," Beinhocker warns."Only about 20 percent of global energy is from non-fossil fuels today, and 80 percent from fossil fuels. But the growth [of green energy] has been extraordinary."

Beinhocker says that renewable energy capacity increased by 45 percent in 2020, making it"the only energy source to actually grow during the pandemic, and 90 percent of new power additions in the world now in the electrical sector are from renewables." The global switch to green energy is nearing"a tipping point," he says,"but it's a race against the clock."

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This research, though, should mark a significant change in the conversation about climate change. Rather than focusing on punitive policies which make fuel more expensive for the average American, our leaders should instead be investing deeply into research to advance cheap clean technologies, as well as speeding up the construction of green infrastructure, making the adoption of clean fuels more desirable. As we've seen in

increased electric vehicle adoption ratesaround the world, consumers are happy to make the switch to a clean alternative, when they're presented with an affordable, convenient option.  The evidence is clear: it's time for the environmental conversation in America to become an additive, positive one, rather than a negative story of sacrifice and punishment. When it comes to the green economy, it's no longer about saying no to Exxon; it's about saying yes to building a faster track to a cleaner, cheaper future for the whole human race.

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paulconstant Cheap renewable electricity is great, but the article ignores harder areas. Green heating requires buying an expensive heat pump; no solution yet for flying and shipping; etc. 1/2 paulconstant The only thing I've seen is a more expensive, less sustainable, wildlife/animal/grass/tree/oxygen killing machine meant to dictate and control our lives. No wonder they banned Dr. Suess, they don't want everyone to know you will soon be buying air to live from the them.

paulconstant 绿色能源正迅速接近一个转折点。为了应对气候变化,我们的领导人需要指出一个更清洁、更便宜的明天

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