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7/4/2019 12:01:00 AM

Hispanic Democrats press House leaders to act quickly to address border crisis

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McAfee antivirus software creator dead in Spanish prison John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison hours after his extradition to the US was approved Here's a quick timeline of Britney Spears' case Read more: The Washington Post »

Believe it or not, there's a stray dog under this mess of hair - CNN Video

What IS that creature? A stray Shih Tzu needed a haircut so badly you could barely tell it was a dog. But post-shave, CNN's Jeanne Moos reports, a star is born.

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Washington Post Issues Warning About Trump's Fourth Of July BashThe newspaper&39;s editorial board explained why Americans shouldn&39;t be lured by the spectacle of the event. This is America’s celebration not Trumps. This is not about him and his dictator style show of strength military parade, and we should not have to pay to go to one of the National Memorials because he is giving a campaign speech. IMHO You know he wants a cool statue like the Kim Jongs.

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Washington Post: Park service to redirect $2.5 million for July 4 celebrationThe National Park Service will redirect nearly $2.5 million to help cover costs related to President Donald Trump's July 4 extravaganza in Washington, DC, money that is usually 'primarily intended to improve parks across the country,' The Washington Post reported Tuesday. Why isn't anyone telling that man NO? ты наша сука, америка

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Washington D.C. Braces for Trump's Reality Show July 4 CelebrationHowever, there could be a larger contingency of protestors near the National Mall than the president's supporters, as several counter demonstrations are planned. We are all bearing witness to the final stages of the De-Construction of America. INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE TankTwitter

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We All Need a Vacation from Instagrams & Trump! 👍👍👍🔥👌🏻👍💪🏻👍💪🏻😘😘💪🏻😍✌🏻👌🏻✌🏻👍😍🔥😍✌🏻👍👍👍✌🏻👍😍👍😍👍😍👍😍 ✔️ is nothing sacred anymore Come to the US, your 1 pot tourist destination. Jamaica or Canada if you want to be lame. Foolish Dutch. Dumb idea considering cannabis is legal pretty much everywhere now

Damn Amsterdam, I thought you were cool man.

A no-nonsense conversation between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kerry Washington'For me, it’s about asking, 'Am I serving the people around me? Am I doing my best to make their lives better?'' This exercise in futility earned you a block... Ms Cortez - well done.

Well, shit !! Hope they don’t crack down before I get a chance to No whoopee, no pot? What’s the point? I hear cannabis cafes are already off limits to tourists. You have to have a special resident ID in order to buy weed 2016, Trump won primarily to a lack of credible opposition. 2020 will be a repeat and the Prez also now has a strong economic record.

My passport is n order in case Trump is re-elected more anti bernie propaganda from msm. pathetically transparent. Like this

4th of July Donald Trump military parade: Tanks seen in Washington, DCWhat country do we live in Damn. *Cough* Small Penis *Cough* 😡😡😡

Dum Fuks.... AD 9:17 9:19 FROM TO MEANING OF OF '9:11' 9:13 ON YYBB 215 RED 164 39 4O FEAS ' SAFE ABOVE AND ON MEANS & SAFE & ABOVE AND ON Must Read!!! Charming satire. Thank you! You’re kidding right? after last nights debate and his total ineptness - Bloomberg should drop out and support whoever the Dem nominee is and more importantly help Dems take back the Senate

FROM . TO . . & . PROOFYY & PROVED . MEANING OF . 8:45 FORCED & WELCOMED SAID A ME N ON YYBB 185 .MA S HEMYNGWAY ' I think you may mean 'was humbled before the people' Please leave Giuliani alone, the dude is working hard to pay back the huge sum of money he owes Trump. You know Trump doesn't keep secrets and he threatens to expose his debtors

Not completely in on warren, but I’m getting on the train. Would love to see her verbally slice up his rhetoric asymmetricinfo The presidents ACE APM The Rigbys The Goodfellas music The Late Knighters Newys

How Do You Move a 60-Ton Tank Across Washington?The U.S. military is facing a new logistical challenge: How to get two heavy tanks across roughly 3 miles of the nation’s capital without tearing up roads and bridges before President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration. Be safe, service people. We don't want any of you losing your life in vain. Push anything that gets in your way out of the way by crushing it like in a car disposal machine It’s not really all that big a deal.

Apparently Warren doesn't appreciate what billionaires do for democrats. It's mostly phony outrage anyway. Because she's extreme and will scare away all possible Rep coming over to vote against Trump. I Bloomberg achieved a large number of things. Elisabeth should show some more respect. He spent billions of his own money on good causes and his fellow human beings: health, environment, etc. Read his annual report and then compare that to Warren's list.

Major 2016 Hillary echoes in this piece. Four years and people forget how little that mattered. asymmetricinfo What an uninformed piece. It’s like the writer doesn’t understand what’s at hand here. This is about a billionaire who is buying his way into the field of candidates at the last minute. If not now - as he enters the debate stage, then when?

Why the fuck did she have to be a socialist? You don't know the answer to that, do you? Most of us do. gtconway3d Why not Trump? Because far left dummies are all in for ancient, mentally underpowered, career long DC joke/clown, unreasonable, illogical, yelling, bullshitter BernieSanders She can and will do th same to him

gtconway3d Bite the hand that feeds you DNC ? Billions 💰 to expose TRumpism! Go Mike ! Everything she mentioned has been proven to empower a Trump supporter's entitlement to emulating the same behavior. OPINION: You are being paid too much to publish such transparent propaganda for Mike Bloomberg. Try harder!

The problem is they tear each other apart...go for weaknesses...and then our Cheeto in Chief will rip them to shreds. Tom Perez needs to step up or step aside. The party is falling apart on his watch. gtconway3d Warren just tore apart Dems only chance to beat Trump. Because he's afraid to debate. Trump will mop the floor with her

The hypocrites who tore into Mike wish they had his money. U all have skeletons/ regrets. No shame in being rich if u got it honestly. Focus on: quality schools, teachers' pay, housing, drug prices, low taxes for all, clean water, pot-hole free roads, affordable health care, etc. because he’s not a billionaire

She also doomed herself. If she didn’t like being called Pocahontas, she should’ve thought about her nasty bashing of her opponent(s). gtconway3d It was a preview. Gotta beat one before you beat another.

asymmetricinfo Wow are you kidding me? The media feeds fear into people like this article. What makes you think a Democrat Socialist can’t win? I can think of at least 2. FDR and JFK. boomersriseup it’s a a revolution. boomers created the protest. If she wins the Primary, she’ll do the same to Trump.

The debate last night was fun to watch. We were howling with laughter! The whole lot of them were so bad and stand no chance of beating DJT. I thought for a minute that Amy was going to clock Pete when they were into it! What a riot!😂😅🤣 asymmetricinfo Well that sure is stupid and wrong of you to say.

LOL like he’s going to listen to them. He’ll pardon whoever he hears about on Fox News and/or whoever he thinks will trigger the libs. Very timely WaPo It’s not a battle in which he is a brave hero. The allegations mean he’s got to prove he did not say those sexist things. Given the racism with the frisk policy thing, I don’t hold him as being innocent in this nor some great battler.

Mike Bloomberg is a douchebag. ;-) xo Election times need desperate measures. Are ordinary people also going to be considered? This line of attack is going to backfire on Warren. DemDebate2020

So is this what the presidency has turned into to, pardoning criminals, tweeting and watching TV? I can’t take another 4 years of this. Way way way overdue!!! Starring Jared...of course. Oh good. He can put his father first on the list. FFS Beautifull Moment This is painful...watching this man. He’s not prepared, let alone not having a decent answer for “stop & frisk”. MikeBloomberg Omg....they didn’t like the joke I told... SenWarren is savaging him. fuuuucckk. He’s such a moron. Totally agree. DemDebate

Warren request release of non disclosure agreements! Watch out MichaelBloomberg ElizabethWarren is after you!! By by Bloomberg DemDebate Please!!!!

stopandfrisk Lol. They already let the horse out of the barn Little late 1. Trump will deny even know Rohrabacher, or least not that well. 2. Another case of the Don keeping his hands clean while someoneels3 commits thecp crime. 3. It’ll end up Trump’s word against Assange’s and we all know what a criminal he is - just ask Donnie (now)


washingtonpost Respect women! He’s done it since day one. Why change now? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ gtconway3d Forever Long time Whether or not he is a stooge is not in dispute Washington compost Rev 13:8 (KJV) And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. “The Great Controversy” by Ellen White Audio Order book:

Looks like a sad curly Forever.

Better question to ask is , how long will all of America let Trump make them the stooge's , pretty easy to answer , for as long as he want's to he's the king now and answer's to no one Forever. They are united in purpose. How long will Barr put up with being tRump's roadie, you ask? Well Barr has said about his legacy, 'we all die,' so I think that's a clue.

They fly around shitting on everything... Yep makes sense DrNurseProf Cruel P.UT.I.N strikes again. Pigeons United To Interfere Now. amazing that you fuckin dorks fall for this shit Ballot already sent! Bernin' the competitors! gtconway3d Bill Barr Needs to go perform on dancing with the stars

gtconway3d Barr sold himself to Trump which is why his mortgage debt and other debt was wiped when he joined team Trump. He is prepared to be treated like garbage and leave a stain on this country. Maybe he loves his family? Long as he getting paid. If it looks like a stooge and acts like a stooge it's probably a corrupt and complicit stooge.

gtconway3d This is very unfair to Barr. Barr is very upset by Trump's tweets. I have heard he and Susan Collins frequently talk about how concerned they are. Til he loses in a landslide Forever. He’s getting a lot out of it Hmm, supposedly against the wishes of Barr, but probably just theatre.

California is the mother lode. Don’t step in the umgawa. It’s sad to think that people embrace socialism that as of Hitler.... remember how Hitler got his start he was a socialist Democrat as well ..... As far as Bernie ever becoming a president that will never happen he’s already had a major heart attack....

Well this is going to make a fun showdown with Mitch in the Senate... Appreciate the ads countering trump lies. Prefer Warner - will vote blue no matter whodemocracydiesindarkness Stephen Millers more handsome brother? Thank God for our 1'st Amendment He is the inspiration for Megamind. Shouldn't God be a GM and not a mere IM? (ok this is esoteric)♟

It's necessary to be a criminal in order to vote GOP these days, isn't it?

He won’t do well in the afterlife. Blasphemy is blasphemy. 🤣🤣🤣 I will VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 WAPO you really need to close up shop! You have become as worthless as that other DC paper! I thought the 'I'm God' license plate would belong to donald trump The Washington post already bought? He should make it more interesting.

Is this Jeff Bezos speaking? We're calling from the IRS Can you put him on the line? No matter who the DEM nominee is we HAVE to vote for them. WE HAVE to get DT & the GOP out of office! Do it NOW or be damned-Never Trumpers Unite

Vote Bernie and Elizabeth Biden is burying Biden. MiniMike is burying himself. 😪🙏 Don't waste your time, answer is: NO, can't fly with it. Doesn't actually answer needed questions PedroRo62093245 The DNC is rigging the primary against Bernie again! BernieSanders This is just another shakedown. 'We could lift the sanctions, but I need a favor though.' ~Donnie Tony Hands Trump

If anyone is reading this...it is crucial...do NOT vote for Bloomberg..... your best chances at saving America is with Joe Biden...Trump fears Biden the most!!! Signed by 22m Americans for Joe Biden Thats because there is more shit Heaven forbid we have enough TP to use!

. Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. A lot of people harmed him from announcing the start of the presidency. I am curious about the role of Italy? FROM TO 7:37 HEAT OFF 'NEVER' Tate The Misson savoring the sweet peace of the first slow news day of 2020 I bet this bothers more people than who is President.

That is what is wrong with the Democrats and leftwing in the USA: They are not patriots, team-players for the greater good, nor are they honorable and selfless public servants. Instead, Democrats and the leftwing have become an anti-American Resistance Cult lusting for power. Everything. Trump. Touches. Dies. ETTD TheRickWilson

PresidentWarren Warren2020 Trump is ‘our chief criminal running a crime syndicate out of the West Wing’.. It’s not the problem for Pete

what a choice Bolshevik Bernie and trump the tyrant Not sure how much that means when he’s funding the very people (GOP) who are climate change deniers. Good start, it is the equivalent of if I put $100. to fight the climate change! Here's where we're headed with king Trump. Frightening. If that 10 billion goes to buildings nuclear power plants and fracking, the two greatest technologies to reduce C02, than great. If not, it’s just pandering. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

We are praying that your intentions become reality!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 What percent of his tax free income does that amount to? MrJonCryer You mean the $10billion he should have paid to his overworked, underpaid employees? Bravos JeffBezos 👏 And, sadly, be broken by the next month’s end.

The world applauds the philanthropy of the oligarchs orchestrating our dystopia. 10B investment to make money from the already $1.5 trillion “green” economy. Nothing to do with “climate change.” Anthropogenic driven climate change is a myth that only exists in computer models fed manipulated & conveniently “adjusted” data, & perpetually wrong “predictions.”

Is going to stop flying Doing what exactly? A volcano burps and there’s more co2 released than what humans can muster. This cult is dumber and dumber. Anyway, they don’t go well with school girl outfits. My dude lost more than that fucking around on his ex-wife.. Pretty sure there's a tax dodge at the heart of it...

That's really awesome. Make sure Trump doesn't get ahold of that money. He will keep it for himself. Meanwhile he’s running a website pimping billions of dollars worth the plastic Chinese dogshit products that wind up in people’s garbage a year later. 🖕🏼

Just another way to avoid paying tax. That’ll fix it 🤣 How many of his MULTIPLE international properties are going green? And of course people rip him. This world is so fucked up. While strolling around his newly purchased $165 million home in LA. So is he going to pay to repair the ex president's ocean front home when it's destroyed by rising ocean, didn't Obama let him in the secret?

👍👍👍👍👍 Money well invested.👍🏻 Wow No.

So in other words - average tornado activity this spring? Bold prediction. So, around average, then? Stunningly bold prediction. Why are so many Republicans so gullible and/or uneducated ? And how the he'll do they get elected into Congress? This is not surprising. Commenting so I can find this tweet again in a month or so. For my 'corporate media called it a debunked conspiracy theory' collection.

the 'real'tornado activity starts if 'WP' investigate/search like Watergate..Blackmailing a NATO Member's President/Premier for 17years with his Swiss accounts without exposing them to the world and taking advantage his fear of losing his wealth/money/property.in the USA It is Obaaaaaama's fault! ... climate change is a hoax! ... build a waaaall around Kansas! ... those tornadoes are socialist! Right Vladi good old pal?

We’ll just bookmark this and see what happened come summer..... Wow. Just...wow. The Washington Post sinks further and further into ridiculousness and irrelevance with every day that passes. The only question remaining is which of America's once great dailies, the WaPo or the NYT, is the most shameful.

Are they trying to jinx it not to happen by predicting it? Did China tell you it was debunked? It's scary AF that the US press defends China over American citizens with a vengeance. China has a grip on our society in 2020 and I've never seen anything like it. Their money seems to have infiltrated all the right places.

What they have attempted to do insidiously since the 1960’s through changes in the family law system as well as the illegal drugs proliferation, they now brazenly admit in the open. Alas the cat is out of the bag! The elites have declared a war on families in favor of the state! Washington post politics can divide USA on getting to the truth of China’s role on the virus. Please Don’t let people died in China or throughout the world without proper redress. USA must be united to pressure China for the truth. Avoid China’s propaganda army.

Trump ruins everything You mean the experts that have been kept out of China, but are drawing conclusions from Chinese government information and no independent empirical data? Whenever our press says something is debunked all it means is it is something they don't want us to investigate. Not the biggest fan of Mayor Pete, but he should not have to defend his marriage. His private life is exactly that..private.

A fitting statement by God to realDonaldTrump - everything he touches is a disappointment or disgrace. Impeached45 ImpeachedForever Know what fans the embers even more? Your paper repeating it and giving him attention. Good job WP, good job. Soooooo. It’s “debunked” because some of your scientist friends say it’s “unlikely”. “Debunked” = proven false. You Fake News f’ers have ZERO credibility after your incessant propagation of the Russia Hoax which WAS DEBUNKED by ya boy Robert Mueller.

Misuse of taxpayer $$. Boycott sponsors. NASCAR should not have allowed this politicizing. Trump left and then God brought the rain... Jeremiah 14:22 🤔🤔🤔 God’s humor So you ended up with a Trump rally with 150,000 people? Every one and every thing Trump touches rots. He jixned the 500 by lying to the fans about his past attendance to the 500. Let NASCAR be warned of this omen.

And God Said

every time I was at Nascar in Daytona it rains - 3 years watching the race the next day 😣 ETTD .... *E*!! Correction: replace “criticism” with “homophobia”. You’re welcome ETTD Trump at the Daytona 500: Fat & Furious tomorrow, locusts The Soggy Bottom Boys It hasn't been debunked. washingtonpost has been wrong so often they're a danger to society. WP is more interested in scoring political points than truth.

Bezos licks China's boots. Trump ruins everything He is the kiss of death. IMPOTUS: the plague that just keeps on giving. ColemanforTN32 ETTD Karma b... No it doesn't...TOTALLY DIVIDED ' the democrats by their splintered party in an election year is giving trump his presidency,last time it was the electoral college...sadly this time its US...

He is a joke Ah his home country needs him back anyways in order to rebuild and be made whole again. Good luck and good bye... HOPE your FAKING Elton

So this story is complete fakenews and is purely race-baiting hysterics? Sounds like a bloomberg policy. If you support bloomberg you're a racist too. Wow that must have been so dramatic. Who gives a sh1t? FROM TO 3:O7 E:OG LEFT INNER FOOT MEANS ' ' GO E(EVERY) 3:38 BACK HEAD POINT UP E:EH MEANS ' ' BACK MYY PROVED ON YYBB 185 FFED J ON E 'S

Esse jornal é MENTIROSO!!! This newspaper is LIAR !!! Ce journal est menteur !!! Diese Zeitung ist LÜGNER !!! Este periódico es mentiroso! 這本報紙是騙子! Isn't that what they said about Trump almost all the way up until he won the election? FeelTheBern ! ! hes winning though The sad part is if Bernie loses the nomination his whacko followers, amplified by bots and trolls, will do their best to harm the democratic campaign. Just like last time.

No other democratic candidate has a movement at all. So what's your point? SenSanders is the ONLY one that has a moment & a message. So again, what's your point? BernieBeatsTrump Well I guess when you are ILLEGAL which WAPO conveniently forgot to report, you have to expect that the authorities will come after you.

There’s an elite border unit? Could have fooled me; they all appear to be brown shirts. Showed here in San Diego. I think for 2 months in sanctuary cities to fulfill the campaign promise. Chicago and New York to boost the enforcement power of local ICE officers, additional San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J.

Why was she killed? A Lynch mob is a mob that doesn't believe in due process. That was the mob that tried to Lynch Justice Kavanaugh and hasn't given up yet. Pelosi is a Lynch mob leader and every Democrat is on board for this. WP confirmed the Dems are doomed! Next WP must change tactic: Support the new President 2020.

The country is doomed.

1972 2.0 Lmfao It’s EVERYONE!!! The other side is just too stupid to realize it. So Dems are betting that we're gonna have our first Jewish president (and also oldest), first gay president (and first gay first lady), first female president (first male first lady). How many moderate - conservatives do you expect to vote Dem? Come on.

Don't despair, Constitutionalists. We will keep America safe and strong until these Socialists learn what they're really voting for. Exactly, only because a Democrat will win 2020 Mann wird Donald nach seiner Amtszeit verurteilen und einsperren... Trump and GOP are doomed. They will be lucky if all we do is put them in prison.

Sure 🤬 feels like it right now!

Need a subscription to read this. What a joke Let the Bernie copes begin! Yeah, they pretty much are. Start including ElizabethWarren in your crystal ball coverage Not doomed just Perished Fake news....another distraction! It's a head fake! Let us be clear, Biden is way to incompetent and Bloomberg is way to elitist to defeat the aggressive president in office. Of the viable candidates, only Bernie, a populist working class figure, can overturn Trump’s pseudo-populist shtick.

Narrator: Actually you are doomed. Yeah Democrats, yeah you are doomed.

This happens all the time at our daily work life in the office every where in USA & the world. This is life! It is like a coin, there is a front & back. We just do the best we can to be fair & square, no one is at fault. narrator: they were doomed Mr. Trump just tweeted to Mr. Barr: “Don’t be a fool”. Interesting how Hewitt’s Wikipedia career description doesn’t match the one in this article. “35 years in big law?” Six years running multiple federal government agencies? A lot of resume inflation here.

JRubinBlogger Lol, hope springs eternal. JRubinBlogger *narrator’s voice* “he can’t” Some say he’s coming up short Clickbait. We know Giuliani's position. He has some very valid evidence, evidence that the MSM has chosen to suppress. Not that it matters, really. When Americans see what you have suppressed they'll backlash against you hard.

JRubinBlogger We all need to stay active and talk about the positive difference Bernie will make. Never get complacent! The DNC will do everything in their power to stop a Sanders nomination unless we force them to accept it!

Will Barr have the backbone to resign? He’s not wrong. I'll take the version where a person finds a note then spends a year tracking the writer down only to have latter reject them in the most humiliating and public way. Then they find a stray cat. Roll credits. We're nearing the point of a despotic tyrant's rule when the only way out is to frog march that entire bunch of them out of the White House, toss them in a prison cell, and let the courts sort them out. If Senate Republicans refuse to do their duty they should meet the same fate.

Americans are a nation that has a moral category of 'scum' embedded at the genetic level. Where did Trump go to law school? Did he graduate? And he seems to be weighing in on medical issues as well. Does he have a medical degree we don’t know of? Personally I don’t think he graduated high school, seeming to be perpetually stuck in fourth grade!

so 'nightmarishly complex' it was unraveled in under 24 hours by twitter as corporate fuckery by CAP-bribed asshole bosses betraying their union rank-and-file in coordination with several doomed campaigns Simple no more tariff abuses against USA they have to negotiate with us . They will beg later to the largest customer!

How dare you, Galentines is a real holiday! Good, quit drinking like I did

Cry me a river! By Domestic! That will put AMERICANS to work! Those thousands you talk about are not Americans! Perspective: IdentityPolitics are the only thing Democrats have left Remember when avocados were supposed to disappear? And then they didn’t. THEN TRY BEER INSTEAD. OH HELL, THE ICE CREAM IS TO COLD TOO.

Burnt Toast! Long Live Dom Perigon! Of course, Cheetos produces wine. He literally fought for this union to get them healthcare in 2016 Bernie has been fighting for unions for decades. This is total bullshit. I wanna see Pete get the nomination, and I want Katie Porter for his VP. They are both from the Midwest and could bring in the swing voters. Katie would be an excellent Congressional compliment to Pete's mayoral experience.

Would this apply to Native American land? French champagne. Champagne is also made here in the US. 🤓And the woke wave is following? I might have to go to France and drink champagne there. The Washington Post trying to instill FEAR in their audience by claiming Trump is going to take away Champagne... You can't make this stuff up

The finest wines have always come from France and their economy is heavily dependent on wines, and France is our traditional ally since 1775.......so let's destroy them and drink crap. Drink kombucha or cider instead, it tastes so much better. Is this what rich people are concerned about? More fear mongering by the dishonest liberal media!

Washington Post Fake News is weird. FakeNews

Oooh the horror ... 🙄 If they have nothing else to say, they call us evil and or Gay. The irony being that Pete must be doing amazing if they are breaking out the last resort insults. djtwin Big Macs and Dirty Birdy in a box (KFC) on the menu, followed by Adderall parfait he needs it badly That's one couple per every month of his legal bills.

Isn't he funding his own campaign like he promised? 'wider strategies in region' as in stability so Israel becomes to focus of the media again. Dead empire. US troops attacked by the Syrian people on the 12th yesterday because they are living them to The mercy of Islamist why don’t you report that Russia are the only ones helping them


Cuomo wanted Trump to make fun of him in person instead of on Twitter? Weird Flex, but OK. Forced arbitration laws should be looked into given the fact most employers hire the arbitrator who is “suppose” to be independent. This leaves employees vulnerable to an unbalanced employee employer relationship esp. since employees resources are limited.

More than half the country doesn't believe anything he says. If it comes from realDonaldTrump it's not alternative facts it's 'Trump Facts' and the Trumpettes take two a day with a glass of Kool-Aid. another nothingburger. The flu always burns out when it warms up. come on WaPo. You guys just keep up with the fake news.

It’s called lying. It’s been 3 years. This is not difficult More BS propaganda & hate from WaPo! Health experts don’t even know what’s really going on as the Chinese govt aren’t being honest & trying to hide the real facts of this virus, even silencing a Dr who brought this to the attention of the Chinese govt.

Trump is an existence-proof that ignorance is an infectious disease, which has become a pandemic among obsequious Republicans. Welcome to Little big League. Silly rule I'm giving up coronavirus 'For Lent' ..

Patrick, a former governor from neighboring Massachusetts, got less votes in nh than random ‘write-in’ votes. very interesting Probably not fast enough but you still love to see it! I’d we attack this head on we can accomplish our goals! What a waste of time and money. Get a job. So they are going to use green paper to soak up their oil spills.

SenatorCollins how has your sleep been lately The expectation that you would keep someone on your administration who is working against you is nuts. Fake outrage. Wow. You people are insane. Ummm, that's perfectly normal you tools. Amy Klobuchar is a dimwit for not reading her health coverage.

I mean, If things go well, you dont need to just mooch there. FROM TO 9:21 SAID 9:12 FOP Hey Crapo, what’s your point? Unless women had complications with delivery, they were sent home 24 hours after giving birth. They still are because they don’t want patients to catch something in the hospital. She then started chucking surgical sponges at the Doctors on staff.

She shouldn't have thrown stuff at the nurses. So was I as it is much better to get home with the baby as soon as possible. Gee, was she unhappy being a Mom. Sure doesn't sound like she is a touch lady. Discharged. Pretty standard. If they’d kept her longer “maternity care exploitation” would be her battle cry. GTFOOH fake news Washington compost

Candidate Trump: I am going to build a beautiful solid wall across the entire border and Mexico's paying Prez Trump: I took money from the Pentagon to replace some existing fence with a bigger fence. Media: Trump delivers!

Fuck the GOP may the 2020 election results bring them disgrace for decades to come The Republic senators have opened the floodgates of injustice and unbalanced thinking in the White House in the person of Donald Trump. They will be responsible for what disastrous results follow for this nation. Much more than shameful. It's disastrous for this nation.

Bahahahahaha KyleKulinski Nothing like the Post using a picture of Bernie and his supporters to give the illusion for another candidate. This is getting comical at this point. Let’s review the AP article about her prosecution of 16-year-old Myon Burrell, who was almost certainly wrongfully convicted. When will WAPO care?

Did she give birth in Canada Well at least she wasn’t fired for being pregnant like Pocahontas! When my wife gave birth in a hospital she couldn't leave fast enough - bright lights, prodded, instruments, loud visitors. First three in hospital. Next 6 home births. And a new narrative begins

Yes. Again he is REDUCING the taxes for the Uber rich. And he needs billions for his damned wall, so he is cutting Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, EPA and more, to pay for it.He wants to totally wipe out the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), also. I bet that’s a bunch of lying crap made up for political purposes.

The only time I wanted to stay in the hospital was after my third, because I had a 4 and 6 year old at home and would most likely never sleep again! Like many sports, sometimes you are ahead when you are behind. She has them right where she wants. Just watch what is being done, not being said. Fumigating streets. Forcibly taking citizens. Chinese cities on lockdown. We are to believe one infected man on a cruise ship spread it to 135 people, yet for days the US total has stayed at 12. Did go to 13 today.

Republicans are trash. Then blame the people that killed them. We have blood on our hands. Deport anyone illegals.. I don't care how brutal they have 2 be Unamerican.

Unconscionable. We are no longer admired . GOP murderers 💰🤑🇷🇺🍊 VoteThemAllOut2020 Obama did this FROM TO 8:28 HEAT ON FOR THAT HEAT ON ON YYBB 223 7 OO O BLUE 38 ELG A YE R LEG YEAR 1(THE C I VIL YEAR) Yea! So are either of these statements true? So what does Trump do? Cuts funding ... that’ll help.

While the threat to the outbreak of WuhanCoronavirus was imminent, the inaction of HK gov caused the chaotic situation. With insufficient supply of masks to citizens and even medical staff, people tried to stock up daily amenities so as to reduce the usage of masks. Are we talking About ISIS? If that's we are talking about than stop lying cuz the its the taliban who fought the ISIS in Afghanistan and when the ISIS was surrounded by the taliban the Americans send the chopper to save them and this has happened few times. Stop lying

Ppl do not panic buying toilet paper becoz they are dumb, it’s just becoz they have no trust to this government...that even the supply of toilet paper is not guaranteed

The CarrieLam govt is a failed state that doesn’t respond to citizens’ demands, but to its master Xi in Beijing. She fails to closeborders to cut infections, or to stabilise prices of masks! Just lame! WuhanCoronavirus MonicaHesse Blechh Give it up. Find another way to hate on President Trump. In HongKong, No one trusts HongKong government since she did nothing and only paid much effort to suppress citizens. That’s the government not chosen by citizens. 5DemandsNot1Less

That is all due to how the HK gov't has lost its trust to the public. From how they oppressed the protesters last year brutally to failing to close borders and allowing possible coronavirus hosts coming to our city, it shows that the gov't is basically a CCP puppet. Horrible. That’s how it works. Cause problems that cause stuff like this then the authoritarian people can step in and say, “well, we will keep things in order, just trust us.”

TP is worth more in Venezuela than their money. That is a very high possibility and we're just going to have to kick their ass again. I don't care about the oscars or the far left pushing propaganda. They can pat each other on the back without me.

So... don't watch at all, right? what kinda politics? liberal? no thanks. Get a libertarian to host the show, I might reconsider Because I so want to hear the politics of people that applauded and adored Weinstein while knowing exactly what he was doing. hard pass not watching. I won’t to be watching at all. It’s a pretentious bore.

Don’t watch at all Oh those innocent days when movies were just movies... Oh well, can't have those days back... Only petty people watch the Oscars for the politics... WRONG!!! Or don't watch at all

This may explain why viewership has been declining over the years. No thanks; there’s a “Gomer Pyle” marathon on MeTV Boycott Oscar I just won't watch any of it for any reason. Thanks anyway Wont be watching WHAT?!? That’s the reason their ratings tanked the past 3 years. They're so gut wrenching to watch these days and never accord with Public Opinion

we al know their politics, its simply hate Trump,, so ignorrant Better yet: Don't watch at all. Money makes the world go round.

Lol that’s precisely why most don’t watch. 🗣 watch for the politics✍️💪💪👈👉Trump is slander👎👈👉Trump's outside now✍️soyrolo🦁🍷🦁 HAHSHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhshahHahahahahahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH If I think I need a political education the last group I would ask for help is a mob of woke, self-obsessed actors. Thanks.

Hard pass. Never. Ever. Listen to any celebrities for political advice and if you do, better stay away for politics. I won’t watch at all.. 🇺🇸 I would rather watch my dog lap up his own vomit than watch a minute of the Oscars. Brain-dead amoral actors working out their daddy issues onstage is boring. Dont watch

Lmao you people are so out of touch. Listen to a bunch of hypocrites going off on bs they know nothing about. And they wonder why ratings are way down? 🙄

Don't watch the Oscars period! Overpaid elite demanding listen to them on politics when they play make believe for work and live decadent lifestyles. No thanks, celebrity culture must die and because you're on a screen does not make you an expert. Now FO You’re a sick person. Seek help. Hahahahaha weird. In a purely democratic race sponsored by the most “inclusive” party we’re still about to get a couple of rich 70 year old white dudes vying to compete against another rich 70 year old white guy... what about tulsi? Oh ya, she doesn’t fit what the media likes

My neighbor told me he may have contracted the “deadly” corona virus - I laughed at him. He said, no I’m serious I had a fever! I laughed harder. Hope he wasn’t offended by my faith. Guess it’s just hard for most to relate to a true believer. 🙏 how long before police cite her for littering? it never takes long before police come in and prevent others from helping the homeless, through meals, clothing, or other services.

This is both wonderful and also speaks to the gaps in the system that lets too many people fall into the cracks. We shouldn't HAVE a Homeless problem in this country. We need to create REAL jobs and tax TF out of billionaires until billionaires don't exist anymore. It doesn’t matter, nothing has changed. Racism, misogyny, xenophobia, etc are everywhere...

ewarren - women it is up to you

He has to go! Maybe women are feeling abandoned by WashPost headlines that ignore the female candidates who ARE running. Oh please Headlines like these only possible at leftist media institutions written by millennial morons rot from the Head down,,,,,,,,, Time for a woman president. Least Coast bias. Gonzaga and San Diego St. are legit.

Democratic Party will need a Romney Faction within the Republican Party to secure the presidency ... A socialist who wants to eliminate current health benefits of many millions of Americans will not win in 2020. Buttigieg, mayor of a small city, is unfit to be president. The president has to deal with criminals such as Putin, Taliban, & Khamenei. This is not amateur time.


Poor babies! : (WU) SAID : 12:8 HEAT ON -- HEAT ON 259 YYBB MACHER : MEANS : FROM : TO : Newly emboldened? That's code for criminally unhinged Foreign policy of all 7, 'Let's talk about it or we will give you a pallet full of cash.' hugsandkisses Regrettably, the person to beat him was Kamala. Trump 2020~ 2024

Anti Bernie bias is remarkable. The few headlines with his photo... morgfair And missing from all that is Hillary Clinton, along with Al Gore, both of whom won the popular vote. It's almost like George Will has an agenda.

I can't believe that this is the timeline we're living in right now. I need a break from all of this........I'd love the days of dumb tabloid and fandom Twitter to come back....We didn't know how good we had it. News paper owned by billionaire continues to put light on the single leading candidate who the American people have literally said they vote overwhelmingly for over temp to protect their own interests. Same old song dance.

Without uniting the party around the campaign, the mutual friction is only benefitial for realDonaldTrump & GOP Why can't they fight over not who can beat Trump but who would be the best to lead America. Just shows what means the most to Democrats. Why should we can the standard norm because of him?😤😤😤

Two OLD WHITE GUYS. BWAHAHA BERNIE IS THE ONLY PLAUSIBLE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. morgfair Because plausibility has been such a reliable standard lately. Do you even have editors, WaPo?

please not one of those two walking antiques. Regrettably the only thing that will beat him are cheeseburgers Speaker Pelosi... Riding in a beautiful Gulfstream G4 private jet... demanded a new Gulfstream G5... because it would save 30 minutes refueling... cost to tax paying citizens... $55 Million... How dare anyone call her an 'ELITEST!'

Before and After IMPEACHMENT If anyone knows disinformation it’s WaPo. Why Nancy hates him! Out with Trump! Lock him up!

ТЫ НАВСЕГДА ОСТАНЕШЬСЯ ФАКЕРОМ ) I wanted to meet Dan.. he was the guy who didn't get the girl if you read the whole thing About time . Reciprocity? Gud riidance COULDNT hold down carreers CAUSE bathing WAS A job THE first bather got to go to work If he fires someone for telling the truth, they should all walk out.

I'm not surprised, what I am surprised at is his wife taking on bullying when she is married to the King Bully of America!! Toxic vengeance... He will go after anyone who doesn't agree with him. Ego utter at the breakfast. Supposedly for God. Prayer breakfast? What is wrong with the Christian people at this . Can never rise above, keep sinking yourself deeper in your sin.


like a gangster on trial who targets the witnesses who can put him away🤔 Oh please Draining the swamp - good YY HAD ANOTHER DREAM WAS AT A TABLE IN 18OOS SITTING ON LEFT ACROSS FROM M A woman THAT wanted to be a writer YY TOLD her YY AM THE ONE THAT DECIDES writing THEN YY WAS ON RIGHT & WATCHING her MEANS YY SAW THRU PUBLISHERS EYES & THEN ME AND WATCHED her & KNEW woman IN THOSE DAYS

When I read it I wanted to be dead to escape the boredom. Probably another leaker I’m glad to see realDonaldTrump is not holding a grudge. Please don’t retaliate. This is why we need PeteForPresident Isn't that abuse of power too? He's using his public office for political and campaign related purposes. He's violating his oath to uphold the law and faithfully execute the powers of his office.

Hm. Every guy reading this

realDonaldTrump is the most unprofessional person I’ve ever seen in my entire life! Throw away the whole senate man. Nobody wants to hear what they gotta say after all they be doin since Obama got elected. He is so unhinged and completely out of his mind. It’s very scary She is the best!! She said what needed to be said. Love her!

Why do people continue to get so confused about what happened in Charlottesville at the rally, not the night before. There were no tiki torches at the rally in the middle of the day in which the president comment was directed at. Nancy knows this so she’s the liar. She says heil ? 😆 Why is it always the females get the worst possible photos of them in any article?

Nice picture lol Plz make a low carb option, Wendys

Wow Does anyone really Believe what the Senate Report Say? They are so Biased it's sickening! That's right. Blame Obama. Only a fool would expect donald trump to change, to be anything other than what he has shown himself to be over and over, and that is a disgraceful, manipulative, sociopath. Umm, should we tell Susan? It will surely disappoint her.

Are you high? What are you talking about; she's torpedoed the Democratic party. Trump's approval ratings are rising, his campaign coffers are overflowing. She's done nothing but help him through her incompetence Are you and your fellow Democrats embracing your Nazis roots? Horrifying. You’re insane.....

This president has crushed her. It's her own fault listening to the far left in her party to carry through with the impeachment nonsense. Her party looks weak. The candidates are awful.

Nancy Pelosi looks and sounds like someone they truly needs help. Nope. She just shows you how smart and classy a mediocre, immature Dem leader can look if you put her right next to Trump. True dat How is this news? Stupid Republican MichaelSSmithII Shocking that the Senate gets anything done, but of course, it’d be this. I call BS.

He learned Romney is anti-America like the Democrats.... Impeachment is a political punishment. All Trump did was merely follow the well-traveled paths of corrupt politicians before him. The only argument the Dems have that isn’t completely hypocritical is about the timing of the investigation. PresidentTrump WINNING Why would he? He won. 😊

Only SenSusanCollins thought he would learn something. Foolish woman.

When Trump talks, I mute my TV. When Polish talks, I listen. She has always been ONE!! Drunk? Who cares. Really..... come on she’s a tv personality actress looking for work. I would think any of you would jump at hosting a show on anything .......jameelajamil :stay 💪🏾 strong It's obviously planned. No way I’m watching that horror show.

Fixed Yes. As well he should. Can you say Queer

God bless President Trump. God have mercy on Schumer and Schiff. Target market influence campaign. It’s allasmoke and mirrors routine. About 50% of thepopulation hasbeen programmed to believe and followTrump like a meth addict falling in love with his dealer. Said PT Barnum: There's a sucker born every minute. Sorry she didn't know what was going to happen.

sounds like trump thinking - Wait, DUI enthusiast RepMattGaetz was misinformed AND wrong about ripping up pieces of paper? Shocker.. I would have though a man of his habits would be an expert at tearing it up NationalPrayerBreakfast is a hotbed of extremist Christian nationalism, all in poor Jesus’s name, it’s exactly the place Impeached realDonaldTrump would go after his critics 🤦🏻‍♀️ See JeffSharlet TheFamily on Netflix to better understand that extremist fundamental tradition

Death threats....From Putin? Dear GOP & the Forever Impeached Donald Trump, enjoy your celebration. You got a short term gain which will end up a in a long term loss. We are patient & persistent. The REAL verdict will come on 11/3/2020 when YOU are DEFEATED. Remember 2018? The blue wave is coming 🌊 No she did not.

TrumpAquitted MexicanAmericansForTrump I don’t think so, I would give him another bald spot from behind. She is much better than me. Lol! Sure. Let's continue to do the normal Democrat strategy of playing nice while getting steamrolled by Trump and his congressional enablers. So far that strategy has cost us the Presidency, 2 Justices, a sham impeachment trial and created a weaponized DOJ that is now targeting us.

I don’t agree at all! I thought she sent a powerful message!!! Lol no she didn’t, she’s got a lot up her sleeve that she hasn’t revealed yet, wait for the proverbial bomb of hers to drop, shouldn’t be too much longer now! Why are we not taking about this 🤝 No all of the Republicans decided to follow him blindly to not check facts to not hold him accountable. The Republicans are the majority we will not blame Pelosi.

Must be a satire piece. Can I write opinions? I will do much better than this piece. Ruth has ‘sunk to the occasion’ with this partisan shilling in the guise of an article.

BS! No but sure did. More like... After 3 Years of Lies, Hatred and Deceit, Pelosi Has Had Enough. Enough!! Why can’t it just be that? She destroyed Govt documents which is a federal crime. And as she told us so many times no one is above the law. She needs to resign. Pelosi's political career is finished. This is the most unprofessional conduct I've ever seen. Nancy is a child of drama, acting like a 4yr old because the President didn't shake her hand at the State of the union address.

This is the history of the American experience, not a soap opera Wrong! 1.)With zero chance of Trump's removal through the Impeachment process the goal had to be publicly exposing his crimes and focusing America's attention on the level of corruption of the entire Republican party. 2.)The Impeachment vote is now a permanent record. Vote2020

SenateGOP proved they are afraid of an orange orangutan. Now they'll suffer the consequences for putting party over country. AD 11:25 & SpeakerPelosi won the night, no question. The only opening she gave to Trump and his losers was to whine about it. SpeakerPelosi premeditated to tear the papers prior to the end of our beloved President TRUMP. She must be removed Trump2020LandslideVictory

The end is near She emotionally unstable. Probably a lot of meds involved as well. Why “stoop to that level”? Michelle Obama has a wonderful response about this very issue. Wishing Pelosi had the wisdom and class of MO. No excuse for NP behavior Nancy is 👑 Your headline is completely wrong. SpeakerPelosi Completely dominated Trump. She was respectful. The entire State Of The Union was nothing but Russian propaganda and lies embellished and fabricated lies. GOPBetrayedAmerica 53SenatorsWillCommitTreason ImpeachedPresident

Why is it 'pitty' to pray for the President? Shouldn't all those who believe in prayer always pray for the President no matter who it is? No. A grateful nation thanks her for doing what she did on behalf of what all of us feel. SpeakerPelosi is the most consequential member of Congress, she truly is the SpeakeroftheHouse

Senator Schumer, Many facts were withheld because of your pal Adam Schiff.Schiff blocked many facts because he wants to hide the truth in order to protect the guilty. This impeachment was both a smear of Trump and a cover-up for some liberal swamp creatures. Well at least no ones talking about Epstein anymore. Impeachment outcome achieved.

smj327 Trump and facts in the same headline doesn’t mix Riiight. It was really Obama who rescued the economy. It only took 8 years and him leaving office to get it going again. King Trump will tell Americans whatever he feels they might believe, but it’s up to the people to search out the “Real” truth. So sad & shameful.👑

I’ll go further, in 1968 the economy has been a steady growing up economy which means trump inherited that economic growth of 50yrs until now under his former predecessors he only maintained it which all presidents did,now it’s up to the media to break it all down for the voters gtconway3d Just one more lie to add to the pile.

Especially with a mealy mouthed press to afraid to call him the liar he is kuku27 What difference will annotations make Facts..... WaPo Fake News. Facts? gtconway3d Every word of his 'address' was a lie, including 'and' and 'the.' But we are a nation full of idiots. trumpretweeter Try 2020! THIS IS THE UCSA UNITED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERIKKKA !

trumpretweeter Trump 2020,4 more years! The strength of the economy is apparent to those of us who are in it, not working in the press, academia, or politics, but in actual productive roles. I'm sorry this is happening to you Fact check this...

He is just a buffoon. All felon trump and many news oulets that permit it, has is lies to support their other lies they lie about.... trump is a felon and should never be permitted to be in or run for any government position. HE abuses power and deceives the public as he violates their trust. State of Corruption & Confabulation!

gtconway3d Keep grasping georgy gtconway3d He is a liar. President Obama saved us from an economic meltdown. Trump inherited what President Obama fixed. Must say looking from outside America his voters seem dumb as shit so hi frie in the Republican party. Wow amazing washingtonpost She is toughness personified and we are lucky to have her.

Thank you...she helps trumps base and the undecided to re-elect Trump.

Disheartening that we cant all agree that sanctuary cities are a terrible idea...too much data on the harm this has caused. I guess you weren't listening. Is that all you have to say? A lie filled sham and political stunt. So no eminent threat then?.... Seems low Except for Corporate Farms, who vote for me and who will pay it back in donations. I like farmers who don't go bankrupt. realDonaldTrump

TAKEAWAY 1: Denigrate the Medal of Freedom. TAKEAWAY 2: Use people’s personal lives to distract from nonstop distortions. TAKEAWAY 3: Fearmonger & debase immigrants TAKEAWAY 4: Pretend support Education, Healthcare, Medicare, and Social Security while doing the exact opposite. AYFKM?!? That's all you got?

SpeakerPelosi is a child Trump specifically said that Soleimani was planning attacks on US Personnel in Iraq, which is why he authorized the strike. “Ma, WaPo’s ignoring facts again..”

Or all the injured American men & women that suffered TBI's. All because of Trump. He is so dangerous. GangsterPotus Collins is no better than trump and the rest of the GOPs. She has lied on everything she said about holding trump accountable. She needs to be voted out come November. Woman, you are just as guilty. GOPCoverup GOPCowards

VoteThemAllOut2020 I'll be boycotting the State of the Union. Won't you join me? Collins is another StableGenius Trump has just learned that the Senate will let him get away with any kind of lawless behavior he wants. Why would anyone think he'd be more cautious now?! Love the visual of 'handler' with Collins by the elbow. Moving her along. Someone did that to me in those circumstances they'd get an elbow in the fkwe;rl.

I say B.S. Dream on.

Yes mommy, I won’t spill my milk anymore. Oops, mommy I spilled my milk again. E This is like saying the robber that got caught will be more careful the next time he robs. Senator Collins is not a “moderate” Republican. upTrumpsAss Oh that's great I'll apply that logic to aggressive students when they are physically aggressive or vandalize school property and not write them up or give them a consequence. I'm sure the parents and my principal will really appreciate this strategy. 🙄

The entire GOP are Mafia wives washing the blood and lipstick stains out of hubby's shirt so he's ready for church on Sunday. Meaning: He will do whatever he wants to anyone he wants and fukkk the rest of us and our laws. She helped make him a king. He is now Susan’s Travesty. Did she wag her finger at him like an angry, uptight Catholic school marm-nun?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 BOOS and Calls of LIAR will honeycomb the lies being told by the Russian Prostitute tonight......taking out all the lies and misinformation length of speech will run a few seconds....Good Evening Fellow American...God Bless America......everything in between is mere BS......

In your dreams Sen. Susan Collins. TrumpsGuilty GOPCoverup GOP Complicit GOPPartyOverCountry WorldCancerDay StateOfTheUnion SOTU2020 AllRoadsLeadToPutin Wait, if he did nothing wrong, why is there need for caution? Which is it? Or are we just going full force with “We know he’s guilty but we’re acquitting anyway?”

Has SenatorCollins met the President? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sure he will. He’ll try to be much more sneaky the next time he tries to extort favors from other world leaders. He’s just so incompetent and stupid that it’s only a matter of time before he gets busted again. Is she for real? Sorry she’s delusional...this vote will open the floodgates for this corrupt government and prez

Yea she knows. She is really willing to bargain the safety of our country, because she believes that an insane psychopath is going to be more cautious?!?!? We are so screwed!

What a waste of space SenSusanCollins turned out to be. Scant integrity, honor, courage or judgement. Republicans are afraid of the Deplorables they've groomed for decades. Shameful. He is making an enemies list ffs!! ImpeachedForever Oh for god’s sake, naiveté of these people! You just showed he can get away with it! The hell is wrong with these people?!

Describe shakira’s dick mic that she’s tongue fanning. 👅 🎤 Um ... No, don’t do this you maniacs. It’s pure elitism. You’ll drive people away by looking like know-it-all jerks. На территории Франции орудуют путинские убийцы и я считаю,что это угроза национальной безопасности Франции😡☠️Макрон обязан среагировать✊💥💥

Only the woke know she was [redacted] eating [redacted]. Some of us recognized it. Yes narrow understanding of different cultures, unfortunately.

Yea because we live in America & she was performing for Americans at an American sporting event. No people are just perverts Hello tongue, meet salad. What do you mean “no one”? Plenty of people did! Because we are the most ignorant 'civilized' nation in the world? EducationMatters & WHY does TEXAS determine the nation's textbooks?

Just another nothing story from the land of perpetual outrage🤷🏼‍♂️😂 It’s called a performance by an artist. Freedom of expression. Get over it. Thought she was making fun of all the crackers

'Could'? Reminds me of the myanc (ANC) giving poor folks bribe packs to vote for them each election.. LOL * this is NOT fake! * WaPo is so desperate they need to photo shop to be credible? DONT BE SORRY WOULD BE A LIE YY CHOOSE Skye & Brooke UR A NIGHTMARE YY KNOW TOO WELL Please lmao they have proven that Trump amd Co can do as they see fit.

U CHOSE ENEMY THEN WHY AM YY IN DANGER CAUSE U CHOSE ENEMY Anybody can be President. Even after this debacle, I still believe it. There need be constitutional amendment to guarantee a “standard” for vetting who ever runs BEFORE the election. If that had been done by even just the GOP, we wouldn’t be living this nightmare. Taxes ready?

KymNorton55 This is really minor compared to his other issues: misogyny, racism, climate change denial, dishonesty, corruption. The fact that he probably didn’t graduate from 4th grade has become insignificant. YY LET THE DAYY BECAUSE YY TO ILL THANKS

Hahaha. Look at your mess in Iowa tonight. Hahahahaha, sure, and the talking point should read, “To deflect from our ENORMOUS STUPIDITY AND INCOMPETENCE in the iowacaucus2020, we shall make an issue of the President.” Totally unpredictable. Oh, and so mature. 🤦🏽‍♀️ True ignorance is espousing socialism, 57 genders and climate catastrophe. You can’t fix that level of stupid. Learning where Kansas City is? Easy.

Just letting people know your pic DOESNT MATCH Congress didn’t do anything about war crimes (torture and Yemen), lying to Americans about WMDs (Iraq), the direction of the war in Afghanistan, destroying a country (Libya) and supporting Islamists for regime change (Syria). I think your readers might want to watch this , for a more honest idea of Schiff and why they are trying to hide the corruption

Brooke LOOKS LIKE M TOO BAD NO say shitts

I have this deja vu sense that you are attacking conservative s? Is the Washington Post even a factually based news outlet anymore. Sorry - I am out. Who in Washington has any Principles? Pelosi and her $700 pens at the taxpayers expense. Give me a break. Yet you still pretend to be journalists. Fascinating.

Just over a 100 years since 'Spanish Flu' killed 21 million worldwide, more than the amount of people killed in WW1. Though Black Death was 50 million. New viruses are habitual despite science advances. lucys forced & the shitts ruined California means fear-mongering With over 9 billion human on the planet, dangerous climate change might not be a bad thing to cull the herd a bit. At least until the next asteroid impact.

it will make the earth uninhabitable Libs believe humans can’t make it to the polls without assistance but they can control the weather. LIKE A STRANGE COLOR LIKE LITE LITE LITE WHITE BLUE



Send Trump immediately to help he has all the answers to everything. Nine or seventeen? Because hes a scary ass The world can always count on America to always bring it's brawn.

don't worry Europe, if you do some business deals w/ Jared and Ivanka, it will all go away & YY COUNT TINE OF POST 6:11 & 6:12 & 6:13 Tariffs again? How pedestrian lol That's the point of view of a liberal. It means nothing to Republicans I don’t even know who will drop a nuclear bomb on you, either Democrats or Communists)

TrumpIsADisgrace Lying. There. Fixed it. Also. The media will fail us. Cowards! Mean tweets, he's afraid of mean tweets🙄

All bark no bite ... THE O IS A . ON OBENCHAIN I guess the Europeans can just start kicking out US troops or block any US citizens from visiting. But that would be a trump thing to do. Because democrats are going to stop voting for GOP Senators? This isn't the threat you think it is I'm afraid. Trumpy form? You mean sanity and common sense?

🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔 Ohh big man He will forever be the spoiled child that throws a tantrum when he can't have ice cream for dinner. Thank Christ no respectable politician takes the advice of WAPO. Industrialized products lose a lot of nutrients. Artisan and homemade is better.

Perspective: I JUST learned the word :'Probiotic' I like it for my Yogurt, sure, but I'm not prepared to use it as some sort of metric. ImGettingOld Shut up. My kimchee never let's me down. I've been making it since I was 5 years old. So fucking what? They taste amazing. 5:07 AM · 13 янв. 2020 г.·SocialFlow РАБОТАЙТЕ БРАТЬЯ . ПУТИН ВВ

Washington Post 30 stories today about anything except the unrest in Iran W FONT WANT shitts hype Naaaaaaaaaaaaahh Well Auburn, the same as the University of Alabama doesn't know what they really want to be. I.e. 'war eagle' Awe gdammit! I was trying to get my belly probiotics back in line. they taste like crap too.

Tastes don't matter. 🤔 Are they expecting a flood? Looks like an ark to me. Perspective: wapo is garbage NEXT A Clooney ONE YY SAID BEFORE RUDE WORDS TO Clooney ABOUT Matt & YY NOW THAT YY KNOW Clooney DONT FEEL LIKE THAT ANYMORE THERES PLENTY OF PROJECTS 1 MORE IS Midnight THAT MAYBE GOES TO Justin Timberlake BECAUSE WHEN YY STARTED WRITING THAT IN Munster (A Novel TO MAKE MONEY 4 Skye) Bob INSPIRED

Why is it hard to print it? It uses less ink. It's only 4 little letters. It's a accurate word to use. LIES TheyAreLIES! He's IN Goodfellas Trump compulsive liar never tells the TRUTH Good on the Maori for not letting their religious beliefs hinder science. Maybe a few of them could come to the United States to reprogram our antiscence Republicans and Christianists.


Bezos Weekly Reader: doesn’t this crap ever bother anyone over there? Doesn’t anyone have any moral authority any longer. Total lies of Impeached Trump is 16,107 in 3 years. Percentage of his tweets being factual is 11%. Is it one of those overfed oversized cramped megafarm chickens that never sees sunlight?

In the UK 3 people In pakistan you would feed 12 people off that Those American servings....takes your neck away They’r running us out... It tastes delicious without chicken, instead of chicken wholemeal bread toast. YY ABOUT YY HUSBAND RIGHT EYE & HEAT ON THAT RIGHT EYE TO NI 12:57 MEANS YY HUSBAND Could you please count from one to million. In Iraq and Afghanistan more than millions killed by US army (children babies women innoncent people) . For what for US' s rich people.

Hopefully better than the crap from that NYT food guy. Mm hmm YY TRUST HUSBAND RIGHT EAR 12:43 MEANS YY U R MYY HUSBAND hungry Hummm.... Which is why I'm eating so much of it. taliban, no one told you Barack Obama isn't in the White House anymore? Another American revolution has the royals reeling the look on prince Charles face when he found Meghan had just done a deal with Disney lol lol go megs there heads are spinning the media’s lost the plot and shes got little Archie tucked away what a star Viva the revolution

Let's begin with the rich paying their fair share in taxes before we ask the middle class to carry even more of the debt burden caused by the Republican billionaire bailout. People are paying plenty of taxes. The problem is the priorities of how that money is being spent. If you prioritized healthcare and education over the military and tax cuts for billionaires you'd see different results!

Ummm....I get Jeff Bezos bought the post but when did the wealthy REALLY REALLY actually pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of the middle and lower classes? Been quite a few years like prior to 1980s. They've gained enough wealth imo 85% of the US wealth that is. Raise middle class taxes? 2020 Democrat Presidential loss guaranteed.

HAD DIRTY HANDS HAD TO WASH FROM CLEANING SO TOOK A WHILE FOR THE 2:38 ANSWER & THE DOT IS A LIGHT BEAUTIFUL Another finger on the pulse vote winner. Are you really that stupid YY MEANING OF YY 2:38 READING Rachel Maddow SENSED YYUR SHE (YY) ON COVER LEFT TO ME WHITE O MEANS YY No. The middle class had HAD IT. The American Oligarchs need a turn.

I've been saying this for years. We have to make the point that we should pay for what we get. Sold correctly, conservatives will understand the argument. Don't expect what you can't pay for. Oh fuck this persons opinions. Why publish crap like this? SUGGESTION: how did that tax cut work out and for whom?

It should be interesting when the 10% of the population that makes up the dwindling middle class disappears and there’s nobody left to fund everything.

It's all free stuff no one should have to pay for it. Impossible you say? Ask the democrats. TRUMP 2020 Vote every democrat out of office Trump would rather stay without policy because he won't follow it. How ridiculous. Talk about finger on a non existent pulse. Shite “A nuclear rogue state is less likely to give up nuclear weapons. A corrupt prime minister is more likely to get reelected. And our most powerful ally finds itself in an impossible position.”

Rule of law pillar has fallen? Hard to blame Trump for that one, considering the last President said 'I have a pen,' as if an executive order can replace law. If you’re against it then clearly he’s doing it right FakeNews OPINION!!! How many innocent people have to die at the hand of a terrorist and the ones who plan them before you will realize that you should be happy of what was accomplished. All you can do is complain and incite Trump hatred.

He has gone off on unhinged rants since he ran for president, his idiotic supporters love it and no one has reined him in in all this time. GodBlessAmerica lrozen Please sir, the tie, could I have some less? No all men of color are Obama, this one is a disgrace.

Jesus! Humans want to take over the fricken planet! That is why we have to go Africa and kill all of the animals, like we have done here! First kill the planet with billions of cars! Kill our dogs, with crappy human made food! Down the hole we go! the way the vandals descended upon rome JuddApatow Looking forward to CoryBooker taking on this role.

Black White Supremacist... Always have been... Is he still a thing? Does anything that whackjob does surprise anyone? Interesting piece. Don't forget soleimani insulted Trump. If he was v thin skinned, could have had an impact too. Lol Hard to believe! Carson presumably became the surgeon he became through hard work, bucking the odds given his race and the era in which he came of age. For him now to effectively take active measures that hurt African Americans so much suggests he doesn't know who he is

Duh. _________ is happening and _________ are to blame. It's like a shitty mad lib where the first is any catastrophe and the second blank is always humans.

What the fuck is Ben’s end game THIS GUY IS A CROOK AND A CON Place of doctors are in Clinics, not in Contaminated Rooms with Greedy Diseases Dam so many shady characters in this Administration it is difficult to keep tabs on them all Is it because he feels inferior to Obama or because obama I black. Obama just happens to have a black skin. He has all the white mans attitudes and attributes.

This poor excuse for a human.. Do you know where the bodies of American soldiers are hiding? Aren't their families worried about them? ⁦🇮🇷⁩⁦🇮🇷⁩💪💪 And by 'Disturbing retreat' the means 'embrace if housing discrimination'. Everything about Ben Carson is disturbing.

Obama is the cross Trump has to bear everywhere he goes. Do you know where the bodies of American soldiers are hiding? Aren't their families worried about them? Nope. It's Israel's vast influence over neocon warmongers. A powerful faction of the Israel lobby has been pushing a long time for US war with Iran and trump is just the type of loose cannon to oblige.

THE BALKERS OUT NUMBER YOU BY THE THOUSANDS , A SUBJECT THATS SCORES NUMBERS AND PLAYED BY TRUMP AND POLITIANS GLOBAL . Maybe if we stopped having goddamned wars, this type of thing wouldn’t be an issue. Umm no. Its time to send the refugees BACK. The wars are over and their home countries need their people back in order to be made whole again and rebuild. Demand repatriation of ALL refugees immediately.

Nopeeee F off home YY JUST REMEBERED THINK WAS Dan Hollis THAT HAD AN OLDER UNUSUAL Blue sports car OR Camaro Piss off. It's called State's Rights baby. Read the Constitution. Stay in your lane/own state. Texas will manage Texas. this scheme is the exact way ' refugees spread across Europe' by MERKLE

Maine needs to retire! Do you need a WordPress website? I am an expert WordPress Developer. If you need a wordpress website at a reasonable price, Contact me at Fiverr here So Mike Pence would need to take the oath of office, then pardon Trump as he's on his way out the door.impeachment HOW could any normal American believe this kind of stuff? Where might this rag have obtained this data that is off the scale?

BS just hate lies and incompetence Just like wapo, millions of our population is now either communist or Islamist! Nope. Accuse the media and deranged democrats of hating America. The majority of Americans are more conservative and middle of the road. It's just the media & deranged dems that have lost touch with reality. No wonder so many people are choosing to WalkAway!

The Repugs are the ones that ignore and hate the Constitution which is what is suppose to make this country so great and a step above the others. Remember Repugs, 'Actions speak louder than words.' Your actions prove that you want a Repug autocracy and not a democracy. Projection. Classic.

No, but I have to say we hate what the Republicans are doing to our democracy! No, we just hate your president.’ That’s very American to many of us. More proof that the fake media has gone completely off the rails. KAG So give them fair trials with jury of their peers The quickest path to civil war today is facebook’s micro-targeting of bad faith lies directly to the most susceptible zealots. Brad Parscale can feed the dumbest Trump followers an alternate reality & the rest of us would never see it until it’s too late.

Our own government is so vile and underhanded though. They lie to us multiple times a day. How do we know this was an 'Iranian' missile and not some pro-trump CIA agents trying to start a war? What a stupid headline... but i hate WaPo so i won’t click on it. But if you are trying to say that Reps think that Dems are haters... then yes, For many I agree.

Old white men tell us what we are feeling....priceless Wtf?

We will sell lies for profit isn’t a “rocky public position” it’s a reason they should be regulated! If you freeze about 3 frames prior to the bright flash you see two light sources in the image. A small object is lower right quadrant of the main object. Not America...just your version of it! Republicans are trying to sweep everything under the rug. Simple ?, why are we the only 1st world country to - - not have universal healthcare - not have affordable education - to have for profit healthcare companies Yet, we have enough $$ to bump our defense budget, per yr

What the majority of Americans hate is IMPOTUS45 Я ВСЕ ТАКИ ДУМАЮ ЧТО НУЖНО ПРОВЕРИТЬ ОБСЛУЖИВАЮЩИЙ ПЕРСОНАЛ , КОТОРЫЙ ГОТОВИЛ САМОЛЕТ К РЕЙСУ washingtonpost Dreams are achieved by an iron-will Good luck to you! shame on you - when have you become a gutter tabloid. let me know so i can cancel my subscription asap

Last I checked Meghan Markle was not a Nazi who's husband's actions actively lead to a world war and both overlooking some of the worst war crimes in history so......no Pair this with a few gin and tonics and watch your world burn down. Sounds fun.

She knows that she - or her friend Bernie Sanders, if he wins - are going to need allies to get their agenda implemented. PhilKlay All I know is that Republicans must like, Conflicts with other countries! When most have never served in the military, &have no, sons or daughters who did either! Trump's administration is corrupt and Dangerous! Believe it!😥☠👹☠🚩

Bull. Harry is so far from succession. This is a private decision made to live outside the spotlight. I would gladly play that game, anytime, anywhere! To answer the question in the photo- oh, yes I do. Not so much ‘lying’, but choosing to put up with a situation even though I know the truth of it. NO x 1000. It’s “game night” not “amateur therapy night” or “just before the divorce night”.

Liz is unfit to ever be president. She lived a lie for decades and only said something when she was outed PhilKlay We haven’t for 15 years. Maybe it’s time for a pivot! Why blame her? Harry has a mind of his own Seriously? The only thing they have in common is being American. It’s offensive to compare Megan Markle to Wallis Simpson. Last I checked, neither Harry nor Megan are colluding with Nazis. And Megan is voluntarily giving up the Royal life while Wallis was power hungry & greedy.

Can we talk more about the Prince who slept with under age girls first and who the Royals protected more than Meghan from all the hate n racism

,,, and they sit around with their thumbs up their butts, wondering what's wrong with Murica,,,,,,,,,,, I can't imagine why. I want to know how much is being spent on drugs. Trump is turning into a vegetable. Congrats CNN What’s new about that?!! Zuckerberg helped rightWing racist nut jobs and Putin bots spread antiDemocracy antiDemocrat propaganda in 2016 and it hasn’t stopped!! Bannon-ite Zuckerberg has been helping bannon/Putin destroy democracy worldwide and no one is stopping him! traitor

Hahahaha, of course he does. Why are all of Obama's records SEALED? What are they hiding from the taxpayers Um... NOPE! Release those numbers now. Let America SEE how these grifters are bleeding us. Security can't be strong enough. Ask Obummer and Mike. Expect fast and furious comparisons if you choose to go there.

This is odd because Trump supporters don't care. They don't care how much he costs the taxpayers. They don't get how much he's grifting Of course he does. According to the estimate of the Government Accountability Office, Trump costs more per year than Obama did in 8 years. Obama cost 96 million in total, so in 4 years Trump could be close to half a billion.

why?!! TrumpsWarOfMassDistraction It's surprising to know that people don't know that those ads can be blocked and why should Facebook be your moral compass? You can hear the glee WAPO has for people like Yang and other communists. What a coincidence, to start AFTER the election... In other words - after the election - so people won’t get more pissed at trump and possibly retaliate by voting him and his lazy, grifting family out. Transparency isn’t Republicans strong suit (then again - maybe it is...)🤔😒😖

TrumpIsANationalSecurityThreat Why hold our taxpayers money close to your chests? Fork em over, now.

Who ? Nothing TomSteyer Not for one second So happy that California filed felony charges too. Give me a fucking break. His look and condition should have zero bearings on this case. Steyer or Die'er! _michaelbrooks they're really out here asking the real questions no one 😂

How come whenever these criminals are threatened with punishment for their deeds they suddenly become 'weak' 'old' and 'invalids'. Do they think we are all stupid? Having an arm helping when using a frame ain't gonna help at all, so they're all trying it on, anyway. I suspect he's now losing what little support he even had in the 1st place.

Some hippies. Not at all... He wasn't sloppy and weak when he was raping young ladies. Um no I don't believe it Nope. It's a ploy. And if it's not, who would think it mitigates his crimes? No! Does it matter how he looks? NO! All that was missing was a neck brace and complaints of whiplash 😉 This is ableist AF and you should be ashamed.

No Not for one millisecond. RachaelAHancock Honestly do we care one way or the other? This man deserves everything he gets for the amount he’s done No, not one bit ploy 'His Body Double does' ;) A physical therapist would never instruct him to use a walker that way, regardless of injury or condition. Inexpensive prop. I didn’t know it was possible to detest this guy more, but this attempt to look frail and sympathetic is the final straw.

To those pumping their chest with Trump: Those are getting attacked with missiles are OUR soldiers, Not Trumps kids. Of course he doesn’t give a shit about them. Conservatives suddenly thinking Ricky Gervais buys into their bullshit is really hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 Newsflash: this isn’t the first time Ricky has made a joke about acceptance speeches.

Who asked? Keep up the great work my brother. Got to be difficult considering what you are dealing with. Need more like you that Really has Backbone. God Bless You 🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻

Yeehaw. I'm working on becoming a dad just in time to get drafted for World War III. Maybe we can finish destroying the planet with stupidity and missiles before climate change melts our flesh. Silver linings, you know? rhj_24324 Wipe all them POS'S off the face of Earth Mr. President realDonaldTrump 🇺🇸🇺🇸 bring the Sunshine bomb to the entire area and end this crap!!

😐😐😐 Let’s be Americans Again and UNITE together ! United AMERICA! We stand behind ALL OUR LEADERS DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS, we are Americans First ! We route for AMERICA no matter what ! May GOD have mercy on ALL SOULS ! 🇺🇸♥️ stop this PARTISAN crap ! Well, they kinda had it coming, now let's see if they let bygones be bygones!

OMG it's just the beginning Who cares? I presume Iran's nuclear ambitions are about to experience a major setback.

20 miles of protestors yelling death to America. Isn’t trump just the best president. Any deaths resulting from trumps genius attack are on him. He’s basically a psychopathic murderer. WaPo's fans will now blame the US or Trump and will pray for their own country's humiliation. That's what pseudo liberals always do.

It will be interesting to see who the Democrats and their Media Lapdogs support Iran or Our Troops. Actual photo from Iran attack on the U.S.. شب بخیر بعد دو ساعت خبر میرسه؟ I’m tired of the goddamn thoughts & prayers. We control this. Nobody else. Exercise your right to vote for intelligent, rational human beings who want to work for peace instead of war, for the middle class instead of the 1%. Stop electing morons & take this country back. FFS

Oh expletive... here we go. 😔 We got hit by BallisticMissiles.. WWIII.. No one gives a shit at the moment

Was...was Ricky not being sarcastic And...and are all these republicans not realizing that? Why does anyone have to defend it? I am positive this guy has a job other than as a cultural critic. Anybody know what he does for a living? more than 35 missles The .GOP Just a little noise.... OMG Uhoh. Thanks Donald.

Can this cyclopic fool go back to being an ineffectual Congressman? Or a used car salesman or whatever he does for a living. He's right Not saying him strangling a fox has to do anything with these unfortunate events but........ HIM STRANGLING A FOX HAS TO DO SOMETHING WITH THESE UNFORTUNATE EVENTS XD And?

Trump: promotes an oligarchy not democracy promotes Murder/Assasin/War Yes to collusion as well as obstruction of Congress Trump: tax fraud Trump: emoluments clause violations Trump: bank fraud Trump: porn star sex Trump: Yes to campaign violations shady business/sexual assault Watch how brave American military are and how they fight against ISIS. I am proved of them.

🤬Anyone has evidence that voters voted with racial bias? Have we all gone completely mad? Are we going to live by racial quotas like third world tribal states? Can't it be that they just happened to be white? The voters are the same as last year, have they caught a racist virus? All award shows are shams

“For centuries, man has loved his foxes. But what happens when the foxes say ‘no more’?!” (1812 Overture begins playing) The jokes write themselves WaPo

RafiLetzter Incomplete reporting. Need to hear the other side. What does the fox say? Get his ass Would it not be discrimination if they are just being put up for nomination because of the colour ? Fox News need to stop attacking this stand up citizen! RafiLetzter It’s like “The Birds” but with foxes. ColleenHicky

Wut did I just read? 🤨 Why not just let regular people vote for who gets nominated. The outcomes would be much more fair. I’d be more interested to see the class background of those nominated. OMFG just because someone of color wasn’t nominated doesn’t mean it was because of race. People are so soft.

what a strange story... Are there quotas? three generations ago his people were fox hunters... At least he’s not dealing with 30-50 feral hogs So I guess Asians are now white? ISupportDeepika Sick people. Sick nation. WHY is Wapo giving this turd any attention in his lib owning adventures? It’s time for DJTjr to enlist.

Why did you omit the HRC reference in this headline? Well the evangelicals sure did get their war

There's no limit to Don Jr's creep factor. He legit makes the skin crawl. He looks to be itching for war. Kit him out and ship him off to his daddy's middle eastern war. That'll wipe the smirk off his face. He’s just as sick as his dad Such an a$$h013 How AbSOlUtELY dARe hE And? So what? Fake news America today....he can do what he want. What a country ☹

The article’s title mentions the Crusades design, but *not* the image of Hillary Clinton behind bars on it? An ode to the micro penis. U WERE GIVEN A CHANCE WITH ME ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND

You Both DICTATORS & THIEVES THOSE GUESSES WERE CONTROLLED YY LOVE YY As close to Christianity as this ah is gonna get Yeah that is one tough trust fund baby.....wow scary He’s making up for something else he’s lacking. jcheethamwriter But he's not lining up with any of Daddy's base is he? Be best So? Donald Trump Jr. should show his bravery by enlisting in the military to join the forces serving in the Middle East, especially since his father was afraid to serve his country in armed combat.

Might consider moving that Hillary mention into the headline... I would say racist but he probably doesn't get it.

The iron cross. What does that represent again?🤔 Also has a picture of Hillary on it! That's right.....show something you know will offend the Muslim world while they are already pissed off. Such fine journalism. Bad headline. Didn’t mention the picture of Hillary behind bars on the weapon as well. Great....ready to fight the war in Iran? Yeah...thought not. Just like daddy bonespurs.

The word DEPLORABLE comes to mind but is no longer enough to describe the awfulness of this family. No...you don’t say 😂 Prototypical Soy boy Geez...looks like Elmer Fudd.

Yuck He is the spokesperson for the word Douchebag Iran supplies support & weapons to Hamas, classified by Israel, the US, Canada, the European Union, Egypt, Australia & Japan as a terrorist organization. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, has said 'Hamas is funded by Iran (Obama's pallets of cash).

That you even need to say this speaks volumes about democrats in 2020. The most bigoted, bovine, intolerant & hate-filled political operatives I've seen in all my life. 'Don't harm your neighbors & their families to harm trump.' Gosh... just look at yourselves. You're sick. Like the good ignorant MAGA racist that he is!

No different then the Taliban. The days of ignoring enablers of terrorist because they happen to be muslim and kowtowing to political correctness (LW scensorship stupidity) are over. Respect has to be earned, red lines enforced. Opinions aren't news American administration is the most Childish in American history probably ever...

Have any reports been kidnapped and killed lately? Nope you are welcome He knows exactly what he is doing and is brilliant in doing so. He's going to finally bring Iran to it's knees. Should have been done YEARS ago... No President has had the balls to do so... This President does You misspelled 'defended'

Trump is very wrong person for World. And you post a Pic of Buddha statues at Bamiyan in Afghanistan destroyed by Taliban in your news about Iran and USA ? Who exactly is the target audience here? Trump's not a real President, he's Fraud Fake wasting time and spending money like a drunken sailor...

Please direct me to your outrage when Isis was destroying ancient history in Syria while Obama did nothing. Spare us your faux outrage Oh come on. You actually have paid writers typing this shit or do you pay meth heads to come up with it? Sucking in all other countries as well Hero. redmidia

Sorry he killed your little terrorist friend You can only find Trump guilty on hypotheticals. Funny how the truth cannot stick to your stories Nothing like war anytime soon. This thing shall die a natural death. All these hullabaloos are meant to drive away the attention of the impeachment of POTUS OMG, the hysterics

The culture of oppressing women and executing lgbt? What purpose would the culture serve, if it propagates terrorism? Trump the ceo of bombs Será que isso não se interpreta como crime de guerra. Se caso ocorra mesmo, os responsáveis pelo impedimento deveriam ser punidos também?

Reality is,, he regularly threatens everything and everyone that he deems to be an obstacle to his glory. Your every post is against the president and favouring the ayatollahs 😳 who pays you the oil oligarchs Kind of like schiff making up a fake call transcript. John Kerry is a year younger than Joe Biden. A former Secretary of State as President? Now more than ever.

bluebonnetbunny CensureGosar HAVE YOU FINISHED LOOKING AT TRUMP REALLY Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona. Ppl like this are a disease on this country!!! This type of racist hate is what’s helping to divide this country!!!!!!! GOP is disgraceful. DrPaulGosar needs investigated by CongressEthics! Oh, really? Who? Because all I hear are cheers and kudos.

Can anyone name one road, school or bridge that the secret Obama money to Iran built?

Deplorable Ffs. Has anyone read on this person? Absolute headcase. This person sounds crazy but what can I expect from your Parakeet dropping catcher, of a paper. Facts? Certainly not those, you are the after all IFB Asap I'm Alvin I'm new on here Need more friends Follow for follow Let's rock 😘 This guy failed at little league so went into prophet Ing.

Oh case closed then Since you are neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth.. -God

This banknote say good bye Perspective: Why policymakers must act to preserve information freedom at home and abroad YY MEANING OF YY 1:57 CO RIGHT BACK 2 HEAT ON YYBB 2O2 -- HEAT FINGER TO ON 261 W PA(NOT APE) M W HEAI E W 2:6 FOR INCLUDES US ON YYBB 19O SHA NN Y n P.P R RZYB Y I MEANS YY INCLUDING US MAIL

There was a commitment? Laughable What happened to Civics and Government classes in high school? BIG COUNTRY WITH TOO MANY PEOPLE , THE CROWDS OF DUBLIN WOULD BE LOST FROM THE FIRST OUR FATHER , WRECKED BEAUTIFUL HOMES Watch sky over Auckland, New Zealand turn orange from bushfires raging i... via YouTube

Oh no, not sanctions

Either is secondary education. Graduating actual illiterates. The 20 euro banknote say good bye Good thing the bidge didn't collapse ClimateEmergency is REAL. This will affect the entire planet. And don’t forget the burning of the Amazon, purposeful destruction of Earth’s lungs 😬😡 Sucks they're probably due to arson. Since almost 90% of all Australia's fires have begun this way.

We Muslims also stand with the Jewish. Iran has its influence in Syria its very sad Bush Cheney false removal of Iraqs leader now has Iran as a new leader in many countries there ? The weak leaders of Iran are controlled by the Shia majority of Iran that is the reason they want our troops out This is not good?

The amazing man 😀 YY MEANING OF YY 12:57 ONE NAME IG HEAT ON -- HEAT 12:59 AND AND '1:6' 1:13 ON YYBB 258 CH O(FC) P(POSTS) L A YY A J VYY 61 I call BS Jesus the Christ was the King of the Jews and it got him killed. Religious hate has been around a long time. I suspect it'll go til the end of days. We got married almost a decade ago and didn’t have a honeymoon because he had to deploy. Maybe we should consider this.

Totally wrong, Texans support Trump 100 only the border towns that are majority illegals I wish all states would be as tough as Texas! They were not following it anyways, so who really cares! Why sanctions USA threatens like a terrorist!! Here's your problem right here: 'And if you see travel as the competitive sport it has become on social media, you might feel the compulsion not just to design a never-to-be-forgotten trip for two, but to curate a vacation that will make your Instagram followers envious.'

Can we hand them over the whole Trump and Bush admin with a hand written apology and be on our way? Good It would be so awesome, if Texas goes BLUE in 2020 !!!! JoeBiden THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS THREATS I WONDER WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HATE THE USA........

You've been banging her for years. Dont worry about it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 He’s also left them holding the financeial debt of his appearances. Shame on him. He’s raked in millions. He owe them and needs to pay up! They have so many reasons to not like him. Interesting It seems with them demanding we leave their country and with an $80m price on Trump’s head.....and considering that Iran’s biggest export to us is oil....I’m thinking that his sanctions are probably hilarious to them. Hindsight2020

I hope this opinion has some truth behind it.....I live in Texas and I have to listen to lies and Trump love all the time. Sickening.

1ST REASON : Because im broke AF THOSE things delusionally tells slaves who to love you own nothing Okay trump is smoking crack your all(enemys) delusional zeros your bosses words:zeros Just INSANE Trump is beloved in Texas. Trump is a national hero to Texans. The Washingtonpost is as popular in Texas as are gnats.

Um duh. We waited a year. Our government is in the hands of raving maniacs and a corrupt and sickening Republican Senate. They must have used one of Obama's pallets of cash for the newest Adobe Photoshop.... remember the last try? THE 29 IS BB YY. NOT YEAR 2O29

Praying no war Without congressional vote he simply cannot go into a war with Iran. Iran won't do shit. Why his always so touchy with kids? Is Biden a pervert? Crazy? What’s his problem? Why he can kept his old hands away from kids? That guy creeps me out! An they terrorize his prosperities and courses, without harming innocent workers?

Just look at that AMERICAN car they are using. shame on them for driving such a shit car NoFascistLies

Not everyone in 1776 was opposed to having an unelected, rich, white, misogynistic, militaristic family definitively in charge and accountable only to God. But they weren't called Patriots! Iran loves George Clooney? GeorgeClooney to wapo taco : awwww geeez, that looks like meeez 🍅 newsnotnews entertainment laughs 🐣🐤🐥 Hollywood Bound ...and gagged 🤐

Make up your mind. Or it just shows that trump has a coward’s fascination with military trappings, war-mongering and bullying. he's the anti christ This is WRONG. Economic pressure worked! We had an agreement, Trump pulled out, then started the war mongering! Clearly the Washington Post is getting behind the war cries and banners. Did we learn nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan?

YouAreFakeNews SO DARKNESS COMES EARLY & THE EARTH HAS BEEN DAMAGED BY THAT freke building heavyness Could the msm please stop using the word analysis in place of opinion. They are not everything, and everybody is now fair game the world is much less safe.

YY GRAVITY & it kept building heavyness on the planet When it's the Demwits, they are Russian trolls. When it's the Republicans, they're Russian agents or Putin ordered 😅 It is unbelievably irresponsible for the GOP to allow Trump to make life and death decisions. We are all pawns in his ego-centric reality. Trump Iranattack

When combined, they could be very effective. THE FIRES ARE BECAUSE THE WORLD IS TOO HEAVEY THATS TO BURN SOME TREES THAT thing kept making the world heavyer RWPUSA realDonaldTrump Trump acted alone, immediately after getting Impeached for Abuse of Power. This is NOT how America handles things. Time to hold Trump accountable! TheDemocrats He dropped the peace agreement & stormed to war. Let's get the witnesses on trial, if nothing else.. action fast!

washingtonpost Evidence that patriarchy skews our thought process such that we have to prove the obvious: Women are capable of being warriors.

Actually, his rogue act of war was better for the election. He’s been losing followers. He’s been impeached. The world knows he’s corrupt. Do you think intelligent voters want him in charge of a war? Well, he does have an election to win & nothing says reelect me like a war! He can pledge all he wants, we all want peace, but u cant attack an american embassy in a foriegn conflict area. I'm proud my president had the balls to handle this situation strategically

Propaganda Plunges? Hyperbolic much? Trump effectively eliminated an existental threat to American troops and diplomats. Trump knows we cannot referee a conflict between the Sunni and the Shiites in that region. We are energy independent so we can leave at any time, and hopefully we will. Trump needs a war to win his reelection, since voters are likely to stick with existing commander in chief during wartime.

It's not the first time the left really wish for a war. And it won't be the last. CHINA KEEPS WINNING!! TRUMP IS A NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT AND THE MOST CORRUPT DANGEROUS MAN IN AMERICA!! KARMA STILL LIVES!! KARMA ALWAYS COMES WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT!! realDonaldTrump Fakenews All to deflect from the emails , there is nothing he won't do to remain in power. And the numb-nut supporters of his don't have the intelligance to see through his treason

YUP PROVED DEMOCRAT PARTY BACKS TERRORISM AGAINST USA. Here comes the predictable, Democrat talking point. I bet even the diehard Democrat readers notice this. Is this good for you? Are you being steered? Liberals right now. This president only seems to think about his groin, bank account and ego and I suspect in that order. It seems to define his entire existence

They have no unity. America isn't made up of one side, we all make up America. Whatever chaos follows is due to people not knowing how to govern together. Shows the flaws in their functioning. One person can not call the shots. Where r the checks and balances? Are they trying to do it the Israel style?

He lied again. Seriously just say Trump lied for the whatever thousandth time. ITS HOW YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE THAT WILL DETERMINE YOUR FINAL DESTINATION!! LYING GETS YOU IN THE GATES OF HELL!! realDonaldTrump

You wish. Why don’t you close your doors cause you’re irrelevant You mean he lied? Really trump A LIAR WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? Please. Republican president tries to start war with unilateral action and the issue is why all Dems don’t cheer? Do better, . Sooooooo should I pay my light bill or not? Only to distract with having absolutely no regard for many innocent lives that maybe lost

RemoveTheFool ! WaPo EnemyOfThePeople FakeNewsMedia Not true. He's still being impeached Blame media too. Sensationalism and greed over journalistic integrity helped us get here. And STILL can’t get it right 3/4 of the time Praying for Australians

Climate change is such a mess that it's virtually impossible to assess the impact. If someone farts it's doom and gloom. The reporting doesn’t support this headline. Not a single quote from anyone whose position has changed. Please do better headline writers. ~ from a subscriber On the contrary, I think. He‘d launched this attack without even informing Congress. Isn‘t that another impeachable offense? VoteBlue2020 JustAsking

It is all messed up policies in middle east by its component countries and arbritary intervention of foreign countries with USA- a self-styled volunteer all set to POLICE the World. Intents are well smoky. Deliberate 'mess up and deal' can't bring normalcy. UN Iran IranWar THE BELIEVERS ALLY IS ALLAH☝️ Solًeimani WًWIII Irٍan Trًump '

📽A SOLDIER OF ALLAH DESTROYING THE ENEM'S WILL TO FIGHT🏴 Solًeimani WًWIII Irٍan Trًump ' Cut it out. We killed a mass murderer and a degenerate terrorist leader, Iran says they'll seek international legal condemnation because they can't mess with an America that's ready to inflict pain. This is a perfect victory without a cost you dirty rag

🔥 WHAT THE BELIEVER RACES TOWARDS IS WHAT THE KAFIR FLEES FROM? DEATH!!👇 Solًeimani WًWIII Irٍan Trًump ' 💣THE JIH,AD ENTERS A NEW PHASE🕠 Solًeimani WًWIII Irٍan Trًump ' Had EmmanuelMacron and GretaThunberg said that this devastation is Australian' Prime minister's fault DID U SAW ? AustralianFires AustraliaBurns Macron and Greta DUMP

Trump should be removed. If he goes to war the world will 100% go into recession and it will be even worse than the Bush’s WMD shitt which took us a decade to get out of it! Congress has to remove this clown monster Iran is in no condition to escalate because the iranian ppl arent with the regime and want to get rid of it sooner than later

Fret not scrambled republicans... we can remind you just how simple and clear it is at any point... just ask jews do their job anyway !!! Starting what could be a war to stave off further impeachment proceedings? Surely that should hasten the resolve How about overweight drinkers? Diabetics? People who sky dive? Men?

TrumpWar ''I never at any time had sexual relations with...' And we all know what that means, thanks to Mr. Clinton. War or not, IMPEACH!

Fuking WaPo doesn’t bother to actually know what “words” mean. ...the heat is not exceptional for Australia, there have been far worse. The problem here is the green movement pressuring local governments to stop backburning the fuel loads which would reduce fires like these. TeeTweetsHere Now? Only now? Where have you been since Nixon?

Apocalyptic -- is that a scientific term now? That'll bring a bunch of conservatives to to vote Democrat It’s summer you fools. People who want to bury their heads in the sand while denying known science & their own eyes will continue to stand by as lives & communities are devastated - until it happens to THEM The COST of inaction is going to be enormous & irreplaceable. ClimateChange MankindMustChange

Wait, WaPo talking about the apocalypse and the climate in the same story? Placing the word apocalyptic in the headline for some fear-mongering? You all have to keep pushing that narrative, don’t you? I’m so shocked. FakeNews BSAlert

Who are they going to tax to stop it CapehartJ They have ALWAYS stood for the wrong things. All my life. Racism. Misogyny. Hate. This is a global problem and we need to solve it. In the UK we had a chance to make a start with Labour's Green Industrial Revolution. We failed to take it. The US shouldn't make the same mistake GreenNewDeal in 2020.

So, you cannot even do hyperbole correctly. Who gives shit ! Hang on y’all. greta I get wary enough flying around Mountains, let alone climbing one. Bullshit!

Check out my Gig on Fiverr: do professional document editing But climate change doesn't exist remember? Really conservatives, it's completely OK to believe in settled science. Please give it a try. Global warming is no long an if but literal events caused by mankind's stupidity. There know and don't care about know one but themselves that is the party of the selfish and gruel they only care about being rich

😥 So terrible to see. WillSeattle President Trump, you dying fake news rag If Trump had done this you left wing nuts would lose your minds

You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't rip the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with 'Him.' Sorry, that was a true colors moment. more than a pull....it was an assault. That was a snapshot of the state of the Catholic Church This was literally the funniest most embarrassing thing I've ever watched 😂😂😂

Is not the first time he does this. The Pope is also a human being and has boundaries. No need for apologies. She shouldn’t of did what she did I saw the video! It only shows his true colors! Awful what he did! AWFUL‼️ NO HEAVEN FOR YOU!!!

Chinese women with no class... She jerked his arm. In this day and age I don’t blame him. Dude went off script,one can only wonder how he's like behind closed doors. Absolutely heartbreaking. Damn Security team needs fired No means no. Even if he and his ilk are f**kin p3d0z and p3d0 apologists. slap a female, say sorry, move on. Great message Catholics


A punishment usually reserved for pedophile priests. Well the Pope does know how to slap a wrist. Too late. He’s canceled. And they talk about papal infallibility! He loves muslims not catholics. Pope Smack Down!! He shouldn’t have smacked her. Also, she shouldn’t have grabbed & yanked him like she did& should have realized it & let go before getting smacked.

That woman was being selfish and had total disregard for the Pope, who is 80 years old and unsteady on his feet, by pulling him like she did. There are tens of thousands of fans there all clamoring to have access to him and what she did was unacceptable. This is not a news story; it's an anecdote about a public figure. Have we learned nothing? Move on.

Different photo, the person was oriental.

I would draw a red line in crayon and then, well, at least it will look like you did something. They need to fire the owner! Great, now selltheteamdan. Trump's in office, even though retail sales say we had the best holiday season ever, the downers in the MSM are still throwing temper tantrums over 2016.

Trump did what he was told to do in Syria. PutinsPuppet Hailelujah to the Redskins! Economists can't agree on the causes of inequality? Maybe 40 years of tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy while also dismantling the welfare state by both Dems and Reps... Which means that his main enemies, ISIS and al-qaida, is weaker. Good news. The evidence from opcw that the Douma attack was staged made it clear what kind of allies US has in Syria also strengthen the Gov. Who stages wmd attack to make foreigners attack your country?

T’en years You all stood by for ten years Idiots. If he were African American, it wouldn’t have taken ....

Repetition, 🤣 is this writer wants to reminds the reader this ? But NickKristof said it was the best year ever. I’m confused. The team from Washington Hiring practices haven't changed with the times. Right, so bad that white people want to educate people of any background. What are you insinuating, or are you just poking the bull?

So this is about race and not about how good a teacher is When 72.4% of the population is white, you’ll have more white everything, whoever wrote this article can’t comprehend simple math or census demographics. True, but once you graduate and continue your Higher College Education, that percentage changes. I wonder why!

Our WH has monsters inside. And how is Rudy still able to waddle around the globe causing trouble?

I don't know. How did they miss what was so obvious? The sludge just keeps flowing. No consequences. The anti Semitic democract party and the MSM are to blame for fanning the flames of hate. And some Deomcrats gave billions in cash to Iran, the ultimate anti-Semite BarackObama 👀 At this point InfoWars dot com is more accurate than this fake news site

Is this a fucking game to you people? sissywynn RIP 😢 Then they will say he being racist 🤷‍♀️ That would be like urging Hitler to support the Jews.

Yes POTUS already signed a bill against anti Semitism. He literally just signed an executive order against anti-semitism a few weeks ago...hello Good grief.. Anything for a headline.... What's your idea for a story? No ideas? Let's go with mad libs journalism: Breaking: 'some Democrats criticize Republican President for (insert anything)'

Dems projecting and media spinning again. He has over and over and over and was scolded for it by Dems Washington Post Fake News peddler must allow more diversity within their staff All about Trump? Democrats run the city, the state and local offices and it is Trump's fault. The incompetence of the Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media is hilarious to watch.

Somebody please arrest RudyGiuliani!! This is freakin ridiculous! GOP, do you still believe realDonaldTrump is that innocent Funny how the only time Washington post cares about anti semitism is when they are mildly attacking Trump. The man takes bullets so the world can see the truth. He just signed an EO about this. But you know that. I think you need to call out DeBlasio, Cuomo, and that little Bronx twit AOC. Do your job!

Stronger than the EO you guys mocked a couple weeks ago? Ilhan Omar and AOC were against Trump executive order targeting college anti-Semitism, why you don't call them out for that Why dont you speak out against Democrats like Illhan Omar and Talib for their anti Semitic hate speech? Oh wait their liberal. And your paper is a Democrat leaning rag. Conflict of interest.

Uhh, are you guys really that stupid? He signed an executive order recognizing Judaism. Obama gave $150,000,000 to a country advancing the complete destruction of Israel. wrongthinker1 Washington would not know a true statement if it bit their ass, Liars, Treasonous media , not good for our country, BOYCOTT ANYTHING ABOUT THEM

😂 so the Anti Semite Party is asking the best friend the Jewish People have in POTUS to do more ? Seems like they are the ones promoting hatred to Israel and the Jews maybe the Liberal Mafia needs to look in the mirror YY WORKED & LEARNED HAVE TO DO 1:51 IS A DECOY citizensclimate

What happened? Republicans its turble What happened is simple: Republican Party became the party of Hitler, and learning from the experience of last century, people are finally awake and rising to the challenge of not giving free air space to those hatred filled views. Democracy is not limitless! Liberalism happened

That all stopped along time ago. YY & YY DO & YY POST MEANING OF YY 8:55 PAGED YYBB 8:58 ON YYBB 216 7 OO O 49 UP 25 R O(FC) BE YY KE M(MULA: YY) P(PRESSED) MULA: YY It ceases to be “discourse” when it contains hate speech. Radicalized liberal professors became radicalized liberal intolerant college administrators. Prove me wrong!

No they weren't. If anything changed, it was the money, the move to a for-profit model, it was the culture wars being ramped up. Leftists took over. Leftists are fascists...the end

They forced out professors of different political opinions. Lack of diversity in teaching leads to lack of diversity in thinking. We overpaid professors to write... We overcharged students to be indoctrinated. We allowed colleges to provide less of an education for a higher price with loans. Bring back trade schools.

In 3.7 years, 57 more people had been killed in the ACCORD-trial because of a little more intensive technical glychemic control. Claesen showed in 2016 that for 5 years of hardtech glychemic control 1 of 5 diabetics is killed as a victim of industry-controlled insulin-rising care Hi You can also use it to find your wife's car when she secretly meets her boyfriend in the forest😉

Good Read the assailant’s “apology” very very carefully: “I think you're a great, great asset...” so clever. slpng_giants Thank you, for my mother thank you for my wife thank you for my daughter thank sister, my nieces my cousins my aunt. Guys, remember we are here because of women. Be respectful for gods sake.

hmmmm . . . why then is trump still not charged for literally grabbing p*ssy?

The Good Friday Agreement left the possibility for a referendum on Northern Ireland. Could Brexit be the event that gets the majority of Northern Irish, regardless of religion, to decide to leave. Question 1. Fake 2. Fake 3. Fake 4. Fake 5. Fake Any other questions? If this would have been a chick smacking some male reporter nothing would be said or done. All the toxic females saying they hope this guy goes to jail be careful what you wish for. Tables are turning and you toxic females are gonna be in for a very rude awakening 🤣🤡👌

How did we get here they ask. Can I use the word they? It turns out that the US has a lot of citizens that are into: racism, corruption, misogyny, the KKK, lying, willful ignorance, Putin, Fox News, polluting ... so many that the GOP has built a whole brand around this. Nobody cares. It's DOA. Don't see any upside from Brexit. Without the EU, many companies will transfer from the UK to EU states. And Scotland will definitely leave the UK. From the largest empire to half of an Island with a shrinking economy, this is an historic self-imposed mistake.

The feminist movement wouldn't exist if men treated women better. 😅😅😅 Why do people automatically assume the pat was sexual in nature? Does the reporter really think she is that desirable?

Trump2020Landslide Trump2020SuperMajority GOP2020SenateSuperMajority GOP2020HouseSuperMajority DrainTheSwamp CutAids4UkraineDemsCollusion MAGA2020 KAG2020 TrumpTheBestPresidentEver‼️ ObamaTheWorstPresidentEver‼️ TRUMP2020 Nobody cares..no matter how many times you try to make this silly thing important

To quit? slpng_giants GOOD! Now make sure he serves jail time. Keep this dude away from children too. You are taught in kindergarten to keep your hands to yourself. When will men realize that WE DO NOT WANT TO BE TOUCHED! Do not touch us WITHOUT CONSENT! The only two needed Q: did Trump do it? A: Yes DrJenGunter

The youth pastor was arrested? Progress in motion. washingtonpost What next? Public photos of her pubic area?

interesting mi 6, he already took control?) the english monarchy just took and even teroriziet) accident ..... Nothing anyone will care about in history. Just like Bill Clintons Congress only 'impeachment'. but NATO and the military are still hard to recruit. Because many men have fragile egos. Boredom set in!

Nada and now, as I understand it, I appointed my director to the CIA) AndyRichter Apply snaps generously! Putin controls both the Jews of the Lubavitch sect and the terrorists from the east amusingly) that's kind of how I feel.

Come on now Does anybody read this rag anymore? Impeachment is being charged with a crime, but you still need a trial to convict. The House charges w/ impeachment, and the Senate holds a trial to determine guilt. OPINION!!! OPINION!!! PARTISAN!!!! ONE-SIDED!!! 😅😅😅 Root of the problem ? One party rule? I don't think so

Nope Y FOR Y 5 ON 188 YB RED 589 1O Y MA SE HI JOYCE New definition for GOP Government of Perfidies. Perfect fit for the blinded party of corrupt politicians. Ironically they don't think We The People can see it. GOP Impeached SenateGOP Republicans realDonaldTrump POTUS GodHelpUsAll jimmykimmel jimmyfallon NRSC

The GOP should just roll out the red carpet for ya just like you did for them during the Clinton impeachment. I mean, c’mon, you have only been trying to impeach since hours after the election. Fair is fair, right?🙄 inversion State of All Nations ‘...Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere, The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity...’

Absolutely on point. At least the impeachment committee is fighting for the constitution... what's Gaetz's cause? Keeping a president who turned out to be a crook in office... Gaetz is a putz. Did he ever even HAVE a soul? Or humanity? I would contend that the answer is no. MattGaetzIsATool Oh please, enough of the patronizing crap. Wopo's Opinions are totally whack!

This guy never had a soul. Just a loudmouth who conned his constituents and is now thinking he's making a name for himself. Doesn't understand that the GOP leadership and Trump is using him. Even as dumb as Trump is, he can see a dimwit when he sees one. He vomited it all out by the time he reached 18.

Lust4Power Lust4Celebrity The GOP has become the Faustian party GOPEqualsFaust The moral high priest is questioning the morality is those he disagrees with. You'd better have a cleaner life than the Pope cause when you're exposed, and you will, it's going to be ugly. Humanity...that’s a reach: how deep is the floor of his stupidity?

WashingtonCompost HAHAHA $40M beneficiary of divorce He has none. Spoiled little punk. Y DIDNT DO ANY CRIMES she's backwards norman bates Where is yours? Left at the door🤡 Special kind of putz

Did he ever have any? At the bar. You have to be human first Gaetz was up for DISBARMENT for his Russian Mob tactic of going after a Congressional Witness’ FAMILY member, showing his GOP 21st century Family Values! Why would ANYONE expect anything less from the House’s Human slime personified in the lowest of lowlifes?

Or his brain, common sense, or decency? He’s the ultimate scum. Non-existent. He’s a bully and a want-a-be. I’m sure it won’t be long till he has to leave the Congress due to being discovered for assault or some other comparable crime. Then he’ll become a bigger creep as a lobbyist. Where’s the democrat and dishonest democrat media propaganda machine humanity

Absent. But he makes it up with a very punchable face.

In the bottom of a Zima He has none. He is a tool He's a drunkard and a drug addict you could see it in his eyes I don't know much about him but if its anywhere near your credibility as a 'media' source then he might be a lost cause. Frat boy doesn’t have any Yeah, this impeachment makes him & everybody drink 🙄

Flushed. Although it took 10 or 15 tries. RepMattGaetz He’s dead inside. Quit journalism now!

washingtonpost this is abuse of the patient from doctors who are not able to put the patient first because of legislation or because they believe this medical pathway is acceptable ? washingtonpost Cruel and unusual punishment shameonSupremeCourt Fake news rag Except for the dogs at It is null. When do you apologize for all the lies you told about Trimp Russian collusion?

Good to see Fox News has cleaned up the culture over there! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Now tRumpHole can veto it. It is past time... but never too late to remember! They better start praying if they have daughters Karma has a way of getting even quickly or slowly

SethAbramson Which ones ? Go on the record. And then be sued for slander Wow This is about sending a message to turkey. Congress doesnt care about genocide, they've been hosting them for decades. Umm, JenniferGriffin - any response ? YOU are TOO good for those JERKS at Faux News !! JESSEWATTERS will get his slap on the wrist but this is The assault on WOMEN AT FOX NEWS ALLLLLL OVER AGAIN !! You and a few others should TAKE A STAND !!!

This is the kind of shit that half of America tunes into How frigging gross is that? Misogyny is the other face of the white nationalist movement! SethAbramson Think how bad Corbyn has to be to make you vote for this guy! SethAbramson It’s a disaster for UK. Take heed USA. Follow carolecadwalla shahmiruk chrisinsilico peterjukes PeterStefanovi2

SethAbramson Fabulous!! Boo Screw what Turkey wants. The genocide was real and it's time to say so.

Fox News is completely off the rails and is probably the number one reason that this country is so fucked up right now. They fan the hate and despicable behavior in this country because it is profitable for them. SethAbramson “Fox News Host Not Getting Laid” Start looking for another job. Should have taste your words before you spit them out .

He's the worst. We have more than 10 million muslims and we have been live with muslim for over 1000 year. Our closest living DNA relatives abandoned to starve. Sounds about right for corporate labs. Evil bastards. They also have universal healthcare Cruelty is the point thank you realDonaldTrump for saving the chimps!!!

Where is your friend 😀🤔

The GOP administration is afraid to let the outside world know how terribly the detainees are being treated For gods sake don’t tell that to McConnell! The only thing he does now is take bribes from every wealthy person/corporations that he can! Otherwise, he sits on his dead ass and does Nothing! Indeed...we need more time for reflection and detox from info_overload.

Lets log all the names of the Border patrol & in the near future put them all on trial & sentence them to equal treatment afforded to the migrants they abused by not allowing flue vaccines & medical care! Awesome hair FLOTUS. So you want to put the guy that actually did quid pro quo in the White House and impeach Trump without the evidence? WOW THAT'S MESSED UP!

he won't get any term he has severe dementia that is getting worse, The truth on Biden corruption scandal is coming out the people are not happy with Macron and will continue protesting it means she gets in trouble for bad grades, Parents should get her a tutor to help her bring her grades up, Yep one term so he can destroy America. The stock market will crash. Unemployment will Skyrocket,

Because we need to better protect our border? It’s idiotic to not protect our border. A much better question is why the Democrat media & elected Dems don’t want our border protected Where is the money coming from? Is the WH skimming congressional appropriated money for aid Even IF what you claim WERE TRUE (look at what the cartels are doing), the answer is: 'To prevent ANOTHER 'emergency' from happening! Just HOW STUPID could you POSSIBLY BE?!

Why not ? To prevent emergencies. Talented artist! I am always amazed that scientific interpretation of pre-historic art makes the claim that the artist was telling a story to others and future others. Perhaps, just once, the artist was just being creative on an otherwise lazy day. Please consider that.

Even then, they knew PETA meant 'People Eating Tasty Animals' Some of the worst stories ever told are written on the pages of the Washington Post 😎

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1 KJV NO IT'S NOT ! funny how those cave paintings were damaged by flooding waters. Delusional Why the fuck would you enable him They are all smiling after eating crap pies. You just knew they were deviate Good I’m going to disconnect from media. This is all your fault this is happening TV, Newspapers, you are the shitty propaganda. Specially in a country where people are undereducated. If he gets re-elected there won’t be news the way we have seen it so you’ll be the first ones out!!

oh oh She should add Trump as a defendant This lady is unreal. Assuming she used a government issued phone? This lawsuit is going nowhere. Where is the vat of trump kool-aid everyone is drinking

YOU FACT CHECK, So sorry that insurance policy didn't work out for you. Good The key is on the 'former' Lets teach kids TO BE BULLIES is what Nancy is saying... SHAME ON HER! Not sure how anyone still believe you 🤡.. Unfortunately msm sitting out historic event w blinders as mouthpiece for Dems Good

She’s going to win Bigly! Her entire case will be based on how many times the president of the United States made fun of her, and defamed her publicity. Wait for Donald’s tweet stating he has no clue who Lisa Page is. Anyyyyy minute! It’s about time. Her personal thoughts on IQ45 had no reflection on her job

Disagreed. What is unknown, and unknowable, is how the impeachment effort will impact the Senate. IF the Senate flips enough seats, and Dems hold the HOR, Trump will be effectively neutered. Kathkeen Parker your opinion is jusf that...a baseless, useless, uniformed, pretender to know future OPINION that USA & the world can do without.

BiliousBarr should never have appeared on MSNBC & should not have been served no-follow-up squishers from “Tee-ball” PeteWilliamsNBC Don’t you just wish? Nothing stops this guy from just flat out lying. Not facts. Not character. Not even being impeached. He just doesn't care. Financially fitter!

I sure hope that headline is incorrect! Jesus Christ you guys are bad at this... 🤦‍♀️ Oh cool. News that presents potential new ways to not be tricked by other not news. Why don't you just audition for a job at the White House bet you'll save plenty time instead of peddling debunk theory and writing bogus articles.

I agree! They won’t impeach him. He’ll win the election and try all over again! lol WP puts out some bias but not fake news and the left is so fucking salty. People; at an angle close to the end of the event; make sincere opinion, understanding, emotion, idea, analysis. These; find value in linear points common to people. The points that are not shared wait for the time of the linear point to be shared. Ali SÜMEN


If it was a white supremacist, it would be in the first paragraph, or even in the title. dont say the word Senate will save orange Gorilla 🦍 So according to Kathleen Congress should permit abuse of power, because doing their job might be unpopular with some people. Great, more erosion of American liberal democracy.

Barr needs to be impeached What type of radical ideology? Oh yes. You mentioned that in the very last para. Wonder why But it enrage the rest of us, we who are a larger percentage of voters in this country. The Blue Wave is on a roll. Civil Unrest!!!! No doubt about that! I know it’s an unpopular opinion but keep in mind there is a chance of him winning reelection. He won’t get removed from office as the senate is in Republican Party control. He also still has a dedicated support base. I still don’t see any realistic Democratic contender.

Nice click bait. If this is true, it shows how easy to own a gun in America... especially under Trump admin... everyone knows Trump supports owning gun ... and no gun control. It’s a rap RIP MOM ❤️💚❤️💚 That is the risk now as the Senate holds the fate of democracy in its hands now. He is having a breakdown now.

Radical ideology is inherent in wahhabi form of Islam. By definition all Saudi are radical. Ya think? if it weren't for GREED , Capitalism WOULD be a good thing, but too many Scrooges with too much $$$$ have ruined this!!! If you think you're going to get away with this, you are INSANE. You play to the ignorant there are 64 million people and throw in the democrats who GOT JOBS in this economy. I'd love to say you'll never get away with it but you communist shitheads always find a way.

Thank you RepAdamSchiff for standing up for our constitution and America. 👏👏👍👍 ImpeachAndRemoveTrump MoscowMitchTraitor TrumpCrimeSyndicate TrumpIsALaughingStock

1 Trump the eye ache of ...... Works for me. Let it melt. Government is broken. It's time to reduce its size. Your talking to Deplorables you have to dumb it down to banana mentality! Smart move! Seeing how they have no evidence it seems reasonable. The obstruction comes because Trump took democrats to court.

No,but it is the best they can do and the most expedient considering they are going against a corrupt AG,Fox News,and a corrupt and compromised GOP that has chosen party over country. ThankYouAdamSchiff ThankYouNancyPelosi

All the analysis you need. In this photo. Look at them, compromised. Explained ? I call bullshit Democrat leadership to their members in competitive district by announcing impeachment articles. LOL okay They are too worried about trying to get Republicans to have one single ounce of conscience to vote out this corrupt Admin that they are willing to ditch basically EVERYTHING Trump has done & is doing.

for now... Clowns don’t major in smart 🤡🤡 When that is what you HAVE him on and then don't charge him, especially after focus groups to discuss the term used, yeah, I think it's a HUGE mistake. But this entire thing has been a huge mistake. Or, by putting in a compelling, but minimal case for the senate, they're allowing future justice deps. to investigate those other crimes, even after a (likely) senate equitable? This case, they made their case, but did not allow all his other crimes get decided upon politically

it is important to avoid semantic arguments note Trump arguing this very morning that the royal we does not mean me realDonaldTrump says he was shaking down the Ukraine for all Americans I read 2 years ago that 2020 will be the end of the Democrat Party. It sure has been fun to watch them implode. These people are stupid. We have it all!! They NEVER thought Killary would lose!! There is NO 'Step Five' of this Impeachment SCAM..... “IN THE END WE WIN.”

Clean house both sides...Termlimits Here’s the explanation; they’re meaningless and demonstrate the Dems have nothing and overshot Durham won't be refuting. He will be convicting. Wrong. The IG report is from the deep state protecting itself Why Grandstand and Spike Ball ... our FBI was trying to create BS facts ... that’s the news ... SO UNAMERICAN .. Sad

Did an 8 year old write this? The IG report confirmed corruption at the very top of the FBI. Barr's reputation is unquestionably stellar. The Post doesn't care that you know they're lying. Derangement means losing all shame while defiling yourself. Not really. The IG is confined to those still there. Durham has subpoena power, grand jury power and can talk to anybody including people outside the US. Coney and Brennon lied. And the IG report, in part, showed the carelessness and reckless behavior.

Why Grandstand and Spike Ball ... our FBI was trying to create BS facts ... that’s the news ... SO UNAMERICAN !

You sound like a child. Get em AG! ✊🏽 He can’t Why does AGBarr do it? Did his parents say 'we all die' too? GOPCorruption ImpeachBarr Too late. We already read it. No one likes or values your op eds Impeach jabba ! As a Catholic, I am deeply ashamed of AG William Barr’s perversion of the Roman Catholic faith for nefarious autocratic purposes in defense of the indefensible presidency of Donald J Trump. Separation of Church and State is there to protect people of faith and freedom of religion

CNNPolitics Presidential hopeful...the guy they all said, would beat Trump.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The WP must be reading Schiff’s summary because it reads entirely different than the original report! Not badass. BrownNoseBarr Can we please not ignore the part where he lied under oath about there being 'spying?' Barr Rushing? Nope, waddling with quivering lips as he once again flaps his jaw and denies the truth and clings to fantasy land conspiracy theories, to cover up Trumps egregious acts. (oh waddling: that’s not very nice, sorry.)

Barr is sworn to protect by Opus Dei. . Live footage of Barr, Trump and Giuliani 👇🏼 Fabulous reporting Michael Flynn is only guilty of supporting trump. The Democrats are trying to criminalize patriotism

The Wrong Side of History obeys the bidding of The Wrong Side of History. Opinion: the Washingtonpost is Chinas Stooge Yup, considering what trump said about Ted, his wife, and his dad...Ted Cruz has no balls ! watched his interview this morning - felt sorry for him... he will look back one day and wish he had the stones to have spoken up !

SenTedCruz This is what happens when you sell your soul Teddy. How can you possibly sleep at night? Shame. Seriously? You people have gone mental. Not that it was that far of a trip. WaPo is cabal stooge media Proof that the meaning of the flag is what you make of it. To me its America growing. That freedom is not free we all sacrifice to earn our freedom. It's our history learn from it dont erase it.

Wow that’s powerful 🤭 👐❤👐❤👐❤ so true Obama Cage he holds the patent -

So, who really won the cold war? He’s not the only Republican owned by Putin as a stooge. Ok, what do call a SOS who facilitated the sale of US uranium to Russia under Obama's presidency? I'm embarrassed by the vast majority of the GOP. History will judge these idiots harshly . I think she wants to be the next VP once Trump dumps Pence. A lot of people are kissing Trump's behind more than ever hoping for an office in the WH or some position. But he won't win.

YY FOR 9:13 NIKKI HALEY FOR DO W NEED A COMET & SOME OF THOSE NEEDS ON S YY REINER PATRICK MEANS YY APT SOME(9:19 FOR SOME ON GE O(FC)R GE JE N(ZONES) MEANS YES) TRICKS SOME NEEDS ARE APT TRICKS It’s California Yet she was the first SC leader to remove it... Oh shit you can't do that, they're Jewish

POWERFUL!!!! Just goes to show the sheer ignorance of these Californians! In South Carolina yet! Dang. The man doesn’t have any pride, as Trump derided his wife and father, ole Ted sucks up to Trump.. The media and Democrats/silicon valley are more of a threat than Russia COULD EVER BE. Putin’s puppets. Republicans have sold out to the Russians

Now put Mohammed in a bomb vest THEY WEREN'T REFUGEES! They had to leave their home because of the government taxing them! Dang, how stupid are you people! if there was a God there should be none of this shit going on Watch MAGA turn as angry and red as Rudolph’s nose and work valiantly to not feel like the racists their support of the border wall reveals them to be.

Trumps yo yo 'Then the question is “Why isn’t the incoming diversity from Mexico delivering superb socio-techno-economic results in their own country when only 10% of the Mexican population is mostly European?” Imagine if the shooter was from Mexico or one of the countries that Trump included in his Muslim ban. It defies logic that America and especially the Trump admin. continues to audition for the Saudis after 15 of the 19 terrorists involved in the 9/11 came from KSA.

And chief protector. Come on Post,follow the road you traveled with all muzlim terrorists. You know,isolated incidents,can’t blame all muzlims,full investigation to find out why? I can’t help laughing..You are so transparent. Terrorist attacks on US citizens where killers have spent time “radicalizing” in Saudi Arabia: Pensacola Naval Base, Orlando Pulse nightclub, San Bernadino, and NYC 9/11.

Asshole. Recession is coming but Trump will lie about that.

On the 1st day of Christmas I sliced up my arms, 2nd day I keep cutting my flesh “Saudi Arabia, I get along with all of them. They buy apartments from me. They spend $40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much.” He got the job... IMPEACH THE CREEP Sleazy wapo...disgrace to journalism.....

He got the job long ago. He gets paid by way of Chief Laundering Officer: jarred Kushner. MbS has a history of sending money by small planes throughout the world. Last month, it was revealed in the trial of Omar Bashir, That MbS sent him a $25,000.000 gift in a small plane. So apathetic. All about Jared KUSHNER monies

Trump will need a job... Believe me, the killer works in the Saudi air force. This is evidence that the officer is sent from the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Therefore, the American people are demanding that the crown prince be tried and imprisoned in the United States of America. He's done

Plain idiots to publish this garbage

It’s called... diplomacy.. He sounded most proud of having talked to 'The King.' But they pay cash... Fake Opinion 😁 YOUR OPINION WRITERS ARE HAVING ANOTHER MELTDOWN!! CorruptMedia TrumpDerangementSyndrome RadicalSocialistDemocrats MY VANES STILL THERE Axis of autocracy? And Pooty makes three? Nah. Dats crazy talk. Nothing to see here, please just move it along maam.

Perfect! GOOD ONE..how long ago did these kids promise to start paying their share 2% of GNP on defense? Just like kids their defense mechanisms are to pick on the leader!

That’s because Trump is actually not bowing down to the rich elite to making America New World order.... 4 YEARS OF MISSTREATMENT IF Y WERE UR DAUGHTER Y WOULD HAVE BEEN AT UR HOME IN DEC 15 YM MEAN BECAUSE U MISSTREAT ME They r sisters N MEANS BOOTH ARE IDENTICAL BUT 1 HAS REALLY BAD SKI THE PICS ONLINE ARE A DIFFERENT person then the one that showed up in Munster BUT WAS NOT A LOOKALIKE WAS A sister

Alongside many of the other differences between the US and UK political system, you got your final point horribly wrong. I think you'll find that must Remain voters do feel the referendum result was 'inherently unjust'. What a ridiculous article. Esto es lo que la oposición nunca podrá igualarle a mi Tío: la sencillez auntentica y el cariño de la gente lopezobrador_👏🏾 Hasta se me antojó el caldo de gallina😋 tatclouthier ukiokoungi martuchi63 Katsuragui reginadelsol77 platagarbutt31


YY LOVE YY YY WINS Next Trump will train Iranians in nuclear deployment, and missile tactics. thehill AP nytimes normmacdonald FoxNews our President is a scared little girl Only one motive: directly or indirectly the revenge for Artificial Living Business in/through rockets becoming so fast militia training he did it because he can there’s guns galore in this stupid focking country there are more guns than people A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

President trump will not do anything because he makes plenty money with the Saudi no tweets yet Is Inspector Jared on the case?

Get all of them out. Please. They're Saudi terrorists. What do we think motivated them to inflict this tragedy upon us, good intentions? Umh, I'm guessing hate. Trump funded Saudis terrorists? No surprise Motive? Really? Well, I'd wager a guess that he pretty much hates Americans and the American way of life and embraces sharia. My guess is that pretty much sums it up. Have a great Christmas, everyone.

Motive? Check out the 1300 year old ideology invented by a pedophile. Motive? I think he wanted to kill Americans. How's that for a motive. islam was his motive We prob going to invade Lebanon to find the culprits behind this act of terrorism

🤔 I'm sure the Saudis will instruct Trump to tell you. donalds EXTREAM VETING AINT WORKING SO GOOD NOW IS IT ? Hmmmm ... it couldn't possibly be religion. Islamic terror. Do we still think they are our allies? Call him by his name, Mohammed THE lucy r Mexican WITH redone noses jamies r Irish sallys r Arab 🤣🤣 oh yeah the “explosive” investigation where the “truth” will finally see the light of day! I’ll wait for the Colbert commentary... JFC...

Can’t wait to hear this bullshit

So why does Trump personal lawyer nees to report his Ukraine UkraineBribery findings to Congress and DOJ? SenateDems SenateGOP Cats RudyGiuliani SaturdayMotivation SaturdayThoughts Behemoth, Giuliani’s report ghostwriter. What right does Rudy colludy have to report to the justice dept Well sweeetttt......We get to see all this 'evidence' that has been kept so secret from our Intelligence agencies but just happens to fall into the hands of Mayor Rudi.

Wow, who needs the FBI, CIA or diplomats when we have Rudy. So I am expecting Rudy, the Promised One's savior, to return with new alternate facts with which to gaslight citizens into accepting those alternate facts about who helped candidate Trump get elected and who is helping President Trump with his re-election.

Can I report too Who out there will actually believe anything Giuliani comes backs with.... republicans 🙄

He'll also be reporting to a grand jury. Anyone curious about this company should listen to the podcast Bad Batch. It’s fascinating and horrifying BadBatchWondery The documents reveal that drug manufacturers paid doctors and movie stars to promote more aggressive pain treatment. They created campaigns for their sales forces, tying bonuses to opioid sales and holding contests to reward top earners.

More people killed by guns, and the President and his Republican Congress, with the full support and financial backing of the NRA, won’t do anything! Use the other hand and chop off his now y'all back one. aren't there levels of domestic violence? Isn't yelling at your spouse considered domestic violence; how is that in the same category as chopping off a spouses hands? This is some next level violence.

ALL These execs should be lined up and shot with AR-15s recovered at the mass shooting crimes scenes of incels... wenn jemand hat ehemann ....ich in moment haben keins ,,aber wird bestimmt nach dem konkurs eine welche ich heirate um alle holle zu verursachen noch schrecklich als die welche ich vorbereiten habe wegen betrug ,,

Physically incredible tragedy. Gun violence just jumps right off the screen and into naval yards these days. [a la JerrySeinfeld ”What’s the deal with...”]

He should be resigning, he's a damn criminal 🤮🤬 Realistically these leaders have a bottomless pockets/coffers they keep filling for themselves! To hell with everyone! I misread this as 'Asda's strongmen talk tough.' Only the above the law republicans would say it ok to let a convicted felon stay in office, apparently with out any qualms

chinazi 香港デモ Uyghurs On the other hand, Trump , Boris Jonson are geniuses. 'SNAP recipients who are over 50, disabled, pregnant, or have dependents will not be affected by the new policy.' PersevereEver Jesus, Trump must read Dickens and think Scrooge is a role model before his transformation. SMH

. This leaves seniors faced with the annual Medicare Donut Hole who may have saved to meet that annual financial hardship without food. Why does Our government make life essentials so difficult? Food is a life essential. Why do children and seniors need to suffer THAT PICTURE MEANS you enemys ARE OUT You think?

Horrible opinion Political HACK MALARKEY! impeach him,america wants it !! Please this is all about ego and the Dems still butthurt Trump beat them like a drum in 2016 Pretty sure trump and his spawn faked their resumes to get government jobs too. But here we are! So the Slaves sang to Jesus? The Slaves embraced God? But the slaves didn't feel the need to be married when having sex? Oh that's right. Nothing without Lincoln's North burning their houses and approving Jim Crow once banking got set up. Wake up Blacks. Nixon named you.

Why were they there in the first place is the real question. FakeNewsWashingtonPost

Counter point: you own this property. You do tours but 20$ a person doesn’t cover the upkeep on these places. So 1. Rent it for events. 2. Burn it down or let it fall into disrepair. Erase the ugly history. 3. Change the name from plantation to farm. 4. ? Surprised to find it isn't Mina Chang. YY LOVE YY

If you’re going to do it, this probably is not the best location if you’re looking to put up numbers. Also, don’t publish the guy’s name and give him any credit. UM YY HAVE A TASTE FOR CHEESE OMELET HASH BROWNS 2 TOAST ONE GRAPE & ONE STRAWBERRY JELLY & A GLASS OF MILK & ORANGE JUICE I don't believe you

As long as those cop kill what you consider the wrong people Putin has never been happy with those former Warsaw Pact countries in NATO, and of course Russia has always hated NATO, so our POTUS is doing the dirty work for them. Maybe the member states who haven't paid their fair share in 20 years put it there. Trump just pointed to the reality. If pointing out a reality does that to NATO, it wasn't strong to begin with. Pay up friends!!! Tired of subsidizing you!

Nope nope nope.

Don’t want your biased opinion. Just report the news. Who's the teenager beside Trump ? Sounds great! I don't need any 'police protection' in the form of militarized cops doing traffic stops and harassing the homeless. He's ONE OF MYY BEST Friends Putin will give trump a raise for this. Wow step 2 to American dictatorship

Ey, Joey, East side pay their protection money yet? All cops are bastards. As far as I can tell from my experience, cops don't protect people. They protect corporate assets and generate revenue while feeding the private prison industry endless minority bodies to fill the beds. Cutting that expense may help many communities

People ought to start protesting Bill Barr! Demand his removal! So cops won't come in and murder without punishment anymore?

Thug Bribery is voluntary. This was extortion. OPINION* All the WITNESS is OPINION* OPINION* ISNT IMPEACHABLE WHOMP WHOMP WHOMPITY WHOMP WHOMPN Guilty of lies every day and a charity scam too. Disgraceful. It’s really not an opinion. It’s true And robbery Sorry, commies, but President Trump has never even been tried in a court of law, let alone found guilty, of any criminal wrongdoing including bribery. The Washington Post lacks credibility.

When the victim says no quid quo pro what's left is a cheesy attempt to take down a duly elected President. SchiffForBrains Washpost that LIED to America for 3 years about Russian Collusion Delusion arrows target him

This is a lie. Stop with the fake! If the Opinion is YES, then every previous POTUS is guilty of the Same!!! FYI- Foreign Policy lies solely in the realm of the POTUS!!! Wait until they release his tax returns! Why didn’t Dems put it in their report then? Opinion: Yes, GOP is guilty of being complicit You spelled 'felony' wrong.

Sounds just like what you and the rest of your democommunist friends want! Good. Perhaps you liberals will leave and go there. It took him so little time to embarrass the US on the world stage once again. Disgusting! Put him down Because only God Emperor Trump is allowed to criticize NATO, bully its members with mob protection threats, etc. No one else is allowed an opinion. Maybe it’s time the rest of the alliance gets rid of the US, adds new members and looks to itself for strength in numbers.

Pot calling the kettle black Wait a minute.....2 years ago when trump was dissing NATO you guys went CRAZY..... now he is defending nato and you dont like that either?

Does anyone still believe what WaPo Reports? The “King” must go, by any means necessary. Finally! A subject he knows about! Hoping for a speedy recovery. Good lord🙄! What does he call his own criticism of NATO? Oh, wait! It’s “perfect” or “special” or perhaps “biggly best” Is Rocky is pouting ? Lol. Bet every leader at the NATO conference is more progressive then trump you only have to look at his stance on climate change the biggest threat facing mankind

Tell it like it is, Mr. President What does the Macron call Trump’s criticism of NATO ?

Trump feels no more loyalty to his stated opinions and beliefs of yesterday than he does to *friends* who are no longer useful to him. Well, Trump is a specialist in both of those Getting stuck in the wheel and wrapped up around the axle is not considered catching the car. It's called getting run over by the car!

Who is this guy? I don’t understand the role of Cippilone..supposed to be representing the office of the presidency,yet all official communications appear to be from Trump’s personal atty. Between Barr and Cippilone,the country has no one to represent the good of the nation. Our system is corrupt

Bullshit! The guy is a criminal. Quieres unirte al canal de Telegram sobre energías renovables, ecología, vehículos eléctricos, reciclaje, emprendimiento? Haz click en el enlace y únete. COP25 COP25MADRID MADRID Fake justice, fake accusations, hyperbole and outrageous hearsay as evidence, seriously Yawn

Cronyism Look at all the Cat's in the picture... Nothing fishy here . . . Womp, womp, what about those random Canadian China has hold hostage and the 1 million inside concentration camp Politicians have to repay the piper (lobbyists) sometime; too bad it's at the expense of voters.

THATS WAS TO SHOW THAT YYM LOVED WHAT IT'S NOT IN THE POPULAR MEDIA.....😩 Characterization of health care debate among Dems by could have been written by same lobbyists, contains same biases. Shocked... gambling... Casablanca GOOD REHEATED In Us collateral damage Is she sailing? Ahh...When you're in Texas...

Calling everyone racist isn't really going high. But whatever! THE ELECTRICITY BROKE WHERE THE MICROWAVE WAS AT SO YY WOULDNT EAT THAT PIZZA & CRO C

Here come the cowardly Trump cult to make lewd remarks about Michelle Obama. HELL YES PELOSI!! She is the best politician ever and I’m so grayteful for everything she’s doing for this country to make it less oppressive. Sign the USMCA. SpeakerPelosi Shocker! Are voters on either side ok with their representatives being used like puppets by lobbyists? It seems like one thing most voters could agree on.

Beats working. Oh, we know why... same Bernie2020’s plan to combat climate change: GreenNewDeal Thought provoking.

It’s Communist Chinese approved, that’s how 👍🏽 No one cares about your OCD version of Pardon Watch. That ain’t Red Panda. Those who are forced to keep away from married life in order to retain high status deserve some alternates to fulfil sexual needs because it is difficult to suppress body needs. The Catholic church has been “ looking the other way” ...... for DECADES !!! It’s ONE of the reasons I left the church. ✝️💔🥀

Blasphemy! Red Panda is the 🐐 This religion is a scam. PATHETIC. I’m bewildered how people keep attending what is essentially a child porn ring.

When will the IntelligenceCommittee release a report that Highlight the part of the Investigation that was used to Debunk the RussianPropaganda realDonaldTrump is using to say that Ukraine hacked the 2016 Election. The 2016 election meddling didn't solely focus on Russia Successful Republican counter narrative to impeachment allegations

'There shall be others of those who are outside our number who name themselves bishop and also deacons, as if they have received their authority from God. They bend themselves under the judgment of the leaders. Those people are dry canals.' ~Jesus Religion and politics. Homes of shape shifters. NASAOIG 60Minutes ACEavocats UJAdeParis UNHCR chinadaily how about Year of Women and illega AI NASA contracts for Elon Musk et al and sex trafficking victims, the Space Sex owner says humans give a better grip McGuireWoods why no investigations of human trafficking NOW

I’m all for advocating for women’s rights and workplace equality, but the restrictions on becoming an astronaut are very extreme. If women can pass the fitness tests, then by all means they should be considered, but the reason the standards are so high is because being physically PostOpinions While that's concerning...the US justice system continues to fail black women and girls as there are +70k missing. Can you bring some attention to that? Please and Thanks 🙏

SF CG No. They are a small minority at the space agency.

Beautiful 💗 Maybe they don’t like working for NASA? Maybe? Should we club women over the head and shoot them into space to make it better? PostOpinions Haters win. Just lower all the requirements... arash_tehran PostOpinions but also women globally in entertainment industries including pop (music). why aren’t more women mentored into music exec roles to add new perspectives & thus new forms of creativity, originality, empathy professional support? this occurred successfully in tech in Singapore & KL

Why would that be? Don't women find space exploration attractive? Maybe soon we will have a transastronaut and that would be women's role in the space agency thrown out the window... The sheer volume of self-help manuals written for snowflakes these last few days has been comical. If your family has failed to prepare you for life outside the womb to the extent that you cannot handle a difference of opinion they DESERVE to be afflicted with you.


Raccoon is actually good tasting. House Dems protect rats. Don’t mess with rats. Not for sale this Thanksgiving. Anyone else read that as saying ‘this raccoon could have been President’?! I was thinking, if only.... I heard about this snippet in US history from a podcast in Rolling Stone. I believe the writer did too.

Both suggestions are weird They can taste with their lil paws. Dont trust em Sinister is you doing everything against a President! America, is that you...... Unclear why? Really? That explains a lot.

So you will step and fetch Washington Post gives Trump more headlines and real estate on Twitter, thereby keeping Dem hopefuls and impeachment hoax snake oil salespeople off their feed, unclear why 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm so sorry this is happening to you. learntocode Unclear why anyone pays to read your garbage

Unfit. good looking out I couldn't tell if it was real or fake. Photoshop is changing its name to Doctoredshop. Every photoshop ever is now an unforgivable deception. You guys fall for it every time, you don't understand it and you refuse to admit you fell for it. Big brain news media everyone. It's because Rocky is the inspirational story of a fighter who overcame debilitating bone spurs to become a champion. Just like Trump.

Seriously? It's doctored?! We would have never been able to figure that out on our own. Boy, are we ever lucky to have news media who possess such superior journalistic skills. It's not doctored. He's clearly been training in Apollo Creed's gym.

Damn! He had me fooled! Thanks for clarifying it was doctored... Had no idea. If it ever was use of “OK Boomer”, This is it. :) It’s his new talking point/2020 campaign stance that he’s “fighting” the corrupt rigged government system/Deep State. In other words, pushing a conspiracy theory. Why does anyone tweet anything?

Omg!!! I thought that was real!!! 😳 Its amazing that after this long, the media doesn't get it still. He does it for multiple reasons...he can, its funny, and it messes with your TDS minds and distracts you like you're a little kid in diapers Because he's pathetic and wants to be a hero to the point of faking it with Photoshop. Sad. tremendousphony bestfaker

... Deepfake .... it got us....and I thought he was just working out a ton and stuff to get himself ready for more ImpeachingHearings

Cuz he's nuts Unclear? Really? The guy's nuts, is all. He wishes he had Sylvester Stallone’s body. He does have the brain capacity of someone who has bern pummeled every day since birth. Imagine a POTUS getting the crown to chant B****Sh***T at a rally. Low class. No class. Cause he’s nuts Gee, maybe because he's a massively-insecure crackpot egomaniac who puts his own name on every single business, property, and product he produces just to make sure people know how rich, virile, powerful and important he is.

Time for another trip to Walter Reed for a new eval. Maybe up his meds? I'm pretty sure you just answered the question with this tweet, guys. This is why, honey. This tweet right here. Did she or didn’t she. Asking for the stay was a foregone conclusion Is just funny you dimwits

I want to catch fish with Donald Trump's bait, I'd catch fish on every cast I just want to thank you for your hard hitting, in depth reporting. It's really hard to tell that you guys are owned by the richest man who ever lived and hates Trump. Bwhahahahahahahhaha Wow realDonaldTrump gets you every time. Every damn time. CC: DonaldJTrumpJr CarpeDonktum DLoesch ChrisLoesch

Oh dear Lord no wonder no one takes y’all seriously anymore Now now, and I need some conclusive evidence of the photo was doctored Bottom-of-the-barrel story here. Not even clicking the link. The Washington Post is fake news.. unclear why Doctored? hahaha come on! Most likely unclean dog, and the impurity of all parts, but must be washed what has become of the dress or without or other Bsarh or his wet body. Modern science has proven that in the saliva of the dog germs do not go away only by washing seven one of them in the dust

Fuck my cat lick and bite me all the time... well shit I don't wanna live forever anyway tariqnasheed So the employee was suspended for LEAKING the budget BEFORE it was supposed to be made public! LEAKING!!!! The same folks here who are calling DeVos a criminal are the same folks calling criminals who enter our country illegally “undocumented “ who deserve a chance.

What about the tobacco industry? Nope. Too easy. Isn't that public information? Just like Joe Camel years ago with smoking ArubaMvp

Education Should not be meant for business for book publishers, stationery Companies, politicians, officers, and educational institutions ISWYDT Using Trumpian logic, the budget eventually became public so no harm no foul. Stupid headline. Get a grip What are you talking about FakeNews? 🙄 Trump is literally a turkey-neck.

There’s nothing normal about this What is Betsy DeVos Hiding? YY MEANING OF YY 4 YY &:29 ON YB 192 RED 1O16 14 FLO YD YYONER STA FF; benshapiro Quality unbiased reporting ....

And we apologize for the way we dealt with it - the person responsible has been disciplined appropriately ? Do you apologize or are you just like Corbyn who clearly can’t ? ... we’re waiting How is this true? Before the impeachment inquiry more Americans were in favor of no impeachment, now 54% of Americans favor impeachment.

12:32 ДП · 27 нояб. 2019 г. УМЫ ОЧЕНЬ РЕДКИХ ОРГАНИЗМОВ /\\ . ГЛАВНОЕ ЧТО БЫ ЭТО НАЧАЛО БЫЛО ХОРОШИМ That's laughable Corbyn has been openly anti-jewish his entire life. What is your strategy for ever being taken seriously as a news source again? EnemyOfThePeople PartisanHacks FakeNewsMedia lies various polls have shown Trump approval with independents has risen through whole impeachment process

To the people who still support Trump who overrode his commander and pardoned a convicted felon. Trump also supported an out going governor who pardoned a convicted child sex abuse. benshapiro Why did WP even bother with this when it's common knowledge they stealth edit/delete articles on a regular basis.

benshapiro Why is this so common with WaPo? Why is there seemingly no editorial control of your social media? This kind of poor job is STILL happening repeatedly. At this point it has to be a deliberate decision by WaPo management. Have to get clicks on the big board

Surprising. People who think orange man is bad still think that. And people who love America still support a president that loves America Because people are stupid and think facts are partisan. Try that excuse with the cops That's a disaster for the Dems after the dog and pony show.. A straight partisan impeachment is the worst possible for the nation.

Would have helped if the whistleblower testified. Not good enough and too late. Delete your account. You are a non-stop ideological paper. Your bias is painful. Watched the movie the post and wondered what happened. You are not journalists. THE CREDIT CARD WAS A DREAM SAW Mike MY VOICE WAS WHEN Mike WASNT THERE SO ITS THE LAST 4 NUMBERS ONLY(NOT FROM Mike)

YY GOD & YY GOD PROOFY & PROVED YY UP TO & ON 11/13/1 FROM 11/26/1 & 11/29/1 3:13 FOR YY THE GAVE HEARD THE CREDIT CARD ON 194 RED 1291:Y/YY 26:Y/YY 11 AN G(GOD)IE TA Q IES AD GOD YY & FOR YY HAVE L IN MY YYL NAME &DONT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MONTH 12 ON YB 258 CAGE HA L MEANS YES No kidding, we have the call 'transcript' the rest is just nonsense. That's why barley anyone tuned in to watch the public hearings.

Everything now rests with the Democrats' great white hope:

Help change minds and hearts. Senator Amy Klobuchar is middle of the road and she can use your support to help restore the whole country and heal us. She will look out for everyone unlike Trump. benshapiro Yeah um no you lied 🤥. Aren't you going to delete this one too? This is what happens when you fight a war with no goals.

Democrats want to make a coup, but it will not work. Donald Trump is President of the United States. He was chosen by the people of the United States. Observe US Laws and Respect the Choice of US Citizens Europa ermordet - Jan Theuninck, 2019 😂😋 It's sad he had to find out the hard way. People put out personal information on their own free will. If they want privacy, use a fake name, and do not give out personal info. It is not platform providers job to stop you from advertising yourself, nor is it their job to stop you from making fake claims.

Any bill coming from the Dems concerning the internet is scary and potentially dangerous, Republicans be on the strong lookout for poison pills in the bill that could infringe on people's rights

Democrats want to make a coup, but it will not work. Donald Trump is President of the United States. He was chosen by the people of the United States. Observe US Laws and Respect the Choice of US Citizens Great article WaPo EnemyOfThePeople That’ll never pass. It’ll piss off the Russians. After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations. Oscar Wilde,

Yes he does The corrupt Democrats need to be voted out of office Und Genau Liege Ich schreckliche Fluch auf Diese marriage kriminalisten Und Jede beteilige wünsche Das Hölle Sie Wird Brennen Jede Minute Leben Bis Wann Sie vernichten werden Und Das In Gottes nähme Wird aby jetzt geschehen Saintsfan5348 Let’s do like Hong Kong! Rock the vote!

its a scary thought to think that 40% of Americans support and think like Trump. Don’t vape black market THC. Mystery solved. Been solved for 3 months. Illegally produced, black market cartridges. Solved it. Money now please, CDC. Thank you. This will not be enough. Americans want the government’s corruption problem fixed. Deter those that are voted to lead us from ever abusing their power by punishing these scumbags in the White House today using extreme measures. Leave none out punish them all.

Absolutely. The GOP is complicit in treason. Another president 😂😂😂 Under Slick Willie and Janet Reno’s reign. Jetzt ist Beerdigung sorry alle Haben Trauer Wegen Ende Freude Karriere vorbei denke Bleibt Scheidung Schnelle Als Funktion

YY THANK YY YY LOVE YY Yep. At all levels. Obama fired every ambassador of Bush’s and a lot of others. TDS on high alert at WP!! Once Trump is out, we must rethink the powers of the president. Without a working senate or judicial system, amazing the amount of clout a president is given when checks and balances all fall on the house. The white guy is out of control and his peers are loving it.

Pres. Trump is allowed to fire!! Get over it!! How WAPOs opinions demonstrate their corruption and collusion with Democrats. JF RadioFreeTom ... now what did you do? ... I swear, I can't turn my back for a single second with you Way to go!! He messed with the wrong woman.

They forgot to paint just above his eyebrows Extra orange today. Doesn't he have a mirror? Who does his make up has to be laughing. He looks ridiculous. Unfortunately, what is true is America is not safe from the mainstream media who no longer tells the facts but plays their hand in corrupt politics and bribery.

okay so are we all collectively as a nation ignoring the goggle tan lines here? Never seen a farmers tan on the eyes before🤔 Your SO cute Trump TOO Loudon is not Nothern Virginia 🤦🏼‍♀️ And he is the future of this terrible team?

🤡 You know what i was skeptical about that whole situation, but after reading this. It change my view of things. Yet astrology is still 100% nonsense. coverup What can be said?!? These idiots are so incompetent, they can’t even cheat very well!! Guess what...ain’t getting over it. cover-up noun cov·​er-up | \\ ˈkə-vər-ˌəp \\ Definition of cover-up 1. a : a device or stratagem for masking or concealing his garrulousness is a cover-up for insecurity b : a usually concerted effort to keep an illegal or unethical act or situation from being made public

Death is a great experience! After all, life is an everyday near-death experience. Most journalists would call that evidence of a cover-up. ☹️

happychippie This cover up should be part of the articles of impeachment of realDonaldTrump. YY 😢 Mental Health issues in any country, are devastating—especially when so young and full of potential. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 The Korean culture has to evolve. I understand name and face is everything, dont let suicide think this is okay!! Its not!! Truly be better!

Back to the ImpeachmentHearing RepAdamSchiff ! That’s sad. I think both sexes have it rough under Kpop rules. I’m no expert but I’ve read some disturbing stuff. It’s very sad. The most important part of the article also known as fraud: this industry is a cancer to those put in its limelight

And they found out it’s perfectly legal to delay aid so long as the delay was called temporary. Says by Washington post when all they does is lie to protect democrats🤣 What is happening to all the K poplets they eat their own. This always makes me truly sad about the Korean 'Asian' culture. Disgrace and 'others' create this

The review found hundreds of documents that reveal extensive attempts to generate an after-the-fact justification for the decision and a debate over whether the delay was legal, according to three people familiar with the records. TAPPED him YY MEANING OF YY 11:27 AFTER HEAT ON ON FOR W TIE ON YB 218 & 11:29 TAP ON THIS POST EXACT THERM J OHNYYE ED SHADY Z(ZONED)ALAT MEANS W R 1 & YY CHOSE TO VOID dark silluwet IN THE MIRROR

Aw no.😢😢 africaupdates I am gonna tell my kids this was a rhino, becoz at the rate we are going they may never live to see a single one SaveOurRhinos

kill kill A lot because I was lucky to have great chemistry professors who warned us about pollution and its effect on the climate years ago ... Enough to know I don’t wanna be tax for it Can that Mars Buggy pull Truck and 34Ton Trailer out of difficult terrain. 1) 2) Some people need to go back to high school and take another science class. The science behind climate change isn’t hard to understand. More greenhouse gases in the atmosphere = Less energy being radiated back into space Less energy being radiated by the Earth = warmer Earth

The sad thing is !!! This happened while I’m enjoying a Judy Garland documentary and a red fizzing pomegranate cocktail! Fake news to make money, to divide and create hate, fake corporations for money and follow the cabal!!! AND u know it!’n FakeNews

WTF!!! WHAT THE FUCK!We are all guilty and responsible. We have the collective responsibility of saving the last of species! Humans have the highest of intellect! We are designed to safeguard our environment. Not just to live and substantially survive, but coexist with nature. My point! Enough to know believers are crack pots

fuck that tyrant sisi TODAY ....IF WE R THINK IT FOR WELL ...CLIMATE WILL BE GOOD They're lies, period. Stop enabling 45. He doesn't like you anyway. we're made fun of dictators like Hitler, Mussolini and Castro haranguing their subjects for hours, but isn't Prexy doing the same thing?: rollicking = unhinged

'Trump Lied and rambled like a lunatic for nearly an hour while calling opponents derogatory names' For future headline help, call me...you're welcome.

Wrong response. Listen in to realdonaldtrump demonstrate poor impulse control, illogical explanations, shallow rants, repeated stories from the past...Trump is mentally in decline & unable to organize his thoughts. Impeach this MF so we can all get back to our lives. ImpeachNow ConManInChief Ye and what’s the guy supposed to do stand by and wait for the fake news media to report untruths about him! He has to defend himself cause fake news is not fair there in the pockets of demos! Don’t know why he wastes time answering media questions they twist every words he says

I don't think she can make it another 5 years. We have a replacement ready. 2Terms MAGA 'A tweet is not an order' is peak 2019. Sorry general, tweets are how this govt runs things now. We've been dumbed down while you were gone.. Needs to grow a set of balls. murphymike Rollicking? A good cabaret show is rollicking. This was unhinged.


Voting or not voting has consequences for ordinary Americans Vote against hate and fear and corruption and incompetence and lies and greed and racism and sexism and fascism Vote American not Russian Vote Democratic Vote out the NRA Vote for healthcare for ALL tax the superwealthy Mental state of this man should be study at psychology schools.

Looks like the trump mob got to him Opinion: President Trump is the silver lining for this embarrassed chapter by exposing the Dems and FakeNews again as frauds and biased hacks! Then how 'bout this....you Libs and fakenews don't use it, or jets, or SUVs, or eat hamburger and whatnot to save us? Woo=bribe. The trump's never win unless they cheat

Is he going to supply the adult entertainment?He does have connections to the adult film industry & to Playmates.Maybe he can get his old friend Howard Stern to show up. The embarrassment is the media like and AdamSchiff and Democrats. biggest mistake ever. Is anyone bothered the sign is in Comic Sans?

In case u r wondering y ... 'NASA and the Navy had warned that 5G equipment operating in the 24-gigahertz frequency band could interfere with transmissions from polar-orbiting satellites used to gather weather data.' Who’s footing the bill? 💵 Just how can trump go? Think of the security issue if CampD is opened?

Ok seriously this is TheOnion they've taken over the WashingtonPost cos this headline makes no fucking sense. What world have we landed in? Or maybe they are sticking together because the impeachment is a sham? I am grateful! ♥️Hooray for courageous women!♥️ That bitter laugh you hear is from Steelers fans everywhere FFS. HereWeGo WeHave99ProblemsButAntonioAintOneOfThem

Nobody cares. Boofuckinghoo. Actions have consequences

Ya right......she's a troll Thank you for writing about this matter, people is reading and watching And the stupid GOP will go and play. THEN trumpy will have more DIRT on them. YY MEANING OF YY 6 ON YB 205 APT B RA UER This post made me fart.... Less rich Bezos paid $1million for his job, only for it to be caught up in this. Would you go to jail for your boss?


Now The Washington Post is making propaganda for the coup. Joseph Goebbels would be proud. Fake news=WaPo Reports! Not happening These people work their jobs as we do and sometimes the bosses walk in the office and say today is your last day. No job as she got and no help just last check. Why you make it out like they should not be treated as we are. They do hard work for sure but can be fired

This is great. Since the House is showing their bias, if it gets to the Senate the GOP will subpoena Hunter Biden, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, and the whistleblower. Not only that, they will hold it in PUBLIC SO THE PEOPLE CAN DECIDE NOT JUST THEM AND MEDIA. The credibility of the Fake News goes lower and lower every day.

oh wicked! The California Raisins 😂😂😂😂 ihearditonthegrapevine. One is just a pissed off fired employee with a vendetta. It is about time to decriminalize sex work of adults. Maybe regulate it and require sex workers to register but decriminalize it definitely. There is nothing more valid about sex between a married male and female vs. between unmarried male and female except to religious zealots.

It's not the corruption that's the problem. It's people knowing about corruption that's the problem. I knew this was the media's fault somehow.

Soo..what do these 'alarm bells' sound like that go off all around the WH every time President Sharpie screws up royally?..like..rrrRRRrrrRRrr Warning Danger! or EEEEoooo EEEEooooWOOP WOOP In The Oval Office Secure Phone NOW!,or GAK GAK 2ndFloor Mens Room Code Red! Gak Gak🤔😮🤔 Less peaceful And that’s why it got leaked

Ohh that's right...everybody is guilty until proven innocent! Ugh...the liberal mindset🖕 why would they want to risk one more round of political unrest? I bet they have moved on from that Evo Morales chapter. I know WaPo supports the fascist coup and all but I'm just gonna leave this here: Evo publicly quit... JeanineAnez is the constitutional interim president of Bolivia until the new transparentelections. Evo is welcome back in Bolivia Bolivia... to face justice and pay for his crimes. BoliviaNoHayGolpe

How’s that? He resigned before congress and in national TV! washington post is the most corrupt , controlled by anti- trump reporters , owned by bezo the clown

As long as the ham sandwich wins. Have to do what’s right and lawful That is all you need. I do not want only an airplane. Washington Post IS HATRED FOR AMERICA 1 problem I have with Bernie is he's 78 y.o. He'll be 80 in a first yr of term. He's had a heart attack so it's a good bet he'd do 1 term at best. If we get a Demo in office I want a 2 term Presudent.

on PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 🇺🇸🎙🌩💣⌛⏳🕛💥⚡🕶🗽💰📥💸💳 Shut up Better than corn dogs and chicken tenders. Did Wong admit to the congresswoman that Solomon was an executive editor. Sounds like more than just an opinion writer. I blocked the Hill today. I not impressed with news outlets promoting conspiracy theories, we get enough of that from politicians n Fox

Opinion: John Solomon leaves behind lasting damage at the Hill This only makes me trust Solomon even more. Did he or did he not do the damage Fact the Democratic President is being destroyed from within! I wonder did President Barry aka Obama spy on Trump? He did it before to the German Chancellor.... .....and WP is supposed to be trustworthy?

It'll be fine. Wait what? Who cares what he has to say. A lot of people have a lot of things to say and no one cares. Good.

You scared bro? The loss of any life by a gun is so sad. Now go pass some decent sane gun laws to protect our kids. Rest in hell🤬 And for what it's worth, 'revolution' is also a Kremlin approved talking point that has largely been disseminated through its propaganda machine. THE BEATLES POLICE NWA Stupid...yes we can...lol

Oh? Too late. I think Antifa alone should show what an out of control mob mentality they have created. Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'it's a jungle out there' Good

we're going to shoot kids in school every few weeks because we can EnoughIsEnough GunControlNow The shooters death is insignificant to Democrats who are determined to punish law-abiding gun owners by robbing us of our god-given right to defend ourselves A tragedy that just should not have happened. Horrible all around.

Until they gain eough power to shove it down America. Shut up obama we lost the house, senate 1000 seats because of you pandering to republicans. Revolution sounds like a great idea. Good luck w that THAT'S ON THEM. *they serve at the pleasure of POTUS Bullshit! I just get the headlines, I wouldn’t pay one penny when you beg me to subscribe! Rag news outlet!

Another bunch of nonsense from Apple. Not surprised however... apparently they want people to go back to regular cigarettes which are much more harmful to the average person, excepting if someone uses a black market vaping solution. Because Trump isn’t Presidential. He’s feeding off being in power dictator

welll.. Putin is wining... hahahaha. ... ohhhh. poor babies... BTW who is working for FREE and taking zero salary? Poor Buttercup How did she negotiate ANYTHING, if she was such a melting buttercup Already going after him, damn! She is a fraud. She is corrupt. You are not a journalistic organization The bottom line here: Trump is not fit for the Oval Office. He is temperamentally and psychologically unfit to serve as PotUS. With Trump, it is all about 'Me me me!' instead of 'USA USA USA!'

Bring out the violins for career officials. What the fu*k does this have to do with impeachment? 'Democracy dies in darkness' WAPO, remember ?

Get a real job swamp rat Sorry NOT sorry Rats from A sinking ship. I thought he was making money from being president though? She can still have the limbs ripped off of the baby if she wants, right? According to what she wrote it appears that she would be allowed to lipsync YouAreFakeNews Couldn’t be happier

ETTD DNDibben read the article to me because I’m out of clicks lol

Hindus & Muslims both are Indian citizens. All have accepted Ayodhya Temple verdict happily. No problem, no sensation at all. narendramodi AmitShah Whatever happens, if it fails to yield results, then Trump would say, 'USA style democracy is dead. We need Putin style autocracy or China style one party rule.'Voters might listen to it.

Just leave it as is. And there I was thinking that (in an emergency) the rats would leave the ship in an orderly fashion. 🙃 *Que the furious indignation* *Find some 4 syllable words* *Promise to take the ship to hell with you* *Throw your mother under the bus* *Catch a night flight to Australia* Why? Much of if Ill-gotten.

social security comes from a payroll tax Tax the b'stards

This is the prove boomers don't get anything. I'm done with them. Nice self own. Lol. So true. It doesnt!!!! Lol because you rigged the system wtf stupid That’s the problem. Someone said it get other day: they had the ladder lowered down so they could climb up (the mythical bootstraps!) but they pulled it up behind them after they got what they wanted.

Yikes i’ve never seen such an oblivious self own

And Gen X still doesn’t care. If it’s really pissing of the boomers, it’s because it ring true. I am sorry I don't see a true leader in her, I just see a theorist. Yeah, but, who put him in the Oval Office to begin with? Russia, right? Okay, if he is a corrupt motherf••••, what should we do with him? Let him destroy our country? No, we have to impeach him.

.YY Strongly disagree because her opinion is not based on law but on how best to suck up to Trump. No we didn’t but we didn’t make a deal with the devil either!! Nikki Haley has now lost all credibility. You didn’t elect someone that respects America’s laws either.

And you didn’t get on. You got a crook. Lets get it trending. Copy and paste. ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump ImpeachAndRemoveTrump

Time to stock up on impeachment popcorn! Do you report any facts? Or have you just moved into a bloggers opinion slot? Desperate Democrats He’s going to get away with all of it, thanks to an equally corrupt Senate. 1. Democrats 2. Want 3. Open 4. Borders 5. and 6. Big 7. Brother. YY 2:13 HON 2:16 THERM Democrat California is on fire.

YY MADE THIS YEAR 1 & VOIDED THE REST OF 19 & 20 TO 29 M OF YY 1:47 HON 185 YYJAN(ZONED) sEN W END yJe ENING as(years) STARTED FROM THIS POINT 19 TO 29 1:50 RED 477 FROM YY (THE 'PROVINCE' 2:13 HEAT ON MEANS THIS IS YEAR 1) 30 2 HEAT ON SYEVEYAR O(FC) L(B) 2:4 THERM 1150 34 US GOP just hear and READ the evidence. That's it. Base your judgement on the evidence- not ass kissing, or deciding before. Principles over party. Think for yourselves. This isn't a group integrity exercise- conduct will influence future elections. Don't sell your integrity.

Washington Post Ice Cubes from Helicopters to Stop Fire in Australian Forest. Also called LIES. Is she New Here? He’s surging from behind in the pol Democrats still can’t define “collusion” after nearly three years, so don’t hold out hope for a compelling case from them Forrest fires in the USA have decreased dramatically over the past century.

Um, duh! The President, of course, knows absolutely nothing about this Scottish order to fork over $290k in loser legal costs because he's stopped reading WaPo and his kids are running his businesses with which he never, never, never, ever ever has anything to do with anymore. Truth dies in the WaPo newsroom.

🤔🤔 Would never vote for her....ever No way She bought and paid for just like all the other Presidents! Americans are NOT as stupid as you think! That’s why the hate our President now! HE OWES NO ONE! They HATE he can’t be bought! Too bad for them! TICK TOCK! She will make a great President after Trump’s second term

Wow-- this is the biggest news ever! Way to go Washington Post! Forget Spygate, you've got rat shit in restaurants and other big food stories to cover! Sure Jan... Don Jr and Eric can run it for him I expect a high level of objectivity from the news company of a man who is so incredibly amazing, no really, he totally is!

With wall to wall fawning obsequiousness is probably the best bet Ponder on this fellows hahahahaha Hiring Hiring Hiring !! At Blu logistics Data Entry clerk Needed $20/hr Temporary and Permanent Positions Available. No Experience Needed! We Train! Bonuses! Paid Weekly via Direct Deposit Full Benefits 5 Days work week DM me directly if you're interested/ Whatsapp +1501205 4185

Bolton hates everything & everybody, & he doesn’t give a shit But she *is* the Trump GOP. Audition: failed. She has the shame of this administration on her. I rest assured honorable women and men will rise to the top when the time comes for a new party with true conservative values. The likes of which we have not seen in quite some time.

cant wait for tomorrows meuller 2 meltdown 'live' on our tV screens from congress.... humans never fail to disappoint, especially career state government employees! OK Bezos. It's all coming out under the bright lights of TV, realDonaldTrump, and all your tweeting raging wont stop a thing. None of your excuses holds water. We only need enough people to see the light, in order to deny you a 2nd term.

The major problem Trump has is that he's orange, not black\\brown, otherwise he would get a free pass and a worship center extoling the invented virtues of his wisdom. There goes the king of corruption. Has trump looked in a mirror lately?! Republicans = Corruption Only bc y’all make that the driving narrative.

realDonaldTrump In watching some of the news clips of your appearance in NY today, I was wondering why you were looking up so often - now I know...I hope seeing these signs and hearing the American people boo you, shows you how much of a lousy person you are. Please resign As long as he has an excuse - however crass or idiotic it may sound - GOP regulars stand by him

It doesn't even hold up under mild scrutiny. America knows all news media now..have been bought + paid for by the Socialist Democrats to do their bidding. How much has the Democrat Socialist/communist, George Soros, paid to establish this corruption, we Americans wonder?! Soros is hell-bent to instill a ‘One World Order!’

No respect with the President. Was elected by the Americans not your hatred. Go Niners! yournewczar - what Putin and Trump are really up to and they call this bullshit news smh Democrats/Hillary colluded with Ukraine in 2016. The internet is forever. . What about corruption in Israel. Bibi and his wife are up on corruption charges

Weird the transcript didn’t say anything about either of those things. Notching Trump does withstands close scrutiny.

Sir Donald, the crusading knight in shining armor leading the charge against corruption. WTF!!! A trump appointed judge Battle axe will have some legit war stories for the next ren fair. But wait... the NRA told me a need a machine gun to defend my home. I don't even know who to believe anymore... As young parents we had a choice, no sleep or bring our baby son to bed with us. He slept in our bed till he himself decided to go to his bed, 2/3 years old. Worked for us. Our daughter wanted her own bed since she was born. Worked also.

What is he afraid of !!! 'If' he has done nothing wrong like he claims why not care if released or not YY SOUND 1:28 ON YB 261 RED 246 3 WRObYYW'SKK SYEVE WORD1 Trump loses to the Courts again.

The judge is a recent Trump appointee. Socialism is never good. What if i went to your house and took 75% of everything you owned while i sat on my ass for 3 years? “Everything else” is also typically comprised of small slices that, cumulatively, have a large impact. Bozos didn’t spend enough Out in the country past the cities' limit signs, you know, the places WAPO loves to hate, chickens come home to roost. We who live in flyover country only hope that the city chickens can read and stay in their home city.

😢 lol I think people might be a little tired of being The working poor. Working 3 jobs to make sure your kids have a livable life shouldn't be acceptable. The american dream is now only a dream. We can change that. We the people have the power! Thank you. Why are everyone messing w Amazon. It is not going to stop peeps from buying their products. Grow up

I can't help but notice that in the past few months Amazon has become the 'enemy.' Why is that? Why do we suddenly hate a large successful company? Why do we suddenly hate Jeff Bezos? He deserves his wealth and fame, he did an amazing job building Amazon. Bezos is not the enemy.

🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 The more I read about your shared owner, the less comfortable I sm purchasing things from the Bezos brand. MAX BLUMENTHAL !!!!!!!!!!! HELLO WAPO!!!!!!! POLITICAL PROSECUTION!!!! MAX BLUMENTHAL !!!!!!!!!!! HELLO WAPO!!!!!!! POLITICAL PROSECUTION!!!! Sedition How? You’ll know the first day you ask for a day off due to a sick kid.


One more reason to not trust the Government. One more reason to be an informed patient. And one more reason to read about the side effects of your medication and combinations of medications. Sorry to be dramatic, but your life is at stake. Pollution ©- When he marries my mother.🤣🤣😂👍 Agree!! Mankind has been looking at the sky in wonder for a couple hundred thousand years already. I think it may have had an impact on us.

The Washington Post is a CIA-controlled Project Mockingbird fake newspaper. The Washington Post is a CIA-controlled Project Mockingbird fake newspaper. 👍🇨🇦 The Washington Post is a CIA-controlled Project Mockingbird fake newspaper. BRIANMBENDIS Hey, an wapo article I don't hate? Who knew?

It seems that Superman's Secret Won't be Secret anymore, by next month the Secret Revelation maybe revealed in DC Comics. washingtonpost Everybody wants the black vote but nobody wants the black voter 🙄 Spoilers! realDonaldTrump POTUS thejointstaff I thought we were supposed to bring the 50 troops home. Now we're sending more?!?! To protect oil? So did we take out those troops to have the Turks kill the Kurds? Let Putin have the region. What was the point of all this?

Fact check every questionable political post! We don't want unchallenged lies to be spread as truth. We want a fair election, untrue posts are a major threat & are intended to sway opinion. He's the whistleblower The crazies and bots are out in force tonight. 'Bryce Twain' I know it's not Eric Ciarmella.


BRIANMBENDIS When did it become a secret again? Is it Clark Kent? I’ve always suspected it was Clark Kent. “News” Isn’t it like Peter Parker then ? Nothing's secret anymore. 'You know who helped me get elected, I got me elected. Russia didn't help me at all' Right Vlad ? I said right Vlad? Where'$ Vlad? ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeoKavanaughMulvaney

Until they retcon this (or the whole universe), again. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Isn't it Peter Parker? Is he the whistle blower? Sorry His name is Eric Ciaramella

A bit late to save their investments. YY ALREADY PROVED YY & YM STILL WORKING It isnt election time yet, no mass shooting until next year... Shows they are full of BS! Do not let the GOP hijack an inquiry about trump and turn it into assistance with stupid conspiracy theories. It doesn’t matter what Hunter got up to, what matters is our president USED OUR TAX DOLLARS TO EXTORT A FOREIGN POWER TO ASSIST RE-ELECTION. Far worse than collusion

They used the wrong picture of air force 1 It is only realDonaldTrump who is allowed to do that. Just trying to keep Biden out there in news. Their clip in ad is s as Leo skewed as other countries were pushing to get rid of corrupt prosecutor. Democrats and Fake News panicking as their bluff unravels. Bottom line; impeached by the House or not, Trump wins 2020. Democrats cannot seem to field a broadly electable candidate. Haters’ hair on fire! Fun!

A Trump aficionado? Was Trump on that plane? Didn't realise POTUS flew American? GOP Russian collaborators... complicit and corrupt. Cheaters... Liars... Thieves... Un-American Cowards... Criminals. ThatsRepublican FollowTheMoney “Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.” GOP better watch!!!!!

Please stop with the 'alleged' and the 'accused.' The press only uses those terms when it is a woman claiming that something happened. This is 2019 ffs. realDonaldTrump is that you? Undaunted. He's a Democratic plant. His lies, and coordination with Shiff, are essential to keeping this charade going. All a political show for the 2020 election.

The Congress needs to investigate Nunes. Yeah right. Do u know anyone personally these days that would now ever put their hands up when they see mistreatment ANYWHERE. Anonymity to tell your version of things is dead. Boss said it's okay, right? Taunting and harassment✍️🤧🤧👎🤧👎👈👉undaunted✍️🤔🤧👎👈 soyrolo🦁

As long as Ivan-ka and Jared, Eric n Donny jr are examined ALSO. I expect they will and I expect that to be the mistake that gets them. Lol they never get got. MSM let's the next thing shift focus without in-depth start to finish reporting that demands real questions and straight answers. Not leading questions. 'Why did you' is not 'did you'.

Wapo. You should be held accountable for your slanted satire news. Anything on Epstein? Or do you just harrass your President

Figured ok for Trump, so...? They still came forward after Obama prosecuted them in record numbers. Despite your breathless hyperventilating, the whistleblower, who has already been identified, will be fine. I thought trump always flew on Air Force One ? release the transcripts! Virginia has been cucked.

ThoughtsAndPrayers At the start of a tsunami, everyone stands around on what used to be the beach, wondering where all the ocean went. Then they find out. Good Did they just elect a pedophile? Scary Well good! I don't like gerrymandering no matter who which party did it!

-- MOVED PART OF YB PAGE WITH LARGE A & 80 5:30 --'AM'STEAL HEAT ON 5:32 THERM 5:35 As California goes so goes Virginia. Hell I see blackface everywhere... Reminds me of Trump “only I can fix it” such arrogance because HE doesn’t think anyone of the candidates is good enough... Good. Ha right. Democrats slant on the future.

Media is the enemy. I will be voting for President Trump again in 2020. Republican in Disguise. Catch 22 for dem voters

The only stage is the Democrats trying to vilify the rich to pander for votes. The rich couldn’t care less. Note WaPo doesn’t mention it’s bec all Democratic canidates are losers! It’s called afternoon naps and it’s prescribed for the elderly That should make Adam Schiff happy Not surprising coming from one of the least educated states.

Of course everyone knowsthat except liberals. The biased media cartel is a joke & lies on Trump 24/7 & never reports onhis many accomplishments. Media like WaPo has noidea what they’ve lost fortheir biased reporting & it’snot coming back. Notice media never reports media polling! Y KNOW TO GO ON DIET TODAY Y DONT NEED bompers trans to reminder

Typical crap from the WashingtonPost they never get it right. YM HAD MY COMMUNION WITH duwar FACT

. And I thought they were finally seeing the light.... Move to Canada ladies, we don't charge women for shedding their uterine lining. My body my choice, pay the tax yashar One of those things: If MEN needed them every month, they'd be subsidized in many if not most countries. And this is 'news'? you ARE THOSE flys reds & your work is garbage

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc A lot of stuff is run by toddler minded people

As a non-american, other countries are shocked at the humiliation you put your president through... 2 cent advice, at least honor the Office of Presidency. And WaPo by snowflakes 'NEWS' what a joke american news has become Stop insulting toddlers! Hey 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Damn dangerous toddler with personality traits and characteristics more akin to Damien.

Thinking this is too generous of a headline SpiroAgnewGhost But if he tries to run a charity in New York, he now requires adult supervision. Seems legit.

All this 'Quid pro quo' talk got me feeling nostalgic. The very first time I heard that word was in the original Lion King. It will forever remind me of Scar. Guess the song 😉 AOC Is An Amateurish Politician Nice read... AOC AlexandriaCortez AlexandriaCortez MarkZuckerberg Facebook AOCVsZuckerberg AOCVsMarkZuckerberg

And nobody wants to change his diaper. You know what they say about opinions. Especially yours. It was from 2009 to 2017. Oracle, another bunch of cloud shovellers. They tell you what is best for you for money every upgrade. Their software is never done. Ask anybody who worked with it its a money pit You mean buying black market and unregulated drugs can kill? What brand new information!

Life expenses...the ncaa doesn't allow these kids make ends meet. He didn't cut corners...using his 'status' for the loan. A family friend lent him $ TO LIVE. All the while the ncaa makes huge $$ from their 'status'. Smdh... So, you are saying he was offering 'this' in exchange for 'that'? Probably a fancier way of saying it, but I can't think of anything right now.

Simple Trump, Crooked Whistle Blower and Crooked Biden Reminder - we have the transcript. Where in the TRANSCRIPT is this. Please specify paragraph and line. I couldn't find it uKrAiNe ExPeRt Woah WaPo called this guy an “expert” so he must be able to read Trump’s mind. “So no QPQ” - trumpanzees maggieNYT This made me cry. That poor man. Where was his family?

I'm okay with him only getting 10 years. So, he could smirk as if he got off easy but wait until the black guys in prison find out. One thing about our justice system is sometimes the criminals serve justice while you are in jail. Only ten years? 'Pompeo attacks Russia and China', wants support from Germany! (but they know too well what happened to the Kurds)

he should get 2 years for every year he enslaved that man. i hope he enjoys prison. i sincerely do. deadmanwalking maggieNYT Slavery isn’t dead yet Oh great, another vacancy in the Trump administration Cool. He could run for Virginia Governor. Why wasn't this SOB RACIST sent to the chair? Vergüenza!!! That’s what he is !! Una Vergüenza!!! ananavarro AP MaddowBlog Lawrence votolatino WhenWeAllVote votolatino

But probably not He’s not. SnivelingMarco

extortion ! But that’s his brand. marcorubio is nothing but giant POS Logging on to twitter dot com like This article is a joke for lack of context Here's a bible quote, since Rubio likes them so much. Matthew 15:8-9: 'These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.'

NARRATOR: he won’t Try to change the narrative because you know you’re losing. Hahaha

Really more like EXTORTION You spelled Facebook wrong. I never want to hear 'quid pro quo' again. Not bribery, extortion. washingtonpost Bad asses! They strode fearlessly, with heads held high and shoulders resolute into the Capitol. Amazing fierce warriors for the constitution, rule of law and country.

More sexism? Fantastic. Shall we move into the 21st century? She’s intelligent, confident, outspoken, and innovative. These are all qualities that sexist men hate to see in a woman. Screw them!!Warren2020 First, what's up with that pic? Second, the article does touch on sexism and how women running for office are scrutinize differently. Still, I think this discussion should just stop because WE ARE ALL ANGRY! If there were ever a time to be angry, it is now.

I can't say angry is in the top 1000 adjectives that come to mind when I think of ewarren are we talking about the same person?

One woman in a field of 3 white guys leading the Dem field? Biden & Mayor Pete can’t discuss healthcare policy differences without throwing sexist tropes at the woman? This will backfire when it comes time to unite the party. Nope! To quote the 3 little bears she’s “just righttttt” billmaher go after these guys with your fat shaming! Selling drugs is illegal, selling alcohol to underage people is illegal. Selling 'The Happy Meal' perfectly legal? Why?

JoshMankiewicz Happy meals never turned anyone fat. Don’t blame the meal, blame the purchaser Pure misogyny. She might have the Hillary syndrome and if that's the case she has no place in the White House. When Trump does anything of the sort- it’s misogynistic. I guess that only applies if you’re Republican.

The purpose of the primary is to see how candidates handle tough criticism, including criticism that’s unfair. Warren can handle this; she doesn’t need anyone running interference for her. In the contest with Trump, there will be no referees. Everything is identity politics nowadays. Grow the hell up and develop a reasoned argument.

Trump kicked ISIS azz and brought peace. Time to repatriate all refugees to make Syria whole again. Thank you Mr President. Fuck this. It’s 2019. If you aren’t angry, you aren’t paying attention. 😅😁😅 She has like four plans worth about 100 trillion dollars Are you fucking serious? Hardly.... she is like our young American grand mother. ewarren

It’s a shame. A shame that we have any involvement whatsoever. Stop endless wars and let those folks figure it out. Sounds like a new term for electroshock therapy If you can’t beat’em, re-district/gerrymander’em!!!!! Did anyone expect it to be up to the Kubrick masterpiece of tension and slow burn horror? Of course not.

The science is growing on the efficacy of this treatment. It may shorten treatment and give people a life worth living.

Hell fire missiles in someones future? After being separated for so long, His hairline has finally filed for divorce. Sadly these people accept to sacrifice for a crime boss and now look like zombies or sheep headed to slaughter houses. Sad. He is so weird! He can go to prison. Do you know anything sorta like saying you want the prosecutor deposed or you're not getting the money? or sumptin like that?

Fake news Will he fake food poisoning again fakenews

Power must be used to benefit people, not to feel the king of the world violating the human rights of all Enough Red State Americans have higher brain faculties, meaning that the GOP can't foist Trump on them without a question or two. 'The Time before Dajjal (anti christ) will be years of confusion, liars will be believed & the truthful are denied & the disgraceful will give speeches It was said: Who are the disgraceful? Gods Messenger said: 'Men with authority over the common people -Muhammad Gods Messenger

'Cant get him on russia, let's try Ukraine' Being Prez means never having to say ur sorry. Being Teflon Trump means the same. Okay, we’ll just stick to small individual donations, a concept that didn’t exist in Presidential campaigns until 2016. Trump and the Republicans WILL take wealthy donor money and will out raise democrats 3 to 1. This is like being a pacifist on a battlefield and Trump will win

Another farce His hair should be tried separately. Opinion? Washington post? Isn't that redundant? Bring it baby!!

Point the finger at trump Trump offer no protection any where. He has no awareness! And they're casting Colin Farrell as the Penguin? Come on. Roger Stone is the middle man between Wikileaks (The Kremlin) and Donald Trump (Putin's puppet). Is that a wet wipe in his coat pocket? jeff bezos is a slave owner

“Problem”? coupdétat Treason RadicalSocialistDemocrats I think my neighbor might be named Valerie part of the reason why people doubt the media are because of opinion pieces, stop pushing opinions as if they are news.

Haven’t seen anything yet in any of the transcripts! Democratic Party is destroying our democracy as we know it! news: trump is corrupt! me: what evidence do you have? news: read the news! me: I have, no crime has been committed. news: Nazi! Just running his country like his business, as his voters elected him to do.

The Washington post is completely legitimate and unbiased. They have zero political motivations at all, and in no way are they propaganda. resist The corruption is by the media and WP is the worst 😡 Fake news. Read the actual transcript. Media is lying to you. Typical Have you noticed how little play your posts get anymore? The formerly great WashPo is now nothing more than a bird cage liner. FAIL

I hope a bird poops on every writer at the WaPo today. 🍻 Not as corrupt as the bidens. Joe and his son should be the ones impeached From bone spurs to bankruptcies, Trump has been a walking corruption factory his entire life. The SenateGOP knows this fact and they will have a to make a decision soon. Everything boiling down to their 'Oath to Office'. What will they choose; Corruption or the Constitution?

realDonaldTrump Have someone read this to you. Never TRUST the Wash Compost!!! We can't even count to 10 in Japanese and we're 'business partners'? How? Yeah, all lies from the nobama hold overs. I dont know how you people sleep at night with all the lies your telling 4-day weeks; time off for mental issues; maternity leave and annual leave = why do we bother working at all

That’s what we need in USA Additional mid week holiday on Wednesday 🤓🤓 I agree with the Education Department: The federal judge should reconsider. $100,000 is definitely too low. I suggest we make it an even half-million.

Why do I get the feeling that this make you happy WP? They didn’t like Trump’s approach to FP....so, who the F cares? The President sets the agenda, tone and deliverables. Either help him or leave! Allow me: 1- She hates Trump 2- She Hates Trump 3- She Hates Trump 4- She hates Trump 5- She Hates Trump 6- She Hates Trump 7- Oh, and .... She Really Hates Trump!!!!

NEWS FLASH! Buts hurt ex employee felt something. Romualdas Balinskas Born: 1959 Šiauliai, Lithuania. Very good movie A friend of mine went through b/c treatment last year and five of my sisters sent her cards that whole summer. She had never met any of them. She’d call me and say, “I just got a card from Michigan/Wisconsin/Oregon/Seattle. I think it’s from one of your sisters.” They helped.

Amazing truly beautiful

OMG StephenAtHome colbertlateshow knows Prince’s vision? Didn't your sexual predator enabling boss, Bezos, cheat on his wife? Wasn't she a subordinate? G.Maxwell was at some of his parties multiple years even after her boss was convicted. This was witnessed by multiple party guests. How sad. Truly heartbreaking.

yashar A shameful piece of Canadian history. Same thing in America... Russia improves Bases in syria . Why do you out Forces from Syria ?

*jeers Booooo It should be brought home by coercion to males that females are not only 'flesh', they are human beings too with hearts, brains & emotions. 😳 And Democrats have to quit saying impeachment every day. Either they impeach or do their job and try to fix real issues in our country. Oh wait, they never planned on that did they?

Indulgences as a Service! This is the most blatantly corrupt thing I’ve heard of....today. Remember why this happened. We overthrew a democratically elected leader and installed the Shaw who tortured and murdered his own people. Then after he flew due to the revolution we allowed him to come to the US for cancer treatment. No wonder they were pissed.

Yea FAKE NEWS coming from a group which believes in removing the 1st and 2nd Amendments you have no real standing talking about how others can't understand the Constitution.

And Democrats, and the mainstream media, need to stop pretending that the previous administration didn't run a counter-intelligence investigation against the opposition party's presidential candidate and campaign using the FBI and the DOJ. You first. That bitterness goes back well before 4 decades and some say led to the embassy seizure.

GOPWhip , GOPLeader Are these not CRIMES? 'Sect 4 The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes & Misdemeanors.' Key words: 'Conviction, high Crimes, Misdemeanors' My older, older phone will never need an update. No GPS, not connected to the internet. Makes calls, sends texts. All I ever wanted from a phone.

CellBotics Please send to OurGrads & Students Michelle_TCL1 To buy Apple iPhones numero 1000 thank you Donald Trump Go To Russia You Are A Spy Go

More like the 31 Dems that won districts Trump took in 2016. Far more jeopardy there. Austree pours you already banned from being delivered to any federal property how much of a whip and do you need to stopped in traffic? Kate’s was a bit out off when Mike was left alone with Melania, and the horse. So what. He needed to be there and we all know it was fake boos . Right in from of cameras.

you mean no profiles in courage? oh no endangered Democrats huh? Trumpkin's dumbkins are loyal to the end. Mother and another mother go on shopping using citizens credit cards. Phase Coup

😂😂 Keep an eye on idiot democRATS It’s not happening 'I really don't care' x 2. LOL Maybe they’re both plotting their escape? 🤔 U LET KYLE COME IN THE TRAILER What statement? Two dumbasses flying around on our dime, for nothing. bc both of them interfere the 2020 election. It's so obvious 😳 Not to worry. The average franchise still makes $600,000 more every year than the average Mac’s.

sloooowwwww news day 🥱 What are BobbyScott and LamarAlexander doing about EDUCACIONPR high school graduates being unable to function in English? usedgov wandavazquezg DeprSecretario trschatz51 JohnnyMndez36 DAVILACOLON jayfonsecapr yovelezarcelay JugandoPelotaPR ferdinandpr AlexDelgadoPR

Pot - kettle journalism is thriving. It was Pride? According to my math...the 6 other days are available. Absolutely. They are enemies of America along with the rest of the communist Democrat party. WhiteHouse POTUS With a Desperate fireside chat, Equal time for the Reading of other transcripts..However Donald, this Country and Our Rule of Laws are Sacred and Should Not be Mocked. You've Punked the American People Enough HouseFloor SenateFloor

Pelosi will regret allowing impeachment to descend to this level. What a disaster for the country and the Democrats. This won't get the desired result, for Democrats, yet the country will resent what they done for years and years. The rhetoric is getting obnoxious now Says the criminally insane man. This MF’er is exhausting, how much more of his shit do we have to put up with? Enough is enough. Lock him up.

Wow that's the pot calling the kettle black What HORRIBLE lyrics. Couldn’t get any worse! I do Trump is an expert on corruption. the drunk driver calling others corrupt is hilarious

Keep your clothes on and stop doing the staff. It's not rocket science. 🤣🤣🤣 WaPo fans, It's ALL about THIS. The Trump hate is because this is, ultimately, what they are terrified of. But the truth is coming and NOTHING can stop it. Research (not on Google!) Project Paperclip and Operation Mockingbird. It's a great time to wake up.

Trumps hate has divided the country how is that good for anyone Opinion: ..and 2 Democrats. 2 Thessalonians 2:16 Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God, even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace, 😅😅😅 Hey you Republicans can call witnesses as long as Adam shifty gives you approval

She refuses to secure the border. She’s failed miserably How can you play the game if you chose to sit on the bench. That's a stupid opinion. Great to see you helping shove the country closer to civil war tho, keep up the great job. Every newspaper has ignored reporting the news in an unbias manner. Tell me if this was Obama that the Washington Post would remain silent.

Hysteria. Opinion: The Washington Post is a DNC mouthpiece. try not shooting. Next, murder by cop. Lookie at all the bots 🤫 They need to be held accountable as well.. They don't respect their oaths Good for jack Hopefully those who leave will start a new publication to do what they do best. I'm sure they could find a decent investor.

so you admit that it's not going to do anything, yet you still bash Facebook for it's stance. So Facebook should also enact policies that won't actually do anything? Sounds like bad business

Y MEANING OF Y 1:46 HEAT ON RED 1250 13 Y GAVE M THIS IN JUST COUNT 1:49 215 SAUPYBOGUQY MEANS W R 1 “Waahhhhh we don’t want to write about the thing we were literally hired to write about.” -The children employed at deadspin Gets hired as a sports writer then gets mad when asked to write about sports...liberal logic.

CNN WaPo and NYTimes are about to get a slew of new 'Journalists' I once had to fire a gardener because he insisted he was a maid. Same energy Duh. The whole world is moving away from oil, gas and coal. Except for “the leader of the free world.” Whatever helps prop up Putin though. 🙄

And the WP found all three of them . Looks like a Trump rally! Go Expos. Oh no. Where are the prison sentences? Oh, nvm, they’re white and wear suits. This isn’t an a publication for actual news. 🤦🏻‍♀️P O T U S look so happy 🙄 Here's what everyone keeps missing. These senators running for President are running on promises of things that only the congress and senate can do. Bernie or Warren can't just wave a wand and make M4A happen. It requires a vote from congress.

All these WH snitches are unelected advisors, they give ADVICE to President Trump and he POTUS sets the policy not these snowflakes 🤣😂🤣 UkraineTranscript No Crime, No holding back of Funds and No Quid Pro Quo 😁 Trump2020LandslideVictory✅ This is blowing up on democrats like a broken toilet bowl

This would be so moving if it were being given by an honorable man. He needs to throw in the towel for 2020Election !! 😁😁😁👏👏👏 Y GOD. MEANING OF Y GOD 6:22 HEATER ON 580 7 AT THE SUCCESS FUL 6:25 THERM ON 196 10 MY Y YKLOCKER MEANS Y GOD PROVED ON & TO UP SUCCESS FUL WITH W INCLUDING GOD Y JRubinBlogger is so unbelievably bad at her job. 🤦‍♂️

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Morrison to close out Trump, game over. ImpeachAndRemove

Patriots. Nothing will come out of this just like the ~2 year Mueller report. This is a distraction to the FISA Report release. FakeNews DurhamIsComing Socialism 101. Simple for communist He cant and neither can Warren . Their answers so far dont come close to funding either proposal and neither eill tell the public how high middle class taxes will go

The best part about clicking on WaPo links is my ad blocker working Hypocrisy at it’s finest! Please sit down The post hates Americans.. who is the CEO? Y FOR Y 10:28 ON 223 JAQYING ON RED 428 IN CHARGE 'OF THE' Y'YMU(UPS)S MEANS Y IN CHARGE OF UPS 9:46 HEAT ON ON 70'8' THERM 8 paris(enemy's/insects animal)on 'WITH Y 10:45' & Y WITH devils IN MY TRAILER Y CHOOSE TO LEAVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Disgraceful Disgraceful.. This communist fossil just won’t quit trying to push his red agenda. Paul could care less! He's doing an amazing job with out your rags two cents And as predicted, the president is late to his own announcement. The press has caught on to this and are at least filling airspace until he is ready for his close-up. We will be lucky if he arrives 45 minutes late. It is just more of his gas lighting and grandstanding.

Um believed to be dead hmm. Do not sure and can’t confirm. So until confirmation he is not dead. We have believed he was dead 4 other times Boycotting his statement!!!! He is a liar!!!! Good bloody riddance

Can't believe Turkey provided him protection all this time Let me see bin ladin leader of ISIS killed everyone was thrilled. Guess what we saw a new leader. Now he committed suicide. I'm sure we can rest as no one else will replace him . Over and over I hope the media doesn’t allow him to tout this as a win. Ignore this and continue to drag him through the dirt.

It is a U.S. victory Trump to claim that he put the killing bullet in his mouth to be sure that the bacteria from his body would kill the Isis leader yes Believed? If Trump said it, it is not to be believed until it is confirmed Most probably already have someone take his place. Can you not put this one behind a paywall?

The buildup and the tweets give this a reality TV smell, just like everything Trump does. Apprentice 1600, anyone? Forgive me if I don’t tune in. Thank you President Trump!👍👏

How convenient. Trump takes over news cycle with news of his own so that the Sunday morning news shows have to cover something else than the impeachment inquiry’s inevitable impending outcome. Syria? The same place trump was pulling troops out of? Ilhan Omar is sad “Boom Boom” Baghdadi went boom. This political climate has made me terribly cynical. I welcome this as good news, however I find it suspicious that the leader of ISIS who created the Caliphate blew himself to pieces with a suicide bomb rather than fight to the end in order to make himself a bigger martyr.

anyone gonna ask about the obvious quid pro quo -- Kurds for Baghdadi? 😿 One thing we know: trump didnt get the job done. Too busy building a border wall in Colorado.

Don't believe a word Trump says - it is a distraction and he is trying to 1 up on Obama - media & journalists take the bait again TrumpIsAFailure sukurin itu bencana akan melanda dimana-mana kalau sebelum kamu bebaskan palestina dan muslim uighur. tak doakan ya semoga hancur israel tahun ini sm china MuslimSelamatkanDunia

Trump probably thinks he can’t be impeached now Give it a few mins, Trump will be taking credit. I am sure, he was a family man...who fought for his right to religion and self determination....may his soul rest in peace... How about the real Islamic terrorist Isis leader Recep Erdogan? IN URBAN COMMUNITIES, SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS ARE MORE LIKELY ASKED AND EXPECTED TO TEACH CLASSES THAT THEY HAVE NO EXPERTISE IN. THEY PLAY A SMALL PART OF THE URBAN SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPE LINE

pretty sure ai, accredited online schools, gaming-as-education, as well as the unschooling movement will show the current (coercive) school system obsolete and in need of repurposing in the near future. supporting them just so teachers have jobs holds up progress. I support the police in many instances, but this was clearly wrong, horribly, criminally wrong. My heart is breaking for the family

Did he ask them to burn old copies? What does he want them to read? Daily Storm? Lol.....love my TABLET! realDonaldTrump Big surprise here donny trying to control the media. The more his mouth opens the more he sounds like COMMUNIST ! WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO LIVE LIKE THAT. I MAKE MY CHOICES NOT donny or ANYONE ELSE. VOTEBLUE nytimes SpeakerPelosi AP MSNBC mjfree JoeBiden

We are finally entering the dark hole Long Live the New York Times nytimes nytpolitics We’re Not in Russia much as he wants to be Donald Trump is Not Putin! The WH SenateGOP his Cabinet fear rebuking his demands. BUT 🇺🇸USA Voters Corporations do not! hardball politicususa There is such a thing as Freedom of the Press.Trump acts more like a dictator.The sooner that he is gone-the better.

baby trump shows his ginormous power. They have no comment, but I do. Just an example of his pettiness, his fear of facts, and another symbolic examples of his clapping his hands over his ears and going “la-la-la-la” to drown out the voices of reason. Pitiful baby man.

Where’d anybody ever get the idea he’s capable of abusing the powers of his office? THIS JUST IN: TRUMP Instructs CNN To 'Get Off My Lawn!!!'😜 You know what else would save hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars? If Trump would stop going to the golf course all the damn time. Petty He doesn’t read so he wants all of America to be as illiterate as he is. It don’t work that way Donnie, reading is something we all do to stay informed. Twitter and FOX are just fun distractions. Read a history and geography book so your wall doesn’t end up in Iowa!

You'all must be doing an amazing job! When they want to censor you, or kill the messenger, that's a sign you're exposing the truth. Please keep doing your job. Yes, more originalists, please Sad to see but the teenager used his left hand to pull his pants up.. but that is reaching for a weapon all the same. You never reach down period. Very very sad but he should have put his hands up

does he know how absurd he acts? He thinks he can hide the truth if he tells people they can't read the newspaper? won't stop the rest of us reading though 😍😍😍 Long Live the New York Times nytimes nytpolitics We’re Not in Russia much as he wants to be Donald Trump is Not Putin! The WH SenateGOP his Cabinet fear rebuking his demands. BUT 🇺🇸USA Voters Corporations do not! thehill

I guess he doesn't know that it can be accessed on-line. My Co has no subscriptions yet I read the NYT,WSJ,WP Get rid of him! He’s just all around an awful human And order Batman and Superman comics instead😱 What fucking timeline is this? Well done Washington post and NYT!

Freedom of speech and press Y & HAVE REALLY MEANING OF Y HEAT ON 10:26 J:Y 10:56 HAVE REALLY HEAT 10:59 IS THERM RED 913 3 SPI:Y “all of you modern-day Clarence Darrows” 😂 Wow, listen to Forbes lay it out there Projection, thy name is WaPo. GOOD! PutinsGOP deserve nothing more than our contempt Precisely For America's sake

They are now like a gang protecting Donny the kid! He is Their President, screw the Constitution! All they need is their horses and their beloved guns! Yeeehaa! PostEverything Boris Johnson is discovering that majority rule only works when the Left wins.

'Pathetic and lawless'... sounds like trump's epitaph. Guilty naretevduorp The end is near for Trump Yep Says who? Polls? Trumps' in trouble 342 from WP. Please click on this article, we need the monies! I think you're the ones growing pathetic and lawless? because they are pathetic and lawless I went to a baseball game at the Astrodome in 1967- all I remember is thinking “I can’t believe I’m indoors”

They're in on it. GOPThePartyofCrime High entropy = disorder Trump and the GOP are destroying America. They must be stopped!! Nah! Carful you’ve upset the Trumpflakes. Now they must deflect and resort to name calling for facts are not their friends. ImpeachmentIsComing Democrat Platform Higher taxes Illegals Invasion Lower wages No Wall No cars and planes No oil products Kill anyone who won't give up their AR-15 Ban the 1st & 2nd Amendment Endless Wars Give up National Sovereignty No Jobs for minorities Give away intellectual rights to China

Your dark ages are just begining. Your scientist must kiss the ring. You counterfeiters are handsomely rewarded and the communist party of china will not stop campaigning for nationalist any time soon. This is how the feudal system works Carrying the Trump Bucket. But following the rules established by the Republicans in 2015. Isn’t hypocrisy great again!!!!!

BAHAHAHAHAHAH.... Dems in full panic mode, got the mockingbird media in full tilt. I pity those who believe a single word from this propaganda machine. WeAreTheNewsNow DarkToLight PanicInDC GreatAwakening KAG

She is promoting her new book, 'I Did Every Horrible Thing He Told Me To and Still Got Fired' We must be inclusive especially with those who don’t agree. We have to come together to talk, talking is the only road to understanding. We have to be able to see where each side is coming from so we know where we have to go together.

Uncanny! Who killed Elijah? Amen to that! Well, she did say “yes, Mr President” very powerfully, right up until she didn’t and got canned Why people think she is so wonderful is beyond me. She costs taxpayers a lot of money running back and forth to New York to shop with her sister. This whole administration is crooked . The Republican party is sad!!

Her speech about kids in cages could be summed up as Sorry not sorry. I think the women who pulled out because of her presence made a good decision. there is no legal impeachment inquiry going on, Republicans are sticking up for the people who they work for, Democrats have forgotten that they work for the people to

I think she is on the side of impeachment. After the impeachment, she will get her divorce. Her session is called 'Power Run Amok'. impeachment inquiry is not legal and the hearings are not legal, Schiff is busted for lying and leaking to the media. Why should she answer questions on this when she knows the truth, Democrats are going to lose big on this and they know it

Prayers and condolences to family of Rep. Elijah Cummings, an honest and sincere man, who's memory will honored by so many Americans... A true patriot. May he rest in blessed peace, at last. your organization is a disgrace. Man, Caitlyn Jenner has let herself go. 'Impeachment' is a pipe dream. Two terms. Guaranteed. KAG

Who cares about this Russian woman? I have zero respect for a woman who knows her orange husband cheats on her yet sticks around, why? Because she loves money more than truth.She is a money grubbing beauty if she sleeps with Trump she is disgusting

you are the only one to put this out class solidarity obv The minute Trumps name was on a check Just stop with this nonsense Your pupil IS too professional Y DIDNT DO THAT TO you WHEN Y WAS A TODDLER Beth Y DIDNT DO ANYTHING BAD TO you Beths When Rudy told then Ukraine - Jan Theuninck, 2014 The concept of democracy in relation to totalitarianism

Same at my son’s former school in Hawaii. I asked how much the total of all fees owed, so the kids could go to Prom- $120. 🤯 The Ukrainian PM HIMSELF said that he didn't know that Aide was withheld at the time of the Trump phone call When Juliani told them to dig the dirt

Giving up an out is not a good strategy- it’s been proven. They are winning in spite of, not because of bunting. But everyone keep crying about fake news?🤷🏻‍♂️ Y FEEL BETTER WHEN Y EAT POTATOES MY FEVER GOES DOWN 1. Win wild card; 2. Win NLDS; 3. Sweep NLCS; 4. Win game 1 on WS..... hot take = stop bunting 🙄

Yankees fan here so really don’t care who wins the series but the Nats ARE in the series so this article is pretty silly. Sounds like the biggest problem they have with bunting is maybe they need to work more on HOW to bunt. Small ball is part of the game. MLB should use it more. Curious if they are this poor they can’t afford to pay for lunches how can they afford to go to prom including its ticket costs, costs of outfit etc? Prom is expensive

FFS. How about instead we just make sure no child goes hungry by providing free lunch to any student who needs it. DAY BEFORE HAD MOSTACCHOLI MASH POTATOES(Y GIVE Mike HALF OR MORE THEN HALF) PB MOSTACCHOLI Because he is every negative thing one can imagine. Yeah sure when I see it and I'll believe it all I've been hearing is a bunch of Hocus Pocus

A feature not a bug

Brandon Straka: This Is Why I WalkedAway from the Democrat Party via YouTube 'Thank God we got Osuna! I'm so [profanity] glad we got Osuna!' Frightening! I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't Halloween already. How hard do you have to work to spin this one? Overlooked, but hardly unintended. Right, gop?

SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't overlooked Because trump looks like anything except be president More like cover-up mode. Weak apologies abound. We must fight until abortion is completely illegal. Republicans banned slavery. We'll ban abortion. Biggest blindside ever!!! SI is still around? Thought they folded.

lol Dream on idiots, that will never happen !! KAG2020Landslide Its Mueller time! Lol Yea right. They going to grab him by his ORANGE PU_SS_ . Evangelical voters like trump because they think he is going to usher in the end times and they want the end times. The debacle in Syria is exactly what they want, only more of it. I doubt they will turn against him unless he suddenly embraces The rule of law

Not going to happen. Wishful thinking from biased liberal media ! The astros have a violence against women problem from the top down Literally, people have gone to death row on less evidence. LindseyGrahamSC, realDonaldTrump, senatemajldr But they are still on the rowing team right? They would not want to lose star athletes right? REAL families struggle financially for YEARS trying to put their kids through college. The privileged little twits should be forced to work a fast food job for a YEAR as punishment

I think you mean “should” instead of “could.” Guys guys, FLOTUS is packing suitcases and has downloaded recipes jailbreakfast- realDonaldTrump even explored negotiations he want to take her to Europe - she dont hate stormydaniels but Ukrainegate killed her dreams - I doubt she shares bed with POTUS anymore

Bullshit!!! realDonaldTrump Here’s some WaPo for you since you are cancelling your subscription. You’ll like this story. Any other prognostication from Alice in Wonderland. All these punks actually believe what this piece if shit publication prints....lets put some $$$ on it If only. All I see is the DNC through Alexandra Chalupa getting cooking lessons every night at the Ukrainian embassy. That is not all she was cooking up. Yep. Treason.

For the first time, I think the GOP is going to dump Trump and go with Pence. The crazy Syria thing and the Kurds is just indefensible along with the new Ukraine testimony. CNN maddow WhiteHouse QuidProJoe & druggie son 💰💰💰 question is, what did snake OBama know?

Just think. The Democrats would be one heart attack away from President Pelosi if the Senate falls for the plan cooked up that night in November 2016. Pelosi makes HRC look like Dorothy in Kansas. Nancy is the WITCH Opinion: The Washington Post, is full of very delusional liberals. Journalists at the Washington Post should be so proud of the stellar work they do. Truth is found in the pages of the WAPO.

LOL You mean doing stand up for the weak minded fools asking him questions. Like what does Quid Pro Quo mean? I mean the amount of dumb registered Democrats could fill a dumb truck. wow that rich guy really showed bravery in not compromising in exchange for becoming richer Admitted to Harvard SethAbramson I won't hold my breath...I think Schiff...said it was the Whistleblower doing that. Then Volker...then the former Ambassador , then Sunderland. The fools who cried wolf..you can;t be believed. IT's a joke

👍 He may end up in one of LeBron James 'Reeducation Camps'

Trumps rope just ran out. Question is what will Republicans do..stand up for law and order or stand down for a white wash? Thank you for your strength, Mr. Taylor. he worked for Biden? Or you just hope so...biased? 'many in America'........ many corporate leftists! Imagine getting shown up by Tarantino, NBA Blizzard_Ent

Headline remind me of the Mueller report, “the walls are closing in”. Rational people will understand that nothing will happen, because nothing has happened. SethAbramson Sadly, if it's just what he states without anything in writing or audiotape the GOP won't believe him and spin it some other way. Party before anything.

Principle vs. dollars. Something we should all be reminded of in this New Gilded Age. bravery is not defined as multi-millionaires choosing to make less millions. It's the ethical decision, but not a brave decision.

Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc SethAbramson Fact: Uh, the GOP CorruptGOP still exists, so I have strong doubts. Ummm..I won't hold my breath.. ...but never took a stand against Harvey Weinstei; let’s not forget how closely these two worked together for decades

Waze already does that. Have they raised the issue with them or any of the other apps that provide alerts? Maybe law enforcement should set up more speed traps, or trick google by appearing to set up more speed traps. Respect the police! Yeah I love it 12 gotta work harder now Thanks Google Maps Don’t be soft. Waze has been doing that for years. The speed trap is working if people see it and slow down.

If people are drunk, they probably aren’t checking google maps before they hit the road

They've been doing that for awhile. Good news! Let's hope people spend less than ever this year! Consumerism is bad for the environment and keeps people in debt! WeHearU The U.S. funding more CCP's missiles against the U.S. Thought this would help. WeHearU I will bet that they don’t lose as many viewers as people think. I mean it’s not like they are kneeling to protest Injustice or anything, they worship the dollar so it will be ok to watch the games.

NBA fans never do it, this is not Hollywood. Thanks for the organizers! Stand with Hong Kong Fight for freedom! NBA antichinazi It is clear that China is the one treats the uighurs honestly, while the US is just trying to benefit from the turmoil in the Middle East.

American ignores the fact that xinjiang people generally understand the government's intention to help xinjiang out of poverty and chaos. You hoarding squash or just happy to see me Freedom is a good thing Lets hope 30 cents will own it someday FreeHongKong antichinazi standwithmorey ÅÆ BvpHurley The elimination of terrorism by US is called maintaining world peace, so why not to educate and rehabilitate terrorists in xinjiang?

US supports the highly secularized kurds in the fight against ISIS, so why oppose secularization in xinjiang to prevent terrorism? Disgusting💩 Small repeating blows to the head causes cte as you do not heal propped after each blow. How is this hard to comprehend?

opinion: americans should shut the f%ck up about human rights in other countries It’s really time to let this go. Thanks for the support from all over the world. FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong FreeHongKong autonomy universalsuffrage AllRoadsLeadToPutin WOW🤮 It’s all falling into place Trump is a puppet! She tried to tell everyone but her emails! TraitorTrump

he'd believe them over our agencies....kompromised If we got some coverage of BetoORourke who, if the MSM was more focused on the Congressman, visited Tulsa OK, thecsite of Black Wall Street because it IS important AmericanShamefulHistory PostEverything CIA analysts are getting lawyers..... AG Barr is getting the 'dirt' ..... and Clapper, Brennan, Obama and Putin are next

PostEverything Hello, bureaucrat. We're America. Remember us? We sign your paycheck.

PostEverything Sent you? Freedom of movement ... no one can make you go anywhere you don’t want to be. Leave. Maybe you’re research was as flawed as democrat backed research usually is. PostEverything Don’t disrespect Missouri. My cousin Mark Janson is from there PostEverything Swamp idiots!! PostEverything This is neglect, not management. The corrupt Trump administration will have to answer for this. They are actively working to destroy our government by mismanagement and neglect.

Take this advice if your want injuries. It's too late! America is crazy Yeah, god forbid we have a generation with some balls for the first time in 70 years. Yeah u got to let them take hormones to change their gender as soon as possible. The younger the better. ❣🚫❣ What a surprise.

did trump say it works for kids? is 🐎💩 Which one of his advices worked THEN Y SAW Michelle & TURNED ON SOUND TO SEE IF ANYWORDS Y COULD USE THEN GE It doesn't work for foreign policy, either. Trump loves a cat fight Y WAS ON Melissa McCarthys ACCOUNT & FROM THERE GOT TO Michelle Y WANTED TO DO A ON FOR Melissa


doesn't say how as much as that it did Good Lord, making audiences stomach Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway in the same movie? Y MEANING OF Y 11:8 HEAT ON CALL 11:11 Y SAID HIM WITH U ABOUT Y THERM 210 SYEFALISHAY Why am I not surprised? It’s AMAZING + Hank must hate woman to call it anything but a “blockbuster”, I cried 2x 🌨👉🏽 Single mom w/ Guzim is EVERYTHING, the bipolar lawyer 😢 it’s a HIT HIT ⚡️⚡️✍🏾 amazon PrimeVideo

Perhaps the reviewer simply has a stone cold heart and can not grasp the concept of romance or love. I liked it, and thought the performances were superb movie exclusive little trip in the past, France before 1914 so beautiful time 💔 Woke trash. Oh, WaPo loves it, shocking.

The people of this country believe in equal justice and they hate discrimination.There is a group of poor racist who want to blame everyone for their failure in life. We should send them back to where ever the fuck they came from Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Check out our video on our profile it’s over 700k views!

Who’s going to play crooked hillary in ‘LOCK HER UP!’ Kind of sucks that I'll never be able to cosplay as Rorschach again without some bimbo who's never read Watchmen calling me a white supremacist. kiaen2 why is she in black face ? It was a deliberate attack by the Hong Kong police on the mosque. There was no protester nearby, but they still fired hard-to-clean dyed water towards the mosque. The HK govt and police were extremely disrespectful to Muslims. StandWithHongKong PoliceBrutality

Loud statements by Biden’s business partners that shale gas deposits could leave Russia without consumers led to an attack on Ukraine. The Ukrainian gas deposits of the Crimean shelf and the territory of the Yuzovsky field were captured by Russia. Obama was chewing snot at this How soon would our cops shoot once Molotov cocktails were throwing at them?

This article is chock full of WAIT WHAT information. Hunter now made between 50-100G's? Biden met privately with Poroshenko in Munich in February 2019? Crazy. Good!!! Must fight communist china forever. Freedom for Hong Kong. Ok, now it’s Biden’s enemies giving Rudy sworn affidavits that Biden committed quid pro quo when he threaten to withhold aide if the prosecutor investigating Barisma was not fired. MSM, like Van Jones once said “ you can not polish that turd.”

What like I never had them before I do want it feels right . So it can't be wrong You don’t get a do over. You lost. Quit whining. This means that they will have to transport the bedbugs to someplace else. SexyTroopLover

So all the repugs in the Senate will be like “he really listens to us” & they’ll back off impeachment. This was definitely meant as a distraction but wonder if it was more calculated? I don’t think they are that crafty though. TrumpCrimeSyndicate ThugPresident Too bad. BedBugSummit was so rich in comedic possibilities.

Support Joe! The USA must pay $ 1,000,000 to the family of every innocent person shot in America! Only then will the government think about the dangers and disadvantages of mass executions. Vote for Joe Biden! Only Democrats can solve this problem, ! Bedbugs not like publicity? So, Trump was offering it up for free or a reduced cost. Now, we pay for the whole thing when it is held elsewhere.

I don’t know anything about Biden’s reforms. I know about Biden’s business interests, after which the war began. Hello from Ukraine . He reformed what? Poroshenko took the $$, place is bankrupt, and gas been capitulating to Russia on every front. Other than getting a job for his son...he didnt accomplish anything. That's why no endorsement from Obama

realDonaldTrump decision to have it at his failing resort was to line his own pockets. Every decision he makes as president is for him to make money and not for the people of the United States. now all he has to do is resign

“Hey, White women, stop breeding so we can import black and brown immigrants that will breed out your race” - Jewish-owned media. Nah, it's the lack of sleep FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE Maybe? What a tepid conclusion. Is it even newsworthy? Nah, it’s raising the actual kid that accelerates aging Regardless.... they live longer than men. So they must be doing something right.

WeirwoodRaven After criticism? You mean after he realized he could no longer get away with a blatant crime. ADD Y SEE TO A SIGN TODAY Is this another reason to kill an unborn baby? To prevent slightly accelerated aging? Y

UP Y UP Y & UP Y TO & ON 10/1/1 PROVED UP Y MEANING OF UP Y FOR UP Y 10:39 ON 211 JAMY 687 14 15 Y: ' 10:43 LISTENING TO Michelle Obama TODAY THE 'DAY' FOP ON 261 LARGE UP He was facing not only backlash in his own party but the very real thought that many of the world leaders would not show-that would have been humiliation even Trump could not ignore.

All those foreign leaders will have to forgo the opportunity to get bedbugs, but I think that’s a sacrifice they will be willing to make. Blah blah blah blah blah. You're just too annoying. You're extreme lunatics. You work for a man who abuses his workers all over the world. Trump was proud of his place & wanted to share it, not profit from it. Trump doesn't even take a salary. He gives it to charity. How many democrats do that. In fact Dems want a raise in congress.

My whole point in this article is to inform you that Trump is going to win 2020 with ease: READ TO KNOW WHY. Americans shouldn't have to tell POTUS that what he was going to do is wrong and he will be breaking the law. One would think he should already know this seeing that he hold the highest office in US.

Cool cool, Now do Ivanka and China 🇨🇳 🍿 For possibly testifying in Biden investigation

I know this is a new article, but haven’t we already been through this before...like twice? Let’s looks at Jared and Invanka emails next. Lies LOCK DONALD TRUMP UP!! lockdonaldtrumpup WAPO is not 'falling' for anything. They know exactly what they are doing. Shokin will testify in America , Schiff wont be allowed to lie any more

confessions of corruption Mulvaney at the MulvaneyPressConference made impeachment that much easier! Mulvaney is part of the problem. The only question will be if he goes down with the ship or confess and save what he can of himself. Either way he is a disgrace. Yah. We covered this shit. It's been investigated numerous times. It 'looked bad', but didn't actually violate anything and Joe didn't want to investigate (again) while his other kid was dying.. Stop sharing Republican leaks like news

Giuliani pressed State Department, White House to grant visa to former Ukrainian official because; '...'! ThugPresident has a ThugLawyer

Correction; Ghouliani. And here is nytimes with a new episode of ...but her emails! Y'all give it a rest! mtracey gotta be so bummed Confirms what we knew before the election and yet it will continue. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Cuz they were all lies from the start! Duh of course so let see what the next fantasy charge they are going to pull out of their ass

Bullsh*t. fakenews - getting your talking point from Zucker? CarrieSweet2017 Duh

'The release comes as Trump continues to raise the Clinton email issue to attack Democrats, even as new evidence has emerged of apparent security lapses by senior officials in his own administration.' FakeNewsMedia EnemyOfThePeople Ukrainians interfered with the 2016 election. Any actions POTUS took to insure that Ukraine cooperated with DOJgov was justified. ANY Now let's say a foriegn country interferes in a US election and does not cooperate .. Then what ? Sanctions , senture , frozen assets Russia

Keep you it’s in the headlines but the truth will soon see the Sunlight. Your lies not match for Judicial Watch. I'm still not getting. Giving safe harbor and knowledge on how to safely inject? It's like an AA meeting in a bar. Wow Great fake news banner headline with no mention of the dozens who were citied for violations. Typical Washington Compost

Is this STILL a thing.... 33,000 yet to find ? We’ve known since 2014.

600 violations lol. Dear God if you're starting to cover for her she must have told you she's entering the race. Leave her alone 'no deliberate mishandlings' are you kidding me? darth So when are they going to start another investigation into the emails, since this result in what they wanted? LOL 588 violations were found. 38 people are facing criminal charges. But, hey, no biggie.

Now time to look into Javanka's email servers. Obama had all the wars under control. Except North Korea. Middle East and Russian conflicts 3 years on hope to hell that's the end of the email thing. NOW, what about Ivanka and the Trump family mishandling of classified info

So... setting up your own private email SERVER and deleting/wiping said server when confronted is still a ok? Here's a thought...why don't we just stop making drug use acceptable! being a junky should not be a career move. JRubinBlogger What gullible fool will pay even $1 to subscribe to biased liberal propaganda on social media? You can get the same thing elsewhere and for free! No news outlet can be trusted!

People should go to prison for this. No, but we would sure like GovLarryHogan to replace trump apologist RepAndyHarrisMD JRubinBlogger I would never have believed that one day we'd look to Rick Perry to be one of the saviors of American democracy. But here we are. How many people will be put in prison for this...I have a guess it is a number under 1

Boeing pilot admitted to lying to FAA, according to The New York Times via YouTube JRubinBlogger He has an address. You can write him. JRubinBlogger 🤔”Although you joined the Trump administration, you avoided personal scandal and did not allow the Energy Department to become awash in corruption and self-dealing, as did other departments and agencies.” Tentoads4truth

Unlikely. Hogan is popular, but Van Hollen would handle him easily. Surprised from President Trump. JRubinBlogger Brush JRubinBlogger See you under the bus SpeakerPelosi washingtonpost How I love SpeakerPelosi. tomorrawdotcom Climate change? No. It's a piece designed to lure emotional personality types and link these feelings to climate change. It's a tactic and a scam. Stop being slimy.

They better go practice some more. If today is any sign of what’s to come. Looks like a coyote. No, his first mistake was waiting into something he didn’t understand. With no interest or effort to learn about the region in the nuances of those involved, he made an impulsive unilateral decision that had catastrophic consequences

harrylitman, I’ll throw out the opening pitch!

Fits perfect on his head. ginnyscamander tRump is an imbecile, of course Erdogan gained his trust!🙄 👌 Who gives a shit? How many of you WaPo reporters have put on a uniform, grabbed a weapon, and deployed to one of these shitholes for 1, 2, 3 years? Syrian regime change was OBAMA's deal. Not Trump's. Time to let the Middle East decide their own future and then America deals with the last man standing

John Bolton discredited again. The mainstream media would have you believe that conflict in Syria started with Trump pulling 50 US service personnel off the northeast Syrian border. But there's been nothing but carnage and chaos for the last 8 years. They haven't been covering it because it wasn't about Trump.

Is it world war 3 This can be a useful starting point. In a GIF: Where was your voice, WaPo when 500,000 died under Obama? I swear the tag line for this administration will be: And people were dying... -1 Hundreds if not thousands of people have been without access to their funds. & nobody seems to care. This is sad. It’s still down everything is down. Look at their page for details this has been going on almost 20 hours! chime Help! Nobody has any idea what’s happening!

He is just a shallow, little man who has to make fun of others to fill that void where his heart should be. Thats why his gives his enemies pet names that are hurtful and mean spirited. Remember Lyin’Ted, Schiff, pelosi, eliz warren(Pocahontas). He is just broken right now Omg tell me about it. I totally saw this movie lol

THE MAN WHO DOING ANY thing for power smash faces heads up his own words hong kong ,he smash up freedom leader head

Animals don't forget their owner & rescuer, they aren't cheater likely human Y. & Y. ATE & Y. DIET MEANING OF Y FOR Y 2:03 ON SCHEYVE PHILLIPS RED 1234 13 'B' EAN OCC A(1)-- That's not Justice !! So all these rich folks only have to do two or three weeks in prison to get their kid into any college they want? OKAY, GOT IT!?!?

If a woman had debated like Buttigieg, she would be called hysterical or with another adjective that starts with a “b” — but the media says Buttigieg “wins” by being a bully. 🙄 Y ATE Y DIET I think this is true! We need a moderate. The least liberal with the least amount of baggage. Someone intellectually rock solid. A dream candidate!

🤣🤣🤣 😂🤣😅 Trump and Boris are going to be sent to govern Mars. That way they will both become a distant memory...

Neither of these two numb nuts were ever in ! People are tuning out democrats, trump rallies are mobbed. This guy is like the Larry Brown of baseball. Not a bad thing. Unless you’re thinking of rigging the polls, he’s OUT in my book. Twins? Are you delusional? Count him out? It’s going to be a LANDSLIDE for Trump ‼️

🖕🏼🖕🏼 At least Trout has a chance at a championship now. Cult members are tenacious 1,000,000 kebabs.

USA allied with terrorists in syria. They wanted to finish terrorist group ISIS with a terrorist group PKK/YPG. Obama made this decision and his hands on blood. Or what does Erdogan have on Trump that he doesn’t want everyone to know? All roads seem to lead to Moscow in the long run with T Y MEANING OF Y SAID Y 2:04 WAS GOING TO SAY YA(IA) FWARM AFTER Y ON YB 218 49 CH R IST Y

How is there even 'discrimination against NATURAL HAIR'? America is truly great for/in all types of ' things'. here’s my op-ed: your election reporting is repugnant :) :) FORTUNE Resources. Minerals, oil and gas. Profit.

Everything about murdered Kashoggi. All tapes and evidence... Let the Muslim tribes fight/kill among themselves (ENDLESS WARS - Typical Afghanistan) whereby make money by selling ARMS to Rich Muslims/Saudi Arabia - what is termed by Trump as 'AMERICA FIRST' CARRY ON, BOY! 11:50 ПП · 15 окт. 2019 г They're on right track for sake of this great country. Should sacrifice election or power to save democracy.

' MAY ' The title says it all “where quo’s MAY HAVE met quo”. Remember. We have the transcript. Nine-dimensional chess realDonaldTrump POTUS WhiteHouse President Trump is stronger today than he was yesterday, but weaker than he will be tomorrow. AmericaFirst MAGA KAG Grasping at straws

For 3 years we heard about Trump right now these candidates need to prove which is the best one and all we have is a bunch of drones that sound the same with no substance to stand out from one another. Sure Bezos. More FakeNews It’s illegal to solicit foreign assistance. Quid pro quo is not even necessary

Y LETS ME So what? I'm old enough to remember when we weren't a police state. What exactly did this family do that signaled to border agents that they were an extreme threat, and warrant the treatment they received? This. Is. NUTS. Well, maybe those aides should have bought real estate from him after his string of bankruptcies hindered his ability to get loans. That nonsense worked for SOMEBODY. PutinPuppet PutinsGOP

Looking forward. Hit ‘em hard. You have to wonder how long senatemajldr is going to put up with realDonaldTrump. He could end this tomorrow. Too bad about the collapse of our foreign policy and fiscal sanity, but there's still time to save the republic.

The WP has been saying Trump is in big trouble since he rode down the escolator Trump's soaring!...these clowns on the other hand....all useless to the American people. I wouldn't buy your paper for my litter box it's so bogus. I was extremely excited for the Democratic field initially. After a few debates, I find Yang and Gabbard to be the only honest candidates on stage. They also don't have a chance in hell. Sad.

He didn't learn anything in business school either. A-HAHAHA!!! It's Y'ALL that are in trouble, dummy. She is the only female runner and I'd say, take a closer look - all the men are in suits. Would you rather a pantsuit as was customary? Red is not a discriminatory color, just as black or blue isn't. This world!


Fix the Headline Please: “Analysis: Ukraine and Syria messes got worse when Trump listened to Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan and not to Americans.” Why wait, we already know they will make baseless claims and attack trump. They dont really have anything else worth even putting out there

They should be running ads like crazy right now. Bolton cc TheRickWilson Modern day insane clown posse. Trump will wipe the floor with them. No More wars we have no business being in... And we all know your reporting is not accurate, but simply being used as an attempt to make Trump look bad. PeaceIsThePrize PresidentOfPeace KAG DarkToLight PanicInDC

Naw! He got in this mess 'cause he didn't listen to any of the Intelligence Officials! Then again he has no Intelligence and wants none...! impeach ImpeachAndRemove ImpeachTrumpPenceBarrPompeo TuesdayMorning the whole GOP is corrupt washingtonpost She’s still very young. I expect maybe she will one day but don’t let this degrade this years noble peace prize winner.

washingtonpost She is still very young. We all expect great things from her. Why is Turkey in NATO? Why do we consider them an ally in anything?

Is she on call for the Torys? The Queen is regal Mother had mental disorder - what are all the doctors excuses? gtconway3d do you wish she was your Queen after the last 3 years? Trump traiu os curdos que foram fundamentais para derrotar o Estado Islâmico e os entregou ao fascista Erdogan. Negar o ingresso do Brasil na OCDE é traição boba perto disso.

No matter the score, a team with a name like that is forever behind. Seems like Turkey wants to make criminal-horror movies instead of absurd dramas, and why not killing real human instead of inept actors?! I don't understand, ISIS had a Turkish base or vice versa?! THEY ARE WORSE THAN ISIS!! Don't trust anything corporate owned media tells us!

We're a sick and rapidly decay nation and world. OMG 😱

Y'all are sick at the Washington Post, much like this woman. POS and the dr should all be sued. Wrong I’m not tipping WaPo for poor biased reporting, why am I going to tip for poor service of any type? Why do you always call terrorists Kurds? And don't understand what's wrong with your misleading understanding!

Did they say, “Thanks Don!” There are sick ppl in this world. Poor kid... Munchausen by proxy, a serious mental illness, generally the mother, to garner sympathy. I can't figure out why the medical professionals hadn't suspicioned this before so many surgeries. West Wing over Mar a Lago She found a doctor who never heard of 'Munchausen by proxy'. The boy was failed at multiple levels.

After US troops ‘s withdraw, Syria crisis management fell into disorder and a complete mess. We called this situation 개판( Gaepan). What does it say about our medical system that a parent can get medically unnecessary surgeries on their child? see what you're up against - a country governed by royalists in the 21st century and somehow STILL trying their best to convince people they're progressive thinkers

Trump is a murderer The act part 2 coming soon. If it is fake then there police do not take action on him which does Rong. Yet she found doctors to perform the surgeries. They need to be investigated and arrested too That's a disease. Maybe we've grown past these articles that only exploit...doctors know about this phenomenon.

Off with their heads. Like Hell I do.

Haber kaynağına dikkat edilmeli fotomontaj bir resim kare size gönderen insanların profiline bakın öyle haber yapın washintonpost sahneliyorsun sadece seviyenizi düşürmeyin çok komik oluyorsunuz terör örgütü yandaş ları nın fotosop resimlerine aldanıyorsun Haha What is Pompeos take? Looks like he's lost couple LBS. due to knowing to much about the Law no doubt.

It’s Mattis’ 700club cbngordon randpaul realDonaldTrump kennedynation foxnews sandrasmithfox dbongino marklevinshow rushlimbaugh danarohrabacher jaysekulow judgenap tedcruz JillianKayM Maybe he is the whistleblower. 🤷🏼‍♀️ You simply don't understand how men with integrity act. This is how you differentiate a person loyal to the republic and a person loyal only to himself. For example, by comparing how Brennan and Mattis comment on the sitting president. Brennan will never find another job in DC.

Hiding behind some military facade- complicit Mattis is forever stained with working for Trump and letting him get away with absolute treason. He was on watch and failed his duties. How utterly inappropriate. These fools are destroying the reputations of every agency. These are dark times. All those who think Patton wouldn't have said anything raise your hand.

When he talks it doesn’t do a whole lot of good either Deep breaths, WaPo. Is he actually alive. Check for a pulse. No. I can’t imagine his performance today is going make people want to buy his book about leadership. It’s naive to trust the people to solve this crisis when it’s the people that put Trump in office in the first place

I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 He’s no hero, never was and never will be. What? But the selves proclaimed 'chosen people?'

I heard him say that. I gasped. A good distraction from the question.

Don't think so. Say something Mattis!!! This is exactly why we need to depend on each other in our own communities. False prophets never move the needle for regular folks. So sad, the people willing to betray all their principles to prop up this human garbage who happens to be president of the United States. They fear their party will collapse if they turn against him. They don't seem to realize by supporting him they are ensuring its collapse.

And all it showed was that SecPompeo had no defense for something he knows full well was wrong. The farce of the trump administration can’t end soon enough. Who spoke up when Obama called ISIS “a JV team” ? realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse POTUS PressSec hogangidley45 mercedesschlapp kellyannepolls parscale TeamTrump TrumpWarRoom

👍🇨🇦☝️🇺🇸🇨🇦 Whaaa everyone who doesn't kiss my ass and let me lie is a deep state mole whaa whaaaa Servers like the rest of the staff should have an established rate instead of leaving their take home pay at the mercy the patrons who believe servers are their slaves. Its not fair for the employer to make a profit on the backs of servers... its time they for change already

Leave the guy alone.

He can go to hell. If he spoke up now he could help with the impeachment process Mattie is busy bashing Biden selling books. Let’s not have too much hope in this guy, he was part of Trump’s administration He came off as a stonewaller and another republican who attacks when they can't defend their President.

Ok. It's obvious he needs a nap. He looks tired! Correction. Mattis' silence helps ISIS 👍🇨🇦 That their best bet Tripe. The first primary is 3 months away, by definition it’s an uncertain time. Funny how Trump always ends up being correct huh? Cheeto is in charge you are all screwed

With the Democrats....this is a certainty! -- MEANING OF -- 3:26 LEFT UPPER CHEST & COLLAR 3:27 THIS 'IS A UNIT' HEAT ON 3:30 THERM HOME ON STEP H(HOME) AN -- KOT -- 88 3 AL TA R MEANS -- ROSE No it is not No it doesn’t. Trump will lose by a mile. A certainty. It’s certain Trump will win. I'm certain that Trump won't make it that far.

As long as there Democrat they will get my vote Let's see, Biden the only moderate with a shot under scrutiny and impeachment day one if he wins vs Socialists that will never win a national election!!! Quite the Pickle!!!

AndrewYang YANG WILL WIN HE HAS MOVED FROM THE BOTTOM TO SECOND PLACE IN SOME SPORTSBETTING AGENCY ONLINE....AMERICAN IS YIN ITS NEED YANG TO BRING BALANCE SOON YING AND YANG He’s clearly white and I don’t expect that will change in the next year. The biggest wild card is foreign interference. Do we still have American style elections? I think this election will lean more towards the kind we see in Russia.

Pace yourself. It's a marathon, not a sprint A race that's probably going to be won by a 70+ year old white man isn't really shaking my tree....if you know what I mean? Brokered convention? As long as it ends with trump and family going to jail, I am fine The Kurds had no choice. And they're hardly 'US-allied' -- we betrayed them. Putin and Assad are happy campers.

Cowardly America destabilized the entire MiddleEast region first, and if you can't win, run away, now call on Turkish government together with Russia to stop the Kurdish massacre immediately! realDonaldTrump nytimes latimes Im fucking USA

that Kurdish terrorists killed 30 thousand people, including the Kurds in Turkey for 40 years. Tell people the truth! washingtonpost What difference does it make? Is her message somehow less important just because some men somewhere didn't give her an award? The Nobel Peace prize is an ongoing thing... just because she didn't get it this year, doesn't mean her continued efforts won't earn it next.

washingtonpost Because she can’t get a loan at 16?!? Guns tho RIP Don’t worry bourgeois liberals, there will be more than enough refugees to fill up Beverly Hills, Martha’s Vineyard and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. You show how morally superior you are to the working class by taking in all the refugees that those low class Whites rejected.

RIP. Criminal_In_Chief is just trying to distract us, again, from THE_TRUTH. Just heartbreaking 💔 RIP to those who lost their lives and get well soon to the wounded Light Loafer Lindsey. Add Tricky Nikki to that category as well.

The question is was it worth it? Pillar of Salt... Sodom and Gomorrah. She went there... ouch! Not yet they haven’t True. Most of it is fake That’s not the only thing they’re taking... Lol imagine assuming graham and Giuliani weren’t toxic already, please 🙄 Gymnastics is an extremely technical sport, performance enhancing drugs can never replace the amount of time and training it requires to perfect a routine. “We don’t get the best athletes; the best athletes in the U.S. go to play football, basketball and baseball.'

Oh, you mean the team which gets routinely disqualified for performance enhancers? Those Russians? They seem to be really paying a price. Rudy is taking Biden out and Graham is going to dissect the coup attempters as the head of the Senate Judiciary committee.

What price? Graham will be elected and Giuliani is a private citizen. Bye bye Rudy have you learned your lesson ......MICHAEL COHEN ......How stupid can you be standing up with this guy Trump . He asked 100 percent loyalty for his people but he does not have an ounce of loyalty to his people. All people working for him to date RESIGN now.

Pick The Poof(s): washingtonpost She is nobody washingtonpost Prizes aren't the end game. She's doing good work&motivating others. Let's focus on that. washingtonpost The Washington post's diss track: Nobel edition🤦‍♀️ washingtonpost I'm a big fan of Greta Thunberg, but I don't see why she would be seen as the most deserving to win a peace prize.

washingtonpost what did she do to bring peace to the world that was more deserving than the person who did get it? washingtonpost Personally I see that she doesn’t deserve it and I find her an activist in a weird way.

That poor guy was miserable from day one. so who's the next rando who will be 'acting' so they don't have to go through confirmation? Contact the National Association of Free And charitable Clinics. They are nationwide and provide free care to millions of people. I have personal experience and can attest that the care is of the highest caliber, carefully regulated and fills need for those without insurance.

Canada says hi The Smith Mundt act enabled by Obama allows media to lie. That's good for the Democrats! Screw facebook... known lies shouldn’t be allowed... Russia just influenced an election that way... This may be the reason Trump wanted to reduce the National Security Team... I would never go on FACEBOOK. It is a dangerous and untrustworthy company.

Facebook sucks and that is not a lie sorta like if you like your doctor, $2,500 a year savings, those kind of lies? Red line? Not a smidgen? those kind of lies? Boycott FB The dam has broken... it’s all going to spill out now. This why Mark Zuckerberg hates Elizabeth Warren Facebook sucks only in it for the money !

Only SOME politicians. Facebook will be irrelevant and gone in the next 5 years. Only old stupid people use it anymore anyway The public that is against lies being allowed on Facebook need to shut down their accounts until they make the proper changes, and that could persuade them to do the right thing! Lack of money could be a GREAT MOTIVATOR ‼️

wait no Obama pallets of cash? Where does this fit in? Did you ask? Hogwash, right andybiggs4az ?

Make it a federal crime to lie to the public with a death penalty. That would clean up politics and the dirty money that goes with it. Only fools are on facebook facebook This is wrong. Have some ethics. $$$ why does FB not change its policy? 🧐 Screw Facebook and it’s owner. DC should shutdown Facebook

So Zuck lies his ass off. It would appear that Zuck said “Fuck it, Im just gonna join the Trump payroll and work for his 2020 like I did for 2016 instead of defending democracy. To hell with Elizabeth Warren!” What are Libs scared of? they control the GD media!! Uh, yeah. The Demoncraps lie in ads ALL THE TIME. Morons.

Pay to play goes both ways. The property brothers. “Most Americans” will scrutinize Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds

For those of you brainwashed to think using 50 American soldiers as human shields is a good idea, are you ready for a war with Turkey? That is what the neo cons are pushing for. $$$ Five dead this year. POTUS received their remains. Google it. Perhaps they can find out if Trump Hotel Istanbul made any payments into any of his accounts? SpeakerPelosi

“I’m rubber you’re glue” should be as shitty a tactic as committing crimes and projecting them onto your rivals, but we’re apparently living in Bizarro World. PeeWee Herman’s Big Adventure, “ I know you are but what am I?!!” Abandoning the Kurds in a Crime against Humanity if anyone knows about Operation Provide Confort -so much Death for nothing.

Been working on it for 3 years It is all about money and his love for his pal Putin. This gave Russia an excuse to enter Syria in support of the Turkish army. Now Putin has a strong foothold in the area and will be calling the shots. Trump is Putin's puppet and Putin is playing Trump like a harp. KurdsBetrayedByTrump

The truth is, borne out by history: neither party cares about the Kurds.

TurkeyJustKilledTerrorists' Realdonaldtrump has the mind of a 15 year old in a 72 year old body! Who calls adult people infantile names like 'crooked' 'liddle'' 'skinny neck' & other such nonsense as a way to insult them? Children do. GOP Thedemocrats SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff Trump regressing daily. I figure he is about at the 10 year old bullying level now.

Sounds like projection to me. This was his entire campaign. He is a child. Remember this? Now it’s Rubber Don instead of Teflon Don? Can you guys go one day without reporting about the president it’s sickening to me EVERYONE should scrutinize this barbaric decision! It’s Kurdish genocide You can’t defend them & WITH them for years then in an instant abandon them Not to mention ALL the American service men & women who are also in jeopardy

Opinion: Democrats have always been against senseless wars. Why would they want to stay in this one? Could it be because President Trump? TRUMP2020Landside I wonder what the real reason is behind Trump’s spontaneous order to abandon the Kurds. Either it has to do with Putin or Erdogan promised Trump something re: Trump Towers Istanbul!

Shouldn't everyone?

He’s mentally disturbed and not fit. fucking everyone is wtf is this shit EVERYBODY should. A corrupt businessman who refused to divest from his businesses including those in places like Turkey is willfully allowing the Kurds to be slaughtered to appease an authoritarian ruler. All the crimes he’s done have been beyond mere politics.

they would scrutinize his stool samples if they could idk what's going on but your site is just a blank page to me, I can't read the article Wait... You guys are controlling guns outside the US? Why? Don't be lazy. You can cook at home and it will be so much healthier. Just as your kid should have no expectation of an inheritance, service staff should have no guarantee of a gratuity. I was a waitress once & the motivation to give excellent service was the gratitude of my customer-if I got no tip, that's life in the service industry.

This hits home. As a server, I’ve had customers expect more than what’s beyond my control. Sometime the kitchen gets slammed and customers make it seem like it’s our fault their salad came out last or the appetizer came along with their course. W/e the case maybe TipUrServer fuck that noise Sorry. Bad service shouldn’t be rewarded.

when you've mistaken real life for the internet... Oh, in Phoenix. I thought this was in PG County 🤣 This corrupt pres is ignoring everything important. Including laws & the Constitution. Dangerous & narcissistic & a Russian asset, IMO. restaurants should pay a living wage. its their employee, not mine.

How about restaurants “have” to pay their servers a living wage, instead of leaving their earnings up to the whims of customers? Oh really? 🖕🖕🖕 Not if you don't

Was under the impression tipping exists coz most service providers earn below min wage. Pretty obv solution, right? 😉, 😉, policy-makers.. True. Freedom of choice doesn't exist. Don't cut the SSI/SSDI money. Strong body, Strength in mind. Strenuous activity only continues as much as needed to pleasure it's heart. Sex is yes? Velto.

Trump's birth was a dangerous mistake. s0yp0p Disagree! I once did not leave a tip b/c the waitress at 1s just flat out ignored me while serving those around me. Finally got my order and had to ask another waitress to check on it, even though others were getting there orders. When she brought my food she slammed it down.

20%? Only if the service is good. Granted I don't have high standards, but if service sucks due to server fault, (s)he might get 10% It goes down when they look into it right? Because it’s all a farce. A clear case of 'ignorance is bliss'. I see as a senile Nancy Pelosi hitting a herself in the head With the gavel

I pay way too much attention so I support it...bigly.

It's hard not to. I’m paying super close attention to it. It’s as dead in the water as joe Biden’s run for President. Who?... Japanese movies suck, in acting, writing and cinematography. SethAbramson Yes.... provided someone does a GD thing about it. Or... nobody knows you... better than ... you.. corrected your ... headline...

1 DOWN The first creep to join Trump's presidential run. MobGuysStickTogether When you're a blond blow hard, they just let you. 'When you're a Prime Minister, they let you do it'! It’s about time!!!

Well doesn’t that mean there are now only 434 members of Congress? Oh and who gets to nominate his replacement? Damn trump look alike...😨 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 You know how, sometimes, you wish you could actually see the dumpster catch fire? MDoriaRussell WOMP -WOMP They are twins. He’s trump’s twin! Let's hope they have the video like the woman that accused Trump, fail!

Wow the desperate British left and globalists use the same stupid playbook as the American versions. Already tried the stupid race card on Johnson so now this. Next up: “Russia collusion” in Brexit Social Network Platforms playing the part of “publishers” again. Well, free speech..... it was a good run why it lasted. 🙄🙄🙄

How can u publish such nonsense? Bolsonaro & the word Green do not belong in a sentence together. Meanwhile the billionaire media refuse to cover the causes of climate change: climatechange How dare they violate the freedom of those disgusting enough to take advantage of people like that. Good luck. Try and kill a $73 Billion quasi bogus industry.

I wish they’d ban “vegan influencers” I can't tell which Kardashian/Jenner is who anymore. Whitney did it 100x better. ✅ Don't ever interfere with freedom of speech, except if it's promoting violence towards others! ✅ Facebook needs as practical as possible an independent 'Factcheck Panel', funded by National Govts! ✅ It should have the power 2 force a person 2 publicly apologise if they LIE!

Seems like a bit of a stretch.. lol Wasent Watergate about POTUS using the powers of the office, to gain knowledge about political rivals?

Bezos is a traitor and must be tried for Treason. Jeff Bezos must be tried for Treason by a Military tribunal. He took part in an attempted coup against the American people. He is not above the law for his treasonous actions. BezosTraitor Qatar should be wery wery nervous... 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😁😁😁😁 Our home girl! Love You forever DollyParton

She stood up to Elvis, who offered to sing it in return for a (false) song writing credit. She refused and he never sang it. Still, as she said herself 'I have six million reasons to thank Whitney Houston' Which location is more dangerous? “unscrupulous” = “lyin’ thief” Deal? A deal? Why the fuck is Schiff bargaining with a whistleblower? It makes no sense.

Unbelievable!! The economy is not tettering except in your imagination. You make a statement like this to incite hatred in Trump and for no other reason. All you seem to do for the last 3 years is mislead the public with selective wordage and the spinning of the facts. What a rag

He is the type of person Trump plans to call on to keep him in power: “My police, my military and my bikers” (Trump’s own words). spreading hate and white nationalism. Congratulations, you just got this a$$hole's message out to the world. If your police chief is committing violent assault Mayhem and Battery then it's time to take him out of office.

Was this article written mash year? I'm lost for words. No, I'm not! 😡That 'chief' is a numbnut! How did he get the title? I want to believe he's not a true representation of the force. Yet another reason to reject the rollback of food safety inspection, which is trending within the current administration...

He’s really a Dem! If Republicans oppose impeachment then indeed they condone Trump’s conduct and they are complicit in it. He did it to himself! He likes thing being done HUGELY! President Trump shouldn’t worry, in the end he’ll win. If not then a Nobel Peace Prize. Ed

Go eat worms 🐛 Doubling down on stupid continues I pity him. He is so pathetic. Republicans are criminals and traitors. Who cares what they think? VoteBlue2020 He is so clueless. He doesn't see the connection between his words and actions and the consequences of them Trump is his own worst enemy. He does not inspire loyalty among his staff. He will throw anyone under a bus to save himself

This is grossly irresponsible reporting. These public “proposals” put the non-proposing party in a terrible public spotlight where saying anything other than yes is awkward if not impossible. Stop it already. Hope she cheats on him Like AOC is the spine of DEM, Trump is the favorite among republic voters, these political animals must cling to Trump to keep their seats.

he is how do they change the whistle blower form days before the whistle blower came out how com adam shit knew in August about it yup corrupt pos

Snap him up WAPO! All honest people have left the Trump administration. There was a bunch of villains and criminals in the Kremlin) What's the big deal with you libs about 'beating' someone to a story? maybe trump is afraid of riots in a falling economy When kids are doing a better job than their elders at journalism it’s three steps forward and two steps back

'I would like you do us a favor, though' - Donald J. Trump Why aren't vans registered, licensed, and insured? Why aren't drivers tested and licensed? Such measures would prevent these killings. Are we there yet? What a complete and total Farce. Despicable Democrats!

Wow vans are just the weapons of choice in every mass murder I wonder why people used them so much? Oh I remember they supposed to be insane and not know what they’re doing. Netflix? Never heard of her. And this old woman will be dragged into the car, after a performance-oldies, without brains! Too late, superhero movies have already 'disrupted' the world of high-end films for years now.

Crazy mfkr. , smdh what a terd. It's possible, since they cheat. No it isn’t...! I think the United States should begin by freezing the KGB and Putin capitals around the world. Trump destroys NATO ..... So far they have not shown themselves. McCain killed the generals removed. Kremlin killers go wherever they want. Venezuela Africa and Syria given to the Communist Party and the KGB. Afghan heroin and Zimbabwean diamonds support the terrorists of Afghanistan and the Isis.

Y MEANING OF Y 2:29(TIME) FOR FRIEND OF MINE ON 261 W HIT E 1024 1 1 OF 'AMARIAH' 'DAYS' OF MiamiRadioBeast & dumping the electoral college “...is unlikely”. How many times has it happened in NFL history? Should be writing this around week 12 not after 3 games. Much, much worse than a single gunshot. Irreparable harm to millions of people. realDonaldTrump Russian asset, mafia boss, con-man, anti-christ... all of the above and more. Oh, and leader of GOP Enjoy! SenateGOP HouseGOP

This is so ridiculous, even more so coming from a national news organization. Nope.. it’s in the hands of “ we the people”! Watch out! They don’t have that much power. We the people do.

Most of the revenue of these tech companies come from the hard work of the employees who have experience from 0 to 5...6 years. Rest of above guys enjoy double....triple salary as compared to them without contributing any hard work. Subpoena time They are moving quickly because they are trying to get away with something before anyone notices.

Bye bye Bring it to the floor. Let’s go.....🇺🇸💪🏼⚖️🔨 Not too quick; there’s an entire secret library of crimes to sort out Trump's fate, like any politician, lies with the voters, not a media outlet. Hillary had plenty of media personalities fawning over her convincing her to campaign in the wrong states and she lost. Trump follows what strategy HE thinks best.

That has always been the Putin messagingnon this. LOL!! It is hilarious that they declare impeachment and still need to build the case! Sounds like reverse causality and cherry picking!

Fox News so damn desperate WHEN Constance fell down Y WENT BED UPSET BECAUSE Y KNEW she WOULD use THAT TO KEEP them apart POTUS will be the only one resigning! Is this a joke on resignation? I bought do not impeach this does not make sense when our president has done nothing wrong but trying to make America strong again tired of other countries asking for help and when we do he is a traitor get out of here he's not committed no treason Trump20/20

'This is the Rio Grande. It's not very grand right now, it's dry,' says Laura Harper, farmer of Del Valle Organic Pecans. 'While some people in the Valley might not agree with me, I definitely think it's human related.' How can you fact check this when the facts aren’t even out? This is legit 1984 propaganda level stuff. WalkAway WalkAwayFromDemocratsForever

Y & NOW MEANING OF Y FOR B Y & BY NOW 1:29 ON YQY Y LEFT RED 1342 6 SPIRITS OF 'Y' Ed Buck of West Hollywood Democrat Donor who was just arrested for fatally injecting a young addicted man of minority stature with drugs for sexual abuse and has escaped prosecution when several others came forward with the same allegations before lives in Adam Schiff’s District.

I've seen more than 1 father steal food off his baby's plate. For sure.. a mix of greed and extreme stupidity... And what drives all these Republicans still supporting him ? What can make them lose all credibility forever, shame their name for the next 5 generations and end up their career so pathetically ? For sure greed and stupidity too

Saved to the 'Self-destructive Works of failing WaPo and Their Faux Journalists.' Keep it up fools...keep digging. Your final resting place needs to be deep. Thanks for the amusement! What drives the WaPoo? Destroying America. And , stupidity! Wowzie... greed... like giving up his paychecks, control of his empire, watching his wealth drop as president and running again at his age? Bull shit Wapo. Bezos sure does though! Fake news

Therefore, Trump will continue to destroy NATO the US army and US oil. And what drives them we do not know. Greed and NPD Unique president in US history 😂 Ego and Greed !

What’s sad is that is in the NYC area have known he’s been a con man his whole life. Now the whole country gets to witness it, unfortunately I cant imagine why. Liberal infestation of our school systems have produced a generation of parents without values or morals. Now were seeing the results of there offspring.


Oh yeah... You're not insane. Not at all Un fracasado 👎😡 I would say so pure greed, I saw an article where he spent $72 million on his property in Scotland and it lost money for 14 years terrible businessman! What drives the Washington Post, hate, and hate alone

Blind Self-Centered, Egotistical Mind. He’s made himself Robotic towards anyone else outside of his kids. And maybe a slim trusted right hand of same breed. He’s greed is worthless as a human being. He has awful taste because of it. Ugliness is in his personal demure. Who he is. He’s a narcissist to the extreme

war. That's what the Kremlin is really afraid of. ICOs are the future. Crypto Fiat Hockey? Good Luck!! WaPo is not to be trusted Trump's is corrupt ' 60% of Americans, say so'! Fact ' real men don't lie or cheat '!🚩🚩🚩 Forget it. It ain’t going to happen. Burlington is the weather you want! truth and we clean our water

He’s amazing! ......and Kaepernick is still unemployed..... Thanks WaPo! Now can you create a visual explainer for this?...... fakenewsWaPo EnemyOfThePeople CIA And just fuck the American voters.....we will not forget. Trump will get a super majority in 2020 How impeachment works: dems posture and act outraged, threaten impeachment. Ultimately back down because disliking someone is not grounds for impeachment. Dishonest through and through. Shame!

Yeah all the dems need visuals because they wont understand it otherwise But there will be no impeachment. Pelosi even refuses to put up a floor vote.. BRING IT ON...BRING YOUR LIBERAL CRAP ON. The we will show you what the powers of a president are as commander in chief. As head of the legal branch. This time, you pushed to far.

cc SpeakerPelosi Just stop already. You all are just pathetic!

Getty up...head um up and move em out! I'm not the radical left, not a lib, not even a dem. Just a citizen who values, honesty, integrity and good character. You Mr. Trump have not of that You are disgraceful & your reputation will never recover. You only needed to exhibit a degree of objectivity. But no.

So the reality is that the Democrats need at least 20 Republican Senators on board for this to have a chance of succeeding? Why not focus on running the country instead? The 2020 election is only months away. It won't happen and his base is stronger than ever. Nice. now let's impeach the Democrats. We never got a Schoolhouse Rock on impeachment, which is...strange, given when Schoolhouse Rock was airing.

realDonaldTrump TeamTrump kayleighmcenany KAG TrumpWarRoom NEWS hogangidley45 parscale Trump KatrinaPierson at some point house/senate need to take back America.. not from Trump but from who ever bought him..

Trump will not and cannot be removed from office without 2/3rds of the senate. This will NEVER happen. There I saved you a read. Be sure to carry a copy of Dear Leader's talking points. They will help you have a more effective 'conversation' First you have to vote on the articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives, which this current Congress has done 3 times already (and failed). No impeachment proceedings begin without a vote. Whatever this Congress is doing is not impeachment.

Summary: Two justice systems. He should have gotten five years at Quentin. Sounds about white. Now this is what a newspaper should be.. Easy to carry and easy to read as well 😊 need to add ‘solidifying Trump’s re-election’ to the headline. SethAbramson America has hope

SethAbramson ItsAboutTime Impeach45 It should read, 'the Democrats just lost the 2020 election ' ...lol. As if that will make a difference. Dog and pony show folks, move on. Beuuuuuutiteeful ❤️ Year three! To be continued... That IS the Democrats message to their base. As always, promises, promises. realDonaldTrump is burning down the house - WhiteHouse ImpeachmentInquiry

HappyImpeachmentDay! :-) Stupidity in the highest place Your stock market is going down? Why do this? This, however, is a FACT

Get ready for the womp womp, FakeNews If trump is Impeached, Riots in the streets Pelosi? you mean AOC? WhitePrivilege So don't watch or read anything then. The costume wasn't the weapon. The gun was. If it triggers them, don't see the movie. A strong woman stands up for herself and a stronger woman stands up for others.

You are UN-patriotic and in fact traitors to your nation. Democracy was set up to protect against YOU treacherous wretches. Sounds like RepubliSPIN.

You really need to refrain from publishing outright lies and mischaracterizations, because I can read that nonsense all day every day without PAYING FOR A SUBSCRIPTION, ErikWemple Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news YY MEANING OF YY 1 ON YB 216 24 YLISAY 920 6 1 WORD 'OF' YY

Trump will not be in it! A little self-fulfilling prophecy, here? Those who create power make an indispensable contribution to the nation’s greatness, but those who question it make a contribution just as indispensable,especially when that questioning is disinterested, for they determine whether we use power or power uses us

Nope. As someone posted a couple days ago “if I believe what i read today, Joe Biden was born in Kenya, concealed 30k emails. Amazing how certain”journalists”like to work. Be better/there is a traitor occupying our WH. Joe Biden is a patriot who reminds us what decency is. The election is a foregone conclusion. Harris is a nothing. Biden is creepy. Sanders has faded away. Warren is a joke. It's going to be Trump, basically without serious opposition. Which I'm actually not a fan of. We need opposition.

Why are you doing this? there arent two sides to every story when one side is fact-free fascist orange bullshit

Oh.. says the republican blogger/opinion writer.🙄 TO BillGates Mr.BILL GATES ,CHAIRMAN, USA Mr.Natthala at India & my facebook account dismantled by US CONSULATE CALCUTTA Pl do the needful to continue FACEBOOK MY EMAIL ID sramasamy_1hotmail.com Confirm before tonight iISD 10:00 PM. Thanks and regards SRamasamyBba

Still letting that hack lobbyist Ed Rogers write more garbage for you? It won’t affect Trump, but it might have a huge impact on Biden. This grotesque mentally ill excuse for a dictator realDonaldTrump has to go before America is destroyed MondayMotivation Monday Be kind and send Donald Trump to a care home. He can watch TV all day there.

🤦🏽‍♂️Can TWP ever write anything positive regarding Bernie?! Y’all are biased and it’s so evident. Second woman has stolen the nomination from Bernie. When the choice is between someone who angrily yells and someone who seems nicer and they have similar policies, I'll choose the latter. 7th grade civics - The house doesn’t have the votes and wouldn’t pass the senate. FYI: He didn’t do anything wrong

Bernie Sanders has a problem. His name is Capitalism! You mean Pocahontas puh leez Damn I feel old He certainly deserves it The time is right. RepAOC forget Nancy this is politics it’s not Vegas.HouseDemocrats TheDemCoalition shall we begin impeachment of the 45th Potus of US the Pacific lsalnds from 12 noon today.Comey lm going to need your testimony for fast eviction from the whitehouse and reinstatements

It's already started guys, y'all need to catch up I love it how these propaganda rags are advocating for civil war now after expelling all of their ammunition for the last 3 years. Don't think we forgot. 🤷🏻‍♂️

nasser_bovi Yes! Begin them now. If this was a Democrat President they would have begun proceedings in 2017 I swear. If we don't start impeaching this m-f-er soon... Ahhh, okay.... I recognized one “celebrity” out of 44. If its Not this Crap it will be something else. Its all 'Political Assassination'. But the Real Victim is the United States and the American people. DemoRats don't care for us, its all about 'Their' Political Power. And as we know, DemoRats are always willing to start a Civil War

Please impeach! It will only guarantee President Trump 4 more years YES! Media and deranged leftists on Twitter when reality swims by... How is that possibly going to work The Dems need to put ethics above politics. ImpeachTrumpNow. realDonaldTrump truly does not think what he did was Inappropriate. He must be shown in no uncertain terms that it was.

Who cares. No one watches the psuedo-celebs as they lecture us on how to live anymore. Someone sounds worried . Congress' duty is to serve the people by following the constitution. The evidence grows and grows every day that Trump is a lawless, self-dealing president. IMPEACH Waste our time. Now. Do it and lose in the senate. Alienate millions of undecided voters and earn four more years.

The Dems are getting played. Biden and Obama could very well go down for this. This is going to get fun. Sleepy Joe will be dropping out soon for the run for Presidential Democrat Nominee ! They corrupt DNC does not want Biden either. Who is going to make a republican controlled Senate approve a impeachment ? We are better off voting republicans out of Senate and voting Trump out. THEN TRUMP CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE..INCLUDING RAPE.!!

RepMarthaRoby impeach! You have nothing to lose! Read up then do your job SpeakerPelosi

According to the [checks notes] WASHINGTON POST, impeachment hearings began last week. About time Did you see that gathering in Houston TX. This weekend all that love for this President 🇺🇸 Ahh..publishing supposition & wishful thinking as news. Didn’t learn anything from the past 3 years? That’s great news for people that don’t wanna beat trump

Alot could change. The poll says just one in five likely Democratic caucus goers say their minds are made up, while 63% say they could still be persuaded to support a different candidate. My bet is on Beto Yep, just as BIden is going in the crapper, i mean prison, arises Warren. You deepstaters are funny.

Where’s Mueller? Let me get this straight - JoeBiden ADMITS to bribing a Ukrainian official and violating the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) on behalf of his son, and that's okay? But, now the Dems want to investigate realDonaldTrump?! Hypocrites Reminder: ABC has raised major questions regarding Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings while his father, Joe Biden, was VP. ABC asks “Was Hunter Biden profiting off his dad’s work as vice president and did Joe Biden allow it?” The answer: Yes.

Polls change on a dime

VP He's surrounded himself with an impenetrable wall of sycophants of course he feels invincible . 💤💤💤 Oh please. Only those who's brain is lobotomized and gravely suffer from TDS would even consider, let along vote for Fauxcahontas . She's embarrassment for our country! FakeNativeAmerican ewarren , SenWarren . Trump2020 Trump2020LandslideVictory

Long way to go. WARREN 2020! lol SaintEmmaLee 😩 The whistleblower didn't have direct knowledge of the communications, an official briefed on the matter told CNN. Instead, the whistleblower's concerns came in part from learning information that was not obtained during the course of their work,

Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news I think JoeBiden is the best bet, he has my vote. I don’t want to see another repeat of Hilary Clinton and Donald trump again. 'The Democrat Party should change its Name to the Progressive ie Socialist Party' - Liz Warren All you need to know!

'Trump’s Ukraine call reveals a president convinced of his own invincibility' Trump’s Ukraine call reveals a president convinced of his own ego... shallow. 2020 bye bye... VoteBlue ✌️ lies spindoctors Of course he is! No matter what realDonaldTrump does, no matter how low he goes, the GOP accepts it and defends him. I wish “our President “meant a President for ALL, not the partisan clown we have now.

Yep POTUS was on a Phone and had a Pen nearby. The dems have made their 'To do,' list for the next four years..but they aren't getting rid of Mr. Trump that easily..they just do their injustice to US, the U.S. citizen, who deserves much more than the dems have given us. They did NOTHING since taking the house but raise taxes.

Best candidate..hope moderates pick her over Trump tho A shining light at the end of the tunnel Time for a revolution. Bye Bye Bernie. Letting a domestic terrorist organization run this ad? ElizabethWarren It is. Now what Biden did is not. Ukraine please help in the investigation into Biden.

This isn’t routine at all. It’s a gross abuse of Presidential power. President Trump did not freeze the Ukrainians aid package. Talk about lying fake news! They are just trying to hide the fact that Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian President to stop a lawful investigation of a one billion dollar corruption case against his son.....

I worked just under 5 years in RReagan’s WH NSC. Presidents talk to one another frequently. realDonaldTrump must be very very scared of Joe Biden. Asking a foreign leader to work with his personal attorney to malign a political opponent & his family is not perfectly fine. It's abuse of power. TRUMP, THE CRIMINAL. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!

Cool cool cool, extremely cool. ImpeachTrumpNow Routine for Trump. Not fine.

Hunter Biden is gonna get what’s coming to him. Hopefully Joe will have repercussions for blackmailing an entire county to protect his idiot kid! Don’t stop realDonaldTrump! We’re behind you 100% trump doesn’t give a crap 💩 about smog and its effect on the people and air quality!! He wants people to die!! He HATES the American People and the USA 🇺🇸!!

Yep, time for the masks to go on. 'How decades of L.A. smog led to California’s war with Trump over car pollution' - Not sure about this. How about Trump's pettiness leads to war with California over settling political grudges. Meanwhile.... And the translating the Trumpese that means, perfectly not fine and Definitely not routine' Lying is his 'Go to' when the truth won't help.

Very legal and very cool. Thank you! When the did the decline start ? If Americans protested at the level of Hong Kong, the Banksters would shoot to kill. Stop pretending American Oligarchs are pro-democracy. Stalin would be a better choice for America than the Capitalist thugs. Hong Kong liberals should move to Taiwan....it's a 'cooked goose'...too late for reform...20 years past due.

LMFAO!!!!! SO FAKE!!!! sure, put the blame on us. tl;dr - settler-colonialism washingtonpost She's not wrong. DHS is wrong. It's a BIGGER threat ♨️WAPO♨️ The most compromised. Right in front of NYT. Tick tic tic.. Thank you WAPO for not being afraid and continuing to keep us 100% informed! Dump isn't gonna like that..

Significantly moreso, I'd posit Yes. We happen to have domestic terror all over including the WH.

Except Canada apparently. Because it’s funny. Boom, now you don’t have to read this article. FakeNews is filled with perverts Is this the real scientists talking or the FAKE Trumpists? Denial for realDonaldTrump is LIES! Once again if he didn’t do anything wrong why try to hide it and prevent the whistleblower to say what they know. Let it out in the open.

America loves President Trump. FakeNews 🖕 Someone needs to remind Trump, there might be some merit in not discussing that. Isn't that the person you're projecting to the world as a pretty boy?You should be ashamed.

Nice try realDonaldTrump but you’re in the cattle gate heading for justice! The usual lie & deny stance. He’s a LIAR. Racism, not 'racist images'. People change. We all have made mistakes that we may cringe at and would not do again. I may not like the guy but do you think he has the same mindset as in that pic? Are you thinking the same as you did in 2001? Lets move on.

Thought this leader was the best now what 🙇 Add that to Trump’s list of 12,000+ lies since being in office. ImpeachTrump As good as your journalism is please quit shilling the article links you post to twitter behind a pay wall. You’re not building an audience doing this.Let me know if you’d like me to explain this to you further. Dopey.

Trump issues fresh denial of a 'dicey' conversation with a foreign leader. WAPO loves him because he was recently ragging on Trump. If Pitt would have done the opposite. The review would have been much different..

Oh is “dicey” what we’re calling it when the POTUS uses government money to bribe a foreign leader to attack his rivals? When will this nonsense come to a rest? Women are insecurely unable to attest to the rules provided by the left. Needle_of_Arya nobody cares, this has been going on for so long. survivors are exhausted, perpetrators are thriving 💔

What could possibly be wrong with that statistic? He’d be better than anything the current GOP can trot there. Someone whose prime driver wouldn’t be white Power based. But he has a team to resurrect....he wouldn’t quit in them. Because what if the smithsonian calls Энд хер ту, энд хер ту, энд хер ту)) washingtonpost Smart.

AngrierWHStaff Of course he did.

Who is this? I thought he got canned for not getting approval for some super expensive furniture? Well, impeach him too! I'm on a roll today. ImpeachAllTheMotherFuckers! AndTellNancyToSwingAway He should have JUST said NO.. Better than that, a good HYELL NO would do. He will learn the hard way. He will be feminized just like Booker T. 🥜We will listen for his high voice in submission.

Tbc. AngrierWHStaff Shocking. Not. It’s a feature of this administration. cmclymer he's a dill What a garbage human Ben Carson is dude is dumber than a door knob...saying that crap anywhere nevermind sf GreatDismal Sounds like the person that should be in charge of housing...

I wonder what gangs Sanders, Biden and Warren belonged to?🤔 Democratic gang? Here's some popular gang signs in NYC. Black Trump I smell fake news… Just like transgender’s are fake victims.… The only thing they are victims of is mental illness… There are millions of us who do not validate mental illness as a gender. You are male or female that is it end of story nothing more to say.

Why would anyone attend the meeting in the first place? The guy is a complete bafoon. Carson’s remarks visibly shocked and upset many of the staffers who attended the meeting, and prompted at least one woman to walk out in protest, the staffers said Good Rather lenient IMO. how about suspended until dreadlocks grow back

I love the Boondocks

He always does realDonaldTrump blinks any time he's lying. Should be suspended indefinitely 😒 There are hair length rules and the ref was doing his job. His only crime was that he did his job while being white. suspended? Good Good. Nice, McGruder is back sounds like It’s a step in the right direction but doesn’t go far enough 🤬

I can see the safety issue so why not just pin them up for the match. What is wrong with the 🌎 these days...simple solutions are like rocket science...And things that are obviously wrong are not obvious anymore. 🤦🏻‍♀️ No he didn’t. You aren’t privy to what is happening behind the scenes. Yeah he did

I wish I could blink & make trump go away Well congrats, your Lib column will single handily get him to nuke Iran. Great job buddy. ImpeachTrumpNow EmolumentsViolations full of fire and blinks Good. Shanghai’s Lao Cheng, or Old City, still has remnants of the original port established in the 1200s. The neighborhood also features one of the city's best restaurants

Because that ensures retirement for those who sold you the loan-silly!

fake news Congress has already threatened the Supreme Court publicly which in itself I don’t know how that didn’t warrant resignations from the Democrats, but we already know they did a small case on Brett come in on appointment with fake sexual assault allegations from many now known liar Just another running QB with a short lifespan in the NFL. After his first injury, you will see what kind of QB/RB he really is.

Not bad for a running back lol NEW YORK (AP) The New York Times is under fire for its story about a new sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The paper apologized for an offensive tweet and revised its article to reflect that the alleged victim couldn't recall the incident

Mahomes is more exciting cause he's proven to take that intensity/level of play up against top tier teams. Wait til they play a defense worth mentioning before fully giving him your praise BREAKING NEWS Biden: hate always hiding something. We know where in precincts of PC police of Radicals MondayMorning

what new laws will the natzi McConnell bring to counteract the taking of drugs, cannabis or otherwise. will it be one law for the poor and no law for the rich in the brave new old he's making for you.

That’s no longer a grilled cheese, first of all. Second, save yourself the time and just use marmite add vegemite COWARDLY of not to hire sassyblackdiva to write this. If it’s any good it will simply make the same points she already did, but I will not read to find out. Ruin* 'don't do it kid, you'd become weak willed and lazy'

BREAKING NEWS production of book bashing Kavanaugh took time. Next book: DNC boss Keith Alison beating with shoe women- Muslim transition MondayMorning Don't forget about the Paralympics as well! He didn't hear that he would end up as a washed up old hasbeen that almost nobody knows, or if he did he didn't prevent it.

it's a lifestyle. there are safe places for it and others not safe at all. This what i would say: 'you touch that crap and beating the shit out of you.'

AbortHollywood He can probably hear what he believes is the future. But no. First thing you gotta do when talking to other parents about weed is find out if they are republicans or not. If so, don't bother. Righteous. Imagine if our government followed the Constitution all these years. Our vets would be well taken care of and we would have a whole lot more people still alive. It's societies fault for letting them.

C. None of my business. Why is this an article ? Washington post is garbage I look forward to your upcoming riveting perspective pieces on men 47+ having children. Selfish, if she was really trying to have a baby. Look how old she'll be as he is growing up. My mom was 42 and I loved her dearly.

It was their choice. Leave them alone. 47 isn't too old at all. If she was in good condition, she can raise her son to maturity without problems. Not news. I don’t think it’s selfish. Definitely differences with having a child at 47 versus 27 though. Here’s the problem. When he is in his late thirties, he may have the burden of caring for his aging parent(s). Perhaps you’re wealthy and that won’t be a problem.

My mom was 40 when I was born--last of 9 kids. I personally thought it was a pretty good idea to bring me into the world.... It never occurred to me that some people would see it as selfish. How? Why? Weird interfering people. It's her life. None of my business what she wants to do in it. When you have something that can see into a persons heart let me know.

Not selfish but it is a choice to be fit. I’m 74 and the things that she felt she couldn’t do physically I can do just fine. Motherhood is an individual decision. No one else should second guess. I feel for the kids whose parents are way older. Especially if they are the only child. My mom only had 3 one passed 6 years ago. I only have one brother and my brothers widow and 2 grown nephews. That’s it. Basically I’m by myself. Think about it.

It is her life. WHY THE FCK DO YOU CARE?!?! Do better So great ♥️♥️♥️ Wouldn't this fall under your favorite lines 'her body, her choice'? When a woman has a baby at 47 you ask if it’s selfish. When a man has a baby at 70 no questions asked. Sexist much?!?!? Judging by the reply’s, I think you have your answer :)

Why would that be selfish?

Israel's Attorney General Moves Forward with Netanyahu's ... That's her business and no one else's I'll tell y'all what it was...it was none-ya, as my Gram used to say. None ya business. People bitch when we have kids when too young, they bitch when we have them when too old...it's NONE-YA! Given life expectancies I see nothing wrong with it

Good to know that Trump wouldn’t stoop to interfering in other sovereign nations’ free elections. Uh- huh. Maybe this explains his casual approach to Russia’s interference in ours - past and future. That is no one’s business. Selfish at 47 & the woman in INDIA at 72. It’s not for me or anyone else to decide.

I adopted at age 42 and 45. Daughters are now in college and grad school. He'll be fine. it’s never a good idea of using generalities 2 determine anything concerning life courses. Under”laws of unintended consequence”, the 1 size fits all of the industrial revolution has extended 2 people. Hate 2 inform every1, but! Can’t B an individual if every1 must B the same.

I call it none of your damn business! You REALLY need better headline writers. Not a fan of this article. As an 'olderish' mom, I feel the writer is making herself out to be 70 or 80. Its true maybe she is an old mom. Some people are old b4 they are. Perspective: This is desperate and pathetic. Also—none of your business?

That's God's gift so that's great! Selfish — or great? Aside from the crass ageism and misogyny, this crude binary proposition sounds like it was written by a 10th grader. No one’s business but hers Or none of your business? What is the discussion that was a personal choice that she made everyone else with a problem shut up.

Sounds like Trump wants to get US into another, bigger Quagmire in the Middle East.

Maybe it was her and her family's business and not the business of Twitter and Facebook warriors. I agree. Players are scouted and all moms do is tell their little football players: - you gotta be drafted. Gotta go to a good school baby - So, if they want to get paid then PAY your god damn tuition IN FULL like everybody else.

He’s out of his mind. so judgy washingtonpost 😡😡😡 No they are not... Hep C And Sessions should have made Concessions.... American Cannabis Consumers Require Equal Rights and EQUAL Protection Under Color of Federal Law realDonaldTrump There's a lot of Catching up to do Chief POTUS Do they make his face look fat and bloated too?

Takeaway: realDonaldTrump knows he looks orange. It’s a start.

'Black' not 'black'. That is all. Crap. Maybe take up gardening Yes, they are afraid because now they know what Trump is capable of! They clearly see that it’s all about him, the American people never come into the equation or even as a consideration. Under trumps watch eight people have died under the arm of ICE. We are better than that!

Jusretscpo its really strange that he is the only one.....everyone else who doesn't have a fake tan seems to be unaffected other than saving the environment and their money Not teenagers but “...Black teenagers...”. Send all y’all down there... I think they are more afraid of the corrupt crime-infested first family trying to hang on to power in order to continue their agenda of hate and self-enrichment.

Idiot w outdated beauty queen hairdo! I 100% agree! I don't blame them either! SilentMajority Amazing story Regardless of incandescent or LED, light bulb analogies do make him look stupid.

By local DC desk reporter Rebecca Tan... Too good. Orangutans look orange because of the special light in the forests in Borneo and Sumatra? More FAKE news .. just to get the unhinged more unhinged... 🤣🤣🤣 TrumpTrolling therefore they are afraid of democracy) Which Trump is this? Oh wait. Nobody cares.

Energy saving bulbs blind you Why bring Experts into this? Can't you just consider this something a poorly educated would say and leave it at that? This article claims there were successful black civilizations, this is a lie 😂😂😂😂 realDonaldTrump It was a joke, get over yourselves. Hit him on the REAL ISSUES and stick to those issues if you want to discredit him. This kind of junk reporting helps Trump.

😂 cue war on energy saving bulbs . Douche will never think of saving the planet 🌎 these people are afraid of state-level investigations No they kept their opinions to themselves in 2016 as well . That's not true. I wasn't afraid in 2016and I'm not afraid now there is no way in hell I would ever support that racist bully who I believe is a traitor

Now teach them that slaves were not only black people. Slavery permeates human history and existed prior to western culture. The word 'Slave' is derived from 'Slav' because so many Slavic people were sold into slavery... How sad Lara apparently has not fallen far from the tree - albeit right on her head. Polling is anonymous, and pollsters don’t care who you support, they just want the data. Maybe people are embarrassed to tell ANYONE that they support Trump - feeling guilty about it.

She’s supporting Trump’s fantasy that he is under polling. Pendulum swings back hard LaraLeaTrump let them eat cake!

Is what they say before Russia hacks the election. Lara Trump is spewing forth bunch of PC hogwash here! Attn: LaraLeaTrump Uh that’s not fear...that’s shame. And they should be. MAGA’S are faketriots I don’t speak to pollsters I Just go vote! wastingtime 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️😐 Somebody make her go away... Keep believing this shit!

Why How would LaraLeaTrump know what regular Americans know or think? She's only marginally smarter than her brother-in-law, the adulterer fredo. Afraid or embarrassed?

Well, shame on people who vote for a wannabe Hitler. Shame. The excuses begin early. Keep lying to him. That will save you all a lot of screaming and tweets. Read the replies to understand why 😉 Not afraid, ignore pollsters. No...no we’re not. Sorry, kid, no one I know, voted for, or can even stomach Trump.

WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO BE SMART, WE''L I GUESS I WAS WRONG! Nope, again another illegal ruling based nowhere in law. Sad Who the fuck is Lara Trump?

Ah yes, the hidden timid fans of a man made of bluster🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 That’s weird because most polls in 2016 were within the margin of error, which you know, means they were telling pollsters who they intended to vote. Amazing, democrats never once mentioned the economy, I wonder why? They will run on fear, free stuff and race baiting.

Trump: 'Can we use [black] PastorScott anymore?' Cohen: 'Oh yeah, a hundred - you're talking about [black Pastor] MarkBurns [who bigly LIED about education & military]. He’s, we told him to [UNINTELLIGIBLE].' Isn't Richard [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Richard LeFrak? Find a new prop I wonder how many illegitimate degrees are floating around this country. 🧐

Sad Sentenced to what? WTF took so long

He just figured this out? We always knew this... ummmmmm 🤔 Were are the American flags? Craziness. Just craziness. 1 month in jail is hardly a sentence. “Look better” Trump 2020 Attend je m'en fou Martha Stewart got worse for doing less. My how times have changed. Orange is the New Black, Season 8

Looks better? Are you kidding me? It’s a shit show! Bernie looks like he is going to yell at the kids in the neighborhood to get off his lawn Did they offer them declassified inside job orders? What? You mean the very good friends of DT? This covers it better: Check your facts. no picture available Damn that was fast

The math here is that even if you got a law passed in the House and Senate, as soon as it was challenged in the courts it would be thrown out. Why? Because there are less restrictive to the regular citizen ways to cut down on firearm crimes. What about her passenger pigeon-based correspondence, though?!

“And then when they do nothing, we will sadly shake our hands and go back to asking for more tax cuts.” senatemajldr SenSasse the vast majority of Americans are in favor of his and now 145 CEOs (donors of yours?) are asking. What else do you need? It’s time. wanna bet No one cares about the corporate elite’s opinions, you authoritarian bigots.

🤨 Are you seriously trying to downplay Hillary's treason and corruption with this crap? Pathetic.... What happened to the whistle blower protection? As they should. WaPo is not real journalism anymore. Need stiffer policy Having a little trouble processing this op-Ed. Last month, Patti Davis said that we all needed to forgive her father for the people he harmed as President...but now you can’t get on the forgiveness train?

Shit can any leaker...and imprison any effete employee that undermines the government. Career politicians, career bureaucrats, and career DC reporters are one in the same. So, we aren't allowed to know how our money is spent? It’s comforting to know this administration believes in transparency. Lmao 😂

BETSY..Whistleblowers are Constitutionally PROTECTED. Stop lying and manipulating our education department for Donald Trump. OMG. Now Trump is poisoning us : If he waits two weeks, he he'll have a goatee, he does not have to order one. Must be in the contract. SAGcoup 'two-weeks' contract rule: 'Everything takes two weeks, no matter what it is, it will be Two-Weeks. TWO-WEEKS'

trumpbrand Tis the season for NFL football 🏈...and the BATTLE OF UGLY REPUBLICAN MEN .....this should be EXCITING TV /TWITTER this fall! The MOOCH is doing his part..COME ON Bolton ..do your part! Somebody needs to tweet about somebody’s wife! This SH is gonna be GOOD! Operating word: HIS. fake news wapo

Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news To you farmers, the ground water would be poisoned, the streams you use for irrigation will be poisoned. Flint Michigan used a river to give them water, you know where that has led, now New jersey, this all under TRUMPS attacks on the EPA.

realDonaldTrump DRUDGE_REPORT DRUDGE WSJ nypost nytimes PreetBharara RudyGiuliani JoyceWhiteVance BarbMcQuade 11thHour OutnumberedFNC YourLibertyNews MaddowBlog FoxNews HowieCarrShow rushlimbaugh seanhannity 'DOOMAPALOOZA' 3. THE CLOWN SHOW OF DOOM. DOOMED. Republicans, and I mean all of them ,are allowing Trump to attack everyone that wants clean healthy water to not only drink but to be near. In 1986 companies were regularly polluting the water with poisons that caused many deaths

What leads Trump 2 over simplify problems like trade deficits, surpluses & confusing these with budget deficits, surpluses. But 2 r separate issues. 1 is US citizens imports vs exports while the other is gov spending vs revenues. Trade deficits don’t = budget deficits realDonaldTrump To prepare and prevent you from drinking contaminated water due to theses regulation roll backs, I encourage you to drink this amazing spring water from the far east. A glacial spring Located in Japan. The water is called Fukushima. You most definitely need it.

michikokakutani More f***ed than ever. Impeach michikokakutani Pathetic. If you're not constantly kissing Trump's rump chump you're part of the problem. All you Trump supporters all right with Trumps EPA has scaled back protection of waterways. To you who live near lakes, river, streams you can look forward to polluted, disease causing, smelly waterways. This is an attack on all people that want clean water

Of course it is. Let's see... how many loans does he have out? And... how many liens against him? How many of his 'friends' have been putting pressure on him to pay up on those loans? That tax 'break' just wasn't enough. Pay your bills Donnie! Yes they will. that is exactly the question nationwide. Trump could still win again, except this time via another oddity of our election process

Poverty is a republican crime. It’s not what they say, it’s what they do that counts! 🗳 👌🏽 🙏🏾 🇺🇸 That's the question. And the problem. so half of Texans prefer this party ? 🤣🤣🤣 Please vote blue If they are Republican, i hope not.

Relocate the homeless? Just stick them all in a warehouses, who needs dignity right? This doesn’t sound real good Government owns a lot of unused property! If the Texans don't vote, it will be a vote for Trump. They really have to think about what they are doing by not voting. They don't HAVE to vote, as long as the Democrats do!

Apparently Bernie Sanders outpolls trump by 5 points in Texas, but I feel like a lot of the people who say they won’t vote for Trump are either lying or fixing to vote third-Party. Apparently not for Trump FakeNews WashingtonCompost

washingtonpost Women can be misogynists also. washingtonpost soychicka looks like the media is (kinda) catching up. Disaster tourism. Go for the beaches. Stay to rebuild. Or maybe emoluments... or try it naked How about the silence of Democrats illegal immigration plan How about housing. Democrats have horribly effed it up and they waste billions for bad results

reasonable opinion

And long-term care. Please. I am a part of this world. So, please, love, follow, and love me. For me to have more joy and energy to live better and also to let me know that I still exist existing on this earth. Thank you for loving me, wishing that happiness will always be with you every day. Maybe talk about EDUCATION. Not necessarily public education. You need to at least be able to explore the idea that it’s the “public” bit that is making it a failure.

Here’s another suggestion. Talk about taxes Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news I agree. When I saw the NBC News report, my thought was, “Why would they report this? They’re going to get this guy killed!” Why does this sound like sour grapes? Because it is? No, they also do colonics and think vaccines are bad.

FakeNewsCNN FakeNewsMedia

Interesting to see how divided the candidates are over joining the TPP Certainly, after one of them sits there. don't bother cleaning aeroplanes, and build up resistance to the bugs instead by exposure... Woman took out a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer, inserted a little pump sprayer, and started spritzing the seat beside me. Flight attendant all but hurdled a row to get to her and stop her. I still want to know how that thing got through security. So I'm a hard NO here.

No. It's interesting how the rich and powerful can be indicted for corruption, but still gets to rule a country and invade other people and destroy their homes in order to make his own country bigger and more powerful. FakeNewsMedia FakeNewsWaPo Please don't call him 'President'. It demeans that fine office. 'Trunp' will suffice

I will fight against israel to my last dollar if they do this Trump is operating a Costco business model. This week we are selling BBQ furniture foreign policy, on the adjacent isle we are offering coffee table books immigration reforms and puffy coat financial programs. Visit us next week to see what's on offer.

How democratic of them. Thugs. He has yest to call anybody in, look and in the eye, and fire them......... no stones,,,, no stones at all, just bone spurs You mean steal the West Bank. It made for good tv Trump creates messes. The messes won't go away until he does. Hopefully Netanyahoo will be defeated. You'd think that the Jewish population would KNOW what it's like to oppress people. Get Netanyahu out and start working on peace

The first step toward global peace was just taken by getting fired a militant from the most powerful office in the world! The peace way will be paved more by doing the same job for other extremists in realDonaldTrump's administration and issues will be worked out automatically! The combination of both was catastrophic! Trump, ignorant, changing his mind by the second. Bolton a barking dog on a time of Nuclear Arms! Is so sad to see the International position of the US on the political Diplomacy world of our time!

I’d love to see Trump try to fire himself, he disagrees with himself all the time. What is the be effectiveness for the rest of the country? He is why many Jews disavow the government policies of Israel. Like Putin annexed Crimea? Holy Jesus. boltons only gone because he didn't want to have a slumber party for the Taliban at camp David. rump thought he hired another yes man in bolton. this nonsense about how great rump was is extremely nuts

No shit. The entire Trump Administration stinks. ImpeachTrumpNow Why the hell would they re-elect his ass? We should just nuke Palestine and get it over with. We, the US and Israel, have made it perfectly clear we dont consider them human.

Fire him. And Trump. curious, meanwhile rockets shot from Gaza which 2 were shot down, and elections to be held next week He also has the chance to stop caging and killing children at the border. His taxes. His wife’s immigration true status. His net worth. His real hair. His true golf handicap. His IQ.

This is better than the deal that Khalilzad and Pompeo would have cooked up... No Deal!!!! No he fucking doesn’t. Ha ha. Just because you don't speak chicken, doesn't mean it's not telling you, 'no!' The master negotiator has yet to negotiate anything except a big tax cut for the one percent . TalibanTrump


presidentpussyassbitch That's not how businesses or government work. Loyalty to incompetence does not result in financial success. REALLYNOW HMM ? NOSHIT Only if the table is full of hamburgers More opinion BS narrative. Nothing can stop Trump! Get on the train or keep getting run over! A lot Anything that compromises American security

That's complete bullshit. He has made the negotiations impossible. one question WhoIsJohnYang Not really.

Only a moron could write this. More like... *HAD Trump has a chance to leave this country to avoid prosecution. IdiotInChief LockHimUp How does he get his hair that way? Looks like a wet duck. Is there one person in charge of giving him a “doobie” everyday or does he do this atrocity himself? For heavens sake man, get a hair stylist. You need a makeover.

Whoever wrote this article I already hate you and I’m not even gonna look at it The great spurious Donald Trump. What World Was Happening ? He already did . realDonaldTrump

You give him too much credit Opinion: It’s time to cancel your subscription. Puts the salad forks next to the totally f*cked. Hi Donald Trump you are great You didn't know about Obama and Company's attempt at a soft coup, why would you think you know everything now? President Trump will make Afghanistan one of the wealthiest and free places on Earth, just like he did with North Korea, dear. AmericaFirst

Dr Ruth Pfau 90th birthday Google remembers this women 57 years in Pakistan works she was good doctor Pakistan celebrate birthday today Save humans in Jammu Kashmir Thanks Naw. You actually ruined it forever. That’s the point of it. This is the test case for destroying government agencies, a long held goal of the radical right. He always starts with test cases.

Family is more important 👊 Find a new job. Or have a plan to transfer as soon as possible to another federal agency. Plenty of options. Always be prepared and have a 2nd and 3rd back up plan. Plan for the worst... 'perspective' lol We thought he is cruel only to illegal immigrants So really - if you replaced world politicians and their decion making processes with a room full of cats and a Magic 8 ball - would there be a noticeable difference to getting things done? I mean, at least everyone would get more naps.

Save humans in Jammu Kashmir Yes China trade future is bright And China is game changer country Thanks NOT A GAME. China could call in our DEBT.. America owes 30% of our debt to China..or did everyone forget STOP PLAYING WITH OUR FUTURE DONALD TRUMP. POTUS's 4 year term is always a short term game and dangerous to the world.

我现在二十岁,我能为中国建设贡献五十年以上的力量,我们可以看一看未来是谁说了算。 💔 The loss of so much talent, the horrible toll on personal lives, all for nothing. More work we'll have to do to repair our government when we win back the WH and Senate next year. China has already lost Chinese in Hong Kong are waving American flags for indepence and solidarity.. HongKongProtests HongKong thebestcloser

Trump is crushing Americans families, that’s a fact This is really heartbreaking. I hate this administration. DM me Oh here we go... Cops are the bad guys. This is why Trump won. We're so tired of this false trope. You may have felt differently if your road trip included the south, especially Texas. Surround Yourself with Successful People.When you mingle with successful people and you interact with those that are highly successful, it is proven to increase your success drastically. Join Wa University by clicking the image or link below;

anarchist headline Amazing what a pension plan will do. Should say “opinion”. The nationwide popularity of cellphones makes it possible to abolish police patrols. We can change the law to limit cops’ power of arrest to 9|11 phone call complaints

NICE BELT Uhh no. Good to see Babs is still working ... To Pelosi? Jack and shit and Jack just left town. Because he stimulated the Fire Day. Sounds like the GOP Czar Putin is corrupt and a dictator . No democracy just autocracy and suppression of freedoms for its people. Disgusting !! It is challenging, indeed. He cannot get a hold of himself. In fact, if you paid attention to what he has been saying you would get the impression that the government actually see the forest and the indigenous people as the problem.

Why are the even holding elections? Do they really think they are fooling anyone? ah yes, the Russians have also had problems with aviation security! They need the new book 'Able-Bodied Passengers' for sure! aviationnews will soon be learning how to stop hijackings and bad actors like the 'Black Widows' and suicide bombers! Passengers educate yourselves!

No surprise if the turnout is 80% and the overwhelming majority votes Putin for his 5th or 6th 'presidency'. Difficult to stop them, or difficult to stop supporting them? What a surprise Y DIDNT LET GO OF his hand WHEN We WALKED & WHEN SAT ON BENCH THE BENCH DIDNT FACE THE STREET THE BENCH IN FRONT YARD FACED THE DRIVEWAY

How is that a secret. Lol. It wiil be on Twitter before one can get a night sleep with out him tweeting. People still believe what he says

Was this before or after realDonaldTrump’s scheduled secret meetings with Santa and the Easter Bunny?! Well, it’s more believable that the self-described ‘Chosen One’ would secretly meet with the Taliban on a Sunday than secretly attending a church service. JustSaying 🍄🖊😳 Didn’t Trump bitch about Obama putting prisoners from Gitmo into American prison cause he didn’t want terrorists on American soil? Or am I wrong?

BS! PutinOwnsTrump FreePatrickRandall ImpeachTrump It's more like Trump drives Democrats to turn out Hysteria and assure his re-election Y WAS WALKING WITH BALDWIN BECAUSE Y DIDNT A CAR & TOLD him ABOUT MAKING LOVE NOT IN LIFE BUT MAYBE Y MITE GIVE OR DO SOMETHING IN THE AFTERLIFE So they weren't good enough to feed the bedbugs at Doral.🙄

The first time in my whole life for agreeing with trump. The taliban are contemptible murderers & the best example for separating religion from government. Yo this dude fulla $!+ What?!! They were all going to Camp David?!! Right 😂 Obama defeated ISIS, Who have Trump defeated? Me too. Via Twitter of course 😢

But if the Taliban bribed him with Sharpies....😏 I am sure because it wasn’t be held at a Trump hotel or club... It's TRUE, first time Billy's Crab shack was full since their grand opening in 1967. No, no prob re vote, any Dem

trump called off the peace talks because they are not at peace. smartest person in the room? Sure he did.. The US does not negotiate with terrorists. Was the same time as his golf game money first meeting later Right wingers need to apologize to Illhan Omar. Now. Hahahaha bet that happened cx Why announce that you are canceling sum’thing that’s SECRET? Unless it was never a secret to begin with. Just more of trying to appear doing sum’thing other than playing golf.

And some team will be stupid enough to pay for this circus. Quit talking about AB, college football is on. CFBtweet Patriots have taken troubled players in the past but not this troubled and not this wacky. This guy is too much of a nut case for any team.

It shouldn't matter how great a player you are. Bad behavior in any sport should be dealt with this way. Looking for Gold👀 History: Fiddletown was settled in 1849, reportedly by Missouri miners addicted to 'fiddling.' The district flourished in the 1850s This is what happens when spoiled brats face no consequences. Somebody will sign him and then wonder why things didn't work out. If AB doesn't change, he'll be broke and/or dead in 5 years.

Wow, when your such a headache to the coaching staff of the raiders to the point they cut you, who would be so stupid to add you to theirs? Not worth the drama. Why any team would pick this Prima Donna up is beyond me. He’s the ultimate I player, and will never be a team player lmao 1yr deal with the patriots coming soon

The Raiders could have hung on that Doss kid, and developed him. Did you run into Dwight Schrute? Brokeback Mountain II

Hey wait Washington Post, why did Alabama need to be in the lookout according to your network on 8/28? Why did donlemon allow this? Sure. Just like all those drug bans that work so well... There is no issue that can be used to attack Trump that is to small, this nothingness has generated dozens of articles and hours of news reports.

The only 'map' of its kind! Save it! Follow Dave Chappelle's method: Just have every African American register for a gun license. Firearms would be banned in a year. Can anyone mention how his forgery was a complete joke? He doesn't even understand how thenforcast map works!

Yea he's a petty man that's can't let things go. Next. Maybe it reveals something about the people who tweet insignificant things and try to make them huge too? I think the sharpie image was trump thinking about stormy daniels and he tried to draw her from memory during a nws briefing he was struggling to understand. so he drifted back to how it used to be before.....

swatches, carpet samples & paint colors Trump, the Carolinas being pumble as we speak by Dorian and the idiot Trump still fighting with the sharpie and his stupidities. The President and the Sharpie...meanwhile Carolinas are underwater and blown mr. Trump stop it And gives back the 150 millions you raided from FEMA

Exactly! It's like he becomes hell-bent on being right about SOMETHING! It’s to the point that the boy who cried wolf (Trump) with all the lies he has said we can’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth who will believe him on something that we need to believe The rising tide of despair is brought on by the new far left Democrat Party [mostly Women in the Party] and they will have to live with it.Their reason was 100% Fake.

They are the oldest political party in the world, but BorisJohnson and Brexit could very well see them if not destroyed, then marginalised for generations.

May she rest in peace. A brave and wonderful woman. Good! The conservatives are people with money that don’t care about the vulnerable in society They force the disabled to live below the poverty line to have to chose heat or food Force low income families to have to go to charity food banks asthey don’t have enough money for food

FareedZakaria 'Known'. FINGERS CROSSED Brilliant analysis. Johnson is just a british version of Donald Trump. They both are idiots. I'm full of hope that this is quite contagious amongst current western democracies. The left could also do with some shake-ups. The American Conservative party died in 1994 because of newtgingrich. The true Founding Father of politics of personal destruction

Fake news will always say things like this 'Successful', me hole!

Incorrect. The Conservative party would win in an election, that's why the left (Labor) blocked a snap election. Fake news. Too bad she couldn't save Europe RIP! Democracy dies in darkness? Maybe the media has had a part in this. Over what? Xi said Trump will be useful when China runs out of toilet paper... And president Chump thinks it's a great compliment... IMO China, Russia and Iran is already wiping their asses with Trump...

Rust in vrede ! U was een goed mens.... De geschiedenis zal u niet vergeten! washingtonpost We shouldn't never have to go through that. Too late I’m disappointed in Mattis, like I am in every knucklehead who’s left crazytown and didn’t walk immediately into a press conference to warn the world.

MassShootingMitch No. How? SharpieGate 'Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.' Proverbs 26:4 What would Patton do! The American ISIS. 'Hi, we're the Washington Post. We don't read anything we publish, cause we're too busy trying to count past 15 on our fingers.'

Liberal wine aunts probably should have stopped while they were behind after their hero said things like Donald Ducks his taxes, and Pokemon.....GO to the polls! Just pet your cats because it's somehow getting worse. Complete lunacy in San Francisco. How about Mumbling Mitch?

Muzzle Moscow Mitch,=MMM Opinion: Wappo a news source. C’mon all you investigative reporters out there-McConnell’s wife’s shipping company is moving some quirky cargoes-unconfirmed speculation is limitless: contraband to N Korea? Nah. He seems to hate his nickname MoscowMitch so much that it's a good idea to stick to that.

I prefer 'screwing the Democrats for many years by all the judicial nominees being put on federal courts' Mitch. Well done Mitch, keep up the great work! MAGA 2020! I perfer 'TrumpTool' 😭🙏🏻 Nah, I think we’re gonna stick with MoscowMitch, thanks though The democracy is shaken and the country has to stand as One to succeed on this one.. No other way.

Good for her

Oh good! Can we be done with her now? we don't need another president whom we have to take figuratively, not literally On gun control, we need to tighten background checks in every single state. We need to stop funding the production of new weapons for civilians. We need to stop funding the NRA. Treat them like the 'big tobacco' of the past.

He wants to have full powers as a Dictator. Smh Why not just scare it away with the Donald Trump blimp? Having lost hers somewhere along the way, I'm not sure she can help with this. marwilliamson needs to STOP ! just drop out and fade into obscurity Whackjob My mind was set on Mar-a-Lago. Didn’t work. Now if only she could use the power of the mind to get her showing on the polls...😮

Please stop-please Part of the DNC conundrum is that they know they should be drop kicking certain candidates out of contention, but thanks to 2016 stirred up faux drama, they can’t say anything or they’ll be accused of “rigging.” Dope YouTube ad Marianne ADOS Reparations2020 Anyone using any 'power of the mind' whatsoever knows Marianne Williamson is a joke.

I knew she would show her true crazy self eventually. Good luck Canute. But she deleted the tweet so it doesn’t count now!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Better than nukes, anyway OFFS 🙄 Can we PLEASE get a functioning adult in the room? She's even more embarrassing & irrelevant than Joe Biden. Love it! Eloquent way of saying 'Thoughts and Prayers'. we should all use the power of mind to rid ourselves of her and people like her. This 'law of attraction' garbage is yet one more gift Oprah has unleashed upon us.

OMG....Candidate for President? Really? I used my mind to flush the toilet...it works!

Drop a salt lamp and some tarot cards on it. Always a bit weird in SF. The people voted for Brexit. who told you that democracy is in England? There is not even a constitution, but this is also not an indicator! How that any different than preying for it too I mean I kinda prefer this over Nuc’s 🤷🏻‍♂️ Thoughts and prayers...

Let's put her mind in the path of the hurricane and see how that goes. Time for her to leave the race. She's had her fun. 🤔

Oh no Well....shes a little out there! Why are GOP & foreign dignitaries obliged to stay at Trump properties while in Washington, needs to be investigated! Look at all these people that clearly didn’t read the article. How The MSM Are Failing The American People Really interesting read... MSM MainStreamMedia CNN Fox AndrewYang YangGang Yang2020 YangGang2020

lisskin17 Russia - it is a disease! Please leave our country and take your 2 mothers with you Irish paper this morning People! Angela Merkel is an East German, the land of Communism. Pushes for a one-world government. Not a surprise. Because he was told to. Why couldn’t he have stayed in the beautiful US ambassadors residence in the center of the Dublin?

Yeah, sure, just let the thugs do whatever they want. That will go well. Dein Kampf - by Jan Theuninck, 2019 If this happens to be a satire article maybe it should be labeled because question can be answered and until the Washington Post gets a video editor so I don't have to sit for 20 minutes or search their posts for half an hour I'm not subscribing to that damn paper.

you have a good pic of one of the elite right there WaPo: 'Workers asleep, cameras failed, no suicide watch, Jeffrey Epstein dead ... but don't go all conspiracy theorist on us or we may have to dox you & notify the feds!' WaPo as well: ' Good God, Putin isn't just hacking our elections, he's killed like a thousand dissidents!'

Because it violates the emoluments clause, is impractical, inflates public expenses. And, if the distant cousin is eager to meet the vp he could travel to Dublin. And Donald Trump You may need a satire warning for people who don't read the article. Because trump told him not to-to stay at trump property, on the other side of the country.

kuku27 But what wrong did he do

This is also heartbreaking. Skagway is in mourning I’ll be headed to Elba 🥀🥀 🔻East Asia ||| Ghanimah Granted by Allah to the Khilafah্Soldiers After Attacking a Position of a Murtadd্Militia Allied with the Crusader Filipino Army in Bakat Village in Maguindanao Area ⇊📷🔥 GٍBBO ≣ Walٍmart '' The Chosin One made Dorian miss and America safe , but the libs only cry

We didn’t have a disaster over the weekend. No recession no matter how hard the left prays for one I don’t need 10, just one. How many MORE MONTHS /DAYS/HOURS /SECONDS of this presidency? WE can’t keep this MADNESS going much longer...before an implosion! Our stock market /world market can’t sustain all of this chaos/confusion!

I abhor strawberries: can I substitute something else? Raspberries perhaps, or apples? Check my house for cameras when you’re in it cuz I ain’t checkin shiiiiiiiiiiit Sighhh I pity people with peanut allergies so much. Poor bastards; I mean not only is peanut in EVERYTHING, it’s in everything delicious. You have to avoid huge, huge swathes of Asian cooking in particular (no pad Thai ever again *shudders*)

Yes. RT : As homeowners find new uses for security cameras, checking law should be first step e announced that a hurricane would bypass Brazil and curve straight to Miami Hey, WaPo, that’s perfectly okay. Quit criticizing everything President Trump does. We love him.❤️🇺🇸 Y LOVE The Police MY FAV BAND SethAbramson

He has been violating emoluments clause since Day 1. Why does this come as a surprise to anyone? You need to do more work outing MassacreMitch and the others propping up Trump. His resort plus bedbugs😂😂😂😂🤮 Y WAS AT THAT CONCERT THAT CONCERT IN 7/29/83 Prior to Green Book, the 9 of the previous 10 best picture winners played Telluride Film Festival before TIFF. But yeah, Toronto, sure.

Y DUB you equal

Your NOT BETER Y JUST LOVE u Y WANT you TAKE A PLANE & B THERE TOO AntiTrumpReport Liar-in-chief’s business as usual Yawn. You 3 R MY BEST FREINDS Y RIGHT EYO The Police Bcause he lied. Like he always does. 😒 There he is... and about damn time too. 😤💯🍿 Kylo Ren?🧐kyloren

BFF. At least he could have quality control and assured that the place was secure. Are you fool enough to think he’s just after the weekend take? Trump works 365 days a year for FREE, unlike past presidents! Fake news don’t know anything, if G7 is held here it will just bring tremendous exposure to the USA and will be good for us. Get with the program, always trying to flip the script 🤦‍♂️ Such Dummies.

Another lie 🙄🙄🙄 varneyco kayleighmcenany - want to make sure you didn’t miss this one. SethAbramson And a million things in between those two things. Only the best! SethAbramson I choose to believe no one would let the G7 be held at his failing, poorly rated and bug infested Mar-A-Lardass resort.

Erdogan is destroying his own country. However I think that he don't even care. Very sad.. Another anti democracy coward calling for state run television. wannabedictator Israelis are being accused of anti semitism by their pm now lol Warning! FakeNews of the brainwash kind

Erdogan will join to Shanghai Union.............go hell usa&eu and nato So, he rails against the BDS boycott of Israel but encourages Israelis to boycott a TV channel because it is exposing his corruption Someone needs to put Erdogan and Trump in prison I hear he’s boycotting Bic pens. Sorry, that’s the Brazilian leader. Anything to take everyone’s eye off the ball of real issues.

Then the official Israeli accounts in tweeter bother us with the respect of liberties and democracy in Israel!!! So, if a Semite hates other Semites of say another religion, it's not anti-Semitism so it's OK, is it? They love using that word “anti-Semitic” when in American democracy we call that free speech... dictators are trying to form a Union right underneath our nose and since we continue to fight with eachother they might be successful

Trump playbook! Yeah! It's a intensely powerful hurricane, not a nuclear bomb.

thejasonhopkins 🖕 eeeeeeeekkkkkkk !!!!! modern hitler He learned from the Chosen One. pochogreatermx 🌹 Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news Dior is French for 'don't buy.' JohnnyDeppIsACherokee JohnnyDeppIsAnIndian Every time I see the name I think 'sausage'. IDKW, I just do.

The WPost writer misses the well-known fact that Stephens is Jewish (and former editor of the Jerusalem Post). Calling him a bedbug is indeed a revival of the slurs of nazis. Such dehumanization is often a prelude to violence, which Karpf, knows as a Jew and scholar of rhetoric. Deep state cares GOOD! Down with fascism! support We fought an entire World War over that s***. F*** that crap happening here. 😡 CloseTheConcentrationCamps AbolishICE ICEGestapo

There is something seriously wrong with BretBug. More importantly, New York Times continues to publish and employ Bret Stephens, and continues to allow the bedbug to equate a harmless joke with the Holocaust, there is something seriously wrong with the New York Times. The luxury industry is out of control.

You're still talking about a perfume. You're still giving them free publicly. Eeny, meany, miney, mo! What dumb thing shall I contradict myself on today to supply distraction from the important stuff? POTUS asks himself every morning! You mean commie rebellion. facepalm I'm guessing they didn't talk to a single person from Indian Country about this 'idea.'

as self proclaimed chief of all native americans i approve It is at least six kinds of wrong. Bedbugs have thicker skin. How about paying all those employees who NEVER GOT PAID WHEN HE SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT TWICE?!?! My vote isn't for sale! Spent 20 years serving the public in all kinds of extreme conditions. I took an oath and live by it! realDonaldTrump needs to go! He is THE embodiment of '...all enemies foreign and domestic!' ImpeachTrump

He’s just looking for votes,nothing more than that. Apparently, the CIA isn't happy about the Space Force. F UK em. Only good Chinese are the ones who rise against their government. A lot of US citizens initially were onboard with the second Iraq war 🤷🏽‍♂️ And also at least half of Hong Kong from what I’m reading from the non mainstream media

haha, amazing! as a normal Chinsese we feel proud to be siding Beijing to stop HK chaos and riot. No more violence, no more destroy HK public facilities! Order please. Goes to show what indoctrination can do. Loyal to the motherland. They’re raised to view Taiwanese and Honkongers as “thems.” Plus the whole not going against the authoritarian regime of Xi. It’s unfortunate 😭

Trump hosts a White House ceremony to establish the Space Command. Opinion: The Space Force’s rocky start is bad news for America Because they don’t want their families killed.... The only way this is going to get off the ground is if it is a moneymaker for trump, McConnell and other members of the GOP. They don’t do anything unless it benefits them financially.

If this kind of trashy propaganda keeps getting published I might have to reevaluate my belief that the Chinese protestors aren't being paid by the CIA. Please. Like anybody’s cared what am English teacher has said in 40 years.

He misused it, then told the class the word should have no power. So, he was partly right. Such a strange direction to take the class, and he won a teacher award in the past, too. Then to criticize (and attempt to deny) another student over work-study abroad?! Niggardium leviosa.. oops! This is a piece written by someone blinded by hatred. Desperate.

Wth is seriously wrong with people & why does the teacher even get a damn hearing? google is yr friend...😁 ungenerous with money, time, etc.; mean. 'he accused the Government of being unbelievably niggardly' SEE...This is WHY I don’t subscribe/PAY FOR Washington post online. Y’all like to START STUFF/DRAMA! I’m not PAYING for that. I just watch them housewives on Bravo for the DRAMA!

Because that’s how stupid we’ve become Can we still say 'niggerly'? As in ( a small problem or fiddlely thing) Rest In Peace Valerie Harper, We love You.

And the pot calling the kettle black, you can dish it out but can't take it, then you should learn to not be so hateful and think only of your self but of others! When you are a personal assistant you lose your job when you say stuff to the press...kinda the way it works in real life Trump made the hurtful comments about Tiffany

It is common in every Nation/State. Everybody love to work with power. They even use high influence to join as Staff to Power center. Their expectations/ambitions may not be knowing to others. Once Power loses post, they accuse Power without realizing the benefits enjoyed now So she told the truth! He means she exposed his true feeling about his daughter and got caught👍

'hurtful' is another word for 'truthful'... I have no sympathy for anyone who works for Trump regardless of the bad things that befall them. Like the truth? Truth shall set you free. Bedbug Donnie called his daughter to fat for him to look at.

Which of course just means that HE made hurtful comments about his family to her. Narcissist Transference Projection ❄️Supreme 😒😒 Trump is a thin-skinned wuss... She wasn’t wrong. 'truthful' comments. Oh the horror. Dont know what happened but love that pic tho lol ❤️ Was it the Washington Post reporter who stabbed her in the back?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *stops to take a breath* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa *sighs* Trump complaining about someone else’s hurtful comments that’s precious

Oh My God! Did she tell the truth? Who made the hurtful comments Wasn't it more a case of ousted personal assistant repeated 'hurtful' comments Trump made about his family to reporters Hurtful? realDonaldTrump is literally MURDERING a disabled hero, Isabel Bueso, before all our eyes with his cruel policies. He is the devil. He is not human.

Rude picture. When Trump is no longer President- whenever that is - we won’t forget the hateful and damaging narrative pushed daily by WaPo. Trump shows he's real snowflake. Her comments are rather innocuous. She called Tiffany fat? Crap, how did these people buy into his crazy BS? It’s beyond perplexing!

Yes, the truth can hurt. I thought she only told reporters what trump wouldn’t do. How is that making hurtful statements

According to Politico she said he thinks Tiffany is fat and doesn't want his picture with her and he hardly knows her. Oh no! Hurtful Things against his Precious Darlings Oh, the horror! To think they might have to endure hurtful comments I bet Trump thinks it’s worse than caging children & treating them like animals

If only it were true for everyone on the network including the evening racist toady cult members and not just the daytime holdouts. Donald Trump is one ugly dude! Is he the first POTUS to wear hair pieces or do a comb-over to hide his baldness. It's been told Americans don't vote for bald men. Let's not vote for any fake hair Presidents either. Their all hiding something and not just baldness.

He seems to bypass congress a lot. Almost as if he were a dictator.. realDonaldTrump is completely delusional. He’s acting like a dictator, get him out of there Nancy Pelosi! Do your job! Impeach this Mother effer! SykesCharlie Analysis: Fox News shouldn’t be commended for five minutes of sanity when boomers are running around shouting “Seth Rich Hillary prosecution white supremacy hoax Tucker Invasion.” 🖕🏼

Wow! No matter how Cavuto's piece is dissected, it can only be described as, AWWWWMAZING! It was factually correct and truthfully delivered. Loved the writing style! Once again, wow (or maybe even a, woweee!).

Tax cut for who? WaPo loves to tell us the sky is falling one of these days Biden is going to forget he's running for office Enough is enough...with those Western instigated 'scum play'. Damn, that must hurt The and all other news organizations need to stop playing balance for the sale of balance. JoeBiden mashing stories together to lift an audience is not at all similar to realDonaldTrump daily corrosive lies.

I was watching a video that Hong Kong polices did give them warnings and asked the protesters/rioters to go home. 中国鬼子来了。

Beto, just wait Biden's circling the toilet bowl now... the surge should come soon... Yes. Biden too busy looking like 1990’s TopGun and not actually doing a damn thing about police violence. Whatever happened to acting like you have the job, before you actually do? Y’all are all frauds If a conservative wrote this, they would be called a racist

I request Mr Trump to resign urself as everything on its height for sake of America From your mouth to God’s ears Eugene_Robinson - thank you for another excellent piece. It's not a dying country this is terrible opinion piece and as usual from Washington Post tabloid fake news Opinion: how dumb! Got’em again SnarkyLive

Trump’s trade war is a lose-lose-lose-lose-lose scenario for humanity.

🤞🏻 Thank God!!! And then let the world & planet recover!!!⚡4 🌎 Bullsh1t lies!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Only in your crazed democrat delusion. Let me see: Amazon makes a fortune selling cheap Chinese products, Trump messes with that business model, Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon gets upset, the WaPo which Bezos also owns then attacks Trump and roots for China. All transparently obvious. Fortunately Trump not deterred.

So it isn't vaping but what vape liquid was made of? 国は死なない。滅びるのは悪徳権力者。 This article is extremely biggoted and incredibly insulting to Japanese. Shouldn’t being a disgusting human being be reason enough to get kicked out of office.

Let's all hope so. Everyone make sure you trumpet this over the next year trumpTradeWar is killing American consumers and farmers Trumps trade war and the FN crazy left already got Trump re-elected. Thank you for your service. Wet dreams... 'Commander in chief' will resign. The greatest president ever!

Womp Womp Not locking children in cages? FakeNewsWashingtonCompost Who will win 2020 Sure 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Or it could win him re-election....gamma slamma At one time being accused by the GOP as Russian would get you kicked out of office. Today 🤷‍♂️ Nope I don't want to wait that long..just get 'no neck Guido' to pay him a visit i mean, and i could win the lottery, butttttt Good if the world is lucky

Not if he wins... Brilliant article. Everyone should read it, both conservatives and liberals. Priorities! So did every media talking head and liberal politician after the death of McCain. And by 'OLd South' what you mean is 'Democrats.' It might be time to go back down south and give them a little refresher course. Kinda ended badly the last time. Barefoot, starving, and begging to unconditionally surrender. lol dicksy

I like Biden, but i don’t think he is fit to be President. Why do you want another old dude that more often than not doesnt make sense?! At least he is a democrat... Step down now please, JoeBiden 'In the space of three minutes, Biden got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong, as well as his own role in the ceremony.' 😖

Really bordering on elder abuse at this point. The guy is clearly having some issues and this will only get worse

😬😯 well thank goodness they have their priorities in order so that this 'game' played by 'student athletes' isn't interrupted (hey, let's see those test-scores and GPAs that got you in...oh, yours didn't actually qualify you to be admitted? so how...? n'mind...) The media trying to start a civil war again. Classic.

Pretty obvious that the mainstream media has tossed Joe to the scrap heap. Peter Parker should be president of USA. I mean just look at dance moves. In other words, he Trumped that story REMINDER: Not all 'conservatives' defend slavery. But all Trump cult members who claim to be conservatives... But those were liberal democrats are you saying that the hate has many names and forms lol

If you want us to start being civil and reasonable again, stop voting for fascists. It’s that simple.

Do you a point? Please don't show up on that lottery losers show. Forget everyone you know and move immediately. Get three decent financial advisors (redundancy and protection from theft) and enjoy new life! I do 15 percent for average to subpar service; 20-25 for good/outstanding; 10 percent fir severely inefficient service or unprovoked rudeness.

Voting Fraud will always be an issue w/o voter ID... Mail-in and Provincial are the cause and extremely hard to verify... But that's how the left likes it! By now we all know whatever trump accused someone of doing, he basically did it! So they should probably watch out for Putin’s hackers messing up the voting machines! It going to be much easier for Putin since there’s no one working at the FEC right now! Trump’s cons have control

Ok? Nobody said she had anything to prove Costco FINALLY arrived in Oklahoma City recently and I AM GRATEFUL. 😃 Negative Tipping: you take two glasses and a full set of flatware Why would i tip if the service is bad Just enough to let them know how much you appreciated their service.

I'm sure they're very concerned A POTUS that attacks it’s own people and institutions is not a president. They're alarmed, but they'll let it continue. He’s dead. Maybe if whatever he was going to be tried with included a possibility of a life after, free, he wouldn’t have chosen death. A media news outlet shouldn’t be working for any politician realDonaldTrump

realDonaldTrump backers working now to relaunch Der Stürmer to fill the Fox void. YM TWISTING MY BOD RIGHT NOW ImpeachmentInquiryNow Let's GO SpeakerPelosi Sounds like a desperate person, who has no qualms about breaking laws and violating our Constitution.

Everyone else - Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Europe - has called his blustering bluff. Fox should too. Most of CNN’s conservative contributors have credibility, among other, problems. McCabe is going to become the new Hilary. Gee, just go over it, around it, fly over or fly to Canada then cross. The Wall is a joke!

What people building what wall? There is no wall being built. Only replacement fencing. How many times do we have to hear this bullshit? THERE IS NO WALL BEING BUILT. TrumpIsNuts Lol! WaPo has TrumpDerangementSyndrome I predict your News Paper will not exist in a few years. Trump2020LandslideVictory

The border is 1,954 miles long. As of 2009, there were 580 miles of barriers in place. Trump has built 0 new miles of wall. 'lie, cheat, steal' to get the job done... we know he lies, we know he cheats and the fact countless people who worked for him claim to never be paid shows he steals... 1:50 ДП · 29 авг. 2019 г.·

Good about time....running out of loyal base folks..... Everyone is thrown under the Trump bus at some point. Every. One.

Whoops! Not sure why the title is so grim. If CNN cannot defend itself against the liars in the Trump administration and the GOP, that is their fault, not the fault of the hire. Trumpites have a strong ability to lie under any situation (see Navarro), McCabe doesn't alter that equation It's simple: Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus. If you lied about one thing, one MUST assume you're lying about all things. I apply this precept to ALL government, ALL media, and basically don't trust any of you fvcks

Hey land owners=2nd amendment comes to mind= where’s your “militia”? Come on puppet, you would like to see that, wouldntcha realDonaldTrump If he likes cages and walls and guns so much, then he’ll sure enjoy his time in the pokey So....we can all say it has been state-tv now, right? When state tv isn't good enough, I'm not sure what else people need to see.

Good for them! And who is 'us?' Stop trying to tear this democracy apart. So the honeymoon is over? Maybe they have decided they don’t like you any more🤣🤣🤣or came to their senses, we can only hope. Fake President!!!

Terrible!! Google results for 'Andrew Luck quitter': About 9,070,000 results Barry was the man....but the team around him wasn’t getting better. He did the right thing. It might help Joe Walsh. Is that not enough? Apples and oranges. Sanders was still playing at a high level and had no serious injuries. Luck has struggled with consistency (interceptions, for example) and injuries.

That's BS. When Barry retired, none of that was said but I see what you are trying to do. CREATE RACIAL DIVISION. WAKE UP folks. This is what the compost wants. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT ORDINARY Citizens. WakeUpAmerica Ah yes. All those boos from fans in Indianapolis is how Hoosiers hail their heroes. Makes perfect sense.

Neither should have been called names period. You do the best for yourself your health and your family. You really can’t help but try to race bait, can you? We all saw the man get booed by a stadium of people. Either way, we know more of the dangers now then back then. It clearly makes sense to more people now as to why a man, regardless of race, would bow out. Smear merchants.

Leave it to the media to continue to stoke the coals. We know there is a serious race problem but continuing to perpetuate it in a divisive manner only makes the tension worse.

Wapo trying to race bait again. What a shocker Barry quit cuz he was tired of losing luck quit for health reasons Who cares? An outrage This is undeniably a good development The Race-Baiters Post What a horrible headline. He was boo’d off the field He was literally booed. This is garbage. Do you guys just make up EVERYTHING now? Luck hasn’t been “hailed” & Sanders wasn’t called a “quitter”. Has race baiting by the media really come to this?

smh...how so...Colts fans booed him.

Complete BS. Я ПОТЕЮ 100 million dollars and pity for the quitter? Those who booed him should put the bucket of wings down, get off the couch, and go play a sport themselves. The vicarious living is why sports fans are the absolute worst kind of fan. God Bless and Good Luck Andrew, And Thank You, it’s been a Pleasure to Watch You Play !!!!!

sounds similar to the 'my dog ate my homework' excuse Yeah almost nobody plays football especially in high school A very good sign of great 👍🏽 American democracy Omg

Is it that one could live in Toledo and not require a full on opiate drip for retirement after one year of pro jock, or is the pain that it is n-word people that are gross with resources? They also just don't understand human decency or loyalty. And they don't have a life! “...posting political points of view that oppose the U.S.” Rut ro. I’m fucked. Hehe

Of course no one can confirm the story with actual facts, and thousands of other students enter w visas and presumably have friends who post some bad shit. So you are running w a story that cannot be confirmed and makes no sense. Trump admits the walk isn't the most effective way to deter illegal crossing but he doesn't want to disappoint his fans .So funds ” repurposed from Pentagon 26 planned project, siphoned off to pay for a wall to please racist supporters that quite frankly can't be too bright

Fact Check: There’s not a single person alive today who ever met someone who lived as a slave in the United States... 😲-'Fore!!!' Keep it coming MAGA2020Landslide “Un-named, Anymous former officials”, “According to unnamed sources”. Give us AF break. Did Acosta text you tips? Oooh, let’s use the word “black” and Trump in the same tag line, It’ll fit the clickbait narrative. Yep, woke is you. Fair. Balanced. Avocado toast.

“You bomb the oil, and then you take the oil.” The Fake News are trying so hard to drive a narrative that POTUS is Crazy. This was tried before and failed but seems they are at it again. The noise comes from the leftist media. We ARE still enslaved. And we’re all owed way more than anything they could pay

Family they never knew. Family that suffered a completely different fate than the woke, privilaged snowflakes of today. International money ('''aid''') would make Brazil beholden to the international 'community'. The us federal government does this all the time to State governments in the us. Good for Brazil. Also, deforestation of rain forests has been on the decline since 2004 iirc.

NOT going to happen. We are way down the road to another COLD WAR with Russian.😉 Good ideal for Russia to join the club beside treating Russia like Soviet Union the cold war is over Is the ball in their court?

Can we please get the entitlement and privilege bottled so I can spritz myself in the morning before facing the day? Wow... Aunt Becky might be going to jail.... This goes to show you how this administration only cares about what’s important to them - even though it’s hurricane season right now- so afraid of immigrants .

They are developing the characteristics of Trump. I hope they know that in the end only Satan wins because he’s not with you, you’re with him! Good. I enjoy the plight of people who have cheated and gotten caught. How many thousands of times have they regretted this boneheaded decision? Hole in one for Zeus.

CNN & Washington post..basters Lololol AND Y VOICE

Y MEANING OF Y STRETCHED RIGHT ARM & HAND PALM UP & BACK & Y SAID Y WOULDNT (PUSH AWAY) & Y REPLYD 'Y' EAR POP AWAY FROM Y MEANS Y 10:32 KNOW YM THAT WAY TOO MEANS Y MY NAME Y SAID WITH M PUT AN ON FOR THAT IG FOP 10:35 ON 188 P(PUT). Doing it legally would set a better example What’s good for the individual is not good for the nation. This is why rules exist. People who break those rules destroy the chances of those who don’t.

Y MEANING OF Y 10:17 LEFT TO YB ON 215 YJEF(10:24 LEFT TO RED ON 1089 27 ALL FUL)F(FOREVER)EV(EVERY)AN SO LEGAL Migrants who want better for their children aren't bad parents. There, fixed it for you. There finally making Washington post ppl get mental Evals !! Long time coming Wow, our oxygen source is burning, and tRump decides to skip this meeting. The world deserves better than tRump.

Of course he skipped it. SMH Well of course he skipped that meeting. Pathetic

Trump and GOP don't care about debt or deficits so long as a GOPer is in the WH and the millionaire class can shift the burdens to everyone else. Once a Dem is in WH, they talk about gutting safety net to reduce debt. Same as always. lol Global embarrassment I suppose free healthcare, college, living wage,reparations, elimination of fossil fuels won't add a penny to the deficit.......hypocrites, Obama doubled the debt without a word from WAPO.

That $20Mil he got to receive thanks to the Colts is a large parting gift for sure! We are making a high stakes gamble on our future with Trump in the WH. The idiot never thought he would be POTUS. He knows he should never have been and we know he never should have been in the White House. The G7 treats him like the crazy uncle whose meds aren't strong enough.

God bless Trump Good for him! there are so many more important things than the deficit The Washington Post : They want America to sort out the mess ? I’m shocked. I thought at least they’d pull together over nuking hurricanes.

Well Poles can be lightning rods..... BREAKING NEWS How ridiculous Manipulators appeared? Very. There is MSNBC contributor: No snitches SundayThoughts Mahomes is on the list. How stupid is that. BREAKING NEWS Fantasy football of Crowd2020: poore to pay for education of .. not yours. Fight not to be homeless in D paradise SundayThoughts

WP sucks The Washington Post is a danger to our society. PAY WALL!!!! Do not draft Andrew Luck How come Obama didn’t do nothing against China? I'd put Andrew Luck high on that list.

Posted shortly after my draft concludes...super Why does it matter that they were a Rory McIlroy fan? Not until I hear from Pipo there's something fishy about these ladyboys Ms Lindsay responds. Your headline is...odd. Y. MEANING OF Y 5 FOR Y ON YB 210 29 Y 620 99 1'HE IS THROWNED' GOIF 38 3 3 OFFICE The left is incapable of civility.

Maybe she should start at home with her daughter, MeghanMcCain She should have taken her husbands seat when she had the chance an didn’t Start with Megan McCain. I cannot follow a woman who stole another woman’s husband. Sure, not HUMAN flesh. EatMoreRodents We need all the help we can get Please don't let him embarrass us, please don't let him embarrass us, please don't let.........

I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t really think a lack of civility is our biggest problem at the moment. Check back with me in 2021 and we can revisit this after we get Trump out of the White House. Wrong person to do it. Great initiative. Impossible outcome, I fear.

Yes it's too late Cindy McCain says she wants to bring civility back to politics. At the time of her husband’s funeral she had her chance. And she blew it. That means her new claim for civility may be nothing more than a ploy for dumping on Trump and on other Republicans. We’ll see. Framing trump as a Russian spy by allowing false intel to justify FISA warrants all while career politicians(like Feinstein)have Chinese spies as chauffeurs and others w/ security clearances are allowed to spread top secret intel through emails from private servers.👍very civil

Why doesn’t she start with her daughter?! which ones are, then? or am i a little ahead of the timeline? Sadly our self made tornado in chief has set us back decades There goes the restaurant I was going to open Silence of the Lamburgers. No it’s not to late, after 2020 and we get rid of (you know who) things will take awhile but there is still hope JustSaying

They still have Dairy Queen’s? Who is starting 1st?

It is not too late BUT it's up to us, not politicians. They're egotistical reelection machines, but we can demand they act with civility, do their jobs, stop wasting our tax dollars on their salaries while they bicker. How? DON'T re-elect GOP or any who're not doing their job. Where was she when her husbands VP running mate was calling Obama a terrorist?!

Weve had congress people not only call the President a Mother Fucker but they cheered for his assassination. Pretty sure we crossed the Rubicon some time ago John McCain wasn't civil Cindy should have a talk with Meghan about civility clean up your own house hypocrites Simple, get Trump out of politics. Impeach or vote him out.

RETAILLIATE Should I just go read “Global Times” instead? 'American's' rooting for China is all you need to know about the looney left. Sad. America and Jew hating communists are the face of the Democrat Party. Enemy of the people.

Oh boo hoo for the thieves(China) As much as he has tried to back down on the ' Im The Chosen One' quip he hasn't flipped on the King of Israel , 2nd Coming of God fantasy he tweeted.Sooooo ...hes still nutz .Hes in way over his head .Lighthizer and Navarro should get the heeveho.😮 She did it the LEGAL way!!! Stupid Liberals

Democrats, whose entire political platform is to increase the power of government to interfere in the market and control businesses, think its terrible that the President presumes to 'order' American companies to avoid doing business with America's main international rival. So, Boyle, a neckbeard internet troll who managed to crawl out from his mom's basement, creates co-depenency from Coleman over the years, which results in a poorly planned trip to Afghanistan. The plan if they get balled up? 'I'll just tell them I know Khadr!' Just stupid people.

Never. They're brainwashed cult members. Trump 'hereby' ruins both countries. Socialists are helping re-elect Trump. Good question! Better question: Can U.S. businesses order POTUS out of the United States Wow...terrible.

When he cuts off all gov. social programs. Its coming and his base will suffer...big time unfortunately we will have to wait until 2020 when the republicans will face the reality of their silence His daughter said sorry dad gtconway3d Unfortunately the short answer is “no way”. For those who being American means giving the middle finger to the government, the libs and the other, he is the second coming.

He does whatever he wants, so far with impunity. He’s a psychopath, with lots of power, and we’re all suffering ever increasing harms as a result of what he’s doing every day. gtconway3d A conundrum never before seen in my lifetime. Sad. Trump is a shameful blowhard. Who could follow him? Still shocking.

It’s not been normal since the media freaked the hell out over an ACTUAL American president Bananas “Not normal” is exactly what Trump voters wanted.

Accept the 2016 results. Trump voters didn’t want more of the same from DC and he is delivering. If his actions are seen to be failures in 2020 he will be voted out. Alright you have mixed it all up. 🌎 is confused. Now it is time to reveal the plan and start tying it all together and reaping the results. There is a Plan? You do know how to tie it all together? You didn't just spend 3 yrs doing this with no plan? Good Lord. Pols are idiots.

Beto: “WTF Press? Asking questions that you know the answers to.” : You’re still failing to acknowledge the import and sociopathy of this president, and that lets him get away with bullshit like this. Hmmm interesting and unfortunate They cant ...most of them hated OBAMA so much for trying... that the love they rained on this trump (if only because he is white with racist under tones) will cause a negative hit on their brains...

gtconway3d When they get burned enough, like his former US farmers. It’s not normal! Trumps destroying America from with in while Putin sits back and laughs. We have become the laughing stalk of the world. With an imbecile driving the bus Trump has done immeasurable damage to the economy. His only response is to dramatically raise tariff taxes on American families. Trump has no plan for China and would rather hurt farmers for a generation and families trying to make ends meet than come to a common sense agreement.

as the ' Chosen One' he can do everything, can't he Yes he can and America would be better off .

veritatis_vox When is he going to order all Dems to death? Will Pelosi impeach then? You can bet the FARM Trump can and Congress can't do SHIT to STOP HIM make that absolutely NOTHING It all Started with America's 1st Commie President FDR I recommend you watch Dr. Schroder discusses The Trading with the Enemy Act in 1994 - YouTube -it may scare shit out of you

Ol' Vagina-Neck, at it again! We don't have great president here but yours is the most dangerous for the planet. Keep calm all true american , karma will strike . gtconway3d They won’t. Never!!! I have s neighbor who repeats everything he reads or hears that’s pro trump.. anything he sees that is negative abt trump, he calls Fake News.. Most trump supporters will be with him no matter how outrageous he is.. Just Sad..

He should go first! He should “hereby order all Trump & Ivanka Trump companies to stop making clothes, shoes, voting machines & ugly gold buildings in China.” The delusions, hypocrisy & narcissism are historic, the greatest ever in the history of our country! TrumpRecession He will be an embarrassment as usual

Trump supporters never say not normal always say all ok😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 AnneRose713 When they get their head out their ass. Well, that would never happen. You know why?, they have this hate built up for years through Fox News and hate filled GOPers and they are getting this chance to show it now with the Orange in charge. It will get worse.

Ok I hope the brothers are together again real soon. He makes our day trading days into rock and roll 🎸💰💰💰 cheers 🥂 to the trade wars hopefully his sons and son in law cashing in on the markets volatility 😂🥂🇺🇸 🥂Our president Trump ! Never Only when it hurts them where they live. 2021_free Probably when he loses in 2020. Because he will say the loss is a lie of the fake media. And how probably Denmark worked to rig the election against him. And despite evidence to this. They'll absolutely believe it!

Not for a longtime unless the economy goes in reverse. Not before the Kool-aid is handed out. When they become normal. When Washington Post will stop this anti-Trump rhetoric? Never! As long as Trump remains as our re-elected President of the United States.

Two dumb blondes. Okay. One is orange. The other is going to be begging for Brentry in the not too distant future. They can both commiserate about their tanking economies. It is Donald Trump who not makes the US stronger but much weaker and ridicules the once determining force in the game of the powers.

We'll see what happens. That I can tell you. Believe me. As the French say, le never. When you people are going to understand that's why we voted and we will vote for him again. His abnormality has exposed the incompetence, the waste, the abuse from politicians. So she’s not “nasty” anymore? Here are two more of the many things this president says that doesn’t add up. If the economy was doing as great as he says it is then why did he invoke the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. OR why did he delay additional tariffs if it wouldn’t affect the economy?

🔻🔹🔻 📰 | 400 Shiites and Afghan Security Personnel Killed and Injured in a Double Attack by Isl:amic State Fighters in Kabul ;; ihe:rebyor:der - Dav:id Ko:ch ;; G6 on Monday? When he tries to declare a national emergency to stop all companies' trade with China, and his voters' jobs are gone, there are shortages of literally everything, and the U.S. currency, along with our stock market, is ruined. They might start to question him.

Has Ivanka cut her ties already? WSJ we should embargo 🔻🔹🔻 📰 | 400 Shiites and Afghan Security Personnel Killed and Injured in a Double Attack by Isl:amic State Fighters in Kabul ;; ihe:rebyor:der - Dav:id Ko:ch ;; What is not normal is how Trump is being treated. Is this the new standard for what can be done to a President?

Now he says they will comply because he has executive economic powers. Resist as of your freedom depends on it. 🔻🔹🔻 📰 | 400 Shiites and Afghan Security Personnel Killed and Injured in a Double Attack by Isl:amic State Fighters in Kabul ;; ihe:rebyor:der - Dav:id Ko:ch ;; Trump is gonna mess everything up!! Its gonna be a huge disaster!! Blah blah blah. Does anyone even pay attention to this crap anymore?

Panic? Man y'all are projecting again.. 🔻🔹🔻 📰 | 400 Shiites and Afghan Security Personnel Killed and Injured in a Double Attack by Isl:amic State Fighters in Kabul ;; ihe:rebyor:der - Dav:id Ko:ch ;; When Hillary “lost” 30,000 emails. That’s when I said “Okay, this is not normal.”

Never! 😘 I’m pretty sure his own party should be doing that- but.....crickets. No, we want tRump to be so bad that no one who has a conscience will vote for him. Whatever - that's why Pornhub is the shit. Trump has some serious issues and it’s goes far beyond being president How about republicans pushing a little bit.

What a waste of time and effort. That’s like pushing a lion not to eat meat. That’s impossible- the insane Trump is out of control! Where are the physical and verbal restraints for the idiot? They should forget pushing him to be better and move that he be IMPEACHED. The man is MENTALLY INSANE. He wants to attack the Netherlands now?

Because I am a consumer whore. Duh. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That is 'Old habits die hard “ Especially among those who think they know it all🤥❗️ 'The economy's in a good place right now. Market's go up and down, but obviously the global outlook has worsened since our July meeting,' Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Clarida says in an exclusive interview with CNBC's

You guys need to start adding “Obviously” to the end of your tweets and headlines. Thank god somebody has the backbone to stand up to the communist Chinese 👍 Trump doing the job he was chosen to do 🇺🇸 Former stockbroker tip: the market moves up and down every day. Do you check the paper for your house 🏡 valuation every 30 minutes? Then don’t do it for your investments and portfolio. It’ll drive you insane. EdwardJones MerrillLynch

We deserve? We deserve to never again see or hear this person The comic state of US politics. Oh ffs. realDonaldTrump

Black Moulton Great job, Trump voters Bullshit! THIS is how greedy people take advantage of situations to make money! This is baloney. People that spew lying propaganda should not be allowed to prance around for $$$ on TV. They should be shunned. Trump is going to ruin America The popular vote loser’s idea of the greatest economy in history

So winning. DISGRACEFUL! 'We deserve'? WTF did we do? And is anyone remembering this? How dare you? Urgh

Yeah, not even going to read the article with this stellar lead in. Rewarding the people who broke the discourse does not repair it. Do better, WaPo. Really, who cares? He made an idiot out of himself working under Trump now he gets to make an ass out of himself with his former boss cheering him on. Same ol' thing.

fuck no....'civil discourse' same ole song and dance from the Spiceman 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I won’t be watching so 🤷‍♀️. Yeah lets support the former drug dealer and tear down the president fo speculative claims nice love the lefts hatred of america woo ho Putting Sean Spicer on a rocket to the Sun is the civil discourse we all deserve.

Absolutely wrong. Nope 👎🏽

Most often than not people will accuse you of something out of ignorance, sinister motives or simply out of anger. Good advice, but it seldom works if ever. Racist, Sexist, Anti-Semitics, etc... FridayThoughts FridayFeeling FridayMotivation fridaymorning FridayVibes This sounds like something you don't want a doctor to say to you.

Wtf lol Buy a Richard Dawkins tee shirt that says “We are all Africans.” Then buy an Anthropology 101 text. Then read it. Dear Post, I was called racist in '15 by someone who knew my wife is not white and kids are interracial. He said all whites are racist and I had to admit it and that I was born with privilege. I was deeply offended by his black supremacy and no longer trust the Left's worldview.

When I get called that, I take my KKK mask off in disgust How about don’t be racist! Do Not Play The Racist Racism Shaming game!! Simple

White ethnicity as threats Your a troll for clicks Washington Post. Old politics involved, accuse the other group of what your doing. Wake up people, your being used. 'If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly.' - Thomas Sowell

Dear Washington Post stop grouping and judging a whole group of people That’s great, because the media has tons to share If are white and someone calls you racist,turn a deaf ear to that talk. My relatives never owned slaves,always worked hard and died knowing that they had done a good job for the families. I have worked hard and passed that idea to my children. No white privilege here.

bullpoop ! i like white people. i are one ! I own it. Then I cite the evidenced patterns of reinforced stereotypes. POC need to quit lounging about as victims and clean up their work and education ethics. If that's racist, sure. I'm racist. Stay accountable for yourself no matter your skin color. You're in charge of you.

The issue is: Wrongs aren't allowed. Had incidence where working 4 a Black nonprofit and must have said something insulting. Had no clue. Yet, when I asked, 'What did I say that made ppl mad?' - they never gave me an answer. Was frustrating. I normally ask, what are you getting out of calling me that?

The only correct thing to do is consider the source and over look it. Unless of course you are a racist then just fix yourself. Ha! Okay, well the only thing constant in life is change, you can change your mind right now the heart will follow. Racism is a mindset White guilt can't cure! Racism is taught, and isn't exclusive to just 'White Community' it's one race. Human Race StayFree SHOWSOMELOVE

and yet it took the media 3 fucking weeks to realize the AmazonRainforest was on fire. 😐 amazonrainforestfire PrayforAmazon akeleven Right on, Gritty Kavanaugh Kavanaugh ! randypcox The evil is in the house you dont belong in a knowledge society. This is discusting, put him away in one of colemines 😠

😱😱😱 Just resign!

Any where he gets out of bed for the rest of his life As we stand here in 2019. We know our history of totalitarian regimes. How come Trump is still waving the Nazi salute? Qantas Airways wants to fly psngrs frm Sydney- NY & London w/out stopping. For psngrs going to NY, please follow the Exit procedure by flight attendants- 1. Adorn/tightly fasten parachute 2. Walk to nearest exit 3. Wait til plane's over JFK 4. Open door 5. Jump 6. Pull chute

Am ashamed of him, ashamed for our country He shouldn't be allowed out the country. He's just a complete embarrassment. Perhaps Poland has some tips to give Trump on how to properly secure borders and halt immigration. Poland is based. He should cancel the trip to prove he is the chosen one because he have to walk on the water and he will sink

Sadly accurate. You mean socialist policies, MoscowMitch, like the $16B you just sent to farmers to counteract Trump's disastrous tariffs? SenJoniErnst ChuckGrassley That’s the plan!!

E Pluribus Unum. “Out of many, one.” Isn’t giving money to farmers socialist? How many more? Oh, wow: McConnell sure throws the term ”socialist” around to justify filibuster (and anything else he does or doesn't do in his job). How fresh We accept that challenge. Bringing back words that use to scare people back in the 40's is a bit annoying. We live in 2019, why can't Republicans be appreciative of what OUR society is? WE are a country of differences that ACTUALLY can get along. ACCEPTANCE is a word that the GOP is afraid of.

MoscowMitch needs to be consigned to the same trash heap as Trump. If I have to choose between socialism and Trumpology, that’s an easy choice. I choose socialism. Bullshit. All bills need to come to a full vote. Everyone needs to show where they stand. It is not MoscowMitch’s job to obstruct the work of Congress. Mitch is not against socialism when he uses medical insurance, or a public road, or uses taxpayer funds for anything else

Well, that just gained more support for no filibuster. Trump's loan forgiveness for vets is a socialist policy. Trump's monetary relief to farmers harmed by the trade war is a socialist policy. The GOP is trying to scare people by using 'socialism' as a scary buzzword. People need to stop falling for it.

RIP 💐💐💐 It is though Yeah, until Trump tells him to roll over and play dead. Senator Graham is a fraud and a coward. Even a better question is why does anybody trust this company as a credible news source when they beat a defamation lawsuit by openly admitting that they were not reporting factual information but reporting their own opinion, I would think that would be a better question to ask.

Yes always trust a new source that beat a defamation lawsuit by openly admitting that they were not reporting factual information but only reporting their opinions... Do they just hand the title of journalists to anyone nowadays? Or do they find that title in Cracker Jack boxes? Lindsey has lost his mind. SC grow a pair and toss THIS clown out of office. His inner Cracker is showing

LindseyGrahamSC should be looking for a new job. His Political career is over.. Lindsey: today would be a good day to come out of the closet!

Lindsey Graham...Did ypu mistakenly bury your courage, heart and conscious with your colleague John McCain? italianewssport IN AMAZONIA IS IN FLAMES, ALL CAN'T BREATHE. Why? Just get out of there altogether. Let them fight it out for themselves. Look at what the last 100 years, and in particular the last 50 years of foreign interference has done for the poor buggars.

It’s.... on the other side of the country lol britain: errrrr, backstop? u sure bro? IN AMAZONIA IS IN FLAMES, ALL CAN'T BREATHE. We’ve had one Alaska, yes Hey America, Just say no to backstops. One day you're muddling your way through a perfectly ok political crisis, then a backstop comes along, and your country literally sets itself on fire. Thanks Britain

vote him out SC. Since we just learned Trump is God, can't he just end the war with his magical powers?

Such an awesome place. You need to give FakePresident Trump a map.... Greenland and Arctic Polo Thawing ....and affect tremending to Canada ... and must to worry people in USA, for this heat record degrees in NorthAmerica .... PrayforGreenland PrayForArcticPolo Hey WaPo, why do you hate America? Why are you tearing down the country with your agenda?

Folks who elected him in, think of what you have done to our country. Its so absurd that I can't believe the 'saga' isn't a cover for something else. The total out of the blue unprofessional novice structure of events stinks of something else is going on. If it isn't a cover..then we have a lunatic President.Either way, we have a lunatic President.

TJSeraphim No shit. Running huge deficits during low unemployment and growing economy will catch up Very good article. Thank you. Looking forward to watching this. Regardless of one’s political perspective, President Obama, as with any US president, deserves the respect of US citizens. Russia Racism Recession blah blah blah blah

Danish police have also wasted money and resources after months of planning security for the TrumpCrimeFamily, when there have been 2 bombings in Copenhagen recently. Nej, tak. I am not a supporter of the “3D chess” theory of trump. But this was so left field. I think there is a room of people at the WH thinking crazy shit up & when he says “I need to get out of this Denmark thing” they present a list of crazy shit & he’s like “Greenland, perfect!”

King of Bankruptcies strikes again. The politcs of “everyday something stupid like you”. Yesterday he wanted to buy Greenland. Today he wants to set free all foreign fighters detained in Iraq. ORANGE MAN BAD - ORANGE MAN BUY LAND IS BAD Why do you idiots think this is soooo absurd? Government have purchased land in the past... they will in the future... BUT the present is CRAZY WHOA WHOOOOAAAA

And I am the God of HellFire! So, Bibi, when’s the coronation ? Will you still be a part of the Trump Kingdom ? “Is not this great Babylon, which I have built by my mighty power as a royal residence and for the glory of my majesty?' While the words were still in the king's mouth, there fell a voice from heaven, 'O King Nebuchnz to you it is spoken: The kingdom has departed from you,” Dn 4

24%. 2.4 in 10 Jewish Americans vote for the Orange Slug. Definitely the king Amazon gulps, swallows and burps? ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW crazytrump It's in the Evergreen dummy. Florida's favorite dumping ground. Then God has some explaining to do! It wasn't a boom time for everyone. Remember the tax breaks? They have to be offset on the backs of the rest of us.

Business is good at Wal-Mart because of poor people. Target is good because Sears, K-Mart and other brick and mortars are gone or going. Why? Less competition. New marketing methods will put more pressure on survivors. Expect more empty shopping malls with the coming recession. Because Florida is polluted

Don’t worry! The “ Chosen One “ has got this! And all the other whatever’s! Will see what happens 👍🇺🇸😐 More like the antichrist they warned us about in Revelations

You are a pronounced enemy of the President. No problem IF you confine that partisanship to your editorials. But, why should I believe a word you print? Instead of carrying on the mantle of journalistic perfection, you have joined the ranks of rags. The Chosen or... The Anti-Christ That's concerning, especially due to polluted areas in Florida. We need to help restore and preserve our biological diversity for both plant and animal lives.

Only reason there would be a recessions if the Democrats create one just to try to keep Trump from winning in 2020 the Democrats TDS it's so bad they all need to go get shots What happens if there is not a recession Maybe they’ve been poisoned🤔😳 Had some kit fox pups like that and vet/game warden said they had distemper

sick sick man! In context- it was not a messianic claim-more like a mission claim. But we expect nothing less of leftist news outlets to play this up. Well, sure if he means 'chosen' by 3 million votes less than Hillary. And by Putin. Sure.

Just a nut job!! Human carelessness or cruelty is most likely to blame. People are garbage. Lyme disease Why does the TWP continue to cover this idiot. He lies about lying. That is all you need to say. You only need one reason. potus realdonaldtrump, he's bullshit manifested as a living orangeturd. Look, America is on life support ….all the rest of the 'normal' business of the government and our nation is on 'hold' until we have a President who is not mentally incapacitated to lead the nation.....25th Amendment......

He need two surgeries. Spinal cord. Brain 🧠 Trump is looking for the Votes of the Middle-class, and the poor, whome he had abandoned for the top 1% . So now he is talking about Payroll taxes Cut. Too little too late, and too transparent. Trump sez DIS. Trump sez DAT. Trump is as dependable as a rabid CAT.

ishaantharoor Italy paving its way to leave European Union.

He's desperate and will do something stupid, that's how he rolls. Cory Booker. U.S. Senator from New Jersey, he was previously the 36th Mayor of Newark from 2006 to 2013. Before that, Booker served on the Municipal Council of Newark for the Central Ward from 1998 to 2002. None of this stuff happened until Trump was elected lol.

“Tweens can bewilder their parents” c’mon now if you’re gonna right an artical about something stupid atleast be able to spell The young people neeed to take control of their future and this is a great way to start. That's because they are living in the stone age. This headline suggests that The Washington Post is soliciting help from China to subjugate our elections to take out a president they don’t like. Isn’t this an indirect form of collusion? Perhaps your new tag line should read, “Democracy dies on our cover page.” Traitorous.

No he doesn't, he is just a moron without business acumen, he is a dunce when it comes to finance. I agree Israel never had a better friend than Trump

What is the real cause behind why person would pick up a gun of any kind and go out and shoot people they do not even know? This is where we should be looking for our solution to this calamity on society. Youth is our future & our hope. Bold. It’s time. YES. Trump has all the cards in the China Trade war. America decides trumps fate not Chinese comies. What an infuriating headline whether our president was republican or Democrat .

He just likes to hear himself talk. Why do we even react? 🤔 You need to change the politicians that are bought by the NRA or nothing changes. It would be nice if civics and American history were still taught in schools so people actually know what is in our Constitution. There are so many proposals here that violate multiple parts of the Bill of Rights that it is hard to take seriously.

The left is trying to pin an imaginary recession on realDonaldTrump Does anyone else find it strange: For the past two years, they've refused to give Trump credit for the economy he built Now they're trying to blame him for a recession that doesn't exist? And yet the media refuses to talk to any of the Parkland victims that do not agree with this narrative.

My (65 year old) generation hasn’t been able to stem the public health crisis of firearms. Hopefully this younger, smarter generation will. I will support their efforts in any way I can.

Thank you MFOLParkland Yeah if you think David Hogg wrote a word of this I got a bridge for sale. Great location. Cheap too 中國人民也希望美國是和平的,不希望美國人民,生活在槍支氾濫的地方。愿佛祖保佑美國愛好和平的人們。禁槍加油 His mission is to create recession, the mess will be handled by upcoming demo 'implement a mandatory gun buyback program' Yeah, no.

It's the least we can do. Well they can shove that proposal right up the orifice. The same activist Stalin approves this message from the Pakland Hitler Jugend. Background checks is a joke. The Second you implement it, the 80%er lowers becomes more popular than ever. Everyone can build their own guns, no serial number, no background check, no confiscation, 100% federally legal. 🤷‍♂️

Sigh.... The NRA owns realDonaldTrump Trumps bone spurs must have spread to his spine. This is disgusting. What a disappointment. When he told that to all those mourning the latest mass shooting i believed him. realDonaldTrump shows his weak and insecure character once again, even failing to stand tall against a significantly weakened NRA and the swamp. MoscowMitchIsHappy

How much did NRA offer for Trump’s re-election for 2020? Walking it back again!!! Well realDonaldTrump proves again he has no spine to stand against nra. A damn organization which is a very small part of population dictates how every person has to live and be scared. A high profile republican is going to have to lose a spouse or child to a mass shooting for any change to be made.

Shocker Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Then why would you let people have guns? We are past the point of having to decide which set of values are most imporant They were never on the table in the first place...that was yet another one of his lies. Wayne LaPierre is the son of Satan. Thank God for President Trump!

Warren is not a Socialist as she's made that clear. (If you think making corporations responsible to their employees and customers and the environment 'socialism' you're stupid.) But the Democrats did mess up in calling for MedicareForAll immediately was/is a mistake as it... We are now criminalizing public service.

Just WHY!!! It was the other way around.

Who could have guessed a Republican would cave to the NRA? Gotta love a President who listens to his constituents. The NRA has proven time after time that they have blood on their hands and they're okay with your family dying for the sake of $$$. The GOP is quick to create a phony crisis with immigration as if it's hurting Americans but look the other way when Americans are massacred.

I don't understand NRA members. Did the NRA buy you nice suits and wardrobes? Cause you bought them for NRA head. Did NRA buy you five star vacations? Cause you bought them for NRA head. Did you think your contributions were going to your benefit? Think again. Trump is made of jello. Did anyone really think this lying buffoon would do anything? trump will go whichever way his donors blow him. maga

IMAGINE MY SHOCK Jedi mind trick So realDonaldTrump I gues we know who wears the pants in this relationship...(hint: it’s not you)! Just think he'll probably get to nominate another Justice by 2024

MoscowMitch robbed America on the scotus You guys are just trying desperately to make him look bad.. with every post or tweet.. ITS F***-ING OBVIOUS Now why aren't Antifa members being arrested. They're doing the exact same thing. Just send antifa to Texas, we'll take care of them. I think the reality was more complicated. He had hoped for overseas approval more so than special tax treatment. The deal fell apart but staying in Trump’s good graces could assist in rehabilitating the deal or another deal. At some point it was clear that wasn’t going to happen

No one is interested in his Mea Culpa. Anyone with more than a few working brain cells saw through Dolt45 immediately. Y’all gonna wear Mooch out b4 he gets a chance to call realDonaldTrump a white nationalist😂 The guy is crashing hard like every other Anti-Trumper, butt sore cause Trump seen through the weasel that Is Scaramucci He’s doing what he knows, finding a camera and spewing garbage

Too little too late. PLEASE, ISN'T HIS 15 MINS ARE UP ALREADY You mean Scaramucci didn't see Trump throw dead spirals through a tire, stand at the top of the key in a topcoat and sink freethrows Say it ain't so.

SO we 'lefties' were right about trump - can he say that out loud? Yet antifa did the very same thing in Portland this weekend while the world watched. The things former employees say about me when they are no longer getting my check. This guy worked for Trump for 5 minutes. Why do the 'respectable' media continue to give him a platform?

It may have taken him awhile but he is has finally hit the nail on the head! True believers are dangerous True, but if you’re dumb enough to get our “facts” from Fox & Friends they’re up eleventy million percent. Doesn’t matter, facts don’t matter to most of people that support him Wages flat too. This is how it goes. We all saw antifa start the attacks, yet the Proud Boys, fed up with innocent people being beaten up, are the ones convicted.

People on the right, in the middle, on the left and in the air or underground are accepting his words. They have been waiting for Republicans with courage to do something. They will be the heroes of this story. Scaramucci InThisWorldTogether No one cares what Scary Moochy thinks How embarrassing for WAPO.

Scaramucci With friends like these... We don't care about the opinions of a failure. Scaramucci is a brown nose loser that was fired before he even officially began working at the White House. Smh. Now...desperate to be relevant he turns on the man that 1 gave him a chance to actually be something(he F'd that up) ..

Values tRUmp avarice. Who would have thought it possible. Cause this new gig pays better.

Trump hasn’t and can’t change. Thus, the bulk of us knew this and didn’t vote for him. Not sure what exactly people saw in him in the first place. WHO CARES WHAT THIS NOBODY THINKS ABOUT ANYTHING? Was he drunk when he said this? You’d almost have to be drunk. Where are these planes where people even have the room to do these things? I'm a short person and my knees are crammed against the seat in front of me, I'm either flattened against the window or hanging one leg in the aisle, and don't start me on the hell that is the middle seat.

Trump just nominated someone who thinks citizens all need to be the same ethnicity for a democracy to function for a lifetime judgeship. But tell us more about the asinine Greenland story that will never happen... Fail Heck, ComradeTrump cannot even manage the territory’s we already have, like Puerto Rico.

Trump thinks he can buy anything hahaha What part of “it’s not for sale” does Trump and Kudlow not understand? Stop it.

I’m full on Naomi Campbell;on airplanes, cabs, busses, movie theaters, restaurants, hotels & everywhere. Now explain how China comes into play. President trump ‘s penis will remain tiny even if he tries to buy another country 😁 I reiterate, my fellow Americans, & Greenlanders alike,“Everything Trump Touches DIES”! The ONLY reason a CRIMINAL, LOWLIFE, SWINDLER like Donald Trump & his Circle would have ANY interest in Greenland is so they can DRILL & MINE, RAPE & PILLAGE it into TOTAL DESTRUCTION & RUIN!

Kids need to know this shit is disturbing Ruling? Just don’t If it’s don’ts, shouldn’t it be dos? Not do’s? Sooo many shitty ppl on planes. Right down to the ones who grab the back of your seat violently each time they get up. I’m not a handle bar! Dear USA, go home. You drunk. And broke.

Kudos Asshole Children are smart, they can sense something is not quite right. Tomorrow after the hang over, he will see the light. Maybe. Cant even appreciate PR... Now you want another island to ruin? I want to buy the White House. The current residents are trashing the place and I think it has upside. I think they should give me an offer. Let's deal.

Oh please !!! Send the fans home early b/c the team sucks!!! Had a woman eat an apple beside me...every. last. crunchy. juicy. bit of it. I thought I was totally grossed out by it...until she pulled out floss and used it to get the pieces stuck between her teeth. THEN I was totally grossed out. thatstuffgoessomewhere

Kudlow is just as wacky as Trump! what a brokers fee that would be. It's is a very good finding. I am reminded of my relationship with my grand children.

It's Sunday evening...CONservatives have run out of beer so they flock to WAPO to tweet juvenile, sophomoric nonsense. (Yawn...) We should do what Chris Rock once suggested in a comedy special, charge $5,000 a bullet. nobody gets thinner when you take away half their spoons Everyone grab your shoes, Who's the WP expert. Hilter?

What are these people 'experts' in? From their obvious lack of knowledge about guns, it would seem that none of them have never even owned one. Start banning the ammunition If they want to stop selling 100 round drum magazines, fine. I got one for my AK that I used literally once before realizing how useless it is. But 10 round magazine limit isn’t gonna work. Make it a 30 rounds. That’s the limit that isn’t going to affect many legal gun owners.

Doesn’t heart disease kill more people than guns. We should be focusing on preventive health in America. Body armor purchase seems like a pretty solid clue to Ill intent..they are all afraid of getting shot back. Hunters could use them to kill and process at the same time. Take back fresh ground meat instead of wasting time field dressing their deer.

Hard to believe anything is “off the beaten path” anymore? MaryMister8 THeinrich22 SaraCarterDC okierx123 TrumpWarRoom NewaiGreen Hmcruzr Trump45MAGA Atheoryoffacts WGinetta drew0388 RealMAGASteve cala_1111. Instead of the real cause. PsychotropicDrugs Cowards Good luck. There are 100s of millions of them already in the country. They are small and easy to hide. They have never been tracked. And we are making them at home now.

More people should carry guns Agreed. Dayton shooter who fired 41 shots in less than 30 seconds, killing 9 and injuring 27, had 100-round 'double-drum' magazine. it saddens me knowing full well that you and others give these mass shooters a platform then say the tool is to blame. maybe if you did some actual reporting you know like getting facts right and going outside you could find out why they are happening and report in that instead

Gday from Australia - we license the ownership of semi auto rim fire and centerfire rifles by need ie only animal culls by pros- as used in mass shootings. Also handguns only for sport shooters - as used in urban gun violence. Old Barcelona meets new in the theater district of Poble Sec, known for its cabarets and nightlife. Tour a civil-war bomb center or check out an avant-garde dance show at a contemporary dance hall set in a 1920s-era palace.

washingtonpost halimlounnas3 Take your 22 rifle out for a spin... Odd that this came out on DPRK_News 14 hours ago? If it's not the plague, its the plutonium. Isn't treatment a possibility for these? This is why I don’t let my cat outside 🙃 I need one for my petting zoo. micky_mo_ i will never visit them things again.

oh no, they so cute tho Well well, it doesn't look like it's the paragon of white supremacy, the Orange Jesus, being solely responsible for the mass murders of late. It also can be laid at the feet of the evomentalists that have been screaming that the 'end is nigh'-as irrelevant people always do.

Chicago every weekend Pay India back Gibraltar Means: United Kingdom !!! 😂😂😂 And it's most potent weapon is the pubah of the USA I'll call him what he called himself at a rally I'm a Nationalist The only man with many words Remember I know alot of words Sure do Bc he repeats himself in the same sentence at his rallies All the time Repeating babble & hate

Can’t believe I wasted my 4/10 free article reading this bullshit Do they both suck? Just saw this film tonight and absolutely loved it! Shocker! Not! What a crock of shit, WP. They were basically bribed to attend, and fined if they didn't. You know that's funny when CNN did their Blair Witch Blitz like how many times, I don't remember you guys squatting about that, but we all know that doesn't fit your narrative, and we all know it's about who pays the bills right which pays for the news that you spoon feed.🤣🤣

Union leaders Despite the obvious violation of Labor Standards (NLRB ), this sounds like a huge campaign contribution from Shell OversightDems ! Want to bet we’ll see photos /footage appearing in a campaign video? Look into this! The MAGA rallies have lost much of their novelty as nothing much really happens at them. Trump's speeches are just meandering butthurt rants that leave everyone more bewildered than anything.

They were paid overtime is what understood , but this is very much like Soviet Union propaganda bs Jeez, what a troll parade. Dictators do that. Take workers out to clap at rallies. A sea of heads. Wait until you see them Boo him for their lost 401k. Uh, what? NO! Sure, why not? Just decriminalise all drug use first and offer free rehab to anyone that returns a positive test and financial incentives to those who complete it.

Wants blonde blue eyed immigrants I think that was Portland, akshually Dude had 10% popularity last time I heard. Bring it. Is he still alive Republicans just pulled a load out of a Porto potty. Well at least we we know what they are How is he still alive?! This is why I will never be an organ donor. Nothing much matters the past administration already bankrupt America👀 very soon everything will crash completely in the entire world!

..bc you got the memo. That and racism. No me explique bien 😢 cuando dije q yo podia hacer bajar wall street ....me referia a una advertencia sobre el sistema de consumo interno mas alla de las exportaciones q son cambiantes en el ecosistema actual 😢 una actualizacion fundamental 😟 Perhaps the two of them can go shooting...

Vice Sad I bet the Bush Family feel about him, the way the McCain family feels about Palin. It's one of those...'it is what it is' moments. What can you do, other than beg the American people for forgiveness!!! goaway Not one sign is pointing that way,,,,,,a major lie WAPO...In your dreams. Wall Street analysts are predicting a recession based on data from foreign economies such as that of Germany, they forget that President Trump's policy has never been to grow in conjunction with the international market as an obligation, but if it is convenient.

He should be arrested for for crimes. ImpeachTrumpNow With or without his handcuffs? “Evil” meets “Stupid” sounds like a Marvel release Of course he is. Not surprised that he would support this realDonaldTrump that we all know is corrupt, accused of rape, the list is too long to tweet. Of course he will.

I thought Bela Lugosi was dead. Well, except for how the Dow drop you peddled last Wednesday has pretty much already recovered.... Remind me why Cheney isn't in jail? Does he want a position in the Trump administration? Evil will always be evil. I'm sure Mr Cheney's contribution will 'Fund' all the sad Racial Hatred across the 🇺🇸 US 🇺🇸, while 'Raising' the hopes of every White Supremacist.

What's more entertaining than a mental midget? That's right, an international war criminal. What does that tell ‘ya? gop has always been evil. Now it’s just easier to see. they are keeping it with credit that in general they can no longer pay ... Welcome to crazy capitalism! Me referia a q todo esta tan bien que si no crecen los sueldos y funciona bien el consumo interno yo sacaria de ahi mi dinero ...pero se soluciona subiendo los sueldos ...en ese caso

Figures The Batshit crazy family determined to help Trump destroy our country and democracy Disgraceful There is NO economic downturn. People are on family vacations, ya bunch of fools. Kinda hope recess does hit so finally his idoitic supporters can start feeling the brunt of their vote. Evil attracts evil.

La recesion economica lo empece a escribir yo y ahora me arrepiento porque me han malinterpretado 😯😐 This is the most idiotic story line the press has ever run with. Just drop it. You’re fueling the fires of idiocy and distraction. It is apparently a stall ... look at the history of this country... he should just leave.

Because that's their daily reality?

Didn’t he lose that? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Idea: Ask him like real journalists used to do. omg I didn’t even know Denmark owned Greenland... 'Viewing territorial purchases as illegitimate isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Nationalism has made fighting over territory more costly, and thus conquest less likely.' Who knew WaPo was a promoter of nationalism?

You bought this hook line and sinker. He wasn't serious you dipshits. He was distracting you lol.🤷🏼‍♂️ Uh... integrity, common decency, responsibility, intelligence, honour. All of which America’s Christian-Fascist government lacks. 6 We are in Age of Terrorism because of USA and it started when Eisenhower was President.

Damn, trolls be trolling. The ignorance seething from their narrow minded responses is obvious. And they say you are full of hate. Wow, that is funny! Keep up the good work! BDS! BDS! BDS! It's not their's to sell. Next.

5 Best chance for a country for Palestinians now - Iran and Iraq give up some and and a Marshall Plan for the three countries takes place. USA terrorized Iran for over 20 years after Eisenhower overthrew Iran because of oil. Israel under Netanyahu has been commuting systematic genocide of the Palestinian people! Wake up ! Often times victims end up victimizing others for the same thing they were !

Maybe because they are descent people and america is filled with white racist congressmen : ( washingtonpost There are some brilliant female standup comédiens in France If it’s caffeine or smoking, they forbid it. So what difference does it make what they call it? So no Asians, Italians, or teens allowed in the cult.

How about m&ms Is subjugation of women still cool? I assume so. Go... Go... To Jeffrey epstein funeral. Religion is dumb

Momma always said green tea is the devil's juice... ”Another Church Exerts Control Over Its Sheep, Again” Fixed your headline. Who the hell cares about what Mormons are eating or drinking? We're in a recession, man! LOL Please pump out more garbage articles like this and then continue to tell us how the white dudes are oppressing everyone. 🐨 KoalaBrain

If it takes anti-Trump sentiment to dial back our subservience to Israel and Saudi Arabia then so be it. Israelis might want to consider that their boy Donny might not be re-elected Possibly one of the stupidest headlines but I'm sure you'll beat it within a few days. This is a rallying cry, one to test all of humanity Do we put money, material goods and yes, ourselves as more important than any species that get in way or do we care for what hasn't been lost, realizing all creatures rely on one another to keep balanced earth?

I don’t see any MAGA responses One day my wife pumped about 8 oz. Of milk Into a bottle I thought it was old Being a good husband I dumped it and washed the bottle She started tearing up I grinned She said 'I swear to God , if you say dont cry over spilled milk I will effing murder you' Said it anyway

So, beetle, you better not screw this up! They're very many in Africa realDonaldTrump Tlaib wrote a letter to Israeli officials desperately wanting to visit her grandma.Permission was quickly granted, where upon Tlaib obnoxiously turned the approval down,a complete setup.The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandma. She doesn’t have to see her now

GOP Dems NYMag nytimesworld liar😳 We need to separate Israel from the present Israeli government. He be bullshitting! Blacks & Hispanics in Montgomery County Maryland: Check your voter registration every month between now and Election2020. A-hole Republicans are trying to purge voter rolls & might 'accidentally' kick off some legit voters. Register VoterSuppression

Great book! we need to fix our 'possession' Puerto Rico before owning anyone else's lives! Next do Oklahoma. You’d have a better story. Then, What denying statehood to Puerto Rico says about USA? It means that all minorities are included in the exclusion in all 50 states. Food for thought, Greenland. Pemboke Massachusetts had one of these too, where the kids were were beaten, it was part of an orphanage on Lake street back in 1962.

Let me guess, the fact that we keep an indigenous people of color so far out in the ocean is racist. Is that wapos hot take? Whaaaaat? Hawaii’s only a state cause Jesus likes to go there on vacation and he only likes America

A reminder that the Olympics is a business and nothing more 2 proud decent ladies who stand for the right and truth, being banned by an apartheid state prooves they are on the right path Good. They're antisemites. Why should Israel welcome people who hate it's very existence? Awesome! Hick was a good Mayor and then governor. He's not in my party but I'd definitely vote for him for Senate. We need more pols who are pragmatic and are moderate in their views.

We still want to see what got edited out of 'The Apprentice'... Any updates on that, WaPo? And Israel is a free and open democracy? Kind of like having an obese toddler and claiming it made the choice to be husky. Cease and desist Gay penguins those eggs need a mommy and daddy to develop properly This is just heart-breakingly tragic. How are these penguin chicks going to grow up in a world with same sex parents? Their morales and values will be completely destroyed.

are they going to run out of eggs? Wow I guess it’s really how you are born take that haters Let's just hope they're not penquiphiles. Question for religious people: Did the Penguins choose to be gay? Peer pressure for having kids FABULOUS! Gay people are always elegant Who?! Powell needs to be fired, we need to get rid of the Fed

Another worthless WaPo opinion

Of course he's scared. The economy is the only thing giving him a chance at reelection. If the economy goes into the toilet or even circles the bowl he has almost no chance of winning in 2020 . Drug him. That's what I'd do. CBD Oil every 2 hours. (WTF, he's a 2 year old! That's what they do! They don't cooperate and they a stubborn! Read up on it stupid mother!)

It's all Trumps fault, his lies catching up on him. Obama was the one who made the economy what it is and mother nature disasters made the rest, not Trump. Talk to other parents. They won't have any advice, but it will distract you for a bit and give you someone else to be irritated with while they laugh at you hysterically.

Great charts and graphs! Always clarifying! Howabout some C&G comparison on..Presidents giving up Top Secrets to the public or to select individuals...over the years..say startin with Truman...and all the way up to and including Trumpski's Nuke Powered Cruise Missile leak?😬 POWELLS LIFE AS THE FED CHAIRMAN IS PRETTY MUCH OVER!!!

Well, Powell didn't kiss the ring so........ If you're a millennial, I'd recommend enrolling your child in goat yoga and then explaining to them the dangers of white supremacy. If your child is unfortunate enough to be white, scold them for their privilege. Also, *Julian Castro voice* women's reproductive JUH-STISSSSSS.

Give him/her back because you don’t know how to parent...

Realize he’s two and get him on a strict schedule for sleep, eating, naps, playing, bath, etc. Routine is huge. Simple: Market up Trump did it. Market down - Fed did it. But, the markets are starting to reflect his behaviour. Trump has been careless with the economy and although the impact might take some time to be felt, it’s been percolating below the surface. Wouldn’t surprise me if it takes a downturn at the worst of times🙌 trade

Tell him that he can one day become president. Get a dog. Suck it up? You’re the parent of a 2 year-old. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Trump has not done much for the economy, it was Obama who did all the good work and Trump took credit. Mother natures disasters made the rest of the economy because of rebuilding, again not Trump. Impeachment for selling out the country.

He’ll just say it’s fake news and his goons will believe it. You did all that work and they’re just gonna set it in the 90s. Current Democrat Foreign Policy: Give foreign powers exactly what they want, don't object to human rights violations if they are done for religious purposes and the rights of foreigners in the US supersedes the rights of citizens.

KashmirBleeds KashmirUnreported IndiaTerrorist run happy? ...and Steven King ain’t one. Trump Is Intentionally Separating The USA From Its Allies. TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk What he means by FRAUD is those voters who don't vote for him Voter fraud. Rigged. He's getting ready just in case he loses. realDonaldTrump IS a Dictator in the making. WakeUpAmerica

Illegal immigrants... Bullshit. Why do you call these bs columns “analysis” when they are ALWAYS progressive dem propaganda?

Why? Because Trump and Republicans BENEFIT from Russian and other foreign attacks on our elections. The paper that invented imaginary Russian collusion, calls out imaginary voter fraud. - Ironic Russia works for Maga Focus Here: Real election security means voter ID to vote and proof of citizenship and residency to register.

realDonaldTrump Idiotic Just call it voter suppression, like normal people. Dowjones hit 52 week low in 30 days The majority of pregnancies are NOT because of incest or rape- so for the majority, just don’t get pregnant.

Hey Wapo and Bezos, we want to see your tax returns! Ummm, did you forget that many on the left media were calling Dom jnr that? Pettiness... And Fredo wouldn't have been so bad if John Cazale hadn't been such a stunningly gifted actor. The “Hey Siri” response was epic yesterday 😂 Did she get all glowy like those people in Iron Man 3?

This is still a communist country, right? No discussion of how the wife of a small-city police chief can afford a Porsche and designer clothes? Maybe the Chief wasn’t sacked for his wife’s behavior after all... Peasant in a Porsche.

The wife exploded? a lesson for us all here - do not light your wife on fire especially if she is combustible in an oxygen rich environment such as China 'Chinese police chief fired after his Porsche-driving wife' :D no corruption at all The right to decide about the own body and future is about fundamental human rights People die due to lack of nutrition but woman are forced into pregnancy and parenthood to save the life of an embryo? What kind of evaluation is this? You can´t argue human right against abortion

People are fed up. Not of 'lack of firearm control' which we do not have in the United States of America but the insistence of anti-firearm zealots saying 'We have to ban the firearms!' even though 99.9%+ of them are never used in a crime nor linked to a crime. Oppression of vulnerable women That’s not an accident. The trick is to keep it legal on the books but keep it out of reach in any practical sense.

Less focus on what the Chinese make would be nice- let's worry about our U.S-infrastructure Issue Bonds etc... High Speed rails,Bridges you know the rest. He's ridiculous. Cuomo does not speak for all Italians. No comparison with the N word. Cuomo is a D grade journalist & privileged brat. His success is a result of his bloodline...I'd say Fredo isn't terribly off the mark.

ChrisCuomo this is not what you preach on CuomoPrimeTime. FREDO 😁 Godfather

Yes, because an insult that's based on a movie that's 40 years old or so is totally as loaded as the n-word. Chris Cuomo overacted but I’m glad he dressed the idiot down. Good. We’re ALL ChrisCuomo. FredoCuomo needs anger management & racial sensitivity training. if they have to do this,why they had done that

FakeNewsFredo Cuomo is worried about an Italian Mafia stereotype...while threatening to throw someone down the stairs. There is a silver bullet. Make gun ownership illegal. Start a gun buyback with an amnesty. Do that and gun violence will virtually cease. What you really mean is that no politician has the balls to do it.

Good for him

While Fredo the fictional character was being shot to death while on a fishing trip, BLACKS were being shot, raped, stabbed, lynched and beaten, all while being called the 'N' word. So it's not the same thing TheGodFather Fredo They should. Even if they don't want Chinese market, they still don't wanna piss off 1.4 billion Chinese.

Why Money is making them rub their nose in mud tossing aside their own National values :) I support him. “Fredo” should only be used in reference to Don Junior. Chris Cuomo is a big boy, he deserves the heat is getting for this. That said, it is funny how hard Trump’s cult goes after CNN. Almolike they are just doing what their Dear Leader told them to do. Trumpism is a cult.

Keep your eye on the ball media. Let’s not waste time on media personalities defending family against racist tropes. I'm sorry if this hurts the delicate sensibilities of people who are above me, but some people honestly deserve to get tossed down the stairs. Why? Because when I tell them to STFU, they don't listen.

Wish he went through with it.

He will forever be called Fredo. Here’s the difference. Fredo: Can mean anyone who shows a lack of intelligence. Or is accused of betrayal. Doesn’t have to be Italian. N*gg*r: You know they’re talking about a black person. Period. Fredo ChrisCuomo Put god and teaching respect of country back in schools.

Well-written real-world analysis. We’ve got to start somewhere. There are almost 400 million guns in the US & our population is about 330 million people. We account for 46% of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms. It’s a tremendously huge amount and not an easy way out. Why do gun owners think people should be tied by name to an automobile but not a gun? The 2A says nothing about anonymity.

I thought only agent orange promoted conspiracy theories... Rock Quarry: Lime disease is what happens when Screen Actor Guild terror soldiers, news media, and screenwriters are found to be terrorists, in the limelight, investigated. Other news media comes to aid, puts out a Lyme Disease article, instructing other soldiers to intervene.

The Clintons killed Epstein Obama was born in Kenya Q Do we really need the Washington Post adding to the conspiracy angle? WAPO CNN and Fredo - the Kings of conspiracy theories. What? Please tell me this article isn't normalizing this kind of crap. Yes all ancient astronauts say yes, Democrats keep away from me, sorry folks they bad

A Beijing intevertion would be for the reestablishment of law and order. If people of Hong Kong want less interference from China, they can achieve it by non violent means. Those who are causing disorder do not necessarily represent HK. Yeah, the part where you have an autoimmune disorder and you’re diagnosed instead with Lyme and get stuck going to quack doctors.

Sure, why not ? Have we truly become the Bizarro world ? (Or Upside Down world, pick your metaphor) Spoiler alert: No, idiot. Tons Best news I’ve gotten all day

Anyone seen him since the sweat shop interview ... little chance fat boy is capable of running in 2020 Probably not more then the moronic Democrats. never anything out of their mouths is true TrumpsBodyCount Yes but those who need it could they afford it? Is it just me, or does Epstein look like Obama in whiteface?

WaPo can't sell newspapers, just failed because a billionaire bought and subsidizes to impose their agenda, and want to teach the world's biggest sports league how to run their business? Quite frankly... Has there been an NFL preseason in the in the last 40 years in which this article was not written?

youcnbmywingman People are sick of Trump’s trade war, racism & incompetence. That is why they will dump Trump by voting Bill Weld, the only alternative to Trump on every primary ballot. For the 1st time since 2016, farmers & veterans can vote directly against Trump by voting Weld. GOPrevolt Would work if it werent for the fact that youll get murdered if you try to help people in Africa with ebola.

How convenient for tRump!

You could do away with all of it. Football=🤮🤮🤮 If you believe in Jesus, you have to wonder how he would have been treated according to those rules. Her Gobbles The USA spirals into chaos over a period of time that is equal to the time that Senior Congressional Members have been in Congress. And we wonder what could possibly have gone wrong. Meanwhile, they thread needles of profit through carefully crafted verbiage Eye-let legislation.

I'm going to buy you in print so I could wipe my ass with you. You're not the only one smearing. I wouldn’t use this newspaper (WP) to change my cat litter box😦 Can’t read your shitty article What to know about Washington Post. Millions off of fake news and much more. 1st thing comes to mind is, how much will his family and friends benefit from all the US taxpayer money coming his way!

And I dont trust em. 😜

PeruLlamas you are the 10% He should plan a 'register to vote' festival. all racism kills and is bad. dont single just one out. the real problem is mental health. but its more political convenient to try to attack trump again. as you act like your against his hate. you spread more hate and lies. By all means continue with your kosher polish grass drags but...

realDonaldTrump narcissistic Racist is THE leader of white supremacy in the USA, the Grand Dragon ! SepZomorodi WHY DO YOU NOT TALK ABOUT Smoking, Alcohol, Drug, PORN, Premarital Sex and Extramarital Affairs Oh......Got it !!!! You don't want to lose your freedom. But..........OUR AMERICA IS CRYING FOR HELP. WHO CARES ?

When Nelson Mandela is played by Daniel Craig, then we will believe that the era of racism re the allocation of stage and movies roles regardless of race, has truly come to an end. YASEEN - SOOTHING RECITATION. Joe_Tbc

What's your point? Wouldn't you be upset if you were labeled a racist and it wasn't true? MonicaHesse The guy felt guilt, and couldn't take it anymore... that,s ALL. end of story. MonicaHesse Whether JeffreyEpstein deserves to be a conspiracy theory is beside the point. The point is whether some of his powerful friends who may be implicated in his crimes had something to gain by taking care of him in one way or another. EpsteinMurder or EpsteinSuicide?

The brand label that stokes the Media’s fury, FAKE FAKE FAKE. MonicaHesse усматриваю у Эпштейна были соучастники-крупные 'дельцы' по бизнесу в России, но теперь о своих соучастниках он уже не сможет рассказать MonicaHesse WTF does that mean? MonicaHesse MonicaHesse Media on Epstein: Not a conspiracy. Literally everyone else:

MonicaHesse Monica, you turned him into a 'conspiracy theory!' MonicaHesse At NYC prison the guards say to Epstain : try again you will be more lucky

MonicaHesse WaPo is ignored by anyone to see unbiased news His brand has many shoes ....xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, narcissistic, despotic, etc. own it The label that is used when you're to damn stupid to reality, or when facts is given or you're losing a debate. MonicaHesse It's not about whether someone 'deserves' a place in a conspiracy, but whether they, or others, conspired to create something to happen.

MonicaHesse Monica went to the Island MonicaHesse correct he deserves much worse MonicaHesse How do we know Epstein is even dead, billionaires get new identities all the time ? MonicaHesse wow sure is a lot of; 'nothing to see here folks, move along now...'online today. MonicaHesse You don’t get what you deserve, You get what you negotiate.

MonicaHesse He is very conveniently dead of “suicide” all the same.

MonicaHesse Whatever happened to... MonicaHesse More of the elite mainstream media purveying what they want us to think! MonicaHesse His accusers have fingered many other powerful businesses men and politicians, none of whom will now see jail And for WaPo to continue claiming racism just shows how out of touch your fake news publication is.

MonicaHesse Correct, however the victims (innocent victims) need the truth, as we all do. MonicaHesse Um....sure...lol. Why so bent on the issue? MonicaHesse He was for a decade so why stop now? MonicaHesse lmao. come on guys MonicaHesse I’m happy she was able to obtain some justice from those ugly trolls that tried to make a mockery of her, she did not deserve to be treated that way.

Something like this, should make you think about you're medical care systeem. And what's needed to fix it. So this won't happen again. This is not trolling, it is a struggle that will intensify with a fall in living standards. Trump and the democrats behind him?) Understood this before everyone else. Great, but wake me when they are able to COLLECT. I suspect funds have already been buried.

Sadly this is going to be the norm in the future. Im disabled and I need a wheelchair to get around. If I lose my disability, I will have no income. The end result is i will be homeless. Your going to find a mass amount of suicides across this country! !! Are you guys racist ? Hillary? In the United States, very good high-resolution camcorders and we don’t fork the shooter's face.

… sounds like global warming is behind this trifecta of bad news... 🙏❤️😞 IlhanMN said the US was worse though.

Somalia is a cursed country. A blind suicide bomber! How did she know who to detonate near? Horrible Botox? I'm gonna need to see the body & DNA Test..after trump sosay high profile fundraiser in/with Florida with billionaires...the only guy to bring them down hard. Dies the nextday/machiavelli type shit..

What’s the term used in France...he was suicided Bill Barr's DOJ will almost certainly discover that Obama did it. Not really, but at least I was able to post this gif. Zlatan’s always all about Zlatan bethreinhard Thoughts and prayers? No, never mind! He can take his chances!

HAHAHAHA Would you rather sound like Hitler in 1934, or Stalin in 1934? Is this legit? Literally trying to make ourselves psychic instead of just addressing the problem. And the more I like the separation of church and state I really don’t care. He could disappear tomorrow and I literally couldn’t care less.

Lock him in a cage. Duh. Didn't that dhimmi have to kiss Muslims feet? The British said the same thing about us. The left is attempting to brand all patriotic Americans nationalist's.

Anything about abortion big guy? The the wisest comment yet. Catholics please please please listen to the man that God put on Earth to be your moral compass. Please! RickSantorum marcorubio IntelCrab Hypocrite I hit a paywall😭😭😭 I wish he’d come and talk to my parishioners. I hear a lot of this talk from them!

TAX THE CHURCH. JUST SAY NO TO RAPISTS. The pope should talk about the incarceration of immigrants Families separated! Get with it pope! nice of you to notice Padre, what does this anti abortion anti contraception nonsense found nowhere in the Bible sound like? well, if you characterize property as 'plundered,' do you have any rights in it at all? don't our Western values frown on plunderers?

Wow. Really?! I can’t read the article cause you know, paywall. I’ll just assume I’m better off for it. Remove your article limit so people can read the article and get the joke IntelCrab If the Pontifex is against nationalism then sign me up! I wanna be 1 nationalist because this pontif is wack All you $250,000 a plate Trumpers listen up. When the history of this administration is written there will be a ch. dedicated to those who saw the cruelty inflicted on children and not only did nothing to help but actually paid for more. Will your children be proud or disgusted?

Puke. This man will win Texas. Period. MembersOfThePressWTF NewKindOfPolitics Beto2020 Texas is all about guns, eating steak, and big trucks. You're trying to take away all three. Texas will never be blue Any illegals in Texas? A blue Texas? I hope not!

Plutocracy Sure it will, Dems are out breeding Republicans. Duh Give it a couple more years for the anchor babies to reach voting age. This nigga is a day dreamer. Period. Bullshit! Ah yes, this is what we all need. When does the theme park open? Was it served in the Dominican Republic? Gukkie_patooTae And it will only get worse.

The Washington Post, has quite the fixation with Russia! I wonder if they're colluding..

Furthermore whatever he faked on camera was utterly negated by the callous, bitter tweets which he posted before, after and in between visits. This man does not deserve to be President. Trump blames everything but his own words for hate in America? He's the one who started stoking hatred on people of color & neighbors across southern border? Check his tweets & speeches last 2 years, but now playing different personality? Please GROW UP!

Your day will come, and from the looks of you it will be soon and of course I won’t have any empathy for you!!!! the sooner the better I don't know about that. It seemed to be faux outrage to spread propaganda about a faux bias. Opinion: WaPo’s stunning lack of a soft, quilted print edition leaves Americans with no choice, but to cancel their subscriptions and stock their camp toilets with actual toilet paper

He's a narcissist. Has always been one NicoletteErasms Dan1v11 For anger is blindness, and does not suffer one to see the face of any man with truth. As usual. Now that we have defined callousness as the act of separating children from their illegal immigrant parents when will we apply that same standard to children separated from their citizen parents sentenced to prison? When did punishing criminals become taboo?

Mr President, you're just not capable of compassion or empathy ! Why not ? Youre grotesque. The very nature of a condolence visit is empathy. All types of personalities show up. Doesnt make any of them non empathetic Your stunning lack of journalism is grotesque.. I fixed it for you. The very image he wants posted.

It's fucking disgusting Let history note all the disappointment Americans seem to have with this president, when it's time to vote, don't bring back this idiot, a whole nation's credibility is at stake If everyone now feels so strongly about the trumplout's behaviour why did only 51.8% of the american electorate turn out to vote ? what kind of president did they expect, FDR ?

I'm sure doctors would like to research Trump's personality in depth. He’s a malignant narcissist. He is devoid of empathy. It is natural for him to behave this way. He can only feign empathy. His days are nothing but the craving of attention of any kind, revenge, and sadism. BS opinion

Sadly, in the narcissist’s mind, they will believe everything is either about helping them or taking them down. Trump seems to believe that these people died for him. The reality is that they died because of him. Wow!! You are awaking. Trum stokes racism and incites violence. He is responsible for these incidents.

This is I love being a liberal; being able to embody everything we claim is wrong with the world and yet the media will still have our backs. 🤤😈 Lol you've male bashed a long way, baby Totally! And once the 'toxic masculinity' trend is over we can look for something else to blame for our laziness. All this phony junk in the movies.

Define toxic masculinity 😂😂😂

Talk about helicopter parenting! Holy cow! Yeah, I'm gonna work and fork over my money every week to Hollywood for their feminist activitainment and propagandizing lectures from millionaire actors. What's the fucking point then? Did no one inform them that gaming is a multibillion dollar industry? And we all know that this administration favors big business. But, I guess if it’s between big business and their necks, their necks will win every time.

Media Creates Truth. So did everyone who played super Mario go out and eat a bunch of mushrooms There arent many mass shootings in Europe or Japan where video games are also popular Interesting just how many of these mass shooters are huge fans of the violent gaming world though. Isn’t it WaPo? well it could not possibly be any one's problem so let's blame video games, how stupid!

Strategy of Fear - Jan Theuninck, 2001 Well, they’re prob the largest group that doesn’t have any rights, so yeah. The Complex of Military Industry. Aren't there the local governments, the Turks and the Russians? No surprise there SHOCKED It's Called, Me, Myself, and I... right..... Who else would they be about?

When isn't it about Trump or his campaign for his next election? Those videos are an abomination. Analysis: Political news articles today are also mostly about Trump.

This will be very confusing for ghosts. Bill Clinton - great President! 🤙🏼 Looks like someone sucked the life right out of Ol Billy... Everything Trump does is about Trump. Need much more than that including rigorous background checks linked to high risk psych/behavioral databases. Anything less unlikely to work.

Trumps Fault too? Knife Ban... EnemyOfThePeople KOCH!!!!!!!! Correction. Almost all!!! It’s amazing and saddening how a person is willing to stain his/her own soul by doing this. Stop the hate, the seed of evil won’t grow if you don’t spray it with hate. So were the owners arrested as well? Hiring illegal immigrants is against the law.

This is ethnic cleansing America style. trump and the GOP are on the path to killing these people. SpiroAgnewGhost It wasn't 'some.' It was 'most.' Another chickenshit fail by MSM. 'The media won't report this because it doesn't fit their narrative.....wait, is the Washington Post part of 'the media'?'

If they broke the law so did Joseph Grendys. Koch_Foods KochFoodsMS The gestapo has returned. There needs to be background checks on knife 🔪 purchases. Ban knives This sounds delicious 😋 I don’t recall any other time, since I’ve been on this planet, when other country’s would advise caution if traveling to the USA!!

I chose between motherhood and art. I chose art.

This guy made my day. Thank you good sir. GreenShirtGuy Whoever wrote the headline made it sound like GreenShirtGuy does this all time. “Laughs” instead of laughed. It is subtle but dishonest journalism. As a long time subscriber, I expect more from Who the heck would want to come to US, our president hates all other nationality

The GreenShirtGuy is fabulous. Guy looks like a tool bag from Tucson for sure Jobs over politics. That's the biggest fight in America. People have to live!! Nothing to worry everything will be fine I request to Kashmir keep calm and patient every Indian stands with you One India United India So the speech was all about getting a headline. Who is surprised?

Media Creates Truth would like to thank the New York Times for the best example this week so far. “Trump lashes out...” is the theme to his entire disjointed presidency.

“The credibility of the mass media has never been lower.” - Mark Levin, Unfreedom of the Press People need to show up in droves to protest this sorry excuse of a man. And El Paso shouldn’t spend a dime on security and traffic control. Let the secret service handle it. Autonomy? Contested region? Where are you from? Mars? Kashmir is an integral part of India, period. Why don't you do something constructive to stop the mass shootings over there?

Duh “The media function as a propaganda tool for a single political party (i.e. Democrat).” - Mark Levin, Unfreedom of the Press Why do you report about him like he's a legitimate president instead of the criminal, foolish racist that he is? Whiner in Chief They hurt his widdle ego So it seems Josephine slickenteur was right again. This is awesome. Guys you should follow her, she does excellent geopolitical and political analysis. All her predictions and analyses have been accurate. Fascinating.

We will win. So much for Separation of Powers. If States have a higher standard for placing candidates on ballots, that's the right of the States. Coward Yes a republican hang out you won't catch me in! KKK prospect recruitment zone. Starting to think Trump's 'most transparent administration in United States history' claim is bullshit. Then again, I think every single syllable he utters is bullshit, so there's that.

Just keep your promise, Trump and show them. They can’t be worse than what we imagine. We know you lied. Crooked Trump, won’t show his returns b/c they are not good; if they good he show them. Supporters know he is crooked, some believe God sent him, even though they don’t believe in sainthood, they rationalize him into a saint. Others don’t care, just want to stick it to you, edu

Ummm what’s in those returns? His plan is to issue orders to his cells...he telegraphs the plans with every word he speaks.

Really Venezuela? Your citizens don't have access to food and you run them over with tanks if they protest the government. Laughable. WaPo = Russian Propaganda Ya think? If your not white don't go to America is that the warning Heck no. You foreigners are better off staying in your own country. This countries gone to pot since all the illegals came in here.

How far down has trump taken this country? This is just another in a laundry list of how far. We used to be the ones who issued travel warnings to several dangerous places. And now it is them warning their citizens about traveling to the U.S. Hope the MAGA's are proud Good maybe they’ll keep the illegal aliens out❗️

Hmm, it's not safe going to Mexico, Brazil, France, Britain...... They all voted for him. I have no sympathy. Maybe they should sell their farms to people who aren’t as gullible as they are.

Central banks break the agreement on the regulation of prices for precious metals The megaphone of the DNC with some more of their insightful Analysis. As well they should be. This clown could mess up boiled water. Social media experts... Countries are warning their citizens NOT to travel to America due to gun violence & hate crimes This is how far we've fallen under Donald Trump MAGA? Give me a f*cking break ImpeachDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump GOPLeader senatemajldr

Now let’s just hope they remember who caused all this when they go to vote in November 2020. Hopefully the remember how normal life was for the 8 years under Obama, then realize how quickly that changed when the moron came into office and vote accordingly. Good thing they have the tariff money rolling in now thanks to TRUMP.

How did he get into so much debt? And.....?

Still....after 2 bailouts? Guess what, trump & Congress! These are the ONLY TRUE AMERICANS-Native Americans. All the rest of us are IMMIGRANTS! Especially you & your wife, trump! My family has been on this land for 9 generations but I know we’re immigrants!!! Not like you weren't warned. Yall really like to pretend that rural America = good white people and them only.

I dont give 500 fucks. Some of em have 300000 acres. I dont have 1 acre. Sad, but they're probably the one who voted for him because of the evil socialiste Democrats 🙈 When the shit hit the fan 🤘 They voted for a conman Wait until No Deal Brexit. Watch UK farms suffer the same thing. Then watch as international banks and international finance groups and agri-big business consortiums swoop in and buy up all the farms and land cheap. Thats the plan. Dont say you werent warned.

Trump too visit mass shooting areas: Toledo and Austin.... hmmmm The world also recognizes us as the bastion of freedom and liberty. So maybe.... just maybe.... those two thing are connected.

The world thinks our abortion laws....for any reason until birth....are crazy, too. trump : Divisive, misogynistic, accusations of rape, racist, sucking up to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un. Farmers losing their land and their livelihood....is this the thing that will finally open their eyes to trump?

WONDER if they realize he's NOT HELPING THEM..BUT I BET HIS HOTELS ARE NO LONGER IN THE RED!!! Their votes have consequences. Trade wars are dumb They are brave warriors who fight for the greater good. 'you reap what you sow.' Soybean Farmer's in Minnesota are suffering! They have no livelihood now Thoughts & Prayers

Wompity womp womp Trump’s base. MAGA

There are gun laws in place which were broken Murder is a law, that was broken.... Its a mental health issue. Until you realise that and stop using tragedies to push dem narratives, nothing will change. Real Americans give zero fucks about what the world thinks about our laws. WaPo Opinion pieces hold as much weight as a chain-link wheelbarrow.

And they better remember that if they don’t like socialism then they’re not getting any freebies either. Well when you vote against your own self interests...🤔😒 No no no realDonaldTrump love the Farmers 🚜. White Nationalism has its price. Enjoy your poverty. It’s beyond me that one would feel the need to own a gun in the first place; but the fact that weapons such as AK47 are available and that the legislation is so permissive is ridiculous.If ppl insist on owning a firearm, at least make it hard to obtain+only make small guns avail.

China just dropped all American farm products in Trump's trade war. Things are not looking at getting any better. Trump doesn't care. He thinks he's winning. TradeNotAid These farmers should rejoice because it's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is falling apart.

And no where else in the world do people have the rights we have here is it they think it’s crazy or they’re jealous there’s a reason people will do anything to get here stop pushing your agenda Vote GOP Out ! Shameless GOP ! $$$$$ Over Lives ! Drama by a politician. Mourn with class, please! 🙄 ETTD Why isn’t he being challenged by JulianCastro or BetoORourke - neither of them will be potus but one of them can beat this piece of garbage. feelthebern

Actually, he's choosing his own perceived self-interest above all else, state and country. But this isn't a surprise, since he and the rest of the GOP caucus has been doing so for many years. And they will continue to do so, until they are voted out of office or die from old age. Obeying Kremlin Here is another that needs to go. His own people and it seems he could care f**king less. Wake up John, they put you in office, and they can damn well vote you out!

Let Cornyn go down along with the racist president. The name John Cornyn will be remembered in history as rotten as the criminal name Trump.

Does it feel or look like Trump is making America great again He didn’t condemn white supremacy. He read a statement that someone else wrote ostensibly condemning white supremacy. He is only trying to slow down illegal immigration 'no more no less...' The left is speaking Hyberbole and taking advantage of the murders past and present for political gain

Trump's 1991 statements about blacks were horrendous and unbelievable....but everyone seems to have amnesia. The quotes were in every newspaper that year. “Critics”? Really?!! How about “rational people”. Ya think!!! We all owe a debt of gratitude to the skeptics who have courageously disputed the global warming/climate change hoax and to President Trump for his efforts to educate a public that has been deluged by a massive deception.

Most think this is due to emotion. Some of us realize it's because he's a virtue-signalling fuck up, and he doesn't know how to translate that into proper political positioning, in that particular moment. I do 'Beto Stupid'. Last I checked TRUMP CARRIED TEXAS. Who in the hell in some DC paper to tell me what MY SENATOR did or did not do FOR ME?

That'll increase his odds of losing his Senate seat so knock yourself out John. See you in 2020. Hope it’s worth it in the end! All these scared white old men. SMFH His critics should start preparing to say LandSlide2020! MAGA Critics don’t say that. People trying to divide America and incite violence say he inspires it. Nobody actually believes that.

There is no difference between Trump and a radical Muslim cleric, because they both are inciting young people to kill, and hate in their name. Boy you guys are off your game. He didn't condemn it, rather he underwrote his approval by not speaking directly about the events at hand. He is starting to mouth the right messages, except in his disgusting rallies. His mainstream messages may be more civilized, from here out. But watch what he does, tweets, and says at his rallies. Those are the messages from his true, evil heart and soul.

not even better late than never Has he finally twigged or was he forced? Better late than never. Well it can't be true if it's from critics, thanks for pointing this out. Maybe if you had similarities between Administration statements and mass shooter manifestos/in-court admissions we could solve this puzzle.

About time JRubinBlogger I got Donald Trump from the 6 JRubinBlogger Why are you inciting violence? And, its fear mongering is even stronger! Survivors of suicide ? They even fuck that up ! Suicide survivor doesn’t even sound right. Like a Kamikaze pilot with 27 missions under his belt. They say a botched suicide is a cry for help. I think a cry for attention is more like it. If a person truly wants to die, he does !

I'm just trying to reclaim my indoor space. National Crisis 101: Inflated national debit, opioid deaths at 2x the rate of mass shootings, mass shootings, homelessness, flooding and wildfires, income disparity,etc., etc. (The Golden Age of Enlightenment...?) The qouran say don't kill the sole god forbideted alah sad in the qouran that's very wrong . how ever does that only bought for them self svear hell with out fire the cold one hell .Iz that Right.

Another senseless story from a fraud newspaper. 4 real stories out of 10's of thousands published. WaPo that is not a good batting average

have strangers come in a shag on your bed then pay a maid way below living wage to clean them amd trust she's in a good mood today. Excellent :) If i had Trump as President............ After all, everyone understands that Trump is trying to take away weapons from the population. Well, at least the gateways did not open and did not flood California as last time.

I just want to know where to find one of those dense pillows that weighs like 6 pounds. Love those, can't find them anywhere but in a hotel. Hire a hotel trained home keeper? Inside Congress Like RepCummings did? 🤮

Still the squad...so not so much. Ban assault weapons. Owning a gun and owning an assault weapon are 2 completely different things that should not be lobbied as one in the same. Hope Texas hangs em high!!! According to manifesto suspect was anti-mmgration, climate change activist, anti-capitalists and a deep hate for Republicans and Democrats! Hate crime!

This is another individual of the President's private terrorist group which he leads by inference, coddles to constantly and refuses to denounce This is Trump terrorism and we must stop him. why don't you say it? the man slurs his speech which is a sign of having a stroke. sayit They didn’t learn Trump has the blood of those people on his hands.

And not one of you consider it was a Clinton induced hate crime against those smelly walmart deplorables? Sounds more on the money to me... Authorities identified a man in custody as Patrick Crusius, 21, according to two law enforcement officials familiar with the inquiry

One might say they were..... GONKED gonk We as ppl don’t know how to communicate face to face. Many of our children turn 2 social media 2 vent instead of talking to their parents. On the other hand parents are too busy with cell phones, n work to make time to listen n show genuine interest in their children.

They just yell racist In Trump's world , we are all under attack. Black, Brown,Moderate, Left and Media. Are you saying that the squad handled realDonaldTrump's comments by attempting to convince Americans that they are NOT the new face of the Democrat Party? The Media making people crazy with all their negativity and lies. People can’t handle it, so they snap. Supposedly republicans love Walmart as per the Dems, so the crazy shooter might have been a Democrat who went crazy. It’s getting out of control already, just saying 😞🤔

Why do the cops even try to take these criminals alive? Another white nationalist trump supporter acts on trump’s persistent racist attacks on people of color. Lets hear you say; WHITE SUPREMACIST TERRORIST! But you just can't can you? New Technique hmm, I guess it's called HIDE!

I really wish the media would stop referring to these congresswomen as ‘the squad’. It is demeaning and sexist. No one called Lindsey Graham and John McCain ‘bros.’ The failed. Pathetic. 3000+ people at the El Paso TEXAS Walmart. I just wonder how “good people” many were packing heat. Suspect He’s on video entering with the gun and had already killed before entering the store!

You can’t trust these white boys, seems like they’re inherently violent. 20 deaths & 26 wounded: TX Governor & Police Chief already saying bull-shit “...so it never happens again”. Mass shootings in USA are too frequent. Gunman used an AK-47 and early indications are it was ‘hate crime’. Walmart is usually full of black, latino & Indian shoppers

34: can't imagine her allowing a man like that be intimate with her and enjoying the process. Money makes it easier, the dark, and eyes closed with clenched fists. Most women know this, right Awwww I hope she is ok. Love him, but keep him away from trump who will call him “Fake news”, and say he asked “stupid questions”!


Smaller government..😐 This kid is GREAT! Keep up the good work. Delusion is a sad state of mind for Trump. Even sadder are the people who share his delusion. You're reporting on reporters? Oh the irony! A GOP Sen. Kevin Cramer getting upset that the “contracts contained sensitive, proprietary information provided by the companies that could not be shared.” I recall our Congress not having access to an unredacted Mueller Report!

What we really need is a Swamp clearing contract. Probably more professional than most the WHPC, at least Karem. And has more intellect, respect and manners than the rest combined. Well done Jaden! MSM reporters say all sorts of things that aren’t true. How is this news? 😂 the media is a game for children

So is the media trying to make themselves look even more like a joke to all of us? 'We would really like journalists to make our politics less like a reality show. Please focus more on substance and less on flashiness and sound bites.' HUH? OH OK HERES A LITTLE KID can you imagine the bitching/squealing if Obama had suspended FOXNOISE credentials for impersonating a news organization?

😡😡 Damn good reporter who asks Perchment questions Freedom to the captives. Take up every stumbling block and break every yoke. Reality typically is shit. lol Lol. Guests. I won’t stay where they have these bullcrap charges. Either charge a rate, or don’t. Capitalism finding new ways to screw you. resorts rip you off frequently - parking is a real favorite

ChrisCuomo Screw your paywall. They'll just raise the room prices to offset.. A reporter says? That’s exactly what happened! BTW it's not the 'could dos' because they don't know that. It's an empty promise based on nothing. The GOP sure don't seem like wanting to work together AT ALL. So it's the 'no we can'ts' not the 'could dos' first of all. Second, why bother running if you have no vision?

I really do not care what gullible rural “Christians” hear or think...they are all Putin/Trump enablers and are complicit in killing our Democracy...to hell with all of them!!! This man is mentally ill. The race of 2020 is not about converting Trump voters. The race must be about mobilizing and inspiring the 46.9% of eligible voters who sat out the presidential race of 2016, even as some of them turned out to vote down-ballot.

Nothing quite demonstrates the superiority of one’s race like dealing meth. In prison. A true trump supporter!! Who gives a shit ?

*what do rural faux christians hear when the democrats debate. Literally no one cares. Arkansas prisons are over filled. And some counties the woman’s are worse than the men’s. I was arrested last Oct 2018, for reporting animal cruelty. I have no prior arrests or warrants. I saw the inside of Washington County, AR. Woman were sprawled out all over the floors. 😣

Looks like Stephen Biegun to me, Mike Pompeo's heroin mule. That rascally political trickster is at it yet again! What's to debate about the judges? Don't they pretty much agree that what the GOP is doing is horrible but there's damn all they can do about it from this side of the election? Sad trombone. 🙄

amartinfour Thank god Does Mueller knows he indicted Stone? He seemed not to know about about his own report.

This is awesome. Hope Trump gets 13 more judges every day. Moscow Mitch is winning. The courts will be like Russian courts and the voters will have the choice of voting for Mitch. traitor... Bring back trivia at Clyde’s Chevy Chase! Clydes Terrible shame on whoever did this, own up RoArquette We need to stop this damn war within our cities. Brother against brother, now brother killing our mothers. And all for what!

RoArquette 💔 I first read this as Roger Stone. Damn it, that was their only football if the USA lets in every migrant who says they need help - it will end up with a billion people way before they expected...so just imagine the lines at Disneyland

Weaken America every way possible. Especially intelligence and military. Soros lawyers...... Does WaPo investigate anything anymore or are they just a speaker box for special interests? I agree with the Number One pick. The American dream has changed a great deal Trump doesn’t give a damn about the law! He doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution! He doesn’t give a damn about these kids! If it doesn’t have “Trump” on it he doesn’t care. It’s only about power & money . If people can’t see that then we are too stupid to have a democracy

The only way to stop Trump from human rights violations is to arrest him. kenklippenstein We all know when the truth finally comes out it's going to horrific, something along the lines of evangelicals kidnapping children. WaPo has never printed a definitave anything.

They mandate people provide them with personal data, they do not protect that data. Not protecting sensitive data is a criminal offence. Send a few CEOs to prison for a few months and then watch and see how much these companies invest to protect data. Kinda makes Jerry Lewis look like a super-genius, doesn't he? 🇫🇷

This one personally benefits himself, since he owns a vineyard that would benefit from the tariff, so it could be legally challenged as an emolument if it was brought to trial by someone with sufficient standing in the courts. She seems little overweight... They’re worth whatever DeBeers wants them to be. Just smushed coal, they’re more plentiful than DeBeers marketing (Diamonds are forever, etc) admits, but the Dutch family’s company have a stranglehold of a monopoly on diamond mining & sales.

Watch for how the moderators will be so dismissive of Bernie & Warren. We NEED progressive candidates, but the corporate sponsors don't like the idea of being held accountable. If it's good. People will buy They need to cut it down to 10 people at leave it that. That is more than enough.

Completely over-rated grapejuice. He bad, he bad. This is getting stupid. When you stop your FOXTROT FOLLIES. Them dang guns, just like abortions leaving born alive babies to die for financial gain. Translation: 'Shit, Radcliffe is going to open the whole IC involvement and expose the witch hunt, let's spin it to make it look bad'

Prediction...POTUS will take every state with the exception of 3. Dems have zero to offer that would benefit taxpayers. No one in their right mind wants to see their cities turn into a murderous, rat and disease infected chicago, baltimore, Detroit, san fransisco, or LA! The greatest solidarity is: Asking the whole world to help Iraqi asylum seekers and refugees reach the resettlement countries and to rescue them from the long suffering because of delaying the processing of their files for 3 to6 years. StandWithIraqiRefugees

Legislate, don't fulminate. The greatest solidarity is: Asking the whole world to help Iraqi asylum seekers and refugees reach the resettlement countries and to rescue them from the long suffering because of delaying the processing of their files for 3 to6 years. StandWithIraqiRefugees 'The Democrats—the longer they talk about identity politics, I got 'em.'

VoteRed will be wiining back the house too! JailDonaldTrump, PrisonForDonaldTrump, ImpeachDonaldTrump, FreeMelaniaTrump I thought it was just his favorite hobby Your op ed team is pathetic. That is one opinion. Wrong wrong wrong. This is Steve Bannon's strategy as outlined by his own comments in 2017. Trump believes as Bannon does, that if he can provoke the Dems and media into constantly talking about racism, they will win because the electorate will be turned off by it.

Omg! Could you under cut any head way we are making for our democracy, more? Geez! What happened to the once brave, fight for our democracy, Washington Post who printed the Pentagon Papers. Now in our most dire need for our country you do this about Nadler? Not a big SEC presence. I think trump wants the race bantering to be the number one issue in the air - so that The Dems in the upcoming debates is a driving a wedge with Kamela and Biden- just saying

GreatDismal B$

SethAbramson Or maybe he just wants to make it bleed. With real blood. Who gives a Damn? As long as SOMEONE pulls the trigger and gets the job done! ImpeachTheRacist ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW RepJerryNadler SpeakerPelosi RepCummings SenSchumer SenFeinstein Ed Rogers. America’s Worst Columnist: Nadler will be primaried.

Baltimore is a disaster, Cummings does nothing to improve the situation, he should resign. If your paying attention with him installing a loyalist as dni, a loyalist at the justice dept, and so forth he is putting into motion when he loses. He will claim the election is a fraud, refuse to leave, and use these positions to support his claim.

Who cares? As long as it gets done! 🙄 Could concerns about Trump-Republican-Russian foul play with our elections have anything to do with it? He stole the office once and welcomes interference again. Could nobody reading the post anymore mean that they r maga now 👀

If she is a Justice Democrat pawn, then he better be worried. Are you kidding me? The most corrupt president in history and you want to suggest he’s only being investigated because a congressman is trying to keep his seat? Is this Fox News Nadler is unfit for duty. Depression...….has many faces......…..the tough part is identifying yours. Half of the illness is admitting your ill. The other half ….seeking help...professional help. Don't be afraid...….get happy......get help.

Legal immigration should be as easy to get as Melania and her family were able to do. The Trump administration is making legal immigration harder for the wrong people, too. Admit makers, not takers. Maybe he thinks he is in Monaco. Good. Stop all immigration immediately. Deport the illegals and there's more room for legal.

Of course. I’m sure Canadians and Europeans are skating right through tho

Like, merit based? you don’t say Keep pushing that narrative WAPO 'Perspective' lmao Not a bad thing🤷‍♂️ DOJ BROKE LAWS AND CONSTITUTION WITH A GOP insider putting in an arbitrary guideline to provide cover for our dishonest president!!! It allows a president to harm our nation without any type of accountability to the People!!! Un american ideals!!!

Not everyone is as rough and astute as Mrs Clinton. 11 hours and she was on it like white on rice.

Let me fix that for you. The Sguad 😡 Sounds a lot like Trump Tower Does he GET the fact that he is insulting and alienating an ENTIRE district of people that are registered voters?!? How dumb an u be? His district is trimps hair? Thanks to FakeNews 4 haters have become the face of Congress Bravo 👍 RepCummings YOU are a reprehensible self-serving IDIOT a hypocrite who tells the people in his district what he'll do for them and then immediately forgets those who elected him. How about you getting onto your district and start the HOUSE CLEANING IN THERE first. How about that

Truth. What? 🙄

Well....it is, and its run by democrats. Rep Cummings is A PATRIOT!! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️ It’s the Truth! Like Trump’s brain Benstonemason The truth sometimes hurt 😢. ... all Democratic cities are the same . Arriadna Good bunch of privileged punks. Reason prevailed. This group should be ashamed. Parents also.

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 OMG what is the problem?

It's always hot in the summertime. We are going through a heatwave right now. When the fall comes, we won't be. Stop with the scare tactics already. The Europeans do not have air conditioning, we do. Thank God Almighty for that invention! Billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up agribusiness brought on by 45s mismanagement is called what?

And yet conservatives STILL refuse to acknowledge the problem. And we wonder why the world is laughing at us The quality of the standard dimensions, the wear of the sides and the enabling of the working maps of the world, the liberation of the aspects of leadership and maximizing the uniformity and quality to guide the systems of agreement through the appointment of travel points

But his ties will? I don’t live near a Trump property so I can’t look at the products sold in the gifts shops. He’s had more than enough time to retool and sell only MADE IN AMERICA products. Let me know where I can find out if he is working on the hypocrite in chief image. LucidualLady I read that one day the earth will freeze up, we will freeze up.


Washington Post printing the worst possible thing about the police!? No way The Washington Post may waist time ranking the pathetic dims, meanwhile all the Republicans are doing is ranking the USA 1 This is why real america doesn't take the elite media seriously. All you care about is beauty contests and looking good at cocktail parties.

What is this bullshit placing Cory Booker in front of Joe Biden, whom you currently have in 5th place, when Joe Biden is literally sweeping the field in virtually every state? Damn, something is not right with you. No wonder people don't trust the media. Jesus! Watch it, the new remake is amazing What real man would voted dem unless he was a spineless, bleeding heart liberal, appeasing jerk who believes in appeasing others and a weak military

He has the same temperament of a toddler. Its insane. Warren ❤ The only person that betrayed Beau Biden from his grave is.......nevermind🤐 I remember when she left her husband and ran off to tour with the rolling stones. Can’t believe this article was published. It’s an election, not a coronation.

FireDanLeBatard Yeah, she's playing to win, old guy. Oh come on Boia abaad magar akh kadam path pahan (proverb in Kashmiri language) Does she talk about his dad? Fidel? A goof petition lead by whiny brats who believe stomping their feet makes things happen. This is ridiculous. It is a fair debate on the issues. I liked Biden as VP. Now, I dislike him more with each passing day.

How about you just read the books and see what Martin does? Keen insight genius Why would anyone waste their time writing or reading this?

Why would they remake the entire season ? I mean the last episode maybe disappointed people, but the entire season was not bad at all ; if you ask me. Pox on both Oh horse shit It’s just the usual betrayal of ‘politics as usual’ in Washington🥊🤬🥊 but the fun part is people see when the claws are out and instantly lose respect for both candidates!

America is my dream country 🇺🇸😁 Uh, seriously, JoeBiden? It’s a Presidential debate for the soul of our country. The worst sort of gossip masquerading as “news”— only women in politics get bashed for competitiveness and ambition. If Joe Biden is taking politics so personally in complaining about the attacks from Kamala Harris then it's probably time for him to retire from politics.

The right is always willing to throw the 95% who use a service appropriately under the bus because 5% might not 🙄

True, but no one on the right knows what that means. They just like to shout it because their cult leaders do it. Trump only understands thugs I’m legit about to unsubscribe We’ll defend him to the death like you did Obama if you believe that because you guys are socialist too Fat chance--Trump smells money, that's all she wrote. Khashoggi had brown skin and he wore a turban. It's a wonder Trump didn't shoot him himself.

В этой истории сам Мюллер вызвал интерес,чем его отчет,невнятно отвечая и храня молчание по малопонятным обвинениям. to remind you, your hands are stained with blood through your nation history even you can’t clean it with sea water. Stop pretending being sincere Trump responsibility. In the same sentence 🥵😭🧐🤨 someone get this in slate. Or on a pyramid wall. Cuz no one reads .?tweets.?

“Pensioned Complainers Defend Their Complaining.” What is done is done Sadly, they probably won’t. There’s nothing to defend. Your coverage was horrendous. Nice try , fake news “Bear responsibility” only in your dreams. He hasn’t been held accountable for one damn thing & the media is too concerned w/optics to focus on substance. We are right now being attacked by Russia & have a Pres. & Senate MJ refusing to acknowledge this or do anything about it.

Murderer Muhammad bin Salman OWN conman Jared Kushner, traitor dangerous realDonaldTrump! Lapdogs cowards senatemajldr LindseyGrahamSC won't dare to override thug Trump's veto. As Mitch won't allow elections reform bill even be debated b/c they want murderer Putin help AGAIN! wake up, it’s called an ARAB COALITION . People got sick from you, nothing to write about. We know Qatar 🇶🇦 pay you to do so, with or without occasion, you lost your credibility

Government subsidies aren’t socialism and free college isn’t pie in the sky Whites only socialism is what they believe in He's as stupid as Trump. God bless UK they need it more than ever racism is hilarious especially coming from the leader of a country who has power to enact racist policies. Disgraceful!

Do you know every detail of every Facebook group you join? That's part of the reason I deleted my account. If it’s necessary for Africa to be black and Asia to be Asian, why can’t Europe be white? Another S💩Hit Piece💩

Mine perspective is straight move forward to Jeffbezos office.😁 Well, then perhaps she’s not smart enough to head the Border Patrol? Boris has a Muslim immigrant lineage ... All these racist topics lately Just like 2016 remember? Divert us from Drumpf is a criminal who would be indicted if he wasn’t prez. He solicited help from a foreign enemy power in US election Electoral college installed a rapist over the popular vote and a female complicitMedia

Then please explain his racially diverse Cabinet, Washington Post. Brun Hilda of the Trumpudo SS... anyone thats white&proud of where theyre from&the country their ancestors died for is a racist,we get it,thats the only word left u can use that u think has any effect,but each time its used for political reasons,it disrespects the people who had to endure real systemic racism

How is he racist? I legit don’t know anything about this dude. Everyone the WaPo disagrees with is racist nowadays. Do they think that accusation has any weight left? Nobody cares anymore. Everyone knows you are liars and fake news. Why do these insult comedic politicians like him and Trump look as they do?

the dan crenshaw defense That doesn't work over here either Haven't seen you call Trump racist yet here you are doing it to someone else. Does she act in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ as well? Putin now has 2 assets in govt Islam is not a race. Islam is an anti-Western political ideology. Is an economy surviving on remittances really an economy?

Good thinking. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to convert to solar and wind? 👍

Wapo read this about people sending letters to their president in. Guatemala. Nope. Amazon Big Tech if your listening...drop the shit on GOP realDonaldTrump Well at least Mitt Romney got a nice big tax cut after destroying so many jobs. Central Americans are inhuman countries bc they use their ppl as their export commodity to USA. This is really outrage 🧐

Pesimo ejemplo!!!!!!Trump genera mas inseguridad miedo y atormenta a multitudes con sus brabuconadas They suck out whatever profit they can get and leave the husk to anyone who wants what is left. Usually results in bankruptcy. You mean the capitalist imperative to profit, regardless of the human cost is destructive? It’s worse than just job cuts, but includes the desolation of a lifetime of poverty wages, insecurity, and an increasingly toxic and failing ecosystem.

Do I really have to subscribe to read this article? Sears was taken apart by investors, sports authority was too. Cabelas was forced to break off credit card division because of investor and sold to bass pro

Puedo matarte pero no quiero matarte porque das lastima?QUE CLASE DE CONVERSACION ES ESA!!!!!!!PARA UN DIPLOMATICO!!!! This really needs to be emphasized. I've seen a lot of reporting about the death of retail because of online sales, and while that is a problem, it's not the whole story. Retail is being poisoned for profit and its killing jobs.

Storming al Aqsa Mosque JerusalemIstheCapitalofPalestine 🇵🇸 forever EndIsraeliOccupation israeliterrorism StopSupportingTerrorists StopArmingIsrael BDS Maybe internet sales had an impact. Can you tease that apart? Capitalism kills Amazon and other online retailers took the jobs- Baffles me. Perhaps this is his approach to promoting regional peace and stability in that part of the world.

James Klansnic was DBCooper Got nukes ? Because, he has no brain Function to speak of. He Only wants to keep the Idiots he has mind washed To be his base. He couldn't Give a shit about all of you

Now cure cancer and the herp Mueller is a private citizen now...lol...it's on like donkey Kong What exactly do you call 200+ clandestine contacts w/Russians during the campaign, passing proprietary polling data to RU intel, secretly meeting w/Kremlin agents promising support from the RU govt, bribing Putin w/a $50M penthouse & lying to the American people & FBI? Treason

how to liven up your next dinner party He asked for the letter Great, now do cancer Even if it could help..... it should still be illegal for those with AIDS to not tell the other party, given that nothing is ever 100%.... It costs $0 to not put wieners in each others butts Muller should make some GOP members look pretty silly tomorrow. Asking about Strzok and Page will be interesting responses. And probably some dumbfounded looks

This man is a scholar not only in the law, but the Latin from which it is derived. That’s not really such a good thing. Expect no salvation.

he looks a really fun guy Care to report on Antifa? realDonaldTrump 'Nothing to see here people....Hey, did I tell you about the caravan that's headed for the border' 'keep up the good work EPAAWheeler ' Spock ? The media in attempts to demonize the president by calling him a Nazi and a white supremacist are ignorant to the fact that they make the Nazis and white supremacists think they have an ally. The media holds the percentage of blame not on the perpetrator

Vs. The 100's of violent ANTIFA attacks? PICK A COMPLAINT PEOPLE Jussie Smollet? LoL is that similar to the antifa nutjob attacker’s manifesto citing AOC? Yeah this is a Bullsh*t story. The Demonrats are the violence party. Evil Incarnate. MAGA This guy didn’t follow Q, this was all a lie. You idiots claimed he started following Q like a year before he ever started posting. That is kind of... impossible! Propaganda made up by the MSM and democrats.

Democrats finally being arrested for terrorism,, kkk, etc. only Dems are white supremists .

I believe this and here is why...all the anti-white, anti-white male, anti- white female, anti- white heterosexual rhetoric. You target a race, don't they usually fight back? Why do ppl insist on elevating their cause by stomping down another? humanrace Why segregate yourselves? 'What about antifa' continues some of the conservatives who have commented below. Truth be told, this hits too close to home for them. That's part of the explanation for the deflection. But when Trump's own FBI director says this---we better start paying fucking attention.

'... fake news, online conspiracy theories ...' Are there any 'methods' people could adopt - to help them discern 'facts from fiction', 'truths from lies', 'real from FakeNews'? Why doesn’t WashPo ever write about Democrat rhetoric and violence? I mean GOP Congressmen did get shot and an ICE facility was attacked. NTM the attack on Family Research Coincil and the endless Antifa violence.

An antifa terrorist literally showed up to an ICE facility with a gun and Molotov cocktail you will never convince the trumpee, they are beyond help, hate is all they know, no education, just hatred Does he wear makeup. LOL. Haven’t you run the same story yearly since 2001? Mexico plays the Trump Fiddle He spreads his wings and crows

Bullshit The old cut taxes and raise spending plan ... what could go wrong It will destroy the economy and will create more problems. Don't underestimate them the reason is the effect will be felt again here someday. So find another solution and make a settlement through dialogues. By force you can't win but the end day it will happen over and over...

The only solution for immigration is the development of Mexico. USA spent more than 1000 Billion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the same amount of money is enough to develop Mexico. need to do better than 36% “Says.” No one working with Trump is credible. So we can forget about that well and put those billions into something else like education or infrastructure?

This is so stupid. *WaPo screams from the gutter. 👍

Prototype loony Liberal. RepAdamSchiff We all know the real story Pinocchio! This guy is a schmuck with no credibility whatsoever! Give it up Adam, you will soon be voted out for your lack of integrity and total dishonesty! Absolute disgrace to the people in your district! Those eyes!!! Reality Winner?

Norom... People still take this clown seriously? I don't follow the comics and Natalie Portman as Thor is a bridge too far for me.

I’m tired of these dumbasses ruining good comic book characters and forcing a female agenda😡 hopefully it will look nothing like .America has paid very heavily for being kind, generously accepting the migrants from across the globe. Migrants have benefited to their fullest, remember 9/11! world is wicked, times have changed, they come to America in disguise. Why doesn't Arab world accept any of them🤔

A third body has been found 8/10. Trump def. wouldn't have passed. The current president needs to complete the said test in front of the american audience and have his answers verified in real time. Trump wouldn’t pass. realDonaldTrump is a stable genius with a very large brain. I think he would do TREMENDOUS on the test. He would get the GREATEST score - probably, they tell me, the highest they’ve ever seen. They tell me, it would be the highest score EVER -since Pres. Washington.

Surely Melania has to take it before anyone else has to not the question question should be: HOW WOULD TRUMP DO? can someone give him the test out of the blue asap and if he flunks we get to ditch him!

1. You must be a young white woman willing to marry and old white guy. Nothing that cannot be undone in 2021 with the stroke of a pen. Does his mannequin escort have to take it? Knowing this administration the first question is gonna be 'what shade is your skin on the pantone colour chart' realDonaldTrump's didnt even know Lincoln was a Republican. Trump couldn't comprehend when a heart broken woman told him ISIS murdered her family. He asked 'where are the now'? GOP this is the person you chose to end your once fiscal responsible and family party.

realDonaldTrump will be held accountable If the test involves questions about the US Constitution or history, Trump would flunk it. This again? They say hope springs eternal, but this stretches the limits of credulity. Which is why it’s covered by WaPo. Ffs, give it up already They will need to dumb it down if they expect Trump to pass it.

good news How would Melania do? TrumpCantRead Their first question, 'are you white?'. That's the only qualification Trump cares about. Unrelated topic -when will we see coverage of the ilhan Omar situation? The media mob is ignoring it, but it won't go away. The American people want answers.Thank God Fox news isn't afraid to put this information out there. Tax Fraud, immigration Fraud, married her brother ?

Obviously, the question is, will Trump, his family, and followers get 💯? The test should be no more difficult for potential citizens, than for the current president - very, very simple. I think CrazyClown45 needs to take it! In fact it should be mandatory for anyone running for President of the United States 🇺🇸!

To pin any hopes on this republican is a clear waste of time. Impeach now.

Will trump be made to take it Bet the orange doofus couldn’t pass it No infrastructure plans, but dicking around with a test they couldn’t even pass...sure, why not. Whatever it is make a Trump take it!!! Will the questions involve asking whether you worship that sleazy fraud Trump? Something doesn't smell right.

You sort of are profiteering from this situation, the questionable history of forcing African Americans back to Africa refers to the period of creation of Liberia. Africa is a continent not a one nation state or one ethnicity state or one race state. SUCKS !!! AlwYs negative all the time .... we’re wise to you and your doings ..... thanks to social media ... you’re exposed

Hmmmm yeah don’t think it’s that complicated

So you're saying they all complained about America being a awful place? Complicated? Really? Its complicated? Tears and begging. Justice will fight for her COMPROMISE Just had dinner, feel full. Another chilling hallmark of climate change! Its called summer Soon all humanoids will need to wear tinfoil suits before venturing outside. Hope they are stylish.

Um Climate change cause it is Hot in the summer😂🤣 Climate change is a lie but of course Fake News keeps pushing it!! Oh yeah I mean talk about chaos? But they handle things much more stoic fashion. They go to a pub, get roaring drunk, sleep it off and start all over the next day. And you think Corbyn is a problem?

Yea warmer than October or December, it’s called seasons and weather Or it's summer? Are you that dense? Both our countries are going through crisis. Collectively we all want the same thing good healthcare ,housing the homeless, education, etc etc but our politicians fuck up beyond belief. We are all feeling it on both sides of the pond. And we are all bloody exhausted.

Hello? Is anybody home at this newspaper. It's July. Get over it. Muy triste. :( Melanie's going to try it out, right? Show us how you earned that genius visa, honey. All the President’s men...are apparently pedophiles.

Hiring the best people. Eva Braun did nothing. Her handlers “sourced” this trash and the media gobbles it up and asks for seconds. the best people He just won't quit. The friends you keep Is there anyone left associated with Trump who is not a criminal? How shocking do the crimes have to be for the GOP Senate to impeach?

Trump certainly does surround himself with some really slimy people Still another one of President Cheeto's 'Best People.' 🐷😡🤬 Are all GOP doing this shit? And another person in trump’s orbit on his way to prison...

I am beginning to see a pattern. Fucks me off when people call it 'child porn'. Porn requires consent. It is not porn. It is documented sexual abuse. Disgusting Trumpster! How about all existing citizens take and pass it to remain a citizen? That would solve the real problems. Don't you dare eat her up after this clown show is over. You must ignore all the trumps after they are finally out of office, but something tells me the media is going to give them the same undeserved glamour as before.

Dude looks like he's about to turn back into Scabbers; this is not shocking, dammed degenerate:| Jesus. Gross. Pathetic... SUCKS Yep Democrats this is now your Party! OwnIt

jklamb97 Wow. Brave. Uh...that's not what he said. There are PLENTY of unpatriotic white liberals. PLENTY. LOL Minority groups? Yeah, ISIS supporters. It doesn't matter the skin color, if they support ISIS like IlhanMN does, she is a traitor and should be called out The same people who are screaming racism & are defending the Squad have been attacking the color of Trumps skin & telling him to Leave since day one! They have attacked his immigrant wife, her accent & the languages she speaks, they have attacked his Jewish daughter & son-in-law.

Change and Criticism is essential in a democracy. We will unite together against these nationalists when all else fails. The majority of the people want a world of love and respect for all as God intended! May they realize they will go to the cells in Hell if they died today! The fall of the system in politics religion and the sciences is the pathology and the pace to be Understood.

Trump is the new Hitler Trump was all for talking-dowm America when the competent black guy was in charge, now it's him and he's destroying America with a dividing mess of racism, bigotry and incompetence his corrupted version of America deserves huge criticism.

Minority groups azgın azınlık mı demek RACE WAR LMAO. You people are insane ....the recent ugly history of Legacy Media insisting working class Americans must adopt their belief system... Insinuating is not insisting. The fake news media’s perspectives (opinions) are not news Everyone has the right to criticize the Gov. We can love our country and not what it's doing. Change is part of what makes the US great and telling people to leave it if they disagree is un-American.

Violation of election laws sounds pretty fucking impeachable. It's not. Sorry....My family came here legally! Wasn't easy. They waited and waited and went through the process. Piss off. old news brought up again Hold onto your tin hats corrupt State Media! The truth will be told by AG Barr and allies! Very cool. Why don't you come to the Whitehouse

Women “like” her are a disgrace to all women. ...you said blow. AlexaLo89 Let the whole world burn. That's the nature of magic WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM FOXY Nobody cares. Washington Post is a joke. Analysis: Trump’s (and staff’s) denial of knowing about the Stormy Daniels payment were blatant lies orchestrated and coordinated by the President and that involved David Pecker and Daniels’ own attorney.

The REPUBLICAN Senate? They’re cooking something up. Keep an eye out. The cannot be trusted. Watch what happens next. Dems could have had this yesterday had they not blocked amendment votes

This is just the first Dissenters wait for more two faces You know what would be real news? Donald Trump telling the truth about anything. He's President of the LCOA liars club of America he's the biggest the best ever in all the world ever Analysis: It was legal, it's been tossed, and no one actually gives a fuck

What is wrong with having a skeleton in your public life it is old news as is Russian interference paul and lee....they have no sense of shame.... Jerk! bedstuyalchemy Wait: you mean to tell me that Donald Trump told a lie? rolandsmartin God’s protection for her! 45 is putting her life in danger with his racist bigoted rants! Can’t believe America elected such a person!

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 When you're watching this hand here... ....it's hard to see what this hand is doing. Pay. F*cking. Attention. It’s not about hate. It’s about a love, for country but you would not understand that now would you it's been that way from day 1, but ok. glad you are now catching on....

TWP = always blame America Watching the crowd behind Trump one could tell that many were extremely uncomfortable. If you were chanting 'send her back' last night on national television, you looked really stupid! I think you're talking about the 'squad' Oh FFS, he's leading a FASCIST movement Trump forgot about what they say

Sure is!

This is just the same as build the wall. Nothing hateful about it. Hitch your wagons democrats But your wagon train is going over a cliff That warning hopefully being “it is illegal to use this in a public place” If it makes you feel better to be mysoginistic towards some strong, involved women, go for it.

ErikWemple Fox and friends ...i mean fox and trumps friends,lmao, Stop spinning!Trump is a racist, like father like son, Get on and start telling the truth. ErikWemple Funny how the other side portrays things, huh? You guys are doing it as well. What's the problem? The Trump Adm. Is definitely Racist , Evil & Corrupt so read Acts 17 v 26 'God hath made all Nations of men of one blood'

Perhaps she should go back to her s....hole country. I'm sure they would love to have her. ErikWemple She's right. Unless there is some race of people who don't do bad things?

ErikWemple realDonaldTrump tweeted those words. We heard him say those words. Before you defend someone just for political affliation, do some research. It's easy. Google, past tweets. Don't just say something for TV ratings. I worked from the age of 18 to 60 guess I’m going to be okay in the head — tell that to my children

The whole world should revolve around Israel only them the world is Not anti-Semitic At the same time Trump said 'I don't have a racist bone in my body' he mumbled 'and thank God my bones are all white'.... ErikWemple Enough of this b.s. from people who clearly know how to be racist, but feign ignorance of what it means. Enough. Trump is a racist, as well as, his entire administration, and his supporters.

Does it ever occur to newspaper editors that perhaps the causation-correlation might be reversed in these 'new study suggests' columns? Obviously women (and men) who happen to suffer from dementia will not long remain in the workforce. Looking forward to reading the article. Interested to know about the methods used to validate this claim.

Good for you for speaking up and helping to inspire so many women! Considering they are American, they are literally trying to do just that.

thesquadisRacist-against-White-People. Yes, they should 'go back & help fix the totally broken & crime infested places from which they came' --- they should ImpeachNow. He didn't mention names Strategy. The American people don’t won’t socialism, open borders, free healthcare for illegals. TRUMP2020Landside

SethAbramson Because the question was always going to be on the census. That's how republicans work. I saw the pics on 4chan this a.m. Dude pulled a full on OJ on her. Rough stuff. 🤢 1FroggyEvening Leave it blank. Any guess as to who is responsible for this great Patriots death?! A maga perhaps?! 🤔 Just another murdered innocent AMERICAN CITIZEN, AT THE TINY HANDS OF THE RACIST IN CHIEF! 😡🤦😢 FuckTrump

If your walk in Santa Monica area you may find the answer to your question when you see many gang bang groups between the ages of 15 to 20 strolling the streets with guns days and nights and selling drugs of all kinds ElizQuak Trump is violating the Law yet again.

DFT says, 'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and I will send them back to where they came from.' He can't mitigate anything. 'It’s a big loss for... the rule of law.' wtf is SCOTUS if not the rule of law absolute drivel Talk about a couple of sad looking clowns from the Barnum & Bailey W.H. circus show.

Constitutionally he didn’t have the authority. Could be man hole fire but could also be Aliens 👽 Folding? You all should be ashamed for peddling this nonsense. Since when is following the law 'folding'? He's all powerful now? King of the US? Crump 🤡 should take a hike Was wondering which one of the two douchebags it was that wrote this. Douchebag Hewitt or Douchebag Thiessen you need to lose these scumbags. They represent the new you, not the one that took down Nixon. These guys would've had you prop him up. Awful take.

The Constitution took a hit when the election was stolen. All laws were then open to being raped.

Whoever writes these titles sounds like they're trying to goad a 2-yr old. If it were possible, that's a problem. If it were believed to be possible and pursued because crazy/crisis creates clicks, that's treasonous. A fire...here I thought this was the AOC and BilldeBlasio Green New Deal in action Two years ago, Trump called Qatar on their terrorism backing. Couple of weeks ago, Qatar's Emir was still backing the terror-state of Iran. Two days ago, Trump shook the hand of Qatar's Emir, the same Emir that is allied to Iran. When power & money are in-play, Trump FOLDS.

Sounds like the work of the MIB (a secret organization that monitors all alien activity). people wanted to raid area 51 so they moved all of them into nyc(in plain sight ). Manhole fire it seems. Stranger things sometimes feels real. Lol. Resign? There’s a “manhole fire” joke here that I’m not going anywhere near...

How fast do they go? Can the average person outrun someone on a scooter? He’s an idea- he can GTFO of the White House. 💁🏼‍♀️ *Tweeted from his powered suite in Iowa. “Man-hole fire” is a euphemism for “taco night at a gay Soho nightclub.”

Where were you when the lights went out..? New York Fallen since 9/11 It will not matter. Trump tries and that is what matters while Congress is all talk. There is nothing wrong with failing as long as one tries. Your reaching. Get a real job. POTUS Trump did not 'cave.' He went to plan B. In battle it's called 'a contingency plan.'

Snoopy did you see this article? Hey WaPo- Hugh Hewitt? Really? You mean the whitening of AMERICA..or the KKK VOTE PLAN? The best way would be to collect citizenship data from other government agencies.

How was their damage ? He decided on a more accurate method of determining how many illegals are in the country via databases. What illegal would have answered truthfully on the census ? None . And telling. Any prez who threatens to executive order the Court is a would-be tyrant at Munich testing the borders to see how far he can go.

This is a very fitting picture - Trump followed by two characters that remind you of Rocksteady and Bebop from the Ninja Turtles ☹️ Kids Bop just needs a to become Kids Stop, they were ok but now they are becoming more sensitive with censoring Even more so than YouTube's demonitization wildfire is Latino? These people arent of the Latin stock, nor did Latin come from them, nor ever spoke it. Just because someones native language is Spanish it doesnt make one Latin, just as an American that speaks English doesnt make one Germanic. Latin is from Italy and its their heritage

Latino? What is this new corrupted form of Latin and to be applied exclusively to Hispancs when they arent of the Latin stock. Latin, by language, culture, and tribes originated and developed in Italy and its their heritage and legacy for over 2000 yrs and they are the true Latin TomJChicago By family members, do you mean the House, Senate, Cabinet members and the public? Grandpa's showing some signs...

And we should listen to you...next Degenerate Lion - Jan Theuninck, 2013 so ya'll are saving this for a rainy day when there is a need for damage control? Over 61 million Dem supported abortions/Executions of babies have been committed. Now these murders thanks to Dem support can be done even in the 9th month of pregnancy. How foul is the hypocrisy of the Dems.

It seemed disturbing and terrifying. Way back then... when State & Church streets intersected harmoniously; openly, unlike present times. Strength to be reckoned with by The People to their demise, allowing drama to remain the all-time mix feeding into the narrative that 'religion is the opium of the people'.

Nice This is the weekly WashPost hysterial forecast, like the dozen times they said the Trump economy would collapse, as the stock market has continued to increase at almost 10X the rate under Obama's 2nd term. Lowest unemployment and highest wage growth in decades. Wait didn't someone have a Chinese spy working for them for dozens of years? When is SHE going to be sentenced?

I'm a Republican, but frankly I agree that this is complete IDIOCY on the part of the GOP, and hopefully Justice Roberts will reprise his earlier role and save Obamacare. Inasmuch as GOP has NOTHING with which to replace it and millions would be affected, Obamacare MUST remain.

Can we keep going up the ladder? Check some comments on FB, folks in LA are wondering how much money they’ll get like they got in Katrina. We only got $300 after Harvey and I have every single receipt to support the food we bought with it to this day in case we are ever audited for it. Martians are about to land - it is all Trump's fault My mother hates me and I have a big nose --- Trump's fault again.

does not know fact from fiction getting mad is not the answer to gop corruption/. but using your vote is the correct answer/. be sure to vote the gop out of office for trying to take your health care away/. all the gop need to go,,vote them out on nov 3,2020/. His supporters must have zero idea how this is going to devastate them. Weirder - is the GOP brain dead as to how their constituents will likely react when they wake up to no health insurance - with an election coming up? Cruelty for the sake of cruelty

Conversely, Democrats and Obama could have simply not passed a constitutionally vulnerable bill along partisan lines. PRESUMPTION: GOP vile maxim intent, lies and bad faith are set to unleash an epic health care disaster PROPAGANDA ALERT LiberalMediaBias Real news: Democrats are against voter ID bc they cheat: have dead, illegal alien (foreign interference), fraudulent/multiple name voters to win elections. All public record. DemocratsAreInsurrectionists DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica

Nothing they do can be worst then ACA.

Day 901 of Wapo reporting on impending republican disaster as economy continues to soar. The WP lies. Was this written by a man? It's the perfect one because it shows just how awful it truly is in a simplistic way. WP has had some shit ass opinion pieces lately. Sure it is. The answer is simple. No, not at this time. There is very little market for female soccer. No T.V., ticket sales, advertisers, sponsors. That is where the money in sports come from. Until that changes......no soup for you!!

Nothing wrong with Equal Pay based on the % of the money generated So a long way to go 4 womensports and good luck with trying to have women spend more $$ on Sports Hasn't backfired with me. The choices on Netflix the other night included Clooney, Nicholas Cage or Denzel Washington. Denzel won hands down. The first two are bumbling idiots.

This one will break all box office sales, just to prove a point They cast the lead role and if she were

These aren’t remakes. They are just money grab movies and marketing ploys for new movies. It takes from the versions they are “remaking” to use as icing to cover up what’s up underneath. They don't care if you actually like them. If people are paying to see the movie, even so they can complain about it online afterwards, they make it worth while for Hollywood to keep making them.

No, they serve up remakes because of how our copyright laws are written. More likely, they have run out of ideas... 🕞🕞🕞🕞🕞🕞 The same should be applied to any personal opinion that does not infringe upon other people's rights. Such as political opinions. They make billions off of the men and women. Pay should be higher and relative to the profit made off the players.

-- Sure, let us know when men will be paid more. Wapo=Cpt. Obvious No is not!

Its not because its poor because it depends on many things like income from channels and commercials and they all depending on numbers of views and i think more than 1 billion people watch men football(soccer) more than women football Jeez, we can’t even get underpaid correctly. F you washpost! The women get around 22% of the league's total revenue. The men only get about 8%. Men deserve equal pay!

Doesn't calls to boycott movies have the same effect as bad reviews? Audiences always need to decide what they want to see, they should judge for themselves and not let other people do it for them. Right. Especially the 27 trips that Cigar-Boy Bill made with him! 2020 will be about how Trump ruined America

I’m still waiting for someone to tell me what it is that trump did. Seems to me that the economy is good in spite of him. I think the economy is good because globally economies are doing well and supporting each other. it's not about Trump it's about how the useless FBI behaves, r they going to let Donald work with another country, Trump tower meetings etc

Jobs duh. This isn't a difficult discussion.

Or What Democrat's want to do more to burn the country alive Last I heard 'The Washington Post' IS the friend of Jeff Epstein, Hillary and Bill, and also John Podesta...Lol...they are all going down into prison if they are guilty of crime. It will be about the inhumane and immoral act of caging and purposefully abusing children - including babies and toddlers.

Damn shame if only that Behavior. I don't know. What about Hillary's Emails? They seem important. OMFG, we can have a good economy plus all of the other basic human being shit that Trump is incapable of doing with pretty much any other random candidate. Then why did SDNY not charge him with all they could? The rich and powerful always get away with it...

How did Chelsea Clinton get a board of directors seat at AIG while Hillary was campaigning? WP go to hell! Soros's pawn!

I love her! She’s a smart, educated wonderful person and a great diplomat to America. People need to come together and stop hating on these people. The media needs to stop stirring the pot. It’s so sickening! Was it also her in-depth ignorance and specialist total lack of knowledge of world diplomacy?

Envious hate what they can't be. Good grievance 😂 Her job is poise. This could get interesting. Nope! Baa by They shut down I-95/80 for political payback. It's not that they lied, although if that's the law they could be charged.under, yea! Would u have let Capone go bc tax evasion wasn't the real reason he was prosecuted?

Not about illegals. It's another method of making money off enslaving a people. Shame on you, Donald!!

He’ll deny them any recognition, clemency, or the wages he owes them. ...So this’ll be a rare case of trump treating the undocumented just like he treats regular Americans! I once thought I was going to be a pirate when I grew up. Didn’t they lie and cheat to get employed? Why should we promote scammers and cheats? How is that going to work out well?

watch, he'll put tariffs on them 'Undocumented' isn't an actual thing. These folks didn't forget some papers at home. They broke the law and are currently continuing to break the law, full stop. He’s banished his slaves. Romantic vs principled. look james inhofe made a snowball in the winter so i don't know what the problem is

Yes a world class restaurant for the elites. That you celebrate but not America Wrong! It is the Greatest Country in the world. More dishonest leftist media complex propaganda attacks against Americans. Propaganda machine for the socialist democrat party.

What disgrace to the flag. We aren't perfect bunch, but we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, those that hate are America are Disloyalist, terrorist, communist, if they don't want to live here than why don't you go back to the land of King George of England, and live their. This country has been falling apart for decades.